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Remember to put in episode numbers (#) for reference, folks.

  • One that is a general Awesome Moment for the entire series. All of the cameos of past Rangers. Most of them show that, even years after hanging up their ranger suits, THEY'VE STILL GOT IT.
    • A special award goes to Kenji Ohba, appearing in both of his Sentai roles and starring in the Gavan crossover, all while in his mid-fifties.
    • The producers deserve a MOA themselves, for the fact that they managed to get at least one returning actor from all 34 previous Super Sentai series to make a cameo. Some may have been brief or seemingly pointless, but the fact that they were able to get that many actors, several of which are quite old now (as mentioned with Kenji Ohba) is extremely impressive.
    • Credit should also go to the stuntmen. Sure, they get a lot of work with the Sentai and Kamen Rider series, but having all 200 Rangers on screen and in battle at the same time—more than once!—is an incredible feat.
      • Not just any stuntmen, but to have that many Rangers all in one place, the production team hired suit actors from the various tokusatsu stage shows all across Japan.
  • #1 hits the ground running for the series, setting up many Holy Shit Quotients though the half hour of the show. In the immediate first two minutes, every single past 34 Super Sentai teams band together to fight against a massive horde of enemies. It's just as awesome as one would imagine. And just for the fans, they paired up similar Red Rangers and teams together; Red Turbo with Red Racer, Ryu Ranger with Geki Red, and Ninja Sentai Kakuranger with Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger.
    • The Gokaiger's first fight in the show begins immediately after the opening credits as a space fight between the Gokai Galleon and a bunch of Zangyack fleets. A seemingly direct hit creates a explosive smokescreen from which GokaiOh emerges and it tears through several enemy vessels with his swords, blowing them to bits, and then finally finishing them off by hitting five ships into one another with a super robot sized Rider Kick.
      • Even more impressively, this might be the earliest appearance of a Sentai mecha within a series. Usually we're lucky if the mecha appears in the first episode at all.
    • Later, the Zangyack invade the Earth and unleash chaos, destroying as much as they wish with their gunships. The Gokaigers, their mealtime of curry interrupted by the attack, pull a Big Damn Heroes to stop a Zangyack from mercilessly shooting some daycare teachers and children, then transform. Just their transformation sequence is awesome already. Their fight against the Mooks is full of good ol' swordplay and gun-totting, and they stylishly swap weapons between each other for some Guns Akimbo and Dual Wielding. Because they can.
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    • Finally, the Gokaigers show off what everyone's been waiting for them to do: they transform into Himitsu Sentai Goranger. They even get the daycare teachers impressed, who recognize the team they just changed into. The Gokaigers then turn into Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Then Mahou Sentai Magiranger. Then finally, they unleash their finisher onto the head Zangyack. You may now exhale.
  • The five Reds finisher in #2 is a great use of team powers. Don as Gosei Red and Luka as Magi Red use their Gosei Cards and magic to hold off the Monster of the Week with a fire twister, then Joe as Gao Red and Ahim as Geki Red rush in and use the melee specialties of their suits to wear him down, ending with Marvelous as Shinken Red cutting him down with one slash. Seeing so many team's specialties come together is awesome, and they even finish it off with a Power Walk as the enemy explodes.
    • The Final Wave finisher prior to that scene as well, especially the creative way of loading both the Gokai Sabre and the Gokai Gun with Ranger Keys.
  • #3's Mahou Sentai Magiranger sequence. The Gokaiger, having finally realized that courage = magic, use their Magiranger keys. Except this time it's accompanied with a recreation of Magi's henshin SFX and the original background music. There's even a new spell in the same fashion as the originals. They then proceed to kick the Monster of the Week with their Elemental Powers before unleashing a Final Wave as themselves.
  • #4 has Joe perform his own personal Final Wave called the Blue Slash that uses five Gokai Sabres all at once. It unleashes the power of Gosei Blue, Shinken Blue, Magi Blue, Hurricane Blue, and Ginga Blue in succession before Joe finishes it off himself.
    • Prior to this, Joe practices on his own in order to defeat the week's Zangyack. He manages to go as far as to split a blade into two vertically using his own by stabbing into the other one head-on.
  • #5 has Marvelous fending off cops while handcuffed.
    • Then we have Doggie showing who's the boss in his fight against Marvelous, in an extensive fight without his Dekamaster suit.
    • Marvelous facing off with the Action Commander and the Gormins alone and winning easily, complete with obligatory pre-transformation power walk and the opening song blasting in the background during the fight.
    • The fight scene which features a exact replica of the Dekaranger theme song right after the Gokaigers become the Dekarangers.
      • Not to mention, the morphing sequence, which like Magiranger is replicated to be the one from Dekaranger.
    • Dairanger finally makes its appearance in this episode when the team (sans Marvelous) transforms into them. Wonderful stuff happens such as:
    • The finisher the Gokaigers use while harnessing the power of Dekaranger? Gatling Good.
  • #6 has the crew (minus Luka, who is occupied with the task of rescuing a father and daughter from a burning house) change into J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai. They don't just fight as them, though: they perform the team roll call while in combat.
    • This needs some explaining. Not only do they perform the team roll call in combat, which happens often enough to not be noteworthy, they weaponize their respective poses to beat down Gormin!
  • How do the Red, Blue, and Yellow rangers bypass the Monsters ability in #7? By allowing the monster to attract their swords to his body.
    • Without letting go!
      • Don't forget the part with Sun Vulcan scene which included Marvelous as Vul Eagle fighting the MOTW with a sunset in the back just for the occasion.
  • #9, the aerial battle as the Jetmen after getting kicked off the Sky Island by Gao Lion
    • The Gaoranger sequence. Especially summoning Gao Lion. That flute sound that appears when the Power Animals are called brings back memories.
  • #11, Kaoru's skills haven't dulled in the least as shown in her duel with Joe and when she quickly defeats several Gormin.
    • If the Gokaigers failed to defeat the Monster of the Week in the previous episodes, it's usually because the Gokaigers forced them to retreat and receive enhancements from Insarn. This episode's Monster of the Week easily defeated the Gokaigers and their Zyuranger, Dynaman, and Gingaman forms, forcing them to retreat.
    • Marvelous still managing to shoot both Barizorg and Oiles Gils, despite just being heavily wounded a few moments before.
    • This is the first time an insert song is used during the main fight. It's amazing. The accompanying battle? Definitely awesome.
  • In #12, we get to see Shinken Gokaioh and what makes it more epic is that when the gattai is finished, it shows Shinken Gokaioh having the pose as Shinkenoh when its gattai is complete.
    • In Marvelous and Joe's flashback, Marvelous ripping off the Zangyack tracking collar off Joe's neck without any hesitation,
    • To go with that is the Shinken Gokaioh's finisher: ridiculously huge mecha sized Rekka Daizanto.
    • Marvelous' one-handed Hyakka Ryoran with the Rekka Daizanto and the triumphant return of the Double Disc from the Shinkenger finale which Joe uses to dual Shinkenmaru.
    • While waiting for Joe, the rest of the team goes into combat against the Zangyack with each one transforming into a total of 12 other Sentai teams, 3 per person. Without a break.
  • In #15, Basco summoning Sixth Rangers to fight the Gokaigers, marking the first time the Gokaigers interact with rangers in their costumed states.
    • Also, after the Gokaigers kick the five Sixth Rangers' asses, ten more Sixth Rangers come and kick the Gokaigers' asses, two per Gokaiger.
    • Bonus point for doing it without using any key.
    • A Blink-and-you'll-miss-it CMoA for GokaiPink where she simultaneously fires two pistols with one hand.
  • The way Marvelous busts out Joe and the others in #16 deserves mention. Indy Ploy all the way along with some ingenuity = Awesome.
    • Later on in the episode, after the Gokaigers wipe the floor with the ten Sixths and take the Keys, Basco is kicking back and grinning like a troll on his ship. Why? Because he still has ten more Keys, those of the extra heroes from the movie.
      • How do the Gokaiger beat them? By using their Guns and Swords at the same time for the final wave.
  • Even though Gokaiger vs Goseiger hasn't shown yet, the previews have already given us a moment of awesome coming in the movie: ALL 33 mecha are showing up, along with Sky Ace and Variblune.
    • They deliver. They really deliver. And, unlike the Gaoranger teamup, majority of the entire climactic battle is NOT Stock Footage.
      • Even more impressive? They could've gone the easy route and had all the old Mecha as CGI, they didn't, we actually see mecha suits. And like the Legend War, Mecha of simular teams are teamed up in the battle, such as RV Robo and Engine-Oh defeating Yogoshimacritein, Shinken-Oh, Muteki Shōgun, and Senpūjin taking down Buredoran of Chimatsuri. Not to mention the sheer number of Finishing Moves we see!
      • Also, all of this happens while the theme for "Goranger" plays in the background.
      • Then, for the grand finale, the Gokaiger combine their own Mecha's power with that of the very first Sentai, producing a Finishing Move known as Gokai Hurricane: Cassiopeia—a BFS infused with five colored stars, which their mech uses to deliver the final blow on the Black Cross King.
      • To clarify: the Gokaiger not only struck down the very first Big Bad that ever threatened the world in the Super Sentai universe—more powerful than ever before—but did so in epic fashion. "Let's make this extremely showy," indeed...
    • And the Gokaiger Vs. Goseiger fight, where Gokaired and Goseired are fighting while their teammates fight with their mecha.
    • After the teams get split, each of them bring down the villains Black Cross King summoned: with Dagon defeated by Don, Ahim, Hyde, and Eri; Yogoshimacreiten trounced by Joe, Luka, Agri, and Moune; and Brajira overcome by Marvelous and Alata.
    • There's also the Gokaigers and Goseigers going against the Ranger Keys of all 33 previous Sentai summoned by Black Cross King.
    • The opening of the movie is the Legend War, similar to the opening of Gokaiger's first episode. However, as good as that was, it's even better this time around as we see the event in much greater detail, including several scenes immediately before and after the Big Badass Battle Sequence. Also, the main battle sequence is set to the Tensou Sentai Goseiger theme song.
  • #17, Gai's entire first debut as Gokai Silver, pretty much like most sixth ranger's debut.
  • #18 has the GouJyuJin's debut fight, which proceeds to kick the asses of the Action Commander and the Sugormin.
    • Gai gets to be awesome all over in this episode. His Flash Back shows him push a little girl out of the way of an oncoming truck, then make sure she's okay and give her some flowers before he passes out from the pain.
      • And then later on, he goes out and fights the Monster of the Week without his powers in order to prove himself to Marvelous. He does well enough against the Mooks, but when he gets smacked around by the MOTW, he just keeps getting up and declares that he'll keep on fighting until the very end. This is, of course, the point where the Gokaiger step in and Marvelous formally declares "You're a Gokaiger...our sixth member!".
      • Not long after, the rest of the team pops open their belts buckles to reveal a full set of Silver Ranger Keys, leading to a shining example of Sentai glory.
  • #19 has Gai kicking ass twice. Once as the Hybrid Go-On Wing, and another in his Gold Mode.
    • Gai's got several in this episode, but two that stand out are his uniting of Go-On Gold and Go-On Silver's keys into the Hybrid Go-On Wing, as well as the creation of his Gold Mode anchor key. The reason? Gai hasn't earned the power of either the Wings yet OR the other sixths besides his first three. They didn't have to help him in either instance but they did. And the reason? He simply asked. The Gold Mode key's creation also doubles as an Awesome Moment of Crowning since every sixth before him accepts Gai.
    • Gai's Gokai Legendream summons Mega Silver, Bouken Silver, Gao Silver, Gosei Knight, Go-On Gold, Go-On Silver, and Magishine, who along with Gai fire off eight energy blasts, which turn into King Ranger, Dekabreak, Shinken Gold, Kiba Ranger, Dragon Ranger, Shurikenger, Abare Killer, and Time Fire, who each deliver a coup-de-grace to the target, topped off with a final triple attack from Gokai Silver. Finishers don't get much more awesome than that.
    • Don needs some love too! His Big Damn Heroes moment to save Gai, his running transformation, and his being the one to come up with the idea for the golden anchor key while holding off the monster of the week singlehandedly to buy Gai time all belong here.
  • #20 shows us that Marvelous can handle his own against Magi Mother, Wolzard Fire, Deka Master, and Black Knight without the use of his ranger suit.
  • #21: Marvelous declaring that not only are they adventurers, they're also pirates. So when they want something? They take it...right before ripping the Heart of Hades out of Ryuuwon.
  • #22: The Gokaigers save the same boy they've been helping all through the episode by hitting the now enlarged MotW with Gokai-Oh's second robotic Rider Kick. Joe tells the boy to get moving but he is hesitant because he's hurt. Gokai Blue then shouts "You promised didn't you!?" The boy looks up at the mecha and we flash inside to Gokai Blue then though his helmet to Joe who continues to spur on the boy. The kid nods, followed by Joe, who then leads Gokai-Oh into battle, followed by Gao Lion and Gozyu Drill. All while truly fittingly epic music plays.
    • Joe saves the boy's life earlier by using his Gokai Gun, which he's never used before and it shows, demonstrating just how much Joe wants that kid to fulfill his promise.
    • Gai, saving the day by utterly destroying a meteor summoned by the having the other Gokaigers use Gokai-Oh to throw Gozyujin at it and then drilling straight through. It should be no wonder why people have been reminded of the Giga Drill Breaker.
  • For 23 we have Ahim, cleverly using the Magiranger's magic based powers to fool Basco and allowing an ambulance containing a ill boy and Matsuri Tatsumi to escape by disguising herself AS Tatsumi. The Catchphrase of the episode is also awesome as well as Heartwarming
    Luka: Let's make this...
    Ahim: Quite the show!
    • The fact that they managed to take a spell from Magiranger that's mostly Played for Laughs and use it for a serious situation makes it an awesome use of Cerebus Retcon.
    • Also from this episode Luca fighting Rio and Mele by herself.
  • Funny as it was, 24 gives us a few moments of general badassery from the Gokaiger but in a shining example, the team telling the MotW and his Gormin to quiet down during their meeting...and the MotW and his squad agreeing and sitting down quietly!
  • #25 Fuuraimaru's assist, allowing Gozyujin to deliver the finishing strike to one of the two MotW for this and 26.
  • #26 of course, has the big teamup between the Gokaiger and the Hurricangers.
    • Five words: Gokai Chō Ninpō - Hurricane Scramble.
      • Hell, #26 period. Though the team getting THREE awesome attacks thanks to Fuuraimaru is noteworthy.
    • Ahim decides to hand over the Hurricanger keys and promises that they'll be returned to the Gokaiger. By force if necessary.
  • #28. Gai Yuuki...
    • Lectures the already badass Marvelous who's being consumed with his fears against a recent MOTW.
      Is this the power of the current Red? A Red warrior should be able to punch like THIS! *punches Marvelous on the face*
    • Transforms using his original Cross Changer and fights on hordes of Gormins and said MOTW without backing down (and at first untransformed)
    • Wins poker games against a Goddess constantly.
    • The episode is also a CMOA for the creators as it finally ended a long standing debate about whether or not Gai died in the first place.
  • #29 is a Fanservice-laden of awesome courtesy of Ahim. Starting from making bold moves on Gai and ordering him around while on wedding dress, then cosplaying as a school girl, nurse and policewoman all while kicking ass and suckering said Monster of the Week singlehandedly.
    • It may have been in the middle of a CMOF but Navi attacking the MOTW and doing damage has to count.
  • #30 has Yellow Lion fighting against Mooks and handling it very well despite his age and being unmorphed.
    • At the final fight against Zcien, the Zangyack responsible for Joe's former friend's transformation into Barizorg, Joe avenges his friend by using his old pal's secret sword technique.
    • Let's not forget about Liveman's Greater Power being none other than Super Live Robo, the very first combination between the primary and secondary mecha in Sentai history.
    • The entire fight with Zaien becomes amazingly awesome when you remember that the man he was an Expy of, Great Professor Bias, was The Unfought. If you know how much of a monster Bias was and seeing that Zaien could have possibly been just as bad, watching the fight imagining Zaien as Bias becomes extremely satisfying, especially with the many nods to Liveman that are made in the fight.
  • #31 sees Oh Red playing a dangerous game of gambits against Basco. Although ultimately losing, he manages to stall Basco to prevent him taking the Ohranger ultimate power.
    • The Gokaigers managing to defeat the Extra Ranger summons, as well as a mecha fight alongside a human-size fight.
    • How about Gai finally blasting Sally before she gathers the extra hero keys, allowing Gai to claim them for the Gokaigers?
    • On the bad guys side, we have Basco transforming into his true form and curbstomping the Gokaiger.
  • Don gets a major one in #32 when he creates the Gokai Galleon Buster.
    • Even his first attempt at making a new weapon, the double-cylindered Gokai Gun, was pretty cool, even though it broke after its second use and never even damaged a monster.
  • #33: Ryuu Ranger's unmorphed roll call. After so many years, he can still pull it off. The ensuing fight only amplifies the awesome. Even more awesome is the fact that despite Keiichi Wada being 43 now, he still manage to do the roll call convincingly, not too mention doing his fight scenes himself.
    • Also, when he is fighting the Gormin, we see images of Shishi Ranger and Tenma Ranger superimposed on him before the Ryuu Ranger image, showing that he's fighting on behalf of his whole team.
  • #34: You know how the auxilliary mecha never really seem to do anything on their own after they've combined with the main mecha for the first time? Well, Fuuraimaru subverts this trend by using ninja trickery to make it look like the Gokai Galleon has blown up. This is in conjunction with the others realizing that Luka is being impersonated when they see her scarf down broccoli (which she hates) and when she lets Ahim feed her. As a result, they're able to get rid of all the detonators in time.
  • #35: The Quick Draw duel between Marvelous and the Monster of the Week. Although the MOTW fires first, Marvelous manages to deflect the bullets. By having the Gokai Gun's bullets intercept them in mid-air.
  • #36 has spades of these.
    • The individual Gokai Machines finally doing something separately.
    • How does the team tame Machalcon? By forcibly docking the upper section of GokaiOh on to him.
    • The team's transformation into the Go-Ongers, dispatching both Uguts and Gormin alike.
    • And to cap it all off, Go-On GokaiOh's debut.
    • Don't forget Waruzu Gil calling Babacheed out and having the Gormin, along with Barizorg and Insarn, attack the Gaiark?
  • #37: The team sans Joe uses the Extra Hero keys for the first time, with Marvelous using Wolzard Fire, Luka using Zubaan, Don using Signalman, Ahim using Deka Swan, and Gai using Black Knight.
    • Why is Joe absent, for that matter? Because he's duelling Barizorg!
    • And then there's Oiles Gil's gift mecha, going to town by blasting Machalcon back into Engine World and curb-stomping GoZyu GokaiOh.
  • #38: The conclusion of the previous episode's arc.
    • Joe does an Unflinching Walk towards Barizorg, and simply deflects the latter's attack. Although his transformation was broken by Barizorg's attacks, he manages to close up the distance and finally finish off the cyborg.
    • The team does its roll call in the midst of battle. When they call out the team's name, all the Gormin they've cut through explode.
    • The team unlocks their own Greater Power, and uses it to form Complete GokaiOh for the first time, using it to destroy Great Walz.
  • #39: When the Gokaiger hear that Basco has planted bombs throughout Moroboshi High School, do the students panic? Hell no! They spread the word and everyone helps the Gokaiger track the bombs down in time to save the school.
    • And instead of whipping out some random energy attack, or even using the Gokai Galleon Buster, they switch into Timeranger and freeze the stack of bombs to contain them.
    • Even if it didn't amount to much, there's also four of the Gokaigers dealing significant damage to Sari.
      • And Basco taking a Final Wave for Sari. It proves that he's not all "gimmie Great Power or people die".
      • Either that, or he still has enough use for her that he can't afford to have her blow up. She DOES provide him with Monsters of the Week afterall.
  • #40: Managing to turn what used to be a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment into a canon event. The moment in question? The Early-Bird Cameo.
    • Gai taking on a giant Zan-KT all by himself using all the Great Powers he was personally note  given across the series, including Gingaman's which didn't have its Great Power shown in its own tribute episode.
      • Also Gai saying "time up" almost in a completely whispered voice was pretty epic.
  • #41: Ahim avenging the death of her parents by teaming up with each of the others in turn for a series of attacks against the monster that killed them.note  Ahim caps this all off by using the Galleon Buster.
    • And just before that, after the rest of the team distract the monster (culminating with Gai using Gold Mode to block a deflected Final Wave), Ahim stabs the eye on its chest, the source of all its myriad powers, and shoots it point blank with a Final Wave, in possibly the most over-the-top way possible.
    • Ahim was also the first non-Marvelous member of the team to use the Galleon Buster.
    • Then there's the flashback. Marv and Joe about to get into a fight, while Ahim just sits there, making her tea, asks if they want some, and the guys immediately simmer down.
  • #42: Damaras personally goes into the field for the first time. He managed to own Basco in his true form and all the Gokaigers.
    • Damaras's Sword Beam completely levels an entire building.
    • Personally doesn't cut it. He could have broken out of his bonds and cell anytime he wanted, but he simply sat there, punishing himself for failing to prevent Warz' death. That is how loyal he was to the Zangyack.
  • Don taking a level in badass in 43.
  • Episode 44: The Gokaigers' all-yellow transformations (Marvelous as Gao Yellow, Joe as Tiger Ranger, Luka as Bouken Yellow, Don as Hurricane Yellow, Ahim as Gosei Yellow, and Gai as Kirin Ranger).
    • The Gokaigers finishing off the Monster of the Week with Battle Fever's finishing move plus Gai's Gokai Christmas slash.
    • The beginning of the episode reveals that Don's bounty is raised all the way to 300,000.
    • Santa Claus, who tells Luka that she may not deserve a Christmas present. He shows up again at the end of the episode and judges them worthy of a present. He's really Battle Kenya, and the present is the Greater Power of Team Battle Fever. When the Gokaigers figure out what happen, they say that Santa's "pretty awesome."
  • #45's moment of awesome could probably be summed up in one single word: NINJAMAN!!! His mysterious lack of appearances so far hadn't gone unnoticed, and there was a rumor that he wasn't going to be able to appear at all because the Ninjaman suit had been lost, so seeing him finally show up was definitely awesome.
  • #46 Has Action commander Jyujyu. What is he? He's a Witch Doctor that shoots crystals into people's heart with a blowpipe that brings out the anger and rage in people.
    • Ahim gets a big one when she goes out and stops a possessed Doc and Gai and actually helps them break Jyujyu's control over them.
    • The Kakurangers' Ultimate Power: It's Ninjaman himself!
  • #47 has a Dying Moment of Awesome: Sally, having been betrayed by Basco and treated kindly by the Gokaiger, stuffs Basco's Explosive Leash into her compartment, saving Marvelous' life at the cost of her own.
  • #48, the final showdown between Marvelous and Basco. Marvelous wins by stomping Basco's foot, stabbing a sword through both of them, and then attacking while Basco is pinned.
    • Made all the more awesome by the fact that Marvelous was still badly injured from Basco's bomb last episode. When Basco sarcastically asks how he expects to fight in that condition, Marvelous responds "Don't worry, I'll last long enough to wipe that smirk off your face once and for all".
    • And of course, we can't neglect the other Gokaigers defeating the Basco-dupes of their Ranger selves without transforming.
  • #49: Battle between Gokaigers and Insarn.
    • Sun Vulcan, Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, and Fiveman get their tribute, complete with their trademark attacks.
      • Plus the fact that, when the team Gokai Changes into their respective veterans, the Transformation Sequences are replicated to a T (complete with Ahim's eyes appearing uncovered under the Green Flash helmet before the visor comes down)!
      • This is all done to the themes of those shows, which happen to be some of the best retro Sentai themes (especially Changeman, Fiveman and Sun Vulcan).
    • Gokaioh uses the Greater powers of Changeman and Maskman. The Changeman's Greater Power? The Power Bazooka, right out of Gokaioh's Chest.
  • #50 The Gokaigers, after considering using the GTINU's power to erase the Zangyack, which would also erase the 34 previous Sentai Teams from existence. They then decide that they can't just throw away Super Sentai just for the sake of their dream. Then they vow to destroy Zangyack in their own way and, then BLOW THE THING UP!!! That's right, the Gokaigers flat-out DESTROY the greatest treasure in the universe! It's official, they've evolved past being just a badass crew of space pirates and have become the Super Sentai version of the Dai-Gurren Brigade.
    • The fact that Gai was the one to do it, since it involved telling his Super Sentai idols that he wouldn't be following their wish to sacrifice their powers for peace, because he's a space pirate, Gokai Silver, and he'll take hold of his dreams with his own hands. Marvelous is 100% right when he calls Gai a first-rate pirate after that.
    • Not to mention the mech battle between GokaiOh, GoJyuJin, and the Zangyack fleet. They pull out a lot of the Greater Powers, including Megaranger's, which up until this point wasn't shown.
    • Remember that kid from #2? He's back, and he's shown that he Took a Level in Badass between that episode and this one by beating up some Gormin with a kendo stick.
    • Miku, the little girl from #23, puts herself between her mother and baby sister and a pair of Gormin, and refuses to stand down.
    • And then there's the fight that happens at the end of the episode. It's a giant crowning moment of awesome. One moment in particular is that Gai transforms into Dragon Ranger, then gives Marvelous the armor, thus becoming Armed Tyranno Ranger, marking the first time the Gokaigers ever used a Super Mode in their Gokai Changes note . And then they decide to take on Dailando, and as they rush towards him... SUUUUUUPER SENTAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!
      • Which becomes more awesome when you realize that the final episode will pick up right where this episode left off. As in it will start with a bang.
      • Even better is the showdown right before the battle. The Gokaiger taunt Dailando using the exact same taunts they used on the first episode's Action Commander, Don changing his "I hate guys like you!" to "The people of Earth and I..." When Dailando says they're all doomed, Marvelous responds "We're not going to die, but we will risk our lives to protect this planet, because that's what it means to be Super Sentai!" That is the moment when the full theme song kicks in and the civilians (as well as the audience) start cheering wildly. And then they put on a show.
      • Even better? Their utter demolishing of his army actually makes Dailando's Smug Snake persona slip and leaves him completely baffled as to how they got so strong!
  • #51.
    • Navi's Big Damn Heroes moment: taking Basco's ship, the Free Joker, and using it to save the Gokaigers from the enemy fleet, as well as bringing Marvelous and Gai to the Gigant Horse.
    • Another big moment is Marvelous and Gai fighting their way to the bridge of the Gigant Horse. What do they do there? Gai holds off Akudos Gill while Marvelous hijacks the controls and use Akudos' own flag ship to obliterate his entire fleet!.
    • Meanwhile, Joe, Don, Luka, and Ahim take on Dairando and use the extra heroes to beat him down - notably Joe pulling off Sid's special move as Deka Master, using Don-as-Zubaan, and then finishing off with a blue-charged Gokai Galleon Buster despite taking a hard enough blow to cancel out everyone's transformations.
    • The speech the Gokaiger give to Akudos before the Final Battle starts:
      Marvelous: You're wasting your time. You can't beat us.
      Akudos: What?!
      Joe: Your mistake was coming to this planet!
      Luka: This planet is where we discovered an incredible power even we pirates didn't want to mess with.
      Don: Despite what it looks like, there aren't just six of us!
      Ahim: We're being supported by all those who protected this planet before us.
      Gai: The 34 Super Sentai are here! Now, let's show you that power!
      Akdos: Cease this foolish prattle!
      (He shoots fireballs at the team, Marvelous and Gai deflect them)
      Marvelous: We may be the 35th Super Sentai...but we're still pirates.
      Gai: When someone like you gets in our way...
      All: ...We crush them with all our might!
    • Each Gokaiger turns into one of the members of each Sentai before them!
      • To repeat, once the Gokaigers confront the Emperor, they dogpile on him using a Ranger-key from every single past Sentai series. All 35 years get a solid showing, as all six Rangers bounce so rapidly between powers that it's hard to keep track of who transforms into who. It wasn't a second Legend War, which is what many fans thought might happen, but it stood as am excellent symbol for one. Yes, it was exactly as awesome as it sounds.
      • The changes happen so rapidly that Tomokazu Seki has trouble keeping up with announcing the names—the sub is actually helpful by spelling out which team is being used. Of course, that's what happens when every team name is stretched out to five seconds long.
      • Just to spoil a bit about this part: The Gokaigers transformed, then they take turn to transform into a member from each Sentai before them, each gets a take on Akudos (albeit a short time). Starting with Gai as Gosei Knight, then followed by Aka Ranger(M) and Dia Jack(J); Battle Kenya(D), Vul Panther(L) and Denji Pink(A); Bouken Red(M), Tenma Ranger(J), Dyna Black(D), Yellow Mask(L), Shurikenger Fire Mode(G) and Ninja White(A); Google Pink(A), Five Yellow(L), Red Racer(M), Black Turbo(D) and Go-On Blue(J); Ptera Ranger(A), Abare Yellow(L), Black Knight Hyuga(G), Ginga Red(M), Blue Three(J) and Change Griffon(D); Red Hawk(M), Gao Yellow(L), Pink Flash(A), Mega Black(D), Go Blue(J); Yellow Lion(L), Time Pink(A), King Ranger(G) and Oh Red(M). Even better, notice that they are STILL trying to pair up similar-themed Rangers together during this MASSIVE beatdown. Yeah, It's AWESOME.
    • The above awesomeness is followed by Two Words: SUUUUUUUPA RANGER!
      • To elaborate, they turn into Hyper Shinken Red, Super Gosei Blue, Super Geki Yellow, Deka Green Swat Mode, Legend Magi Pink and Gokai Silver Gold Mode respectively and continue to beat up Akudos, with Gai breaking his sword in half with a Legend Crash.
      • Akudos survives all that and another Final Wave though, so it comes to Gai holding Gokai Galleon Buster and gives the Emperor a point-blank Special Charge to take him out. Yes, it takes the might of ALL 35 Super Sentai to take down the Emperor.
      • Yes, that's right. Gai, not Marvelous. The Ascended Fanboy of the team, the Sixth Ranger, delivers the final blow to the Big Bad of the series. Completely awesome.
      • with the incredibly badass-sounding name of SHOW-STOPPING WAVE!!! Talk about taking a catchphrase full circle...
      • Let's not forget that Akudos Gil first took a Final Wave and had his ship blown up around him. So, counting those, and the Super Sentai History Lesson, it took six finishing moves in a row to take this bastard down. That's enough to make Rasputin himself start taking notes.
  • A quiet one: The Keys are given back to the original Rangers, and the viewers get to view a few of them. The very last one we see is Tsuyoshi/Akarenger. After he bids farewell to the Gokaigers, he turns towards the camera and transforms into his Ranger form. Like I said, it's low key, but the way he walks away is like "Look out bad guys, I got a year to make up for". The whole Keys back to the Ranger sequence overall just gives goosebumps really.
  • The Flying Ghost Ship movie has a few:
    • Marvelous' fight with Los Dark, culminating in him destroying the movie's McGuffin, the God's Eye, by making a wish to save his friends and denying Los Dark the chance to do so revive and make his own.
    • Then there's the mecha fight at the end, between Gokai-Oh and Los Dark's copy of it, featuring some impressive acrobatic stunts by both mecha and culminating in the Gokaiger summoning Variblune, Dragon Headder, Pat Striker, Geki Tiger, and Magidragon to finish him off.
    • The footsoliders gathered together from the previous 34 seasons see the Gokaigers coming and immediately flee in terror. They know whats coming.
  • Gokaiger vs. Gavan is made of these.
    • First there's the fight at the beginning where Gavan, a lone space sheriff who's getting on in years, takes out the entire Gokaiger team on his own.
    • Later, after the villain has been revealed, Gavan fights an entire squad of Gormin alone and untransformed, even despite his age. He only loses when movie villain Asurada calls out Gavan Bootleg.
    • Not to be outdone, the Gokaiger stage a daring rescue of Gavan from Makuu Space, progressing through multiple levels of the Zangyack prison before reaching him. Once Gavan's freed, they blow their way back down to the bottom level, then take out the rest of the building with the Gokai Galleon Buster before leaving, all the while doing a slow-motion Power Walk as the prison explodes behind them.
      • It should be noted that the Gokaiger faced different challenges at different levels of the prison, with members of the group staying behind so Marvelous could advance. Ahim's is most impressive, as she holds her ground against a revived Mons Drake, one of the main villains of Tensou Sentai Goseiger. That's right. Ahim stands alone against a Super Sentai Big Bad.
      • You can't discount Marvelous's battle with Gavan Bootleg either, especially when he uses both their discarded swords as ricochet points to blast the captured Gavan free from his cuffs.
    • Gavan vs. Gavan Bootleg round two is also impressive, with Gavan finishing his copy off by first impaling him with his Laser Blade, slashing him repeatedly, and then slicing him again, straight down the middle.
    • The Gokaiger take Asurada down, first with an all Pink ranger Gokai Change, followed by an all White change, and finally all Red, before breaking out their own Final Wave attacks to blow him away.
    • Since they didn't debut during 199 Heroes, that means the next Sentai team will be the first not to have an Early-Bird Cameo, right? WRONG! The Go-Busters - who, at the moment, only have 3 members - show up and stop Basco from claiming the Gokai Galleon. Not even transforming into his monster form helps him!
    • Last but not least, the way they take out Asurada's giant form: with Complete Gokai-Oh riding on Gavan's Cyber Starbeast Dor, while Gavan and Marvelous execute their "Gavan Marvelous Dynamic" Combination Attack with their mecha from atop Dor's head. Yes. It's amazing as it sounds.
  • In the Special DVD, Gai with his 35 Red Ranger Gokai changes in a row.
    • Again, special mention needs to go to the stunt and editing teams, since they made the transitions look seamless. Through the Flashman-Maskman-Liveman transition, he was in the middle of a sword fight, and everything was perfectly smooth (The sword never jumped around to indicate the stunt man changed position at all for the costume change.) This was a minor miracle on the part of the production team.


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