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  • Accidental Innuendo:
    • When Virsun Joyro-fies the reservoir in episode 22, it really looks like he's taking a giant piss.
    • Luckyuro tends to make rather suggestive sounds whenever someone else reaches into his stomach-pouch...which given that Luckyuro himself seems to be made of cloth, could well be considered a bodily orifice.
  • Adorkable:
    • It really is a sight to see Utchy with ice cream, how clumsy he is, anytime he bows to Amy, his reaction to the nickname she gave him, or just him with a huge smile on his face.
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    • One of Yayoi's best moments is near the start of the episode where she becomes Kyoryu Violet, where she imitates the Gaburivolver song and does the henshin dance... and when she sees that the Kyoryugers have unexpectedly witnessed the scene, she runs away from them, blushing like mad.
  • Broken Base:
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: The Sixth Ranger will have a pterodactyl zord and lightning related powers. You can figure this out because the ending theme song mentions the six main dinosaurs of the season and what type of powers they have. Even in episode 1, it's already there. And before they debut, a new end song tells us the Pachysaur has a wrecking ball, and the Plesiosaur is a rocket.
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  • Complete Monster: Ferocious Knight D is one of the first and most remorseless Deboth Knights in existence. Debuting as the main villain of Gaburincho of Music, he was released after 100 million years of slumber, receiving Fake Kyouryger powers transforming him into Deathryuger. Kidnapping a friend of Daigo named Meeko in an attempt to resurrect Tobaspino and use the former as a power source for Spinodai-Oh as part of his genocidal plan to wipe out all life on Earth. Upon defeat he later returns in the series proper, where after escaping from Deboss Hell, D turns Meeko into his personal necromancer, with the intention of making her resurrect the various fallen monsters in his plan to conquer the planet. When the Kyoryugers thwarted his latest evil plan, D attempts to blow up the Earth by enlarging himself out of spite.
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  • Contested Sequel: Over the years after the show aired, there is a fairly heated debate on whether Kyoryuger was an improvement over its predecessor Go-Busters. There are many that believe that Kyoryuger was a strong return-to-form that had likable characters and impressive action, praising the show for just being good fun. The other camp believes that while the series was fun in the beginning, it slowly decayed as Daigo became more and more of a spotlight-stealer, arguably taking focus from the series' more interesting characters. There's also the finale, where Daigo takes on Deboss by himself, while the others just support him on the sidelines with the Earth's melody, adding even more fuel to the fire.
  • Crazy Is Cool:
  • Yayoi also follows in her grandfather's footsteps when she jumps into Plezuon's open mouth while screaming "Brave in!" so he can help save the day.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Yayoi is quickly getting a fanbase as a character. Mostly because she's the only other female hero, but still.
  • Evil Is Cool: D is one of the very few villains who's never played for comedy once, with a terrifyingly cool design and such badassery that he's very well-remembered.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Souji (later Utsusemimaru)/Amy seem to be getting this treatment.
    • Judging by the comments for Brave 22, Daigo/Yayoi is quickly getting support.
    • After episode 40, Nobuharu/ Candelilla became this.
    • And if you're a Yaoi Fangirl, chances are that you ship Ian/Souji. The amount of fanart out there is staggering.
  • Genius Bonus: At the start of Brave 31, Nobuharu recites a haiku he came up with to advertise a festival. Ucchi quietly asks "what could a haiku be?" This is because haiku started developing into its modern form in mid-16th century, and he was not around during this time (as Dogold took over his body just a few years before).
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The show is so popular in South Korea (under its Completely Different Title Power Rangers Dino Force) that a Korea-exclusive sequel featuring Zyu2-esque original footage has been announced. In terms of overall earnings, Kyoryuger's merchandise sales are phenomenal in South Korea, which is enough to finally outsell South Korea's best-selling series, Tobot.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: Candelilla telling Nobuharu that she would date him if they weren't enemies was meant to by a funny moment, but come episode 40, it looks like she meant it.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Two with a connection to its predecessor:
    • Go-Busters have gotten praise for its several references to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Well, making the Sentai series that premieres on MMPR's 20th anniversary a dinosaur-themed Sentai has got to count for something.
    • Probably not planned, but it is funny that Go-Busters had two former Yellow Rangers appear, one as a new Ranger, as well as it's own Yellow Ranger when Kyoryuger gets the distinction of being the first Sentai series since Dengeki Sentai Changeman to not have a Yellow Ranger. Although, thanks to the Unfortunate Implications below, this has suddenly turned into a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.
      • Its Power Rangers counterpart is the first series to break Power Rangers' record of having a Yellow Ranger in every series.
      • Also, Kyoryu Blue seems to be older than his team mates, just like Blue Buster.
      • Green has a father who wants him to succeed him in his dojo. Sounds like Gao White.
      • Torin is a mentor figure that takes the form of a bipedal animal. Sounds more like a bird variation of Doggie Kruger.
    • It is uncertain if this is intentional or not, but the members of the Deboth Army appear to be based off of the protagonists from The Wizard of Oz. Luckyuro resembles the Scarecrow, Aigaron is the Tin Man, Dogold is like the Cowardly Lion, Candelila could be Dorothy (despite looking nothing like her), Chaos could be Glinda, Endolf is either Toto or a winged monkey, and lastly Lord Deboth shares similarities with the wizard himself.
    • Just the name Dogold, when he is revealed to be the Sealed Good in a Can for Utsusemimaru/KyoryuGold.
    • In the movie we have Spinodaioh, a deep blue Samurai themed Mecha, and now we have Kamen Rider Gaim, an Samurai themed rider, with a deep blue base suit and the same "Moon" detail in the head.
      • Speaking of which, the Super Hero Time bumper where the actors have to name all the characters in both Kyoryuger and Kamen Rider Gaim leads to Daigo making up a 'Kamen Rider Mango' and 'Kamen Rider Pink', well before the reveal of Baron's Mango Arms AND Energy Rider Marika!
      • The arc where Plezuon debuts mentions that Dr Ulshade had discovered a dead world where Deboth had already wiped out the dominant insect-like race - did they just stumble on the solution to Helheim?
    • The fact that Shigeru Chiba plays the “Hero of the Sea” is hilariously amusing, considering one of his more well-known roles.
    • The Kyoryugers' color set up (with Green and Black with no Yellow) was foreshadowed by the Sentai formed by the two token Japanese characters from Monica's Gang's Spinoff Teens manga. Not just that, but said team's Pink Ranger was a waitress who wore a maid uniform for work, much like Amy.
    • Prior to the name of Deathryuger being announced, fans had taken to calling him "KyoryuNavy." Now, in 100 Years After, KyoryuNavy is the actual codename for Daigo and Amy's male descendant!
    • The rumours about Torin being Kyoryu Gold are a lot funnier after you find out who ends up being Kyoryu Silver.
    • #27 has Ucchi making up a ridiculous Transformation Sequence that involves dancing around and going 'nin ninnin, nin ninnin'.
    • The "Freaky Friday" Flip episode started out with Ian and Nossan switching bodies. When the Japanese dub for Dino Force Brave was announced, Yamato Kinjo, who plays Nossan, gets the role of the new Kyoryu Black for real.
    • As noted below under Unfortunate Implications, one of the more controversial things about this season is the lack of a Kyoryu Yellow. Enter the Patorangers, who not only have no yellow, but they have no blue either.
    • Nossan's friend from episode 15 would later get to be a blue colored dinosaur-themed Sentai warrior as well.note 
  • Ho Yay: But of course. There's a particular moment where Ian is forced to repeat the same situation that resulted in his friend's death, and right after he saves Daigo, there's a slow-mo scene where he catches him... and they hug very dramatically... and yeah.
    • As if there wasn't enough Ho Yay between Ian and Souji in the main series itself, their characters in the TOEI HERO NEXT movie will be sharing a kiss scene.
  • Iron Woobie: Rika, Nobuharu's niece. She's only six years old, but she has come to terms with her father's death and knows that he isn't ever coming back.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Dogold, of all folks. He has a hard time trying to find a host body that will last long enough so that he himself can live, and everyone/everything pisses him off.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Amy/Souji, Amy/Utsusemimaru, and Amy/Daigo have all been teased to varying extents.
  • Les Yay:
    • Amy and Yayoi in episode 39.
    • Amy and Yoko hug and hold hands after attacking Buglers in Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters. Before the fight, Yoko have her a piece of candy and said she looked good in her uniform.
  • Memetic Badass: Daigo Kiryu, and how! Kicks butt the best way he does, and gaining the Carnival Mode adds more dose of badassery.
  • Memetic Mutation: See this page for examples.
  • Moe: Yayoi. Luckyuro and Candelilla are rare villainous examples.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Chaos crossed it in episode 45 when he ordered the deaths of Candellila, Luckyuro, and Aigaron despite just moments before claiming they were like family to him.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
  • Narm: Kyoryu Green first transforming by himself in Brave 3, doing the little dance when he's seemingly trying to be discreet.
    • The mooks are there. The MotW is challenging them. They overcame some hardships before this fight and they are ready to kick some ass. They use their revolvers like badass gunmen. And then, they started to dance to samba. Get ready to see this as a regular scene.
    • It gets especially bad in Brave 12, with the samba ruining the epicness of all six rangers transforming together at the same time and the samba music drowns out the Awesome Music, twice!
      • Although for some this is a case of Narm Charm.
      • It helps that they don't always do the dance, as well.
    • Although it was a sad moment seeing King getting Amy to safety while he confronts Deboss on his own, it's hard to look at him pushing her out of the Frozen Castle and into the path of an oncoming dinosaur mecha that eats her without cracking up. Especially since one of the people piloting said mecha is her competition in the Love Triangle they have.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Aigaron developed a split personality. The other personality is even worse than regular Aigaron, gaining pitch black eyes, suffering from fits of anger, and attacking his comrades. Even worse, in #46, it's revealed that Aigaron was Dead All Along and his new power is a result of Lord Chaos resurrecting him to be his undead soldier.
    • #35 has the Deboss infecting the team's powers, warping and throwing off-tune their morph music. It's actually pretty disturbing to hear.
  • Shipping Goggles: A literal example with Debo Jakireen.
  • Shocking Moments:
    • #28 has Giant Torin vs Kyoryuzin duking it out.
    • #36 has Torin turn into a Kyoryuger to fight his Evil Knockoff, who then grows and is blasted away by every single Zyudenryu at once!.
    • #39 is going to up the previous two with 'all ten Kyoryugers going to kick ass against Deathryuger.
    • #41 will have all ten Kyoryugers stated above piloting all the mechas which includes SpinDaioh. Hell yeah.
    • You will never be prepared for the HSQ of #47. It has the entire team getting together for the final battle. Meanwhile Torin is destroying hell.
    • Wait, there's more! We have both a new Kyoryu Cyan and Gray, Dr. Ulshade is returning and Gentle, Amy's butler is actually gonna kick ass against Zorima! This is going to ROCK.
    • What, you still aren't convinced? How about Nobuharu holding back a horde or Paramonsters? Ian and Souji dealing with an entire army, dual wielding guns and swords, respectively? Utchy and Dogold performing an Enemy Mine to take down Endolf before having a final duel?
  • The Woobie:
    • Debo Batissier, arguably. His only job and desire was to make cake, but had to be taken down after something possessed him.
    • Poor Utsusemimaru. Let's count the ways: he was tricked by a Mook that was disguised as a kid, and his lord shielded him and died. Not to mention, the rest of his fellow friends were killed, and just as Torin was about to die he was so consumed with rage that Dogold possessed him for the past four centuries. Last but not least, he can't team up with the group due to a lot of his problems and the fact that Daigo is a splitting image of his own lord. Can you not blame him for needing a big hug right now?
    • Torin has gone through some horrible shit for 65 million years. The dinosaurs died off, Ramirez, Utsusemimaru, and Tessai died and he hasn't had people to talk to him in between assembling the Kyoryugers.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: There's a bit of a debate going on as to what exactly Luckyuro's gender is. One one-hand, Luckyuro's attire is not very feminine, and the voice is a little low, sounding like a little boy. One the other hand, Luckyuro is voiced by a woman and has been disguised as a woman.
  • What an Idiot!: In Debo Tanabanta's desperation to survive, he has a hand in his first death: he wrote on his own cursed Tanabata slips. After using two, he pretty much weakened himself.
  • Win Back the Crowd: After the poor performance of Tokumei Sentai Go Busters, this series reverts the Sentai formula back to the cheerful atmosphere and an awesome cast with likable heroes and villains. While it ended up having even worse ratings than Go-Bustersnote , it proved to be a financial smash hit thanks to its absurdly high toy sales of 14 billion yen, giving both Ohranger and Gaoranger a run for their money.
  • Woolseyism: The subbing group Over-Time does this with Nobuharu's jokes, often translating them so that they work with the original context but still make sense in English. Kind of a necessity with a Pungeon Master character whose nearly every line contains a groanworthy pun that really depends on which word sounds just like which other word in the original language.


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