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Imagination can be a powerful thing. As the ToQgers are more than happy to demonstrate on many occasions.

In-Series Examples

Starting Station: Let's Go on the Express Train
  • The flying train-on-train was a great moment of Visual Effects of Awesome for sure.
  • Round 2 of Right vs the Monster of the Week. Especially since the best way to describe Round 1 would be… a colossal failure. He does so well, the monster was Punched Across the Room and out of the train!
    • It should be stated that Right was not transformed during round 2. Yes, he punched out a MOTW on his own.
  • The display of each of the Ranger's personal fighting styles and application of their imagination powers.
    • Right charging in immediately and quickly learning what each of their powers can do.
    • Tokacchi finally finding the right strategy to handle a couple of grunts.
    • Mio and Hikari just straight up kicking ass.
    • Kagura using her, erm, unique, fighting style to deal with enemies.
      Kagura: KAIRIKI GIIIIIIRL! (performs an explosive circular swing)
  • Cleverly homaging Himitsu Sentai Gorenger and J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai with their team cannon finisher. The blast itself finishing off enemies in ways that would suit them. In this case, the monster is crushed to death by hundreds of exploding statues of crying children. Yes, this show is that kind of show.

Station 2: We Are Here

  • Kagura once again uses her imagination to enhance herself. This time, she becomes Kung Fu Girl!
  • Right's Traintop Battle against the MOTW!
    • Right using his Rail Sword's abilities to full effect. He was able to create a spiral of Rails to protect him against the MOTW's swords.
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  • The team needs to dodge an attack during the mech battle. No, they don't simply step aside - they detach from each other's trains!
  • The Scope Ressha. Right uses it to shoot one Crow, and the shot not only goes through, but splits and hits another nine behind him!
  • When the MOTW tries to start another duel by flipping a giant coin, Right responds by destroying the coin in flight.

Station 3: Desperate Once Convinced

  • In this episode, we get to see glimpses of Kagura's true potential if she were to fully master her imagination abilities.
    • As "Super Girl", we actually see her glide for a bit on top of her super strength!
    • When escaping the trap she fell into, she gains the strength to break the chains and punch her way out of the coffin!
    • The massive ass-kicking she delivered to Chain Shadow.
    • Showing off another creative attack using Right's Rail Slasher. While Right generally uses the rails on the sword as offensive and defensive maneuvers, she uses it to increase his attack strength by extending the train tracks on the sword and letting him ride them for a boost in speed!
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    • Right allowing her to be the one to fire the Bazooka. Naturally, given the monster's motif, she kills him with a pair of chain cutters.
  • As the monster traps them in a coffin, they escape by possibly the most phallic way possible.
  • When Kagura was in going to destroy the MOTW at the price of her life, the rest of the ToQgers rescue her in a great example of teamwork. Mio and Hikari destroy the monsters attack, Right stops Kagura, and Tokacchi keeps the monster busy.

Station 4: Be Careful Not to Lose Anything

  • Doubling as a heartwarming moment, we have Tokacchi saving Mio's life from falling off of a cliff. What makes this special is that it is revealed this was the second time he's done something like this. The first time was when they were children while climbing the tree they used to always play under and later considered their secret base.
  • Just before the monster was able to destroy a few buildings, Right catches both molten rock balls mid-air.
    • He was then shown to have an incredibly high durability as he takes the full force of several of those molten balls.
  • The teamwork between Tokacchi and Mio once they caught up with everyone. Especially the baseball-esque combo attack they pulled off. Mio (as Blue) fires Platform Trigger, the monster dodges, but Tokacchi (as Yellow) uses the Signal Hammer to knock the blast back at him.
  • This episode, it's Tokacchi's turn to fire off the Bazooka. The monster was killed by snapping a giant rubber band in his face. This one was strange to say the least, but still somehow badass.
  • The debut of Shield Ressha, as Ticket pops up out of nowhere to deliver it to Right.
  • The mecha mooks of the Shadow Line were awesome and gave ToQ-Oh a good beating before the use of the Shield Ressha.

Station 5: Beyond the Vanishing Tracks

  • Right shows off his ability to forage for food when he bring back fish and bamboo shoots to the starving campers.
  • Conductor using the Car Carrier Ressha as a makeshift bridge to get the remaining resshas to the ToQgers
  • Right's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Bucket Shadow. It starts with him switching to Green and shoving the Tunnel Axe directly into his mouth. After that comes a switch to Yellow where he gets beat on by the Signal Hammer. Right then joins the team for the Rainbow Rush where he makes a giant fish to eat the enemy!
  • Remember General Schwarz's entrance last episode? It was all so that he could bug the Rainbow Line!

Station 6: What Are We Looking For?

  • A villainous example would be General Schwarz defeating the team without breaking a sweat.
  • The team-up fight with Right and Tokacchi. Another fight where after some Character Development, they switch colors and kick ass.
  • A fight between trains as Schwarz attempts to interrupt the process of connecting the Tank Ressha to their arsenal.
    • Tank Ressha deserves a minor one, it stores energy for the rest of the Rainbow Line. Whereas before it refueled Red Ressha, the latter was getting battered around by Schwarz's Darkliner, the instant the fueling finished, Red Ressha not only turned the tables, but forced Schwarz to transform!
  • Once they finally manage to claim Tank Ressha, they proceed to have an impressive fast-paced, boxing-styled match against Schwarz's own mech.

Ressha Sentai ToQger vs Kamen Rider Gaim: Spring Break Special

  • How about we start off with the mere existence of this thing, as we haven't had an actual televised Sentai vs Rider special since Kamen Rider Decade vs Samurai Sentai Shinkenger?
  • The first fight against the Badan Empire troops as the ToQgers fight in pairs and show how in-sync they all are.
  • The mech fight against the giant Inves as they fight using both Car Carrier Ressha and Tank Ressha, then combine the two for a finisher!
  • Gaim, Ryugen, and Baron teaming up to fight. If you haven't been following Gaim, let's just say that camaraderie between the three would be rare nowadays.
  • Just in general, the ToQgers demonstrate continual growth in imagination as they come up with new techniques they haven't shown before in order to win fights. Such as...
    • Using Scope Ressha to target body parts to aim a charged slash.
    • The aforementioned combined finisher.
    • The use of the light on their helmets in order to dig out their mole themed enemy.
  • The appearance of Kamen Rider Fifteen, as he shows up and completely overpowers the ToQgers. It takes the appearance of Kamen Rider Ichigo, Nigo, and V3 to force him to retreat.
  • The Rainbow Rush this time is awesome and hilarious. Since Moguraroid is mole-based, they finish him off with a game of Whack-A-Mole!
  • In Gaim's fight, he busts out Kachidoki Arms and completely turns the tides from his own seemingly hopeless fight. It is also the first time we see him combine his DJ Gun and Musou Saber to get a taste of his full strength.

Station 7: Inconsolable, Unmotivatable

  • Hikari and Kagura team up to execute a pretty creative attack, with Kagura being attached to Hikari's Tunnel Axe and serving as a projectile by becoming Kendama Girl!
  • In the midst of their attack, Hikari and Kagura both transfer mid-swing, allowing them to perform a pretty impressive switcharoo manoeuvre while Kagura is still in the air.
  • The MOTW gets finished off by Kagura having Right summon Car Carrier Ressha and using her imagination to turn the cars into shuriken.

Station 8: Explosion on the Rainbow Line

  • Mio comes up with a brilliant plan to fool Bomb Shadow, using Hikari and a well timed Transfer Change.
  • The Diesel Ressha is strong enough to pull the main line by itself! For being the oldest Support train, it sure shows up it's newer counterparts. And remember, Diesel-Oh is still a week away.
  • Right not giving up in imagining Diesel restored. He even cleaned the entire interior by hand.
  • Bomb Shadow's plan was pretty smart, he used the Rangers' Genre Savvy to nearly kill them.
  • How the final battle against Bomb Shadow ends is a Macross Missile Massacre from the Main Line and the Diesel Ressha with lasers and bombs
  • The entire thing was Baron Nero's plan to trick the ToQgers to be focused on somewhere else.

Station 9: Love is a One-Way Ticket

  • Diesel-Oh's debut! Not only is it lighter and faster than ToQ-Oh, the engine in it's chest makes it stronger too, as discovered by Marionette Shadow when it attempted to tie it up. It also foregoes weapons, attacking with its fists and kicks.

Station 10: Tokacchi Dies at Midnight

  • The entire episode is one big CMOA for Tokacchi. From running from one station to the other in the beginning, and training through most of the episode, to using his intelligence and quick thinking to beat Type Shadow at it's own game. He even managed to inspire a kid to believe in himself. Not bad for a guy that couldn't even find a positive trait beforehand.
    • Once again during the mecha battle, where Tokacchi, now piloting Diesel-Oh manages to summon the Rainbow Line back so the other team members can pilot ToQ-Oh for a double effort. Diesel even gets it's own mini one when it tanks an explosion meant for ToQ-Oh...and isn't damaged in the slightest.

Station 11: The Emperor of Darkness

  • The three Shadow Line generals curbstomping the rangers.
    • To expand on this, while Right fights Schwarz and loses, though not as badly as the last time, Noir and Nero not only avoid getting so much as breathed on by Tokacchi and the others, they show off not only their close-range fighting, but shooting skills that would put a western gunslinger to shame. Madame Noir's umbrella does this in a truly frightening way, raining the entire area around her with a literal hail of gunfire that has to be avoided by getting underneath her!
    • Baron Nero's hat. It shoots out a MASSIVE blast of shadow AND can be thrown like a boomerang to cut foes.
  • Right and the team fighting in ToQ-Oh and Diesel-Oh, coming up with a brilliant strategy to beat the Kurariner mechs.
    • Lamp Shadow robbing not just the team of their memories, but the entire park as well!

Station 12: Rainbow Commuter Pass

  • The entire episode is one for Right and the team as a whole, which also doubles as a heartwarmer. The Rainbow Passes they have? It's the passes for the Secret Base they made as kids. These not only break Lamp Shadow's hypnosis, but causes the team to work together even better than they usually do!
    • Right never loses faith his friends will remember him and come to help. And just as he's about to be killed, they did exactly that.
    • The Transfer Changes are at top form in this battle, showcasing that the team can easily swap roles with one another and still fight with no concern for a loss in skill.
    • The battle also features the greatest punch in the history of fiction
  • When it comes time for the mecha battle, it's Right's IMAGINATION that lets him come up with the formation that births Cho ToQ-Oh! And even adding Diesel, Tank and Car Carrier, the mech loses no speed, and gains shoulder mounter laser cannons.
    • The finisher. Charging energy in all eight Ressha, Cho ToQ-Oh fires out energy projections of all the Ressha that form it to crash into the enemy.
  • Gritta was THIS close to shanking the Emperor to avoid marrying him. Sure, she was shaking like a leaf the whole time, but she was going to stab her Emperor.
    • Schwarz stops her in a calm, gentlemanly way. And when Z kisses her, he notices the same handkerchief he gave to her several stations ago. He might finally be putting two and two together.
      • Z knew. As Gritta began to get closer to him he actually told her "You're not going to be able to do it like that."
  • What Z does to Nero when the Baron tries to stop him from going out. Nero is standing there shouting and trying to restrain him and all Z did was look at him and say 'shut up', and Nero was sent across the room. Goes to show you that, Manchild or no, he IS the Emperor of Darkness.

Station 17: The Sky After the Rain

  • ToQ 6gou's grand debut.

Station 23: United Hand in Hand

  • The long-awaited debut of Cho-Cho ToQ Dai-Oh.
  • Emperor Z's terrifying He's Back! moment: erupting out of Gritta's body in his Shadow Kaijin form and delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to General Schwarz.

Station 24: Pass the Junction

  • Kagura ends up taking an injury as they try to escape Rook Shadow from their first attempt at transforming. After Hikari makes the plan, Kagura gets told to stay behind. Kagura refuses. Why? She's determined to see the current Shadow Town, along with their own, restored to normal. Cowardly Lion, thy name is Kagura.

Station 27: A New Power

  • The debut of Hyper ToQ 1gou. Enough said.

Station 29: The Meeting with the Oncoming Train

  • We find out that they can all use Hyper!

Station 30

  • When Kagura attempts to use Hyper, Mio runs up to her, resulting in them getting stuck together. But they're both able to open a double can of whoopass all the same, including a gravity-defying double kick barrage.

Station 32

  • The debut of Hyper Ressha Tei-Oh. Decked out in gold and packing machine gun fingers, no less!

Station 33: Decisive Karate Match

  • Right shoves the Chushaki Monster out of a window high up on a skyscraper, jumps out after him, then uses the Hyper Ressha Big Revolving Cannon finisher while falling, blows up the monster, and calmly landing on his feet.
  • Hikari's planning all throughout the episode. Not only does he manage to reach the top with Right flawlessly, but when Syringe Shadow is revealed to be a dummy, he and Right fake getting into a fight and strike the Karate master... who is revealed to be Syringe Shadow in disguise. Turns out Hikari noticed who he was easily. This guy would be scary if he wasn't on the ToQgers' side.

Station 35: The Stolen Terminal

  • The debut of ToQ-Rainbow. Not only is is extremely strong (enough to one shot the average Giant Mook), it's freaking gigantic. The average Megazord sized mecha comes up to it's knees. Even the combination of three of said Giant Mooks only comes up to it's chest! The Shadow Line's reaction to it TOWERING over them is completely justified.

Station 39: The Beginning of the End

  • The return of ToQ-Oh Car Carrier Tank from their team up with Gaim, which was fairly surprising.

Station 41: The Christmas Battle

Station 45: The Home We Left Behind

Station 46: Final Destination

  • Wagon's plan to get the remaining ToQgers to remember their time with the Rainbow Line by having Akira leave photos of the group as adults at the Secret Base.
    • Doubling as Heartwarming, the group then use the photos to create new passes, causing the train to come to them.
  • It didn't work, but when Z is beating back Right, the Conductor, Wagon and Ticket simply plow the train straight into Z. Definitely a gutsy move.

Terminal Station: The Shining Ones

  • Taking out the Terminal monster not with a big epic robot fight but just by ramming through it definitely deserves mention. All of the Ressha come together and effortlessly smash through it.
  • Just about all of the final battle, beginning with the ToQgers having a Single-Stroke Battle with a group of Mooks.
    • Morc ends up on the bad end of a Curbstomp Battle with most of the group, with Mio and Hikari working in tandem, Kagura performing her "I am strong!" routine again, ending with Tokacchi getting launched by Mio and Hikari in a Fastball Special at Morc.
    • Nero has Akira to deal with, and this time things go far more in Akira's favour.
    • Right goes after Z, and it ends with the Renketsu Bazooka launching Akira's Guide Breaker at him. And yet, Z survives, albeit drained of darkness.
    • Morc and Nero then allow themselves to be absorbed into Z, refuelling his powers. The ToQgers then do the same with Right, throwing him all of their Ressha. This includes Akira, who Right is finally able to transfer with. And then it caps off with six little words:
    • "ToQ 1gou: Red: Transiting to: RAINBOW!!"
    • Despite all of the above, Z is still standing after all of that. So Right takes a leaf out of the the Gokaigers' book and fires the Daikaiten Bazooka point-blank at Z. And Z is finally, finally defeated.
  • Gritta saving Z, despite all of the hell she's been through because of him. Now that's powerful.

They Went and Came Back: Ressha Sentai ToQger - The Super ToQ #7 of Dreams

  • The final battle. It's a battle featuring twelve ToQGers - the main five as adults, the main five as children, Akira AND the Conductor. All set to the series theme and with the credits playing at the same time!
    • The battle ends with the Adult ToQgers and Akira forming the Renketsu Bazooka with the Guide Breaker, while the children and the Conductor fire the Daikaiten Bazooka. The villain can only just stand there as he takes the full brunt off two team bazookas.

Alternative Title(s): Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger