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The series after Gobusters will have the blue ranger female
Since Akibaranger has one, other sentais could follow for consistency.
  • Jossed. Kyoryu Blue is male.

The 37th season will also be a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers
Although the official confirmation will probably come during Autumn 2012, Toei has registered the trademark for Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. If you pay attention, it sounds like an inversion of Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (which, in fact, should be more correctly spelled Jyuranger). And in any case, the title itself tells of a dinosaur motif. So, the 2013 season may be a Call-Back to the first Super Sentai that was adapted into Power Rangers, and will air during the latter's 20th anniversary. Too much to be just coincidences!
  • Or maybe it's just a coincidence.

Kyoryuger will be a very formulaic season
Not dull or even bad, just quite unoriginal. Regardless of how you feel about it, Tokumei Sentai Go Busters at least tried something different; however, it hasn't sit well with Japanese audiences apparently, since by Summer 2012 the series has turned into a big ratings flop (it has recovered, but only thanks to Kamen Rider Wizard being now in the same programming block). Unless they want to try and do an even bigger shake-up to the classic Super Sentai formula, Toei will probably wanto to play safe with the next series to get the public back.
  • Zigged-Zagged - it does return to the more light-hearted stuff you'd see with shows like Kakuranger and Zyuranger, but it does shake up the formula a bit by having a higher number of rangers than usual, not to mention that the red ranger gets a lot more focus.

    General WMG 

The Kyoryuger suits will feature a white diamond pattern in some manner.
This has been a unifying aesthetic in the past two dinosaur-themed sentai series, so they may very well continue with it.
  • Close! A yellow triangle pattern this time.
  • Additionally the Sixth Ranger will start out evil and then have a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Confirmed sort of Maru will be trapped in evil armor for his early appearances.
  • Confirmed, it's a lot subtler this time though.
    • Kyoryu Red Carnival makes the pattern a lot more obvious, particularly on his legs.

Kyoryuger will start out with three rangers.
I'm starting to sense a pattern here, as every series after a post-anniversary series I've see so far (Abaranger, Go-onger) started out with three initial rangers.
  • Jossed. There's a full team of five.
  • Though it's possible that there will only be three at the start with the other two joining early on, a la Go-onger, as the main mecha only involves the Red, Blue, and Pink mecha.
  • It's also possible that there will be Red, Blue, and Pink at the start, with Green and Black joining in episodes 2 and 3, respectively, like Kakuranger
  • Still Jossed the whole, five team were formed by Episode 1.
  • However, the three introduced themselves in person in Episode 2 while the rest kept their identities in secret. They even fought together without Black or Green!

Kyoryuger will use actual dinosaurs, not just prehistoric monsters.
At least the main rangers wouldn't.
  • Confirmed. The main five's mecha are a Tyrannosaurus, a Stegosaurus, a Triceratops, a Velociraptor, and a Parasauralophus.
    • Broken with Kyoryu Gold's pteranodon, however. There's also a plesiosaur in the works. But hey, at least they're all reptiles this time.

Kyoryuger will not have a pink ranger.
In addition to the "starts out with three rangers" theory above, I've also notice that two series following an anniversary series (Hurricaneger and Abarangernote , Gekiranger and Go-onger) didn't have a pink in their line-ups, so it wouldn't surprise me if Kyoryuger didn't have a pink ranger, either.
  • Jossed

The yellow ranger will be male.
Though there will be another color that will be female in its place, like blue or green.

The series' mecha can combine with one another
As in, for example, in a Red-Blue-Yellow team, there are Red+Blue formation, Red+Yellow formation and Blue+Yellow formation. And finally, there is the Red+Blue+Yellow formation.
  • Half confirmed, half jossed. The mecha can do multiple combinations, but Red is always involved as the base, while the rest serve as its arms.

If there is a Five-Man Band,
The following colour ranger will have his/her key traits:

The team will start off with red,blue,and pink
The Mecha apparently has a main body and two arm attachments , so in a simillar way to Engine Sentai Go-onger black and green will join later .
  • Jossed the whole team of five were formed by the first episode.

There will be 10 mecha.
The first Beast Batteries in the toy catalog to not belong to a mecha is #11, Deinochaser. Alternatively, since the Deinochaser Beast Battery is used for two small mecha that form a bike, there will be 12 mecha, as the next one is #14, Stymero, which comes with the Gabrevolver.
  • Confirmed; the Beast Batteries #1 through 10 are tied to physical mecha, while anything beyond that serves as a "guardian spirit", allowing the use of special attacks.
    • Jossed for Stymero as mecha, however.
  • Now Jossed. There is ELEVEN mecha now, with the reveal of the movie-exclusive mecha, Zyudenryu #0: Tobaspino.

The Super Mode will include a second shoulder pad.
Symmetry is awesome.

If there is a Yellow.
It'll be only be in one episode or movie only.
  • Jossed for the Movie. That right now belongs to a navy blue Kyoryuger.

Someone has to be a girl in the Power Rangers adaptation
It will be the Green ranger.
  • Not necessarily. It would most likely depend on which ever male ranger is the shortest most likely. Red is almost definately out but it could always be blue or black.
  • Why? Ninja Storm had one female ranger the whole season.
    • Ninja Storm did not have a Pink Ranger (officially); all gender flips have had the sole female be pink or have pink accents in the case of Gaoranger / Wild Force
    • Jungle Fury and Dino Thunder also only had one girl.

The story will start with at least the Black Ranger joining the team.
Why else would he be the first to be identified?
  • Jossed. The Black Ranger already become so; the first episode is about the Red Ranger joining the team instead.
    • Ironically, Black was the last of the team to share his identity.

Ian Yorkland will be of either the But Not Too Foreign or Funny Foreigner variety.
He's the only one without a Japanese name.

The Kyoryuger roll call will be along the lines of Boukenger.
It is known that the Kyoryugers, aside from their Ranger titles ("Kyoryu [color name]"), will also have hero titles ("____ Hero(ine). _の勇者/ _ no Yūsha), similar to the Boukengers' adventurer titles ("___ Adventurer." __冒険者/__Bōkensha) which had the roll call "The __ adventurer, Bouken [color name]."

So the Kyoryuger roll call will be.

  • "The Fanged Hero, Kyoryu Red!"
  • "The Bullet Hero, Kyoryu Black!"
  • "The Armored Hero, Kyoryu Blue!"
  • "The Slashing Hero, Kyoryu Green!"
  • "The Horned Heroine, Kyoryu Pink!"
    • Confirmed by their cameo appearance in the Gobusters vs Gokaiger movie. They do the roll call exactly like the one above.

Nao Nagasawa's character is Kyoryu Blue's younger sister.
She has been revealed to be having a semi-regular role in the show, and the character profiles for the Kyoryugers reveal that Kyoryu Blue (Nobuharu Udo) is a 32 year old with a younger sister (Nao Nagasawa is 29) who is a single mother.
  • Jossed: Ayumi Kinoshita, another Super Sentai alumni, will be the one playing KyoryuBlue's sister.
  • Now reported that Nagasawa may not appear in the show at all due to scheduling conflicts. Could be that she was originally supposed to play Blue's sister but Kinoshita took over the role?

Amy and Nao Nagasawa's character will be related somehow.
We already know that the male Kyoryugers have relationships with different characters played by various Super Sentai alums. However, we don't know any info about Amy's relationships (aside from her butler), nor do we know what character Nao will play. So, maybe the two will be related in a way?
  • Jossed. Amy has no shown family, as they all live in America.

There will be a future story teaming-up the Kyoryuger with both the Zyuranger and the Abaranger
...this will likely involve replacing characters who are either dead or whose actors don't return, but will also enable Toei to get more use out of that newly refurbished Daizyujin suit.

Kyoryuger takes place in the same world as either Abaranger or Zyuranger
  • Or both
  • Unlikely, due to the fact each season is a stand alone world, but they all co-exist in the Vs/Gokaiger universe.
  • Also, if that was the case both Deboss and Bandora killed the dinosaurs.
    • Zyuranger and Bandora's history is 170 million years ago. No Bandora did not wipe out the dinosaurs, she got sealed before their extinction.
  • Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music mentions there is a prehistoric race of humans during the age of the dinosaurs. Torin got the idea of the Kyoryugers from them. Torin also said the Kyoryuger tendency to dance during transformation is because of genetic memory of that ancient people's music. These prehistoric people could be the tribes in Zyuranger. Making the Kyoryuger descendants of those tribes.
    • Note the Zyuranger cast has been called by Toei for something. Likely a crossover event with Kyoryuger.

Kyoryuger will have the biggest team yet
We already have information on the 6th ranger to come in March, way to early. The only reason for this must be because they aren't stopping anywhere near 6.
  • We see batteries for up to 23 dinosaurs in the first episode, but it's most likely the majority of those are secondary mecha. The sixth slot is gold, seven through ten are light blue, dark grey, a purplish color, and silver. One through five are above six through ten, there's a mysterious series of five 11 slots under those, and the rest (through 23) are on a separate rack lower than those. WMG as you will.
    • And now we have the confirmation of KyoryuCyan, so we may indeed have a really big team. At the very least, the current number stands at seven!
    • If there are more future Kyoryugers, the max number would be at 10. The same number there were of total Dekarangers. Of course, this WMG is probably meaning the biggest active team.
    • Though by the look of things, the only fully active members will be Red, Blue, Pink, Black, Green, Gold and possibly Violet, which would leave things on equal footing with Dekaranger.
      • Ramirez' departure does strongly imply he'll be back at some point, though. At the very least we ought to get a ten-member roll call in the final episode.
  • Kyoryuger's number of rangers (not counting Deathryuger) technically matches previous record-holder Dekaranger with a total of 10 rangers. However, Kyoryuger's lineup has much more exposure and activity as they all appear in-series (Dekaranger's 10th ranger was movie-exclusive), all appear in multiple episodes (two of the Dekarangers were one-offs), and they even get a 10-man roll call (something Dekaranger never had). Taking that into consideration, this WMG is confirmed.

Kyoryuzin and Kyoryuzin Western will appear in the first episode
There will probably be some sort of excuse as to why only Blue and Pink's mechas can combine with Red's, and same with Black and Green.
  • Jossed, neither of them appear. Kyoryuzin is set to debut in the second episode.
    • And Kyoryuzin Western debuted in the fourth episode.

Blue, Pink, and Red will be the first to learn each others identities
Which is why at first only they can combine mecha
  • Confirmed in #2.
    • Though not for the combination part.

The Kyoryugers' Super Mode will be made to resemble the Dragon Armor used by Dragon Ranger and then Armed Tyranno Ranger in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.
The Dragon Armor is comprised of a golden chestplate and two golden armbands, maybe something like that. It could also come with a dagger weapon that can be dual-wielded with the Gabricalibur/Gabrevolver just as Armed Tyranno Ranger wields Burai's Zyusouken and his own Ryuugekiken.

The Kyoryugers' Super Mode final dino bot have ice powers
And it is behind sealing the villains in ice in the first place.

There will be a reference to/Someone will perform hip-hopkido.
It's dinosaur themed, music themed, and the henshin involves dancing. How can this not happen?

Nao Nagasawa's character will be one of the extra Kyoryugers ala Kyoryu Cyan.
  • Jossed. All Kyoryugers but Amy and Yayoi are male.
    • Since the character in question was actually played by Ayumi Kinoshita instead, and that character did become Kyoryu Cyan, not Jossed after all. Yuko Fukui is indeed the second Kyoryu Cyan.

Kyoryuger will have a special team up movie with Zyuranger and Abaranger
  • Confirmed!

When Kyoryuger gets adapted for a PR season, they will make another prop in lieu of a morpher.
As to why? Gun control is a hot-button issue in the US, more so as of late, and since the Gabrevolver is used for a transformation device, Saban will have to make a new prop lest he gets hits by all sides by protests for having a morpher in the form of a gun.
  • The Kyoryugers do have smartphone-esque belt buckles that hold their batteries, this could make a good substitute morpher.
    • Make an interesting homage to another series *coughStanding Bycough Complete cough*
  • Of course, with the way Power Rangers is being adapted nowadays (one Sentai series being adapted for over two seasons worth of episodes), the gun-control issue might (hopefully) be cooled down by the time Kyoryuger gets adapted.
    • Given the fact that many people are okay with blaster-esque weapons, it probably wouldn't be an issue either way
      • This. The general rule of thumb for kids fiction, going back to the '80s at least, is that guns are perfectly OK if they 1. do things that real guns don't, and don't actually do anything that can be replicated with a real gun, and 2. don't look anything like a real gun.
  • They'll still have to, and not to do with censorship at all: good luck with the secret identity thing if you are carrying around a piece of Ranger equipment everywhere you go! Every time PR has used a different morpher than sentai, that was the issue. Mike (not the samurai one) gets Aurachangers instead of having to explain why he's lugging a BFS around a space station command center. Dom's got a small bracelet with his symbol instead of pulling that giant... thing... out of hammerspace, and the others have shades in their pockets instead of wearing Ranger glove-things around a pizza parlor. The morphers will have to change no matter what's going on in the news because "Hi, my name is Bob, welcome to the Local Hangout, I'll be your server today, and please ignore my giant yellow gun that's just like the ones the Power Rangers carry." just ain't happening. A more standard morpher will have to be used. Here's hoping it's the belts, like certain other dino-themed Rangers I could mention.
    • They could ignore the secret identity all together...
      • I don't think people might ask too many questions. People in the power rangers universe are really stupid. The rangers dress in their color, and usually carry around matching items that also allow them to transform. Also it's not impossible to just put them in their bags or something. If anyone asks they could say its a toy.
      • And heck, the Kyoryugers themselves still maintain secret identities while lugging around their blasters. Why not the Power Rangers?
      • You're all forgetting the Western trope of keeping guns under your coat below the left chest. Problem solved.

Black was a cop.
Explains why he seems to favor guns.
  • Jossed. He used to study ancient civilizations.

At least one of the dinosaur mecha is a female
But it's not the pink one.

The mecha's name of it's mode all depends on it's right arm.
Stegotchi is standard, Parasgun becomes Western, Ankydon becomes macho etc.
  • JOSSED: Episode 9 preview shows Stegotchi as the LEFT arm and Parasagun as the Right arm. The BRAVE logo is the same for normal Kyoryuzin.

Shiro will return.
Either as Kyoryu White or as a spirit.

Amy and Souji will hook up
They hugged in Episode 3. Thats enough ship material for me!
  • By this logic, Daigo will hook up with Ian, too. Time will tell ...
  • In that case I'm going with Nossan Canderila hooking up based on 11.
  • Jossed hard, Amy ends up with Daigo.

Kyoryu Red's father is Torin
Both seem to lack a big amount of exposition behind them, so it certainly seems possible, maybe even suspicious. Also, both are related to dinosaurs and seem to know more than they let on. Ex. The father giving the necklace and telling his son vaguely to essentially chase his dreams, Torin essentially encouraging the team to become Kyoruger nudging the team together. Perhaps he was secretly Torin for a while or got involved with the Jyuden some time after leaving his son or while adventuring.
  • As of episode 20, this is Jossed. Daigo's dad and Torin appear on-screen at the same time and interact as separate characters.

Ian is British
He's from Europe and Yorkland does sound pretty English.
  • He could also be Scottish, since the name "Ian" is of Scottish origin.
    • I thought Scotland was part of Great Britain.
    • I took "English" above as nationality rather than language. Sorry?

Let's all guess what the remaining unrevealed Beast Batteries would do
Here, you put your guesses on the repective battery number:
  • #9 Pleson
    • Provides rocket arms for the main mecha
      • As in, it transforms into two, separate arms that has rocket powers.
      • Jossed; Pleson transforms into a separate mecha entirely.
      • That josses what it will do for the main mecha. Along with Bunpachy, Pleson can combine with Gabutyra to form Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin.
  • #10 Bragigas
    • A very huge mecha that rams into enemies
    • A carrier mech, a la King Brachion/Titanus, used as the final component of the ultimate Kamitsuki Gattai.
  • #12 Dinosgrander
    • Dishing Out Dirt
      • If slotted into the Gabricalibur, the user can dig underground with the sword.
      • Semi-Jossed. The trick to using it is to first do an Armed On with their own personal weapon, then do a second Armed On with Dienosgrander, giving the user Wolverine Claws on both hands and allowing them to do high-speed tunneling as well as give them the power to dig through some of the thickest obstacles.
  • #16 Beyonsmo
    • A recent scan shows Gabutyra with a long neck.
      • It could give targets long necks so that they can see stuff like how people in submarines see the above surface.
  • #17 Ovirappoo
    • Toilet Humour, where a fart noise is released and the whole scene is covered with brown, stinky, smoke.
  • #18 Igeranodon
    • A past scan shows that if slotted into the Gabrevolver, it will shoot out hands.
      • The user can grab faraway things thing way?
      • Jossed - the ending implies that the hand tickles the target instead.
      • It does. When Igerandon is used in the Gabrevolver, it makes the target feel like something is tickling it.
  • #19 Tuperanda
    • Blow You Away
    • Ah, my bad. I forgot I could make the target flat like paper.
  • #20 Gurumonite
    • Attacks with vines
    • Summons rocks from above!
    • Target becomes smarter.
    • 'Smart shot', where through the Gabrevolver, its bullets changes direction to always hit the target which would otherwise be able to easily dodge it.
      • None of the above, #11 shows us that it's a dizzying effect battery.
  • #23 Futabain
    • Self-Duplication
      • Gabutyra can use it on itself to make clones of itself to make many combination results at once.
  • #00 Tobaspino
  • This song list gives us hints on what each and every one of the batteries would do.

Someone will shoot a friendly fire of #18 Igeranodon's effect at Amy.
And then, tickling fetish as a Fanservice ahoy!
  • Episode #10 did have some other stuff in it including a foot focus scene for Amy and Balloo Nossan

For the Power Rangers counterpart
Red will be black, Black and Pink will be white, Blue will be Ambiguously Brown and Green will be asian. This is all based on their dinosaur's locations (except the blue one).

Amy's parents, if they ever appear, will be played by actors from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger
Some previous rangers have parents/ancestors played by actors from earlier seasons, sometimes with Mythology Gags.

Torin was the first Kyoryuger.
Recent scans have shown a Beast with the number 0 and a dark blue color scheme.
  • Seems jossed, for the moment, with the revelation that fighting too much painfully cripples Torin and starts turning him to stone, so unless transforming somehow fixes that... highly unlikely, for now.
    • Jossed, Tessai was said to be the first to use a Beast Battery to transform
      • Plus, battery #00 is the movie-exclusive Tobaspino, which is used by the equally movie-exclusive Deathryuger.
      • While this really doesn't affect the WMG, it's worth pointing out that episode 28 has a poster of one of the characters from the movie, and 29 has outright flashbacks to it, confirming that the film (and Tobaspino) counts as canon.

Daigo does have a weakness to overcome.
Remembering back to episode 7, Daigo is quick to react to criticism in a passive, tell-me-how-I-can-improve manner. Standing up to Tessai, despite his demand that he be stripped of his position as KyoryuRed, will be his way of passing the test.
  • Close on everything but his weakness. Tessai was pushing Daigo to discover his weakness in secret. Which is the fear of losing his new friends.

Yuko already knows her brother is Kyoryu Blue
She's just messing with him until he tells her
  • This is an interesting case where it's both jossed AND confirmed. Episode 31 showed that she was ignorant about this until she managed to put the pieces together, but afterwards, she told him to let "that blue hero" know not to lose during episode 35.

Parasgun's Ammo for its attacks really its poop.

If Pteraiden-Oh combines with Stegotchi and Dricera, the formation will be called "Pteraiden-Oh Samba"
Kyoryu Red Carnival's version of Kyoyuzin's default mode is called "Samba Carnival".

If/When Tobaspino appears in the series, it and the other Zyudenryu will come together and form their respective mecha forms
Essentially, the Zyuden Giants line-up will be as followed: Kyoryuzin note , Pteraiden-Oh Western note , SpinoDaiOh note , Plezu-Oh note , and Gigant Bragi-Oh note .
  • Confirmed, in Episode 41.

We will eventually see the pretty cures dancing in the upcoming endings.
Complete with their 3d models and the stage used for their oen ending.
  • Jossed.

Battery #23 will be used
In series, around the time Bragigas is finally introduced.
  • Jossed: 23 (Futabain) was first used in Episode 32.

Tobaspino will appear later during the series.
The frog Buster Machine FS-0O from the Go-Busters movie appeared in the Christmas episode of that series, so why not give Tobaspino an in-series cameo as well?
  • Confirmed, for Episode 39.

Dantetsu is a Spirit Ranger
This may seem a strange suggestion given everything, but we know he suddenly had to leave to gather the stones and we know Ramirez and Tessai also sought them out. I think he was Kyoryu Red for a while before dying.
  • Jossed, but he did end up becoming the second Kyoryu Silver.

Ian will forgive Aigaron
At the climax of the series, Ian will go one-on-one with Aigaron. When he's on the verge of death, Aigaron will beg him to at least spare Candelilla. Ian, being the defender of ladies he is, sees how much Aigaron loves her and decides to spare him.
  • Partially confirmed, partially jossed. They don't duel, but instead, Aigaron makes a Heroic Sacrifice for Candelilla after he begs Ian to spare Candelilla and Luckyuro, who are now being hunted by Deboss. Ian, after learning the truth about Aigaron since his explosion, performs a Mercy Kill on him.

In the final episode all the Zyudenchi will gain a mecha form and help take down the Big Bad's final form
Kinda' like Gaoranger.
  • Sadly Jossed.

There will be an episode focusing on Amy and Yayoi.
Many Sentai Series with two female Rangers in the team have that one episode that centers around the both of them saving the day on their own. So, sometime before the Kyoryuger's big final battle with Deboss, we will get our obligatory "Girl Power Episode".

Dogold will kill Utsusemimaru
In his dying moment, he'll pass his sword on to Souji, being the only other swordsman. His last words would be to thank Amy for helping him come out of his shell.
  • Confimred about Uchii dying, Jossed about everything else. Of course, Uchii doesn't stay dead for long, so... it's also Jossed, I guess?

On what the Kyiryuger's secret weapon really is
Yayoi, Tessai and Ramirez were absent in #45 because they were all working on equipping Plezuon's Deboss cell destroying programme with the Melody of Life. Both Dantetsu and Torin knew that Deboss and its own melody had grown too strong to be vanquished by the melody alone, but they needed more time, especially after Plezuon was damaged. So, they hatched a plan: After Dantetsu found the melody, he would give it to our three extra rangers. They'd use it to make the one weapon capable of victory. Now, Dantetsu needed to stall the enemy, and they would accept nothing less than extreme measures: the death of Torin, and the assurance he would never return. Deboss, having all the time in the world, kept its word, and postponed the destruction of humanity. And so, Dantetsu must play his part until the weapon is ready. It's a desperate gambit that has cost him a dear friend, but it's the only hope they have left.

Torin is not quite dead.
Remember the part where Lord Chaos says he has to die as a Deboss Monster to prevent him from returning as a spirit? Well, turning him into a monster did not work.
  • Or more obviously, Dantetsu never intended to kill Torin permanently. All Deboss had was his word that the song he played would do that.
  • Jossed. Torin's dead, but at least he's a Spirit, like Ramirez and Tessai.

After the victory, Yayoi will kiss Daigo.
Leaving everyone else to say finally but Daigo will just be confused.
  • Jossed. Sorry Dayoi shippers, but it looks like Damy is happening.

Deboss screwed himself over.
In the finale, we learn from Doctor Ulshade that Deboss created a space distortion to amplify the Melody of Destruction. It is my theory that this very distortion was used against him when our heroes sang the Melody of Life, amplifying the song to reach Daigo in space and Torin, Tessai and Ramirez in Deboss Hell, as well as empowering the Zyudenryu to save Daigo. Oh, and revive Utchy of course.

    Villain WMG 

The Deboss Army were created by Sorceress Bandora.
More specifically Pleprechaun. This show states that the Devoss Army killed the dinosaurs, an action also assigned to Bandora. When she was sealed, the DA followed soon after her defeat. Of course, this is Sentai. They are rarely in continuity outside of crossovers. Alternatively, the DA are demons summoned by Dai-Satan to assist Bandora in her genocide.
  • in the finale, it's revealed that Deboss was, in fact, created. Who was responsible is still a mystery.
  • It is revealed in the Kyoryuger and Ressha Sentai Toqger team-up movie, that Deboss was created by a being named Creator Devius

Deboss was created by The Presenters
The Presenters are a sufficiently advanced race that sent what were essentially instructions on how to contact them. However, they got corrupted into the Zodiart Switches and while a communication with the Presenters was attempted, it ultimately failed. The Presenters caught wind of this and decided "Welp, time to kill the humans." and made Deboss... Then sent him back in time.

Deboss was created by someone who is the Super Sentai equivalent of Foundation X
It's just begging for Sequel Hook.

Deboss was created by whatever's the main villain in Kyoryuger: Super Dinosaur Taisen (AKA. Kyoryuger Vs. Go-Busters)
That crossover seemed to be a closing act for Kyoryuger.

The Deboss leader is colored red
It kind of makes sense when you look at the color schemes of the Kyoryugers and the Deboss Army:
  • Kyoryu Red = ?
  • Kyoryu Black = High Priest Chaos
  • Kyoryu Blue = Aigaron
  • Kyoryu Green = Luckyuro
  • Kyoryu Pink = Candelilla
  • Kyoryu Gold = Dogold
Please note that the High Priest may count as both Red and Black's counterpart.
  • Actually they already match the traditional Super Sentai color scheme: High Priest Chaos: Red, Aigaron: Blue, Dogold: Yellow, Candelilla: Pink, Lukyuro: Green

Debo Hyogakki got carried away when he wiped out the dinosaurs
That's how the villains got frozen for 65 million years. Deboss himself probably supercharged Debo Hyogakki but he couldn't handle such a huge amount of power and lost control, locking him and his superiors in ice until they finally thawed out.
  • It appears it wasn't an immediate thing. Turns out the Deboss Army was still active by the time of Kyoryu Gold, which is 400 years ago, 100 years after Ramirez's time.

Candelilla's monsters involve giving people false sense of happiness.
Mostly through delusions.
  • Sounds like a specific Debo Monster.

Deboss will be the Knight of Cerebus
Just like Yogoshimacritein from Engine Sentai Go-onger.

Ian will be the one to kill Aigaron.
He will somehow find out that it was Aigaron who caused the death of his friend, and will go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge that will end in him killing Aigaron.
  • The title of the WMG is confirmed, but not the details when Ian encounters Aigaron for the final time, the latter performs a Heroic Sacrifice to save Candelira. Ian is moved at the sheer selflessness that his hated enemy just displayed and cracks the fallen Aigaron's armor, allowing his soul to escape and granting him a peaceful death.

Candelilla's first monster will give people toothaches.
But not all of them; the joy energy drained will come from other people laughing at those suffering from tooth pains.
  • Jossed. She was doing a good job collecting joy from people eating Debo Batissire's cakes. Until something else caused Debo Batissire to mutate and made people suffer from toothaches. Causing all of Candelillia's collected energy to be transferred to Aigaron.

Candelilla is cursed.
No matter what happens, something will happen to her Debo Monster when it is her turn up to bat. In example, Debo Batissire going mad from Debo Viruson's powers.
  • This might have to happen. It'd be impossible to root for the Kyoryugers to fight the Debo Monsters that aim for joy. "Let's kill the monster! He's handing out sweets that everyone likes!" said no one ever.
  • It would also be a good weak point - as the villains seem to require some joy for their plans, if they can never get any but only have the other emotions, things won't come out right.
  • It's mentioned that joy is a hard emotion to harvest, but Debo Viruson used a sleeping sickness to put a bunch of people into a sweet dreams coma. They just have to be creative with it.
  • Also, it's not so much "we have to stop her from creating happiness" as "we have to stop her from creating happiness that's going to wake up a planet-eating abomination."

Luckyuro will be promoted to being a Knight of Anger
Who else will take over Dogold's job after his Heel–Face Turn?

One of the team will meet Candellira in her human form and befriend her, not knowing she's the enemy.
Seems like a good possibility to set up some character drama. Plus, who wouldn't want to be friends with Haruka Tomatsu? She's adorable!

Candellira's Spa plan will show up in a future episode
  • Bonus if one of the others points out how she wanted to do that plan for a while.

Shiro isn't really dead, he's actually trapped inside of Aigaron, ala Dogold trapping Utsusemimaru

When Devoss is revived, he will Devour the Dragon.
When he is finally revived, he will consume one of his followers, just to show how much of a Jerkass he is.
  • Confirmed, sort of, in episode 22 - as a revived Deboss absorbs Debo Virsun.

Deboss will cross the Bishōnen Line
His prehistoric form resembles a dinosaur, the race he previously made extinct. He will take the humans' appearance next if he becomes complete.

The thing on Chaos's hand in episode 23.
Is the new Knight of Regrets.
  • Or Master Deboss's essence/spirit/what have you.
    • According to episode 25 Deboss put his "heart" into his hand. The new Knight of Hatred is created after

One of Endorf's powers is subconsciously powering up the other Deboss Generals through his hate.
It's probably no coincidence Aigaron's black-eyed form debuted the same episode, and scans show human!Canderilla wearing dark makeup. Those are probably how Endorf's Hate Plague manifests.
  • Jossed. Aigaron's black-eyed form has a different explanation, and Candelira's makeup is just incidental.

The Deboss Army will be killed in this specific order.
First Endolf, Second Dogold, Next Luckeuro and Candelia who will probably be killed in the same episode. Then Aigaron after that Chaos and finally Deboss.
  • Jossed. Aigaron was the first to go, then Endorf and Dogold bought it in the next episode. Candelira and Luckyuro have pulled a Heel–Face Turn, and aren't going to die at all.

Dogold's going to get that body he wants.
And because this show clearly has no qualms about putting our heroes through intense emotional hardship, his host will be Dantetsu Kiryu, which will make him the most dangerous of the Deboss knights by a long shot.
  • Unfortunately for Dogold, he wasn't able to claim that specific host.

Alternately, he'll find some way to entrap Endolf (since we know Deboss members are fair game for hosts), getting him his permanent body and taking out his most hated rival all in one shot.

Luckyuro and Candelira will survive the series.
Over the course of the series, It's been made clear that Luckyuro is the least dangerous member of the Deboss Legion (though not totally harmless, as episode 25 proved), as he seems to very much prefer playing around and having fun than contributing to humanity's downfall (indeed, he's very often distracted by fun and games whenever he's assigned a mission). Candelira tends to be much the same (though less easily distracted), and she's even fully capable of making people genuinely happy. Both of them could very easily live alongside humans without much trouble.

It helps that the Kyoryugers did seriously consider sparing the two of them when it looked like they were the only two legion members left, though Torin frowned upon the idea, as allowing any Legion members to survive would apparently allow Deboss to survive. However... given that Torin himself is a former member of the Deboss Legion, it seems likely that the Kyoryugers will find a way to permanently kill Deboss regardless of any surviving legion members.

  • In episode 38, Luckyuro was given a great deal of pause when Amy pointed out to him that, if the human race were exterminated, he wouldn't be able to read any more of his favorite manga (which he's a very sincere and hardcore fan of).
  • Episode 40 is probably the most important episode yet for this WMG. It turns out that Nobuharu and Candelira have a great deal of romantic chemistry, with the latter even having genuine feelings for the former. Later on, Nossan gives an impassioned speech to Candelira, begging her to stop hurting humans and pointing out that both she and Luckyuro were created to make humans happy, and thus they could easily coexist with humans. Nossan's words actually manage to get through to Candelira, and she ends up helping him defeat her own Monster of the Week. Even Nossan's sister, Yuuko, admitted that Candelira probably wasn't a bad person.
  • At the end of episode 45 it's revealed that Candelira and Luckyuro have deserted the Deboss legion.
  • It's been a long time coming, but as of the finale of the series, this WMG is CONFIRMED!
Aigaron will go absolutely insane when he finds out about Candelira's feelings for Kyoryu blue
He'll very likely allow his black-eyed form to completely take over, as he was only able to suppress it due to not wanting to scare his crush, Candelira.
  • Thankfully jossed. Aigaron was able to die in peace, blissfully unaware of Candelira's feelings for blue.
Master Deboss will have a new One-Winged Angel form come the finale.
Take a look at the Frozen Castle; looks an awful lot like an entirely different creature, huddled in a fetal position. Deboss' final, true form, perhaps? This would also be a way to make him feel more menacing, given that we've already seen a particularly frightening form. It could also serve as a giant middle finger to humanity, taking a form more similar to their own to wipe them out, considering how similar his green form is to the dinosaurs that it wiped out.

Dantetsu is a Deboss monster
Let's look at some of the facts/rumors. There was a rumor regarding Dantetsu's relationship with Torin. It stated that Dantetsu was the offspring of Torin and a human, thus making his son have Deboss blood. Though, considering the rumor also stated Dantetsu would be KyoryuSilver, it's safe to say it might not happen... Buuuut... There's nothing stopping him from being a Deboss. It's a stretch, but in #41's preview, it shows Dantetsu with the narrator saying "A usurping?!" which might mean that Dantetsu might usurp someone... most likely the Deboss.

Chaos is secretly gathering Bravery.
After seeing the Kyoryugers overcome overwhelming odds through the use of Bravery, Chaos and Deboss are going to be sending monsters out for the specific purpose of taking Bravery from the Rangers as well as civilians. Naturally, Chaos will keep this secret, lest the heroes find out. It's not the first time he's lied to his own subordinates. Gathering courage would mean that he would be the most powerful foe the Kyoryugers will face, since them calling on their bravery would also make him stronger.

If this is indeed the case, it may lead into...

Chaos will become an Evil Kyoryuger himself, with Master Deboss as his Zyudenryu counterpart,
Deboss monsters have done it before, and it'd make a nice counterpart to Torin becoming Kyoryu Silver.

The series will end with Deboss himself being redeemed.
It's been show that this can happen to beings that represent his emotions, so why not the big bad himself? Furthermore, Deboss is stated to evolve and take on traits of the species he attacks, so perhaps he will gain the capacity to harness bravery from humans, something that was previously antithetical to him.

Dantetsu will probably join the Deboss Legion to test his son's growth and power.
In #42, Dantetsu leaves to finish an unknown final task. Going off the scans of how he joins the Deboss Legion and is now the new Kyoryu Silver, this is all probably a test from Dantetsu to see if Daigo has matured in his father's absence and if he has truly gained power. Soon afterwards, Dantetsu will turn on the Deboss Legion seeing his son's maturity and growth in power, and rejoins the Kyoryugers to finish off the Deboss Legion once and for all alongside his son.

Dantetsu's Face–Heel Turn is really just a Batman Gambit.
Seeing as how Dantetsu kills Torin and joins the Deboss Legion, maybe Dantetsu has a secret plan in mind that will destroy the Deboss Legion from inside and will rejoin the Kyoryugers at the very end to defeat what's left of the Deboss Legion.
  • Confirmed. By killing Torin and sending him to Deboss Hell, Torin could kill monsters' spirits before they could get revived, and Dantetsu could delay the destruction of the Earth.

    KyoryuGold WMG 

Well, it happened with the other dinosaur-themed sixths so why not make it Rule of Three?Of course he'd be back for the crossover.
  • Confirmed! Sorta. Rumors from the normal source for Episode summeries says Gold (the "offical" 6th) is trapped inside Dogold who is living armor and he has a entire episode dedicated to his revival. The Unoffical 6th, Cyan started off Dead All Along then Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence
  • Jossed for Utchi...barely. Confirmed for Torin, Ramirez, and Tessai, the latter two who started off as spirits, with Torin dying and becoming a spirit himself. The three seemingly passed on after the final battle. The curse continues.

The Sixth Ranger will be Gold
To be the closest enlivenment to yellow.
  • Confirmed by the toyline.

The Sixth Ranger will be female
All in a desperate attempt to avert The Smurfette Principle.
  • Fully Jossed. Word of God says that the reason for having only one girl among the team of five was to make defeating the mecha more believable. Adding more girls to the team would require them doing so.
  • Though the seventh will be Female Kyoryu Violet II.

Kyoryuger's sixth hero will not be an actual Sixth Ranger (e.g. Dragon Ranger, Time Fire, Abare Killer, and Gokai Silver), y an extra hero (e.g. Ninjaman, Signalman, Black Knight, Zubaan, and Rio and Mele). Dinoman? Kyoryuman? Jyudenman?
I just can't picture the Kyoryugers, a team with no Yellow Ranger, to get a Sixth Ranger who will probably be silver or gold. Its probably because the three previous no Yellow Sentai were before Zyuranger.
  • Maybe KyoryuGold will be like a DekaMaster. His appearance is a bit early (April) for a 6th Hero.
    • Jossed he is a full 6th ranger by definition, but there will be a 7th Kyoryu violet, her uniform unlike Gold's is identical in style to the other core members however her predecessor was the first member of the modern team who left after Black, Green, Blue, and Pink joined.

The Sixth Ranger will be clad in a different shade of yellow we're used to.
Perhaps saffron or, if it's a girl, lemon chiffon.
  • Somewhat confirmed. [[spoiler: Kyoryu Gold is apparently the next Ranger, but we don't know if he will be an "official 6th Ranger".
    • By definition he is a 6th ranger
      • different uniform variation Different henshin device different weapon and different Mecha all 6th rangers meet this criteria. Though Gekiranger makes exceptions with Geki Violet and Geki Chopper being considered core members though the former barely fits the description with his mecha being no different than blue and yellows other than being a wolf to their cats.

Kyoryu Gold will almost die, but the ghosts of Dragonranger, Time Fire and Abarekiller will talk him out of it (by "befriending" him)...
... He will then complete the reference to Power Rangers Dino Thunder by accessing his Super Mode for the first time to beat up the MOTW.
  • While such a thing would be really cool, it's extremely unlikely. Each Super Sentai series is self-contained, and the only one that accepts all of the other series as canon is Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, which is why the Time Fire/Abare Killer/Dragonranger scene was possible there. On the other hand, team-up movies sorta take place in the Gokaiger-verse, so perhaps this could happen in one of those.
    • Alternatively the actors who played Dragonranger, Time Fire and Abarekiller will be Kyoryu Golds Mentors
    • It can happen in a VS movie

Kyoryu Gold will appear early on
Similiar to Abare Black, Kyoryu Gold will appear in one of the first few episodes.
  • Confirmed he appears in Brave 10. If counted as the 6th ranger this will be the earliest a 6th has appeared, beating out his predecessors by 4 episodes.
  • Though if you want to get technical, he appeared as soon as we saw Dogold.

Wise God Torin is going to be the Gold Ranger
He's bird based. The pteranodon is the closest to being bird like by flying.

Daigo's father is going to be Kyoryu Gold.
He's set up as an important character in the first episode, is explicitly mentioned to have disappeared randomly one day, and gave his son the fang-in-amber that is apparently important. One way or another, he's going to be important to the series later on, and how cool would it be to have a father and son kicking ass together?
  • I tried. Alas, good idea while it lasted.

The Gold Ranger will initially be seen as not Brave compared to the other five.
Timidness is his key traits. Bonus points is when there is a Personality Shift after morphing.
  • He was a feudal samurai to begin with, and he seems to be anything but timid.

Kyoryu Gold was a past ranger
But a descendant will inherit it.
  • Nope, it's still Utsusemimaru.

Kyoryu Gold was sealed long ago...
And survived to the present day.
  • Confirmed.

There will be a Mecha formation with Pteragordon, Parasagun, and Zakutor that isn't a general form.
Sure Abaranger had the whole limb-swap gimmick as well, but at the least they weren't trademark mecha for any rangers. It seems like a waste for the Black and Green to hang in the cockpit just to pull out a sword from Stegotchi.Also, Geta-Geta!
  • Confirmed.

Kyoryu Gold will finally introduce himself to the team around the episode numbers sixth rangers would normally debut.
Prior to that, his identity still remains a mystery and still does not fight along with the main team.
  • Jossed. He was introduced in episode 9, before he was even freed, made his debut in episode 10, and officially joined the team in episode 12.

Dogold is related to Kyorugold.
Either they are rivals, or brothers, or even the same person!
  • Early rumors for the next few episodes put Dogold as Animated Armor who has Kyoryu Gold strapped inside from when they were last active and Gold having to be Revived
    • Happened. Dogold took over Utsusemimaru's body in Brave 47, but only for a combo attack to put away Endolf. Ucchi then died, his mission done, but was revived by the Kyoryuger's melody in Brave 48.

The series' Ending will NOT change
To include Kyoryu Gold.
  • Isn't he technically in it already as Dogold?
  • Jossed: He's added to the ending dance as himself.

The team will each use one of Ucchi's batteries for a team attack
  • Only because Ucchi specifically said he has six batteries in total. Bonus points if this is how Dogold is destroyed once and for all.
    • This would fall under Awesome, but Impractical, since it would make him unable to summon Pteragordon if he needs it in battle.

The team will perform a suitless roll call towards the end of the series.
  • The difference between this and the one performed in something like Dairanger is that it will feature all the Kyoryugers, even the Legendary Kyoryugers like Kyoryucyan and Kyoryugrey.
    • SORTA HAPPENED, but not like Dairanger. The auxiliary rangers, including Violet, Silver and the new Cyan and Gray did theirs after their henshin and the core 6 rangers did their roll call individually (or in pairs) in different places while fighting different batches of mooks in the run to the Frozen Palace in Brave 48.

The main five will each use a Beast Battery from the Extra Kyoryugers for a special team finisher.
A variation of the above speculation. The match-ups will be as followed:
  • Red: Pteragordon
  • Black: Bragigas
  • Blue: Ankydon
  • Green: Bunpachy
  • Pink: Plezuon

    KyoryuCyan, KyoryuGray and extra Kyoryugers in general WMG 

Kyoryu Cyan
will be a one time only rangerAlso, there will by Kyoryugers for all 10 mecha, all of which will be one time only (except Gold). Since, apparently, there are 10 Mechas, there will be 10 Rangers (we currently know 7).
  • Unlikely, as costumes tend to cost a lot to make and it would be inefficient to use only once. Plus, his departure strongly implied he'd be back again.
    • Yup, he's been back a few times.

A hypothetical Kyoryu Grey for Beast Battery #8 Banpachy will be Chinese
For Kyoryuzin Kung-Fu.
  • Apparently confirmed. He certainly LOOKS the part...
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND confirmed. Kyoryu Gray/Grey, Tessai, is Chinese in nationality.

Ramirez's Power Rangers counterpart will be a Samurai warrior who speaks English but also uses Japanese words.
To return the favour to Kyoryuger.
  • Or he could be a medieval knight
    • Jossed - Ramirez's PR counterpart is the Dino Charge counterpart of Dantetsu Kiryu.

When all the legendary Kyoryugers are found/show up they will appear in the ending during their verses
  • For no reason other than the fact it would be neat.

The finale will feature 10 Kyoryugers fighting together.
Just because it will be a Moment of Awesome. Navy may not appear because the only Movie Exclusive Ranger in the past that appeared was AkaRed.
  • Navy is less likely to appear not because he's movie-exclusive, but because Deathryuger is evil!

There will not be 11 Kyoryugers.
Most likley, it will just be like Go-Ongers where everyone thinks there will be a hero for every mecha, but it will just be revealed to be a trick.
  • The problem is that Kyoryu Grey has already been shown to exist, which means there's eight of ten so far (nine of eleven if you count Kyoryu Navy, who's probably movie-only). On top of that Daigo specifically mentioned finding all the mechs and their partners in front of Torin, who didn't contradict him. That pretty heavily hints that yeah, there's gonna be ten Kyoryuger.
    • And now we have scans with a Kyoryuger for the #9 mech. This WMG's jossed.
      • Not true - this WMG was stating that there wouldn't be 11 Kyoryugers. Confirmed for the TV series, since they end with 10 rangers, although jossed if you include the summer movie, since Deathryuger is a Kyoryuger (albeit an evil one).

If the above WMG about Kyorugrey being Chinese is true Bunpachy will emerge from the great wall
  • Apparently jossed. Bunpachy seems to be hidden in a waterfall, so it'll probably emerge from there.

There will be a 12th Kyoryuger
There is this image of a blackened out Kyoryuger with shoulder pads on both shoulders with a ? underneath it. Seems like they are leaning towards a new Kyoryuger. And no, it is not Silver, Deathryuger, or Carnival because none of them fit the silhouette.
  • That wouldn't be KyoryuGold, would it?
    • Jossed. It turns out that the scan of the ? Kyoryuger was fake.

The last (living) ranger who joined the team will be someone who pulled a Heel–Face Turn
And he/she will die, permanently.

Guesses for what the Guardians partners wold be like if they were able to have partners.
  • The Riding Brave, Kyoryu Yellow
    • Male
    • Armed On allows him to use the Deinochaser Motorcycle.
  • The Digging Brave, Kyoryu Orange
    • Male
    • Armed On is Deinochaser Gauntlets used in Series
  • The Spiked Brave, Kyoryu Aqua
    • Female
    • Armed On is a version of Kentrospiker that is in one piece, is blue and white and lacks the Kyoryuger Symbols.
  • The Loving Brave, Kyoryu Magenta
    • Female
    • Armed On creates a small armouerd gauntlet called the Stymero Cannon in addition to Stymero's normal abilities can also fire heart shaped explosive blasts of energy.
  • The Burning Brave, Kyoryu Crimson
    • Female
    • Armed On creates a small flamethrower called the Allo Blazer.
  • The Elastic Brave, Kyoryu Indigo
    • Male
    • Armed On is the Beyonsmo Whip which is a whip attached to a gauntlet with a Saurpod head on the end.
  • The Foul Brave, Kyoryu Vermillion
    • Male
    • Armed On is the Oviwrapoo Sprayer which Is a gauntlet shaped like a aersol can that sprays a foul smelling gas.
  • The Laughing Brave, Kyoryu Lavender
    • Male
    • Armed On creates two armoured gloves called the Ignera Tickler which the user can then use to tickle their opponent from a distance.
  • The Flapping Brave, Kyoryu White
    • Female
    • Armed On creates two gauntlets on the lower arms called the Tupera Crashers which when snapped together cause the user to become flat.
  • The Spiralling Brave, Kyoryu Lime
    • Female
    • Armed On is a small turbine over her hand called the Guru Spiral which shoots spiralling beams that that has the same effect as the Beast Battery.
  • The Slow Brave, Kyoryu Cobalt
    • Male
    • Armed On is the Arche Hammer which is a large hammer that when slammed on the ground causes gravity to become more intense around the surrounding area.
  • The Expanding Brave, Kyoryu Scarlet
    • Male
    • Armed On creates a gauntlet called the Puku Expander which injects air into its target causing them to blow up like a balloon.
  • The Replicating Brave, Kyoryu Gris
    • Female
    • Armed On is a watch called the Futabain Replicator that when winded up creates a copy.

    KyoryuViolet WMG 

There will be a Purple and White ranger.
Based on episode 5 these are 2 of the remaining rangers besides Cyan and Gold.
  • It would appear to be silver, not white, based on the colors of the battery rack.
    • Yeah, the only thing that is White is Tupuranda, an auxiliary battery.
  • Violet has been confirmed.

At least one of the remaining ancient Kyoryuger will be female.
We've still got three left, after all. Place your bets on who it'll be (this troper suggests Silver as a nod to Go-Onger).
  • I say either #8 (Grey) or #9 (Purple).
    • Jossed for Grey, at least.
      • Aaaannnd Jossed for Violet also. Well, I tried.
      • Aaaannnd Un-jossed Yayoi will be taking her grandfather's place, so Violet's our new female Kyoryuger after all. WHOOHOO!

Kyoryu Violet/Purple will join the team full time.
He/She's Mecha is its own mecha like Kyoryu Gold's, so why not?
  • Well either that, or it'll be like Kyoretsu-oh or Li-Oh where it'll be controllable by either Kyoryu Red specifically, or by any Kyoryuger.

When Doctor Ulshade retires as KyoryuViolet, his granddaughter Yayoi will take up the mantle.
Giving us a second female Kyoryuger.

We will get to see how a Spirit Ranger is born.
Rather than retiring, Dr. Ulshade will become a victim of Retirony and return as a spirit to join the Legendary Kyoryugers.
  • {{Jossed.}} Yayoi becomes KyoryuViolet to take his place.

Violet's Armed On
Is the Fourze style Rocket fist seen in the Hyper Battle Video Promos being used by Red (it's certainly related to Pleson)
  • Semi-confirmed, as it requires a special Plezuon Beast Battery to use, and can be summoned by non-Violet Rangers. It IS an Armed On summon though.

KyoryuViolet is a title
There is someone who fought before the modern times like Cyan and Grey. Before he die, though, he passed his beast battery onto his child to take over and rested in peace. It then became a generational tradition.

Yayoi will take over as Kyoryu Violet
Because of her grandfather's frail body, he decides to let her succeed him.
  • Confirmed

Yayoi won't be a permanent part of the team.
Either she'll go off to do something off screen like Ramirez. Or she'll only have the power temporarily.
  • it's worth noting Brave 24 is titled “Burn! SEVEN Kyoryugers”
  • Yayoi will be joining the other six in the ending theme so this may be jossed.
    • Source?
    • So far, it seems to be confirmed. She hasn't been credited in the opening or added to the ending as of Episode 28, and she never showed up for that episode despite it being a massive Wham Episode.

Doctor Ulshade gained Plezuon and made the Gaburivolver and Gaburicalibur during the tenure of the Himitsu Sentai Gorenger and has teamed up with most of the earlier Sentai Teams.

The image of Yellow Buster's actress in #28 isn't meant to be Yoko, it's meant to be Angie-Sue, Yoko's actress lookalike.


    Deathryuger WMG 

Near the end of the movie, Deathryuger will undergo a Heel–Face Turn
.Because why not.
  • Jossed. It was a Debo Monster, who's now dead.

After D is defeated, Torin will retrieve his Beast Battery and keep it to transform into Deathryuger.
But only for special ocassions such as the movie's BD/DVD promotion campaign around Episode 40-43 and the all-out finale. He's got the color hint at least.
  • Jossed, since Torin is Kyoryu Silver instead.

Meeko will become Deathryuger
At the end of the movie, she was given the D Beast Battery, which allowed Deathryuger to henshin. So, if it's with her, she may be able to use it to change. Plus, she seems to be able to control Tobaspino with her voice, so it would seem fitting that she would be it's pilot.
  • Alternatively, Meeko will instead choose to earn Tobaspino's respect on her own, and upon becoming its partner, will adapt the name KyoryuNavy instead.
  • Supported by confirmation of Deathryuger returning for the actual series, though we'll still be waiting a couple weeks.

    KyoryuSilver WMG 

Candelilla will turn good and become Kyoryu Silver
She is the only Knight with a human form, and the only one who does not really do a lot of evil things, so why not? Bonus points if in the past, she was the lover of Kyoryu Gold.
  • Doesn't really do a lot of evil things? The Monster of the Week that she created in episode 20 would grant people's wishes, but doing this would drain their good luck energy, killing them by the next sunrise. That's pretty evil and sadistic.
  • Jossed. In promotional shots, Kyoryu Silver is male.

Bragigas will be a Carrier Mech, being able to combine with most, if not every Zyudenryu.
If the series is about getting back to basics, then the return of a carrier, which hasn't been seen for a while is another way they can bring back some old sentai feeling. And of course, both previous dinosaur Sentai have had brachiosaurus carrier mecha.
  • Semi-confirmed. It can carry the Beast Batteries of the thirteen Guardians, and has a combined form with five of the other nine Zyudenryu.

The 10th Ranger will be Daigo's father
There's certainly enough foreshadowing with the necklace reacting to the spirit base, not to mention recent episode previews show Daigo's father making a return.
  • Jossed.
    • And now Confirmed as well! Recent scans reveal that Daigo's father will be taking Kyoryu Silver's powers to work with the Deboss Legion!

The Team will have 8 members
  • With Yayoi confirmed as Kyoryu Violet II this brings the team to 7
  • It's been confirmed that Kyoryu Silver will have a Gabrevolver like Violet but a different color leading to the theory he is still or will be an active member and not dead like Cyan and Gray.

Kyoryusilver is an immortal
Being that he exists before the modern time and is still alive and well.
  • Pretty much confirmed, seeing as how Kyoryu Silver is Torin.

KyoryuSilver will be called the
  • Shining Brave
  • Futuristic Brave
  • Towering Brave (or something similar that references the height of a Brachiosaur)
    • All jossed. He's the Flashing Brave.

Kyoryu Silver is a time traveler
As a nod to another Sentai with a major dinosaur mecha. The reason why Bragigas will be hard to find is because Silver went back to the future. He got to meet Tessai back when he was alive, but couldn't stay since his time travelling technology is limited in comparison to the Timerangers'. This time he would leave Bragigas's battery in the present.
  • Jossed.

Kyoryu Silver is from a bad future
Related to the above Silver is from a future where the Deboss won so he came back to change the odds

Torin is Kyoryu Silver
Silver's changer has the same colors Torin, so why not?
  • because Deboss monsters cannot use Zyudenchis
    • Ah, but none of the other Deboss monsters can feel and utilize Bravery! Torin can.
    • Confirmed! Torin is Kyoryu Silver!

Kyoryu Silver will play a much larger role in the series like Violet than the other 2 spirit rangers.
This is evidenced by:
  • Him having his own Gabrevolver like Violet while the other two transform using the beast battery
  • Also his Mecha seems rather large like Violet and significant unlike the others
  • Finally Tessai mentions Bragigas (silver's Zyudenryuu) is a problem hinting at something larger
    Ramirez: There are only Two of the 10 Great Zyuden Ryuu left
    Tessai: Plesuon will return soon. The problem is Bragigas.
    • Considering that Chaos called Plezuon the most dangerous of the Voltasaurs, it may be that Bragigas couldn't be used in the original fight...or else Chaos isn't aware of it. Which considering his role in the Army, seems unlikely.
    • This WMG is technically confirmed. Torin has been a major character long before becoming Kyoryu Silver.

He's King's Dad
  • Jossed.
    • Ironically, you ended up predicting the future, since Dantetsu ended up taking on the role after Torin.

Kyoryu Silver IS Bragigas
He has the ability to extra itself from its Zyudenryu body into a ranger form himself. Also, he can talk in any form, especial as a Zyudenryu.
  • Jossed.

Bragigas can transform into a humanoid mech on its own
Considering how huge it looks in promotional artwork (which of course comes with being a brachiosaur), this seems quite likely. The name of its humanoid form will be Bragi-Oh.
  • The very first images confirmed this. Its name is actually Gigant BragiOh.

Kyoryu Silver is an alien
Specially, an alien from outer space. Probably a surviving member of the previously destroyed planet the first Kyoryu Violet researched on.
  • Confirmed, though he's not one of the Deboss's victims. He's Torin.

Kyoryu Silver is Daigo's son from the future.
Which will create speculation on who his mother is
  • Jossed.
    • On the other hand, Daigo's son did become a ranger, but he's Kyoryu Navy instead of Kyoryu Silver.

Bragigas was already dead.
Or destroyed. Until it came back and materialize as a spirit.
  • Confirmed in a flashback shown in #34.

In fact, Bragigas was the very first being who was killed.
Especially right in front of Torin's eyes.
  • Close enough......#34's flashback showed the Guardians being destroyed first before it.

There was no Kyoryu Silver
because Bragigas already died before it could make a pact with a human.
  • The flashback in #34 did not shown any Kyoryu Silver so far.
  • Confirmed. Torin was Bragigas' partner during the original Deboss conflict, but he didn't become a full-fledged Kyoryuger until millions of years later in episode #36.

Torin is related to the Giga Gaburivolver
given their similar color schemes.
  • Confirmed. Torin is Kyoryu Silver, and is the wielder of the Giga Gaburivolver.

Kyoryu Silver will be connected to Torin's resurrection
.We know that Bragigas will draw power from all the guardians, and recent scans suggest that Torin will be brought back to life thanks to the power of the guardians, contained in the amber Daigo's dad had been collecting. Perhaps Torin will be purged of any remaining Deboss influence, allowing him to transform...?
  • This is sort of confirmed, sort of jossed. Torin notes that as he fought alongside the dinosaurs and humans, bravery began to fill his heart. That's why as Deboss grew stronger, he grew weaker. So basically he was able to become Kyoryu Silver at anytime, he just needed to realize that he was now as he says "Bravery incarnate."

Kyoryu Silver will be played by another Super Sentai alum.
We already have BoukenSilver's actor playing an extra ranger, so why not?
  • Jossed. This is Toshiyuki Morikawa's first Tokusatsu role.

Dantetsu's upcoming betrayal, joining Deboss, is part of a Batman Gambit he's planned with Torin.
Recent scans have shown Dantetsu transforming into Silver and joining Deboss. We know Torin can be fairly safe in knowing that the Deboss would never trust him (preventing him from trying to disrupt them from within) and that the Kyoryugers will refuse to kill him in the end, even though he believes it necessary. So he's worked out with Dantetsu a plan, Dantetsu will kill him in order to ingratiate himself with Deboss.
  • For what it's worth, Torin's now in Deboss Hell, and Bragigas dug underground after the team lost. Perhaps Torin's attempting to destroy Hell from the inside and Bragigas will retrieve him later? Or else he's searching for something relayed to the Earth's melody?

Torin can transform into a human.
For disguise purposes and to prevent himself from standing out from the crowd in an unusual way.
  • Zigzagged. He can, but only with Tessai's aid.

With Dantetsu joining the Deboss Legion as the new Kyoryu Silver, this will give him the chance to see if Daigo has truly grown and is willing to make difficult choices that are an inevitability in life. Once Daigo proves himself to his father that he has grown, Dantetsu will turn on the Deboss Legion when they are at their most vulnerable, rejoin the Kyoryugers, and put an end to the Deboss Legion once and for all alongside his son.

    Go-Busters VS WMG 

The spirit Rangers will show up
Bringing a new friend Jin.
  • Jossed.

Nossan will laugh at the Buddyroids punny names
  • Jossed. The only Buddyroids with speaking roles are Cheeda Nick & Beet J. Stag, neither of whom meet Nossan.

Jin will say that both Yuko and Tessai look familiar
Hiroya Matsumoto in his previous Sentai role has teamed up with Rangers being played by the same actors as those two (Deka Yellow during Magiranger vs Dekaranger, Bouken Silver during Boukenger vs Super Sentai) so I think that it would be a nice touch if it was acknowledged.
  • Yuko slips off her (dishwashing rubber) glove - to deliver a Get A Hold Of Yourself Man to Nossan. (Complete with narration!)
  • Tessai brings out a Chinese monk's staff and waves it around, claiming it will 'detect' Deboss activity in Torin's absence.

In the Final Battle of the Team Up Movie the 10 Kyoryugers and 5 Gobusters will be divided into 5 teams of three
And it will go like this

Group 1 will be Red Buster, Kyoryu Red and Kyoryu Cyan. This is basically a variation of the standard practise of having the Reds be on their own no matter how the rest of the two Teams are teamed up, with Cyan added who was the first of the Additional Kyoryugers introduced and has had the most screen time like Reds tend to

Group 2 is Blue Buster, Kyoryu Blue and Kyoryu Grey. All three of them tend to use their brute strength to fight although they utilise it in different ways

Group 3 is Yellow Buster, Kyoryu Pink and Kyoryu Violet. Teaming up the two girls was probably inevitable plus Kyoryu Violet who I cant seem to fit anywhere else but Yellow Buster uses her gun a lot and Kyoryu Violet created The Kyoryugers gun weapon so there's that at least

Group 4 is Beet Buster, Kyoryu Gold and Kyoryu Green. Beet Buster and Kyoryu Gold are the same colour and Beet Buster and Kyouryu Green are both theirs teams 4th member and all three tend to use their swords a lot

Group 5 is Stag Buster, Kyoryu Black and Kyoryu Silver. Apart from the obvious that all three use a gun to transform. Like above Stag Buster and Kyoryu Silver are the same colour and both Stag Buster and Kyoryu Black are goof balls

  • Now we can have three girls fighting together in this team-up as Doctor Ulshade is being replaced by his granddaughter Yayoi as Kyoryu Violet.

  • Sort of Jossed. The Go-Busters don't transform alongside the main five Kyōryūgers (plus the Sixth Ranger), but the main five Zyūrangers and the core three Abarangers do, and here's the line up.
    • Group 1: Tyrannosaurus Rex/Red Rangers (KyōryūRed, TyrannoRanger, and AbaRed)
    • Group 2: Pteranodon Rangers (PteraRanger, AbareYellow, and KyōryūGold)
    • Group 3: Triceratops Rangers (TriceraRanger, AbareBlue, and KyōryūPink)
    • Group 4: Youngest Kid Appeal Characters who use bladed weapons (TigerRanger and KyōryūGreen)
    • Group 5: The Big Guys and The Lancers (MammothRanger, KyōryūBlack, and KyōryūBlue)
    • Additionally, the Spirit Rangers are absent from the movie, Yayoi appears but does not transform, Enter morphs into a Go-Buster to fight the main five Kyōryūgers, and Torin joins the core three Go-Busters as KyōryūSilver (but is conspicuously absent when they are joined by Jin and J).

There will be a list song for the Gobusters
Singing out all the Buddyroids.
Going nowhere fast, it's Cheeda Nick!
Strongest at worrying, Gorisaki!
Jumps with a 'Roger', Usada Lettuce!
Also a Buster, Beet J Stag!
Smallest but fastest in water, Enetan
Biggest and loudest, Tategami Li-Oh...!
And other deliberate mishmashes of both EDs' lyrics, maybe ending it on "Good Job, Go-Busters and Kyoryuger!"

Similar to the end of Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger, the Kyoryugers and Go-Busters will dance together.
  • Confirmed. The ending credits has the Kyōryūgers and Go-Busters dancing (along with the Zyūrangers and the Abarangers) to a song. It incorporates moves from the Go-Busters ending dance, the Kyōryūger ending dance, and original choreography.

Even if Deathryuger / Kyoryu Navy doesn't return, Tobaspino will appear.
The frog Buster Machine FS-0O from the Go-Busters movie appeared in Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger.

The Stinger has the Gokaigers picking through the rubble for the spoils of victory
Don makes some mention of returning the Gokaiger Ranger Keys "even through the original Rangers for them are already~" and get an elbow from Luka.

The film will feature Buddyroid Jyudenchi
Simply so Bandai had another series of Jyudenchi they can create

The Tokkyugers will not make an Early-Bird Cameo in this team-up.
Not only because the movie is already jam packed due to both the Zyurangers and Abarangers making an appearance, but it would also parallel how Kamen Rider Gaim didn't make a cameo in Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land. If anything, like Gaim, the Tokkyugers will instead make a cameo in the Kyoryuger's series.
  • Jossed. The Tokkyugers do make a cameo in a post-credits scene.

At one point, Kyoryu Red Carnival will be shown alongside Armed Tyranno Ranger and AbareMax.
Seeing as how both Tyranno Ranger and AbaRed are in this movie, it would seem like a perfect opportunity for all three Tyrannosaurus-themed Red Rangers to transform into their respective exclusive Super Modes together.

There'll be a joke about how many different ways the Dinosaurs died out.

We have 3 different Dinosaur teams with 3 different extinction stories. Hilarity Ensues as they argue about the timeline.The Go-Busters themselves will be most perplexed.

The deaths in the teams will be discussed between the 4 groups.
Each team has had to deal with death at different points and in different ways. Hopefully this can lead to some drama and interesting conversations.

    Power Rangers Adaptation WMG 

Bandai America gets straight to business with new Zordbuilder versions of all Zyudenryu.
Arm Zords in particular have these new features: a jaw that drops slightly to reveal the Zordbuilder joint, then drops all the way to load a Zyudenchi, windows in the sides so you know it's loaded, and the trigger in the belly ejects the Zyudenchi, thus ensuring no Zyudenchi half-stuck into the core mecha and hopefully dissolving the breaking clips issue.

Bandai America deliberately remolds some of the existing Zyudenryu into dinos corresponding to the special-attack Zyudenchi.
To make more Megazords and other toys, with the advantage of compatibility with the main line.
  • Gabutyra is remolded into Allomeras (recolored mostly orange and a simple head remold for dino and Megazord heads)
  • Stegochi is remolded for Kentrospiker (back and tail fold into grisly claws instead)
  • Zaktor is remolded into Ovirappoo (tail blades replaced with disc launcher), Igeranodon (tail becomes a giant hand that can fold into a fist), Pukuptor (tail becomes a Red Boxing Glove)
  • Dricera is remolded into Stymero (drills are replaced with a shortened tail and waving fan)
  • Pteragordon is remolded in Tuperanda (with a new head that detaches to become a hand weapon)
  • Plezon is remolded into Futabain (as a gunmetal gray flying fortress)
  • Bragigas into Beyonsmo (redone as an orange mobile construction rig)
  • Gurumonite is an original mold that acts as a second-wave vehicle, turning into a monowheel cycle and recolored for just Red, Gold, Deathryuger and Silver
  • Archenolon is another original mold, a deluxe large vehicle that comes with a Red in Carnival-like 'bike armor' and turns from dino to submarine to tank form, plus seperating in two to form both arms as part of the Zordbuilder system
  • Deinosgrander is really a remold of the RPM Alligator Zord. Like Allomeras and Tuperanda, it can mount the arm Zyudenryu.
    So what we have here is: six new core body mecha, five new arm mecha, and two waves of bikes that may have their own Zordbuilder gimmick. Assuming the in-show ones are packed as Kyoryujin (Gabutyra+Stegotchi+Dricera), Pteraiden-Oh Western (plus Parasagun and Zaktor) and Plez-Oh with bonus Ankydon and Bunpachy, the new mecha will be packed as one core to one arm except for Futabain.
    The Deinochaser forms the first wave of bikes with different recolors for Red, Green, Black and Gold - the one in the right colors is packed with Black, the one for Red and Gold has a new bike mode head mold, which is reused for the second wave with Cyan and Gray.
    • This seems like way way too much work for Bandai to bother with.
      • Not if it was all done from their own Zordbuilder molds. Most likely the Zyudenryu will lose the 'elbow' and 'knee' joints and the whole leg just rotates into place.
    • #30 mentions that all the amber stones contained fossilized parts of those Zyudenryu, so at least they did exist.
    • #34 also showed them in a flashback, though to show them all as Red Shirt Army. 3 that were showed clearly were Stymero (a pink/magenta remold from Bakuryu Styracosaurus, surprisingly enough), Allomerus (red remold from Tobaspino) and Deinochaser (yellow remold from Zakutor).

The Power Rangers series will be a spiritual sequel series to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • Similar to how Dino Thunder was a spiritual sequel/ homage to the original MMPR, the Kyoryuger adaptation will tie the mecha and powers to the original series, since they both share the dinosaur theme.

In the Power Rangers adaptation, Tommy will be a major character.
He was in the last Power Rangers adaptation of a dinosaur-themed sentai, so why not this time too?
  • Jossed - the streak was broken. Tommy didn't appear here for a cameo, much less become a ranger.

Of course, if we were to remove all limits and take the previous two WMGs to their logical conclusions, the plot of the Power Rangers adaptation would involve...
...Tommy fully repairing the original Mighty Morphin powers, and then improving upon them. That done, he will then assemble a Dream Team of the most veteran of the world's rangers (read: alumni from the Mighty Morphin era) for one last hurrah. Team configuration would be:
  • Green Ranger: Tommy (obviously!).
  • Red Ranger: Jason (who will also serve as team leader, finally ending the perceived enmity that started when Jason was unceremoniously dumped from the leader position when Tommy became the white ranger).
  • Pink Ranger: Kimberly (who will hopefully rekindle her relationship with Tommy and undo the infamous "Dear John" Letter from Zeo one and for all).
  • Blue Ranger: Billy.
  • Black Ranger: Zack or Adam (Zack was the original Black Ranger, but Adam has seen more action as a ranger and has had more recent appearances as the Black Ranger).

The lack of a yellow ranger on the team would also allow the show to neatly avoid the issues present (both in Real Life and in-story) with the status of previous Mighty Morphin' yellow rangers.

  • Maybe I'm out of the loop, but what would prevent the second Yellow, Aisha, from coming back?
  • Her actress, maybe?
    • Aisha's issue was the fact that she had been subjected to a self-inflicted Cosmic Retcon right before Zeo, which resulted in Tanya joining the team (though the writers could still bring her back if they really wanted to, of course).
  • Bulk would return again, as well, as the Cyan Ranger (including shrinking his gut during the morph sequence)
    • Skull would return as the Gray Ranger. His name would be quite appropriate for the role, considering that pachycephalosaurs have hard heads. As a bonus, Cyan and Gray have plenty of in-suit footage together in Kyoryuger.
  • Bragigas would, of course, be a refurbished Titanus.

The cast of the Kyoryuger adaptation won't consist of MMPR alumni, and will be an entirely new team.
However, they'll have the new dino rangers meet the original Power Rangers (plus the Dino Thunder Rangers) by using footage from Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters.
  • Confirmed - although the part about them meeting the 2 previous Dino-themed ranger teams is jossed, since that doesn't happen.

Kyoryu Red Carnival will be adapted as the Battlizer mode.
Considering KRC shares the classic battlizer traits of being a Toyetic red ranger-exclusive Super Mode (and is even more toyetic than normal considering that it offers at least six extra interchangeable arm attachments and a unique gun attachment), it seems likely that Saban and Bandai will straight-up make it the battlizer for the Kyoryuger adaptation, thus saving money on creating an all-new Power Rangers-exclusive battlizer.
  • Confirmed. It's even the first Red Ranger Battlizer (not counting the cockpit modes) since Operation Overdrive.

Of course, if they do decide to make a US exclusive battlizer...

The Battlizer mode will be an upgraded form of Kyoryu Red Carnival.
it wouldn't be the first time that they made a battlizer for a series whose corresponding sentai already featured a red ranger-exclusive Super Mode. And in that series as well, the battlizer was an upgraded form of said Super Mode.

Kyoryu Red Carnival is turned into a Goseiger/Power Rangers Megaforce-style Headder...
...making it compatible with not only Megaforce but the PR!Buster Machines.
  • Jossed - no Buster Machines exist in Power Rangers (since Gobusters was skipped), and Megaforcce doesn't crossover with Dino Charge.

The main team will be a band outside of Ranger duties.
Helping to justify the music sub-theme.
  • Jossed - the music sub-theme was dropped.

     100 Years after WMG 

In the 100 Years After V-Cinema, Blue is the youngest on the team
The Returns special has the 6 core actors as future Kyoryuger. King is Deathryuger, In is Silver, Souji is Gray, Amy is Cyan, Utchy is Violet and Nossan is....Blue.

The Extra Rangers actors will appear in the V-cinema
Portraying Spirit Ranger version of Red, Black, Green, Pink and Gold. I won't guess which actor will be what colour, but Pink will be male.
  • Alternatively, the other regulars (the voice actors of Torin, Candelilla, Luckiero, Aigaron and Dogold) will be the missing Kyoryugers:
    • Torin - red.
    • Aigaron - black.
    • Candelilla - pink.
    • Luckiero - green.
    • Dogold - gold.
  • Candelira is apparently confirmed as the new mentor and Luckyuro as the new emperor of Deboth, so presumably their actors won't be one of these spirit rangers.

Nobuta isn't actually Nossan't descendent
Either Candelira created him as the son they could never have.Or he's Rika's grandson.
  • The Rika's grandson part is confirmed.

Spinodaioh will be the main mecha for the team
Pretty obvious

Following on from the previous theory, an all-blue SpinoDaiOh (Tobaspino with Stegotchi and Ankydon) will appear.
  • Nobuharu's descendant is still Blue, while Daigo and Amy go from Red and Pink to Navy and Cyan, it would be their equivalent of the default Kyoryuzin.

Future Souji will appear... as a green Torin recolor.
He already inherited the wings (through the Torinity technique), why not?

Future Souji will henshin into Kyoryu Green.
Either to train Soijiro or to save his idiot grandson and his friends when they nearly get themselves killed

Luckyuro has a Superdickery moment.
He creates the empire, but not for villain purposes. Someone else is tempering with his stuff that leads to cause havoc.

Dai will have self-esteem issues.
Because he's 00. Obviously he'll overcome it, becoming My Hero, Zero when he realizes that 0 is a springboard for potential.

Daigo and Amy do not actually marry...
It's the children they have with their respective spouses who do.


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