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Don't go ignoring Asuna.
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    Episode 1: Que Boom!! Ryusoulger 
  • We are first introduced to Ui vlogging about how she's in the Amazon rainforest... or so she claims. Mere seconds after said claim the camera pans to show she's in Aokigahara, a dense forest near Mount Fuji.
    • We're also later introduced to Koh, who sneaks up behind her asking what she's doing. He immediately disappears almost the instant she turns around startled, to cut to Kou getting a stern lecture from his mentor.
    • Turns out that this isn't the first time that Ui attempted to mislead viewers with her vlogs. Her father later calls her, and mentions she attempted to recreate Egypt's scenery at some point as well, albeit poorly, but remarks that the Amazons may be easier to recreate.
  • When Koh remarks that the three Ryusoulgers have Asuna's animal strength to go alongside Melto's swordsman skills, Asuna takes offense. Kou's point was completely made when she ends up pushing him... straight into a rock face. When Melto comments on it, Asuna's about to go at him as well, to the poor guy's fright.
  • After Ui is discovered, she fangirls over the Ryusoulgers, asking questions and giving Melto and Asuna bananas.
    • After the Elder shows up to berate Ui for trespassing, Melto quickly hides his banana behind his back.
  • Koh later is tasked to erase Ui's memories the next day. When asked how will he do so, he whips out a freaking mallet titled "Memory Vanisher", complete with a totally deadpan expression. The scream FX playing at the same time makes this even funnier.
    • What's even funnier is that while the "Memory Vanisher" is the size of a mallet, it has the head of a sledgehammer. And despite the cartoony paint job, the bare areas indicate that it's clearly solid steel.
    • Then there's this exchange, which is obviously not convincing by Koh himself:
      *Kou whips out the mallet*
      Ui: Eh?! That's oddly blunt! And also scary! Don't!
      Koh: It'll be fine!
      Ui: I'll be the judge of that!

    Episode 2: Souls as One 
  • As the episode opens, Koh and Asuna are trying to figure out where Tyramigo went. Koh quickly assumes that it just had to use the bathroom, leading to him and Asuna bickering like five-year-olds.
  • Melto geeking out over Mr. Tatsui's different finds as a paleontologist, while Asuna chows down on potato chips in the background (after insisting in an earlier scene that it wasn't her stomach that was loudly growling.)
  • When Ui asks if the Ryusoulgers can stay with them, her father sternly asks... that they take care of Ui, since it's the first time she's ever brought a friend over. Ui irately points out that she did have one friend over—but it was in middle school.
  • When Ui, Koh, Melto, and Asuna are watching Mishima's fencing training, Asuna fangirls that his swordsman skill matches the master level and this promote Kou to think that Mishima could be one of the Ryusoulgers who had left his village and attempt to interrogate him, only to held back by his friends.
  • Kleon tries to explain how the Minusaurs work, only to continuously get interrupted by the Unicorn Minusaur trying to attack him.
  • In order to counter the Unicorn Minusaur's speed, Koh activates what he thought was a HayaSoul. Melto and Asuna immediately panic upon seeing he was about to activate a KusaSoul and were unable to stop him in time.
    • Despite realizing he used the wrong Ryusoul, Koh notices the Minusaur was still distracted from the stench anyways (along with Asuna and Melto) and hurriedly leaps in on the attack, only to get no selled by the sudden appearance of Drunn Soldiers.
  • When the Unicorn Minusaour grows into a giant, Melto tells Koh to find the Kishiryu quickly, which leads to Ui trying to find it on social media... only for a little girl to point out she had seen something like that, which leads to Koh and Ui's Big "WHAT?!" moment.
    • Then it cuts to Koh and Ui finding Tyramigo in a park. What is the Kishiryu doing? Sleeping against a tiny hill surrounded by a pond, with children on its tail, treating it as a giant slide. Yes people, this is our great and mighty Kishiryu. It earns a WTF comment from Koh.
    • Also, there's the fact that nobody even bothered reporting a giant Dino Mecha sleeping in the middle of the park, and children even played on it. Guess the populace really must have gotten use to these kind of things happening.
  • Some unintended hilarity. When Koh and Ui find Tyramigo, in the background you can see a mountain goat, err, mount his mate.

    Episode 3: Cursed Gaze 

    Episode 4: Dragon and Tiger!! Fastest Battle 
  • After the intro, we treated to a scene of where we're shown Towa and Koh supposedly battling. However, what did they actually do? Cut little shapes out of leaves, with Koh's being a bunny, and Towa's being two businessmen exchanging cards. We're not making this shit up.
    • Later as they prepare for another game, you can see Bamba facepalm.
      • Even better, their next game? Rock, Paper, Scissors, with the two constantly tying. Bamba clearly shows that his patience is wearing thin at this point.
  • Koh's rollcall being interrupted by the MOTW.
    Koh: The Knight of Valor! Ryusoul Re— *Minusaur shoots at him* Woah!!
  • The fact that Towa and Koh use the fight with the mooks as a competition to see who takes out the most. Even Melto calls them out on it.
    • During this, Koh complains that Towa stole one of his mooks.
  • For no reason at all, one of the mooks is hiding behind a "Your-Face-Here" cutout at the playground where the fight takes place. Not a wise decision, as Koh kicks him in the face immediately after being spotted.
    • Even better, the mook returns to his spot as Koh leaves.
  • Kleon, seeing discord between Towa and Koh, tells the mooks to stand in a straight line on the platform for the slide. Towa and Koh, taking the bait, and barged together as they rushed to fight, only to collide into the bar blocking their way. It takes Bamba yelling at them to tell them not to play around.
  • The Minosaur's only form of communication is saying "Here, here!", leading to this exchange as he and Tankjoh leave the scene:
    Minosaur: Here, here!
    Tankjoh: No, you come here.
  • Afterwards, Towa and Koh get in an argument over who got in who's way, complete with cheek pinching. It takes Bamba's blade to come in front of the two to shut them up.
  • As the five Ryusoulgers split to find the temples for Towa and Bamba's Kishiryu, Asuna goes with Bamba, who unfortunately cannot read a map.
    • She tries making conversation with him, and ends up getting ignored to her frustration.
      • When the two supposedly find it, she complains there's nothing there.
  • When Koh, Melto, and Towa find their temple, Towa uses the Floating Soul to open the temple's shut entrance, which does nothing to his dismay. Koh's solution? Call in Tyramigo and use him to bash the temple open... which also doesn't work.
  • Towa's idea to awaken his Kishiryu? Have Koh use KishiRyuOh to play tag with the monster. It works. Somehow, a gigantic mechanical t-rex cannot bash the rock away, but a water cannon from the monster works.
  • Ui's dad coming home to the three Ryusoulgers and her having curry hotpot... to discover the pot is on top of his research. Poor Melto gets pushed out of the way when he notices.

    Episode 5: Guard Dog of Hell 
  • Kleon thinks he can tame the Cerberus Minusaur like an actual dog, even trying to teach it to shake hands. The Minusaur just smacks his hand away like an asshole.
  • Kleon gloats over Tankjoh's apparent crushing defeat by KishiryuOh Mirneedle, claiming that even he could defeat him. Cue him finding Tankjoh alive and well.
    Tankjoh: Would you like to test that theory?
    Kleon: Dios mio!

    Episode 6: Tankjoh Strikes Back 
  • Tankjoh laughs maniacally after learning from Kreon that the Evil Plan is going swimmingly. Kleon laughs along with him, only for Tankjoh to snap that he's not allowed to laugh.
    Kleon: *looks at the camera* ...Why be strict about that?
  • Just the fact that the Tribe Elder is making ends meet by somehow getting his own kebab food truck. He also makes the antidote for the Minusaur's venom by using magic and a coffee pot to make broth out of its fang. Kou and Melt eventually vote not to tell Asuna about any of this.

    Episode 7: Princesses of Cepeus 

    Episode 8: The Miraculous Singing Voice 
  • Wiserue has the Minusaur fly high to avoid getting attacked by Ryusoulgers. How did the Ryusoulgers solve this issue? By making use of the fact that the Minusaur was made from Fita, who hates anyone who sings terribly. So who act as the bait, singing terribly to bring the Minusaur down? None other than Asuna, who naturally sings so terribly, she is always relegated into playing the drums in village festivals.
    • What makes it even more hilarious is that the preceding scene plays as if she will sing beautifully instead, causing Cardena to almost fall upon hearing her terrible singing.

    Episode 9: The Suspicious Treasure Chest 
  • The girls who wished for limited edition make-up items, ended up looking like clowns after all those make-up.
  • Melto tries to get the stuffed up Asuna going, and he did it by reminding Asuna that she will get fat if she just eat and sleep. She immediately wakes up.

    Episode 10: Invicible Counter 
  • Apparently Kleon hasn't learned a damn thing from his time with Tankjoh - after Wiserue chews him out and goes off, Kreon starts talking smack about him again, only to turn around and see Wyzul so close to him that their large hats are already touching.
    Wiserue: Did you just called me stupid?
  • The Minosaur in this episode is only defeated because of Asuna's amazing luck making what appears to be a mistake, works out anyway. But what makes it funnier is the slow display of what happened, all while everyone, including the Minosaur, just stand there watching.

    Episode 11: The Quiz King of Flames 
  • Dimevolcano's quizzes are all hilariously difficult for the Druidon.
    • Kleon's failure to answer correctly.
      Dimevolcano:We know that a pan is inedible, so what is an edible pan?
      Kleon:That's too easy. An inedible pan is a frying pan! Eh?! What?! An edible pan? (An imaginary frying pan drops on his head for his epic failure)
      Dimevolcano:You fool! (Breathes fire at Kleon) What kind of answer is that?!
    • Kreon fails a second time.
      Dimevolcano:Say "knee" ten times.
      Kleon:Knee, knee, knee, knee, knee, knee, knee, knee, knee, knee! (complete with kicking the Drunn soldiers and kicking Wiserue with his knee)
      Dimevolcano: Then what will you do?
      Kleon: (Speechless) What do you want me to do?!
      Dimevolcano: You fool! You can't give an answer?! (Breathes fire at the Druidon)
  • It was part of a drama scene, but there's just something hilarious about a kid named Haruto being kidnapped by a guy dressed like a wizard who keeps spouting "showtime".
    • Even more when you notice this episode centers around a being with the power of flame.
  • Speaking of which, Wiserue's disguises are effective enough that he can sneak past Koh into the hospital, and it's not till you notice the light blue glasses that you'd even have a clue what just happened... but later our heroes return to the hospital and one of the actual nurses says that it was a guy who kept talking about "showtime" like he didn't even care.

    Episode 12: Scorching Illusion 
  • At the start of the episode Melto mentions that something hurts. We then pan down to Tyramigo biting his leg! Turns out the big guy is jealous of everyone talking about Dimevolcano all the time.
  • Speaking of Dimevolcano, what is Wiserue's master plan to control the Dino Knight? Have the Minosaur disguise itself as a female Dimevolcano and seduce it...
  • In order to deter Koh from attacking it in Kishiryu-Oh Dimevolcano, the Shen Minusaur disguises itself as Koh's friends: first as a giant Ui, then a giant Asuna, both being able to land hits onto Kishiryu-Oh because of Koh's confusion and hesitation to attack them. When it turns into Melto however, the real Melto attempts to encourage Koh to not be fooled, only for Koh to immediately attack the giant Melto without hesitation before he could finish talking.
  • Wiserue had the moment where he laughed out loud about his smooth plan. He then noticed Kleon was quiet, which he asked why. Kleon reminds Wiserue the Call-Back in episode 6, which Wiserue said it is all right for Kleon to laugh.
    • Later on, when Kleon got carried away with his attitude, Wyzul calls out on him.
  • After the Minosaur is defeated, the host wakes up at Ui's house, and Ui then encourages him about his dream, leaning quite close to him. Cue Naohisa coming in, sees that, and thinking they are in a relationship.

    Episode 13: The Prime Minister is from the Ryusoul Tribe 
  • Not only does Reiko refer to Bamba as "Bamba-chan", but also, they share what appears to be something like a secret handshake.
  • Asuna's amazing luck is shown again, when she accidentally hits a gas tank with Spin Soul, only for it creating an opening for a surprise attack anyway.

    Episode 14: The Golden Knight 
  • The introductory scene to our third Arc Villain, Gachireus, involves:
    • Suddenly barging onto Wiserue and Kleon's hiding spot, causing an unamused Wiserue to shoot at him with his staff. To Wiserue's shock Gachireus simply stands there, not even making an effort to dodge, because — according to him — why should he defend himself knowing that he won't get hurt?
    • When people started asking him questions, he replies that he has no obligation to answer them, and if they have the energy to complain, they still have the energy to work.
  • While Ui is trying to find ideas to upload new videos in Ui Channel, she comes across our Sixth Ranger Canalo, aka RyusouGold. As mentioned in the intermission before moving on to the story, it is mentioned that he was a marriage hunter or bluntly speaking, Canalo is looking for a woman to be his wife. When the core Ryusoulgers try to recruit him after Ui reports this, he flat out refuses because he only cares about finding a woman to be his wife. The answer is acceptable if there is a good reason that makes him do not want to fight, but how he tries to make women fall for him is funny.
    • When Ui first sees him Canalo is with a woman who seems rather upset with him. The reason for that? Canalo scolded the woman for not turning off the light for the restroom at a restaurant. This causes her to get irritated and dump Canalo when he tried to give a rose to her. Apparently this is not his first time failing to get a woman to fall for him.
  • More of a Black Comedy, but after Kleon collapses from exhaustion due to having drained two buckets' worth of his slime (which is played similarly to someone having given a hefty blood donation), he flashes back to happier times before Gachlieus came along... which consists of all of two moments: 1) him laughing and getting shot down by Tankjoh, and 2) being encouraged to laugh by Wiserue.

    Episode 15: The King of the Ocean Depths 
  • Kleon kidnapping Oto and holding her hostage? A dire situation. Kreon threatening Oto with what looks like a fork, a la Quina? Hilarious.
  • MosaRex's scenes when it saves Oto in this episode, appears to be mimicking the eating scenes of the Mosasaurus in the Jurassic World movie.

    Episode 16: Hope Sinks into the Sea 
  • The drama of Canalo pleading to MosaRex for help is somewhat...diminished by the fact that he's doing so while sitting in a fountain, in a public park during the day, when there are no doubt a lot of people about and passing by said fountain.
  • Just the fact that Melto needs to straighten his hair out before battle, complete with anime SFX.
  • This line from Oto pretty much wins the series thus far.note 

    Episode 17: The Captive Warrior 
  • At the beginning, we saw Kleon apparently mourning for Gachireus's death, only to see that he's actually really happy about it. And then immediately followed by him slumping because he doesn't know what to do alone.
    • He then called out Tankjoh, only for Wiserue to creep up from behind him.
  • The first two minutes of the episode. To elaborate:
    • Kentaro asks a passing-by Canalo for a favor, only for Canalo to say that he only does favors for women before walking off. When Kentaro responds with a casual "I see", Canalo actually stops and walks backwards to him.
    • Turns out Kentaro wanted to know how rainbows are made, so Canalo decides to ask MosaRex. Just as MosaRex is about to explain, he is interrupted by Yuki; Canalo is immediately smitten...and immediately forgets about MosaRex, who is in the background trying to get his attention.
  • When Wiserue reveals his Latex Perfection disguise, he does so by pulling his skirt up. Canalo’s reaction? Cover his eyes.
    • Just the fact that "Yuki"'s dress and hat briefly get caught on Wiserue, and he pulls his Villain: Exit, Stage Left without bothering to get rid of them.
  • When the core rangers' excluding Bamba fight with the Minusaur, Tyramigo came in to help them, although even he got clobbered by the Monster of the Week that uses sand, burying him along with the others. And apparently they're going with Melto's Butt-Monkey moments for a Running Gag as he gets a face full of Tyramigo tail before they can fight back.
    • Speaking of burying, Towa and Melto were okay from the attack but Tyramigo, Koh and Asuna are buried by the sand. Koh in particular had his body bottom half standing out from the sand.
    • Melto tried to use Mist Soul (which can shoot water) to free his buried allies. However, Asuna got mad because water harden the sand, so it is getting more difficult to get out.
  • Wyzul apparently believed that he managed to hypnotize the captured Mosa Rex with his coin pendulum. At first, Mosa Rex plays along to make Wyzul believed that he was under the latter's spell and send both Bamba and Canalo flying. During the second time Wyzul orders Mosa Rex to attack Canalo, the Kishiryuu apparently just yawned as if he was sleepy, much to Wyzul's dismay.
    • When Mosa Rex was rescued by DimeVolcano whom Bamba brought, the two combined into Spino Thunder. Wyzul's reaction? Priceless.
      Spino Thunder: Because we never told you! *blasts Wyzul with electricity, causing him to get his cape burned*
  • Spino Thunder went to help Kishiryuu Oh Tiger Lance that was caught in the net. Although, what they did was trying to burn the giant robot alive, with Koh and the others also feeling it.
    • The reactions of the four core rangers when they saw Spino Thunder and they wonder if that is Mosa Rex or Dime Volcano.
    • Lastly, when the MOTW when underground, Spino Thunder just blast everything around him, including Kishiryuu Oh Tigerlance
  • After the Minosaur was defeated, Kreon just sighs, and then realized he was buried in the sand too, prompting him to shout for help, but no one heard him.
  • At first, Canalo was willing to help Kentarou because he saw the picture of his female teacher when she was young. At the end of the day, everyone learned that this same teacher was Bamba's girlfriend from 50 years ago. Cue everyone teasing Canalo for it. Canalo even admits that woman are still beautiful even if they are already too old (in appearance in his context), only for him to stumble afterwards.
  • Bamba actually smiled for once, considering how he was The Stoic usually.

    Episode 18: Big Trouble! Transformation Impossible 
  • The beginning of the episode has a scene where Kleon praised Wiserue, followed by Wyzul taking Kleon for a dance, which ends up causing Kleon to hit a pillar, all while Wiserue is seemingly oblivious to what just happened.
  • Ui set up a somen (flowing noodle) flume inside the house.
    Towa: this the right time for it?
    Asuna: Well, they've taken care of us, so.....*slurps more noodles*
    Towa: *looks at camera* No, I'm very sure she just want some noodles....
    • To describe, Ui ordered Melto to put the somen down stream and when Ui wanted to take the one that is about to reach her, Asuna took them all.
    • Afterwards when Koh and the rest leave, even Naohisa flee because he wanted to do his work. Ui, having no one else to assist her in doing her video decides to try putting the noodles onto it and she missed to catch it and it goes all the end of the stream.
  • When Wiserue and Kleon shows up as the Ryusoulgers de-transformed due to the Minusaur's power, we see Wiserue seemingly standing normally next to Kleon. When the camera moves to next to them, we gets to see that Wiserue is actually standing on two Drunn Soldiers.
  • Kleon's idea of making people wish? Kidnap them and force them with scary-looking monsters. Obviously, it only ends up making people scream instead of wishing.
  • The last few minutes of the episode. As usual, Canalo is trying to get a girl to be his couple, this time asking Kozue to have a meal together, only for Kozue to gleefully reveal that she already has a husband. Canalo gets shocked to the point of having stuttered movement like a robot. When Koh tries to comfort him, Canalo slumps on the ground instead.

    Episode 19: Attack on Tyramigo 
  • In the preview, we saw what might be a Violation of Common Sense, a dinosaur (in this case, Tyramigo) apparently play baseball. And literally nobody around him is bothered by this.
    • Then like in the episode where Tyramigo learns to speak, he calls Melto 'Salt', to the latter's dismay.
      • In this episode, Melto got several other purposely misnaming by Tyramigo too.
  • In the actual episode, at the beginning, Tyramigo was narrating that he likes the people in the town he was at and their good trait for helping each other out. Then, he happens to encounter Melto, who requested Tyramigo to hold the former's shopping bags. Tyramigo proceeds to just walk pass Melto like seeing nothing while narrating that he like the town, except for Melto.
  • After the intermission, Naohisa arrives to his garage, only to find everything is total mess. He even stepped on a gum. Apparently it was summer, as in very hot day. Naohisa saw Koh trying to cool himself by leaving the fridge open towards his face like an air conditioner, Melto lying in a straight line between two fans on his body to achieve maximum coolness and Asuna holding Popsicle that is about to fall any second soon. Naohisa straight up nagging them, shoving Melto away in the process, reminding them the deal about keeping the place clean. As soon as he finished that, Asuna's popsicle fall off on Naohisa's research paper, causing Naohisa to force them out.
  • Kreon getting the Victim of the Week leads to a reveal that some folks may think was worth waiting 19 episodes for...
    Misako: It tastes fruity... (collapses)
  • Canalo swimming with full clothing on, just to speak with Mosa Rex. His swimming gets interrupted when Mosa Rex immediately asked about his future bride.
    • When Canalo hears a lady's scream, he immediately jumped out of the water, cutting their conversation. Mosa Rex can only sighs, knowing Canalo won't be back for a long while.
  • When Canalo first meet the schoolteacher, she runs towards him in panic, Canalo falls in love.....and the blurry "in love" frame immediately breaks away as the very first thing he noticed was that she's wearing a wedding ring.
    Canalo: So close.....if only we meet sooner.....
    • And since the lady on the previous episode also has a wedding ring, this means Canalo met a married woman TWICE IN A ROW.
  • When stuck inside the plastered-with-rules classroom, Asuna finds out that one of these rules is a "no transforming" rules stuck on a paper about an inch wide, placed on a location that clearly makes it meant to slip below notice.
  • Kleon having to drag the Minusaur back to school, as it is revealed that this particular Minosaur is only good because of her power, and actually has NO fighting power or skill whatsoever.
  • With only Melto and Tyramigo left, they cannot act rashly so they had to obey the school rules. Poor Tyramigo suffering from the rule of 'Do not run in the halls' because Melto suggest that they sneak like a thief concealing their presence because the Kishiryuu hardly move one step anyway. It was until Tyramigo suggest that they walk fast, which is not considered running and Melto did not think of doing that before. Then Melto proceeds forward like he was power-walking marathon-style while Tyramigo ended up having his tail hitting the metal cupboard behind him. The Kishiryuu stopped for a while, believing that he violate some rules but since nothing happen, he just continue walking fast again.
  • Tyramigo's suggestion of luring the Minosaur away from the school building? Knock to the staff room like a student, then proceeds to bite the Minosaur's arms and dragged it away while having the Drunn Soldiers bashing on him. It is crazy but awesome because the Minusaur only respond to written rules while Tyramigo's action is considered not against the rules since there is no written rules to restrict his action. What is funnier is that Kreon played along like a fellow teacher, asking reasons like that to Tyramigo, forgetting that his enemy was right before his very eyes. The reason for that might be because of what is mentioned below:
    • Near the end of the episode, it is revealed that the Minusaur's very first victim was actually Wiserue himself, of all people, for laughing loudly in class.
      • This results in Wiserue poking Kleon with his staff as "punishment".
  • At the end of the episode, to make up for making the garage messy, Koh, Melto and Asuna made the place a bit too clean, as commented by Naohisa. Melto request Tyramigo to lift him up because the former wanted to get on him to clean the fan. Tyramigo proceeds to smack Melto with his tail, refusing to be a ladder and the two started arguing until everyone else calls out on Melto for making Tyramigo angry again. Poor Melto.

    Episode 20: The Greatest Artist 
  • The fact that the Minosaur in this episode is literally a sketchbook.
  • After he spots Kleon's slime on Shotaro's canvas, Bamba approaches Kyohei and asks to show him the his normal voice and expression, while towering over him. Needless to say, Kyohei looks more than a little intimidated.
  • When the cage falls on Asuna, her first thought wasn't that she's being attacked, but missing Ui's takoyaki.
  • Naohisa snatched one of the takoyaki Ui is cooking, only to ends up having to spit it back out because it's still way too hot. And catching it in his hand causes him to scream again, like he was handling the red hot nickel ball from Youtube rather than actual food.
  • Near the end of the episode, during the takoyaki party, Ui revealed that one of the takoyaki is a spicy one. Turns out it's Melto's.

    Episode 21: The Kishiryu of Light and Darkness 
  • The first thing Asuna does when seeing Master Pink alive is giving her a hug. Unfortunately, only mere seconds later her strength ruins the dramatic moment as the latter has to tell the former that she's cracking her spine.
  • The first thing Tankjoh does upon resurrection? Check whether the points in his shopping member card is zero since he died.
  • It turns out Master Pink also loves food as much as Asuna, with the latter fawning over a boba drink and complaining that back at their village, they weren't allowed to bring in outside food. Like master, like student.
  • When Canalo approaches Koh, Melto, and Asuna, he immediately shifts attention towards Master Pink and pulls out a rose from out of nowhere.
    • Canalo asked if she is single/free. Master Pink said she was albeit already dead. Canalo had no problem with this but Asuna pouts about the idea because he was hitting on her master, of all people.
    • To add to the hilarity of the scene, Master Pink actually accepts Canalo’s advances, which Asuna had a priceless look for it.
  • The newly-resurrected Tankjoh is on the streets wreaking havoc and laughing evilly, while Kleon is beside him laughing along. Tankjoh again says that Kleon is not allowed to laugh, with Kleon deflating at that.
  • How does Asuna decide to fight the gas Tankjoh's releasing? Release an equally terrible gas into the air via the Stink Soul. Melto calls her out on this.

    Episode 22: The Lives of the Dead 
  • When Seto (in Naohisa's body) is explaining the full potential of the two new Kishiryuu and Ryusouls, his possession time limit apparently runs out, making him unable to say the word "combine".
  • We see Kreon doing a bit of Que Bom dancing to hasten Tankjoh's revival while trying to use a few Drunn Soldiers as offerrings to the Minasaur. What is funnier is that Kreon uses the excuse of increasing the points of shopping member card, just like previous episode.
  • During the final fight against Tankjoh, we get this gem as he personally address each Ryusoulgers (sans Koh who was away at that time):
    Tankjoh to Towa: Your attacks are fast, light, and CHEAP!
    Tankjoh to Banba: You're too cocky about your skills!
    Tankjoh to Asuna: That kind of strength....if you work for me, you could put it to better use.
    Tankjoh to Melto: I'll bring those "worst case scenarios" in your head into fruition!
    Tankjoh to Canalo: .....*Beat*
    Tankjoh: Who the hell are you?
    • Canalo then realizes he never met Tankjoh when the latter was still alive, and is flustered as he tries to tell his name to Tankjoh, but the latter does not care anyway and sends him flying.
  • The episode ends on some major Mood Whiplash when we go from Asuna realizing she's lost Master Pink for the second time, and Ui realizing her mother is gone from her life again, to Kreon comically bawling their eyes out after Tankjoh is gone. The kicker is that due to Kreon's unique biology, all their tears are also goop, which Wyzul learns the hard way when he lends Kreon a handkerchief, and then realizes he really doesn't want it back.

    Episode 23: The Legendary Ryu Soul 
  • We finally find out what Ryu Souls are, and as it turns out the Ryusoul Tribe treats them as a combination of rock collecting and trading cards.
    • When trading Ryusoul, Towa offers to throw in his Haya Soul (Speed/Fast Soul), only for Koh to tell him everyone has that one. Cue poor Towa feeling all dejected and even Banba giving him a comforting pat on the back.
    • Bamba had almost every normal Ryusouls except the ones like Mera Mera, Biri Biri, Cosmo, Kagayaki and Kurayami Soul, which Koh and Canalo currently had. He had no problem trading his Tsuyo Soul with Koh's Fue Soul despite already having it. However, Bamba literally rejects any normal Ryusouls that Melto had to offer since the former already had most of them.
  • When Canalo brought in the rainbow-colored Ryu Soul, everyone asked Banba what is it, and Banba, unable to answer since he doesn't know this one, just has a blank stare that ends up making his face looks funny.
  • Seto once again is forced to switch with Naohisa as the latter wakes up, and Naohisa then starts explaining his weird dream about eating chicken, before leaving the room. Everyone just stands there confused about what the hell Naohisa was saying.
    • Learning from Seto that Kanae Soul (the rainbow Ryusoul) can grant wishes, Canalo decides to wish for a bride but everyone else is having none of that.
    • When Canalo, Melto, Towa and Asuna are arguing about the wish they should make, Koh decides to shut them up with Kusa Soul (Stinky Soul).
  • When asked why he Failed a Spot Check with Wyzul’s Oto disguise, Canalo merely says “Well she was acting a lot nicer.”
  • At the end of the episode, Melto revealed that he knew the Oto visiting them was an imposter because she didn't call him Melto-kun like she promised when she went out for a drink with Melto. Towa pointed out their close relationship, and Canalo has a predictable reaction for it. He started chasing Melto, interrogating him for this. It seems Canalo refused to accept the idea that his little sister had a great start in her goal to find a groom, plus with Melto of all people while Canalo himself is still struggling to find his true love.

    Episode 24: Karate Dojo of Love 
  • When Ui hits writer's block in coming up with her next viral video, Naohisa imparts his wisdom - just lie back for a while, and it'll come to you. Fridge Funny kicks in when you realise that this is what the random Seto possessions are like from his point of view.
  • While Ui was depressed, Melto got a call from Oto, who told him to come meet her right away. Asuna, Koh and Ui believed that they are having a date, only to be disappointed to learn that Oto was worried about her brother's relationship with Mao, the girl of the week.
  • This episode focuses on Canalo's efforts to save Mao, the victim of the week as the Minusaur's host. It all works well and Oto even had tears of joy for her brother trying very hard to save the woman he loved. At the end of the episode, we learn that Mao actually asked Canalo to defeat her father so that she and her boyfriend, the patisserie can go to Paris together. Canalo was dumbstruck and then remembered that when Mao asked him out, he was having this Imagine Spot of their wedding (with Mosa Rex in the background) and did not even hear that she asked him to be the dojo's successor. Canalo became a broken toy, laughing Ahaha awkwardly no less. Oto is not pleased and demanded her brother to give back her tears before delivering what pretty much is a rider kick at Canalo.
    • The fact that the Minusaur this week not only uses Karate but also uses patisseries' skill while claiming Okashii (ridiculous), which also means sweet, and the other core Ryusoulgers only realized that at the end of the episode, with a deadpan look.

    Episode 25: A Dancing Kreon 
  • The episode starts with Melto failing a dance for the 127th time. Made funnier by the fact that it's the Que Bom dance.
  • Continuing the Running Gag of Tyramigo intentionally mispronouncing Melto's name, after calling Melto as "Naruto" in a previous episode, in this episode Tyramigo called him....."Boruto".
  • Canalo, Bamba and Towa were trying to find leads to the Minusaur by making its copy leave tracks on the person who watched Creon's video. Coincidentally the viewer that they saved was a woman so after managing to help her, Canalo went to flirt on her. It tooks an exasperated Towa to pull him off from forgetting their main objectives.
  • One thing to say for sure is the Minusaur does not grow, why? Because the host, who recorded the video of Creon's dancing was too happy to be in despair.
    • How did Anikin, the guy who recorded the dancing become a host? When the two were celebrating their paid-off hard work and gives a cheer with their drinks, a bit of Creon's slime dripped into Anikin's drink and he went off drinking it. Creon was panicked because he was not doing that on purpose. The core Ryusoulgers looked deadpan from hearing this.
  • Kleon, annoyed at at Wyzul's senseless remarks, decided to turn Wyzul's remark back to him by deleting the "trash" video. There's a short Beat before Wyzul realized what happened.
    • Wiserue is also to blame. He had Kleon made that video for worldwide streaming, which Kleon give it all his best to do it. This episode might have been the Druidon's first victory, yet, Wiserue just claimed this video as rubbish, useless, nonsense or something along those lines. So Kleon sulked and deleted it on purpose, not wanting to have this "worthless" victory. After their plan completely fail and the souls were retrieved by Ryusoulgers, Wiserue starting crying with Kleon having to drag him away.
  • At the end of the episode, Melto agrees to help with Ui's video. Everyone else agree to help, with the initial setup (Koh, Asuna, Melto) + Towa in front of the camera while Canalo, Oto, Ui and Naohisa behind it. Then they realise Bamba is not getting on standby for the dance. Everyone stares expectantly at Bamba, who takes a while to catch on. After a moment, he reluctantly joins them.
    • The ending has a short moment where all the Ryusoulgers dance along with Oto, Ui and Naohisa.

    Episode 26: The Seventh Warrior 

    Episode 27: The Unbeatable, Unrivaled Fists 
  • While Kreon and Wizeru are discussing their plan, a newly-revived Gachireus shows up, much to their shock. When Kreon remarks on his being alive, Gachireus simply replies that he wouldn't be here if he were dead.
    • He then proceeds to explain that his soul managed to escape into space after his first death at KishiRyuNeptune's hands, resulting in the following exchange:
      Wizeru: ...So you ran away.
      Gachireus: I did not; I made a strategic withdrawal.
      Wizeru: You ran away.
      Gachireus: I withdrew.
      Wizeru: Ran.
      Gachireus: Withdrew!
      Wizeru: Withdrew!
      Gachireus: Ra—withdrew!
  • Gachireus' tantrum over being utterly overpowered by Melto in this episode, ends with a "nyeey" for no reason.
  • Near the end of the episode, Canalo tries to comfort the lady that was the Minusaur's host, with message about hope. Before Canalo could finish, the lady already thanked him and walks away. The nearby Banba then gave Canalo the exact same message of hope, delivered with his usual normal voice and expression.

    Episode 28: A Microscopic Conflict 
  • The episode's main issue is resolved by what essentially is tapping people's back to help them spit out something they accidentally swallowed. Except, the funny part is, since this is Ryusoulger, the tapping is done via a careful use of a Soul.......that has the power to MAKE EARTH-SHATTERING PUNCHES.

    Episode 29: Canalo's Marriage 
  • Yui's first scenes involves her taking ahold and swinging a familiar green slipper.
    • In addition, there's something funny in how Yui's plot is basically a complete rehash of Akiko's plot in ''Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel" DVD movie. Both Yui and Akiko are played by the same actress.

    Episode 30: Overcoming High Specs 
  • Canalo decides to hire an advisor on relationships to help him find a wife. The funny part is, said advisor not only apparently found out about the whole Sea Ryusoul Tribe thing, she also reacted to it as if it was something completely normal.
  • The very first thing Tyramigo do in this episode? Bite Melto's butt.
  • Naohisa gets possessed by Seto while he's asleep, causing him to put up Seto's bandana while asleep. Made funnier by how we actually see the entire steps - from whipping up the bandana, folding it, to then wearing it. All while Naohisa is clearly sleeping.

    Episode 31: Melody from the Sky 
  • Wyzul’s latest plan was to have a Flying Minusaur play music that makes people so happy they become Too Dumb to Live. Too bad Kreon puts earplugs in after he mentioned music.
    • Even better part, Kreon did the earplug gag twice in a single scene.
  • Koh and Canalo decide to try and break Pii-tan’s seal by having DimeVolcano breathe fire on him and having Pachygaroo punch him.
    • They only stopped because Oto pleaded them to stop. Now comes the funnier part, she brought Pii-tan to the edge of a skyscraper and actually threatens to drop him from there, all the while wearing a straight laced face.
  • When Wyzul and Kreon see YokuryuOh for the first time, Kreon has a normal surprised reaction from a bad guy. Wyzul on the other hand, falls down and cries like a child because YokuryuOh's wings are too glorious for him and he wants them too.

    Episode 32: When the Rain of Hatred Ceases 
  • Kreon and several Drunn soldiers kneeling like misbehaving children as Gachireus chews them out for letting the RyuSoulgers humiliate them at every turn.
    • When Gachireus mocks Wizeru's "showtime" catchphrase, his voice is actually overlaid by Wizeru's.
  • The unlucky Drunn soldier shaking his head in fear as Kreon chooses him to be the new Minosaur's host.
  • Due to the Minosaur's ability, Oto ends up insulting Melto. His reaction is hilarious.
  • After producing hate cloud from Gaisorg, the Minosaur went up to the sky....and takes a rest as if he's on the beach, complete with the chair and umbrella.
  • After the Gaisoulg armor is purified, Nada pranks Ui and her dad by walking menacingly towards them and raising his sword... then fakes them out by using it as a backscratcher.

    Episode 33: New Assassin 
  • During the team's ping-pong session, the first thing we gets to see, is Banba being Comically Serious over ping-pong.
  • Also during the same session, Asuna hits the ball so hard it flies in every conceivable direction before hitting Prof. Tatsui. He notes that she’s defying the laws of physics again, before falling unconscious. The very next thing happening:
    Ui: Dad!
    Seto: *waking up in Naohisa's body* I am Seto.
    Ui: .....We didn't call you, though.
    Seto: Oh, ok. *goes back to falling unconscious*
    • While everyone else's attention is on Ui's dad, you can see Melto is STILL in disbelief over Asuna's hit.
  • Nada does his first proper transformation, but is at a loss thinking of his transformation call.
    Nada: Alright, I'm up too! Ryuso— Ryusoul Gaisou (Equip)!
    Activated Gaisoul Ken: GAISOUL CHANGE!!
    Nada: So you're going with that?

    Episode 34: The Space Dragon Appears 
  • Kreon being caught in a tug-o-war between Wizeru and Gachireus.
  • Asuna and Canalo’s “comedy act”, which is literally as terrible as Aruto's jokes from the currently ongoing "brother series" of Ryusoulger, Kamen Rider Zero-One.
    • Followed by Ui’s dad trying to play the ukulele without any strings, apparently because he accidentally have it on the wrong side.
  • When the Ryusoulgers received the letter from the main three's Elder, this happened:
    Banba: Your elder....
    Towa: You mean, the one that's selling kebab?
    Kou and Melto: Yeah.
    Asuna: Eh??? *cue Kou and Melto looking at Asuna with a "well, about that...." face*
    • This is also a funny callback to a scene way back in Episode 6.
  • The Elder advertises his new restaurant as having “attractive waitresses”. Canalo is excited… until he sees that the waitress is Oto. When he expressed disappointment over this, Oto socked him in the gut, causing him to collapse.

    Episode 35: The Greatest Battle on Earth 
  • Naohisa tried to do a comical act at the start of the episode, only for Seto to kick in. The funny bit comes from the close up shot of his face, showing hilarious painted moustache, a contrast with the serious deep voice.
  • Banba and Towa are having fun cooking and eating the eggs from Banba's test while waiting for others. When the others come, Banba proudly showcase one of the eggs like it's a real trophy.
  • Melto's test start with Seto swinging around on a rope like a child.
  • The bug Asuna had to catch? It's a mini Seto with wings.
  • When Canalo finished his test, he gets utterly shocked when one of the pretty lady, the one who wanted to kiss him, turned into Seto.
  • There's something hilarious about everyone aside from Koh still being completely defeated even after doing the Trial. Koh was the only one who does actual battle training, without any weird gimmick attached, so naturally, Koh was the only one who shows immediate improvement.
  • During the victory party, Canalo notices that Oto has given “Melto-kun” a MUCH nicer drink. She insists it’s the same as Canalo's drink.
    • Then, the Elder intentionally called Oto by the wrong namenote , just so he can make an "Otto" ("oh, that's right") pun joke.

    Episode 36: Highspeed Bodyguard 

    Episode 37: The Birth of the Fearsome Tag Team 
  • Gachireus very begrudgingly asks Wizeru for help, wanting to "wipe that smug smile off Pricious's face". This results in Wizeru going off on a tangent wondering where Pricious's nose is, to Gachireus's exasperation.
  • Pricious attempts to take Kreon's heart, actually managing to hit them with his card. Kreon doubles over groaning in pain... before dropping the act and revealing that they don't have a heart.

    Episode 38: The Temple in the Sky 
  • Pricious apparently has nicknamed Gachireus as "Gacchan". At least one fansub translated it into the equally amusing "Gachy".
  • Gachireus asks Kreon to taunt him, so that the Minosaur born from him can be further strengthened. Kreon apologizes in advance... before proceeding to savagely lay into Gachireus on how useless he is as a general and how he always gets trounced by the Ryusoulgers. One can't help but think that Kreon has been wanting to do this for a very long time.
    • As a bonus, Kreon even calls Gachireus "Garbage-reus".

    Episode 39: The Stolen Holy Night 
  • When Gachireus shows up again, Kreon accidentally called him as Garbage-reus, a throwback to the previous episode.
  • Don't mess with Christmas around the Ryusoulgers. Ever. To wit:
    • Asuna's reaction to having her Christmas cakes stolen? Actually fight the Minosaur to a standstill, while unmorphed.
    • The Minosaur turns Bamba's RyuSoulKen into a bouquet of flowers. Bamba doesn't even bat an eyelid as he proceeds to use it to beat down the Drunn Soldiers. And it somehow works.
    • When Towa tries to restrain him from charging after the Minosaur, Bamba starts whacking him over the head with the flowers.
  • Melto's plan to lure the Druidons is by dressing Asuna as Santa girl, and Tyramigo as reindeer. It works.
  • Banba dressing up, and fighting, as Santa. Complete with funny sound effect as he bumps into the Drunn Soldiers.
  • It should be noted that Christmas in Japan is about lovers more than family, so we get all the romantic subplots at once - Banba has found someone new, which Melto realizes he shouldn't have found out at this time going by Banba's Death Glare, and Oto is hanging around because she's trying to get close to Melto, which Canalo (noticeably lacking a Girl of the Week this time) also learns about - so basically Melto has to spend Christmas enduring Death Glare from not one but two guys. Happy holidays!

    Episode 40: Nightmare Within the Mist 
  • At the beginning of the episode, Kreon is being lazy at the sofa, but the moment Pricious comes in, Kreon pushed one of the Drunn Soldiers into the sofa, and pretend to be the "slave" instead.

    Episode 41: The Stolen Holy Sword 
  • After hearing that the RyuSoul Calibur has been stolen, Melto and Asuna immediately tried to see if Prof. Tatsui is Wyzul in a Latex Perfection mask.
  • The reason the sword went missing? Oto found it lying around, assumed it was a fake RyuSoul Ken, and took it to use as a prop.
  • Everyone’s reaction to finding out that Mia used to be Canalo’s fiancée.
    • A later scene nearer the end has her make it clear she’s over him… and wants to get to know Bamba. Koh and the others begin trying to dissuade her.
  • When Mia asked Koh and the others to play in the movie as extras, Koh and Asuna are taken aback....and then they turned around, only to see Melto already preparing himself. Cue the very next shot, Towa and Banba are also dragged into it.
  • Our heroes get to be film extras dressed as The Men in Black - cue choreographed glint from all of their Cool Shades like they were their helmet visors. There's even the opening theme music!
    • It is obvious they took their jobs too seriously and had zero knowledge on acting as Melto and Towa uses Nobi and Haya Souls respectively to surround and captured the people they are chasing, which the other extras, actors-actresses as well as support staffs are bamboozled about it. The current director cut the scene because the extras are way cooler than the stars. It was then Oto tell them not to use Ryu Souls, to our heroes dismay.
  • Bamba clearly refuses to be involved with the film moving deliberately robotically and complaining that the villain’s outfit doesn’t match those of his mooks.

    Episode 42: The Deciding Battle's Stage 
  • As Ui went away with Asuna, Melto points out the funny oddity with all the French despite Ui going to America.
  • When Wyzul sings out "the shy one", Koh, Asuna, and Canalo all looked at Banba.
  • Canalo used the spicy drink given earlier in the episode as substitute for the poison he's supposedly forced to drink. When Wyzul questioned this as it doesn't go like his script, it turns out Kreon accidentally ripped off the part that says "poison".
    Kreon: Oopsie.

    Episode 44: Bonds Put to the Test 
  • After Canalo saved Oto, she went straight to Melto, much to Canalo's chagrin and overreaction. Complete with funny sound effect, and Asuna pouting seeing Canalo's reaction.
  • There's a jarring (but still somewhat funny) moment between all the serious fight scenes, where Prof. Tatsui just shouts, of all things, "GUNMA'S FRIED RICE" in front of Oto and Pii-tan. Later on, it inspired Pii-tan to shout.....Mark Dacascos.

    Episode 45: Get that Heart Back! 
  • Naohisa mishearing Setoh's name and directing Master Black to the Satos next door.
  • Asuna gets the surprisingly well-informed idea to put Naohisa to sleep with a Ryusoul, since that always happens when Setoh shows up. Then Koh makes the horrifically-misinformed decision to put Naohisa's life in danger by breaking out the DimeVolcano Ryusoul.
  • Koh snatching back the card containing Master Black's heart from Pricious with what amounts to a "yoink!" gesture, finishing it off with a cheeky "bye-bye!" as he speeds off. Pricious is not amused.

    Episode 46: The Noble Kishiryu 
  • After transforming into Ryusoul Brown, Setoh starts to heroically charge towards Pricious...only to trip over a rock, tumble past Pricious and into the wall behind him. Even Pricious is dumbfounded.
    Pricious: ...Seriously?
  • The utter farce that is Ryusoul Brown's "fight" with Pricious, from Brown's goofy running to Pricious's phoned-in responses to his attacks.
    Setoh: I may look like a warrior, but it's still an old man's body inside!
    Asuna: That's no excuse!
  • Just as Pricious is about to charge the Ryusoulgers, Wiserue jumps in between them and is about to explain Eras's true motive...only for Kleon to butt in and steal his job.


  • In the opening we get a shot of all the Ryusoulgers falling in slow motion apparently from Tyramigo's roar. All except Banba who is sleeping in a hammock unaware of the chaos.
  • The ending dance. All of it.
    • From the other Kishiryu dancing as well, to the storybook background, the fanfare, to even the villain mooks dancing, this is going to be one hell of a dance.
    • When the Ryusoulgers are dancing in the cartoon scenery, fireballs suddenly rain down on them. Towa runs to Banba and Kou for protection, while Asuna punches one of the fireballs away, then pushes Melt off when he tries to cling to her.
      • On the note, Banba did not flinch at all when the fireballs fall down. He pretty much stands there, looking and at best turn his head away while the other boys are chickened out from this.
    • We get to see Ui and her dad doing a goofy pose, then Tyramigo and the other mechas chases them away fighting for their spotlight.
    • All the Ryusoulgers look happy and cheerful during the ED dance—except Banba, who remains The Comically Serious type during the dance, and doesn't crack a smile until the end where he manages to give a subtle smirk.

    Que Bom Dancing 
This series has an official YouTube channel of Toei which uploads videos of actors dancing the ending dance. They include:
  • A video of Hideya Tawada - a.k.a Kinji Takigawa/Starninger and Rentaro Kagura/Kamen Rider Shinobi - doing the ending dance for a Sentai season years after his ended. Even now, he's still really hammy with the dance.
  • Even Shin-Chan from Crayon Shin-chan got in on the action, dancing with Koh to promote the new Shin-Chan movie.
  • Several videos of the teams of Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger dancing. First it was only two separate videos of the two teams dancing, but you thought that was all? Nope! That wasn't enough, they even released two MORE videos later on. However they are all hilarious in their own way:
    • With the Lupinrangers, Shogo Hama - a.k.a Touma Yoimachi/Lupin Blue - pretty much channels Banba, cracking up just a little bit of smile during the dancing while Haruka Kudo and Seiya Motoki - a.k.a Umika/Lupin Yellow and Noel/Lupin X respectively - really dig the dance.
    • With the Patrangers, Kousei Yuuki - a.k.a Keiichiro Asaka/Patren 1gou - dancing out of character and really seeming into it while Kazusa Okuyama - Tsukasa Myoujin/Patren 3gou - tries her best not to crack during the dance!
    • A video with only just Asahi Itou and Kousei Yuuki - a.k.a Kairi and Keiichiro respectively - dancing. During the part where they pull out their own moves Asahi just stops dancing for a while to see Kousei's dance and in the end they make a heart together with their hands.
    • And finally a video with both teams dancing which ends in a big pose of them together.
  • A new video of Reina Tanaka and Rei Kobayashi - Cardena and Fita - dancing as well.
  • To promote the new series for the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club, Kaiju Ward Gallas, a video was published showing Nao Nagasawa and the titular kaiju, Gallas, performing the dance.
  • A video of Kinjo Mana or Tatsui Ui's actress now comes out.
  • Now even Oto and Canalo are joining the fun!
    • Even more hilarious is Canalo doing his dance with an even more stoic face than Banba.
  • To promote their summer movie that's premiering alongside Ryusoulger's, even the Kamen Rider Zi-O cast got in on the dance!
    • What's funny about this is that all four members of the main cast all have their moments during the video, from Tsukuyomi's actress constantly cracking up, while Woz, Sougo, and Geiz's actors messing up on multiple occasions.
    • Woz in particular just refused to let go of his trademark book despite the dance required him to dance without anything in hand.
    • On top of that you can see various transition scenes which implies that they screwed up the dance several times and this was the best they could patch up together and yet it still looks rather bad or as how some Legend Riders would say:
      That's not quite right.
  • The Zi-O cast gets another video, this time with Sougo and Geiz dancing alongside Koh and Canalo. While Sougo seems to have gotten the dance down this time around, Geiz is still having trouble, constantly having to glance at what Canalo's actor is doing, so he can somewhat stay in sync.
  • Videos of Master Pink, Female school Juniors of Kishida Tatsuya AKA Bamba, and even Virtual Youtuber Eight of Triangle appears.
  • Our villains Wiserue and Kleon also join the dance
    • Kleon even had his own solo dance.
    • Kleon even had another solo video, this time being following the dance move properly like the Ryusoulgers instead of doing some flexible dance moves in between like in his first solo video. Although, he look rather exhausted when doing the final pose for the dance
  • Two Soccer teams does the dance. First team is Koh, Melto, Asuna, Towa, Bamba, Canalo, Oto and Ui under the Ryusoulger team. The second one consist of the actors for Asaka Keiichirou(Patren Ichigou), Sakuma Koutarou (Koguma Skyblue), Katou Yakumo (Ao Ninger), Bitou Kouta (Hurricane Yellow) and the actress for Nono Nanami (Hurricane Blue) as the Druidon team.
  • And now Nada gets in on the action.
  • After a month since Nada, they upload another video, which is Shin-chan's dog as Super Shiro dancing alongside Koh and Canalo.

    Ryusoulger vs Lupinranger Vs Patranger 
  • Canalo’s latest potential candidate for marriage? Tsukasa.
    • While it was still a trailer, there was a moment where the setting had Touma and Tsukasa staring at each other with Canalo observing and presumably that they were couple or ex-couple and Touma was Canalo's rival for Tsukasa. But what Canalo does not know is that Touma already had a fiancee and got lost right before the start of his own series and become a phantom thief to retrieve her. He never had or rather avoid to have any deep relationship with the Global Police as much as Kairi and Umika. To begin with, he and Tsukasa are natural enemies, moreso when the Lupin Rangers already revealed their identities and still devoted to being phantom thieves to complete the Lupin Collection even after their lost ones were retrieved. Of course, being the legal authoritative of justice, it is natural to arrest the Lupinrangers.
  • Koh met Kairi, who easily stole the former's Ryusoul Ken. Koh's idea to get it back involved dual wielding cleaning tools.
  • The sheer fact that Bamba, the guy who was briefly a Memetic Psychopath, ends up befriending the Patrangers.

    Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger the Movie: Time Slip Panic! 

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