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In General

  • On their own, the Lupinrangers and the Patrangers are just as effective as any Sentai team before them, with or without Noel. But if a Gangler manages to force the thieves and the policemen to unite, you'll be certain that Gangler will not make it out alive.
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  • This is the second Sentai series written by Komura Junko, who previously wrote Zyuohger. Despite it being her second time, the story was a huge improvement in contrast with the first series, which was an anniversary series and have a lot of potential than anyone would expect. Unfortunately, it is not possible for being Merchandise-Driven.


     #1: The Thieves Everyone's Talking About 
  • While it would be both extremely easy and appropriate to just say "The entire episode", let's run through all of the truly spectacular debut of our showy thieves.
    • First, the Gangler have to be mentioned for just how cold and ruthless they are. The first one that goes down? He was running an illicit casino, and after cheating using his Collection Piece, harvesting the organs of those that lost all their money. That is what our two teams will be dealing with, this season. We. Repeat. That was just the first guy!
    • The Lupin, not to be outdone, move around with some of the most acrobatic moves seen from untransformed Sentai. Their movements are precise, their attacks vicious, and their fighting style as flashy as you'd expect.
    • The cinematography is also on point, using both close and wide shots, zooms and rotations, and even tricks of perspective to illustrate how agile the Lupin are, and how efficient their fights are. The music is also phenomenal, being a jazzy number that not only perfectly fits the team's antics but is also quite catchy in its own right.
    • The transformation sequence is JUST AWESOME, blending a simple change with style, from how the civilian gear perfectly transitions to the actual Lupinranger suits, to how their calling cards form their unique team emblem, complete with the smallest smirk from each as their helmets form. They know they're about to wreck the poor bastard they're fighting, you know they're about to wreck him, and the only question is how cool it's going to look.
    • And lest you think that we've left out our intrepid officers, they spend the entire episode fully resolved to fight the Gangler, powers be damned. That's partially why their own transformation at the end of the episode is so great.
    • Hell, even the butler Kogure gets a nod. Not just because of how he safeguards each item, not just because he's the one that gives the team their assignments, complete with a photo and entire background on the target somehow...but mainly because he's so aloof and mysterious the entire time. You just know that he's keeping secrets, and you want to know what they are.

     #2: The Global Police in Pursuit 
  • While the Lupinrangers had the spotlight for the first episode, the Patrangers proved themselves to be just as awesome and stylish as their rivals in the second.
    • It would be a bit of a cop out, heh, to say the entirety of the fight between the two teams smaller robots, but special mention goes to when Patren Ichigo changes his vehicle to its attack mode to catch up to LupinRed. With the help of his team mates, he managed to launch himself into the air and nearly got onto a wing of LupinRed's vehicle.
      • Keep in mind, this is the Patrangers first time transforming and using their mechs and yet, they still held their ground against the far more experienced Lupinrangers and even surprised them a few times.
    • The Patrangers Transformation Sequence. Like the Lupinrangers own awesome transformation, the Patrangers' transformation have their suits appear as if they're putting on their police uniforms. They do their roll call and give a salute, perfectly evoking the image of the authority and power police officers wield while upholding the law.
    • Patren Ugo. Using Goodie Striker, the three Patrangers fuse together into one powerful warrior and fire an explosive finisher that absolutely destroys Garatto Naago, leaving very little left of his body for Guche to restore.
  • And what about LupinKaiser's debut fight? It's a wonderful piece of CGI work, with the Kaiser all over the place, never staying still until it's time to fire off the finisher - courtesy of a giant holographic VS Changer.

     #3: We Will Get Them Back! 
  • The Lupinrangers know the Gangler is setting them up for a trap but they need to get his piece of the Lupin Collection. How do they get out of this? Why, by tipping off the Patrangers and getting them to fall for the trap instead, of course!
    • Sakuya, after he and the other Patrangers are glued to their surroundings by the Gangler's trap, pulls off some impressive marksmanship to free him and his teammates, effectively making up for his past mistake of almost losing his VS Changer.
  • A shower of spears fall down around LupinBlue. He grabs one of the spears and uses it to deflect the rest into nearby Pordermen.
  • The debut of Pat Kaiser. It's like the second coming of the Dekaranger Robo, jumping and rolling around the city while shooting at the Gangler. It may not be as fast or flashy as Lupin Kaiser but the Pat Kaiser is still a force to be reckoned with.

     #4: The Unforgivable Relationship 
  • Returning the favour to Lupin Yellow for revealing information about the MOTW's modus operandi, Tsukasa kicks the monster towards the former, giving her enough time to retrieve its Lupin Collection. Also doubles as a funny moment when Keiichiro questions her about this, as Tsukasa simply says the following:
    Tsukasa: Sorry. My hand... no.... my leg slipped.
  • A small thing, but for anyone who has spent any amount of time in heels as high as the ones in Umika's heist outfit, her booking it up a forest path without the slightest sign of difficulty is pretty impressive.

     #5: Targeted, The International Police 
  • As the first fight between the Reds, it surely did not disappoint. A lot of stunt choreography and epic camera-work shows how seriously invested these opposing sides are.
  • The fight between Cyclone Dial Fighter and Trigger Machine Biker is started by an epic chase at sunset, and features some impressive acrobatic movement.
  • You also get to hear Pat Kaiser echoing sirens in the night, loud enough to catch Golam's attention, something that Dekaranger do have.

     #6: What To Protect 
  • During his battle with the monster and Lupin Red, Keiichiro fights back evenly. And when the MOTW fire energy sickles at the two reds, Lupin dodges, but Keiichiro tanks both of them without breaking his transformation even as he collides into a bridge structure. When the bridge starts to crumble, Keiichiro stands firm and blocks the falling pieces with his arms, not out of pride, but to save a mother and daughter. Even when his anger blinds him, Keiichiro still commits him to the job of a police: to protect and serve.
    • He holds that piece for several seconds, by himself, before Sakuya rushes to help, and Tsukasa runs to get the civilians to safety. Once again, this impresses Kairi. Goodie too, as it's afterward that he steals Biker from Red and tosses it to Ichigo.
      • Sharp eyed viewers noticed that during their fight Keiichiro noticeably tenses up when he's looking at the area the civilians are hiding.
  • Patren Ichigo is unable to use Good Striker because the Lupinrangers are ticked off with him after he swiped and gave Trigger Machine Biker to the Patrangers from Lupin Red. So Ichigo does a Keisatsu Boost instead with Biker to One-Hit KO the monster.
    • Lupin Red and Blue instantly realize that Ichigo will destroy the Gangler and rush to barely get the Collection piece before narrowly avoiding the Bike finisher. Then the bike blast drives into it at high speeds before expanding and shredding the MOTW into pieces.
      • Better? They just missed getting hit themselves. Red's cape is shredded by the blast, a fact that along with Ichigo's heroics convinces Kairi to leave the Biker in police hands, at least at the moment.

     #7: Always Saved 
  • Umika's plan to lure Mergout and free the people inviting Sakuya to the restaurant and then having the Patrangers show up afterwards. She eventually manages to crack the safe inside him and get the treasure, eventually releasing the people inside. Also a Heartwarming Moment given that Umika feels for the first time that she managed to save someone instead of being saved many times.
    • Even more awesome is that she does all of this literally on her own, since Mergout took Touma and Kairi.
  • Tsukasa manages to discover, or at least accurately guess, the identities of the Lupinrangers, just by simply looking at them in their civilian attires and remembering their appearance (such as height, face shape, and hairstyle) being the same from the unmorphed thieves! Well that and Kairi's teasing of Umika, which he does twice. Tsukasa clearly pays attention.

     #8: The Phantom Thieves' Identities 
  • How the Lupinrangers trick the Patrangers. Using Good Striker, Kairi duplicates himself and has two of his copies disguise themselves as Lupin Blue and Yellow to spring the Police trap while Touma and Umika stay in the Bistro. To further enhance the illusion, Kogure disguises himself has Kairi.
  • It's Gauche's first time in combat and they do not disappoint. While the battle is short, Lupin Red tries to take cover behind a thick, industrial concrete support beam, however Gauche is so powerful her shots go right through it as if it wasn't there. She's giggling through the whole fight too, indicating that she's nowhere near serious.

     #9: To See Them Again 
  • The elevator fight scene. Complete with ducking civilian inside!
  • Kairi finishes the giant Goram on his own, using just 1 (technically 2) Dial Fighter.

     #10: It's Not Over Yet 
  • Zamigo showing off his skills. Kairi tried to shoot him only for him to retaliate even faster and froze Kairi's hat. The following duel between the two is very intense, and the reason Kairi survived is merely because Zamigo found him interesting. Kairi tried his best but only managed to destroy one of Zamigo's collar tentacles, which regrew soon after.
    • The way Zamigo fires his weapon, a gun that spawns out of his safes located on his thighs, looks like how old style western cowboys would simply shoot after quickly drawing out their gun. In addition, since every gun only shoots once and he has an infinitely spawning supply, he disposes them like Reaper and just tosses empty ones aside.

     #11: I Will Continue Shooting 
  • Sakuya, despite his inexperience, actually saved the day by deducing that Pitch Cock isn't the director, but the cameraman. He pretty much prevented both Patrangers and Lupinrangers from one mistake that they wouldn't be able to live down when committed: Killing an innocent person. This is coming from the most junior of the Patrangers.

     #12: The Magic Bracelet 
  • Lupin Red destroyed Jenko Copamino and all the mooks in a single hit using the blade boomerang from Blade Dial Fighter.
  • A really clever plan by Touma, by sending the calling card to the boy, he will panic and check on the collection piece, obviously tailing him to uncover the location. From then on Touma was doing a morality test on him and to see if he does have the motivation.

     #13: Best and Worst Holiday 
  • This episode clearly shows that yes, a Patranger and a Lupinranger are even more awesome when they cooperate together.
    • For starters, the Monster of the Week, Naiyo Kapaja proves how dangerous and effective the Gangler could be. The otter-and-ninja themed villain creates an invisible barrier so strong that both teams (inadvertently) had to unite their powers to break her barrier, and forced Patren Sangou and Lupin Yellow on the defensive in the haunted house.
    • Patren #3gou and Lupin Yellow get chained up and Kapaja manages to knock them out in just a few slashes and kicks. They fight in tandem and use the chains to knock her off her feet and trap her in a locked room for a while.
    • In round 2, the ladies successfully trick Kapaja into slashing away their chains, leading into a choreographed fight, which unfortunately ends with Lupin Yellow using the Patranger as a shield. But in a Bait-and-Switch, Kapaja gets shot down by Tsukasa as Umika steals her Lupin Collection piece and it's revealed she gave the cop her mask to block the attack.
    • Then Lupin Red shows up and one shots her with the Scissors and Blade Dial Fighter.
    • And in the Kaitou Gattai Lupin Kaiser Knight formation, they propel Kapaja in the air and destroy her with a rising Good Striker: Hack em' Slash

     #14: The Trap Is Set 
  • If anyone's saying that Lupinrangers kept upstaging the Patrangers, they clearly haven't seen this episode.
    • Keiichirou got stabbed by three poisonous darts while in the middle of digging underground. He might not have enough time to make it back to the surface. That being the case, he chose to dig deeper just to make sure the kindergarten's field trip can go on safely, and he does all those while not being transformed and operating the drill untransformed and poisoned. We'll be back on this later.
    • On the surface, it's just Sakuya and Tsukasa against two Ganglers. The Phantom Thieves already got the Lupin Collection, so they really wouldn't bother them. They proceed to eventually beat the crap out of the two Ganglers anyway, and eventually having Patren #2gou single-handedly deliver the finishing blow. Yep, it's not #1gou this time, but #2gou!
    • And do keep in mind, this battle happens in the presence of the Ganglar's boss and his generals. Even though the higher-ups of the enemy only watch, just their presence only is more than intimidating for anyone before they even take actions. Sakuya and Tsukasa were able to remain collected and fight with all their might under these circumstances.
    • This continued with a CMOA of Dogranio. With one Badass Fingersnap, he made an explosion that was so massive that it hurts the surviving monster but also heavily wounded Tsukasa and Sakuya, while making his exit, basically saying to the monster that if they managed to drag him to watch something, it better be worth it, his time is expensive and he's the Gangler leader for a reason. Worse of all, we don't know if that's the power of his Collection Piece or his own power. It was revealed by episode 48 that was just only his own power. Dogranio himself, despite having one safe can put hundreds of collections within and used them all simultaneously. The worst part of all, he had an unbreakable chains around his safe which not even he himself can cut them. The only time his safe was vulnerable was when he opened it himself.
    • Eventually, the dead MOTW got enlarged and just ready to stomp both Sakuya and Tsukasa... only for Keiichirou, still untransformed, to bust out of the ground, now the drill has been combined into a Crane that he found underground, and without forming the PatKaiser, proceeds to single-handedly DESTROY that monster's giant form. He pulled all those while poisoned and fueled with sheer determination!
    • If you're reading all those... just keep this in mind: This is all just done by the Patrangers. No Lupinrangers, no Good Striker, no Giant Robots, it's just the police majorly kicking ass.
  • A rather smart move by the MOTW, he has the trap set against the Patrangers with a lot of planning. However, the Lupinrangers got the drop on him early, and with how much advantage the Lupinrangers have and a limited time frame, instead of trying to keep fighting the Lupinrangers, he abandons his Collection Piece. He knows they are only after his Piece and won't bother with him if he doesn't have it.

     #15: The Work of The Police Officer 
  • You thought that Keiichiro's critical stage in his poisoning means he'll be left on the sidelines, right? WRONG! He actually manages to get up the moment the nurses mention Sakuya and Tsukasa going out against Aves in spite of their injuries and even if he feels a bit numb in trying to walk, He'll still do anything to accomplish the mission with his teammates poison or not. And even Goodie feels impressed for his resilience. Ladies and gentlemen, the police officer of the century!
  • Sakuya and Tsukasa's actions aren't to be overlooked either, as the moment above shows that even if they still have one week left until fully healed, that won't stop them to stop the Gangler from their terror.
  • After failing due to the previous episode, this Monster of the Week, Aves, gets one namely for successfully pulling a deadly trap on Lupin Red, by putting poison darts within his safe, which fired the moment his Treasure was grabbed. Up until now, the Lupinrangers seems to be almost always ahead of both the Patrangers and the Ganglers. This time, it's the Gangler, someone who disappointed Dogranio before, that pulled a fatal one on the Lupinranger.
  • A big one character-wise, but when it was obvious that the officers were too hurt to pursue the Gangler, Kairi and Umika, who had visited the Patrangers, go straight after Aves. When the Patrangers show up to take care of him, the new collection piece had already been taken by then, so they end up playing support to the cops, Lupin Yellow using the boomerang blade to disable him while Patren Ugo goes for the finishing blow.

     #16: Because You Are A Friend 
  • While this is the typical monster switch episode, this obviously takes the twist in that it happens to the Lupinrangers, the trio who promised that, if necessary, they would sacrifice the other if that would mean the survivors finish the job. That being said, Kairi challenges the monster that stole Touma's body to a duel under the promise that if he won, the Lupinrangers would surrender the collection piece that they took out of the monster's safe. When Kairi corners him, he aims his VS Changer at his heart and shoots, the monster switching literally the moment before shooting. Fortunately Touma is still alive as Kairi took a gamble, shot a non-vital part of Touma's body and cushioned the blow with his hand. It goes to show why the Lupinrangers won't go down so easily.
  • The Lupins' finishing move is all of the them at once; Red splitting into 3 with Goodie and thus wielding the Vs Changer with him installed, and the Lupin Sword in Gun and Claw modes, Blue wielding Scissors and Blade and Yellow wielding Cyclone, all of their attacks combining into one. They are so pissed they unanimously agree There Is No Kill Like Overkill. Likewise, once forming into Lupin Kaiser, they again combine things, using Blade and Cyclone together to create Lupin Kaiser Cyclone Knight. This lets them attack with Cyclone while wielding Blade's Shield which can fire off Scissors as a projectile.

     #17: Hidden Feelings 
  • Umika once again saved the day on her own - if it wasn't because of her figuring out a way to snap Keiichiro out of the dream spell, things might have gone differently.
  • Special mention has to go to Keiichiro picking up on the fact that Umika was in the dream world when there was no indication that she had been trapped in the dream world....but Lupin Yellow was.

     #18: The Secret of The Collection 
  • Lupin Red fought against the cops inside the robot and still managed to control it to fight against the giant Gangler, and opened the giant safes. He even managed to kicks the cops out once it was done.
    • The fight itself was cleverly done as well. This pretty much puts the cockpit invasion scene that some Sentai will use and spins it as they are technically still fighting the monster while warding off each team's their counterparts.
  • Special mention goes to the Patrangers who cooked up a plan to take Goodie from the Lupinrangers by using the duel as bait for them. In other words, they robbed the robbers.

     #19: Compensation for Disobeying Orders 
  • Keiichiro and Tsukasa managed to jump out from an almost exploding car, just moments before it happen. And then they proceed to keep avoiding the cutting hits anyway, despite being unable to see the Gangler or noticed the glowing Gangler Safe.
  • Sakuya's awesome resolve, to keep fighting even if it means he's getting fired if he messes up.
  • How did Sakuya figure out where's the giant Gangler hides? By using Biker's yo-yo attack to cover the entire perimeter of the area, meaning he would eventually hits the Gangler.

     #20: The New Thief is an Officer 
  • It's a Sixth Ranger debut. Of course it's going to have some awesome moments.
  • LupinX gets a great first showing against the Gangler as he not only manages to steal both his collection pieces, one in their first fight and the other in their second, but he also singlehandedly finishes it off with his finisher the "Superior X".
  • PatrenX doesn't get overlooked either. With his impressive agility, he managed to takedown the Pordermen with ease.

     #21: Foe or Friend, On Board or Not 
  • The fight with the Gangler this episode is proof of how effective the two teams would be if they could work together. They manage to steal the collection piece and take the Gangler down with ease and speed.
  • The fight with Noel against the Lupinrangers is a pretty good sight to see as it is one of the first fights explicitly meant to acquire a collection piece. Any attempts by Lupin X to retrieve the collection piece were foiled by passing it to another Lupinranger (think of the break in during the opening), that is until he changed to Patren X showing his superior agility and successfully takes the collection piece for himself. This turns out to be a trick by Noel and the Lupinrangers to convince them that he is on the Patranger's side, but it was still impressive by both sides.

     #22: Love in Life 
  • Lupin Red, Blue, and X performs a five-man finisher that is made more awesome by the night city CGI background.
  • The debut of the X Emperor certainly did not disappoint. Extra points for dealing with one of Destra's monsters along with the Gangler.
    • The X Emperor Gunner, the Gold Patranger half, just mows down Destra's monster.
    • The X Emperor Slash, the Silver Lupinranger half, slashes alongside a set of trains to break through the Gangler's defense.
    • And how does the X Emperor switch modes? By simply cartwheeling to the other side, giving some great evasion moments.

     #23: Status: Gold 
  • We finally get to see a Status: Gold Gangler in action and it's a lot more than just the color of his safe. When attempting to crack it open, Lupin Blue's Dial Fighter gets an error message and they are unable to open it.
  • Touma's cooking in this episode deserves a mention, as it is just as awesome as the fighting scenes. You really can believe he is a pro chef.
  • Similarly, it is revealed that Noel can fix a broken Collection in a short time by simply using his phone (which apparently has futuristic tech built in), and his changer.
  • The X-Emperor fighting with the Lupin Kaiser. In particular one manuver where the X-Emperor cartwheels, not to form the other side, but to hand off Thunder and Fire to the Lupin Kaiser to catch the Gangler off guard.

     #24: A Promise to Return Alive 
  • Kairi knows the lucky charm is dangerous, but in order to defeat Giwi he grabbed it from Tsukasa's hand and used it anyway. This gives Touma a chance to grab the piece of the Lupin Collection while Kairi keeps firing to stun Giwi, even as the charm turns him into a plant.
  • After Lupin Kaiser tag teams with X-Emperor in the previous episode, now it's time for Pat Kaiser to do the same. Much like the Lupins last episode, the Patarangers are no slouches when it comes to tag-teaming with Noel.
  • Lymon appearing out of nowhere at the tail end of the episode by growing even bigger than Pat Kaiser and X-Emperor without help and immediately overwhelmed both mecha in seconds after more than 20 monsters and giant mooks all being unable to do as much damage to even a single Kaiser. There's a reason Lymon is so cocky about his chances to become Dogranio Yabun's successor.

     #25: I Will Make You Stronger Than Ever 
  • Lymon is so powerful that the Patrangers, Lupinrangers and Lupin/Patren X have to fight together so they can take his collection piece.
    • To clarify, the power of Lymon's collection piece is instantaneous regeneration. The Patrangers attempted to destroy him with a Biker Suppression Shot, but his body just healed the damage in under five seconds. Tsukasa realized that they don't stand any chance with his collection piece, thus the Patrangers reluctantly assisted the Lupinrangers in restraining Lymon to retrieve his collection piece.
    • As for the Lupinranger side of things, Lupin X attempted to read the safe using his own safecracker, only to get the same error as Lupin Blue and was pummeled for his efforts. Fortunately, not only was his safecracker still functioning, he was able to decipher that the gold safes are 6 digits long, as the Dial Fighters only read 3 at a time, they find out they need two Dial Fighters to open the safe.
  • The debut fight of Good Cool Kaiser VSX. Goodie combines all the current available Vehicles into one extremely powerful robot. The entire fight scene between it and Lymon is awesomely choreographed and shot (in live-action sequences and impressive CGI no less), with the camera spinning around following the combatants as they beat each other. All to a rousing orchestral version of Lupinranger vs. Patranger.
    • Special mention goes to the fact the thing has four arms. All of which are fully functional and capable of laying a beat down.
      • "Good Cool Kaiser: Vehicle Rush Strike!" features the giant robot unleashing its component VS Vehicles on the enemy in a most colorful and spectacular finisher.

     #26: The Hidden Auction 
  • Noel does an impressive backflip as he comes towards the auction master to ask for another auction.
  • As a nice reminder of his dual position in the show, Noel uses his connections with the GSPO to help find the underground auctioneers as well as setting up the Gangler. What's important is that the auctioneers only see Noel as a phantom thief; when they escape, they are immediately caught by the GSPO, who he had tipped off to.

     #27: Dancing Command 
  • Apparently, the Kaiser can also be motion-controlled!
  • Despite everything that happened and how annoyed Touma was with Sakuya, in the end, Touma still respected Sakuya, as he referred to Sakuya as a "senpai" one final time after the Gangler is destroyed.
  • The evil plan the Gangler has is a lot more Awesome by Analysis in it that one would think. On the surface you would think the plan is just to scam people out of money by forcing them to pay expensive fees for martial arts lessons. But the phone call he gets suggests otherwise. In actuality, the plan was to destroy the Patrangers using Sakuya and his collection piece to force Sakuya to bring the bomb to base. It just so happens that Touma was there to prevent it from happening.

     #28: Fighting on my Birthday 
  • Ryugu Tamatebacco, the Gangler on this episode, has a Lupin Collection that allows him to dive into land and walls. Lupin Red's brand new Magic Dial Fighter gave Lupin Red a bow and arrow that, true to the "Magic" name, shoots right through the wall anyway!

     #29: Photos to Remember 
  • If you thought being stricken with amnesia is going to keep Keiichiro out of action when people are in danger, you thought wrong. Even without any knowledge of his abilities or how to morph into Patren #1, he's still out of the door to fight as a good police officer the instant trouble rears its ugly head.
  • The debut of Trigger Machine Crane and Drill's Keisatsu Boost! Even the Lupins are taken aback by it!

     #30: Vacation for Two 
  • Sometimes you don't remember that the Patrangers are actually incredibly competent when they're facing Ganglers and the Lupins every episode. But Keiichiro proves he's an amazing badass by taking out an entire (regular human) gang by himself, untransformed, unarmed, and without a scratch. Keep in mind these guys have robbed many people already and are armed with lead pipes.
  • Once again, we have a fantastic fight between the Reds as Lupinred is trying to escape while Patren #1 is trying to retrieve the stolen Splash Trigger Machine. Eventually when he is forced to return due to a fire the Gangler started, he swallows his pride, knowing that Lupinred will not be so heartless as to let the city burn down, and lets him leave with the VS Vehicle in tow.
    • Unlike last time where Lupinred was able to outsmart Patren #1, it is Lupinred on the defensive the entire time as Patren #1 was able to pin him down and get a couple clean shots on him.
    • If by chance that this MOTW did not cause massive burning, Keiichirou might had gotten back Splash on his own.
  • Even though the Lupinrangers win all of their objectives in the episode, snaring two Collection pieces including a new VS Vehicle, the Patrangers are the ones left happy at the end because they did their job protecting the civilians, while Kairi is left absolutely miserable because he's just been reminded that he isn't half the man that Keiichiro and Kairi's brother are.

     #31: The Gangler Who Surrendered 
  • Tsukasa didn't dwell in despair after realizing the Gangler tricked her. She realized what she has to do as a police, and almost immediately spring into action, following Noel.
  • At the meta level, the final scene is something that couldn't be done without the AV technology catching up first - we've seen dozens of scenes of the Rangers at ground level cheering on the mecha battles, but never with both in frame together. This time they greenscreen the PatKaiser and giant Gangler into an outdoor shot with the Lupinrangers on a rooftop to make a better viewing angle, and with just enough Jitter Cam the whole thing looks like something out of Cloverfield.

     #32: A Challenge To A Duel 
  • Keiichiro and Noel finally throw down, and it's a spectacle of a fight from beginning to end.
    • At the end of the duel, Noel reclaims his X Changer and throws a Superior X at Keiichiro. What happens afterward isn't seen, other than the implication that Noel won until the end of the episode, where we see that Keiichiro broke the finisher and promptly got Noel in a position where he could have shot him in the head. Noel only won because Keiichiro deliberately lowered his gun to shoot Noel in his bullet-reflecting chestplate instead.
  • It's the second time that both full teams unite, this time to defeat Gauche's monstrous creation. This includes the return of the epic night city CGI background for the team finisher, and the second-ever use of Good Cool Kaiser VSX, and this time they take it up a notch further by using Crane, Biker, Cyclone, and Scissors.

     #33: We're the Kid Phantom Thieves 
  • The Lupins managed to formulate several plans very quickly about how they should retrieve the VS Changer. They first pretend they are lost children, with Kairi immediately pulling in Tsukasa the moment Touma's plan looks like it won't work, then they try to keep Tsukasa on the bay while Touma try to grab the VS Changer from Jim, then when that ALSO failed, they make an elaborate plan using Kairi's cuteness and Umika playing tag with Touma, ending with Kogure in disguise taking the VS Changer. All while completely fooling the Patrangers about their identity. They really are expert phantom thieves.
  • Kogure gets one as we see his skills as a Master of Disguise to full effect. While this was played very much for comedy, he was able to disguise himself as Kairi, grapple out of there after stealing the VS Changer (though he had trouble sticking the landing), then finally put on another disguise to resemble Tsukasa to pick up the kid thieves. And as a reminder, he only had the faintest idea of what to do, and he's most likely informed about the plan in such a short amount of time. Goes to show that despite his age, he still has skills befitting a member of the Lupin Family.

     #34: Legendary Gun 
  • Kairi's resolve, and the Lupin Magnum's power. Especially Lupin Magnum, being strong enough to destroy an enlarged MOTW, without transforming into its robot mode.

     #35: The Good, The Bad, and The Normal 
  • Lupin Magnum's robot mode debuted with an awesome mode AND an awesome theme song.
  • Kogure himself shows that he too has a job to aid the Lupinrangers in their mission by taking the initiative to find the Gangler. Not only was he in mortal danger due to the collection piece, he was also hurt in the process, just to give the Lupins their target's location.

     #36: Shoot The Bomb 
  • After half a year of the Lupinrangers using the Patrangers in their plans to get the collection pieces, Tsukasa manages to return the favor by using the Lupins to get a confession out of a Gangler, by manipulating Pecker into firing his "Slip Up Needles", then waltzes behind the Lupins and kicks Lupin Yellow's Scissor Blade shield into deflecting said needles to Pecker, and finally got him to slip her the location of the bomb.
    • What makes this entire sequence great is that Tsukasa did all of this by herself using nothing but her wits and skill. She even pulls a role reversal by interrupting the Lupinranger's finishers to get the bomb's location before they finish the Gangler off.
  • The debut of Lupin Magnum Superior by attaching the Blue and Yellow Dial Fighters onto the Lupin Magnum robot. Alongside the Pat Kaiser, they stick the bomb the Gangler tried to blow up the city with by putting it into his now empty safe (the Lupin Magnum is revealed to be able to open up safes), and the Pat Kaiser bats the Gangler to space with the Lupin Magnum shooting the safe to safely dispose of both the bomb and the Gangler.
    • With Lupin Magnum Superior's debut, this means the rangers can field a total of three mechas at the same time (With Lupinrangers fielding Lupin Magnum Superior, Patrangers in the Pat Kaiser, and Noel in the X Emperor).

     #37: Your Place to Return 
  • Keiichiro protected his teammates so that they can shoot Yadoga.
    • Even better when you considered that core Pats never had any super form due to the auxiliary mecha being used by Lupins, Keiichirou had a unique looking one with a luggage for camping behind his back.
  • In a repeat from episode #6, Keiichiro starts shooting Biker Suppression Shot towards the Gangler, while a Lupin is rushing to get the Collection, and managed to do so just in time.

     #38: Collection from Outer Space 
  • Victory Striker, the largest VS Vehicle, makes its debut appearance looming over a satellite in outer space.
  • It turns out Victory Striker has a hangar for Siren Striker inside it. Lupin Red proceeds to use Siren Striker to turn the situation around.
  • We get two new arsenal in this episode, with the Lupinrangers getting Victory Striker, while Noel getting the Siren Striker.
  • Not only that, but when firing the Siren Striker at Noel, he becomes Super Lupin X, who manages to obliterate the giant monster.
  • The Patrangers manage to save Noel by stalemating with Destra at last the moment, shooting at him at point blank range with a Finishing Move, and the team transforming together to battle Dorangio's right hand man.

     #39: Bet on This 
  • Similar to the Siren Striker, Kairi uses Victory Striker to become Super Lupinred. And it's more than just the typical extra armor and firepower as it grants its user foresight to predict the enemy's movements.
  • Lupinred, after removing the collection piece soon runs into Zamigo and thus a two on one fight ensue as Lupinred expertly dodges both Gangler and taking accurate shots at them. Oh and this is before he becomes Super Lupinred.
  • Victory Lupin Kaiser Flight Mode appears to be extremely agile, to the point where it easily dodged all of Iselob's fried shrimp missiles.

     #41: Door to Another World 
  • Destra non-stop. At the start of the episode, he was summoned by Dogranio not because he's angry, on the contrary, he knows that if he wasn't his right hand man, he would have wiped out the competition from the word go. Thus Dogranio challenges Destra to do the one thing he knows he's capable of, prove that he is worthy to be his successor.
    • And from that moment he was able to defeat Tsukasa with no worries and send her (and Touma who was hanging around) to the Gangler World and knocking off Noel though he was still good, Keiichiro and Sakuya followed suit.
    • When it came time to fight the Lupinranger with Noel, not only was he still impressive against them, he was able to expoit a loophole against Super Lupinred's prediction with only his strength and power.
    • Oh and did we mention that Destra went in with NO COLLECTION PIECES EQUIPPED!
  • Right when Destra is about to make a crushing blow against Kairi, he was able to predict that he would be able to get out fine and stared right at his hammer. Not because he was able to dodge it, but because the Patrangers pulled a Big Damn Heroes moment and shot Destra from his blind side.
  • In addition to their Big Damn Heroes moment, the fact that the Patrangers are treated as the hard counter (like Showa Super Sentai) to Destra, despite not having any upgrades or a Super Mode, and putting up a more fair fight even with Noel only coming in for the finisher.

     #42: Time For The Decisive Match 
  • Keiichiro and Kairi's teamwork took center stage this episode. Despite being polar opposites, they were able to use the experience from their relationship to good effect in the final battle against Destra.
    • After Destra was able to knock all the rangers, minus Noel, out of their morphed forms and a glance between the two Reds, Kairi charges forward and uses the Lupin Magnum to propel himself through Destra's gravity barrier for a close range shot.
    • However due to another barrier, Kairi is caught in a stalemate and cannot break through. And this is where Keiichiro leaps in, takes advantage of Kairi's distraction to shot the two dial fighters Destra was holding and uses them to unlock Destra's safe holding the Siren Striker and eliminating the barrier for the attack to go through.
      • It cannot be expressed enough, but the role reversal that the reds come up with was brilliant. No words, no nothing, just the expectation that the other would fulfil their role. Kairi even knew that the blast from the Lupin Magnum wouldn't be enough to defeat Destra.
    • But wait there's more! Noel was able to jump in and grab the two dial fighters midair, as they were blown with Destra across the field, to open the other safe and retrieve the Victory Striker.
  • Even before the climactic fight, both teams are discussing their own strategy to take down Destra, but what the reds knew right off the bat is that their counterparts WILL be there, the Patrangers providing the distraction while the Lupinrangers remove the Collection Pieces from Destra, and both saying they will use the other to achieve their goals.
  • Finally, we have an all-out final attack with the Patrangers in their fused form, Noel in Super Lupin X, Kairi in Super Lupin Red, and the rest of the Lupinrangers. As awesome as that is, even that failed to bring Destra down! However, it does gets Destra desperate enough to call Gauche to enlarge him.
  • Destra deserves some credit here. Together with Gauche, he manages to snag both the Siren Striker and Victory Striker from Lupins X and Red, and destroyed part of the city to make his exit. He is Dogranio's right hand man for a reason.
  • Good Cool Kaiser VSX's second finisher. It enlarges the Lupin Magnum (in its gun mode) for the robot to use, loads it up with the eight auxiliary Dial Fighters and Trigger Machines and charges up to fire. Destra tries to attack the heroes with a big concealed belly cannon and more rockets but once the giant Lupin Magnum fires its amazing colorful laser, Destra is finally destroyed. All this is done in an impressive combination of live-action segments and CGI combined.

     #43: The Man Who Returned 
  • After far too many episodes of the Lupinrangers hogging the flashy finishers while the Patrangers generally make do with Patren Ugou, Sakuya's and Tsukasa's use of the Keisatsu Boosts from Trigger Machines Biker, Crane, and Drill make for a spectacular display of firepower.
  • Noel's really showing off his parkour ability in this episode.

     #44: The Truth Found 
  • You would think after last week's episode where Noel was wrongly accused to be a spy, it would be Noel who clear his name? Wrong. It was all three Patrangers who figured out the truth at almost the same time. The surprising bit comes from Keiichirou, whom we thought is a hot-blooded, serious cop, shows some good deduction skills (Despite him coming up with some ingenious plans on the fly) and nailed the final bit in confirming that Noel is not the spy.
    • Even though they had no definite proof of who the Satoru in front of them really was, it was more than enough for him revealed himself that he was a fake and take desperate measure in making the Patrangers killing each other. This is where Noel comes in and save them before lobbing a calling card at Satoru, forcing the latter to reveal himself as a Status Double Ganglar. In addition, his deduction was more centered around his knowledge of Lupin Collection instead to reveal the tricks behind the whole misunderstanding and accusation.
  • Siren Patkaiser. It just take Patkaiser's Stone Wall and Mighty Glacier attributes and dial it Up to Eleven. Not one of the Monster of the Week's attack even dented it. In fact it just stood at the same place right after its combination until the finishing move was landed, never even moved one step from the spot. It was right for Goodie to be so smug about this.

     #45: Looking Forward to Christmas 
  • While this was mostly a comedic episode, there was one really great moment for Keiichiro following the previous episode's moment of deduction. Following up from the previous episode, they look into an investigation involving the Gangler disguises, a sample tested positive for the disguise and individuals who went missing, specifically the missing person's incident from February, the same one that saw Zamigo flash freeze a massive group of people especially the Lupinranger's loved ones, which we now know sends its victims wherever he wants. Before suspending the investigation to party with the others, he sees one name that piques his interest, Shouri Yano, Kairi's brother. After remembering their investigation on the Juror staff, as well as the few clues about the Lupinranger, he starts putting two and two together. Goes to show that when he's not letting his emotions run, he's is one of best cops out there.

     #46: An Inescapable Game 
  • During these last couple episodes, Keiichiro's investigative skills have been paramount to their cause, this episode is no different. After last episode's revelation, he went further into the investigation and found two more individuals that went missing, Aya and Shiho, and then presents his case to the others. Obviously, Sakuya is in denial writing them off as coincidences, but Keiichiro counters all of them by making small observations that go back to the beginning of the series. He even makes the (correct) claim that the alibis they had used previously can't be considered valid as the Lupinrangers can use their own gimmicks to cover up their tracks. And when confronted with his relationship with Kairi, while he freezes at the thought, he states how that's a separate matter, putting his foot down for the sake of the mission.
    • And yes, this is coming from the Hot-Blooded Police officer, who pretty much don't care about the thieves purpose of fighting and gathering Lupin Collection for until Kairi's and Noel's feelings reached him from their fight against Keiichirou in episode 5 and 32 respectively.
    • The credit of uncovering the identity of Kairi, Touma and Umika should have gone to Tsukasa who realised that through the behaviours, including their speech that the three had become a habit in their phantom thieves persona despite addressing each other by colours instead of name since Patrangers appear way, way earlier. Though, it is not deniable that she can give this kind of deduction like Keiichirou does should she receives the same amount of clues like he did. She did justifies the alibi are merely forged with help from their close accomplice and could be tricks. She even remembers Kairi at Giwi's club, Umika being with her inside the confined amusement park and Touma skilled in marksmanship of using a gun despite it might be his first time using one from Tsukasa's point of view being important clues that are not mere coincidence.
    • Unlike episode 8, this time Keiichirou and Tsukasa had strong points that comes to the basic and purpose from their past experiences to counter Sakuya's denial of the Jurer's trio being Phantom Thieves. It's just that they had yet to see the Phantom Thieves true face being revealed directly to arrest the trio. Because of not having conclusive evidences, they could only put close observations with strong evidences to suspect them.
  • Goodie gets a good one when him and the other Lupin Collection get taken out of the Gangler's pocket dimension separated from the Lupinrangers. After the Gangler reveals that the pose he does allows objects to go in and out of his pocket dimension, Goodie flies and just pokes him until he subconsciously does the pose. After that, Noel simply curbstomps him by himself after acquiring the collection piece.

     #48: The face under the mask 
  • Patrangers arrived first at the scene to save Noel and despite being beaten until Lupinrangers arrived, they are the ones who saved him in the end.
  • The one and only time you get to see everyone, yes, including Patrangers too used individual finisher. Keiichirou used Crane, Sakuya uses Cyclone, while Tsukasa uses Biker as opposed of using Ugou.
  • Despite being mocked for recklessness, Patrangers actually managed to stop the berserk Ganglars a bit just their guns while hurt bad.
     #49: As phantom thieves, as police 
  • Kogure deserves a credit for what he did offscreen after Kairi and the others revealed their face of being Phantom Thieves to the society, live on tv. How he did it alone was unknown but probably because of him carrying using a collection piece for this kind of emergency but he managed to erase all evidences (which also include removing all the customers' tables and chairs) that Kairi and the others were at Jurer, surprising the forensic teams involved when they searched everything thoroughly.
  • Yes, Kogure is not only a pro on disguising but also faking details on Jurer's registration, making the police having trouble to find him being possible accomplice.
  • Apparently, Kogure erased the evidences within just an hour at most or maybe less than that. The forensics search thoroughly for more than hours and yet everything is bare.
  • This marks the first and only episode you get to see Lupin Kaiser defeated while Pat Kaiser gets beaten at least twice. Apparently, it is in Victory Lupin Kaiser with versatile arms (Blue and Yellow Dial Fighters) for agile movements, which is their most good looking Victory Lupin Kaiser as opposed of using the bulky Splash and Magic arms.

     #50: Forevermore Adieu 
  • The Lupinrangers' last gambit to defeat Zamigo. They were able to use the Trigger Machines to scramble Zamigo's safes that spawn his guns, but had the two he already had to freeze Touma and Umika. But once he finds out what happened, he is stunned by Kairi and with his final shot, kills Zamigo once and for all.
    • While the function of Trigger Machines on safes were known late for last minute, it is actually possible for Pats to use their VS Vehicles to reset the codes on Ganglars' safes and then input them again to open and takes the Collection pieces. However, the method was quite tedious compared to Dial Fighters that just cracked the codes in less than 5 seconds because the Ganglars can still used their collection pieces even if they cannot take it out. However, for Zamigo, an opponent that frequently opens his safe to generate his guns continuously instead of using Collection pieces in a closed safe, this ability come in handy.

     #51: We Will Meet Again 
  • Dogranio loses his Collection pieces because the Lupinrangers had Kogure's catalog with them (the butler gave them in #44, and they have not returned it to him yet by that time), allowing them to send the pieces along with the ones they have on them to the Lupin storeroom directly from inside his safe. Dogranio's utter confusion as his powers vanish one by one, as well as his frustrated reaction when Noel pointed out that Dogranio has become too old to fight without his Collection pieces, is quite cathartic.
  • You have to give some awesome points to Dogranio for surviving the siren striker finisher when all of his Collection pieces are gone.
  • Dogranio presents a bitter Sadistic Choice to the Patrangers: if they kill him, they'll also kill the Lupinrangers in his safe. What's awesome is their solution: arrest him and put him in a Tailor-Made Prison, giving them as long as they need to find a way to save them.
  • How the Lupinrangers finally escape: Kogure and Noel took on Shori, Aya, and Shiho as phantom thieves to track down Jackpot Striker (from en Film) and then send it to them through the catalog so it could force the safe to open.
  • One has to give credit to the Patrangers. Even knowing just how horribly outmatched they are by Dogranio, they don't give up. Even after being blasted by the full power of the Collection, they're still ready and willing to fight when they see they've been given an opening.
    • This time Sakuya and Tsukasa uses Kaitou Boost for armament.
    • Added to this; the debut of Super Patren X and Super Patren #1Gou.

Movies and Specials

     Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisatsu Sentai Patranger en film 
  • The trailer alone is showing something everyone wanted to see for a long time: The two teams finally working together!
    • Special mention needs to go to Kairi and Keiichiro working together to get out of the Gangler world. These two have the biggest rivalry between the members of the two teams, but they work very well together. Kairi opens Gauche's safe with two Dial Fighters and Keiichiro jumps to grab her collection piece. On top of that it should be noted that they did this without transforming!
    • The mecha battle was awesome as well. To sum it up: It might be the only time we see Lupin Rex and Patkaiser fighting together side by side.

     Lupinranger VS Patranger VS Kyuranger 
  • 19 Rangers and 3 Sentai Teams. 'Nuff said.
    • Is that not enough for you? Well how about the Phantom Thieves becoming Patrangers!
    • Including Mondo Misao that appears in the movie, it will be 20 rangers.
  • The Finishing Move that defeats Don Arkage bares mentioning, as it had Good Cool Kaiser VSX launching the 12 Kyutamas in addition to the various VS vehicles, complete with the Seiza Blaster’s Super Galaxy announcement.


  • The opening theme for the series are made up of two different songs, one Patranger's theme, the other Lupinranger's theme, being sung together. What's awesome is that some of the words are the same and those particular words are being sung at the same time, symbolizing the police chasing the thieves, and at some point, managing to catch up (the same words) before the thieves flees again (both songs diverging again).
    • What makes it great is that their lyrics can end up being a sort of argument.
  • It should be said that the choreography of this season is fantastic. While we have the traditional style with the Patrangers, the Lupinrangers style is much more experimental working with a lot of dynamic angles and rotating shots thoughout the fight. And then comes the fights involving the Lupinrangers, the Patrangers, and the Gangler which may or may not have their grunts with them. The sophistication and the subtle details of the three-way fights are amazing.
  • One of the soundtracks for this series, It's Showdown, to be specific on the Patranger part (from 0:49 to 2:10) was intense and awesome as it raises the spirit of fighting that it was played for several emotional episodes, notable Episode 2, 10, 14, 30, 42, 44, and others.
    • Pretty much most of the OST that was played for battle are so good.

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