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  • Despite being a Sentai series, it does not feel like one. Most of the episodes were too much divide and conquer strategy, centering on Red and Sixth Ranger, especially when it comes to giant battle. This is true especially when new mecha and combination were introduced and repeated usage. Kishiryu-Oh Dimevolcano, Gigant Kishiryu-Oh, the Raptor Kishiryuus had all the other core rangers ABSENT in it during the combination. This has become a headache of whether this should be called a Sentai series or Kamen Rider series because the pattern was too centered on the Red and Sixth Ranger as if they are the counterpart of primary and secondary Kamen Rider respectively. Not to mentioned that divide and conquer plot in Sentai series are normally only used on episodes approaching final battles, not earlier and developing episodes.
    • Probably because of the change in the writing staff. Sentai has been on a decline, both in sales and ratings (pending Lupat), so Toei uses this season to experiment with unconventional writing to get the ratings back up.
  • In the "soccer teams" Que Bom Dance video, why did Oto's uniform not include her name? The one being sold in Bandai's shop clearly included her name, so why the name is not there during the video recording?
    • Probably a prop slip up.


    Episode 12: Scorching Illusion 
  • When the Shen Minusaur starts conjuring illusions of Ui and Asuna, Koh hesitates even though he knows they're not real! Especially given the real ones' positions at the time there's no reason for him to hesitate, not unless he's worried about leveling the nearby buildings which was not mentioned during the fight at all! Yet he's perfectly eager to strike an illusion of Melto! Like WTF!?
    • Third time's the charm. Plus, it's more of a gentleman thing played for comedy. Koh, as a guy, wouldn't hurt a girl, especially Asuna.

    Episode 17: The Captive Warrior 
  • It's heavily implied you need not only contact with water, but also be a Sea Ryusoul Tribe member, or have the blue gem bracelet Canalo wears, to be able to have a psychic link with Mosa Rex. But Banba was able to do it with just contact with water alone, despite supposedly coming from a Land Ryusoul Tribe and not having the same bracelet. Even Canalo seems to realize something is off with Banba. Who is Banba, actually? Is he really a pure Land Ryusoul Tribe member? And what about Towa?
    • Considering how long this have went without any explanation, I can only assume that it's as simple as Banba being in the same water, and being from Ryusoul Tribe as well. Being land or sea has nothing to do with it.

    Episode 22: The Lives of the Dead 
  • Master Pink is the host of the Necromancer Minusaur, so why did everyone also treat her like she's revived by the Minusaur, and why did she disappear near the end of the episode in the same way as those revived by the Minusaur? If she's the host, she couldn't be revived by the Minusaur, since the Minusaur can only be created AFTER she is revived. There is indication in Episode 21 that she might actually be revived by Cosmo Raptor instead, in exchange for the Druidons letting Shadow Raptor and his sister Shine Raptor free, but then there's still no explanation for why did she also disappear near the end of Episode 22, or why did she still has the negative emotion that births the Minusaur if she's already revived. note  It feels more like the Toei staffs just didn't think the plot through AT ALL.
  • Agreed. It seems poorly executed on paper and in practice, it would have been better if she stayed alive afterwards.

    Episode 28: A Microscopic Conflict 
  • Why did NO ONE thought of simply cutting the tail at the part they CAN see? They would have been able to more easily deal with the Minusaur then, and they can get rid of the now harmless remaining tail later on. The damage from cutting the tail shouldn't be too dangerous either, as it's just a simple cut, it's not like they're going to use a full-blown finisher on it.
    • They have no idea if the tail would do less or more damage if they cut it. Plus, it's been established that any sort of damage can put Asuna in danger.

    Episode 31: Melody from the Sky 
  • Why were Canalo and Oto not affected by the music because they have SHARPER hearing? It makes no sense, shouldn't that actually makes them even easier to be affected?
    • It's probably like putting a speaker at max volume right next to your ear. No matter how good the music is, your eardrums are getting damaged first.

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