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Shout Out / Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger

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  • The VS Changer's standby jingle for the Lupinrangers sounds very similar to the chorus of the Lupin III: Part II theme song.
  • The X Changer's jingles are shoutouts to spy films:
    • If one listens carefully to the bass rhythm of Lupin X's standby jingle, it resembles the theme music from Mission: Impossible.
    • Patren X's transformation completion music sounds similar to the theme music from James Bond.
  • All of the Lupin Collection are named after popular North American songs.
  • The Lupinrangers are like a mixed gender Cat's Eye. Both have three members that work at a cafe as a facade and are hoping to gather all the items of a collection for a personal purpose involving a loved one.
    • As if it wasn't obvious, Patrangers quickly become regular customers at Lupinrangers' cafe. And Sakuya immediately has a crush on Umika.
  • Cmdr. Hilltop's look is patterned after that of Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley. Episode 29 actually takes it further with a Whole Costume Reference, while episode 31 brings up the Banana in the Tailpipe scene.
  • Blue Dial Fighter in its attack mode, with its tail bent forward to use its machine gun, is reminiscent of Einhänder.
  • Destra Majjo's face resembles the Sazabi's and other related Zeon mobile suits. Destra also's styled after how Trinoids are made - with plant(a watermelon), animal(turtle) and object(hand grenades) traits. His shoulders also look like VariDorin's propellers.
  • Patren Nigou's Trigger Machine summoning announcement, "Hyappatsu Hyakuchuu" is a clear reference to a 1965 Japanese film with the same name. Yeah, maybe only old people knew about this, until you search the words in google.
    • Or to Sogeking, who is a Shout Out to toku in general.
      • It could also be a reference to Billy the Kid, matching how Patren Nigou's Trigger Machine has a huge gun as its weapon. "Hyappatsu Hyakuchuu" is also a Japanese idiom meaning "Hundred Shots, Hundred Hits", referring to someone who did a job perfectly, which in turn is a reference to Billy the Kid's impressive shooting aim. This idiom is also referenced in Toei's other show just a few years prior, in the form announcement for Kamen Rider Ghost's Billy the Kid Damashii.
  • VS Machine Biker gives PatKaiser a Killer Yo-Yo attack, for the obligatory Sukeban Deka reference.
  • The Magic Dial Fighter is (obviously) used by the Lupinrangers, has a Stage Magician theme, and has a white and bluish-purple color scheme. Hm...
  • Loveroom's stuffed shark dolls are wearing sailor uniform? Looks like someone in Toei just looked at this meme for inspiration.
  • Listen carefully to what the LupinKaiser Cyclone's attack is in Japanese, then keep in mind who voiced GoodStriker. Didn't get it? GoodStriker's VA voiced Hyoma Aoi and the Striking Tornado attack itself nearly resembles the Choudenji Tatsumaki. Both this Sentai and Combattler V are both made by Toei.
    • Additionally, one of the sidearms for PatKaiser is a Yo-Yo... which is also an arsenal of the Combattler V: Choudenji Yo-Yo. And the drill also serves as a Shout-Out to the Choudenji Spin, which would've completed the Combattler finishing strike.
  • Zamigo constantly fires and junks his freeze-guns before pulling new ones from his twin safes, and he even speaks Spanish - he's pretty much the love child of Mei and Reaper.
  • The Monster of the Week of #11 is named Pitchcock and happens to be a Gangler director.
  • In #12, Good Striker combines his usual catchphrase with the catchphrase of Kaiketsu Zubat.
  • MoTW in #20 is a shout out to Sun Wukong from Journey to The West.
  • Noel's introduction in Episode 21 is taken, word by word, from Cutie Honey.
  • Ever since Noel showed up on the scene, between the two teams, the mecha are just a bunch of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
  • MoTW in #34 is voiced by Tetsu Inada, who did the voice of Doggie Kruger and even styles titles exactly like Doggie's own "Guard Dog of Hell". His name is also dog-related: Kerbero. Also worth noting is that he collects rare guns and can summon walls from the ground...
  • The 35th episode's title, The Good, the Bad, and the Normal, is a word away from a classic Western movie.
  • Trigger Machine 0gou's summoning phrase is: "Move out! Tenchi Muyo!"note 
    • Which is also hilarious because despite its summoning phrase, Trigger Machines are ALWAYS launched upside-down.

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