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     Pre-Reveal WMGs 

The 42nd Super Sentai will be a sci-fi comedy.
  • I see what you did there.
    • The 42nd being a comedy could happen (enough time will have passed since Go-Onger, the last affectionate parody, finished airing by the time we get to the 42nd Sentai), but it seems kind of doubtful they'd follow up one high-tech series (the 41st - Kyuranger - which looks like it'll be space-themed) with another.
      • Jossed, Lupinranger vs Patranger is not a sci-fi comedy

     Pre-Premier WMGs 

Regarding the trademarks that Toei has filed for Kyuranger's successor
Toei has filed trademarks for 2 Sentai series, as opposed to just one. Considering that they were filed around the time we would normally see them file the trademark for the next sentai, it's likely that at least one of them is the next series. We might as well speculate on possibilities here:
  • Possibility one: It's one show that follows 2 separate teams, alternating between the two teams it focuses on before they eventually join up.
    • Supporting this: The existence of the Gouraigers, Go-On Wings, and other secondary Sentai teams.
    • Against this: The aforementioned two teams did not follow the traditional Sentai naming formula.
  • Possibility two: Each trademark will be for it's own show - either one airs on TV and the other airs as a web series (similar to Akibaranger airing it's two seasons during the run of Gobusters and Kyoryuger, respectively), or there are 2 Sentai series airing at the same time.
    • Supporting this: Toei is no stranger to having 2 toku shows in the same franchise air at the same time (aside from the aforementioned Gobusters/Kyoryuger and Akibaranger scenario, Kamen Rider Amazons aired it's two seasons during the run of Kamen Rider Ghost and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, respectively).
    • Against this: The trademarks were filed at the same time; Akibaranger and Amazons were not trademarked at the same time that Gobusters and Ghost were trademarked.
  • Possibility three: The Patorangers will be the Sentai team, and the Lupinrangers will be The Psycho Rangers (or vice-versa)note .
    • Supporting this: As noted by a WMG above, it's been a very long time since there has been a Psycho Rangers arc, so maybe Toei wants to make an entire season of this.
    • Against this: On the other hand, it has been a long time since they did this, so there is very little precedence.
  • Possibility four: One of the trademarks was only filed to keep people from guessing, or to prevent someone using one of the trademarked names.
    • Supporting this: Companies do this sort of thing all the time (for example, Nintendo filed trademarks for Pokemon Grey and Pokemon Z, games that were not released).
    • Against this: Toei would have filed said trademark earlier in Kyuranger's run earlier if this was the case.
  • Possibility five: One of the teams is official, the other will be an alternate universe team shown in a V-Cinema akin to the Dobutsu Sentai Gobusters.
    • Supporting this: Assuming the psycho rangers WMG is false, the Lupinrangers could be an alternate version of the Patorangers who became criminals instead of cops.
    • Against this: There was no such trademark filed for the Dobutsu Sentai Gobusters when the trademark for the regular Gobusters was filed.
  • Possibility six: The Patorangers and the Lupinrangers are the exact same team. The Patorangers are police officers who, when they are blocked in an investigation or are similarly prevented from pursuing a case, disguise themselves as the Lupinrangers to get around the obstacle and continue their work.
  • Final Answer: The two teams are collecting back the MacGuffin that originally belonged to Lupinranger, each having different plans for the MacGuffin.

The 42nd Sentai series will either reuse a previous theme that's been used once before, or use an entirely new theme
  • All the themes that have been used more than twice have been used relatively recently (Dinosaurs, Ninjas, Vehicles, and Animals), so it would make sense for Toei to either try a brand new theme (i.e., insectsnote , chess pieces, periods of history) or use one that has been used one time (i.e., birds, samurai, police).
    • Confirmed for both actually: Introducing "Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger" first is a Phantom Thieves themed, the second one is Police themed. Together, their theme is Cops And Robbers.

Tying into the above WMG about the 42nd sentai, the 42nd sentai will be a magic themed team which has a large number of similarities with Gobusters
My reason for thinking this is twofold.
  • The reason for the similarities with Gobusters is because every post-Kyoryuger team has had similarities with the Sentai from 6 years ago - Toqger had a lot in common with Go-Onger, Ninninger had a lot in common with Shinkenger, Zyuohger had a lot in common with Goseiger and the currently airing Kyuranger has a lot in common with Gokaiger. Logically speaking, continuing this trend would mean that the next series would have a lot in common with Gobusters.
  • As for the magic theme, the theme has only been used once before, and additionally, starting with Zyuohger, the theme of the next Sentai is the same as the second Super Hero Time partner of the Sentai series it has shared elements of - Goseiger had Kamen Rider OOO as it's second SHT partner, and OOO had an animal theme to it, which was the theme of Zyuohger; and Gokaiger's second SHT partner was Kamen Rider Fourze, which had a space theme, the theme of Kyuranger. The second SHT partner of Gobusters was Kamen Rider Wizard, which had a magic theme to it. And as noted before, that theme has been used once - in Magiranger.
  • Adding onto this, it will have an emphasis on Magitek where the setting use magic to advance their technologies. This will be reflected on the rangers' mecha, where there are hybrids or mythical animals and vehicles.
    • Using Magitek would actually make a lot of sense - traditionally, the series that comes after the "Experimental" Sentai (Hurricanger, Gekiranger, Gobusters, Kyuranger) is the "Wacky Stuff" Sentai (Abaranger, Go-Onger, Kyoryuger), so having magic in the same vein as Magiranger would break that pattern (as Magiranger was a "Fantasy" Sentai). Additionally, having a magitek-based Sentai would make it a lot easier for the show to avoid direct comparisons with the aforementioned Magiranger, similar to how ToQger's train theme helped it avoid getting directly compared to Go-Onger and Carranger, despite it being relatively comedic like those shows. Additionally, having a mythical theme in the same vein as Changeman is long overdue (the Skick tribe not withstanding).

Color schemes for the 42nd entry.
Patoranger uses primary colors (red, blue and yellow) while Lupinranger uses secondary colors (green, orange and violet).
  • Maybe for the 6th ranger(s), they'll use pinknote  and other colors that are reserved for 6th (gold, silver).
    • Confirmed to be the reverse: Lupinrangers are Red, Blue and Yellow while the Patorangers are Red, Green and Pink.

If the red ranger in the 42nd entry can alternate between being a Lupinranger and Patoranger, then so can blue.
The toy scan shows that an additional mecha for Patoranger is a police bike, implying that PatorenYongo may be added to the team as a blue ranger.
The same cannot be said for green ranger, however; while Lupinranger has a forth mecha too, it is brightly-shaded green compared to its Patoranger counterpart. This implies that instead of PatorenNigo gaining a Lupinranger mode, there will be another civilian close to him who becomes LupinGreen (perhaps another female given the shade of green used).
  • Jossed on the red rangers, who are separate characters themselves.

Main writer guesses for Lupinranger VS Patoranger

  • Yasuko Kobayashi
  • Riku Sanjou
  • Toshiki Inoue
  • Naruhisa Arakawa
  • Nobuhiro Mouri
  • Sumiko Umeda
  • Gen Urobuchi
  • Yuya Takahasi
  • Shouji Yonemura

The teams will be forced into more than one Enemy Mine situation at one point
Come on, it's pretty much begging to happen since the two teams have their own mechs; I kind of doubt that either team has the ability to hijack each other's mechs, meaning that an Enemy Mine is the most likely scenario that we see the mechs combine (especially since both mechs have "Kaizer" in the title).

The Lupinrangers will pull off a heist inside the Patorangers base.
Several episodes will end with the Patorangers obtaining Lupin Collection artifacts until one episode has the Lupinrangers perform a heist on their base, stealing all the artifacts they collected. Or a twist will happen and a monster is attacking the city while the Lupinrangers are about to succeed, leading them to leave the Lupin Collection behind to protect the city instead.

A Lupinranger and Patoranger will befriend each other
Early on, one of the Lupinrangers and one of the Patorrangers will become friends (most likely the girls) and obviously not know each other's identity. A situation will occur when one team will reveal themselves to the other, figuring out who the other are, allowing for drama on who they thought their friend was.
  • Alternatively, the two will realize that they are Not So Different, leading to them trying to get their teams to join together.
  • Jossed on the part of not knowing each other. The Lupinrangers knew who the Patrangers are outside the suits early on since they're public authority.
  • Why stop there?

The season will be Lighter and Softer overall
Aside from the fact that, as per Sentai traditions, we're on the "Wacky Stuff" season, both Zyuohger and Kyuranger were darker than normal. At the very least, it'll be more lighthearted than the past 2 seasons.
  • The head writer, Junko Komura, wrote the aforementioned Zyuohger, but she also wrote Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger, which was an Affectionate Parody, so at this point, anything goes.
  • It does not look that way so far. The Gangler have a casino that harvest the organs of the losers, fighting between sentai reminiscent of Kamen Rider, and mentors that act way too much like Kyubey.

Each team will have a separate song for either the opening or ending...
On Lupinranger episodes, the Lupinranger opening/ending song will play and the same for Patoranger episodes. When the teams inevitably work together permanently, the opening/ending song will change to include both teams. Another possibility is that its the same song but different verses plays depending on which team is the focus of the episode.
  • The different verse one seems more likely for the opening; as for the ending, I get the feeling it'll be more likely that it'll be shared between the two teams, but the visuals will be different each time.
    • Jossed. No ending theme for this show. Maybe it will affect future Sentai series. And the opening always plays a duet.

The Patoranger's boss will propose recruiting the Lupinrangers...
The Patorangers will capture the Lupinrangers but their boss realizes that the only chance they have of defeating the Gangler is if they work together with the Lupinrangers. He will then propose that the Lupinrangers offer their help in exchange for their freedom or other reward, causing both teams to yell out of surprise.

The extra hero(es) will alternate between the two teams
Since it's pretty likely that the Patorangers Lupinrangers will be forced into an Enemy Mine a few times before joining forces in the long run later on, it would make sense for the team's extra rangers/heroes to alternate between the two teams, in an attempt to get them on the same side - possibly alternating between power sets.

  • Confirmed! Lupin X and Patren X are one person, uses a different changer called the X-Changer, mech is called The Emperor which also has the X motif. Lupin X is Silver while Patren X is Gold.

Both sentai teams will eventually grow into a Five-Man Band, but both will subvert the RBYGP color team.
As mentioned above, Patranger will have Patren #4 colored blue and Lupinranger will have a female green added to the team based on the addition mecha given to them.
  • Patren #4 (blue) will be introduced with the worse attitude towards the Lupinrangers, even compared to Patren #1, going as far as to letting go of handling the Gangler sometimes to go after his higher priority.
This might naturally mean that Paten #5 (Yellow) and Lupin Pink would be added to their rosters, however...
Patorangers' fifth member will not be the yellow ranger. Instead, (s)he will be orange/gold. The fifth Lupinranger, instead of being pink, will be violet instead.
  • Alternative 1: Kogure, the butler of Lupinrangers, will become Lupin Black as the 5th member to fight alongside his team. His mecha may even serve as their main body if they have to fight a mecha battle alongside the Patrangers.
  • Alternative 2: Rangers number 5 will use metallic colors: Gold for Patrangers and Silver(Kogure in his silver years) for Lupinrangers.
    • Amusingly, Alternative 2 ended up being the closest, but instead, its the fourth member. The fifth members will be Lupin Black and Patren #0 (probably light blue).

There will be a crossover with Dekaranger in the future.
Given how Toei's brought back the Dekarangers for various specials and crossovers (10 Years After, Vs. Gavan, etc.) in recent years, it only makes sense for them to bring them back once more, especially since one of the teams is police-based.
  • While we're at it, we might as well throw in DiEndnote .
    • If they do use the "crossover with four or more teams" idea with the Kyurangers and Zyuohgers early on (kind of like how Gokaiger vs Goseiger happened earlier than normal), then it would make sense for this to happen, since they'd need to introduce the next team (assuming they do this around when "Gokaiger vs Gavan" happened in the former series.

There will be a crossover with four or more teams...
...allying with either Lupinranger (like say Boukenger and Gokaiger) or Patoranger (Dekaranger, Shinkenger, Go-Busters), turning the whole thing into Toei's Civil War.
  • One possibility is that since Kyuranger is almost over and no "Kyuranger vs Zyuohger" has been announced, the crossover between Kyuranger and Zyuohger gets combined with this, with the Kyurangers taking the Lupinrangers side and the Zyuohgers taking the side of the Lupinrangers (or vice-versa), leading to a 2 vs 2 clash before the 4 teams eventually team up.

This is essentially Super Sentai's version of Captain America: Civil War...
...thanks in part to the Cops And Robbers theme.

...or it could be Super Sentai's Fire Emblem Fates
Assuming that they borrow character archetypes and that the characters might be Expies of said characters. Considering that the coloration of both teams is quite similar (with Lupinranger's black coloration in their suits and Patorangers composition of bright colors), it may be possible.
  • As much as I would want to guess, this could be either subverted, or Jossed althroughout. Assuming that it's confirmed, here are some of my assumptions.
    • Kairi / Lupin Red = subverted Xander.
    • Touma / Lupin Blue = Leo with shades of Peri, though not in a bloody sense.
    • Umika / Lupin Yellow = Elise
    • Keiichiro / PatorenIchigo = shades of Ryoma, though slight.
    • Sakuya / PatorenNigou = subverted Takumi
    • Tsukasa / PatorenSangou = subverted Hinoka
    • Kogure = If the below WMG is to be followed, he might be either Iago or Garon.
    • The other rangers presumably be the remaining members (Camilla, Sakura) if possible.
      • So far, the only one that's suggesting this is true is Keiichiro, who's a more fanatical version of Takumi than Ryoma.

In the Crossover with Build...
...Pandora's Box or the Full Bottles will be mistaken as part of the Lupin Collection.
  • Additionally, the gag where one character sees one of the giant robot, only for another character to not believe them, will be repeated twice - first with the heroes (Misora and Ryuga, possibly), where it's played straight (using the Patoranger mecha), and the second time with the villains (possibly using Gentoku and Nanba), except this time, the other character sees the Lupinranger mecha.
    • Jossed. No crossover with Build, or the 2018 Spring cossover. But you can hear Build hacked sounds, so the team up was going to happen, but didn't.

Lupin Red and Patoren Ichigo’s personalities...
Lupin Red will have a personality like Captain Marvelous’s, a charismatic and cool leader, while Patoren Ichigo will be a serious character with a strong sense of justice. They will hate each other at first, both as rangers and civilians, until they become Vitriolic Best Buds after the teams join up permanently.

The fourth Patoranger will be Da Chief, whereas the fourth Lupinranger will be a Robin Hood Expy
Assuming that PatorenIchigo isn't Da Chief, it's very likely that this will happen, considering that it's what happened in Dekaranger. As for the Sixth in Lupinranger, the team's title already references one famous thief, so why not reference another?

The two teams consist of different versions of the same people.
The first official promo mentions the treasures sought by both teams already being in the possession of third group from "another universe"; coupled with the cross-compatible tech between both teams, the complete opposite design patterns of their suits (black with colored highlights VS colored with white highlights), and the fact that we're less than a month from the premier and haven't seen any of their faces! The two teams of three may be Alternate Universe versions of each other!
  • Unsurprisingly jossed by the reveal of the actors.

One of the mentors will be related to the villains
This could go one of two ways: 1) The mentor is a reformed villain but keeping it a secret, similar to Master Kaku, or 2) the mentor is a double agent, secretly working with the villains, causing the two teams to join forces once it's revealed. Whether that mentor is the Lupinranger's or Patranger's is anybody's guess.

The Lupinrangers stole the Kyuranger VS. Zyuohger movie
There's nothing to back this up; this troper is just salty.

The Patrangers are able to change colors for different abilities.
Just like TQGers, they are number-coded, not color-coded.

The Patrangers and the Lupinrangers are related.
Pre-release material says that the Lupinrangers are looking for 3 disappeared people. Those 3 are the Patrangers. Both teams have amnesia due to the Ganglers.

Keiichiro will suffer a crisis of faith.
The first episode descriptions are out and it's revealed Pat #1 is going the way of Inspector Javert. He will obviously have a fall from grace that will challenge his beliefs and make him see the error of his ways.

Kogure is a villain, possibly a Greater-Scope Villain
Given that he's related to Arsene Lupin, we don't know WHY Lupin took the Collection to begin with, and the fact that he recruited the Lupinrangers in scenes that looked a bit shady... I don't exactly trust the guy. As for the Greater Scope bit, well, he may want the Collection back for less-than-savory reasons. It's said the collection can let its owner rule the world, after all...
  • He also insisted that Kairi does not ask any more questions than necessary. That usually screams "Evil Mentor" in recent Tokusatsu. Especially since the Lupinrangers' job can easily become MacGuffin Delivery Service. Hell, the fact that he recruited them right after their loved ones were killed is heavily suspicious.

There is corruption within the Patrangers.
The rangers thought they are getting the Lupin Collections for safekeeping. The higher authority has different plans.

The Lupin Collection is a collection of powerful mecha.
They're probably end up combining into the ultimate megazord this season.

     Post-Premier WMGs 

The Patrangers finishers involve Police Brutality
Keiichiro seems like the kind of guy who would abuse his power to catch a criminal anyways.
  • But if he does so, then the Patrangers will become The Scrappy and this will defeat the purpose of the two-team showdown gimmick. At most, this WMG would apply to one of the teammates, but Keiichiro wouldn't be that one as, being the red ranger, he's the face of his team and would have put it in the bad light.
    • Alternately it will be a one time thing and treated as him crossing a line by the other Patrangers.
      • Given the existence of Patoren Ugo, if there’s police brutality it’ll be a one-off thing that ties into the story of the episode and not the actual finisher. But at the same time... I’m not sure how big a deal it is over in Japan compared to the “all-over-the-news” deal it is Stateside. That, and, well... let’s face it, this is a kid’s show. A kid’s show with a lot of history behind it, but it’s still a kid’s show. Police Brutality seems like too harsh a topic... but I may be wrong. *shrug*
      • At best it's gonna be a one-time thing, since at the moment, Keiichiro seems to view the Gangler and the Lupins with equal contempt, but he has only shown that he's intending on catching them, not killing them, so unless the standard rivalry between one of the rangers and a higher up goes really far, it's unlikely.
    • It turns out the standard weapon finisher involves the Patrangers beating up the enemy with their batons so it might not be too unlikely after all
  • N.02 has the Patrangers used their Pat MegaBo in Baton Mode to clear out rows of mooks, though their used wasn't uncalled for, as they were attacking the Patrangers first.
  • Jossed.

The combined Patrangers will have to power down and be stuck for a day together.
This has been done with the Gokaiger Special DVD before, and the resulting person has a tricolour uniform and hairstyles of all three Patrangers.
  • Jossed

There will not be a combined team mecha
Due to the rivalry of the Lupinrangers and Patrangers and the existence of the Good Striker I don't think there will be a mecha where all six/seven if you include X mechas combine into one. And if there is one it wont occur until very late into the show.
  • Jossed. There's a scan from a toy magazine showing a combination of Good Striker, the Trigger Machines, Dial Fighters and Lupin/Patren X's mecha.

Kairi and Keichiro's rivalry will go too far
From what we've seen so far those two Kairi is brutally reckless and Keichiro is a borderline sociopath as the series goes on their rivalry will cause innocents to get caught in the crossfire and will cause both teams reputations to tank and causing friction in the teams.

Kogure's unseen master will become Lupin X
As the direct descendent of Lupin, he will take it upon himself to redeem his family name after the Gangler stole the Lupin Collection from him.
  • Maybe jossed; Lupin X is Noel, but it's still possible he's secretly the descendant.

There will be an episode with the teams trapped together unmorphed and forced to work together to survive
The drama would come from the fact that the Lupinrangers know who the Patrangers are yet the opposite is not yet true so the Patrangers would treat the Lupinrangers as civilians to protect.

Kogure and Hilltop are Expies for the Incubators
Kogure is Kyubey and Hilltop is Jyubey respectively.

The "VS" in VS Changer actually stands for something in French.
Most of the Lupin Collection items are named in French. Maybe the VS Changers are too. Of course it'd have to be something where the "V" relates to the Lupinrangers and the "S" relates to the Patrangers.
  • Perhaps Voleur (thief) for Lupinrangers and Securite (security) for Patrangers?

The Lupinrangers' loved ones are still alive
The Literally Shattered Lives was a diversion, Ice Hat (for lack of a better name) is keeping the frozen people as bargaining chips later down the line.

Instead of a "Sixth/Extra Ranger" the non-Red Rangers will switch sides.
  • Adding additional members risks unbalancing the two teams.
  • Switching sides would help shake things up and allow the two teams to better understand eachother, providing opportunities for Character Development and to call them out on their more serious flaws.
  • If they switch sides, it will be as followed:
    • Sakuya: LupinGreen
    • Tsukasa: LupinPink
    • Touma: PatrenYongou
    • Umika: PatrenGogou
    • Sakuya as LupinGreen
      • Sakuya has a positive view of the Lupinrangers, something Keiichiro can't stand and was ready to tear into him for.
      • As the clashes between the teams escalate, Keiichiro's zealotry and temper will worsen, creating a rift between him and his teammates.
      • Sakuya will be left in a position where he has to choose between finally arresting the Lupinrangers or letting them go to stop a powerful Gangler. Keiichiro, having been pushed to the brink, blows up on Sakuya and the two get into an argument. In the end, Sakuya will be discharged from the Patrangers/GSPD or -more likely- quit.
      • After leaving the GSPD, Sakuya will be approached by Kogure and offer him a place on the Lupinrangers' side as LupinGreen (after the Lupinrangers steal his VS Changer and Trigger Machine).

    • Tsukasa as LupinPink
      • Tsukasa is less likely to leave due to her being more experienced, but the above could easily apply to her as well.
      • Due to Tsukasa being more experienced, Keiichiro would probably be more understanding toward her than a naive rookie like Sakuya.
      • Alternatively Keiichiro would react worse, as he's likely worked with Tsukasa for a long time and would be crushed by her betrayal.

    • Touma as PatrenYongou
      • Of the Lupinrangers, Touma is the most desperate to get the Lupin Collection back to revive his dead fiance.
      • Touma shows signs of being more willing to sacrifice the others, as Kairi looked more conflicted about it when Umika and Touma were being held hostage in episode 1. If working with the Patrangers meant gaining access to the power of the Lupin Collection sooner, he'd be the most likely to jump at the chance.

    • Umika as PatrenGogou
      • In episode 2 Umika appears to have a positive view of the Patrangers, much like Sakuya has a good opinion of the Lupinrangers.
      • Umika frequently complains about Kairi ditching work and Touma being a bully. This may foreshadow Umika switching sides after they sacrifice her due to their promise.

  • Problem. Besides the fact that an extra ranger who switches between factions, thus handling the balance issue, the above-mentioned Lupin X/Patoren X has already been confirmed via toy catalog leaks (thus Jossing your replacement theory), I'm not sure if Kogure will keep the deal active for any Lupinrangers that defect. Also, we see Kairi return a piece of the Collection to Kogure in EP 1, who then stores it. Kairi may very well be the one in charge of returning the Collection pieces to Kogure, which would be one reason for him to "skip out on work a lot", and as a result Kogure mainly operates through him. Especially as Kairi was the one who the Lupinrangers got their mark from. I won't completely exclude any team switches from the realm of possibility, but... I wouldn't count on it in the least. We ARE only on Episode 2, after all, and your reasoning does hold ground.
  • Jossed.

At some point it will be revealed that the Patrangers knew the Lupinrangers lost loved ones
  • Confirmed by episode #46

The Patrangers have no personal stake in this conflict at all.
To provide contrast to the Lupinrangers' personal vendetta and wishes, to the Patrangers it will be All a Part of the Job.
  • Somewhat confirmed by #15, however they take their job seriously.
  • Later averted by #44, when it becomes It's Personal.

The Patrangers will infiltrate as students and it will involve a G-Rated Drug Lupin Collection item. In contrast, the Lupinrangers will pose as members of the faculty and staff, parodying Save Our Students plots, in Paper Thin Disguises but the Patrangers will fail to recognize that they're the people from the cafe. Kairi will be The Substitute Cool Teacher or Hippie Teacher, Umika will be the Misplaced Kindergarten Teacher or School Nurse, and Touma will be the Gym Instructor (which he might have a difficulty pulling off since the role is stereotypically Hot-Blooded).

All the Lupinrangers will die in a Heroic Sacrifice in the Grand Finale.
To provide a Cruel Twist Ending to their preparedness to die as long as one survives to fulfill their dream. The Patrangers will then make the wish upon the Lupin Collection for their sake to bring them and their loved ones back to life.

The Patrangers are eventually going to learn about the Lupinrangers identities and backstory in the late game.
And it's be the catalyst for the two teams that could never join forces to join forces and bring down the Gangler for good.
  • Somewhat confirmed by #46, however they had joined forces early on.

The Patrarangers will later to be revealed that they also lost love ones to the same monster that killed the Lupinrangers love ones.

We get a flashback to Cmdr Hilltop's Cowboy Cop days
As the obligatory lesson to Keiichiro about finding the balance between duty and morality. Bonus points if young Hilltop really is straight up Axel Foley.

Lupinranger are being played by Kogure and retrieving the Lupin Collection won't grant their wish or at least not granted the way they wanted it to be and Kogure or at least whoever he serves are not as good nor trustworthy as they appear to be.

The descendant of Lupin that Kogure serves is...
Commander Hilltop. He's hiding in plain sight and is using both teams to regain his family's honor. Plus, this would explain how Collection pieces got into GSPO hands since they couldn't beat Gangler until the Patrangers were formed.

Lupin/Patren X can create holograms of themselves
In order to make each team think there are two of them instead of just one.

Patrangers will get power-ups related to Sherlock...
... err, "Herlock Sholmes/Holmlock Shears", or at least a reference to him since we got Lupin themed team if you know about Lupin.
  • Jossed. Herlock Sholmes will be appearing in the summer movie, though.

Touma and Tsukasa will end up together
The Lupinrangers won't be able to bring back their loved ones. Touma will get depressed and Tsukasa will help him move on and live happily. This will be the start of their relationship.
  • Kinda doubt it given his determination to get his fiancé back, as shown in the third episode.
  • This might be a bigger part of his character development. His determination ending up in blindness and his development comes with him accepting the fact that life is temporary and he should move on. It would also be a very important lesson for kids who watch the show.

Who is LupinBlack?
People have hacked sounds out of the VS Changer toy to reveal there's gonna be a LupinBlack. Who could he be? Somebody like Deathryuger and is exclusive to the summer movie? A prototype of the Lupinrangers? Monsieur Lupin himself?
  • The sounds for those unaware are hardcore rock, and a evil sounding voice announcing everything. There's also sounds for a -1gou that uses the exact same soundset. With that in mind, I suggest evil rangers. Either for the movie, or Gangler using Collection pieces.

Patoren 0gou will be Hilltop
In relation to the above wmg, sounds for a 0gou have also been discovered, and his/her sounds match the current team. Sounds like a perfect fit for the commander.

The teams Super Mode will allow both to have their mecha out at the same time.
  • And to finish the sounds discovered, there's one each that initiates a Super transformation. The "Victory Striker" for the Lupin, and the "Siren Striker" for the Pats. Not only does each start with the Arc letter for each Sentai, but it would be fitting that each allow their respective team to form their Kaiser.
    • Jossed, both Victory and Siren Striker still need Good Striker to form a mecha. The only way to form both at once is with the movie-exclusive Jackpot Striker.

Lupin/Patren X will be similar to GoodStriker.
In the sense that he will be a Wild Card with no loyalty to either team, teaming up with the team who impresses him the most at the moment.
  • Partly. He flits between both teams frequently but seems more loyal to the Lupins.

Lupin/Patoren X will alternate personalities depending on his current alignment.
The personalities will be Sixth Ranger archetypes: Enthusiastic goofball for Lupin X and serious for Patoren X.
  • Maybe he is someone with multiple personality disorder? It would be interesting.
  • Jossed. Noel acts pretty much the same either way.

If we see an upgrade for the Reds it'll work similarly to GoodStriker.
As in one upgrade for both of them that changes configuration depending on who is using it. For example what's armor for one would be wings for the other, what's a sword for one would be a blaster for the other
  • Alternately it'll be the same upgrade for them both but they have to be working together to use it.
    • Alternately it'll work exactly like GoodStriker by fusing the two Reds and giving them the power to create clones of their original selves.
  • Jossed, the power ups (Victory and Siren Striker) are separate units, and the later goes to Noel instead of Keiichiro.

It will be revealed that Kairi, Touma, and Umika weren't the only Lupinrangers.
Consider how many people were killed by Zamigo Delma during his freezing spree? It seems likely that Kogure may have offered their loved ones a chance to regain those they lost by joining his cause. So either there are other factions of Lupinrangers running around in different locations, or the trio we follow are the only ones who lived long enough to make it this far, the others falling to the Gangler.

The VS changers and related items are not real Lupin collection pieces
But in fact forgeries created by Arsene Lupin and spread out by Kogure. Which is why they are so similar yet different. Another possibility is that the Lupinrangers are real collection pieces but the Patrangers are forgeries created by the GSPO reverse engineered by studying the Good Striker.

Keiichiro has a secret as to why he's such a jerk
Something along the lines of the Ice Gangler froze someone close to him (like with the Lupinrangers) or he lost a loved one to another one of the Ganglers, and he's sworn to take the Ganglers down to avenge them. He just views the Lupins as an obstacle, but is using the property damage they commit as an excuse to arrest them and get them out of the picture.
  • I am guessing a dark and troubled past that motivated him to be a cops would have something to do with it.
  • So far it seems that Keiichiro is a jerk simply because the Lupins could beat the Ganglers and the GSPO being mere mortals couldn't. From what it seems the Patrangers have no tragic stories, no complicated lives, they are just simple beat cops who got superpowers. And that's it.

Lupin Collection items based on previous Super Sentai series:
  • Hurricaneger: A pinwheel. It's based on their Hurricane Gyro and the Plant Axe. It could release air that could make people sick and be named as Blowin' in the Wind (Écoute dans le vent) or its whirling could be hypnotic and be named as The Impossible Dream (Un Impossible Rêve). For the former, the related crime would be criminal poisoning (administering poison to a person with criminal intent); for the latter, it's fraud.
  • Gaoranger: It could be a lion figurine that could turn people into animals. Likely name is The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Le lion dort ce soir). The related crime could be animal cruelty or wildlife smuggling.

Umika and Sakuya would ended up together for real
  • At first, Umika would just be using Sakuya to get information, but ended up falling for him for real. This relationship would be interesting as Umika would try to hide her secret, while Sakuya might slowly figured it out. There would be drama and betrayal, but Sakuya would be deceived and not figured out Umika's identity until the very late game.
    • Bonus point if Sakuya mentioned silly pickup lines like "You're the thief who stole my heart!"

Kogure is actually Arsene Lupin himself.
  • Kogure appears to have the ability to teleport. That'd be pretty useful for an infamous phantom thief.

Kogure is simply using the Patorangers, the Lupinrangers, and even the Gangler to get the Lupin collection for himself
  • For example, he's obviously the one who has been giving the Patorangers their weapons and mecha.

Possible future Lupin Collection
  • An item that allow for body swapping. Body swapping is a common trope in Sentai.
    • Possibly used to swap the teams and force them to live a day in each others shoes.
      • Subverted in episode #16. Body swapping happened because of the Gangler's abilities, not his Lupin Collection.
  • An item with the ability to alter memories. Alternatively, something that allow for an en masse brainwashing.
  • An item that allow for time manipulation. It will allow the Gangler to stop time or moving faster in time or slowing down the rangers.
    • Possibly the item from the opening
  • A jewelry, because it seems like the most obvious item to steal.
    • Confirmed by #9.

Kogure will side with the Big Bad, or become one himself
  • He is actually a Gangler and using the Lupinranger to get rid the competitors to be Yabun's successor.
    • Unsurprisingly jossed.

Defeating the ice gangler won't bring Lupinrangers loved ones back
  • Rather, Lupinrangers must either steal a specific Lupin Collection (that they cannot have until late in game) or complete all the Lupin Collection in the book.

Near the end of the series...
  • The Patranger would be willing to break the law for the greater good.
  • The Lupinranger would be captured and have their identity revealed.
  • Both team would work together against the Gangler, and the opening narration would change.

The Patrangers are Just Following Orders that's it.
There is nothing complicated about the Patrangers motivations. They are just three cops you would find in any police station in Japan that were given ranger powers and sent off to fight monsters. Unlike the Lupins they have nothing personal at stake and will never have anything personal at stake. They are simply policemen doing their duty to protect and serve.

All the frozen victims are not really dead.
The shattering effects are just some special-looking effects and in reality, there are transported to another area.
  • Even better, the ice is catching the reflection of the victims every time it looks like someone's trapped in there (Tsukasa pieces it together - why are they still clearly visible without air bubbles or distortion?)
    • Confirmed.

There will be a third combined mecha that requires members of both teams to operate
It will be formed from the Striker and Cyclone mecha along with a third, unrevealed mecha, possibly a multi-part one that will need both Red and Ichigo to summon.
  • Partly. There's Good Cool Kaiser VSX, which uses all of the main vehicles and can have the auxiliary vehicles sub in. There's also Lupin Magnum Superior, which doesn't use Good Striker but is only for the Lupins.

There will be an episode where neither team inspires GoodStriker enough to form a mecha
Resulting in both teams being forced to work together in their zords to take down the monster

Kogure and Goodie have independent AND conflicting goals for the Lupin collection
It's revealed that Goodie was the guardian of the collection in episode 7 which combined with Kogure's increasingly Kyubey level commentary on how the Lupins are expendable suggests that Kogure and Goodie have different ideas on what to do with the collection and either of them could be The Starscream to Arsene Lupin.

Kogure set up Zamigo's hits
Who's to say Kogure didn't hire Zamigo in secret to kill the Lupin's loved ones then showed up to recruit them?

The Lupinrangers will go into a frenzy when they meet Zamigo
They may not know who the Gangler responsible for the deaths of their loved ones is yet, but once Umika recognize Zamigo's Character Tic, the Lupinrangers will piece it together, and upon realization, will be out for Zamigo's blood.
  • Averted in episode #10. They just consider him to be a backup plan.

There will be another Good Striker-like VS Machine
Allowing our heroes to have 2 separate mechs. It'll be more of a proper Team Pet in behavior, turning from land vehicle to a dog-bot that's 3 feet tall before growing again to form the new core unit. We totally need a scene with both Lupins and Patos trying to lure it to their side with doggy treats.
  • Implied to be the case - the toy VS Changer has sounds for a VictoryStriker that works with the Lupinrangers and a SirenStriker that works with the Patrangers.
  • Partly. There's Jackpot Striker, which is movie exclusive. Like Goodie, it's sentient and can form the basis for a mecha.
    • And it showed up in the series proper in the last episode.

Destroyed pieces of the Lupin Collection regenerate into different forms.
The Scissors/Blade Dial Fighters were encountered in the form of a pendant, but turned into their regular forms with the VS Changer. Maybe the Fighters were actually destroyed, but came back as the pendant. This means that the Collection can still be completed even after a piece was destroyed in episode 9; the Lupinrangers will just have to find what item it turned into. (Of course, the more obvious explanation is that it wasn't really destroyed in the first place...)

Kogure's promise will only fulfilled in appearance.
We've got enough reason to speculate that Zamigo's victims are used to create Gangler disguises. Kogure will give them their promised reward late in the game, but the supposedly resurrected trio will actually be disguised Gangler.
  • Jossed in the series. There's still the DTV special.

At least one of the Patranger would know Lupinranger identities near the end of the series
  • However, at that point the thieves had grown on the cops that the cops refused to directly capture them. The cops will learn their motives instead and acting as a Secret Secret-Keeper. A real team up would happened afterwards.
  • Partly confirmed by #46.

Zamigo didn't actually kill the Lupinranger's loved ones.
  • Now it's pretty clear after seeing Zamigo in person that he's certainly a bad guy, but it feels like them avoiding actually showing him at the scene of the crime doing it, even in the case of Kairi's brother, isn't a coincidence. Everything certainly points to him being the culprit, but in a way that feels too obvious and convenient.
    • Agreed. It's very likely Zamigo is involved but he's probably not the main culprit. In that case, another suspect would be Kogure himself. It's too convenient that he would appear in front of Lupinrangers right after the attack.
  • #39 confirmed this possibility.

Although the Lupinrangers so far can only access the Lupin Collection from Ganglers by safecracking, the Patrangers will somehow get hold of and confiscate a piece of the Lupin Collection.
It's up to the Lupinrangers to bargain it back or infiltrate the highly secured police headquarters and retrieve it.
  • Or this will be the event that causes the Lupinrangers to reveal their identities and explain the situation.

A civillian who gets hold of a piece of the Lupin Collection, unlike someone like Ema Goldini, will not hand it back to the Lupinrangers no matter how persuasive they are and hand it over to the Patrangers as Gangler contraband instead.
]Adding to the above WMG, this is one of the ways that a piece can end up with the Patrangers.

Tsukasa and Umika will start regularly helping eachother out, possibly including Tsukasa being a secret keeper for Umika, considerably earlier than the rest of their teams do
Tsukasa has twice now deliberately enabled Lupin Yellow to get a Collection Piece as a sort of thanks for helping them out. This will continue, with Tsukasa learning her identity for real.

Patrangers will passed up a chance of capturing the thieves at least in one episode
  • Maybe because they were in debt for them, like Lupinrangers (might be unintentionally) saving their lives or something.

The Lupinrangers and Patrangers will be forced to work together in order to crack a case
This is how the Ganglers plot will go in order to force the two teams to work together. The Gangler is a Mad Bomber who comes up with a 'Game' for his own amusement and to impress his boss. First he puts several safes filled with bombs all over the city. After the Lupinrangers confirm that he doesn't have a collection piece inside of him. He will tell both teams that they only have a limited amount of time to look for the right safe or else all the bombs within safes will explode and kill hundreds if not thousands of civilians unless they are able to find the safe with his collection piece inside since his collection piece is like the fuse for the bombs. This forces the two teams to work together and stop his sick game, because only the Patrangers know were the cases are because of all the camera's they have all over the city in order to look for the safes. They also can't destroy or force the safe open, because if they are destroyed or forcefully opened the bomb will automatically activate and destroy the surrounding area along with the rangers. This forces them to cooperate with the Lupinrangers, because only they can open the safe with their Dial Fighters and the Lupinrangers in turn need them, because only the Patrangers know about EVERY location of the safes and while they are good at tracking collection pieces and Ganglers, they can't keep track of every single one of them and risk the destruction of the city along with the collection piece inside of it.An alternative way to end his 'game' will be for either one of the teams to kill the other, but they won't do it, because they aren't murderers. This in turn will become an epic plot which shows both of the teams strengths and weaknesses and a battle between the conflict and respect they have against each other.
  • Not exactly. They have to team up to defeat Experimental Body, a Gangler with five safes. And early on they are forced to work together to defeat Lymon.

The Trigger Machines are modified Lupin Collection pieces
  • In #15, Goodie said that he didn't realize the crane had a Trigger on it, which, as a Trigger Machine, he should have known.

Lupinrangers will eventually be captured by Patrangers
  • However, they will be released under the circumstance that they are willing to work with the police against the Ganglers.

When Lupinrangers identity are revealed...
  • Patrangers will take it hard, since it seemed they were being played all along.
    • Jossed, only Sakuya take it hard and refuse to accept it.

At some point near the end of the series both teams will be unable to morph and be forced to use pieces of the Lupin Collection to defend themselves.

What Lupinrangers' super mode will look like ?
The capes will grow longer and double as wing suits. Most of the suit will be black allowing them to hide in the shadows better.
  • Jossed, as only Kairi gets a super mode.
    • Double-Jossed, as Noel becomes Super Patren X in the finale.

How Patrangers' super mode will look like ?
It will look white with siren lights' colors on it, and the lights themselves on the shoulder pads. Because its Siren Sriker, duh. I bring up the white color because Kyuuranger had the white super mode for Shishi Red. Only this time, the core three can use it one at a time. It will have a lot of armor compared to Lupin's super mode.
  • Jossed, as only Noel gets a super mode.
    • Double-Jossed, as Keiichiro becomes Super Patren 1gou in the finale.

Which color Patren #0 will have ?
  • It will be light blue.
  • White contrasting Lupin Black.

This show will have a special with multiple endings.
  • Since this show has multiple ending choices theorized, I'll narrow them down:
    • Keiichiro dies, with Lupin Collection destroyed or taken away from Gangler's hands.
    • Kairi dies, and Keiichiro takes his Dial Fighter, and with Lupin Collection destroyed or taken away from Gangler's hands.
    • Ether live, with Lupin Collection destroyed or taken away from Gangler's hands.
Thus the viewers will have to vote.
  • Jossed. Only one ending.

Victory and Siren Striker will combine with Good Striker one at a time.
Victory Striker will add extra wings and speed but reduced defenses, while Siren Striker will add More Dakka and defense, but will have reduced speed.
  • Confirmed. Victory is a jumbo jet, while Siren is a tank and both form the body and head for a mech combination

Lupin Black will be female.
Shocking, I know. Since Power Rangers Hyperforce from last year introduced the first female black ranger. So why not for Sentai to introduce the female black, since we have all females for each color, except grey. Because it will be a perfect time, since season 2 of Hyperforce is on the rise.
  • Nothing for the main show, although there's still the DTV special.

2 final episodes of the show will have an upcoming Sentai cameo.
Since Sentai now airs after Kamen Rider, had a dark character DTV special, junctions, and no ending theme, maybe Toei will do this.

How Lupin X/Patren X super mode will look like ?
It will be the combination of the suits, like with Go-on Wings from Gokaiger.
  • Jossed.

How Lupinrangers' identities will be revealed ?
Lupin Red gets into battle with Patren #1, which gets his helmet shattered, thus revealing his identity.
  • Jossed by #45. Keiichiro figured it out through pure analysis.

Regarding Lupin X/ Patren X
He will be double agent with the two team both sure his loyalty to theirs. He might act as undercover agent for GSPO, yet he is also Lupin's descendant that wanted to steal the collection too.
  • Mostly. He is a double agent, but both teams doubt him.

Once the two teams started working together...
  • There will be an episode where the team swapped their power.
    • Jossed for the main series itself, however confirmed in the crossover movie. The thieves transform into Patrangers.

Patren X will be Immune to Slapstick, while Lupin X will make a fool out of the Lupinrangers
  • Jossed

Noel will get a Disney Death...
Which would bring the two teams together, at least for a moment.

Patrangers will know the importance of Lupin Collection
And will make it their job to secure the item properly to ensure it wouldn't fall into wrong hands. They'll try to either trying to contain it or destroy it which brings them into direct conflict with Lupinrangers.

Noel also lost a loved ones
However said person is not dead, maybe in coma or something.
  • Confirmed by Noel's words : he had someone he wanted to bring back.
  • Further WMG: Noel is a descendant of Arsene Lupin and he wanted to bring the legendary thief back.
    • Close enough, he's his adopted son.

Noel is lying about the Trigger machines.
He really did intentionally create the Patranger system and he really did send it to Japan against the Lupin family's wishes.

The whole show is a ruse to celebrate Sentai's anniversary earlier
As many should be aware of, this is not the first time there's been multiple Sentai teams in a single series, however, all the previous ones were either not full-fledged teams that would eventually join the main one (Gouraigers, Go-On Wings) or were plain evil (Nezirangers), and while we all know that Lupinrangers and Patrangers will eventually work together, so far Toei is concerned, they are two full-fledged different teams.

Even Noel doesn't interferes in this, since he has two different alter egos that represent each team separately.

Now looking at those that are anniversary seasons, their numbering used to be very inconsistent. The first season to be made for anniversary was Turboranger, this was at the time when Battle Fever was considered the first Super Sentai season, signifying 10th anniversary. However, later came Ohranger for 20th anniversary, now counting Goranger and J.A.K.Q. as Super Sentai too, going from the number of year (as a reminder, Goranger had over 80 episodes, lasting two years). And then comes Gaoranger 6 years after as the 25th anniversary season, now not counting the years, but the series number.

This has been the most consistent way of celebrating the anniversaries so far, being followed by Boukenger, Gokaiger and Zyuohger following the same model.

However, nothing says Toei could not change their minds again, and go back to celebrating based on the number of year rather than series. But with that would come a problem, 43 years of Sentai with only 42 shows would leave them with an empty year without a team. So, in that case, why not make a single series with two full-fledged teams in it to make up for the empty year?

Either that or I'm looking too much into this.

The Lupinranger's rules
We heard Touma mentioned it several times. My guess are:
  • This is a suicide mission. Anyone who can reach the goal should do so even at the expense of the others.
  • The teamwork is strictly business-only. As in, you won't get help outside of thieving business. This is to avoid themselves getting attached to each other.
    • The latter rule was somewhat confirmed in the episode where Good Cool Kaiser VSX debuted.

Kairi and Tsukasa might eventually get together
The two of them have recently begun to bond a little given their shared loss of family issue. Maybe have them get together and then Kairi eventually reveal himself to her, but she'd keep it a secret because of their feelings. And this would eventually lead to the two teams joining forces for good.

At some point Gauche will use her collection piece to turn Kairi and Keiichiro evil
The VS Changer has sounds for Lupin Black and Patren -1gou and she's tried to use her collection piece on both of them already not to mention both Noel and Kogure express great fear of her collection piece.

There's also a set up seeking for Lupin's successor
  • And Kairi will succeed in it. This is based on Kogure's comments when Kairi successfully retrieve Magnum.

One of the later Lupin Collection will be based on the next series.
Its power will also be related to the theme of next batch of rangers.
  • So...dinosaur again, I guess.
    • Jossed

There's just something about his Patren X form resembling Schwarz Bruder's attire, if it was golden, that calls this to mind. Ways that this could go:
  • He's a reformed Gangler.
  • He's a sentient Lupin Collection item based on the combined Go-On Gold/Go-On Silver Ranger Key.
  • He is Arsene Lupin himself, kept alive and young due to the power of the Lupin Collections.
  • Though it was never explicitly stated what he is, Gauche has confirmed in the latest episode that Noel is not human. From what little Japanese I know, I am positive that's what she said in the RAWS. "X Ningen Ja nai" meaning "X is not human." Judging by the Lupinranger's reacting to Goodie commenting on their shock at this fact like he's surprised Noel didn't say anything, it's likely that Noel is a sentient Lupin collection piece, like Good Striker and Jackpot Striker. This would also explain why Kogure requested that Noel keep out of action after Gauche used her goggles on him. They'd likely want to take any Lupin collection piece they could, and they have taken both Lupinrangers and Patorangers into the Gangler world before. And if Next week's preview is any indication, they're taking him to the gangler world by having a Gangler use Satoru's appearance as a disguise to trick the Patorangers into thinking he's a spy for the ganglers. So that when he's alone, they'd take him to the Gangler world. Which would also explain why the Patorangers are so friggin pissed in the preview.
  • Technically confirmed by #44 but jossed as to the guesses of what he is. He's from a race of Human Aliens that lived in the same dimension as the Ganglers.

The penultimate and/or final episode will have everyone change together
The teams will stay separate for almost all of the season but finally team up near the end, and all seven (plus any 11th-Hour Ranger) will change and roll call together.
  • This is likely a given.

Kairi will go bad and betray both Lupinrangers and Patrangers
The first thing to remember is that Kairi was already rebellious as a result of his inability to live up to his big brother, something that is coming forth again in regards to his situation with Keiichiro. We've also seen Kairi emotionally deteriorating over the course of the series. We also know that Kairi never had a good relationship with his brother, and his situation with Keiichiro (which is already bringing back bad memories for Kairi) may prompt him to abandon trying to bring his brother back. Also, it makes sense to conclude that Kogure will want all of the Lupin Collection pieces back, including the Dial Fighters and VS Changers, and since Kairi has already admitted to enjoying being a thief, there's a strong chance that he will give up on bringing back his brother in order to remain a thief, the one thing he's good at and that's brought him joy.
  • Jossed

The Lupin family will splinter between Kogure and Noel over the succession.
An offshoot of the above theory. Kogure and Noel clearly do not trust each other even thought its all but clear that Noel is the Lupinranger's boss by virtue of being the heir to Arsene Lupin. Its likely that Kogure will use Kairi to betray Noel and take over the Lupin family using him as the successor claiming that since Noel failed to claim the Lupin Magnum he is no good. Considering what has been seen in the series there is a good chance that he has been Evil All Along.
  • Jossed

The GSPO has been a front for the Lupin family the whole time
Maybe overlapping with the WMG about Hilltop being a descendant. Considering all the cross-compatibility between the two teams it seems like the existence of the Patrangers was part of Arsene Lupin's plan.

Arsene Lupin is a Gangler traitor.
Considering the recent leaks. The only way the original Arsene can be Noel's father and the legendary thief is if he is a Gangler which as we know from Don Oyabun are extremely long lived. It would also explain the Lupin collection and all of its Plot Holes. Since Arsene was a Gangler he merely took his loot with him when he came to Earth. And the reason for his amazing feats was because of the collection's powers and the Gangler's tech such as Zamigo's human disguise business. The reason why he wanted to create the VS Changers and convert the collection pieces was that much like Oyabun he was getting old and Noel was meant to be his original successor.

Lupinranger's identities reveal
  • The key to this is Lupinranger using Good Striker in front of Patranger to multiply Lupin Red. Once this is revealed, it won't take long for the Patranger to suspect Jurer trio since their alibi is gone.
  • Alternative theory, it would be Umika / Lupin Yellow who accidentally slipped their identity. It's because 1) Keiichiro had suspected her since she appeared in dream world 2) She somehow walked back in the opening, hinting she might be switching sides or something.
  • Jossed by #46.

Zamigo's motive
Zamigo is attacking people to make a copy for their appearance. He might have keep them alive to perfect the disguise.

We'll see an episode focused with Lupin Yellow and Patren2gou
It's rather unlikely to have filler episode near the ending, but hey, one can dream right?
  • Not exactly a whole episode but the two have moments in #47

We'll see final fight between team Lupin and Pat before the eventual team merger
  • Specifically, the duel between Kairi and Keiichiro, but Keiichiro would win this time.
  • How it might happened : Nearly all the collection had been gathered, and Lupinranger would need to gather the collection from Patranger, namely the VS Vehicles and VS Changer. This would led to final showdown between team.
  • Noel might be incapacitated in some form (maybe being busy with Gangler) and cannot join the fight. This is to balance team out since it would be unfair if he picked off one team over another.
  • Jossed

Zamigo will get Keiichiro
Thus prompt two teams to unite to save him.
  • Jossed, Gauche gets Noel instead.

     Third Faction WMGs 

We'll see a third trio based on the sea
The team role calls in the plot summary emphasize that the Lupinrangers are sky based and the Patrangers are ground based. It'd only make sense for a third trio to be sea based.
  • Alternatively, it'll be a duo that's sea-based, and there will be single Sixth Ranger (or in this case, ninth ranger) who is based on something else (maybe space perhaps?).
  • It'll be deep sea explorers rather like Boukenger. Think about it, they're usually government-owned yet they're taking valuables from their rightful place...

A third faction of rangers will appear based on Private Detectives.
A perfect foil for both teams, P Ds still operate within the law, but do so in far more gray means then proper officers. Hence they will have cause to be at odds with both the Pats, and Lupin.
  • For extra points, it’ll be a two man team consisting of a black and a white (the colors stereotypically worn by prisoners, and the two colors that when mixed, make gray). Considering that those two are the only colors usually seen on the core team that aren't represented, it would make sense.

The third faction will be black ops themed.
They're sent from higher up the ladder when the Patorangers aren't cutting it, just to take on the Lupinrangers with completely brutal tactics. All of them will be darker hues like black, crimson, navy, orange and violet.
  • That sounds like a better idea for Psycho Rangers that the Gangler call in, maybe perhaps resulting in the Patos and Lupins putting aside their differences to take them out.

Third faction color guesses
  • Red Gold Silver
  • Red Black White
  • Red (just red)
  • Red Orange Violet
  • Red Green Blue

Mecha gimmick guesses
If a third faction is based on sea vehicles their mecha will have spinners on the back acting as propellers.

The Third Faction's alignment might be....
There's an option for two, those who stand in the middle of a fight like Cops And Robbers. My best guesses include:
  • Mercenaries - people who have their own interests but will willingly work with anyone who hires them (either Patoranger or Lupinranger).
  • Pirates - If it follows.
  • Vigilantes- By operating outside the law they'd oppose the Patrangers and they'd attack criminals opposing the Lupinrangers.

The third faction is Lupin/Patren X
X apparently has a double agent motif. What if it goes farther than that and he is the third faction but instead of fighting the Lupins and Pats he joins them in order to stab them both in the back when the time is right and take the Lupin collection for himself.
  • It will be either that, or else his goal will be to get both teams to join together, using his ability to walk in both worlds to do so. The reason why being some greater purpose, or threat.

The third faction will be based on civilians.
A neutral faction to complement the chaotic Lupinrangers and orderly Patrangers, appearing only in the movie: Kaitou Sentai Lupinrangers vs. Keisatsu Sentai Patrangers vs. Kokunin Sentai Akibarangers: The Movie. With sea vessels mechs of course.

The third faction will be based on vigilantes
Operating outside the law to punish all criminals. They'll likely arise at a point where both the other teams have joined forces. They'd be disgusted by the Patrangers joining forces with criminals and be even more driven than Keiichiro. Further more they'll decide the Lupin Collection is too dangerous to be in the hands of anyone and attempt to destroy the collection.

     Villain WMGs 
The Lupinrangers will be lumped together with the Gangler
The Patrangers will consider the Lupinrangers to be a part of the Gangler until the Lupinrangers prove that their heroic criminals.
  • Jossed. The Patrangers know that the Lupinrangers aren't affiliated with the Gangler but will take them down for being phantom thieves regardless.

One of the higher up Gangler associates will purposefully rile up the two Sentai teams.
If only to make their job of taking the Lupin Collection easier.
  • Jossed

The Gangler monster will have gang/criminals themes.
Like Yakuza, Al Capone, and such. They’ll be based on terrible criminals throughout history, in contrast to the Lupinranger’s who are criminals but still heroes.
  • In terms of appearance, jossed (as noted below, it's a weapon/fruit theme), but having personalities based on famous criminals is still possible.
  • Jossed

The Gangler will be the sea to Lupinrangers' sky and Patorangers' land.
They'll be based on pirates that steals treasures.
  • It's right in their name: Gangler = gang + angler, i.e. fishing.
    • Jossed, they're based on weaponry and fruit.
      • Technically half-jossed - while them being pirate-themed monsters is jossed, it's still possible they could have the M.O of pirates (since if they didn't plan on doing something with the sea, they wouldn't have mentioned the Lupinrangers being sky-based and the Patorangers being land-based).

The major villains will be voiced by the cast of Lupin III.
It's way too good of an opportunity to miss out on. Plus, Japanese voice actors from other police and crime anime (e.g. Detective Conan) could guest star as Monsters of the Week.
  • So far jossed - all the current higher ups are played by people with no connection to Lupin III.

Near the end Dogranio Yabun will attempt to pass his title onto LupinRed
Bios state that Yabun is seeking a successor to take over the Gangler and perhaps he'll try and tempt LupinRed with the title.
  • Seconded this. It would be interesting plot twist.
  • Jossed:

Kogure's unseen master is, in fact, a Gangler
A smarter Gangler who is manipulating Lupinranger to target his foes in the contest to be the next main boss. Collecting the Lupin Collection is a nice plus and/or way to conquer the world. They don't know anything about their employer after all.

Lupin/Patren X is a Gangler
Specifically the ice Gangler that froze and killed the Lupinranger's relatives. He is clearly being set up to be far more than a mere MOTW and X's double agent thing already covers the Lupin's and Pat's so why not go for all three?
  • A point against this is that one of X's trains is the X train Fire. Methinks he wouldn't use something that so goes against his element.
  • On the other hand, X also has the X train Thunder, which combined with his icy Gangler side equals Fire, Ice, Lightning
    • Zigzagged: Noel is a descendant of humanoid creatures from the same world as the Gangler but he is neither Gangler or Human.

The monster who froze the Lupinrangers' loved ones is either Kogure or his employer
The Ice Hat monster specifically went on his murder spree to motivate people to become his pawns, stealing the Lupin Collection for him rather than dirtying his own hands.
  • Jossed: Zamigo is unaffiliated with Kogure or the Lupin Family.

The Gangler crossed the Godzilla Threshold a long time ago.
Takes a little Fridge Horror to understand but consider the following:
  • Sakuya is New Meat, implying he's someone's replacement.
  • The Keiichiro and Tsukasa, while experienced, are still young but are being trusted with powerful devices.
So with these facts in mind, we can come to the conclusion other G.S.P.O officers were killed in the line of duty against the Gangler, and the current team was the only option for the VS Changers.
  • It could simply that whoever is pulling their strings had a hard time finding GSPO members who were compatible with the VS Changers. After all the LupinRangers can't have been the only one's who lost loved one to the mysterious Gangler but were the ones selected to recover the pieces of the Lupin Collection

Yabun may be the Big Bad but he ain't the Final Boss
Yabun and the Gangler are so far utterly ignorant it seems of the Lupin collection's true destructive power. Even Hilltop knows more about the backstory of the collection than the villains. And considering Yabun's age and goals its clear that whomever the successor is will figure out the true power of the collection and will use that knowledge to take over as the boss of the Gangler becoming the true villain of the series.
  • Semi-Jossed: Dogranio is the Final Boss for the Patrangers due to his destructive rampage in the final episodes, while Zamigo is the Final Boss for the Lupinrangers.

Some Gangler will try to kill Zamigo for inadvertently creating the Lupinrangers
In a manner similar to how Joe Chill's goons killed him when he reveals he was the one who made Batman.
  • Jossed: No Gangler ever find this information out in the series.

Zamigo will be the the victim of the early Sentai villain demise.
Defeating Zamigo serves to thicken the plot with new perspectives on the Gangler, Kogure and themselves. Zamigo should not be the only player to freeze many people to their deaths.
  • Jossed, he's outlived the other two generals. Raimon Gaorufang of the Raimon Gang sub-faction is the closest to an "Early Sentai villain demise" - while he came in later and wasn't a general, he was the first of the five known Status Gold Ganglers to die.
  • Jossed Addendum: Zamigo representing the Lupinrangers Final Boss makes him the second to last major Gangler to die.

Zamigo created the Lupinrangers on purpose
Zamigo intended for a loved one of one of his victims to be recruited by Kogure so they would gather the Collection pieces together into the book so that he could steal it and use the powers of all the Collection pieces.
  • Jossed as episode 49 proves.

Since the Lupin Collection pieces generally represent past Super Sentai...
The final piece (most likely wielded by leader Dogranio Yaboon himself) will represent Gorenger.

  • Related to this, Zamigo has two pieces, one based on J.A.K.Q. and one on Battle Fever J, since (as of Number 45) these three are the only series to not yet have a Lupin Collection piece based on them.
  • Jossed: Dogranio Yaboon's safe contains a massive cache of various Lupin Collection Pieces and utilizes all of them when needed.

     Power Rangers Potential WMGs 

The series will be called...
  • Power Rangers Rivals
  • Power Rangers Rookies vs. Rebels
  • Power Rangers Shadows & Sentinels
    • The teams' full names will be the "Sky Shadows" and the "Solar Sentinels", tying into their light and dark motif.
  • Power Rangers Phantoms vs. Patrol
  • Power Rangers Heist
  • Power Rangers Hexagon
  • Power Rangers Order and Chaos
  • Power Rangers Phantom Shadows/Swift Justice
  • Anything that will utilize the V and S already in their logos.
    • For V: Vizards (meaning mask or disguise, sounds similar to Wizards; they might be adapted as magicians because of the top hat design on their helmets), Vulpines (relating to "fox" as opposed to Lupine that relates to "wolf"), Vampires (they might settle for this because of the capes), Vindicators, Vagabonds, Victors/Victory, Vigilantes, Vanishing, Valor, Voltage
    • For S: Sentinels, Savers, Securers, Special Police, Supercops, Slayers, Speed, Swift, Supreme, System, Surefire, Surgeprotectors, Serveprotectors, SWAT

This will NOT be adapted into a Power Rangers season
Because maybe Saban wouldn't like the "Hexagon"-style concept of this Super Sentai incarnationnote ; instead, they'd be better off retiring the Power Rangers franchise for good at the end of 2018.
  • Other reason to see Nickelodeon pass on this is because the execs will think cops and robbers equals violence, thieves make bad role models, and the Lupin homages (both the Maurice Leblanc and Monkey Punch incarnations) will go over the target audiences heads.
    • Super Megaforce had the team have the pirate theme but ignored it. They could just ignore the thief element altogether.
  • There's also the fact that after Megaforce, Saban has skipped all even numbered Sentai, meaning once the Kyuranger adaptation finishes, they're probably going to skip straight to 43.
  • Hexagon wasn't rejected because Saban hated the idea, but because it was too ambitious, including many rangers outside of the ones from the Sentai.
  • Yeah, they'll definitely cancel their Cash Cow Franchise purely because a Super Sentai season is vaguely reminiscent of a pitch for one season from years ago that didn't get used.
    • Methinks the "They'd be better off retiring the franchise" bit comes from how badly Ninja Steel has been doing in ratings as opposed to the concept being used before. Although it's a bit too early to tell, since while 2018 is when the contract expires, given how much money Saban paid to get the rights back, it's more likely that Saban will decide to take it to another network as opposed to cancel the franchise outright (assuming that they don't just renew with Nickelodeon yet again). Hopefully the network they take it to won't have Nickelodeon's limit on the number of episodes per season. Really, the only way that Power Rangers would end for sure would be if Toei stopped making Sentai series, which isn't going to happen anytime soon.
      • The contract has since been extended to 2021 so it being canceled is jossed unless something unforeseen happens
  • While it's bad wishful thinking, the reason this season may not be adapted into Power Rangers may be due to the lack of gimmick collectibles. The Neo Saban era has been focusing on collectibles so far, like the Samurai discs, Megaforce cards, ranger keys, dino chargers, and ninja stars. Unless the next season has even less collectibles, this season may not be imported across the ocean.
    • The announcement of Beast Morphers, a Go-Busters adaptation with no collective gimmicks, has pretty much shot down this theory, although this theory was made before the announcement.

Alternately, this will be adapted into "Hexagon"
Just wishful thinking, but this could be what a Hexagon adaptation needs, which is a sentai season that primarily focuses on 2 ranger teams fighting each other in the Japanese footage.

The Lupinrangers will be not be thieves
Instead they'll be magic vigilantes, and the series will be about ranger teams from rival ranger schools: a tech-based lawkeeping school and a magic-based vigilante school.
  • Alternatively, the Lupinrangers will still be space/sky pirates.
    • Phantom/Gentlemen thieves aren't very prominent in Western media (though Sly Cooper and the more recent Persona 5 have helped), whereas pirates are. Heroic pirates being portrayed as adventurous, free-spirited, Lovable Rogues would also help with the criminal element.

The series will be a prequel to Power Rangers S.P.D..
Power Rangers S.P.D. takes place in a future where aliens and humans coexist peacefully in the year 2025. The adaptation of Lupinranger VS Patranger will depict the events leading up to it.
  • In the not-so-distant future, aliens from countless worlds will come to Earth seeking refuge from the countless galactic conquerors and tyrants in the universe. Having dealt with invasions for over twenty years, humanity's reaction to these interstellar refugees is mixed and many are subject to discrimination.
  • A number of the refugees are criminals looking to set up their own power base on Earth and use the humans' prejudice to recruit new underlings.
  • The Patrangers counterparts were formed to maintain order as more alien refugees come to Earth. While they truly wish to protect people, their ability to do so is restricted by the law, widespread anti-alien sentiment, and the high rate of crime and corruption that's infested their own organization. The group seeks to change the system from within, so Earth can be a beacon for all species'.
  • The Lupinrangers counterparts are a group of Robin Hood vigilantes who battle the different criminal gangs and corrupt officers. But while their intentions are good, they're disorganized, reckless, and distrustful of the authorities and government, which often leads to clashes. The group seeks to take down the corruption and start a new system, where all races under the starry skies are treated fairly.

Patranger will be re-written as Power Rangers S.P.D. Version 2
Patren #1, #2 and #3 will be rewritten as the Red, Green and Pink rangers numbered 1, 3 and 5 instead, when they are low on manpower, and not helping that Green and Pink both still got a long way to go before they rank up to higher colors.

Two of the Rangers will be a couple however they'll be on opposite teams
And neither will know the other's identity.

Possible names and/or civilian identities for the rangers
  • Lupin Red:
    • Maurice, as a reference to Maurice Leblanc, the creator of Arsène Lupin. He's a literature buff who emulates his literary (anti)heroes as a Ranger and lives with his parents who run a French restaurant.
    • Robin, as in robbing
      • Or also as in Robin Hood.
    • Russell
    • Hartley
    • Carmen in the rare case they get gender flipped
      • Cartman if not.
  • Lupin Blue:
    • Kaz, as a reference to Kazuhiko Kato AKA Monkey Punch, the creator of Lupin III. If the character is written as being of Japanese descent, "Kaz" could be a nickname for Kazuhiko or Kazu. He's a professional acrobat who longs to use his talents for something more.
    • Gil, as in Gilbert Whitehand, one of Robin Hood's Merry Men.
    • Orlando
    • Alder
  • Lupin Yellow:
    • Lou, shortened from Louise, because it sounds like the beginning of Lupin. She's a orphan who lived on the streets of the big city, stealing to survive before being taken in by the mentor of the team.
    • Alana, as in Alan-a-Dale, another of Robin Hood's Merry Men. Since Alan-a-Dale was a minstrel, Alana will be a jack-of-all-trades performer.
    • Tara
    • Bridget
  • Patren 1 (red):
  • Patren 2 (green):
    • Buzz, which rhymes with "fuzz", which is a slang term for the police. He's also Irish, as an homage to older Irish Cop characters. He's a naive young go-getter who wants to be a policeman for purely altruistic reasons.
    • Alonso, as a Shout-Out to Training Day protagonist Alonzo Harris.
    • Odhran
    • Aidan
  • Patren 3 (pink):
    • Anne, as a reference to Anne Lewis in RoboCop. She's a tech junkie who works at a computer store and is the most enthusiastic about the tech and devices in the show. Despite this, she's the sane man, or sane woman in this case, who is the most competent and practical of her team, understanding who the real threats are and taking them more seriously than the other team.
    • Nikki or Angela, as a Shout-Out to Hot Fuzz protagonist Nick Angel. She'll be from England.
    • Patience
    • Willa
  • Lupin/Patren X (gold/silver):
    • Noel (a holdover from the source material, still a sensible name)
    • Ashraf (after Ashraf Marwan, an Egyptian Double Agent who worked for the Mossad)
    • The following agents under the British Security Service's Double-Cross System during World War II:
      • Roman (Czerniawski)
      • Eddie (Chapman)
      • Walter (Dicketts)
      • Roger (Grosjean)
      • Arthur (Owens)
      • John Herbert Neal (Moe)
      • Tor (Glad)
      • Juan (Pujol García)
    • Xavier
    • Eugene or Vidocq (Eugène François Vidocq was a thief who became the father of modern criminology and the French police department)

The PR versions of the Lupinrangers will have names spelling out R.O.B while the Patrangers will spell out C.O.P

The PR versions of the Lupinrangers and Patrarangers will have names that are an acronym for "Hat" and "Law"

Dogranio Yabun's counterpart will be voiced as a Don Corleone impression
  • They won't be able to resist it.

The Noel equivalent will be a Gender Bender
And it wouldn't be clear which one is their true form or they're in a situation similar to Birdy the Mighty. Both gender has access to the gold and silver forms.

Another contrast between the Thief and Police teams are how externally diverse they are.
Team Thief will be whites only, while Team Police will be more politically correct (as allowed), complete with having a female red leading the team.

    Potential Crossovers 
Instead of having a crossover with Kyuranger, there will be a V-cinema focusing on Patren 3 vs Lupin Yellow.
Patren 3 will be backed by past pink rangers, while Lupin Yellow will be backed by past females that are not pink.

They'll have a team up with the Dekarangers and Gokaigers with the teams split on who they support.
Though it makes sense to have the Dekarangers suppor the Patrangers (both are police sentai) and the Gokaiger support the Lupinrangers (both are anti-hero sentai who fight for their dreams).

A Lupin Collection based on an item from Kyuranger will appear during the Kyuranger crossover.
For a bonus, it will happened to be a Kyutama in itself, allowing the Kyurangers to make use of it.

A crossover with Kyuranger will happen before Kyuranger vs. Space Squad's release.
For promotion purposes.

He challenges both sides to steal new VS Machines that he snagged first.

Kamen Rider Ghost will appear.
And he gains new abilities from Eyecons based on Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, and Arsene Lupin himself.
KAIGAN! Holmes! His intelligence is scary! And yet, elementary!
KAIGAN! Tarzan! King of the Great Apes! Aaaaaaa-AAAAAAAAAAA!!
KAIGAN! Lupin! Your wealth, heart and fate, there's nothing he cannot take!
  • The twist: All of them are fictional characters and should not exist - they're being generated by a child's wish that unknowingly siphons the Rainbow Line's energy to create the out-of-control Scheherazade Eyecon.
    KAIGAN! Sceherazade! Imagination is set alight for a thousand and one nights!
    • I get Sherlock and Lupin, but why Tarzan? That one would've been better saved for the crossover Ghost had with Zyuohger.

Both teams will team up with a different Kamen Rider
Specifically, the Lupinrangers will team up with a Kamen Rider that's a thief (DiEnd, Lupin), and the Patrangers will team up with a Kamen Rider that's a police officer (G3-X, Accel, Drive or Mach). Both crossovers will happen at the same time, but will be at different locations, to excuse them not fighting. On top of that:
  • "Lupinranger vs DiEnd or Lupin" will have the rider steal one of the Lupin collection, and the Lupinrangers either have to fight him to get him to hand it over, or have to help him with another heist.
  • "Patranger vs (Insert name of whichever rider they team up with here)" will have the Patrangers deal with one of the MOTWs from the rider's series that's allied itself with the Gangler (or if it's G3-X, it will have characteristics similar to one of the Lords), thus explaining why the Lupins aren't interested in said monster (as it doesn't have a piece of the Lupin collection), with the rider being the senpai and the Pats being the Kouhai.
    • Jossed. No more Taisen movies.

The Kyurangers will split up again to side with either Lupinranger or Patranger.
Shishi Red' team will team up with one team, while Houhou Soldier will side with the other.

Related to the above
Potential Team Composition:
  • Shishi Red's team: They'd be more likely to side with the Patrangers, since Lucky is a lot more idealistic and he's already helped cops before.
    • Okami Blue, because loyalty is his thing.
    • Oushi Black
    • Washi Pink
    • Kajiki Yellow
    • Ryu Commander

  • Houou Soldier's team: They'd team up with the Lupinrangers, because they're anti-heroes, and so was Tsurugi, at first.
    • Sasori Orange, who was also an anti-hero at first.
    • Tenbin Gold and Hebitsukai Silver, because they were thieves before becoming Kyurangers.
    • Chameleon Green, because she's a ninja.
    • Koguma Skyblue, mainly because he'd be more likely to follow Stinger.

Will probably team-up with Space Sheriff Gavan in the Space Squad Series
Seems likely, considering both Dekaranger and Kyuranger both have had V-Cinema crossovers with Space Sheriff Gavan.

Predictions for how the teams will interact in the crossover
We've got confirmation that it's happening, so why don't we speculate on what will happen?
  • Commander Hilltop and Shou become good friends, hitting it off over both being Da Chief of their respective team
  • The Lupins mistake the Kyutama for pieces of the Lupin Collection, much to the irritation of the Kyurangers.
    • Specifically, they look at Lucky's Saiko Kyutama and think of it suspiciously as Meteorite Fall.
  • Lucky will end up spending the most time with the Patrangers, much to Keiichiro's irritation.
  • Balance and Naga attempt to steal some of the Lupin Collection.
  • There will be interaction between same rangers of colors, but opposite genders (Chameleon Green with Patren 2gou, Kajiki Yellow with Lupin Yellow).
    • The latter will make Patren 2gou jealous.

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