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Rhoda trying to win Bertram over in her Gertrude-esque outfit.

  • "I'm not going to explain to your parents that you got arrested for Grand Theft Dino!"
  • The outfit Rhoda wears in the episode "Four Broke Kids" is reminiscent of the outfit Gertrude wears in the musical Seussical. In the musical, Gertrude pines after Horton who hardly notices her... and in the show, Rhoda pines after Bertram. Relevant for the fact that Kevin Chamberlin, who plays Bertram in the show also played Horton in the broadway cast of Seussical.
  • "The Jessie-nator: Grudgment Day" obviously is styled after The Terminator but future Jessie seems to be based off Snake Plissken from the Escape from… movies. There's also a reference to the Thunderdome
  • Luke's huge crush on Jessie is reminiscent of the Zack-Maddie pairing from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
    • Another The Suite Life of Zack and Cody reference was in "Tempest in a Teacup"; the billboard was for Tipton Tea.
      • It's likely at the same time an expy for Lipton Tea.
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    • Yet another Suite Life shout-out: Jessie has animal-themed bed slippers that make noises, just like Bailey. Also, Debby Ryan plays both characters.
      • In "Help Not Wanted," where Jessie is getting hired by Emma to work at the Empire Skate Building, the interview she has with Emma...
    Emma: Name?
    Jessie: Seriously?
    Emma: Name!
    Jessie: Jessie Prescott.
    Emma: Address?
    Jessie: The room right next to yours?
    Emma: Hmmm. Interviewee displays slight signs of sarcasm. Might be a red flag. (Jessie sighs) Skills?
    Jessie: Acting.
    Emma: Jessie! I can't lie on an official document! (Jessie looks at her, irritated) Have you ever committed a crime?
    Jessie: I'm considering one now!
    • very similar to the interview Bailey had with London in the Suite Life On Deck episode "In the Line of Duty":
    London: Don't worry, you're my roommate, so this is just a formality. (sits down at desk) Name?
    Bailey: London...
    London: Ooh, that's my name! Address?
    Bailey: The bed next to yours?
    London: Do you have a criminal record?
    Bailey: (irritated) Not yet...
  • Creepy Connie tears apart Luke's stuffed animal Kenny the Koala. Luke's reaction upon discovering this? "They Killed Kenny!"
  • Ravi calls a jar of hot peppers he is carrying in the park "hotter than Selena Gomez".
    Ravi: (aside) I love you, 'Go-Go'!
    • He later states that they are one of the hottest peppers in the world. Which further explains the comparison.
  • In the same episode, Mrs. Chesterfield says the peppers are hotter than Anderson Cooper.
  • In "The Princess and the Pea Brain", Bertram says that his Butler's Association will be holding a roast for their colleague, Alfred Pennyworth.
  • In "The Kid Whisperer", when Jessie finds out the other nanny was for dogs, she says, "Ruh-roh."
  • The episode "Badfellas" is a shout out to Goodfellas. Emma's boyfriend has a lot of the same kind of connections as Henry Hill, such as paying off cops, skipping everyone in line, and privileges that no one else can get away with or even try, like eating in the teacher's lounge.
    • By the way, her aforementioned boyfriend's last name is Liotta, which was the last name of Henry Hill's actor. It was a double Shout-Out; one to the movie and one to Ray Liotta.
  • The episode title The Secret Life of Mr. Kipling. Bonus points that both Disney Channel and ABC Family (The channel that airs Secret Life) are both owned by the Walt Disney Company, and ABC Family being a literal "Teen Disney" channel.
  • The Halloween episode has several to horror movies, many of which are to The Shining. Others include Leprechaun and Christine.
  • Jessie's short story (and Take That! to Stephen King) may also be a shout-out to the author, who is best known for his horror short stories and novels (including The Shining and Christine).
  • Zuri's mean teacher Ms. Falkenberg used to play Muggle Quidditch until her team members left to play vampire baseball.
  • Match Game: Emma's beau in "Somebunny's In Trouble" is named Brett Somers.
  • "Punch Dumped Love" contains numerous references to Grown Ups 2 (Luke even mentions the film by name in an indirect manner). Keep in mind that Cameron Boyce was in both Grown Ups films. For that matter, the episode name is a reference to Punch-Drunk Love. And the star of all three movies has a cameo in the episode.
  • At the end of "Punch Dumped Love", Jessie praises Luke's dancing by telling him that he has "moves like Jagger."
  • In "Diary Of A Mad Newswoman", one of Jessie's 'alien powers' is drinking through her finger.
  • This line from "Caught Purple Handed":
    Ravi': What if rains or snows, or....Sharknadoes?
  • From "The Blind Date, the Cheapskate and the Primate":
    Tony: Eddy! Just the guy I'm looking for!
    Earl: Well, keep looking because My Name Is Earl.
  • In the episode "Glue Dunnit", Ravi deduces that Bertram glued someone's hands to their head... and says:
    Ravi': The butler did it! I was not expecting that...
  • Zuri and Tony are big fans of the Power Ponies, and Tony is a Brony as well. Although, how did they get the name?
  • "The Jessie-nator: Grudgment Day" as a whole is basically a Disneyfied parody of T2 even down to the plot resemblance.
  • In "Spaced Out", the space shuttle program they use to go into space is based in Mypos.
  • In "The Rosses Get Real" the kids and Bertram throw a party to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Jessie becoming their nanny, except a sleep-deprived Bertram misspells her name "Jassie." This is actually a shout-out to Oye, Jassie!, the Indian remake of Jessie that had just premiered around the same time.
  • Luke's underpants dance is a reference to the iconic dance scene from Risky Business.
  • One episode is titled "Hoedown Showdown".
  • The opening segment of "Rossed At Seat, Pt. 1" involves an amnesiac girl being fished out of the ocean and mistaken for a mermaid by one of the main characters. This is similar to the plot of a The Suite Life On Deck episode.


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