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    Super Sentai Series with their own YMMV pages: 

  • Anti-Climax Boss: In many of the older shows, the Final Battle with the Big Bad will ultimately end up just being a slightly more difficult Monster of the Week fight, as opposed to the Near-Villain Victory they tend to get in modern series.
  • Archive Panic: With just under 1730 episodes plus movies (not included) (as of the start of Gokaiger) and 47-51 more added each year, it's going to take quite a long time to watch them all.
    • Depending on how long each show is (whether commercials count, theme song, credits) it could take anywhere from 24 days (20 min/episode) to over a month (36 days and 56 minutes at 30 min/episode) if watched continually without stopping. Both numbers use 1730 episodes stated above (still not including movies).
    • The 1800th episode mark has already hit in episode 21 of Go-Busters.
    • However, all of this is eased somewhat by the fact that (with a few notable exceptions) each series in the franchise has a self-contained narrative with separate casts, with almost no connections to any of the other series, allowing you to watch them freely in any order without missing a thing.
    • The 2000th episode was episode 29 of Zyuohger in addition to that it was a crossover with Gokaiger.
  • Base-Breaking Character: With a franchise this long-lasting, it's inevitable that some of the characters would be base-breaking. Many Rangers are considered to be "mixed bags" by the fanbase for one reason or another. Be it for their excess of energy (Yosuke, Ban, Kai, Jan, Sosuke), their excess of cuteness (Saki), their strangely-unsavoury behavior (Kou), their sensitivity (Alata, Right, Misao), their lack of intelligence (Natsuki), their lack of personality (Hiromu, Souji), their irritating habits (Takaharu), or their spotlight-hogging (Daigo, Lucky). For as many fans who don't like these rangers as much, you'll generally find as many fans who like (or at least tolerate) them.
  • Broken Base:
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Super Sentai's a franchise best known for its fights, characters, plots, hot female rangers, hot male rangers, hot villains and villainesses, and guys wearing dresses while looking pretty hot.
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  • Complete Monster: Just because it's mainly aimed at kids, doesn't mean Sentai villains can't go off the deep end. About nine times out of ten, the Big Bad will fill this role. Check out here for such examples.
  • Evil Is Sexy: It's more or less normal to have the heroines properly dressed, while villainesses get more sexy, revealing costumes. Subverted from time to time, though Shizuka in GoGo Sentai Boukenger, for example, is not as sexy as she is Fanservicey.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • The Super Sentai fanbase enjoys a close relationship with fans of Kamen Rider, mostly due to being sister series but also for having different, yet equally valid directions for the henshin hero and toku genre.
    • Surprisingly, they also get along well with the Power Rangers fans despite the whole possible regional adaptation arguments. This even extends to Japan where some fans enjoy a Power Rangers season just as much or even more than their original counterpart.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: While Super Sentai is popular in Japan it comes in third in popularity compared to Ultra Series and Kamen Rider, but thanks to Power Rangers, Super Sentai is the most iconic Japanese tokusatsu show in the West and is many westerners Gateway into the genre.
  • Growing the Beard: Notably had a four season period of this, beginning with Changeman (first season with a successfully dark plot, as well as having better writing) and ending with Liveman (introduced series traditions such as a Three Plus Two format, two already combined robots combining, and a female blue ranger). In addition, the two seasons in between, Flashman and Maskman, were very well received.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Own page here.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Every few seasons, there's an episode where the villains use civilians' life energy to accomplish their latest evil plans, and it always manages to be freaky.
  • Star Trek Movie Curse: While it doesn't affect Super Sentai, they do have one that affects Power Rangers instead: The more likable a Sentai show is, the less likable its adaptation would be (good examples would be Shinkenger to Samurai and Gokaiger to Super Megaforce). Its inverse is also true: The more divisive/unliked/seen as average a Sentai show is, its adaptations ends up being well liked/fan-favorite seasons instead (Ohranger to Zeo, Gingaman to Lost Galaxy, and Go-Onger to RPM are good examples of this). There are exceptions, of course; such as both Abaranger and Dino Thunder as well as both Timeranger and Time Force being both well liked and fan-favorite seasons; inversely, there's both Goseiger and Megaforce as well as Ninninger and Ninja Steel, with the former Sentai season being divisive at best and the latter Sentai season being one of the most hated seasons in Super Sentai history spawning not well-liked adaptations.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Some of the monsters of the week have outright surreal designs.
  • Win Back the Crowd: Done three times! First with Jetman after the writing fatigue of Fiveman, then Carranger is made as a Self-Parody after Ohranger tanked in ratings but at the same time has the most sold toyline in history. And then Zyuohger after the previous four seasonsnote  were divisive among fans after Gokaiger became a Tough Act to Follow.