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For Power Rangers, see here.

Every season of Super Sentai is in the same continuity.
While they're officially out of continuity, the team-up movies almost always have both Sentai teams and both Big Bad groups have some connection to each other. (For instance, Doggie Kruger in Dekaranger and MagiMother in Magiranger both knowing the same restaurant owner). The connections are continuity by definition.

Also, neither the Sentai nor the Big Bads have any problems with the "strange new world" they're suddenly thrust in during the team-up. They even form several cross-team attacks as if they planned them in advance. Clearly, they're all from the same continuity, just stretched out over several generations.

  • Confirmed in Boukenger Vs. Super Sentai, the 30th anniversary movie (AkaRed: "Surely, you know of the 30 Super Sentai that, even now, protect the world?"). Incidentally, the above logic also applies to Kamen Rider, although Decade complicates it somewhat.
    • Jossed by the Kamen Rider Decade and Shinkenger crossover. It is repeatedly noted that the Shinkenger world has never had a Kamen Rider. But Kamen Rider V3 and Kamen Rider Amazon are shown in the Goranger and JAKQ teamup. So Goranger through Go-onger take place in the same universe, but Shinkenger takes place in a separate universe. Of course, there is Shinkenger vs. Go-onger to think about (though the fact that Go-onger involves parallel universes, including one themed around samurai, makes it easier to reconcile.)
      • Not really. They could have easily forgotten about that, being from a small special over 30 years ago.
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  • Actually, this is contradicted by most of the team-up movies, who tend to include some non-canon elements (see below).
  • Thing about using Decade for continuity purposes is that the AR World thing makes it impossible - we don't know they met the same Shinkengers we know. Rangers and Riders may not run into each other outside teamups, but... Occam's Razor seems to make "That's because every series is really in its own dimension and the teamups take place in yet another 'teamup dimension!'" unlikely. Even in a shared universe, Superman Stays Out of Gotham.

Each Super Sentai series does take place in a separate continuity (with rare exceptions, such as Denshi Sentai Denziman and Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan), but there is also a main "Sentai World" where every team has existed.
This Sentai World is where the Vs. movies take place. Presumably it works like Super Robot Wars, changing various elements of the canon of the main series in order to reconcile them.
  • That's confirmed by pretty much every VS movie, if you pay attention to details, for example:
    • In Ohre vs Kakuranger both Bacchus Wrath and Ganmajin show up, while in Ohranger Ganmajin first appeared after Bacchus Wrath was destroyed.
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    • In Abaranger vs Hurricaneger Rije is still a child, and yet MaxRyuOh appears.
    • In Magiranger vs Dekaranger, Nigh and Mare have their Wolzaphones and yet Wolzard is shown as being able to use magic as well, which contradicts what was established in the show.
    • In Go-onger vs Gekiranger, both Engine-Oh G-12 and Yogostein appear, which is technically possible, but wouldn't make much sense given the way events unfolded in the show.
  • I think Gokaiger pretty much confirms it.
    • On top of that, all of the vs. movies after gokaiger make references to each other, fully cementing it.
    • With its frequent cameos, Ninninger could occupy this universe too.

  • This troper is under the impression that each team-up movie take place in their own universe.

Doggie Kruger from Dekaranger is gay and fooling around with his officers.
Despite having feelings for Swan-san, neither she nor Doggie show any hint of consummating their relationship. Doggie seems to tolerate the "puppy" treatment he's given by the rest of the SPD team (especially the guys) more than he does with Swan. And, there is so little Doggie/Swan-san fanwork out there that it defies Rule 34 (and when there is, it's just like every other Rule 34 fanwork out there: that is, Doggie as submissive BDSM plaything).

Professional abstinence, or closeted slut puppy? The world may never know...

  • Are you seriously using fanmade porn as evidence for this?
    • Jossed by Dekaranger: 10 Years After - Doggie has married Swan.

Power Rangers is a TV show in the Super Sentai universe, just like Super Sentai is for Power Rangers.
Pretty straightforward here: Power Rangers Dino Thunder showed a Super Sentai TV show that the Rangers watched. By the Law of Universal Symmetry, there must be a Power Rangers show the Sentai watch.
  • Interestingly, this may be true. One Abaranger episode has a character from Mai's favorite cartoon get yoinked by the Monster of the Week (along with numerous real people). When the boy's father begs the Rangers for help (that's canon - cartoon characters talked to them!), they ask how he knows about them. He says that the boy was their biggest fan. "He watches your show every week!" So, Power Rangers wouldn't be the only show they watched that also watched them on TV.

The Five Tribes from Zyuranger are descended from stranded time travellers from the Timeranger era.
It would explain how people could be alive in the Mesozoic era & why their "Guardian Deities" look suspiciously mechanical. A team of paleontologists & other scientists from approx. 3000 A.D. are sent back in time to study the local wildlife & geology & to bring back specimens, but their timeship crashes & leaves them stranded. They somehow manage to convert the ship's remains into a prehistoric animal-themed Combining Mecha (or, knowing how technology works in the Sentai-verse, it was always a combining mecha & they just made a few modifications) to protect themselves from hungry dinos & make the best of a bad situation. They live off the land & raise many children. After many generations, all record of their origin is lost, & the people begin worshiping the robots as gods.

The Dino Curry shop from Abaranger is an Inn Between the Worlds
Specifically, between the various Super Sentai continuities. Every season after that one has had the mentor to the team stop by there and meet each other. For all we know, a few Kamen Riders may eat there on occasion, too. By the time the Go-onger vs. Gekiranger team-up comes about, we'll probably find out that Miu and Hiroto had lunch with Miki over the latest training technology.
  • Hanto canonically worked a part-time job there.
  • It exists in the Power Rangers universe as well; since there is only one Power Rangers continuity, the curry shop is used to get footage for the Super Sentai show into the Power Rangers world, and Power Rangers footage into any Super Sentai continuity that has a Power Rangers show.
  • Apparently Doggie,Swan from Deka;Miyuki from Magi;Makino-sensei from Bouken;Miki from Geki were all customers there.
  • There is a slight possibility that Genta studied there temporally.
  • Now Captain Marvelous and Hiromu have eaten there. Granted time travel was involved.

Sentai and the Space Sheriff Trilogy are in the same continuity
In Sunvulcan, the fugitive Inazuma Ginga is mentioned to have escaped from the Space Police and is hiding on Earth. Add to that its prequel Denjiman, where we get our first glimpse at Alternate Dimensions with the pocket universe the Vader Clan live in. While not as outlandish or large as Makuu Space and the Strange Dimension, it has some of the same properties such as the wild gravity and vomit-looking atmosphere.
  • Sun Vulcan was the 1981 Sentai. The Space Sheriff Trilogy wouldn't begin until a year later in 1982 with Space Sheriff Gavan just as Sun Vulcan was wrapping up and Goggle 5 was starting. Unless they were thinking ahead, it's unlikely that it's the same space police.
    • Ah, but law enforcement is precisely the sort of thing that civilizations ought to plan in advance. Besides, Super Sentai includes time travel; the Space Police don't have to exist yet in Sun Vulcan to be the same police Inazuma Ginga is fleeing.
  • Inazuma Ginga's backstory mentioned the Galactic Union and Galactic Police. The Space Sheriffs were also known as the Galactic Union Police. Shozo Uehara wrote the entirety of Sun Vulcan's final arc, where that character appears. And that final arc was right before Gavan started which he wrote 37 of 44 episodes. Sun Vulcan ended in February while Gavan started in February of the same year, 1982.
  • Shaider episode 17 has Galactic Police as another name for the Space Sheriffs.
  • Officially confirmed as of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan THE MOVIE.

Special Police Dekaranger is a branch of the Shadow Proclamation
Both of them are alien police forces whose officers are also responsible for executing criminals.

The "Ultimate Court at the End of the Universe" that tries the criminals in Dekaranger is composed of Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and the Judge.
Think about it. The Court is always right and finds out the truth in an extremely short time. It's likely that the cast from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney have been recruited by the Space Police and sent to an alternate dimension where three days (the maximum time allowed for a trial in Ace Attorney) are equivalent to the handful of seconds required for the Judgement of Alienizers. Possibly they've been turned into omniscient AIs or something in the process.

Go-on Gold is a shinigami
"Break genkai" sounds suspiciously like a release phrase, doesn't it?

Now, before you ask about his lack of sword, remember that only spiritually aware people would be able to see one.

Witch Bandora became Magiel and her father is Daimaou from Kakuranger
As it turns out, before Bandora made her deal with Dai Satan, she was in fact the good daughter of Daimaou who wanted to not be like her evil father and rule Earth with a kind and just hand. One season later, Bandora became good and regained her powers as a witch, which explains Magiel.

Gasha Dokuro and Witch Bandora, therefore, are siblings, and Kai is Daimaou's grandson.

  • Where's Queen Hedrian fit in?

Every other season will foreshadow the following year's Motif with at least one robo
The trend began with DaiShogun foreshadowing Shinkenger, and followed with Seaick GoseiGreat hinting at Gokaiger. Remember to pay attention to the mecha in 2012's Sentai.
  • Jossed. Go-Busters didn't have any dinosaur mecha, dinosaurs being the theme of Kyoryuger, and it was inverted with the next pair, as Ninninger had a train among it's mechs - the theme of previous season ToQger.
  • This is a YMMV case, but curiously enough, Ninninger did kind of foreshadow Zyuohger having a green elephant ranger with Otomo Nin Paonmaru.

Ryouga (AbareRed) and Ranru (AbareYellow) from Abaranger are secretly brother and sister, twins infact.
I was taking some snaps of Super Sentai/Power Ranger images using my Nintendo DSI to test the Resemblance feature. I captured one picture of Ryouga and Ranru together and it came with "Siblings: 45%" and then captured another image and it said "Twins: 56%".

Super Sentai, and by extension, Power Rangers, take place in parallel universes in which Humanity has discovered the secret of reversing matter à la Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.
Think about it, every episode the monsters destroy tons of buildings and from what I've seen in Super Sentai, they attack and kill civilians. Logically, the city should have been destroyed in the first 20 episodes at least. In the first episode of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Captain Black completely destroys the Mysteron city, then the Mysterons suddenly bring it back again. It is also shown that they can bring dead people back to life.

the 40th super sentai
  • Will be a team with updated costumes of Himitsu Sentai Goranger
    • Jossed at least for the main five warriors of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. The suit design resembles more of screen-printed T-Shirts than tack-on stripes, much less for the helmets which are very animal-looking.

There will be a Super Sentai with monsters as the heroes
they could be good monsters disguised as humans.

The 42nd Super Sentai will be a sci-fi comedy.
  • I see what you did there.
    • The 42nd being a comedy could happen (enough time will have passed since Go-Onger, the last affectionate parody, finished airing by the time we get to the 42nd Sentai), but it seems kind of doubtful they'd follow up one high-tech series (the 41st - Kyuranger - which looks like it'll be space-themed) with another.
      • Jossed, Lupinranger vs Patranger is not a sci-fi comedy

A brief theory about Engine Sentai Go-onger.
I think Sosuke was originally going to remain dead until the Grand Finale, and GP36 would have ended with Yogostein killed permanently by the G12. Then, Sosuke would be replaced by a girl (an idea they didn't use until Shinkenger) in the following episode, and then GP45 would have been played differently, with said new girl joining G3 Princess in place of Kegalesia (whose G3 Princess costume had red accents). They probably scrapped that idea due to popular demand, and tacked the last-minute Single-Stroke Battle between Sosuke and Yogostein onto the end of GP36.

The season after Gokaiger will follow the Three Plus Two rule.
Think about it. Gaoranger and Boukenger were both, technically, anniversary seasons (both had the VS Super Sentai movies rather than usual team-up movies), and both were followed by seasons that used Three Plus Two (Hurricaneger, Shurikenger not withstanding, and Gekiranger, respectively), so it may very well be the same thing with Gokaiger, the only full-fledged anniversary season so far.

All of the seasons after Gokaiger will have a crossover episode with the previous season.
  • Don't we already have the VS movies to fill that purpose?
    • If you meant as in having the previous team appear outside of the crossover, that's jossed; the Gobusters didn't appear in the TV series for Kyoryuger, the Kyoryugers were nowhere in the TV episodes of To Qger, and so on.

Timeranger's powers were originally made for another set of team.
Said team also has Two Girls to a Team, just like most of the Sentai Series with Five-Man Band since Boukenger.

All the different dimensions existed in other Sentais are parts of the 11 Braneworlds in Engine Sentai Go-onger.
Here are the lists of braneworlds:
  • 1. Human World with the entire Sentai Series
  • 2. Engine World for the Engines in Go-onger
  • 3. Junk World
  • 4. Sound World
  • 5. Stormy World
  • 6. Magic World (Infershia and Magitopia from the Magiranger series could be in it)
  • 7. Chrismas World
  • 8. Samurai World
  • 9. Grassland World (in the Crossover with Shinkenger, Speedor travelled there once)
  • 10. Gunman World
  • 11. ??? (maybe dinosaur world where the Burstosaurs from Abarangers live)

Eventually, there will be sentai series whose team can interchange colour with one another.
And that'll be another only time a male yellow ranger and female blue ranger appears.

There will eventually be a Token Child within a Five-Man Band
It'll depend whether the team continues to be younger or not.
  • Well, in Tokkyuger they are all actually children if that counts.
  • Kyuranger has one as an extra ranger, although we're still waiting on one that's part of the core 5 (Power Rangers Turbo not withstanding).

Budget got short after Denziman
As the result, we had 3 rangers instead of the usual 5 in Sun Vulcan, and as they don't have enough budget for the color green, there is a black ranger in Goggle V instead.
  • I can understand a smaller budget leading to the amount of rangers being cut from 5 to 3, but I really don't think it would decide which color a ranger was.
    • Maybe through running out of spandex?
      • That still doesn't make any sense. They'd have to buy more for new suits regardless.
      • Seems more likely that the reason Goggle V had a black ranger instead of a green one was that if they did have a green ranger, they would've used the same color scheme as Denziman - and while it's true that Sun Vulcan only had 3 members, if you only look at series with 5 or more members, Goggle V comes right after Denziman.

Crossover with the Ultra Series is on the way within the next few years.
Well, now that we've got Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes crossovers underway, it's only logical that they keep going. And there's another long-running well-known Toku series to cross over with.

The Dairangers are Force-Sensitives.
Their Ki powers are basically the Force, and one of their BGM tracks sounds suspiciously like the Imperial March.

The series after Gobusters will have the blue ranger female
Since Akibaranger has one, other sentais could follow for consistency.
  • Jossed. Kyoryu Blue is male.

The next Sentai Series will feature Red as The Big Good (of its own series, not unlike Akaranger in Gokaiger) and Blue as The Hero instead.
The Hero's either Blue or the color that would have otherwise fill in The Lancer role.
  • Jossed for Ninninger so far

The 37th season will also be a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers
Although the official confirmation will probably come during Autumn 2012, Toei has registered the trademark for Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. If you pay attention, it sounds like an inversion of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (which, in fact, should be more correctly spelled Jyuranger). And in any case, the title itself tells of a dinosaur motif. So, the 2013 season may be a Call-Back to the first Super Sentai that was adapted into Power Rangers, and will air during the latter's 20th anniversary. Too much to be just coincidences!
  • Or maybe it's just a coincidence.

Kyoryuger will be a very formulaic season
Not dull or even bad, just quite unoriginal. Regardless of how you feel about it, Tokumei Sentai Go Busters at least tried something different; however, it hasn't sit well with Japanese audiences apparently, since by Summer 2012 the series has turned into a big ratings flop (it has recovered, but only thanks to Kamen Rider Wizard being now in the same programming block). Unless they want to try and do an even bigger shake-up to the classic Super Sentai formula, Toei will probably wanto to play safe with the next series to get the public back.
  • Zigged-Zagged - it does return to the more light-hearted stuff you'd see with shows like Kakuranger and Zyuranger, but it does shake up the formula a bit by having a higher number of rangers than usual, not to mention that the red ranger gets a lot more focus.

In a few years, the Super Sentai series will be put on hiatus
While the ratings flop of Go-Busters may have been an isolated case, ratings for the various seasons have slowly dropped during the last decade. After so many years, these series may be getting stale for the Japanese public. Plus, it's hard to top Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Super Hero Taisen now. Toei may decide to stop producing them (although they'd still appear in movies, TV specials and reruns of the most popular series, and not counting the ever-popular toys), and start them again at least five years later, refreshed. It worked with Kamen Rider, which was dormant during the 1990s, it can work for them. Plus, to fill the void, there are a lot of Metal Heroes that can be resurrected for the new generations, and it's already being done with Gavan after all.
  • Except Toei only put Kamen Rider on Hiatus because the creator wanted to focus more on movies for the series, and the one that would have led into a series, Shin Kamen Rider: The Prologue was not well-received; Toei has been able to make Super Sentai series without Ishimori starting with Battle Fever J, hence the reason why even though Kamen Rider is older than Super Sentai, there are more Super Sentai series. Besides, this WMG was pretty much jossed by Kyoryuger, To Qger and Zyuohger doing rather well, as well as a 41st Sentai series being confirmed. Really, the only reason Toei would stop making sentai at this point would be if they were calling it quits.

Yellow has already been associated as a girl's color.

Either the series after Kyoryuger (38) or the one after that (39) will be a ninja team.
If dinosaurs can do three series then ninjas will probably follow suit too.
  • Confirmed! The 39th Sentai will have a ninja motif.

The Morphing Grid reaches to the Super Sentai universe too.
The Morphing Grid can go across alternate universes (Main MMPR universe, RPM), so I like to think it also reaches to the Super Sentai universe. They just never mention it because the Sentai Rangers aren't aware of its exact nature. Except maybe AkaRed.The Power ranger shattered grid confirm the existence of the multiverse and the surviving ranger are actually plunge into beyond morphing grid quite possible the power ranger will be aware of super sentai existence.

Future Team Motifs
     The List 

  • Chess or Shogi.

  • Aircraft (the series itself will be a comedy in the same vein as Carranger or ToQger).

  • American Super Heroes.

  • Monsters

  • Insects
    • Red: Hercules Beetle
    • Blue: Stag Beetle
    • Yellow: Killer Bee
    • Green or Black: Grass Hopper
    • Pink or White: Butterfly
    • Sixth Ranger(Any possible Color): Dragon Fly
      • They could title it Mushi Sentai Microger: a Sentai for ants where the mecha are human-sized!

  • Trains
    • Red: Super-Sonic Bullet-Train
    • Blue: Express Train
    • Yellow: Monorail
    • Black: Freight Train
    • White: Steam Engine
    • Sixth Ranger(Gold or Silver): Futuristic Train

  • Ancient Civilizations
    • Red would be based on a Roman centurion
    • Blue would be based on a Spartan
    • Yellow would be themed after an Egyptian warrior
    • Green or Black would be based on a Persian immortal
    • Pink would be themed after an Amazon (I know that's not a real civilisation, but I don't know what else)
    • The Sixth Ranger could be gold and themed after an Aztec jaguar knight.

  • Colors themselves
    • Either the team is in an art club or Red has a hobby of painting.
    • Color Motif are taken Up to Eleven for each rangers.
      • Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink are the core five. Either Green or Yellow is the second female to Pink.
      • Sixth Ranger is ambiguously Silver, with its motif being metal plating.
    • There will also be extra rangers including:
      • Cyan, female to reflect most of the previous female blues.
      • Orange
      • Black and White as movie exclusives
      • Purple-themed twins, being Indigo and Violet. They are downplayed version of Red Oni, Blue Oni
      • Maroon or Brown
    • There may be an omake featuring color theory.
    • Villains are all mono-chromed like an Orphenoch.
    • As an alternate setup, it will be a team of three will color-mixing gimmick. It will be made up of Red who can become an Orange or Violet ranger, Blue who can become Green or Violet and Yellow who can become Orange or Green.
      • Extra rangers include: White, who can use the original trio's powers to become Pink, Sky or Lemon; Black, who is powerful but cannot mix his powers.

  • Unused Mythical Motifs

  • Gemstones
    • Red: Ruby
    • Black: Onyx
    • Blue: Sapphire
    • Green: Emerald
    • Yellow: Topaz
    • Sixth Ranger: Diamond
      • Likewise, Gemstones are also touched on in Dai Sentai Goggle Five, though again, it kinda mixes with Ancient Civilization

  • Fruits

  • Rainbows
    • Partially confirmed with Toqger, where rainbow is their secondary motifs.
    • Another batch consisting of seven members: Red, Orange, Yellow(female), Green(male, but light-colored), Blue(female and light-colored), Violet(male, has dark purple shade) and Pink

  • Greek Gods
    • Red: Ares- His Mech is the Trojan Horse.
    • Blue: Poseidon- His Mech is a Water Nymph.
    • Black: Hades- His Mech is Cerberus.
    • Green: Hermes- His Mech is Icarus.
    • Pink: Aphrodite- Her Mech is a Pegasus.
    • The Sixth Ranger: Hercules- His Mech is a golden chariot.
    • Yellow (The Mentor): Zeus- His Mech is a fortress called 'Olympus.'
    • Evil Five-Man Band: Tantalus, Medusa, a Hydra Monster, a Cyclops, and Hera.
    • Bigger Bad: Cronos.
      • If they did do a series themed around Greek Myths and didn't use the monsters as the theme for the team, it seems more likely that would be various heroes from Greek Myths that would be the theme (i.e., Jason, Odysseus, Ajax) and the mentor for the team would be one of the gods (maybe each one could have a different mentor).

  • Weapons (with each member using the weapon they are themed around)
    • Red: Swords
    • Blue: Guns
    • Yellow: Knives
    • Black: Axes
    • White: Whips
    • Sixth Ranger: Fists (As in martial arts/boxing)

  • Vegetables
    • Red: Peppers
    • Orange: Carrots
    • Yellow: Onions
    • White: Potatoes
    • Tan: Ginger
    • Sixth Ranger: Eggplant

  • Literal Five-Man Band, complete with associated instruments

    • Lead Guitar: Red
    • Bass Guitar: Blue
    • Drums: Yellow
    • Keyboard: Green
    • Third guitar: Pink

  • A law enforcement theme like Dekarnager. However, unlike Dekaranger, this one is more detective styled. It would be called Metenai Sentai Nazoranger. Their equipment would be revolver guns and advanced magnifying glasses that also have infrared sensors and forensic scanners. Their mechs would be vehicles. The team would start off with three. The villains would be Yakuza syndicates that morph into monsters, similar to Kamen Rider W.

    • Red: A 1940s style car resembling a Mercedes Benz.
    • Blue: A police car.
    • Yellow: A patrol wagon.
    • Black (Additional Ranger): Unlike the other three, he/she is a neutral Classy Cat Burgular. His/her mech is a getaway helicopter.
    • White (Second Additional Ranger): The Mentor and Da Chief of the Ranger's detective agency. His mech is a SWAT Tank.

  • A team of displaced individuals from different epochs of Japanese history, all the way up until the present, in order to to protect the timeline and ensure that Japanese history, and really, history as a whole, remains intact.
    • Red: A modern-era Japanese high school student enamored with Japanese history. Eager, eccentric, and defined by curiosity.
    • Blue: A Shinsengumi officer from the Bakumatsu period. Patronizing, but well-meaning.
    • Yellow: A kunoichi from the Sengoku period. Aloof, sarcastic, and isolated.
    • Pink: A priestess from the Yamato period. Intelligent, empathetic, but extremely sheltered.
    • Green: A hunter-gatherer from the Jomon period. Physically powerful and cheerful, but simple.
    • Black Sixth Ranger: A freedom fighter from the post-apocalyptic future. Cynical and worn down by years of hard fighting.

  • Four-Element Ensemble

  • Divisions of a Cool Starship crew
    • Red: command/helm
    • Blue: science
    • Yellow: security
    • Green: engineering
    • Pink: medical

  • An homage to Pretty Cure, which will also introduce the first female red ranger.
    • More likely is pink being The Leader, while red is her best friend lancer.

  • Body Motifs and Symbolism
    • Head: The Red ranger who's the head of the team.
    • Main body: The color who keeps the team together.
    • Legs: Whichever color who's The Big Guy.
    • Right Arm: The main support who mainly controls the sword, which is the team's weapon.
    • Left Arm: The other support member who controls the shield.
    • The Sixth Ranger could provide the wings.

  • Cowboys, or Western Theme in General—yes, it's touched on below with a WMG for ToQger, and there's Gold in Ninninger, but it might as well get more detailed here.
    • Kihei Sentai Bushranger?
    • The core five would all have a cowboy theme, with the Sixth Ranger being either Cowboy or Indian (American Indian, that is).
    • They'd all have Colt-esque revolvers, and suits would incorporate leather. Super Mode might involve a cowboy hat, trenchcoat, and upgrades from revolver to repeating rifles.
    • Mecha could be based on animals found in Yellowstone. (Wolf, Bear, Eagle, Bison, Mountain Lion, Jackalope for the sixth ranger)
    • Frontier Megazord? Outlaw Megazord? Warband Megazord?
    • At least one American on the team, or greater use of English vocabulary than in past seasons.
    • Color-wise, I'm thinking Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and White, with a Gold sixth ranger.

  • Tabletop RPG
    • Red: Knight
    • Blue: Paladin
    • Yellow: Barbarian
    • Black: Black Mage
    • White: White Mage
    • Pink: Archer
    • Green: Druid
    • And more classes can be added in the team

  • Playing Card Motif - As a re-imagining/homage to JAKQ Dengekitai.
    • Red: Joker/Star
    • Blue: Spade
    • Pink: Heart
    • Yellow: Diamond
    • Green: Club
    • Sixth Ranger: Dice or Poker chips.

The next time a yellow ranger is male,
He will be a Lovable Coward who absolutely wants to avoid going brawny.
  • Zigzagged in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. He doesn't want to join in the battle at first, but that's together with the rest of the rangers except for Red.

The creators of Super Sentai will pull of a Take That! concerning the sexist cries from the internet
Particulary, the reason behind the lack of Kyoryu Yellow.
  • Well, in a way this was confirmed - every post-Ressha Sentai ToQger series has had a male yellow ranger.

The 40th Super Sentai will feature a special tribute two-parter similar to the 999th and 1000th episode Milestone Celebration done by Kamen Rider OOO.
Mission 21 of Go-Busters was the 1800th overall episode of Super Sentai, the remaining 29 episodes makes 1829 then as each Sentai lasts around 50 episodes Kyoryuger makes 1879, Sentai #38 makes 1929, Sentai #39 makes 1979, placing the 1999th and 2000th overall episodes of Super Sentai around the middle of Sentai #40 like OOO's milestone celebration.
  • Confirmed! Episodes 28 and 29 of Zyuohger make up an arc similar to the one in OOO, and has the Gokaigers make a return - episode 1999 sees them perform Gokai Changes into members of the teams that aired after Gokaiger (Marvelous even references OOO's 1000th anniversary by changing into Sentai with Animal motifs in the same order as OOO's Latorartar Combo - GaoRed/Lion, GekiRed/Tiger, and Red Buster/Cheetah), while episode 2000 sees the Gokaigers change into various Red Rangers.

There will be a Super Sentai based on Pokemon or Digimon
  • The members might be younger than most sentai... such as King Ranger and Kiba Ranger
  • Each member would represent a different season:
  • Better yet, if they are more based in Pokemon, each member would represent a different version of the games, following a 3 + 2 + 2 format. ([Red + Blue + Yellow] + [Gold + Silver] + [Green + Crystal (being represented with color turquoise])

There will be a sentai team consisting of Knights or Vikings (or a combination of the two) at some point
As shown in Gokaiger, Toei is willing to amuse debates such as "Pirates vs Ninja". What historic warriors other than Ninja are samurai most commonly pitted against? Knights and Vikings. And in that season, they will fight the Shinkengers.
  • The Sentai for 2019 will be Kishiryu Sentai Ryuusouger, Kishiryu meaning Knight Dragon/Dragon Knight so this is confirmed.
    • And then unconfirmed, since it turned out to be another dino sentai.

There will be a female Sixth Ranger
Not counting on Go-on silver since she could be either sixth/seventh.
  • Bonus point if she ended up Killed Off for Real
  • Alternatively, there could be a female green or black ranger (not counting Gokaiger)
  • On a more shonen-style Sentai than normal that features a female blue and a female yellow, along with red, black, and green males, the female Sixth Ranger will be pink and furthermore, will be a Magical Girl and a princess.

The 38th season will have a cowboy motif
Not only are cowboys a never-done-before action motif that would fit the 5 year pattern, it would also resume the trend of Production Foreshadowing with an early-run mecha formation (Kyoryuzin Western) in the same vein as Engine Daishogun foreshadowed Shinkenger, Tenkuu Shinkenoh foreshadowed Goseiger, and Seaick Gosei Great foreshadowed Gokaiger.
  • Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger's motif is Cool Train based on its name, but we do not know yet whether there are any more motifs yet.
    • Jossed by the first scans. It's just trains, folks.

Ninjaman and Gunmazin are considered more mecha than heroes.
That's why they are not in Gokaiger.
  • Jossed for Ninjaman who held the last Greater Power, Confirmed for Gunmazin.

The creators are delibirately trying to get the kids used to male yellow rangers.
This is shown in Kyoryuger, where they predicted male yellow to be seens as too feminine to work out with the sentai. As the result, they stealthily remind the audiences of male yellow poosibilities, including:
  • Most recent sentai's yellow (Goseiger, Gokaiger and ToQger) being Tomboy contrasting Pink's Girly Girl.
  • Male Gokai changing into past yellow rangers (even though it happened once).
  • Reappearances of Hurricangers through one of Gokaiger's tribute episode as well as 10 Years Later special.
  • Gobuster's Usada, the buddyroid being male when he could have been female like Abaranger and Go-Onger's yellow mechas. Ene Tan is the sole female instead.
  • Kyoryuger Gold being more yellow coloured compared to other gold rangers.
  • Tigerranger's reappearance in Kyoryuger vs Gobusters movie.
  • Toqger being allowing color changes between the team.
  • Kanpai Senshi After V being released in the same year as Tokkyuger.
  • Ninninger has a male yellow so this could be possible
  • Heck, even Anniversary Series has a male yellow! As does the series after.

The 40th season will be a second season of Gokaiger
Sure, it's unofficial, but Akibaranger did try the concept of a second season, even if it was mostly based on fan demand. Bonus points if the core five Gokaigers finally get their own Super Mode, or if we get a seventh Gokaiger.

  • Jossed for Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger if we're talking strictly Gokaiger but doesn't mean they won't be referenced or appear later into the series.
    • Gokaiger does appear in the 1999th and 2000th episodes though. Although it would have been a bit too early to bring them back anyways, since unless you were to give a bunch of tribute episodes to stuff like Ninja Captor, it would have been a really short series (at most, assuming they only stuck with Sentai they could have done Kamen Rider Decade style tributes to the 4 series that came after Gokaiger, with each tribute getting a few episodes). Besides, if what happened with the keys for the Go-On Wings in Gokaiger are any indication, odds are that unless the 7th ranger has a VASTLY different outfit from the 6th, they'll just have GokaiSilver fuse the 6th and 7th ranger keys together and use a combination of the two forms.

The 39th sentai will have the team in the following number, colour and gender:
First is Male Red, second is Male Black, third is Female Blue, fourth is Male Yellow and the last number is Female Pink. This color scheme has not been used since Goseiger and they are normally ordered this way. As for the female blue and not yellow, this is because recently, one girl takes on the number three instead of four.
  • Jossed Ninninger has M-Red M-Blue M-Yellow F-White F-Pink M-Gold

A future sentai will be a modernized version of Ninja Captor
As a way to acknowledge how it used to be considered a Sentai
  • Given that 39 is a ninja theme maybe this could be confirmed
    • Jossed Ninninger is an original team and not a modern version of Ninja Captor.
      • It was pretty unlikely that this would happen anyways - while a modernized version of Ninja Captor COULD happen, given the revivals for Metal Heroes as of late, it probably would have been a few films as opposed to a reboot and inclusion in Sentai.

There will be a Psycho Ranger arc in a future Sentai series.
Since its been over 20 years years since the last time we've seen an evil group of Rangers. It would be the perfect opportunity to do a story arc like that again.
  • Toei has filed trademarks for two sentai, both seemingly themed on the opposite side of the law. It's entirely possible that Patoranger could be the heroes and Lupinranger could be the psychos, assuming both are from the same season (as opposed to this turning out to be another situation like Gobusters and Akibaranger, where one's the main sentai, and the other is web-exclusive).
    • Jose for that theory. Both the Lupin, along with the Pats fight the same foe who are after a treasure that can destroy the world. The difference is that the Lupin ALSO want the treasure, and the Pats merely want to arrest them.
One of the red rangers will be related to Akaranger

See this something like an extreme form of Nephewism.

  • Zyuohger is opening up to this possibility...
    • Jossed for Zyuohger

One of these days,
at least one of the rangers were originally children who were abducted by the bad guys, but were rescued by the older team. (Choushinsei Flashman comes close, but without the involvement of an earlier team.)
  • Zyuohger is also opening up to this possibility...
    • Jossed for Zyuohger

The creators has something against designating women with darker colors.
Past female rangers has been pink, yellow, and to the lessor extent, white and blue, but for the latter, the blue will always be light-shaded compared to male blues. Even TQger has the blue and green colors being brighter than usual as an extra measure, due to girls having access to those colors. Blue Dolphin and Kyoryu Violet are exceptions, but for the former, it could be a Early Installment Weirdness and for the latter, they could be lenient to her color choice as she's an extra ranger.

We will be having a female green ranger sooner than we think.
In a few more sentai entries after Zyuohger, we will finally have an initial Five-Man Band team will one of the 2 girls will be designated as the green ranger. The creators could have started to try getting the kids to open up to the idea of a female green by the following measures:
  • Introducing Mele.
  • Gokaiger girl being able to change to green rangers.
  • TQger introducing color-changing gimmick.
  • The green ranger's color has been brighter than usual from TQger onwards.
  • Introducing Midoninger.
  • Preliminary scans and rumors for Kyuranger suggest the first full time Female Green Ranger
    • And confirmed for Kyuranger. It's even the same combination as Mele (Green Chameleon).

There will be a series based on Saint Seiya
Considering there wasn't a western mythology themes for a while, seeing a red ranger representing Pegasus is going to be interesting, since the last two Pegasus rangers were all Blue.
  • If Kyuranger ends up having the rangers be themed around constellations instead of planets, this could be confirmed via Spiritual Adaptation.
    • Scans show the Kyurangers are themed around constellations, so it might be confirmed...although this might also be jossed, since they're the same constellations that the Gold Saints represent instead of the ones the Bronze Saints represent (and the red ranger represents Leo, the Lion, instead of Pegasus or Sagittariusnote ).

There will eventually be a crossover between one or more of the Rescue Heroes series and Kyukyu Sentai GoGoV.
Well, we're getting a crossover between Dekaranger and Space Sheriff Gavan, so why not have the Rescue Heroes team up with the Rescue Sentai series?

The 2020 team will be sports based
  • The five core rangers will be the colors of the Olympic rings, while the sixth ranger is white note 
    • At the very least, they'll do a Super Hero Taisen movie heavily themed around the Olympics - Kamen Rider Gaim had it's summer movie themed around the World Cup, so it would be odd if Japan didn't make something tokusatsu related to celebrate the Olympics they are holding.

Akared is a member of the "Akarangers"
In the Zyuohger's Super Animal War, he states that his blue counterpart is "Akablue" instead of "Aoblue". Considering that he seemed to be very serious, it's likely this is the case.

There will be a season called "Saban Sentai PowaRangers"
It will be an abridged version of Every Season of Power Rangers between the orignal and in space and the mecha and ranger suits will take attributes from all the different themes from those series but focus on the american invented characteristics

Super Sentai's target audience will eventually shift back to family rather than just kids.
And that's by shifting their time slot from Sunday morning to the equivalent of Japanese Netflix.
  • Half-confirmed, as they did change the time slot, although jossed to where - Sentai will be airing at 9:30 AM once Kamen Rider Build begins airing.

A future season will be pyramid animals.
After cube animals and sphere animals (or rather constellations, but most of them are animal themed), this is the next logical step for animal Sentai. It could have an Egyptian Mythology theme.

From now on, the average minimum number of rangers on a team in all future Sentai series will be 7
  • Zyuohger and Kyuranger both broke free of the standard "6 rangers in a team" practice, and if one includes V-Cinemas, it goes as far back as ToQgernote . Considering that Gobusters had only 5 rangers and that series flopped, it's very likely that Toei will opt for the number of rangers on the final team to be higher than 6.

A future season will be Professional Wrestling-themed.
Given the recent resurgence in popularity of pro wrestling in Japan (specifically, New Japan Pro-Wrestling), it'd be interesting to see Toei take a stab and ride on that popularity by making a pro wrestling-themed Sentai.
  • For Rule of Funny, the villains will declare that wrestling's fake.

Ninja Captor are considered Sentai Team #0
While they were the second season to air, they were the first to finish. Plus, some team has to be #0, why not them? It lines up with them being the Sentai team that was removed.

The next Years After movie
Given that it is known that Rika Sato and Kyosuke Hamao have retired from showbiz, it is likely that the next Years After movie will be Samurai Sentai Shinkenger 10 Years After in 2020.
  • As much as I would love to see a Shinken 10 years after I don't think it would happen because Tori and Rin have became very famous after their show ended and getting them to reprise their roles is very expensive,
  • And the next might be Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger in 2021 or 2022. If so, we might see them morph into post-Gokaiger teams.
    • I can see a Gokai 10 years after happening.
    • Post-Zyuohger, actually, unless you meant a full-team morph.
    • When that happens, it will be written as a direct midquel with cameos from the current team.
  • Go Busters is still possible since all the cast are still active
  • Kyoyruger, Toqger, Ninninger and Zyuohger are impossible to have a 10 years after. As for Kyoyruger Ayuri has already retired, Toqger already got one and Jun Shishon and Kasumi Yamaya became famous so getting them to reprise their roles is also expensive for toei. As for Zyuohger Tsurugi has already retired.

Since it was stated that Grandiene came to existence during the begining of time, it's possible that Dai-Satan existed around that time as well. The two met up one day, and fell in love with each other due to having similar ambitions of universal conquest. So, they married and planned on conceiving offspring to carry out their evil legacy. This explains where the Saima siblings came from. Fourtunatly, the Zyurangers and GoGo Five managed to defeat Dai-Satan and Grandiene.

2020 Sentai guesses
  • a mixture of Middle Eastern mythologies and the Moon
    • The heroes will be good jinns. The items the heroes use will be stamps. The villains will be based on the 40 Thieves named after capitals of Muslim countries while the grunts will be based on evil jinns.
    • It will be narrated by Yumi Kakazu (Shizuka Minamoto) who will also voice the devices.
    • The team will the descendants of heroes of the Arabian Nights.
    • The heroes' base of operations will be Tokyo Camii, a mosque that has a secret and hidden magical base similar to Magiranger's.
    • The movie will be similar to Kamen Rider EX-Aid's movie which took place after the final episode. It will be focusing on the team going to the 7 heavens to fight the remaining villains.
  • The fourth Ninja team, this time mixed Japanese Gods or various mythical animals
    • Or a Yokai based team
  • Another car/vehicle-based team
    • As a fusion of both, the team could each have a car that transforms into another vehicle, similar to M.A.S.K.. They would consist of a male Red, Black, and Yellow, while the girls would be a Blue and a White. The Sixth Ranger would be Silver.
    • The villains would be self-driving vehicles lead by an evil A.I. similar to Venjix, the main difference being that the AI hasn't conquered the Earth, instead operating in the shadows. They can transform into monsters as a "battle form".
  • An Insect-based team (Sentai has never done that before)
    • To avoid comparisons to Kamen Rider, they'll base them on other creatures associated with insects, like spiders.
  • Ghosts
  • Samurai, mimicking Shinkenger's success.
    • Specifically, a Samurai Sentai themed after Edo Japan, Shogunate, and exorcism similar to Joujuu Senjin Mushibugyou and Twin Star Exorcists.
    • The team and story will be built around The Magnificent Seven Samurai. Their color designations will also be based on the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet and Pink.
    • Going off the above, the season would start with a trio consisting of Red, Blue, and Yellow, with the others joining as the season goes on, similar to Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger, right down to Blue being female and Yellow male. Pink and Violet would be female, while Green and Orange are male.
    • The 6th rangers could be based on ninjas.
  • A witchcraft-based team, similar to Puella Magi Madoka Magica and written by Gen Urobuchi.
    • If Toei had the balls to hire Urobuchi for Kamen Rider Gaim then having him for Sentai would further make the franchise great again.
    • Partially confirmed: The next Sentai is Mashin Sentai Kirameiger (literally translated as "Demon Advancement Squadron Shining Mage Ranger") and themed after demon-hunting magicians (maybe).
  • A Buddhist mythology-based team (from Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, India, Thailand and Tibet in particular), similar to Journey to the West, Dragon Ball, 3×3 Eyes, and Gensomaden Saiyuki.
    • For bonus points, the Red Ranger would be themed after a monkey and based on the original Chinese novel version of Son Goku.
  • A cyborg time-travelling Sentai team themed after Fujiko Fujio's cartoons and narrated by both Satoshi Tsumabuki (2014 film adult Nobita) and Wasabi Mizuta (Doraemon).
  • A Sentai team themed after apes (such as monkeys, baboons, and gorillas) similar to Tarzan and Kamen Rider Amazon. It would be filled to the brim with references to movies and anime set in wildlife.
  • A television and film-based team, which revolves around a group of people Trapped in TV Land and become a sentai team to stop villains based on various genres of TV from escaping into the "real world". This will be used as an engine to have wildly varying elements, with every episode homaging different media, while being an overt celebration on Super Sentai's history and role in media.
  • Animals of the Arctic and the Antarctic (both mythological and real)
    • The suits would be half white.
    • Their base would be shaped like a giant igloo.
    • Their vehicles (excluding mecha) will be based on snow and ice vehicles such as snowmobiles.
    • The villains would look like pelt-wearing hunters.
  • A Multinational Team themed after sports, counter-terrorism, and military.

2021 Sentai guesses
  • Animals turned into vehicles (a reverse of Goseiger's mecha)
  • Cowboys and Native American/First Nations mythology (with mechas based on the Seven Teachings)
    • The names of the heroes, or other prominent characters, would be derived from the Japanese translations of the words, resulting in the names Chie, Ai, Kei (from "sonkei"), Yūki, Shoji (from "shojiki"), Ken (from "kenkyo"), and Shinji (from "shinjitsu").
  • African Mythology
  • Military
    • The heroes will, probably unintentionally, be a Sentai!G.I. Joe fighting an over the top terrorist organization that recalls villains from an early Sentai.
  • Monsters
  • Holidays
  • A modern retelling of Goranger to mark the anniversary. As in the basic plot but as written now.
  • A team based on Ninja Captor
  • Martial Arts
    • A fusion of the concepts of Gorenger and Gekiranger, following a organization of experts in Chinese martial arts posing as a small company in order to fight a new, modern variation of the Black Cross Army, who also employ martial artists who can match the heroes.
  • Vehicles
    • Said vehicles could be a race car (that'd definitely appeal to kids), a rocket (which allows for space travel plots and motifs), a train (since trains are such a big industry in Japan), a submarine (perfect for a water-themed Blue), and a tank (perfect for the team muscle, and it provides a military element). The Sixth Ranger would have a monster truck (and like star Ninger, embody many American stereotypes, albeit different ones). Additional mecha would include variants on the same basic ideas; a police car, a satellite, a trolly, a freighter, an armored car, and a big rig.
    • It will be sentient like Go-Onger but without animal motifs.
  • A team with international motifs, like Battle Fever J, but with a pro sports spin:
    • Red, the leader, would of course be Japan-themed and be a baseball player, a Green would be Brazil-themed and be an association football player, a Blue would be United States-themed and be a basketball player, a White or Pink would be Canada-themed (since Japan took Red, White would work due to being the other flag color, while Pink references both red and white) and be a ice hockey player, a Yellow would be Chinese (referencing the stars on the flag) and be a pro runner. The Sixth Ranger would, due to trends lately, likely be gold or silver, a Black would be Germany-themed (since Red and Yellow are taken) and be a handball player, and a Gold Sixth Ranger (since that's the norm these days) would be Argentina-themed (referencing the somewhat gold sun on their flag) and play Pato (it's their official national sport, and Brazil would get Soccer).
  • Battle Fever J but with national warriors from that nation's past, like a Samurai for Japan
    • Like a conquistador for Spain, a musketeer from any one of several European countries (probably France, what with the Three Musketeers and all), a Celtic themed woman inspired by Boudica, etc.
  • Battle Fever J but focusing on national animals
    • The team would be linked to the same countries/regions as the members of Team Battle Fever; Japan would have a koi fish or the green pheasant (which would be...odd if they had him be the Red, I must say), Ukraine would have the bear, Kenya would have a lion, France would have the Gallic rooster (so definitely not a female member in this case), and the the United States would have the American bison in order to not have the majority of the team be birds. The team would have two additional members having ties to Peru and Australia, who have the vicuña and the kangaroo.
    • Alternatively, they'll go with four different countries in addition to Japan, which are part of the same region; Canada would take the "North American" slot and have a (North American) beaver theme, Madagascar would take the "Africa" slot and have a ring-tailed lemur theme, Poland will take the "Slavic" slot and have a white-tailed eagle theme, and England would take the "European" slot and have a British bulldog theme. The team would have only one Sixth Ranger, who trained in Mexico and would either have a grasshopper theme or a golden eagle theme (which would certainly lend itself to a Gold guy).
  • A season revolving around Yokai
    • Yokai will be the heroes this time around, while the villains are anti-yokai humans. Some of the yokai will look largely human, while others are characters in suits, similar to Kyuranger. The Monster of the Week types of characters will be yokai brainwashed by the evil humans to kill humans and turn humanity against them. The suits would include the kanji for each members' race's name.
    • A group of humans gets trapped in an alternate dimension/world populated entirely by yokai. A nice yokai becomes The Mentor and makes them into Sentai Rangers who can collect trinkets that give them the powers of yokai so they can defeat the Big Bad, an evil yokai king who wants to invade the human world.
    • Alternately the Yokai are depicted as being at war with Cryptids from other parts of the world who want to attack humanity but the Yokai live in peace with humanity and give the Rangers the power to defend humanity from monsters such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and more.
  • Birds, but resembling real birds instead of "giant vehicle mecha resembling birds".
  • A Victorian era steampunk-based team similar to Ashita no Nadja and Fullmetal Alchemist narrated by Romi Park (Edward Elric) and Ami Koshimizu (Nadja Applefield).
  • A magic-based Sentai team themed after PreCure.
  • A Red Invidivual Mecha-themed team.
  • Having prism pieces as a collectible item, each representing past Sentai.
    • The members for a season with this theme would have a jewel and geometric theme, with each ranger having a gemstone that corresponds with their color (like ruby for Red, tanzanite for Blue, chrysoberyl for yellow, etc) and a unique shape for each of their visors that isn't usually used for a visor (a pentagon, a trapezoid, a semicircle, etc.) This would tie into the completed prism being a shape they create that is presumably composed of crystal.
  • Latin American Mythology


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