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    Episode 1: Que Boom!! Ryusoulger 
  • The first battle where Ryusoul Red & Master Red battle it out against the Drunn soldiers. It's epic, to say the least.
    • Koh actually leaps onto the back of a Drunn soldier, slashing down others from on top, before expertly & bravely parrying continuous spear thrusts from the Drunn soldiers on the ground, then making an epic comeback by doing a daring rollout in the air.
    • Koh strikes the camera so hard it cracks.
    • Ryusoul Red's Dino Slash finisher. From the massive Tyramigo energy manifestation gathering into Koh's sword, to the giant Tyrannosaurus head chomping down forcefully on the Drunn soldiers, causing a spectacular triangular explosion around Koh from all the annihilated soldiers.
  • One for the villains: on the first day of their full fledged return, they seeked out the temple in the Ryusoulger's village to take its power, then threw a giant Minosaur at the village in a double pincer maneuver, keeping the Ryusoulgers divided. Then, when they ransacked the temple, they depowered the Ryusoulgers, locking them out of their ranger forms, which ultimately results in the deaths of the Masters. Ultimately if it hadn't been for the Masters giving their souls to their pupils allowing them to transform and the appearance of the Kishiryu they would have won right there.
    • Master Red's sacrifice was particularly bittersweet, as he used Koh's RyuSword with the Hard RyuSoul to protect his student from Tankjoh's attack. Then when Tankjoh tries to kill Koh again, Master Red blasts Tankjoh to the other side of the room, then gives Koh his soul, powering up Koh's RyuSoul back into action.
  • RyuSoul Pink’s roll call has her outright smashing the earth before announcing herself, already differentiating herself from other Pink Rangers and showing off her Super Strength.
  • KishiryuOh Three Knights' debut, rising from within of the temple in a haze of fire and rubble.
    • The ensuing fight is a sight to behold, as Three Knights charged into battle in a dead sprint, a rare sight in mech battles, and showing just how much freedom the suit allows the actor to move. The large amount of practical effects are also very impressive; there's hardly a CG explosion in sight!
    • All of KishiryuOh Three Knights' cool badassery moves, from the drills on the shoulders automatically shifting to the knees so it can slam it into the Minusaur's face, to the Knight Sword shifting to its right knee so that a kick from it slices off the Minusaur's tail.
    • Lastly, who could forget that KishiryuOh Final Blade was so powerful that the Minusaur was hurled into the air before exploding into nonexistence?

    Episode 2: Souls as One 
  • We get a "ranger VS giant monster" fight, a rarity in the franchise. Although they clearly have trouble, Asuna and Melt actually managed to barely hold off the Unicorn Minusaur, until Tyramigo comes at the right time.
  • Remember the scene in the trailer where KishiryuOh jumps over a bridge while running? It's in this episode!

     Episode 6: Tankjoh Strikes Back 

  • The Team Roll-Call of the five Ryusoulgers finally united.
  • The debut of KishiryuOh Five Knights also deserves a mention due it's badassery to overwhelm Tankjoh and Cerberus Minusaur.
    • When Cerberus Minusaur leapt out behind it, all it took for Five Knights to destroy it was simply impale it on the Knight Lance without looking back.
    • Five Knights Ultimate Slash & KishiryuOh Final Cannon. Nuff said.

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