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Specific series

For awesome moments specific to a series, go to the following:
    Sentai Series 


  • For many seasons the roll call itself is one, especially the first and final ones as well as the ones during the Crossover.
  • The first formation of the mecha and the first formation of the final mecha both usually accompanied by a special song.
  • The franchise finally is appearing in Super Robot Wars!
  • The fact that the franchise has been going on for 40-or-so years without interruption deserves a moment all on its own.



  • Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Basically, each ranger has their own Moment of Awesome.
    • Ryou/Ryuu Ranger: Can't take on your rival? Why not take off the training springs?
    • Daigo/Shishi Ranger: Stuck inside a monster's belly? Why not punch?
    • Here's one more in the second episode. Trying to Make My Monster Grow? The team's answer is... "Give a big NO U and destroy the monster before it could grow."
    • Prior to this season, the Roll Call poses were always done by the suit actors. This is the first season to have the unmorphed actors strike the pose. Considering the roll call pose is one of the most complicated poses in the 41 year history of the franchise, the fact that untrained actors flawlessly pulled it off is something to be admired.
    • The series went out of its way to give every Ranger equal time, story, and character development and usually ran episodes in a series of four filler and one that moved the story forward (usually a two parter). Since the stories were ordered by rank, they would almost always appear in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink order. This means that for this season, much of the major story elements were carried by the Pink Ranger, not the Red Ranger. Which says a lot about the strength of her character when you consider that this season's red ranger is considered one of the franchise's best examples.

  • Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, the 25th anniversary clip movie, is mostly a clip movie of a few of the best moments from the past series. There are a lot of them, too many to list.
    • Banba Soukichi/Big One (Miyauchi Hiroshi) stole the show. Especially when Banba finally makes his appearance, tossing off his guise as an old, wise priest as effortlessly as a hat, introduces himself in the most confident way possible, then beats down the powered-up Orgs and blowing them into the bay without transforming.
    • Amamiya Yuusuke/Red Falcon also gets his own moment of awesome, when he ignores a gaggle of Orgs for part of a scene, then explode in rage when their leader puts his foot on the nearby grave of his fallen friend. He then trains Gao Yellow.
    • The absolute crowning moment of awesome would have to be the mecha fight. After the Gaorangers scramble in their own mecha - and get beaten - mecha from every past series come out of nowhere (apparently lead by Advisor Miura from Ohranger and Shinmei Akira/Aoranger from Goranger - both also played by Miyauchi Hiroshi) and bomb the living crap out of the Big Bad. All to a rousing BGM from Fiveman.
    • Not to be outdone, all of the clips/remembrances are set to older Sentai music. If you know the genre, this is as awesome as it sounds.
    • The big rolecall featuring every Redranger from the past.
    • GaoRed. In the movie, he takes on SIX Orgs and WINS. He even flips one! Remember, prior to being a gaoranger, he was a vet, while the others at least know how to fight.

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

  • Most Super Sentai Cross Overs are entirely made of Crowning Moments of Awesome, with Magi vs. Deka including a twelve-person All Your Colors Combined, one Combining Mecha using another as a Wave-Motion Gun, a magically-induced forced cosplay session between both teams' girls and the Elegant Gothic Lolita Creepy Twins, the first use of a Battlizer in Super Sentai, and one Sixth Ranger shooting the other out of his gun!
  • Three such moments for Doggie Kruger (or Anubis Cruger in Power Rangers: SPD):
    • The first, when he is forced to morph to save Swan/Kat from a criminal he caught in the past, and wiping out (to a droid) an entire legion of 100 robot baddies who got in his way. The fact that there was an on-screen counter counting down how many baddies were left only added to the awesome.
    • Then, the following episode, effectively telling his team to screw off and solve their own problems when they started to rely on him to bail them out of the tiniest skirmishes.
    • Perhaps his Crowningest Moment of Awesome is in the Crossover special Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, when he fights The Dragon Wolzard to a standstill and only loses because he can't teleport off. The Island explodes, and he's fine.
  • Ban's Moment, when he actually tracked down and physically harassed the SPD Supreme Commander for information regarding the whereabouts of his Red Ranger predecessor after a criminal from the guy's past comes back for another go-around. What makes it even sweeter is not only does Ban not get in trouble for his actions, but his predecessor was so impressed by them, he petitioned and was granted Ban's transfer to a special all-Red Ranger team he was creating. Now that's hardcore.
  • Ban also got a first-episode Moment of Awesome with his gun-fu skills.

GoGo Sentai Boukenger

  • Task 24 has one, with Natsuki (Bouken Yellow) squashing and blasting a bunch of resurrected mooks with first DaiBouken, then Ultimate DaiBouken. (This also qualifies as a Funny Moment, as the other Boukenger were in the line-of-fire... and Natsuki doesn't notice)
  • Pretty much the entire second half of Task 28, as the Boukengers put their mecha's arm swapping system to good use.
  • The wheel on the bottom of the Boukengers' Transformation Trinket allowed for many an awesome Transformation Sequence. Of particular note are-
    • Satoru parrying Ryuuwon's sword with his Accelluar and then swiping the wheel off it.
    • Masumi swiping the wheel off the bullets fired from Ryuuwon's gun.
  • The "Bad Luck" Task has Akashi (Bouken Red) cursed with bad luck. For the final battle, the other Boukenger give him good luck items to help. Though they don't actually work as good luck charms, they do prove useful in battle. While the scene was fairly faithfully translated into Operation Overdrive, what really sells the scene is the Roll Call.
    • It's subverted because Akashi looks ridiculous and Ryuuwon and the Monster of the Week spend the whole thing pissing themselves laughing.
    • It's in reverse order of Ranger
    • In a bit skipped by Operation Overdrive, it ends with the resulting explosion ''setting Akashi on fire'' .
  • Task 42 - Quester no Jidai has a Moment of Awesome & a Heartwarming Moment - in succession. The final duel between Eiji (Bouken Silver) & Gai of the Questers just screamed awesome with the mountain backdrop and the aerial dueling, and the seething rivalry between Eiji and the Questers came to a head in the Task. Bonus Heartwarming: Eiji setting grave markers for the Questers after the battle as a mark of respect.
  • Task 46 - Masumi (Bouken Black) has an awesome comeback against Yami no Yaiba, one of the main villains of the series. Black's just been almost impailed by Yami's blade, but he gets his second wind and pulls the sword out. Cue Pre Asskicking Oneliner, after which he delivers a devastating beating that kills the guy.
  • In the penultimate episode, the rangers can't transform. Masumi appears with that series' BFG, which they usually can only use while transformed WITH a super mode attachment. They then proceed to fire it three times into a powered-up monster, the first time sending Masumi flying, the second skidding the group back into a wall, and the third severely damaging said wall. Eiji's reaction in the aftermath to this speaks for itself. Kudos to the actors here.

Juken Sentai Gekiranger

  • Rio has more than one Crowning Moment of Awesome where he proves that his Juken is stronger than theirs by pummeling the Rangers flat, then lets them go because they are not yet worthy of being killed by him. This is, of course, exactly what you're not supposed to do...
    • "A tiger could never beat a lion." "A tiger...WILL NOT LOSE!!!" * explodes with Kageki* * fizzles out like a wasted candle*
      • ...that time. Two episodes later, you get Jan's "I know why I fight" speech and the resulting debut of the Super Gekiranger. The Power Trio proceed to Curb Stomp Rio and minions very thoroughly, with the Super GekiBeasts as an encore... particularly the bit where they summon the other six GekiBeasts for a nine-beast combo attack.
    • Rio eating his own fear. Badass.
    • All those moments where the Gekirangers get their asses handed to them by some other villain, so that Rio and Mele have to step in and bail them out, definitely count.
    • Jan, like a good Red Ranger, gets a few of these, including the above-mentioned debut of Super GekiRed and a later episode where he borrows Ken's Saiblade and then kicks Maku's ass.
  • Everyone has an incredible one in the second-to-last episode. The show's Big Bad and his right hand man are pummelling the heroes and Rio/Mele. Right when things are looking bleakest, Rio and Jan (Geki Red) deliver an awesome speech that turns everything around. Cue Awesome Music set to one of the most awesome team fights in Super Sentai.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

  • Toei themselves require a massive amount of kudos for what they pulled with the promos for the first episode of the show. It's something to behold when you one-up yourself from two years prior nearly eight-fold on the hero front and get ahold of upwards of 175 stunt actors for a promo shot of nearly every single hero in the franchise's history, just about to wage a war against an enemy empire. It's a rainbow of awesome.
  • The very first episode of the series features the Gokaiger team facing off with an orbiting alien armada set to conquer Earth... and destroying it by drop-kicking it with their giant mecha. It is exactly as awesome as it sounds.
  • Who says bad guys can't get 'em? When an imprisoned Damaras is offered a second chance after failing to prevent Warz Gil's death, he easily breaks his bonds and the cell door. It's at this point you realize that he could have just walked out whenever he chose, but was punishing himself for his failurenote  because he really was that loyal. (Then he goes and shows how powerful he is, completely mauling the Gokaigers, but that scene just makes you say "And he's never done this before now why, again?" You expect The Dragon to be pretty strong, but it's his loyalty that makes you say "you know, he's pretty awesome.")
  • The tribute episodes: Initially it was looking like there would be few and far between with limited special guest stars. They picked up in frequency and quality after the 2011 earthquake. A bunch of veteran sentai actors took to twitter to post in character messages to children encouraging them in the tragedy... and causing the number of returning actors to increase significantly. Several tribute episodes had multiple veterans returning (Hurricanger had to write around the fact that they had the entire core team wanting to return). Eventually, the show featured at least one actor from every series in the franchise's then 35 year history returning in some capacity, in many cases, shoehorned in to fit the demand at the last minute. No one was refused who asked.
  • Anytime the team did an "All color" transformation.
    • The only single color not featured in the show proper (pink), electing to instead to have the Pink ranger do a rapid transformation with her and each of her allies, each choice being represented by a pair of rangers with strong emotional ties between the two rangers.


  • As a way to kick off the 45th anniversary commemoration of the franchise, a bunch of select movies (from Gorenger, GoGoV, Gaoranger, Magiranger, Go-Busters and the Super Sentai Party in 2019 specifically) were entered into the 2020 Tokyo International Film Festival for screening from November 1st to November 5th. note  Not only did they have the confidence to show these movies at such a prestigious festival, they decided to send the Sentai films ahead of their more popular sister franchise Kamen Rider. What a way to kick off a commemoration.