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Awesome / Choujuu Sentai Liveman

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  • At the end of the first episode, Jou's run off somewhere while Yuusuke and Megumi are fighting under severely bad odds. Then Jou comes running up in the Land Lion. The convincingly quadrupedal Land Lion.
  • The first two episodes are some of the most action packed and awesome moments of the series.
  • Super Live Robo's first appearance, which raised the bar for future mecha just a little bit higher.
    • One for the toy makers too, as the Live Robo toy was not designed with a combination in mind, and they had to make them combine. (It was apparently met with considerable surprise at the in-house unveiling.)
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  • While Bias has successfully mind-controlled everyone on Earth (except for Yuusuke, and he's infiltrating their base), Kemp-Zuno is approaching the defenseless team with deadly intentions. Cue Colon flying in with the Live Robo, declaring that she's immune due to her being a robot, and blasting (human-sized) Kemp-Zuno with the Live Robo Beam. Turns out this is a Hope Spot...
  • Anything Arashi Busujima does when he's NOT Ashura.
    • In his first appearance, he successfully beats a Brain Beast into submission, using only hand to hand combat.
    • In his last appearance, he helps the Liveman defeat a Brain Beast by blowing himself up with it.
  • At first glance, Bias dies in a fashion similar to the other villains. However, rewatching the final arc turns it into this since the Laser Guided Karma involved is much more obvious.
  • You know who ultimately beats Bias? It's actually... Megumi. See, when he crash-landed on earth, Bias resurfaced as a kid, and Megumi has the perfect chance to shoot him dead, but... can't bring herself to shoot him as a kid. Bias proceeds to taunt her how weak she is for not being able to shoot a kid. Megumi instead tells him to shut his trap and tells him that for all his grandeurs, his maturity is that of a weak kid wasting away his youth. Would look normal, if not for the fact that Megumi's verbal beatdown is pretty much the catalyst of the now-brain!Kemp/Tsukigata AND all 12 brains that Bias absorbed previously to regain their mind and start wishing they could restart their youth and revert Bias into an old man. Give props to this... gal who's thought to be crying 24/7, guys. She's the one who caused the ultimate downfall of the Big Bad!

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