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  • The first three Go-Busters in their battle against Gokaiger-beater Basco in Gokaiger vs. Gavan as well as fighting "Destroyer of Worlds" (and other Kamen Riders) Kamen Rider Decade in Super Hero Taisen. Though neither got their asses handed to them, that the incomplete Go-Busters could fight evenly matched against these two formidable foes and counter the tricks up their sleeve is pretty damn impressive.
  • #1: Hiromu's Bike Fu.
    • The first mech battle. Especially when the Go-busters pull off their finishing moves simultaneously.
    • The transformation scenes in general, averting Transformation Is a Free Action.
  • #2: We see the Go-Busters rescuing the civilians, reminding of Rescue Sentai GoGoFive.
  • #3: Seeing GT-02 in action doing things like swinging underneath a bridge and actually holding off the NeedleZord for most of the day until Hiromu shows up with Ace.
    • Hiromu crippling NeedleZord by using the CB-01 car mode's spoiler as a sword to take out NeedleZord's legs.
    • Enter gets one at the start of the episode by revealing a plan he thought up to Messiah. His plan is to conserve Enertron until there is enough for 5 or 6 Megazords and then unleash them all on the Go-Busters. Messiah however has other plans....
    • Hiromu saving a civilian from being captured by the Buglers by making him flip over his back while shooting them with his Ichigan Buster.
  • #4: Two words: Ace vs. CutterZord!
  • #5: Overheated Ryūji curb stomping the Tireroid, even going as far as to make it plead for mercy and finish it by impaling it!
    • The debut of RH-03's Animal Mode: Thought a rabbit robot couldn't kick Megazord ass (literally)? Think again.
  • #6: Go-Buster-Oh's debut. It's taller than the Megazords, even!
    • Enter has a rare moment of actually fighting... and manages to hold Hiromu off with one hand while he continues to look through the base's systems before activating the self-destruct sequence for the hangar.
  • #8: Ryūji defeats the Drillroid by himself. The fight involved the use of Dual Wielding and one of the most creative ways to incapacitate the enemy before the finisher. Awesome.
  • #9: The Go-Busters beating the Bugzords with just their individual mecha.
    • Yōko's plan to fool Enter. To elaborate, she would have Ryūji be accompanied by Morishita and Nakamura disguised as Hiromu and Yōko respectively while Hiromu would watch behind a corner to catch Enter's attention. While this is all going on Yōko would climb up the back of the building, pull Usada up and free him. It almost works.
    • Enter has a Villainous Breakdown after getting fooled by the Go-Busters. He proceeds to go Ax-Crazy and attack them.
  • #10: Hiromu vs. DanganRoid. It's a classic Man Versus Machine, as both have Super Speed, but the Metaroid doesn't tire. Hiromu throws away his gun and charges in to fight...then, as he leaps back, he combines his knife and the still-flying gun into their special mode and fires off his Finishing Move, all in one smooth motion.
    • Overheated Ryūji returns at the start of the episode and eliminates all the Mooks without hardly trying.
    • Go-Buster-Oh gets a big one as his fight with the DanganZord is not an entire Stock Footage battle!
  • #11 The Go-Busters' plan to defeat the flying FanZord. To elaborate it involves Ace running full speed at GT-02, who is in Gorilla mode on his back, jumping on GT-02's feet and using them as a springboard and using Ace's boosters deliver the killing blow mid-air.
    • Gorisaki using his body to protect Ryūji from fanroid's attack.
  • #12: CopyZord turning into Ace to give us a Mirror Match.
    • Yōko going up against the Copyroid untransformed and not only hold her own against it but actually dealing damage to it.
  • #13: Most of Ace's match with TubaZord was pretty awesome. It mostly involves Ace using his boosters to evade TubaZord's attack and again for a charging finishing attack.
    • After 13 episodes, we finally get to see Nick fight. It is a mix of awesome and funny.
  • #14: For the first part of the episode Tubaroid 2 has his villainous moment as he curb stomps the Busters and kidnaps Yōko!
    • Ryūji's idea to stop the second TubaZord's sound attack; use GT-02 to emit a frequency that cancels out TubaZord's, allowing Ace to attack and disable its sound attack.
    • At the end of the episode we get The debut of Beet Buster and his Buddyroid.
  • #15: Beet and Stag Buster vs. Soujikinote roid
  • #16: BC-04 and SJ-05 in their beetle forms vs. ParabolaZord'snote  BugZords. What happens to them? The two Buster Machines absorb their Enetron and crush them.
  • #17: The Vaglass' new Megazord not only going toe to toe with Go-Buster-Oh but being able to break out of the Dimension Crush!
    • The debut of Go-Buster Beet, who proceeds to mop the floor with the new Megazord.
  • #19: The debut of Buster Hercules!
    • Go-Buster-Oh gets 2 big ones as none of the previous stock footage is used in this battle and it takes out a Delta Megazord with a Rider Kick!
  • #20: Filmroid creating up three buster replicas to give us a Mirror Match at the start of the show.
    • The debut of Great Go-Buster who breaks into the FilmZord's created Hyperspace sphere and destroys it with no effort.
  • #21: Ryūji curbstomping Dumbbellroid.
    • This requires a little elaboration. At the start of the episode Jin tells Gorisaki that Ryūji could die the next time he overheats after seeing his failed medical examinationnote  and Ryūji overhears Kuroki and Nakamura discussing it after Ryūji is "kicked off" the team. He takes his stuff back and heads out to what he believes to be his final battle. Ryūji proceeds to beat down Dumbbellroid while the others just watched.
    • After taking down Dumbbellroid, Ryūji hops in GT-02, knocks Buster Hercules out the way, and beats down DumbbellZord without hardly trying.
  • #22: The debut of Escape and boy what a debut it is
    • To start off she attacks Enter for no reason but to introduce herself.
    • Then she creates Keyroid. To carry out her plan; lock up a skyscraper full of people for the Megazord to kill.
    • And to top it all off she goes toe to toe with Hiromu and proves to be more than a match for him.
  • #23: Remember how Enter and Escape were on opposing sides last episode, well now, they've joined forces!
    • Yōko going full out against Escape and Jishakuroid and managing to take out Jishakuroid's magnet powers.
    • Jin's plan to retrieve the Enertron that JishakuZord stole; turn the Enertron tower into a powerful electromagnet and suck it back out!
  • #24: Ace, jumping on top of SJ-05, using his boosters to help get through WataameZord'snote  shockwave attack, and delivering the killing blow.
    • Ryūji and Yōko finishing the Metaroid was awesome. Their team attack (Yōko firing a blast and Ryūji using that blast to enhance his melee weapon) was very original and great to watch.
  • #25: Ryūji fighting Escape by himself was going nice. But then, he overheats himself and the battle becomes awesome.
  • #26: The first appearance of Ace Stag Custom. What does it do? It destroys a type Delta Megazord.
    • In fact the entire episode is mainly one big mecha fight.
      • Manually Combining Go-Buster-Oh
    • The Commander busting out some never before seen fighting moves against Keshigomuroidnote .
    • Nakamura telling Hiromu to Shut Up. Even better is that Hiromu is actually now TERRIFIED of her.
  • #27: Ryūji vs. Enter. It can only be described as a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Enter's part.
    • Great Go-Buster vs. MushikagoZord note . What makes this fight so awesome is that Great Go-Buster's attacks are not all Stock Footage and a new piece of tech is introduced that allows Great Go-Buster to disable the artificial Hyperspace for a limited and the Demolition Thrust almost makes it look like that Great Go-Buster is jousting.
  • #28: Hiromu tricking the metaroid by wearing sunglasses and closing his eyes when seeing the chicken picture.
  • #29: This whole episode is made of it:
    • Enter and Escape, decked out in combat gear, taking on the Go-Busters.
    • Enter vs. Hiromu
      • Nick saves Hiromu from being killed by Enter by using his guns for the first time in the entire show!
    • The engineers and command staff all take up Ichigan Busters to keep Escape and Enter from stopping Great Go-Buster from entering into Hyperspace
      • Kuroki shows his hidden fighting moves again when Enter tries to destroy the computer.
    • Great Go-Buster using the Demolition Thrust to mow down an entire army of Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Megazords.
    • And last, but not least, the appearance of Messiah's material form and he makes his presence known by summoning back Forkroid, Cutterroid, Keyroid, and Parabolaroid to take on the Busters.
  • #30: The Busters making their final stand against Messiah as the Original theme music plays in the background.
    • CB-01 Ace Vs Espilon Megazord.
  • From #31: Gavan Type-G showing up and beating down Buglers untransformed.
    • It continues with Gavan and Red Buster beating down the Metaroid of the week, first on both Bike-Nick and Sybarian, and then with a combination Gavan Dynamic/Sogan Blade slash.
  • #32: Morishita, out of all people, has a his shining moment when he finds a way to communicate from Makuu Space and get the Buster Gear transported there.
    • Gavan and the 3 main Busters performing a Special Buster Gavan Dynamic combo on Rhino Doubler.
    • Great Go-Buster shows off some moves by turning a Rhino Doubler flip into a chance to take some shots at him.
    • How does Hiromu get a Heroic Second Wind? By having Gavan scream at him from ON TOP OF DOL!
      • Plus points as well for having Kagayaku Ouja Dolgiran play from the point Gavan summons Dol until RhinoDoubler's shut down!
  • #33: All over the place.
    • Enter explaining that not only did he manage to perform a partial backup of Messiah, but now he's planning on using humans to help him evolve. And just to rub it in, he's treating the whole thing as a game...with the world as the prize.
    • Also from Enter, getting Escape to quietly agree to help him... after asking her to not make him delete her!
    • The Powered Custom Armor, melding the Busters with their Buddyroids. Each gets several new abilties as well as boosts to their unique powers.
      • Hiromu moves so quickly, he can no longer be followed, even by the camera. He also gains the Volcanic Attack finisher, which turns him into a fiery cheetah, which runs through the foe.
      • Ryūji can remove a material from an object or surface and use it as a weapon. He demonstrates using a girder from a building and removing a larger stone from the ground. His strength also appears to be doubled, thanks to Gorisaki.
      • Yōko can now jump and move in the air, creating small places to step. This allows for air-walking and multiple jumps.
    • How does Hiromu save Nick? By punching through Sunadokeiroid note  and pulling him and everyone else out!
  • #34: Two Megazords plus a Puppeted GT-02 outnumber a lone J when suddenly, a navy blue lion Buster Machine appears and stops the Megazords, turning the battle in the favor of the Go-Busters.
    • The preview for the episode after that reveals that said lion was created by Ichiro Mizuki!
  • #35: The whole episode. Li-Oh is revealed to be a Buddyzord and is also a triple-changer, going from animal mode, to robot form, and eventually a bike which CB-01 can ride on.
    • CB-01 and Li-Oh battling it out and eventually taking it to robot form.
    • Li-Oh is eventually tamed and Hiromu manages to pilot it, taking down Enter and his Epsilon Zord.
    • Going back to how awesome Li-Oh is - Professor Hazuki uploaded his own consciousness onto its OS - which basically means that Ichiro Frickin' Mizuki is now a Sentai mech.
    • Yōko and J forcing Enter back, thanks in part to Yōko's new Rabbit Kick attack.
  • #36: The Lio Attache itself. Outside of being able to control Tategami Li-Oh, it can sense Metaroids, can sense when Enetron is being discharged, can sense when any of the Go-Busters are in danger with their weak-points, and best of all, it's a BFG.
    • After hearing that both Yōko and Ryūji are about to hit their weakpoints, Usada and Gorisaki grow concerned for their human companions and rush out to help them, forgetting all about their strike. Nick then decides to make the call for battle, just like his Hiromu.
    • Ryūji vs Escape. Ryūji pretty much dominates the fight thanks to Powered Custom.
    • Go-Buster Li-Oh's first fight.
    • Ryūji also gets a new attack, the Gorillarge Punch, which joins his arm with Gorisaki's for a massive strike. It's so powerful that Escape is sent FLYING, Gog and Magog are destroyed, and Escape's damaged to the point that Enter has to load a Metavirus into Escape just to keep her from disintegrating!
  • #37: Escape's Monster form vs. the Busters
    • Ace having a Bike Battle with TiaraZord
  • #38: Hiromu reaches his Wrestler in All of Us as he pilots Ace into a Megazord death match against the 4 DomeZords
    • Go-Buster King and Ace vs. Domeroid. That's right the Metaroid is as big as a Megazord!
  • #39: You have the Child of the Week take out an army of Black Belts. Granted he was tapping into the power of a Messiah Card, but still.
    • Overheated Powered Custom Blue Buster vs. Karateroid. It involves a very large rock being thrown.
  • #40: Enter's One-Winged Angel form and first fight.
    • To clarify Enter just glides in front of Hiromu who is performing the Volcanick attack and bats him aside. Then proceeds to fly right into the middle of the busters and beats them all without trying. The he goes and pulls the Messiah Card right out of Parabolaroid 2!
  • #41: Hiromu and Pink Buster fighting off an army of mooks.
    • Li-Oh gets a big damn hero moment when he arrives and attacks LoupeZord, who has stolen Buster Hercules' weapons.
    • Go-Busters Powered Custom vs. Louperoid.
  • #42: Red Buster Powered Custom vs. Enter Unite.
    • Blue Buster Powered Custom vs. Escape Evolve.
    • The Zeta Megazord Debut
  • #44: Oh God this episode:
    • The buster machines vs. an army of Megazords.
      • Which sees the return of Ace Stag-Custom
      • Also FS-0O makes her series debut, along with Go-Buster Kero.
    • The busters throwing everything at the fully evolved Zeta. and the Zeta being unaffected by everything.
    • The takedown of Messiah. It starts with Go-Buster King charging at Zeta who shoots lightning at them. Out of nowhere come Go-Buster Li-Oh who gets boosted by Buster Hercules up to the Zeta's chest, where they plant the sword directly in his chest. Finally the Buster put all their power into Go-Buster Li-Oh who shoves the sword right down to the hilt and hits the Zeta with a chest beam.
      • While the above scene happens, the first Go-Busters' theme is playing in the background added that final level of awesome to it.
  • #45: Two Buglars actually get a moment of awesome as they find Escapes tablet and accidentally create a Metaroid.
    • Go-Buster Beet, riding Li-Oh and using the Li-Oh burst along with SJ-05 firing its guns to defeat Omochizord.
  • #49: The Go-Busters manage to lure Enter into a hanger back at base, despite his power, and hold him until they can be transported to Hyperspace. What makes this even more epic? The Go-Busters are well aware there may be no coming back.
  • #50: As expected, the Finale has plenty of these moments!
    • As Jin tries to extract the Messiah card from Hiromu, the other Busters, and even Nick (who actually manages to take down quite a few Mooks!), hold the line against a large group of Buglars led by Enter in his Dark Buster form, and fight valiantly to give Jin the time he needs.
    • J takes a blow from Enter, but he keeps his ground, even as Enter continues to push down on his sword, trying to cut through his shoulder. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, since he's doing this to fulfill Jin's last wish.
    • After Enter's Soul Jar is destroyed, Enter claims he has one more trump card. Jin calmly tells him it's useless, since the rest of his data's gone anyway. Enter's reaction is priceless.
    • During the final Humongous Mecha battle, Enter, thanks to the data he's stolen, is countering all of the Busters' attacks. So, how do they beat him? Hiromu throws him off by diverting all power to Ace's legs, letting his mech do super-speed! He then takes his sword, thrusts it into Megazord Omega, letting the others finish it off by blasting it.
    • And then we have the real final battle. In a nice twist on what we saw in the previous episode, the Busters take turns attacking Enter, this time seeming to have the upper hand as opposed to when he effortlessly deflected or absorbed all their attacks before. Everything seems to be going well... Until Enter smashes the Power Trio's visors.
    • Enter attempts to use a Hannibal Lecture on Hiromu, but Hiromu's having none of it. After explaining why he thinks Humans Are Special, and why Enter can't grasp that, despite his best efforts, Hiromu prepares to finish the fight. As he charges up his attack, the other Busters take hold him from behind, lending him their strength. While Enter uses his Volcanic Attack, the Busters use the Volcanic All Busters Attack. The finishers clash in the air, and Enter is finally overpowered and defeated. For Jin, this counts as a Dying Moment of Awesome, since he disappears immediately after Enter's death.
    • For extra awesome, bear in mind that the events of #46 through to #50 took place over a couple of days! Those kids sure were busy.


  • The effects and stunts for the series are absolutely impressive, made even more so when a behind-the-scenes feature revealed that the actual actors did most of their stunts.
  • Behind the scenes, Hideo Sakaki (Commander Takeshi Kuroki or "Kurorin" in Jin's case) caught a peeping tom from taking upskirt pictures of high school girls in a bookstore and got said perpetrator arrested. You can view it here.
    I guess you could say "Shut-down Complete."
  • Another meta example: after being passed up in favor of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, having Saban go back and pick this series up under Hasbro's banner and bring it to the states as Power Rangers Beast Morphers has brought smiles to a lot of fans of this series who thought that it wouldn't happen!
  • Doubling as a Heartwarming moment, we have the main four cast members (Katsuhiro Suzuki, Ryoma Baba, Arisa Komiya, and Hiroya Matsumoto) coming together for a talk-show at the 2020 Tokyo International Film Festival showing off their movies, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters the Movie: Protect the Tokyo Enetower! and Tokumei Sentai Gobusters Returns Vs Dobutsu Sentai Gobusters eight years after the show ended. Not only that, their movies kicked off a Super Sentai commemoration went from November 1st to November 5th as a special screening. Just the fact that TOEI was willing to go ahead and start with Go-Busters (a series that underperformed in Japan despite its recent surge in popularity and is still rather divisive) as a way to kick off their commemoration at a such a prestigious festival such as TIFF is impressive and surprising.

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