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    Episode 1: Que Boom!! Ryusoulger 
  • Although their mentors died protecting them, their souls end up becoming bonded to them, in the form of their souls now embedded into Kou, Melto, and Asuna's RyuSouls, to give them the power to be Ryusoulgers without the temple, ensuring the future to their pupils.

    Episode 4: Dragon and Tiger!! Fastest Battle 
  • After the Minusaur is defeated, and the father is safe, Bamba waits in the room for him to wake up, then takes a moment to tell him that if he wants to play with his son, he should just do so.
    • He even goes further to say family is far more precious than anything else. Awwww.
  • Towa actually admits that the Ryusoulgers are growing on him when Bamba remarks on how he was the one who stopped him from killing the father, despite their willingness to kill the Minosaur hosts in the last episode.

    Episode 8: Singing Voice of Miracle 
  • Cardena and Fita reuniting for real this time.

    Episode 11: The Quiz King of Flames 
  • It's revealed that DimeVolcano has befriended a boy at a hospital and cheers the child up with his quizzes, because he's the only one not scared of him as a result of his current blindness. When the boy finally meets DimeVolcano with his own eyes, he's not scared of him like DimeVolcano expected, but finds him rather cool.
  • It turns out that the reason why DimeVolcano's questions don't make any sense is because they were supposed to judge that the person is not afraid of him and is willing to be his friend instead of a dangerous being.

    Episode 21: The Kishiryu of Light and Darkness 
  • Villains they may be, but Kleon's joy at seeing a resurrected Tankjo, along with Tankjo asking about his points, is no less touching.

    Episode 25: Dancing Kleon 
  • Kleon making a human friend out of Anikin, who doesn't even question them as he films them for their dancing video. While celebrating their finished filming and newly established friendship, Kleon feels guilty of accidentally dripping a drop of slime into Anikin's juice, creating the Grim Reaper Minosaur. Though with Anikin being too happy to not end up in a death situation like previous Minosaur victims is pretty much a rare Hope Spot from the Ryusoulgers' perspective.
  • Hearing from Naohisa of why Ui can be overtly passionate, Melto decides to try again with dancing for Ui's video. Ui becomes surprised at first but Asuna tells her to roll with it and comply before he changes his mind.

    Episode 26: The Seventh Warrior 
  • It turns out that Melto, and partially Asuna, were responsible for helping Koh reign in his Hot-Blooded nature in his youth.

    Episode 32: When The Rain of Hatred Ceases 
  • When the hate-corrupted Oto starts badmouthing Melto for his "fake smile", he becomes dejected with Bamba, Towa, and Koh all putting their hands on him to console him.
  • The Ryusoulgers successfully purified the Gaisoulg armor, thus saving Nada from the curse, thus solidifying their friendship and him being another ally to their cause against the Druidon. At least until the next episode.

    Episode 33: The New Assassin 
  • Nada finally getting to say his catchphrase, as well as the 'Get ready for a taste of my chivalry!' line. It's really sweet to see the guy who hated himself for not being 'good enough' to be a Ryusoulger feel like part of the team like that.
  • On Ui's tablet, record time unknown, Nada's pre-recorded video message to the others. He says that Canalo and Bamaba that they are strong, Towa is very fast and has guts, Melto is a very intelligent planner, Asuna is very cute, and Koh for being not only too reckless, but brave. He thanked them for changing him although he was a bit embarassed at saying it and even advised them to be strong against upcoming Druidon threats. All while the 6 of them salute their swords together to honor his death in the end.

    Episode 35: The Greatest Battle on Earth 
  • Before vanishing, Master Red tells Koh of their common phrase of "Limits were made to be broken."

    Episode 36: Super Speedy Bodyguard 
  • Koh and Towa having a gentle conversation regarding Saki. When Towa tells him that wants to know Saki a bit more, Koh tells him how he's grown nicer since he met him. Towa remarks that he's always been this nice.
  • Towa advising to Saki of to try her best and do what she can and not being forced to pull what others expect of her. In return, Saki protects his RyuSoul from Kleon despite the mushroom repeatedly stomping on and pulling her down, claiming this is for Towa's duty.
  • Towa telling As they part ways, Saki wishes to see Towa when she gets back from her racing tournament. Towa tells her that she doesn't need a bodyguard anymore but tells her that he'll be waiting for her, resulting in Saki hugging and thanking him. Towa pats Saki in the head tells her to hang in there.

    Episode 37: Birth! The Greatest Tag Team 
  • Tyramigo playing with Ichiro in general. When Ichiro fell down a tree and got injured, Tyramigo offered to help him (though it also resulted in a misunderstanding that becomes part of the episode's plot.)
  • Koh and Tyramigo reconciling from the falling out as they strove to rescue Kyoko and Ichiro.
  • Ichiro apologizing for the misunderstanding and telling the trio what really happened. Then Kyoko appeared and apologized to her son as well for being somewhat overbearing of his studies while also apologizing to Koh, Melto, and Asuna for previously mislabeling them when Ui told her of how the three made her realize how great having friends are.

    Episode 44: Tested Bonds 
  • After being saved by the team, Oto hugs Melto as her way of thanking him. Melto then pats her on the head. Canalo reluctantly admits Melto as a brother-in-law figure to him because of that.
  • Pii-tan ends up being still too scared to help out in the fight in fear of Pricious being around. Then Naohisa gives him encoruaging advice by stating that it helps if he shouts to stave off his fears for a bit, which ended up being very effective in battle and saving Asuna from Pricious.
  • Saden slaying the 2 bombs off of the younger Gunjoji, preventing the self-destruction and saving all of them, later revealing himself as Master Black to the other Ryusoulgers.

    Episode 47: Between Happiness & Despair 
  • A small one, but once Kleon gets freed with Melto and Asuna, Wiserue signals them to come to his side behind a rock. Kleon then expresses joy as he joins him.
  • Asuna stating that her dreams mean nothing fulfilling if her friends aren't around to enjoy the time with her, and while touching Koh and Melto's hands, she states to her male teammates of how far they've gotten through and she wants to meet new people while connecting the bonds they've had so far. Once finished, she starts sobbing as Melto hugs her.
    • Afterwards, Melto states to Asuna that he changed for the better because of her, Koh, and the others. Even Canalo was moved by her advice, and when Eras starts questioning, he states that he finally realizes what they're all fighting for - to connect to each other and build a future together.

    Final Episode: The Will Of The Earth 
  • Tyramigo telling Koh that he was happy to have met him before he and the other Kishiryu sacrifice themselves in an attempt to reseal Eras.
  • The then deceased Koh telling Eras if she ever experienced laughter or sadness from being all alone in trying to rectify peace on Earth. In a weird way, once she is finally destroyed, Eras calmly states that for her own creations to take her down that the planet no longer needs her.
  • The others hugging Koh after they resurrected him involving the Ryusoul Melto dropped.
  • Wiserue congratulating the Ryusoulgers on their win and bonding, with Kleon doing the same with him. Wiserue suggests going to Kleon's planet and even with Pricious revealing himself, the magician tells him his life is precious as he and Kleon drag him with them.
  • Bamba and Towa part ways with the younger brother telling him to be more lax and friendlier and smile-posing his mouth. As Towa left, Master Black asks Bamba to teach him some pointers.
  • Asuna teaching a class of children.
  • Koh going up to the trial area when the Max Ryusoul Changer manifests what is implied to be Nada's spirit as he welcomes him back.
  • Filled with plenty of pictures of them as the gang awaited for Ui's visit and cheered once she came back, with the final shot containing a picture frame of all of them.


  • The reveal that the actor of Master of Black was none other than Masaru Nagai, AKA Time Red. For the context: For quite some time, it was thought that he considered his stint in Sentai as an Old Shame. Time probably did wonders to improve his reception to the franchise that he came back even for short role, and even moreso, he was greeted with the current cast members admitting that they watched Timeranger when they grew up, considering Nagai one of their inspirations.
  • After the Final Live Tour had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, several fans in Japan took to Twitter on what would’ve been the opening day, showing their support.
    • Making things even sweeter, the Final Live Tour was later announced to be revived as an audio play, with a script book released.
      • On top of that, there was a livestream with the Ryusoulger cast (the 6 Ryusoulgers and Nada) on August 15th, which would be the first time since the end of the show in where they were gathered together. Bonus, they got everyone in costume for the livestream!
      • The massive outpouring of supportive messages from Japanese fans after the livestream is beyond heartwarming.
      • And now the Final Tour has been revived as a manga.
  • The friendship of the cast is an absolute goldmine of these moments. It's clear that they clearly have a strong friendship from their time on the show as seen from their various SNS posts and interviews. Probably the biggest examples is that when the finale aired, all the cast members (including Nada's actor!) posted a slew of adorable pictures that show off their friendship in full force.
    • Even though Seiya Osada was on the show for a limited amount of time, it's clear that the cast and crew clearly appreciates him and often includes him in their posts and various bonus material with the full cast. They even included him in the Final Live Tour!
  • After Mana Kinjo's passing, many of the staff and cast members have been doing their best to keep her memory alive for the fans.
    • In the wake of Kinjo's passing, the Ryusoulger cast members and official Twitter memorialized her, speaking highly about her kindness and warm smile.
    • Following the release of “Memories of Soulmates”, Tatsuya Kishida (Bamba), posted an In Memoriam to Mana Kinjo, with the caption “CrUising together with you”, while the cast have their hands on each other’s shoulders… with a gap between Koh and Nada.
    • The Ryusoulger Twitter sending out "We are always, always with you." on what would have been her birthday. Hayate Ichinose's retweet only makes the sentiment that much sweeter.
  • Some of the Ryusoulger cast members have been incredibly sweet towards the cast of Power Rangers Dino Fury, expressing much excitement and sweet words at their counterparts.
    • Tatsuya tweeted that his counterpart Chance Perez (Javi) was incredibly handsome. Chance responded with a thankful message. A little while afterwards, they followed each other on Twitter.
    • In response to Tatsuya's tweet, Keito Tsuna (Melto) tweeted that Kai Moya (Ollie) was incredibly dandy. Kai responded with a short, but sweet message.
    • Hayate did a short promo for Dino Fury in English, encouraging fans to go watch the show.

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