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     Pre-Premiere WMGs 

The 43th sentai team will use the Five-Man Band of red-blue-yellow-green-pink, but with the twist.
Like Dekaranger, Shinkenger and ToQger, this team will use the RBYGP format. Recent past teams with such a color scheme also tend to share a pattern, but this entry with subvert the way they are used.
  • Two Girls to a Team
    • Usual Use: Yellow is the second girl that's paired with pink.
    • New Use: Green will be the second girl who's paired with pink.
  • Paired mecha appendages
    • Usual Use: Yellow and Pink mechas each form an arm or leg.
    • New Use: The blue and yellow mecha for a pair of legs. This alludes to the mecha in Turboranger, Zyuranger and Dairanger.
  • Numerical Order
    • Usual Use: Since Gokaiger (though more pronounced in TQger), numbers 1-5 are allocated to red, blue, yellow, green and pink, respectively.
    • New Use: The new color order is red, green, blue, yellow and pink.
  • Color Arrangement
    • Usual Use: The arrangement is usually Pink - Green - Red - Blue - Yellow
      • Genders also seem to balance with one girl symmetrically on each side (Girl - Boy - Boy - Boy - Girl)
    • New Use: The arrangement becomes Pink - Blue - Red - Yellow - Green
    • Alternate Setup: Yellow - Green - Red - Blue - Pink, with the younger members being the ones on the "edge" of the team, not girls.
  • Completely Jossed; the color scheme used is the same as the core Kyoryugers instead.

Ryuusouger predictions
  • The Kishiryu stands for knight dragons, indicating a European theme.
    • Western style dragons for the core team, with any sixths the team has being themed around Eastern-style dragons.
      • Jossed. Kishiryu means "Knightosaurs" (a wordplay of the words "knight" and "dinosaur").
  • There may be a black ranger, considering that Sentai alters between green and black and the previous season had a green.
    • Alternatively, black ranger on the core team, with a green sixth (as a homage to the first Sixth Ranger, Dragonranger).
      • Black core confirmed, green sixth jossed as the color is also in the core five.
  • The Ryuusou most likely stands for dragon armor, indicating that the suits will have a metallic vibe.
    • Confirmed
  • Boss Subtitles are back for MOTWs. There is apparently a two-year pattern for doing this (while Ninninger and Kyuranger have them, Zyuohger and Lupinranger vs Patranger don't).
  • Possibly having an element or two from the second SHT partner of Kyoryuger, Kamen Rider Gaim (Zyuogher and Kyuranger had animals and space, elements from Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Fourze, but Lupinranger vs Patranger didn't have any elements from Kamen Rider Wizard).
  • We'll have our first Bronze Ranger
  • As the Power Rangers wiki points out, Kyoryuger started a tradition of borrowing elements from the Sentai season six years earlier, so it appears Kyoryuger will have some in common with Ryusouger:
    • Both of them have ryuu in the name.
    • Given the Knight theme, lots of Gratuitous Foreign Language!
    • There will be at least one Caucasian and one Chinese on the team. (Kyoryuger had Ramirez and Tessai)
    • The collectible devices must be activated to be put in the Transformation Trinket.
    • No Yellow or Blue ranger. (Kyoryuger had no yellow ranger)
      • Confirmed, no yellow in the core team.
    • First Sixth will be a metallic shade of absent color (gold technically counts as "Metallic Yellow")
    • A scientist will reveal himself to be the creator of the arsenal.
    • A mentor will be connected to the villains in some way, and/or becomes a ranger. (Torin was born from Deboss and later becomes KyoryuSilver)
    • Ambiguous Gender villain. (Luckyuro)
    • Make My Monster Grow done through putting a liquid or goo on a defeated monster. (Luckyuro puts Deboss cells on defeated monsters)
    • It'll take a while for the rangers to get together.
    • The extent of But Not Too Foreign will vary. (While Ramirez is Caucasian, the seemingly European Ian and one-time Erika Stonestreet were portrayed by clearly Japanese actors. Also, there is Japanese-American expat Amy)
    • The Sixth Ranger will be saved by a sealing of some sort. (Utsusemimaru was sealed in Dogold)
    • The Super Mode will go wrong at first. (The first time Carnival was used, it turned Daigo into a Dino Man)
    • The Sixth Ranger dies in a backstab and the killer takes his powers. (Dantetsu kills extra ranger Torin and succeeds him as KyoryuSilver)
      • If it's the mentor who dies, a Heel–Face Turn villain takes their place. (Candelila and Luckyuro took Torin's place)
    • Doomsday Clock (Deboss.)
    • The villains are revealed to have an alien origin only in the endgame arc. (Deboss mentioned having a creator in the finale, and we do see that he is alien in Kyoryuger vs ToQGer.
    • Internet Backdraft-causing Spotlight-Stealing Squad! (Daigo.)
    • Eyecatch is back. (Kyoryuger is the only post-Goseiger season with them)
    • Motion capture mecha control (also seen in Kyoryuger)
    • Ending full of suit actors and voice actors in the flesh. (Please see the last ending of Kyoryuger)
    • Large Ham narrator!
    • The show will be Story Arc incarnate.
    • Overpowered red ranger...except unlike KyoryuRed who has other badass teammates, the red ranger will have the challenge of managing his incompetent team.
    • Writer was previously head writer of KR series, but did not write entirety of said series. Guesses include Kazuki Nakashima (who wrote majority of Fourze) and Gen Urobuchi (who wrote majority of Gaim).
    • More like grabbing a fistful of elements rather than just borrowing; not only Ryuusouger has dinosaur motif like Kyoryuger, it also has the same color team!
  • Narrator and/or Device Voices WMG (JOSSED for the female voices):
  • Singer WMG (JOSSED, the opening will be sung by Tomohiro Hatano):
  • 6th Ranger Device Voices:
  • Super Mode Device Voices:
  • Female Villain Seiyu:
  • A princess will assist the rangers (who will be voice by Tomoko Akiya) who will become the Super Mode device later in the series.
  • The Super Mode will provide the rangers weapons that can be combine into one weapon.
  • The mechas (other than the black ranger's) will have a homage to Yume no Crayon Oukoku in terms of colors (red, orange, yellow, light green, green, blue, cyan, pink, white, violet and purple) in references to the colors of the perfume bottles (that holds the Vegitable Spirits) from the anime.
    • It will also be a homage to the anime in which the voice actors for Princess Silver (Yuka Tokumitsu) and Prince Cloud (Nanaho Katsuragi) voiced the last two guards of a war.

Sixth color predictions for Ryuusouger
  • Gold or Silver (former was the color in Kyoryuger; latter is most commonly used next to Gold)
    • Gold confirmed for the first sixth by toy scans.
  • Yellow (would let them avoid a repeat of the "no Kyoryu Yellow" controversy)
  • Orange or Violet (recent additions in terms of color; former would be easy way to provide a difference from Kyoyruger)
  • White (Would be a homage to Abaranger)
  • A trio of Platinum (White), Gold (Yellow) and Silver.
  • An Orange and Yellow duo, both sharing the gold motif.
  • A ranger with more than 1 color,, with said colors being ones that aren't used on the core team (but Yellow being the most prominent).

Ryusoulger will break the usual Sentai tradition in some form.
  • Since 2017, Sentai is starting to break the usual Sentai tradition. Kyuranger started out with nine members, while Lupinranger VS Patranger had the titular two-in-one Sentai team with a double agent Sixth Ranger (and they're against each other as if they're against the villains to boot). Ryusoulger will not only break the usual color set-up and have a head writer who is completely new to Sentai, but will also be Darker and Edgier than either Zyuranger, Abaranger, or Kyoryuger.
  • For the Sixth Ranger in a Dino Sentai show, he'll either be completely villainous (similar to Deathryuger to the point of not pulling a Heel–Face Turn even if the show has reached the 40-episode mark) or completely heroic upon introduction (without being brainwashed or possessed by the villains).
  • In a Dino Sentai Show, the last Dino Ranger who joined the team would end up dying near the finale via Heroic Sacrifice (Burai and Mikoto) or a Thanatos Gambit (Torin). This might not be the case here in Ryusoulger.
  • Confirmed with the Ranger roles. RyusoulPink is not just The Chick, but The Big Girl, which makes her the first ever Pink Ranger who is the team's muscle.
  • Also confirmed with the setting, which is medieval fantasy-esque similar to Magiranger. For bonus points, both Gaisorg and Wolzard have similar color scheme and design.
  • The first sixth is female, introduced by herself. They've never had a single female Sixthnote  introduced prior to any male extra rangers, not to mention that one of the complaints about Kyoryuger was how the team was composed of males, so this could be one of the ways the series differs from Kyoryuger.

Gaisorg will be a future Ryusoulger.
  • He literally looks like they do, but evil, and purple. It's just like Kyoryu Gold all over again except his exterior is far more blatant this time.
    • If you watch the Super Sentai Strongest Battle, his sword is literally the Ryusolken, painted purple like he is. If he's not a Kyoryu Gold expy, then Toei are attempting to make people THINK he is.
    • He might do a Heel–Face Turn and become the seventh Ryusoulger eventually. And this won't be the first time a villainous Sentai or Sentai-like character has a change of heart and joins the good Sentai team.
The series will have more than six (or seven) Rangers
  • Starting with Shinkenger, action-based Sentai (which usually fill the "Third Year" slot) would usually have a maximum of six Rangers and an extra Ranger would show up later in the series. Ryusoulger might break this rule by having more than six Rangers, with thirteen being the maximum.
  • Similar guess: it will copy Kyoryuger some more and have 10.

Ryusoulger WILL have a yellow ranger as Sixth Ranger exclusive

If the series' premiere would be postponed, then it would be rescheduled to May 5, 2019 instead
  • The reason: If the Super Sentai Strongest Battle mini-series proved to be so popular, then Toei might add a seven-week talk show similar to Poppy Pipopapo's Room and Supplementary Plans.
  • While the series' premiere being pushed back to May 5, 2019 is highly unlikely, it would make sense to air on that day because not only the Reiwa Era has already begun at this point, but also in Japan, May 5 is Children's Day. This would also give Toei and Bandai to think of a strategy to make the franchise great again, not only in TV ratings, but also in toy sales as well.

The series will be adapted in Power Rangers, but with a catch
It'll be skipped and then gone back to like what was done with Go-Busters, in order to not have a dinosaur themed group appear too soon after the Dino Charge Rangers. There were seven different series between Dino Thunder and Dino Charge, so the people making the decisions within Hasbro may want to put a couple series between them, possibly adapting the Sentai that follows Ryusoulger next. There's also always the possibility of them adapting Kyuranger and/or Zyuohger.

  • Either that or worst case scenario they'll go straight from Beast Morphers to Dino Soulgers.

If either the TV ratings or toy sales of Ryusoulger are way too low, then Sentai is at high risk of permanent cancellation.
  • 4chan is known for posting nonsense, but someone posted claims about "Toei and Bandai fighting over the main themes for Ryusoulger" and "Sentai is in danger of cancellation if the toy sales of Ryusoulger are way too low."
    • If the worst case scenario does happen, then the franchise will be replaced by either Metal Heroes or a completely new Tokusatsu series, which means Sentai will be gone for good.
    • Sentai's big slump in TV ratings and toy sales might have something to do with the TV industry dying, the popularity of the internet, and Toei's over-reliance of CGI in recent years. So in the end, TV ratings does matter, because if it drops to less than 2.0, then the franchise in question is at risk of cancellation.
    • If Toei decided to end Sentai in a blaze of glory (especially should Ryusoulger failed to meet their expectations), then they still have two more Sentai seasons to do that, if ever.
    • All of this was brought upon Toei and TV Toyko by themselves: If they didn't move Super Sentai to compete against One Piece just to gain favor with some male model, the franchise wouldn't be suffering as badly. Toei thought there was enough money for four megafranchises at the same timeslot and they were obviously wrong.
    • Though it should be noted that Toei hasn't announced ending or cancelling the franchise (regardless of TV ratings, toy sales, or decline rates) due to all of the above reasons yet, so we'll just have to wait see when Sentai will truly end.

Ui will become a Ryusoulger
An early rumor stated the sixth ranger would be Orange with a Mammoth partner and Ui appears in early photos wearing Orange.

The fictional dinosaur species will be explained somehow.
Maybe it'll turn out that all their fossils were destroyed at some point, or just misinterpreted. Or someone (maybe the scientist guy who's part of the cast) will try to point it out and just be shushed.

The true Big Bad of Ryusoulger are the Kaminoans
As the greatest cloners in the galaxy they will be revealed as responsible for creating everything in the post Kamen Rider Decade universe and will finally allow a crossover with Star Twinkle Precure. They are the reason why there is no more originality and a convenient scapegoat for Saburo whatever from Akibaranger so he can avoid paying them as the combined forces of Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Precure defeat the Kaminoans.

RyusoulGold will be a Contrasting Sequel Main Character to the previous three Dino Sixth Rangers
In Zyuranger, Burai reconciled with Geki after his failed attempt to avenge their father. In Abaranger, Mikoto sided with the Abarangers (after twenty-seven episodes worth of fighting against them) so he could lash out at the Evoliens for using him. In Kyoryuger, Utsusemimaru is an Adorkable Nice Guy who puts up a Jerkass Façade and only dropped it after his Dark and Troubled Past is revealed. As for RyusoulGold, he'll be a Jerkass Anti-Hero and The Rival of the Ryusoulgers (Kou in particular), similar to Naoto.
  • Alternately unlike the previous Sixths, he'll start out as a hero but his morally questionable actions would be as bad as Kusaka.
  • It's rumored that Gaisorg will be Ryusoulgold and will be a straight copy of Uchy.
  • Confirmed and Jossed: RyusoulGold is a Jerkass and is not Gaisorg.

AkaRed was previously a Ryusoulger.
The Ryusoulger system is literally Kyouryger meets Gokaiger. And if AkaRed was a Ryusoulger or related to them in some way it could explain why the Gokaiger powers look like they do. It would also explain why AkaRed is the spirit of all Red Rangers. Since dinosaur sentai are overdone at this point AkaRed would be the spirit of all sentai since are so many dinosaur themed sentai.

The crossover movie will incorporate previous Dino Sentais again
While repeating the three dino team up (with Go-Busters) as a four dino team up (with Lupin and Pat) would be a bit weird, it's entirely possible. To smooth things over, it would probably sideline the Lupin and Pat rangers a lot and probably have a fairly limited number of returning face actors

A Ranger (most likely a sixth) will die
It seems to be a staple for dino sentai at this point.
  • Alternately they'll be the only one to survive a massacre and the plot of that episode will revolve around them undoing it somehow.

The final villian will be revealed as an evil jinn in the final episode if the next Sentai team is Middle Eastern mythology-based.

Ui Tatsui will ascend as a yellow pterodactyl ranger.

     Post-Premiere WMGs 
Towa and Banba's parents are in their Ryusouls
In episode one Masters Red, Blue and Pink all die and become the Ryusouls for their pupils allowing them to transform even after the loss of the temple. Maybe it was even more personal for Towa and Banba

The Masters died on purpose
Master Red, Blue and Pink all died intentionally despite being able to escape their fate (Red by using "Solid" on himself and shielding Koh and Blue and Pink pulling the others out of the path of the fire instead of stepping into it). They did this because they knew without the temple the others needed souls in order to transform and used their own putting their faith in their pupils.

Instead of being a traditional knight, RyusoulGold will be a modern/futuristic engineer.

Masters Green and Black are already out there....
Because they're the hosts for Gaisorg at some point or other.

Masters Green and Black were hosts to Minosaurs
Banba seemed too familiar with how to end the threat of Minosaurs...

RyusoulGold's identity
  • Gaisorg's host that wasn't Master Green, Black, or a new character.
  • Master Green or Black
  • A completely new character
    • Confirmed
  • A uni student who's studying engineering. Absolutely no background in knighthood. (See above WMG)
  • That one friend Ui had in her childhood.
  • A sharpshooter.
  • A Human Alien
  • A Masato Kusaka Expy

Kreon will be the true Big Bad

Ryusoul Red's final power-up
  • A Golden Dragon of Light
  • A KyoRyuSoul that combines the power of all the previous KyoRyuSouls
  • Activated by a sword called Rexcalibur
  • Something like the Shishi Orion Red Form
  • Armour that comes with a cape and has a King motif with a whole new set of knight-related weapons
  • The purified version of the Gaisorg armour that includes access to the powers of all the KyoRyuSouls

Princesses Cardena & Fita will return in future episodes.
  • They will become Ryusoulgers as well.
  • They are somehow linked to the KishiKyoRyu twins - ShineRaptor and ShadowRaptor.
  • Their decision to leave the planet with its elite defenders and return to their planet already ravaged by the Druidons seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Maybe they will be forced to seek the Ryusoulgers again and make earth their permanent home.

The KishiKyoRyu can talk like Tyramigo
  • DimeVolcano is intelligent enough to speak in full sentences, and give killer quizzes.

The Ryusoulgers' third mecha will be an Expy of Rune God Windam
KishiRyuOh heavily resembles the titular Humongous Mecha of Magic Knight Rayearth due to having red armor and sleeker design, while KishiRyuNeptune had the same color scheme as Selece, so it would make sense for the Ryusoulgers to have a third mecha who is based on Windam.

Tyramigo misreading "Melt" is milked into a Running Gag
Until the eventual Kamen Rider crossover:
Melt: Melt. Me-l-t...
Tyramigo: Belt!
Krim Steinbert: Yes?
Melt: No! Melt!
Tyramigo: Haruto!
Kamen Rider Wizard: Yes?
Melt: MELT!
Tyramigo: Hayato!
Kamen Rider-2: Yes?

Gaisorg's current host is...
  • Master Gold
    • Jossed RyusoulGold's is trained under by his own Mecha.
  • Naohisa Tatsui. Just think about it Gaisorg knows about the Kishiryu and their locations which even the Ryusoulgers themselves have problems looking as shown with Towa and Banba only could blindly walk around until their compass don't work anymore. Naohisa on the other hand has a map with the locations on them through his research which allowed him to reawaken DimeVolcano.

Reiko Kano will become the seventh Ranger.
  • She has a necklace around her neck which was from the Ryusoul Tribe, which has a silver jewel, just as Koh has a red jewel and Banba has a black jewel.
  • Or it's not a silver jewel, but a white jewel. With how Banba seems to personally knows her for a long time, and her necklace having the same pattern as Banba's, it seems they're playing her up to be his counterpart, in other words, Ryusoul White, possibly even with her helm having the same visor shape and fang pattern on the visor as Ryusoul Black's.

The V-Cinema will be Ryusoulger: 94 Years After
Which deliberately places it right after Kyoryuger: 100 Years After, and done as an Immediate Sequel - since the Ryusoulgers actually can live that long, they're the ones who find the future Kyoryugers just as their movie ends for a Your Princess Is in Another Castle! moment.
  • Asuna, after reading up on the Ninningers, comes up with an accidental multi-Ryusoul combination that makes one of the Ryusoulgers pass out, which turns out to be a X-Men: Days of Future Past thing when their current memories enter themselves in the past.

There is a Sky Ryusoul Tribe

Since there is a Sea Ryusoul Tribe, that only makes it likely for there to be a Sky one. Their Kishiryu would be based on dinosaurs such as pterodactyls, quetzalcoatlus, or dimorphodons.


     Power Rangers Possibilities WMGs 

Possible Names
  • The series will be called Power Rangers...
    • Knights Paleo (To reflect the series using more than just dinosaurs)
    • Ancient Knights (For the same reason as above)
    • Dyno Knights
    • Dino Steel
    • Magic Knights
    • Monster Riders
    • Knights of Zandar (Tying into the ideas presented below)

The series will be a direct sequel to Dino Charge.
Ryusoulger is already being derided as a "lazy rehash" of Kyoryuger. One way Hasbro could deflect some of the heat is to make their Ryusoulger adaptation a direct continuation of Dino Charge and Dino Supercharge, either by bringing back the original cast or having one of the old Rangers mentor a new generation of heroes like in Dino Thunder.
  • Or considering how Dino Charge ended, they could do a Time Skip and humans have learned to live with dinosaurs by the time the villains come, and only those with a special affinity between human and dino, hinted to be an evolutionary step much like Newtypes in Gundam, will be a new team of Rangers.
  • The series could be set 20 Minutes into the Future and follow Tyler and Shelby's children (who of course are Red and Pink), Red's school sports rival (Green), their awkward classmate (Blue), and an aloof bad boy (Black).
    • A descendant of Ivan would be The Mentor, while Phillip, now king of Zandar, will provide them new gear and Zords.
  • Going off the Knights of Zandar idea above, the new ranger team will formed by Phillip, who is now the king of Zandar like suggested above. Said rangers are actual knights, who use the experimental tech to become rangers and save Phillip, thus being thrust into the role of superheroes and knights.
  • Tankjoh will be adapted into being Sledge's younger brother (who could have a name with a similar beginning, like Slam or Slayer, to strengthen the connection) who was always jealous of Sledge and seeks to succeed where he failed. The reason he was never mentioned? He and Poisandra hated each other and Sledge decided to never bring him up to avoid upsetting her.
  • If a ranger returns to fill the role of any of the Masters like suggested below, it will be explained they they came to the dimension of Dino Charge to study the living dinosaurs and develop new words and weapons.

The series will have shout outs to all the previous dino teams
  • From having Rangers related to one to using tech based on another to having a mentor from the third.

The series will be a "remake" of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
  • Hasbro will use the opportunity of a dino themed season to do their own relaunch of the Power Rangers brand by calling it a reboot of MMPR. The rangers will be named Jason/Zack/Billy/Kimberly/Trini (who'll be green instead of yellow) with Tommy coming as whatever sixth there is. The names Adam, Rocky, Kat, & Aisha will be on standby for any additional rangers that appear on the show. On the villains side either 2 villains will be renamed Rita & Zedd or new costumes will be created for those 2.

The series will be adapted after Kyuranger.
  • Assuming the two year structure stays, after Beast Morphers and a Kyuranger adaptation (an obvious choice because of an easy space theme and a lot of toys to sell), just enough time will have passed for the fleeting demographic rule. Unless the 2020 Sentai is something super PR-friendly.
    • Alternately Hasbro will simply adapt the rest in order (After Beast Morphers will be Toqger, Zyuohger, Kyuranger, LuPat, and then Ryusoulger)

If the PR version keeps the master roles they'll be played by actors from the previous Dino seasons
A Red, Blue, and Pink ranger specifically
  • They'll be Spared by the Adaptation, being captured by the villains to ensure they can't fight them.
  • Master Blue's role will be taken by either Billy or Ethan, and will also be the one who created the Zords. The Blue Ranger will be their son and (if the character dies like Master Blue or not) will take on the role as a blue Triceratops-themed hero to honor their father's legacy.
  • If this is the case they'll be playing new characters instead of rangers

The series, if adapted to Power Rangers, will have the first openly LGBTQ ranger
Just a thought.

The counterpart to Towa/Ryusoul Green will be a member of the same race as Kat Manx from SPD
It would fit the feline motif, give him something unique, and they could even use his alien nature to explain the Artistic License – Paleontology; the creature could be said to be from his home planet.

The dinosaurs in the Power Rangers version will be aliens
Building off of the previous WMG it could explain some of the choices and it'd be a way to mix it up instead of just doing dinosaurs for the fourth time.

They attempt their own Punny Names like Ryusoulger does for the Zords
Leading to:
  • Tyrannonaut (Tyrannosaurus + juggernaut)
  • Tricerablade
    • Trisabertops
  • Ankylosmasher
    • Ankylobsaur (Ankylo + Clobber)
  • Saberlance Tiger
    • Smilancer (Smilodon + Lancer)
  • Stegoshredder
    • Stegkewsaurus (Stegosaurus + Skewer)

The series will have radically different plot than Ryusoulger

Possible names and/or civilian identities for the rangers
  • Red Ranger:
    • Todd
    • Brent
    • Vaughn
    • John
    • Alec
  • Blue Ranger:
    • Elliot
    • Zane
    • Shawn
    • Miles
    • Keith
  • Pink Ranger:
    • Gina
    • Lydia
    • Olivia
    • Carrie
    • Hanna
  • Green Ranger:
    • Fabian
    • Buddy
    • Arnold
    • George
    • Dean
  • Black Ranger:
    • Moses
    • Herb
    • Grover
    • Byron
    • Omar
  • Gold Ranger:
    • Ned
    • Ishmael
    • Malcolm
    • Owen
    • Rowan
  • Gaisorg (if they end up making him a separate character):


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