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♫ Carry on, you will always remember
Carry on, nothing equals the splendor
Now your life's no longer empty
Surely heaven waits for you. ♫
Kansas, "Carry On Wayward Son"

WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

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    Season 1 
1x01 - Pilot
  • Sam's "I'm taking you home!"

1x02 - Wendigo

  • Dean running off to draw the Wendigo, a creature that can move so fast it doesn't even take up an entire frame in a video, to him. On his own. In the dark.
    Dean: Bring it on, baby, I taste good!
    • And finally shooting it with a flare gun, after calling it out.
      Dean: HEY! [shoots the Wendigo in the chest, burning it to death]

1x03 - Dead in the Water

  • Dean and Sam leaping headfirst into the haunted lake to save Lucas. And Dean surfacing with Lucas in his arms.

1x04 - Phantom Traveller

  • Sam finishing an exorcism on a plane that's falling out of the sky.

1x05 - Bloody Mary

1x06 - Skin

  • Sam's fight with the Shapeshifter.

1x07 - Hookman

  • Dean rushing to the rescue and blasting Jacob Carnes in the back with a rock-salt bullet, without pausing to aim or even slowing down. And Sam instantly dropping when Dean says so.
  • Sam being able to fire and reload a shotgun with only one working arm.

1x09 - Home

1x10 - Asylum

  • Under the effect of a ghost, Sam calling Dean a pathetic, mindless little soldier, shooting him through a wall with rock salt, and then not hesitating to try and shoot him four times with an actual (but empty) gun. Followed by Dean (who had given him said empty gun) saying words along the lines of "Man, I'm not gonna give you a loaded pistol."

1x11 - Scarecrow

  • Dean's heroic entrance just in time to save a young couple from being the Vanir's latest victims. Especially when he realizes his bullets aren't hurting the creature; rather than flee, he keeps shooting while falling back slowly.

1x12 - Faith

  • Dean not even hesitating to electrify the water both he and a Rawhead are standing in in order to kill it.
  • Sam stopping Reverend Grange's wife and freeing the Reaper from her command just in time to save Dean.

1x13 - Route 666

  • The car chase between the Impala and the haunted truck, especially when Dean just brakes and lets the Ghost Truck go speeding past him.
    • And Sam's plan to get rid of it, also being a Funny Moment.

1x14 - Nightmare

1x15 - The Benders

  • Sam proving he is a better hunter than a family of madmen who actually hunt people. The hunters become the hunted.
  • Dean nearly beating the two Bender brothers on his own, guys much bigger than him. Then again he does fight things that could rip him to shreds without real effort on a regular basis, two musclebound rednecks aren't that much of a challenge after that.

1x16 - Shadow

  • Sam and Dean turning the Daevas on Meg.
  • Sam defeating the Daevas by lighting flares.

1x17 - Hell House

  • Sam fighting Mordechai Murdoch unarmed just to give Ghostfacers Ed and Harry time to escape.
  • Dean burning down the Hell House to deal with Murdoch once and for all.

1x18 - Something Wicked

  • Dean's reason for not shooting the Shtriga. The moral of this is simple: Don't hurt kids around Dean Winchester.
    Dean: Yeah, well, first of all, I'm not going to open fire in a pediatrics ward. Second, it wouldn't have done any good. The bastard's bulletproof unless he's chowing down on something. And third, I wasn't packing, which is probably a good thing, 'cause I probably would have burned a clip in him on principle alone.
  • Dean killing the Shtriga by shooting it point-blank in the forehead. Bonus points for the utterly stunned look on its face right before he did it.

1x19 - Provenance

  • Sarah refusing to be frightened away and sticking with Sam and Dean for the entire hunt. Dean says it best:
    Dean: Sam. Marry that girl.
  • Sam fighting the ghost of Melanie Merchant with nothing but a fire poker.

1x20 - Dead Man's Blood

  • John, Sam, and Dean taking down a group of vampires together. And John decapitating one of them.
  • Dean surprising a vampire on guard duty in the nest by appearing behind him and, just before beheading him, saying "Boo!"
  • John firing the Colt at the head vampire Luther, and the moment when Luther dies and proves that the Colt really can kill anything.

1x21 - Salvation

  • A villainous one, but Meg's casual, gleeful slaughter of John's friends is awesome in its own evil way. Especially when she chases Pastor Jim into the church basement, kicks the doors open (after he's already barricaded them shut), and swaggers in. Jim throws a knife at her, but she catches it mid-air and uses it to kill him.
  • John's whole plan to risk his neck to trick the demons, just so his boys would have a shot at killing Azazel. It failed, but it was still pretty awesome.
    Meg: Holy water, John?! That's real cute.
    John: [grins, as if to say "Thanks"]

1x22 - Devil's Trap

  • Dean killing Tom with the Colt to save Sam, not even hesitating to use one of the irreplaceable bullets.
  • Dean gets another one during the brothers' face-off against Azazel!John in the cottage. Azazel has both Sam and Dean incapacitated and held against the wall, talks about being able to kill the brothers about "a hundred times," begins to gleefully taunt Dean about how his family doesn't need him and how Sam is John's favorite... Dean's reaction? He looks at Azazel with utter disgust and contempt, and insults him.
    Dean: [smirks with contempt] I bet you're real proud of your kids too, huh? Oh, wait, I forgot. I wasted them.
  • Right before the truck crashes into their car (which is a Moment of Awesome all by itself), there's an utterly beautiful Sam-really-does-adore-Dean moment. John is bitching at him for not being able to shoot (thereby killing Azazel and John himself) and saying that killing Azazel comes before everything, including family. Sam takes a quick glance at Dean (who is in the backseat and barely even alive) and says "No, sir. Not before everything." Aww!

    Season 2 
2x01 - In My Time of Dying
  • John making a deal with Azazel, making that sacrifice knowing what the demon will demand just to save Dean.
  • There is a CMoA in this episode that actually requires you to have knowledge of Seasons 4 and 5, and have read the Word of God confirmation about the particular scene. When Azazel questions John on what he knows about his plans, John replies that he has figured it all out. The awesome is that he really means everything; John figured out everything that was coming in the next three seasons of the show. Man was a genius.

2x02 - Everybody Loves a Clown

  • Dean takes Jo's rifle. She punches him in the face so hard he can't even see, takes it right back, and aims it at him again. Dean desperately calls out to Sam for help...only for Sam to walk in with his hands up in the air, Ellen behind him with a gun pointed at his head. Winchesters, meet the Harvelles.
  • Sam killing the invisible Rakshasa with just a jagged brass pipe.

2x03 - Bloodlust

  • The opening. The Impala reborn, to the tune of "[[Music/ACDC Back in Black]]." The sequence has been described as "car porn" (not that kind). The description is not lying.
  • Lenore resisting the temptation of Sam's blood through sheer force of will.

2x04 - Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

  • Fans disagree on a lot of things, but most can safely agree that Dean's graveyard slide and stabbing the zombie to her coffin is one of the most awesome kills ever in the show.
  • Dean putting enough bullets in the zombie to "make her rattle like a change-purse."

2x05 - Simon Said

  • Anson Weems's attempt to mind-control Sam failing and Sam punching him in the face before dragging him out of the car and away from his victim.

2x06 - No Exit

  • Jo deserves a mention for her badassery in this episode. No, she didn't jump in and save the day single-handed, since she's only a beginner here. Once she got captured by Holmes and trapped in an underground dungeon-type place, she started to sob, put a hand over her mouth, and visibly pulled herself back together out of her determination to get out of this situation and finish the case. She also stabs Holmes in the hand with a pure-iron knife and willingly goes back in as bait, moments after being saved. Admit it; Jo had balls even as a newbie!
  • Sam and Dean earn their share of awesome by salting a circle around an iron-barred chamber with Holmes inside, then sealing the hole into the sewer with concrete, trapping him down there "until Hell freezes over."

2x08 - Crossroad Blues

2x09 - Croatoan

  • Dean driving away from the roadblock while fighting off a guy hanging from the side of the Impala.

2x10 - Hunted

  • Sam first refusing to die in the bomb trap, then getting Gordon the police. Never has something so P.C. been so awesome.

2x11 - Playthings

  • Sam leaping into the pool to save young Tyler from drowning.

2x12 - Nightshifter

  • Sam and Dean escaping the bank by knocking out two SWAT officers and taking their uniforms.

2x13 - Houses of the Holy

  • Dean stopping an Attempted Rape and the moment when the rapist dies by being impaled by a piece of rebar that falls from a truck, in Dean's words "If I hadn't seen the way he died, I wouldn't have believed it."

2x14 - Born Under a Bad Sign

  • Bobby brings himself and Meg!Sam some beers. Meg!Sam drinks his beer, only to start coughing. Turns out Bobby spiked Meg!Sam's beer with holy water. Bobby tops it off with "Never try to con a con man," followed by a punch to Meg!Sam.

2x15 - Tall Tales

  • Everything that the Trickster does from the slow-dancing alien to the sewer alligators, especially summoning Leatherface to fight Bobby and Sam while Dean gets his ass kicked by two lingerie-clad beauties. But the real Crowning Moment is his fooling the Winchesters into thinking they've killed him. The first monster to outsmart the Winchesters.
    • Made more awesome when it's later revealed that this Trickster is actually the archangel Gabriel in disguise, making this the first time the Winchesters ever met an angel.
  • Bobby cutting through the arguments and childish BS to get Sam and Dean back on the right path.

2x16 - Roadkill

2x18 - Hollywood Babylon

  • Dean fighting off three killer ghosts armed with nothing but a rock-salt shotgun and a camera-phone. He really was one hell of a PA.

2x19 - Folsom Prison Blues

  • The fact that Dean so easily fits into prison, and that it doesn't seem to concern him at all. Even hardened criminals recognize that Dean isn't someone to prey on.

2x20 - What Is And What Should Never Be

2x22 - All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2

    Season 3 
3x01 - The Magnificent Seven

3x02 - The Kids Are Alright

  • Dean and Sam's fight with the Mother Changeling, ending with them setting her on fire with a homemade flamethrower.

3x03 - Bad Day at Black Rock

3x04 - Sin City

  • One for the bad guys: Dean traps Casey with a Devil's Trap and starts to do an exorcism. Casey counters by conjuring up a heavy wind to blow away the pages of the book, then an earthquake to bring down the entrance and trap him there. Then she proceeds to mock him for not remembering the words to the exorcism without the book:
    Casey: Nice try, but I think you just ordered a pizza.

3x05 - Bedtime Stories

  • The entire ending scene. It provides a believable (and certainly complex) reason for Sam not doing quite as much as he should have to try and save Dean, and just when you think they're going to wimp out and have him leave her alone, they have him shoot her in the head.

3x07 - Fresh Blood

  • Dean letting a vampire come to him with an open/self-inflicted neck wound before injecting her with Dead Man's Blood.
  • Sam killing "A super Vamped-out Gordon" with razor-wire. Yes. With Razor-wire. It has to be seen to be believed.

3x08 - A Very Supernatural Christmas

  • Dean and Sam killing the Carrigans with evergreen stakes taken from a Christmas tree.
    • It's especially cathartic after seeing the truly awful scenes of the grandfather dressed as Santa Claus being violently dragged up the chimney in front of his grandson, or the father being dragged away, thrashing in a bag in front of his son, by who his son thinks is Santa Claus. They may be among the most vile monsters Sam and Dean ever ganked, so their death feels absolutely deserved.

3x09 - Malleus Maleficarum

  • Elizabeth, after watching Demon!Tammi kill Renee and almost kill the Winchesters, helps distract and kill the demon even though she spent most of the episode terrified of witchcraft. It costs her her life, but it was still heroic and brave.

3x10 - Dream a Little Dream of Me

  • Sam killing Jeremy in the Dream World by summoning his abusive father. To clarify Sam did what it took Jeremy months to learn in only two sessions.
  • Dean fighting Dream!Dean and winning.

3x11 - Mystery Spot

  • When Dean dies and the day doesn't reset, Sam goes full-on Terminator, showing zero emotion and becoming a ruthlessly efficient hunter and borderline Death Seeker. From the few calls we hear from Bobby during the montage, he was hellishly effective during that intervening period. Pity it was all reset.

3x12 - Jus in Bello

  • Ruby slicing her way through a swarm of enemy demons to get into the demon-proofed police station ("Anybody got a breath mint? Some guts splattered in my mouth while I was killing my way in here"), followed by her going back into that same swarm and scaring them all badly enough to let her, Hell's No. 1 Traitor, walk past them without a scratch. ("I'm going. Who wants to stop me?")
  • The mass exorcism over the P.A. system. Pity it ended up being for nothing... Though it wasn't a complete loss. They did send over two dozen demons back to Hell.
  • He might have been a bit of a Jerkass, but Henriksen's Get A Hold Of Yourself Man speech to the local police was pretty awesome. Even the background music stops for a moment when he finishes.
    Henriksen: They're out there and they're coming in here. This is a siege. So this might be a good time for you to lock the doors and the windows, take a breath, and maybe deal with this like trained professionals with some sense in their heads!
    • And then, after he finally starts believing the boys, he expresses frustration with his career and one gets the hint that Henriksen would be one hell of a hunter. Dean even looks at him with a hint of respect.
      Henriksen: My job is boring. It's frustrating. You work three years for one break, and then maybe you can save a few people. Maybe. That's the payoff. Been busting my ass for fifteen years to nail a handful of guys, and all this while there was something off in the corner so yeah. Sign me up for that big frosty mug of wasting my damn life.
  • Lilith introduces herself.
    Nancy: What's your name, sweetie?
    Lilith: [flatly] Lilith. [blasts the entire station into rubble before Nancy and Henriksen can do much else besides realize they're doomed]

3x13 - Ghostfacers

3x14 - Long Distance Call

  • Sam's fight with the Crocotta, slamming his head into a plastic carton rack and puncturing his skull. And he did that unarmed!

3x15 - Time Is On My Side

  • Sam saving a woman from becoming Benton's latest involuntary organ donor. And then running over Benton in a van.
  • Dean sweeping in to save Sam from Benton's "Antiques Roadshow surgery" and stabbing Benton with a knife dipped in chloroform. Bonus points for Benton's horrified look before he passes out; he knows what's coming next.
  • Dean refusing to become like Doc Benton, a monster, even if it means going to Hell.

3x16 - No Rest from the Wicked

  • This episode had the boys singing to Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive" in the Impala. Definitely awesome.
  • Bobby saying "Family doesn't end with blood!" Yeah!
  • Instead of giving a monologue at the captured heroes like Azazel did, Lilith simply says "I don't have to answer to puppy chow" and, giggling, lets the Hellhound rip Dean apart while forcing Sam to watch helplessly, practically orgasming over Dean's pain and Sam's anguish.
  • Dean vs. Ruby in Bobby's basement. Who wins? Ruby does beat the crap out of Dean (in an awesome way, so, props to her) but Dean tricks her into a devil's trap and steals her knife, to boot. And Dean's supposed to be the Dumb Muscle, right? Uh-huh. Their parting exchange (with Ruby losing her shit and Dean coolly shutting her down) takes the cake in terms of sheer badassery, especially keeping in mind how terrified Dean is of going to Hell.
    Ruby: So, what, so you're too stupid to live, is that it? Then fine! You deserve Hell! I wish I could be there to see it, Dean. I wish I could see the flesh sizzle off your bones! I WISH I COULD BE THERE TO HEAR YOU SCREAM!
  • Bobby pouring holy water into the neighborhood's water supply, resulting in anti-demon lawn sprinklers.

    Season 4 
4x01 - Lazarus Rising
  • On a re-watch, the absolute terror of the demon-possessed waitress becomes a CMoA for the angels in general. A demon, one of the most terrifying things in the Supernatural verse, is crying and shaking in complete and utter terror at the knowledge that the Host of Heaven is getting involved:
    Waitress: It's the end. We're dead. We're all dead.
  • Castiel's entrance. "I'm the one that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition."
    • And then the bit with the wings? Yes. Completely badass.
  • Dean's, after learning that Castiel is a freaking Angel of the Lord, first response is to call him out for hurting the psychic Pamela.
  • Sam showing how he spent his summer. Learning to exorcise demons with his mind.

4x02 - Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

  • Bobby's supernatural panic room. Completely made of cast iron. Coated with salt. He built it on his weekend off. (Which he says as if implying "What else was I going to do?")
  • Castiel's response to Dean getting pissy about the angels not helping out basically can be summed up as telling Dean to put on his big girl panties. His actual words? "You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of Hell; I can throw you back in." Dean doesn't seem so eager to argue right after that.

4x03 - In The Beginning

  • Dean convincing Young!John to buy the Impala rather than a minivan. As Dean says:
    Dean: Trust me, this car will still be badass when it's forty.

4x05 - Monster Movie

  • The fact that the Movie Shifter calls Sam "Van Helsing." He sees Sam as the badass hunter/professor of Dracula lore.
  • Dean fighting the Movie Shifter and tearing his ear off. And the brief conversation they have before:
    Dean: Holy crap.
    Shifter: You should not use such language in the presence of my bride.
    Dean: Oh, okay. [punches him in the face]
    [The Shifter hisses and attacks Dean]

4x06 - Yellow Fever

  • Sam shooting the ghost of Luther Garland as he watches Dean run away, barely even glancing at the spirit that's coming straight at him.
  • Bobby revealing he speaks Japanese to Sam:
    Sam: You can speak Japanese?
    Bobby: 君なんか生まれる前から、ずっとだよ。 ("Since before you were born.")
  • Sam road-hauling Luther Garland's ghost. It may have been a terrible plan, but it worked.
  • "A Supernatural Surprise." A Moment of Awesome for Jensen Ackles, a Funny Moment for the show.

4x07 - It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

  • Dean telling God's little Power Rangers that if they want to smite a town, they'll have to kill him with it.
  • Sam Winchester vs. Samhain, starting with "Demon death ray? Yeah, those don't work on me." Culminating in Sam sending a demon to Hell so powerful the angels were nervous about it...using only his mind!
  • Samhain should also get props for his fight. When Lilith first found out her demon death ray didn't work on Sam, she ran for her life; Samhain punched Sam in the face. Samhain is the only demon to go up against a juiced-up Sam and still be alive at the end of the season.

4x08 - Wishful Thinking

  • Sam revealing what he'd wish for if given the chance: "Lilith's head on a plate. Bloody."

4x09/10 - I Know What You Did Last Summer / Heaven and Hell

  • Alistair's entrance. He makes statues weep blood and the very idea of him coming is enough to have Ruby freaking out, which was enough for even Dean to let Sam use his powers without a single complaint.
  • In flashbacks, Sam's attempt to exorcise a demon with his powers leaves him with a nosebleed, a headache, and a demon laughing at him. Ruby steps into the devil's trap to ram her knife though Chuckles's throat and kill him mid-laugh.
    Ruby: Not funny.
  • Dean refusing to hand Anna over to Cas and Uriel, and his rejoinder to them:
    Uriel: Now. Give us. The. Girl.
    Dean: [looks at Sam, who nods as if to say "your move"] Sorry, get your own. Try J-Date.
  • Dean being thoroughly prepared to return to Hell, knowing exactly what that means, in order to protect Anna. He calls Uriel's bluff so thoroughly, the angel takes a minute to marvel "You're just crazy enough to go, aren't you?"
  • The psychic Pamela was a minor Moment of Awesome.
  • The first fight between angels and demons in the show. Uriel utterly annihilating two demons like gnats, and Alistair nearly exorcising Castiel until Dean smashes a lead pipe into his face. And, of course, Anna getting her grace back and what Dean says afterwards:
    Dean: Well, what are you guys waiting for? Go get Anna. Unless, of course, you're scared.
    Uriel: This isn't over.
    Dean: Oh, it looks over to me, junk-less.
  • It was only four months in Earth time (and this scene is otherwise one hell of a Tear Jerker), but we learn that Dean refused to torture souls for thirty years in Hell time, even though it meant being tortured himself.

4x11 - Family Remains

  • Brian Carter killing the Girl in the Wall with a shovel. He really protected his family.
  • Dean fighting the Boy in the Wall unarmed for the most part.

4x12 - Criss Angel is a Douchebag

  • Jay and Charlie getting one over on Dean and sending him to a gay leather club.
  • Charlie's "It's magic." And the fact that he very nearly killed Sam and Dean.

4x13 - After School Special

  • Coach Dean. "The whistle makes me their god."
  • Young!Sam beating Dirk the Jerk with his hunter skills. Sam may have been short once, but he's always kicked ass.

4x14 - Sex and Violence

  • Dean knowing what The Odyssey is, to Sam's surprise. He reads!
  • Bobby, as FBI Agent Keyser, giving a verbal beatdown over the phone to Agent Nick Monroe, while making lunch and wearing a "Kiss the Cook" apron.
    • And all the phones on his wall, FBI and CDC among others.
  • Bobby killing the siren. He calmly walks into frame, blocks an axe-swing from Possessed!Dean, stabs Possessed!Dean in the shoulder to get some Possessed!Blood and, calmly as a baseball, tosses the knife between the siren's shoulder blades.

4x15 - Death Takes a Holiday

  • Dean and Sam learning all those cool tricks the ghosts they've fought used to use on the space of a day at most.
  • Castiel coming to the rescue and capturing Alistair.

4x16 - On the Head of a Pin

  • Dean revealing to Alistair that he dreamed of one thing and one thing only, each and every single day of the forty years he spent in Hell: The moment he would get to torture Alistair. And as Dean starts getting his gear you can see, it's subtle, that Alistair is unnerved and worried.
  • Alistair revealing that he tortured John for over a century, and John did not crack. One hundred years, that's thirty-six thousand five-hundred days, and nearly every second of that John would have been suffering unimaginable pain, and he didn't crack.
  • Anna's amused "who do you think you're kidding, kid?" reaction to Castiel pointing out that he should kill her:
    Castiel: We still have orders to kill you.
    Anna: Somehow, I don't think you'll try.
  • Sam vs Alastair. "I'm stronger than that now. Now I can kill." BADASS.

4x17 - It's a Terrible Life

  • The fact that even without their memories of who they are, the memories of their skills, their gear, their experience and everything that makes them who they are, Sam and Dean are still badass hunters and always will be.

4x18 - The Monster at the End of this Book

  • "I am the prophet, Chuck!" It's unbelievable how such a simple line can be delivered in such an awesome way.
  • Cas pulls a Could Say It, But... by informing Dean that prophets have an Archangel watching over them at all times and how powerful they are, while still technically obeying his orders.
  • Sam trying to stab Lilith during their makeout session.

4x19 - Jump the Shark

  • Dean beating Ghoul!Adam to death with a table ornament and blowing off Ghoul!Claire's head with one shot, and for the latter only a second after being told by Sam what they actually were.

4x20 - The Rapture

  • Sam tackling a demon and going vampire on it. Both Dean and Castiel were horrified, but still it was badass.

4x22 - Lucifer Rising

  • Dean punched an angel in the face...and nearly broke his hand because it was like punching a brick wall (or, considering the noise it made, maybe more like solid brass). What makes it even better is that he then proceeds to guilt-trip Castiel into turning against the other angels and helping him try and stop the Apocalypse.
  • Castiel. He breaks Dean out of room where the angels are holding him until Sam can unleash Lucifer. He cuts open his own arm and starts drawing an anti-angel seal on the wall of the room, and when Zachariah whooshes in to stop him, he slams his hand against the seal and Zachariah is banished. After getting Dean away, he teleports them both to Chuck's place so they can figure out where Sam is. The Archangels figure out what's going on and start coming to stop Castiel and Dean. Castiel yells at Dean to get to Sam, saying, "I'll hold them off. I'll hold all of them off!" while whooshing Dean off to Maryland. He's standing up against what he himself has described as one of the most vicious and powerful creatures in all of Creation. To stop the Apocalypse. Which his superiors WANT.
  • Despite being viewed with a near-unheard of amount of vitriol by most fans, it is undeniable that Ruby got a major Moment of Awesome in the finale. She reveals to Sam that she had been playing him all along and was, in fact, a bad guy. Over the past two seasons, she managed to convince Sam that she was a "good" demon that was just trying to help him, when she really just wanted him to break the last seal to free Lucifer. And, because she is awesome, she got it done. In fact, this moment is arguably lampshaded as Ruby crows "Even you have to admit, I'm-I'm awesome!" to Sam.
  • There is an argument to be made that the fact that Heaven AND Hell have been playing the entire Winchester family like a cheap whistle for almost forty years is pretty awesome.
  • Sam and Dean FINALLY ganking Ruby. Sam grabs her from behind and holds her in place while Dean stabs her with her own knife.
    Ruby: You're too late.
    Dean: I don't care.
  • Bobby's epic verbal beatdown on Dean when he announces he has given up trying to help Sam after a fight over Ruby, and his furious condemnation of Dean's whining and wangst.
    Bobby: You stupid, stupid son of a bitch! Well, boo-hoo, I am so sorry your feelings are hurt, princess! Are you under the impression that family's supposed to make you feel good?! Make you an apple pie, maybe? They're supposed to make you miserable! That's why they're family!

    Season 5 
5x01 - Sympathy for the Devil"
  • Bobby fighting off the demon possessing him just long enough to stab himself in the gut with the demon-killing knife. Also chewing out the hospital attendant afterwards.
  • Dean's line "I learned this from my friend Cas." Then BAM! Blood sigil!
  • Also, everything that Castiel did in his short scene.
  • Dean declaring that he won't just stand by and watch Heaven and Hell nuke the planet in their little pissing match:
    Dean: What if we win? I'm serious. I mean, screw the angels and the demons and their crap apocalypse. Hell, they want to fight a war, they can find their own planet. This one's ours, and I say they get the hell off it. We take 'em all on. We kill the Devil. Hell, we even kill Michael if we have to. But we do it our own damn selves.

5x02 - Good God, Y'All!

  • Sam killing two "demons" in the grocery store. Even when hungering for demon blood, he still kicks ass.
  • Dean and Sam taking out War by cutting off his "secret decoder ring." His horrified scream makes it more awesome. Turns out you can beat War.

5x03 - Free to Be You and Me

  • Castiel's line to get the Archangel Raphael to come for him was downright badass.
    Castiel: I'm here, Raphael. Come and get me, you little bastard.
    • And his last line to Raphael also counts.
      Castiel: Maybe one day, but today you're my little bitch.
      • The fact that even Dean looks impressed and can't come up with a wittier one-liner than "Yeah, what he said" just highlights Castiel's badassery. If anything, Dean looks apologetic for not coming up with anything more badass.
  • Raphael's entrance and Dean's reply to it:
    Dean: We knew you were coming, you stupid son of a bitch.
  • Sam spitting out the demon blood that someone had forced down his throat. Despite the fact he had just admitted at the end of the previous episode that he was still craving for it. And then he proceeds to kick some ass. Awesome.

5x04 - The End

  • Dean Winchester, spook hunter with a GED and a give-em-hell attitude, comes face-to-face with Lucifer, currently possessing Dean's brother and in the midst of bringing about a biblical apocalypse, who proceeds to tell Dean the story of how he defied God and was cast out of Heaven. Dean's response to the Devil himself?
    Dean: You're not fooling me, you know that? With this sympathy-for-the-devil crap? I know what you are.
    Lucifer: What am I?
    Dean: You're the same thing, only bigger. The same brand of cockroach I've been squashing my whole life. An ugly, evil, belly-to-the-ground, supernatural piece of crap. The only difference between them and the size of your ego.
    • Dean is visibly upset when speaking to both Lucifer and Zachariah, trembling and holding back tears, but he isn't afraid of either of them, and only considers saying 'yes' to the latter because of the danger Sam will be in if he doesn't. He manages to pull himself together enough to snark at Zachariah before Cas zaps him away.

5x05 - Fallen Idols

  • Sam killing Leshii in the form of Paris Hilton with an axe.

5x06 - I Believe the Children Are Our Future

  • The Anti-Christ Jessie turning Castiel into an action figure and exorcising a demon just by saying "Get out of her." Also the fact that, according to Cas, it was possible for him to be much more powerful, "With a word, this 'child' will destroy the Host of Heaven!"

5x07 - The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

  • Sam's improbable poker skills saving Dean just in the nick of time.
  • Dean's Happy Dance.

5x08 - Changing Channels

  • Dean explaining exactly why procedural cop shows suck and why people who wear sunglasses at night are douchebags.
  • Dean calling out Archangel Gabriel AKA The Trickster on being too scared to stand up to his family. Just a huge Take That! to the whole idea of the Apocalypse. No, it's not fate, it's not divine retribution; it's just two brothers throwing a tantrum.

5x09 - The Real Ghostbusters

  • Chuck—nervous, awkward Chuck—whamming a ghost with his microphone stand, complete withThe Six Million Dollar Man sound effect! No wonder Becky fell for him.
  • When the fake Sam and Dean man up and offer to help the real Sam and Dean. Oh man, that moment of revelation on Dean's face:
    Dean: Guys, no.
    Fake Sam: Why not?
    Dean: Because this isn't make believe!
    Fake Dean: Look, we know; we're not nuts. We're freakin' terrified.
    Fake Sam: Yeah, but if all these people are seriously in trouble, we gotta do something!
    Dean: Why?
    Fake Dean: Because...that's what Sam and Dean would do.

5x10 - Abandon All Hope...

  • Castiel pretending to kiss Meg, but then using her as a bridge to escape the burning ring of holy fire. Note that this is after he stands face-to-face with Lucifer himself and tells him that he's not going to take Sam as his vessel because Castiel won't let him. Cas, a de-powered, fallen angel, basically flipped off the Devil.
  • Crowley being the one demon to realize that Lucifer disdains them and helping Sam and Dean. And him calling them "At best, functioning morons."
  • Ellen, after a hellhound gets close enough for her to feel its breath, she just smiles and says, "You can go straight back to Hell, you ugly bitch!" She then proceeds to blow them all up.
  • Jo is basically a walking, talking can of whup-ass here: She helps Sam and Dean break into Crowley's mansion while kicking demon ass; laughs and turns Dean down when he tries to use her for "last-night-on-Earth" sex; guns down a hellhound to save him, and flat-out orders the other, more experienced hunters—including her mom and old crush—to stop screwing around by pretending she can still be saved. Instead, she makes them build her a bomb and run away so she can blow herself and the dogs up, so they can kill Lucifer.
  • Dean telling the Devil to "Suck it" and then shooting him point blank in the face with the Colt. The sheer badass-quota of that might take a minute or two to sink in properly.

5x11 - Sam, Interrupted

  • Dean snapping the Wraith's hand-spike and finishing her off with a silver knife. Even whacked out of his mind, Dean is someone for monsters to be afraid of.

5x12 - Swap Meat

  • Dean and Teen Warlock Gary exorcising a demon by each speaking part of an exorcism, and the other seamlessly picking it up. And one for Gary by correcting Dean on the correct word at the end.

5x13 - The Song Remains the Same

  • At the beginning of the episode, Castiel calmly dismantling Anna's lies until she admits the truth, then equally calmly telling her he'll kill her if she tries to kill Sam. Do not try to hurt the Winchesters. It doesn't matter what kind of past he has with you, it doesn't even matter if hurting the Winchesters could save the world—if you mess with his charges, he will kill you without blinking.
  • Anna is the friggin' Terminator here. She tries to lure Sam and Dean to her. Castiel won't let her. Fine. She goes back in time to wipe them from existence by killing their parents, even though it weakens her and she's already low on power from being cut-off by Heaven. John fights back and hits her with a crowbar; she throws him across the room. Dean tries to kill her with an angel-killing sword; she nonchalantly blocks him and throws him out a window. The only one who can keep up with her for any real length of time? Mary, who picks up Dean's sword and goes after Anna with a vengeance, even though she's pregnant. The ensuing battle is awesome on both sides. Sam gets the last word in by blasting Anna away with the angel-banishing sigil SHE taught them. That oughta fill the Winchesters's badass quota for the day.
    • This episode also reminds the audience how fruitless fights against angels would have been if not for angel blades. Mary sinks the aforementioned crowbar diagonally through Anna chest and heart enough for it to cone out through Anna's back, but she pulls it out as if dealing with a pinprick.
  • Michael burning Anna to ashes and then sending Uriel away with just a snap of his fingers. Awesome.

5x14 - My Bloody Valentine

  • Even though he had to go back to the demon blood to do it, Sam defeats Famine after the latter eats four demons, by nuking them in Famine's stomach as they're digesting. Later on, we find out that Famine is technically still alive, but Sam made him a sniveling wreck, "curled up fetal position on the floor".

Even before this, Sam is grasping the Smart Ball by initialy resisting the Demon blood, telling Dean and having himself handcuffed and sealed up. He only succumbs when two demons attack.

5x15 - Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

  • Dean and Bobby surviving the zombie onslaught with only two shotguns very low on ammo.
  • Sam and Sheriff Mills wiping out at least ten-to-twelve zombies in a fusillade of shots.
  • Bobby refuses to allow the brothers to kill his wife, saying that he can handle it if it comes to that. It sounds like foreshadowing that he won't be able to, but he does.
    • Karen Singer also deserves some credit. Not only is she the only zombie we see that doesn't succumb to the desire to eat flesh, but she manages to hold on long enough to deliver Death's message to Bobby.

5x16 - Dark Side of the Moon

  • Ash hacking Heaven just because he can is the most badass thing in the series and more than deserves to be motioned. Especially when taken in consideration that he constantly does this under the nose of Zachariah and the rest of the garrison, it just gets better and better. Bonus points because virtually everyone else that has heard the angels speak at full volume has been doubled up in pain, and Ash didn't even flinch.
    Ash: It's nice to finally have an application, a practical application, for string theory.
  • Joshua getting Zachariah to stand down and run away just by casually mentioning that God is coming back one day and "You know how he is with that whole Wrath thing."

5x17 - 99 Problems

  • The fight between the civilians-turned-hunters and the demons. Using nothing but salt rounds, holy water in pesticide sprayers, a fake Enochian exorcism, and Ruby's knife, the group kills or exorcises roughly a dozen demons in the time it normally takes Sam and Dean to take out one or two. One of the better moments is when Sam stabs one demon with Ruby's knife, falling back onto a pile of bodies, then flings the knife into the chest of another demon that's passing by Dean (who at the moment is out of ammo), letting Dean retrieve the knife and stab another demon.
  • Dean stabbing the Whore of Babylon and telling her as she dies, "Don't be so sure. Whore."

5x18 - Point of No Return

  • Castiel has to defeat four angels. The first one, he can take out with the knife, but then there are three angels surrounding him. What does he do? He rips his shirt open, and slams his hand against his chest that was cut to shreds because he'd cut the angel-banning sigil into it.
    • Also, his No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Dean after he leaves to say yes to Michael earlier warrants a mention.
      Castiel: I REBELLED FOR THIS?! So that you could surrender to them?! I gave everything for you, and this is what you give to me?!
  • Dean gets one, too, when he kills Zachariah. Before, he also told him that his condition for saying "yes" was that Michael had to roast him. And when Zachariah can't even conceive of this, even though it's clear that Michael would fry him in a heartbeat if he had to, and tells Dean that he is nothing, Dean's response is just this:
    Dean: Well, maybe not. But I AM! (stabs Zachariah in the chin and up through the skull with an angel blade and Zachariah bursts into light and dies, with Dean staring into his eyes the entire time)
  • Zachariah in the bar is quite imposing. Made even more awesome/horrifying by the way it defines the difference between him and Castiel. Zachariah really doesn't give a shit about anything but himself. Not faith. Not Heaven. Not even God. He'd probably have been a better demon than an angel.

5x19 - Hammer of the Gods

  • Kali toasting Lucifer. Explosively. Didn't do much, but it was still rather impressive.
  • The whole episode was basically defined Moment of Awesome via Gabriel, including being the first person to visibly break Lucifer and wipe the smile off his face when he stands up to Lucifer, with tragic results.
    Lucifer: [Humans] are broken, flawed abortions!
    Gabriel: Damn right they're flawed. But a lot of them try. To do better. To forgive. And you should see the Spearmint Rhino.
    • Gabriel's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Lucifer before this exchange.
      Gabriel: Lucifer, you're my brother and I love you… but you are a great big bag of dicks.
      Lucifer: What did you just say to me?
      Gabriel: Look at yourself! Boo-hoo! "Daddy was mean to me, so I'm going to smash up all his toys!"
      Lucifer: Watch your tone.
      Gabriel: Play the victim all you want. But you and me? We know the truth; Dad loved you best. More than Michael… more than me. Then, he brought the new baby home, and you couldn't handle it. So all this is just a great, big temper tantrum! …Time to grow up.
  • Lucifer ripping apart several gods with about as much effort as it takes to swat a fly. Also:
    Lucifer: Nobody gives us the right. We take it.
  • Dean standing up to a room full of gods, threatening them and attempting to take charge of the proceedings (to reiterate; a room completely FULL of GODS) was incredibly impressive. Made even more awesome just because of the fact that he looked like he was about to shit his pants in fear the entire time, not to mention Sam looking at him in total HORROR as he attempts to shrink into his chair (which is an impressive feat for a guy who's 6'5). But the true proof of Dean's incredibly badassery is the fact that it ACTUALLY WORKS.
    Dean: Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up. Now on any other given day, I'd be doing my damndest to kill you, you filthy murdering chimps. But hey, desperate times. So although I'd like nothing better than to slit your throats, you dicks, I'm going to help you. I'm going to help you ice the Devil. And then we can all get back to ganking each other, like normal. You want Lucifer, well, dude's not in the Yellow Pages. But me and Sam, we can get him here.
    Kali: How?
    Dean: First, you let those main courses go. Then we talk. We can either take on the Devil together, or you lame-ass bitches can eat me. Literally.

5x20 - The Devil You Know

  • When we first met Crowley, he gave us the feeling that he was awesome. This episode confirms it, especially his Big Damn Heroes, involving his very own hellhound. Which is about the size of a large lion.
    Dean: You can control them?
    Crowley: Not that one. I brought my own. [pats the invisible beast which, judging by his hand, is roughly to his shoulder] Mine's bigger. SIC 'IM BOY!
  • The ending where Sam finally gets his chance for revenge on Brady, the demon that started the whole damn thing by butchering Sam's girlfriend. The demon is trapped in a back alley with salt, Sam with the demon-killing knife at the ready:
    Brady: What is this?
    Dean: All those angels, all those demons, all those sons of bitches, they just don't get it, do they, Sammy?
    Sam: No, they don't, Dean.
    Dean: You see, Brady...we're the ones you should be afraid of.

5x21 - Two Minutes to Midnight

  • Death. That particular Horseman is simply the personification of Moment of Awesome. Especially his entrance featuring Jen Titus's haunting rendition of "O Death" as he walks down a busy Chicago street. A man on his cell phone bumps into him, and it looks like Death wouldn't have minded that, except the man rudely tells him to watch it. Death brushes his bumped arm, casts a cold look back at the man, and the sorry bastard kicks the bucket right on the sidewalk. All in awesome slo-mo. His next scene in the restaurant just cements his status as pure, unleaded Creepy Awesome, as his mere presence and his polite invitation to share his pizza is able to terrify Dean Winchester, the man who has happily, snarkily and verbosely mouthed off to monsters, ghosts, demons, angels, Archangels, gods, and Satan by this point, into treating him with utter respect and reverence.
  • Have to give some respect to Dean, too. Sitting at the same table than the personification of death itself and not running away is somewhat more impressive than hunting a wendigo. Once he realizes Death knows he's there, he's clearly shitting his pants, but keeps going regardless.
  • Castiel deserves a mention for showing up in the nick of time only to be mocked by Pestilence with "Not a speck of angel in you." And then? Then, Castiel jumps up, throws out the one-liner "Maybe just a speck" and cuts off his finger, winning them the ring they need. Badass indeed.
  • Sam running into Niveus Pharmaceuticals again and again, pulling out civilian after civilian and fighting off a horde of Croatoan zombies at the same time.
  • Castiel shooting a Croatoan zombie in the head and saving Sam.

5x22 - Swan Song

  • Dean slotting "Rock of Ages" by Def-freakin'-Leppard into the Metallicar's tape deck, then rolling up to the confrontation between Lucifer and Michael. "I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" Then Castiel Molotovs Michael with holy fire to give Dean time for a chat. Then Bobby fires at Lucifer in Sam's body, despite knowing it won't do a thing. And then there's Sam taking back his body from Lucifer and tossing himself and Michael into Lucifer's prison. Nice job, all. Everything about this fight was awesome, the perfect final confrontation in the Apocalypse.
  • Dean still refusing to give up, even when Lucifer has taken over Sam and the end of the world is imminent.
  • Sam sealing Lucifer in the Cage is one of the most heroic actions ever seen/read when one thinks about it. He is walking into an eternity of pain and suffering that will never ever end; even in Hell, the torment will end when you transform into a demon and begin inflicting suffering rather than taking it. But in the Cage, Sam's soul will never transform and he will be tortured for all eternity with no possibility of escape (as far as he knows) and if time moves as slow in the Cage as it does in Hell, he will suffer ten years of pain for every month that passes, forever. And he still walks in there without hesitating. Sam sacrifices himself and condemns himself for eternity to save the world from the Apocalypse. Heroic Sacrifice times 1,000,000.
  • The framing story revealing the origins and importance of the Impala. She is the most important object in Creation, even more so than the Colt, and was the key to defeating Lucifer. And the line that proves that she is just as badass as Sam and Dean:
    Chuck: [narrating] The Devil doesn't know or care what kind of car the boys drive. [implies in his voice that Lucifer should care very much]
  • Dean gets another one when he threatens GOD, as if He were just the next monster-of-the-week on his hit list.
    Dean: Well, if you do see Him, you tell Him I'm comin' for Him next.
  • When Chuck gives his final series of narrations and explains exactly why what Sam and Dean have done here is momental:
    Chuck: So what's it all add up to? Well, it's hard to say. But me, I'd say it was a test. For Sam and Dean. And I think they did alright. Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God Himself. They made their own choice. They chose family. And well, isn't that kinda the whole point?
  • The revelation that Chuck is God. All along he has been helping Team Free Will, the side he wanted to win. Castiel was right when he said that God helped them a lot more than they realized.
  • Another small one for Jared Padalecki more than anyone else. Dean's pronunciation of the Enochian incantation to open Lucifer's Cage sounds properly awkward and forced, seeing as he's stumbling his way through a language even more obscure than Latin. The first thing Lucifer does after taking over Sam's body and messing a bit with Dean? Turn around and speak the counter-incantation like he owns it.

    Season 6 
6x02 - Two and a Half Men
  • Dean point-blank telling the Alpha Shifter, the very first one ever, to go to Hell rather than hand over Bobby John. It doesn't work but he tried.
  • The Alpha Shifter showing right away that he is more dangerous than any other monster the boys have faced yet.

6x03 - The Third Man

  • Castiel gets some more moments when he fights off some of Raphael's followers, but the best is definitely when he throws his blade across the room and nails one of the angels directly in the chest. That was awesome.
  • Why no mention of Balthazar? He only disintegrates Raphael's vessel with Lot's salt. (With the hilarious one-liner "Hey, look at my junk!") And this is after he told Castiel he wouldn't help him in his Heavenly Civil War.
  • Dean and Sam tricking an angel and then banishing it:
    Dean: Whose fighting? Peace out, douche-wad.
  • Sam and Dean capturing Balthazar and Sam threatening to deep-fry his wings "extra crispy."

6x04 - Weekend at Bobby's

  • Bobby shoving the Okami into a woodchipper. Anyone who says Bobby is not badass is a liar.
    Rufus: Oh, okie dokie. Woodchipper. That pretty much trumps...everything.
    • For that matter, the way he managed to Out Gambit Crowley and get his soul back.
  • Bobby calling Sam and Dean out on a lot of their bullshit. Seriously, his "The Reason You Suck" Speech is truly epic and completely accurate about how much their do rely on Bobby and expect him to drop everything for them. What's awesome about it is that Sam and Dean are somewhat emotionally stunted because John Winchester was a very aloof and absent figure towards them, his mind was always on the mission. From their stunned reaction, it's possible this is the first real time that any father figure towards them has told them to shut the hell up, man up, and deal with their own problems and not run to "Dad" every time it gets tough.
  • Bobby capturing and interrogating a Crossroads Demon, and then burning her bones and killing her. "Sorry, gave it my best effort." Badass.

6x05 - Live Free or Twi-Hard

  • Dean using his vampire abilities to slaughter an entire nest of vampires in and not once losing his head.
  • Sam killing a vampire in a single swing of a machete, as it came up behind him.

6x06 - You Can't Handle the Truth

  • Sam and Dean killing Veritas after escaping her dungeon.
  • YMMV on it, but Dean's epic beatdown of Sam for his actions in the previous episode.

6x07 - Family Matters

  • The Alpha Vampire nearly wiping out the Campbell Clan, and just being more menacing than any other monster on the show so far.
  • The Reveal of Crowley and how he has been playing the Winchesters and the Campbells like a cheap fiddle the entire season thus far.

6x08 - All Dogs Go to Heaven

  • Sam and Dean wiping out the entire Skinwalker pack, Dean with a sniper rifle and Sam just walking through the doors and shooting the leading Skinwalker right in the forehead.

6x09 - Clap Your Hands If You Believe

  • Dean's first instinct when being "abducted by aliens" is to pull a knife and pistol and yell "COME ON!"
  • Dean locking the Tinkerbell in the microwave and "pizza-rolling" her.
  • Sam fighting the Leprechaun and making him count the spilled salt. Especially when he answers the offer with a shotgun blast.

6x10 - Caged Heat

  • Meg waiting for a pack of hellhounds to break through the doors, then fighting them all by herself with Castiel's sword. And wins. No other character has achieved this, before or since; for three seasons you could only set up wards to hold off a hellhound, Crowley had to get his own, bigger hellhound to take care of just one because he knew that even he couldn't defeat it himself, a whole cluster of hunters armed with the Colt barely escaped with their lives (with one hunter ending up mortally wounded, and another also dying as a result), and it took Sam and Dean's combined efforts to kill just one (even then, both almost got killed). Meg took on and killed God knows how many on her own. And then she's captured and tortured in an absolutely horrific, disgusting, undoubtedly agonizing way, and the whole time (having been a disciple of Alastair's), she mocks her torturer and his lack of technique, without breaking. And then laughs at him because "Dean Winchester is right behind you".
  • Sam's escape plan. Trapped in a room waiting for demons to walk through the door any second, what does he do? Bite his hand and paint a Devil's trap on the ceiling with his blood. Robo-Sam went as epic as he could go in this episode.
  • Dean fighting and surviving two Ghouls unarmed, and managing to kill one while Sam deals with the other.
  • Castiel frying Crowley before the latter can even finish a sentence. Remember, this is Crowley, who defied Lucifer and succeeded beautifully in making the Winchesters his puppets, and Castiel erases him from existence without blinking an eye. (Though it gets a bit less awesome in hindsight, as we discover in "Mommy Dearest" that not only is Crowley still alive, but Castiel is working with him. Which means they faked that whole thing. Which is awesome in its own way.)
  • Crowley get a moment of awesome himself: Sam, Dean, and Meg have trapped him in a devil's trap, and Meg is about to kill him—and he knocks her on her ass, takes her knife, uses it to break the trap, and pins Sam and Dean to the wall. If Cas hadn't shown up when he had, Crowley probably would have won.

6x11 - Appointment in Samarra

  • Dean punching out Robo-Sam and saving Bobby.
  • Bobby seeing the double-cross by Robo-Sam coming and punching him before he can. "Might have been born at night, boy, but it wasn't last night." And then when he is trapped in the closet, he reveals that there is a trapdoor under Sam's feet. Makes you wonder how many other secrets Bobby's House has.
  • Death going alone into Lucifer's Cage, a cage powerful enough to keep two pissed-off Archangels trapped forever, and retrieving Sam's soul from said pissed-off Archangels which is something that both Crowley, the King of Hell and Castiel, a powerful Seraph, considered to be suicide. Death is only gone for as long as it takes Dean to get from Bobby's kitchen to the Panic Room, and his suit isn't even mussed.
  • Dean's first reaping as Death. During an attempted armed robbery, the cashier takes out a gun and shoots the robber. Dean takes his life (but not without taking the time to watch him writhe in agony for a bit), and when his spirit asks "Why?", he immediately replies "Mostly because you're a dick. Enjoy the ride down, pal." Also a Funny Moment.

6x12 - Like a Virgin

  • The fight with the dragons. Dean's epic rejoinder that he got the Dragon-Killing Sword at "Comic-Con" and Sam taking the sword and beating off both dragons with it before killing one.
  • Dean going 21st century on the Sword in the Stone problem. It worked...kind of.

6x13 - Unforgiven

  • Sam and Dean killing Arachne!Roy and avenging the women he turned.

6x14 - Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

  • Sam giving a Death Glare and an Armor-Piercing Question to one of the jerks who played a part in Rose Brown's 'accidental' death.
    Sam: Look me in the eye and tell me none of this is on you.

6x15 - The French Mistake

  • Castiel's Big Damn Heroes moment which includes a nice Call-Back to his first appearance all the way back in Season 4.
  • Alternate!Kripke not going down after getting shot TWICE. The third shot offed him.
    • And there's of course the biggest badass in the entire episode: The one producer who casually avoided a bullet by leaning backwards and went off-stage.
  • The whole episode, the writers really outdid themselves on this one. When you've actually put your main characters in an alternate dimension where they're their actors filming the show that they're in, complete with hundreds of Take Thats from everything from the show structure and Angst content, to the ratings, right down to the lighting guy and the director arguing about a Fade to Black, you just have to throw up your hands and give them a round of applause. Well done, you've officially completely and utterly fucked over the Fourth Wall into non-Euclidian geometry.
    Sam: Our life is a TV show!
    Dean: ... Why?
    Sam: I don't know!
    Dean: No, seriously, why? Why would anybody want to watch our lives?
    Sam: Well, I mean, according to the interviewer, not many people do.

6x16 - ...And Then There Were None

  • Bobby's answer to Rufus's question:
    Rufus: Bobby, you got a cranial saw in the car?
    Bobby: Of course.
  • The Khan Worm telling Dean and Sam that they've pissed off the Mother of All Monsters.
    • And the fact that Dean doesn't care.

6x17 - My Heart Will Go On

6x18 - Frontierland

6x19 - Mommy Dearest

  • Dean's coming to the rescue and saving Sam, Bobby and Cas from the Jefferson Starships.
  • How Dean deals with Eve (aka the Mother of All freakin' monsters). She bites him in order to turn him into one of her hybrid monsters, only to discover that Dean had previously ingested some phoenix ash (the one thing that can hurt her) and that by tasting his blood, she's ingested it. Cue gory death.
    • Moments later, Cas has a moment of his own by killing an entire diner full of Eve's Elite Mooks with a wave of his hand and a burst of light.

6x20 - The Man Who Would Be King

  • Castiel bursts into a demon safehouse and knocks two demons to the floor, killing them in the process. The third demon in the room has an Oh, Crap! moment and tries to ditch his body, only for Cas to grab his demonic smoke and force it back into the body so that he can kill it. Awesome.
  • Castiel coming to the rescue and easily killing three of Crowley's elite demons to save Sam, Dean and Bobby who were getting their asses handed to them.
  • The boys and Bobby trapping Castiel.
  • Crowley has turned Hell into an eternal DMV line. Doubles as a CMOF, but still awesome nevertheless.
  • And another near the end of the episode in the form of Crowley's Villainous Rescue. The boys and Bobby have Castiel trapped in the holy fire, when the lights start flickering, and they look outside to a huge cloud of demon smoke heading towards them. They run for it, leaving Castiel behind; a few minutes later, after the smoke has surrounded the shack they were in, Crowley calmly enters through the door and sets Castiel free. Then, just before leaving, he gives a brief Hannibal Lecture:
    Crowley: You know the difference between you and me? I know what I am. What are you, Castiel? What are you willing to do?
  • Possibly one of the most badass Moments Of Awesome of the entire show is Crowley's response to Castiel telling him "Don't worry about the Winchesters."
    Crowley: Don't worry about—what, like Lucifer didn't worry? Or Michael? Or Lilith or Alastair or Azazel didn't worry?! Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn't underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares?!
    • This is without a doubt proof that Sam and Dean Winchester, despite being human and much, much less powerful than everything that they hunt, are some of the most dangerous beings in Creation. They've brought down the demons that rule Hell, Alpha monsters that are 10,000 years old and the creator of everything that has fangs and claws, Archangels that can annihilate demons just by their presence, the freaking Old Ones that 'could not be killed', and even Satan himself. They are not enemies that you want to be facing because, no matter what, they have beaten bigger things than you.

6x22 - The Man Who Knew Too Much

  • Sam defeating Soulless!Sam in his MIND, proving that he is the better hunter. And after that, he breaks out of his comatose state and makes it to the final battle at the observatory on sheer adrenaline and on foot, despite suffering through the same Hell flashbacks that floored him in 6x13/14, and stabs Castiel in the back when it's clear he isn't going to stand down.
  • You know what? Even with what happens at the end of the episode to Castiel, he did it. He accomplished everything he set out to do, he stopped Raphael and made sure the Apocalypse didn't start again, he outplayed Crowley and ensured the demon would get none of the power he was after, he figured out how to open Purgatory and absorbed ALL the souls and didn't explode (again) as feared. And he did all of completely alone. Granted him being alone was partially his fault and he does snap at the end of it all, but everything that betrayed or abandoned him was worried about (monsters getting out, him helping Crowley take over Hell, exploding) didn't happen. It makes all of his declarations that he had it all under control all the more heartbreaking because the fact that he did leads to him losing it.
    • What makes the moment so awesome was seeing Raphael of all people have a Oh, Crap! moment and nearly begs Castiel for mercy, only to be epically denied. What makes it even sweeter is that Castiel kills Raphael the same way that Raphael and Lucifer killed him. How you ask? By blowing him up like a meat-filled water balloon with a snap of his fingers.

    Season 7 
7x01 - Meet the New Boss
  • Castiel's behavior as "God" was a dangerous slippery slope that you knew was going to start out as a brutal, but quasi-understandable attack against people who genuinely suck, before descending to complete madness. But before he really went off the deep end he took out the leader of a faux version of the Westboro Baptist Church (while stating that he did not pass judgement on sexual orientation) and the leaders of the entire Ku Klux Klan. Even a very pissed off Dean had to give him props for that one.
  • The entire confrontation between Death and Godstiel. Death just commands this scene; Sam, Dean, and Bobby are sitting on the sideline and not even daring to say a word as the two most powerful beings in Creation go at it verbally. Castiel makes some decent points, but it's Death that really gets the awesome here; he calls out Cas for making even more problems than he is 'solving,' for allowing the Leviathans to get a foothold on Earth, and for taking on things that he as a "stupid little soldier" can't possibly understand. And of course, Death's reason for helping the boys deal with Godstiel? Sheer spite.
    • After it's all over, Death tells the Winchesters that if they ever try to bind him again, they'll be dead before they finish. In other words, he could have stopped them if he wanted, but he didn't just so he could spite Godstiel.
  • The return of Lucifer. Viewers will go "WOAH!!!" when they see Sam close the locker only to see Satan staring him in the face. And one for Lucifer as well, the idea that all of Season 6 could have been a hallucination in Sam's head was a real Mind Screw, obviously we knew that wasn't true but the way he tells it, it just might have been possible.
  • Leviathan!Castiel tossing Dean and Bobby around like ragdolls. And that menacing Slasher Smile at the end.

7x02 - Hello, Cruel World

  • Dean's speech to a hallucinating Sam.
    Dean: I am your flesh-and-blood brother, okay? I'm the only one who can legitimately kick your ass in real time. You got away. We got you out, Sammy. Believe in that. Believe me, okay? You gotta believe me. You've gotta make it stone number one and build on it.
  • Bobby blasting the Leviathan Dr. Gaines, and then calmly falling back when he sees that it doesn't work.
  • Sam and Dean vs Edgar. Just like a woodchipper, dropping a car beats everything. At least you'd think so...
    • A villainous one here as well for Edgar who hurt Sam and Dean so badly that they had to call for an ambulance. They've never been that hurt before...

7x03 - The Girl Next Door

  • Dean's new rule: You steal his baby, you get punched. Though it gets a lot less awesome when remembering that Sam has just recovered from major head trauma meted out by a Leviathan with a pipe, and Dean is hitting him in the face hard enough to knock him flat to the ground.

7x04 - Defending Your Life

  • Sam actually being a decent attorney. And he was just pre-law.
  • Sam neutralizing Osiris before he can nab another victim.

7x05 - Shut Up, Dr. Phil

  • Sam and Dean giving marriage counseling to the Starks, two very powerful and pissed-off witches. While being chucked around the room and Dean getting a swarm of killer bees buzzing around his head. If anyone knows how to deal with a troubled relationship, it's the Winchesters.

7x06 - Slash Fiction

  • Bobby cutting off the Leviathan!Chet's head, both times.
  • Dick Roman, the head Leviathan, gives a verbal beatdown to Crowley after he tried making a deal with him. He basically bitch-slapped someone who is in control of Hell, and Crowley couldn't do a thing about it because the Leviathans were among the Old Ones.

7x07 - The Mentalists

  • Ellen's message from beyond. She really was a mother to the boys, in what time she had. Also the fact that one of the few real psychics in that town isn't hocking it for fame or pissed that nobody wants the real thing.

7x08 - Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

  • Becky, of all people, taking down a demon (who was kicking Sam's ass) with the knife.
  • Dean's threat to Guy the Crossroads Demon.
    Guy: Dean Winchester. This is really thrilling. May I have your autograph?
    Dean: Sure, how about I carve it into your spleen?
  • Crowley appearing and actually agreeing with the Winchesters. And his speech to Guy about why Crossroad Demons don't go back on their word.
  • Garth. He's an oddball, but he when he starts giving orders, even Dean just seems to fall in line.

7x09 - How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

  • Bobby shooting a monster in the trees about thirty feet above him in the foliage, in the dark, and nailing it with one shot. With his eyes closed, guys.
  • Sam and Dean bursting into the Leviathan HQ armed with only two pressure sprayers filled with Borax. And the fact that it actually works!
  • Bobby shooting Dick Roman in the back and ripping a Leviathan's face off with the sharp end of a crowbar.
  • Dick Roman gets one for the fact that the Borax, which makes even Edgar break down from the pain, doesn't even seem to faze him, and that his face was nearly burnt off and he just kept talking like it was just a paper cut.

7x10 - Death's Door

  • Bobby gets several (which is quite impressive for a man in a coma); first, he manages to trap the Reaper chasing him in one of his memories; second, he delivers an epic Shut Up, Hannibal! to the memory of his abusive father; third and finally, he manages to temporarily wake up from his coma—with the bullet still in his brain—long enough to pass on some vital information to Sam and Dean. The last one turns out to be a Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • The moment when someone in this show finally says what has been obvious for so long:
    Bobby: As fate would have it, I adopted two boys. And they grew up great. They grew up heroes.
    • Sam and Dean are heroes. No matter what monsters/demons/angels use to belittle them or mock them, they are heroes.
  • Dean gets one as well when he faces down Dick Roman, who shot Bobby, in the parking lot, just DARING him to face him one-on-one right then and there in front of the crowd. And Dick backs down.
    Dean: Well, come on. Right here, right now, out in the open, you and me, Dick Roman.
    [Bystanders are using their mobile phones to record the confrontation.]
    Dean: See? Deciding to jump a famous guy ain't all upside. You can kill me right now, you want to see it online.
    Dick Roman: Maybe you should go check on that friend of yours. He can't be feeling too frisky right about now. I'm a very good shot.
    Dean: We're coming for you, and not just to hurt you; to kill you. You understand me?
    Dick Roman: Come on, Dean. I can't be killed.
    Dean: You're gonna wish you could, then.
    Dick Roman: [laughs] That's some conviction. You'd really crush it on the motivational circuit.
    Dean: You're either laughing because you're scared or you're laughing because you're stupid. I'll see you soon, Dick.

7x11 - Adventures in Babysitting

  • Dean taking down one of the Vetala sisters and the fact that had Krissy not run in and gotten herself taken hostage, he would have killed the other one. It worked out, but just barely.
  • Krissy's description of Sam: "Your brother's the size of a car."

7x12 - Time After Time

  • Dean meeting Eliot Ness and pretty much everything that follows. His new G-Man outfit and haircut, getting to carry a machine gun from Ness's arsenal, figuring out how to get back to the future courtesy of the movie of the same name, Dean and Ness fighting Chronos, and Ness calling Dean an "Untouchable."
  • Sam killing Chronos. And Chronos's final moments and words.

7x14 - Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

  • Sam fighting the Killer Clowns and Dean stopping Howard by using the his own fear magic against him.

7x15 - Repo Man

  • Hallucifer getting into Sam's head. And all it took was a single "Shut up!"
  • Dean shooting Jeremy before he can kill Nora's son. And the Jeffrey!Demon telling him "He'll be back you know. Back in black."

7x16 - Out with the Old

  • Dean and Sam vs Joyce and George. Especially Sam cutting off Joyce's head with a broadsword from an antique shop.

7x17 - The Born Again Identity

  • Castiel's epic He's Back! moment. He takes down the squad of demons guarding the hospital where Sam is currently interred, then proceeds to save Sam by killing the demon torturing him via electro-shock therapy, followed by healing Sam's mind by absorbing the insanity into himself. And up until now he was amnesiac, with his initial assault on the demons being a leap of faith based on what Dean told him? Even without his memories, Castiel proves he's a badass.
  • Sam in the entire episode. He's dying from Hallucifer's torments, he can barely hold it together and he can't even be sure that everything he is seeing is real, and he's likely starving to death since Halluficer won't let him eat. And what does he spend the episode doing? Helping a poor girl who is being haunted by her brother's ghost. Both a crowning moment of awesome and heartwarming.
  • Meg's She's Back. Saving Dean from a pair of demons and getting herself a place in Team Free Will for the duration.

7x18 - Party On, Garth

  • Garth's evolution as a character. He's confident, independent, and an extremely capable hunter without the usual angst. Not to mention, apparently he's got someone in a hot tub waiting for him after a job is finished...
  • Dean fighting the Shojo. The Shojo is invisible and can only be seen when you're drunk which Dean, for once, is not. So he fights it based off Sam's statements on where it is. With a freaking Katana.
  • Ghost!Bobby helping Dean during the fight with the Shojo and his reveal at the end.

7x19 - Of Grave Importance

  • Ghost!Bobby learning how to use his ghost power. He can kill werewolves, fix a pinto, bake cornbread, and now he gets zen.

7x20 - The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

  • Sam and Dean swapping out the suitcase containing Dick's precious cargo with a bomb made of borax. Dick is so shocked at having been outwitted that he just stares blankly as it ticks down and eventually explodes in his face.
  • The Winchesters breaking into Dick's headquarters with a magnificent jump and barrel roll through (cracked) glass walls, splashing borax in the leviathans' faces, and fleeing with Charlie in their arms as Ghost!Bobby flings an increasingly-pissed Dick around and pins him down so that he can't catch them. To sum it up, this episode was not kind to Dick, and it was glorious.

7x21 - Reading Is Fundamental

  • Meg killing the crazed angel Hester. "Someone had to do it."
  • Dean banishing the angels before they can attack them.

7x22 - There Will Be Blood

  • The Alpha Vampire vs Edgar. And Sam and Dean coming to the rescue and finally avenging their loss against Edgar at the season's start.
  • Sam and Dean refusing to leave without the Alpha Vampire's second blood slave. It's too late for the girl Emily but the little boy wasn't lost yet, and they made sure he wouldn't be.

7x23 - Survival of the Fittest

  • Give Dick his due; anyone who can keep up with every word of Crowley's fine print during an all-night negotiation of a Deal with the Devil is pretty awesome.
  • The Impala's triumphant return. After spending most of the season locked up in storage, we see it peeling down the road to smash into the SucraCorp parking lot, knocking aside security guards before crashing into the sign in front of the building. All to the tune of "Born to Be Wild." Awesome.
    • This is followed by Meg getting out of the car and taking on about half a dozen Leviathan guards with a jug of borax and a machete (sadly, most of this is offscreen because the actress, Rachel Miner, suffered from a serious back injury during filming Season 6's "Caged Heat" and couldn't do much physical work, thus limiting how Meg fought).
  • Dean's brief conversation with Dick Roman before their final battle.
    Dick Roman: And good on you! Pulling that together—A-plus.
    Dean: Oh, you don't think this'll work, do you? You trust that demon?
    Dick Roman: You sure I'm even me, Dean?
    Dean: No. But he is. (Dick looks at Castiel. It is subtle but his smug smile slowly fades as he realizes Castiel can tell who he is.) See, here's the thing when dealing with Crowley—he will always find a way to bone you.
  • How Dean and Castiel take down Dick Roman: Dick knows about the God weapon designed to kill him, so they distract him with a fake one before Cas grabs him from behind and Dean stabs him through the neck with the real one. Dick explodes.
    • Also, Dick smiles at them before he blows up. Not because he lost, but because he has the last laugh. Dean and Cas are sent to Purgatory, likely due to his death. Not bad of an exit for a season's Big Bad.
  • Crowley proving yet again that he's the series' resident Magnificent Bastard, by playing the Winchesters and Leviathans against each other and ensuring that he's the only winner this season. By the time everything's done with, Dick's dead, leaving the Leviathans leaderless and disoriented; Dean and Cas have been sent to Purgatory; Meg and Kevin are his prisoners; and Sam is now alone and powerless.

    Season 8 
8x01 - We Need to Talk About Kevin
  • How the title character has seriously taken a level in badass since we last saw him:
    • First, we see in a flashback how he escaped from Crowley: He tricked him into thinking he'd found a way to open a Hell Gate, then cast a spell that killed the two demons guarding him, grabbing the Word of God tablet and running off, while Crowley is left standing in a field in Wisconsin surrounded by goats and waiting for a nonexistent gate to open. That's right, the nerdy prophet pulled a fast one on the resident Magnificent Bastard. Later in the episode, Crowley shows up with Kevin's possessed girlfriend, and Kevin lures them into a backroom where he triggers a booby trap that douses them both in holy water, buying him and the Winchesters a chance to escape.
  • Dean's first fight back from Purgatory, getting a chance to show off his new skills and his bone-axe in battle with two demons.

8x02 - What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

  • Kevin seems to have gotten his Badass Normalness from his mother. First, she passively-aggressively threatens a guy who stole the Word tablet into telling them what he did with it. Later, she punches Crowley in the face for threatening her and Kevin (also a funny moment).
  • Sam performs a reverse-exorcism, preventing one of Crowley's Mooks from escaping and forcing it back into its host so that Dean can kill it.
  • Crowley gets another notch on his Magnificent Bastard belt at the end of the episode: He buys off Plutus' dragon, getting his help in possessing Kevin's mother so that he can use her to get the Word. Then, when the dragon stabs Plutus through the back, Crowley rips the weapon out of his chest and throws it across the room to kill another mook. Then he manages to get to his own body and run off with the tablet, giving Kevin a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about the Winchesters while on the way out.
  • Sam kills Plutus' dragon with Mjolnir, and then uses it to kill Vili (Odin's brother) who had bought it to avenge the virgin he killed to buy it with. That Sam could use Mjolnir so easily raises the possibility that he is worthy to possess the power of Thor.

8x05 - Blood Brother

  • Benny putting the skills he gained in Purgatory to good use against his former nest. Especially notable is when he casually dodges a knife swipe at his neck, handcuffs the vampire who just tried to kill him, and takes his head off.
  • Dean stabbing Benny's former girlfriend from behind with his Purgatory axe, then ripping it free and taking her head off. After taking out the entire nest of vampires virtually single-handedly. And this time he isn't a vampire, he's just a normal human. Or as normal as a human can be after a year in Purgatory.

8x06 - Southern Comfort

  • Garth gets two. First, even after getting shot, he manages to take the cursed penny off the possessed Dean and resist the effects, due to simply not holding grudges. Then, he tears into Dean for letting his relationship with Sam fall apart when they're all each other has left.

8x07 - A Little Slice of Kevin

  • Castiel is back and still kicking ass. When he confronts Crowley for Kevin and the tablet, Crowley assumes that he's too weak to actually threaten him. Cas responds by glowing with divine light, complete with the shadow wings showing up again. He then brings his hand down on Crowley's as he tries to grab the tablet, shattering it and letting Crowley escape with only half. And it turns out, he really was bluffing about his power levels.
  • Mrs. Tran continuing to be a badass by turning the tables on the demon left to kill her and taking him prisoner.
  • Sam taking out a whole hallway full of demons with a "demon bomb."

8x08 - Hunteri Heroici

  • Dean vs Dr. Mahoney. X marks the spot.

8x10 - Torn and Frayed

  • The entire warehouse sequence. Dean and Sam go inside, armed with only an Angel Blade and the Demon Knife, each take out a Demon on their own, destroy the Angel warding and allow Castiel inside, and then each take out around two to three Demons with some more Demon Bombs. Then breaking into Crowley's torture room and each fighting off a Demon and beating them before killing them. They've come a long way from the days when one Demon was enough to make them wary.
  • "I need both of you, as you say, to stow your crap. Can you do that?" - Castiel telling the boys off.

8x11 - LARP and the Real Girl

  • Charlie destroying the book and freeing Gilda, and Dean defeating Boltar the Furious.
  • Dean's speech. It may be the only one he knows but it's still damn good.

8x12 - As Time Goes By

  • How they deal with Abaddon. After setting up a fake Hostage For Macguffin situation, Henry lets himself be stabbed by Abaddon in order to be close enough to shoot her in the head with a bullet that had a devil's trap carved into it. Abaddon is left trapped and immobilized in her body, allowing Dean to cut her head off, promising to cut her into pieces and bury each one separately.
  • Hell, Abaddon herself. She's at the peak of her badassery in this episode, and that is quite badass: she infiltrates and destroys an entire ancient secret order by herself in a matter of minutes, makes people's eyes bleed themselves blind, she can't be exorcised, she can't be killed, her screams trigger thunder, she hunts down the Winchesters and the box from the Men of Letters tirelessly, and she kills anyone and everyone who comes with two feet of her.

8x13 - Everybody Hates Hitler

  • The opening scenes where the Golem rips through a camp of Nazis like they were paper.
  • The library scenes when the Golem hunts down a Thule soldier and breaks his neck:
    Torvald: Long live the Thule!
    [The Golem breaks his neck]
    Dean: Or not.
  • Adam distracting Colonel Eckhart long enough that Dean and Sam can take out the Thule Revenants, and then both shoot Eckhart between the eyes at the same time.
    Eckhart: Fools! You can kill me. But you will never kill all the Thule.
    [Sam and Dean shoot Eckhart in the head in unison.]
    Dean: Well, that's a start.

8x14 - Trial and Error

  • Dean and Sam fighting the Hellhound "Growley." Dean puts up a good fight but is outmaneuvered, then Sam comes to the rescue and slits Growley from throat to crotch.
  • Sam's speech to Dean and what he affirms. Dean is the greatest hunter on the planet:
    Dean: Sam, be smart.
    Sam: I am smart, and so are you. You're not a grunt, Dean. You're a genius — when it comes to lore, to — you're the best damn hunter I have ever seen — better than me, better than Dad. I believe in you, Dean. So, please — please believe in me, too.

8x15 - Man's Best Friend with Benefits

  • The Witch-Killing Spell finally working, and how awesome it looks.

8x16 - Remember the Titans

  • Sam guesses that Artemis and Prometheus were romantically involved given maybe three basic unconnected clues. Not only does he taunt her but he talks a goddess into killing her father to save Prometheus.
  • After Artemis shoots Zeus with her immortal-killing arrow, Zeus just manages to evade it by using Prometheus as a human Prometheus shoves the arrow even further into his own body until it comes out the other end and shoves it right into Zeus's chest.

8x17 - Goodbye Stranger

  • Meg's last stand against Crowley. And the fact that she died as a hero and part of Team Free Will.
  • Castiel breaking free of Naomi's control and keeping the angel tablet from her.

8x18 - Freaks and Geeks

  • The Dead Man's Blood Bullets. Dean and Sam really should have asked how to make those.
  • Dean teaching Krissy and the others that "There's more to hunting than just killing." And that he saved the final vampire victim and turned her back to human.

8x19 - Taxi Driver

  • Sam breaks Bobby out of Hell and takes out a few demons doing so.
  • Benny allows Dean to kill him so he can save Sam and Bobby from Purgatory.

8x20 - Pac-Man Fever

  • Dean not even hesitating to take some African Dream Root and enter Charlie's dream to save her.
  • Sam taking out the younger Djinn despite being so weak he could barely hit the target on a shooting range.

8x21 - The Great Escapist

  • Kevin essentially telling Crowley to a) go screw himself and b) that he can kill him but he can't break him. Actually, let's just go ahead and call this one Kevin's Awesome Episode, because he deserves it. Bonus points because he's figured out Crowley's game simply because the kid is just that smart. Two years ago, the guy was nothing more than an above-average high school student, and now he basically gave a giant middle finger to the freaking King of Hell. He knows he can't get out, he knows he's going to die, but when Crowley walks in and confronts him he looks more confident and more healthy than he has all season. He even got what he thought was a good last meal out of it.
  • When Cas is being interrogated by Naomi: "In the words of a good friend ... bite me." And the fact that he was able to evade Naomi's mooks for so long because he was able to make himself appear as if he were in hundreds of places (Biggerson's restuarants) at once.
  • Sam calling out Metatron for his unwillingness to get involved, and the entire angel race for being worse than the demons because they should be better and they are not:
    Sam: You know what? [Beat] Pull the frigging trigger.
    Metatron: What?
    Sam: Pull the freaking trigger, you cowardly piece of garbage.
    Dean: Sam. Hey!
    [Sam grabs the end of Metatron's rifle and points it at himself.]
    Sam: All the time you've been hiding here, how much suffering have you read over? Humanity's suffering! And how much of it has been at the hands of your kind?!

8x22 - Clip Show

  • A villainous one. As Crowley is killing Sarah through the Hex Bag, he gives this speech to Dean and Sam. It's both awesome and chillingly Nightmare Fuel:
    Crowley: What's the line? "Saving people, hunting things. The family business." Well, I think the people you save—they're how you justify your pathetic little lives. The alcoholism, the collateral damage, the pain you've caused... The one thing that allows you to sleep at night, the one thing, is knowing these folks are out there. Still out there. Happy and healthy because of you. You great big bloody heroes. They're your life's work and I am going to rip it apart. Piece by piece. Because I can. Because you can't stop me. Because when they're all gone, what will you have left?
  • This episode is all villainous Awesome Moments. Crowley playing Sam and Dean over the entire episode and Abaddon escaping and putting herself back together after the boys dig her up.

8x23 - Sacrifice

  • Sam lighting Abaddon on fire with some holy oil and a match:
    Sam: Hey! Love the suit. ''[tosses a match and watches Abaddon combust]
  • Let's give Metatron a massive round of applause for being one hell of a Magnificent Bastard and outmaneuvering everyone in the cast. The man essentially brought down Heaven completely. How many demons or many others have tried to deal such as blow to the Heavenly Host? And unlike Lucifer, the Leviathans or Eve, Metatron wasn't uber-strong. He was just a very smart guy. We repeat, what was Heaven's undoing? A smart man with nothing to lose and a vendetta. Epic.

    Season 9 
9x01 - I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
  • After nearly shutting the gates of Hell, Sam's stuck in a coma. While dreaming, he encounters Death, who admits to wanting to come personally. Death, who up until now has insisted he believes humans are insignificant, goes so far as to praise Sam (presumably for almost succeeding at closing the gates of Hell).
  • Ezekiel's entrance. He saves Dean's life and proves that there are angels that care about humanity. Though it becomes less awesome after "Ezekiel" turns out to be another lying prick.
    Ezekiel: Easy there, brother. This young man has prayed for our assistance. Are we creatures of wrath or compassion? I would argue the latter.
  • Dean banishing a pair of angels by making the ward with his own blood after getting the crap beat out of him, right under their noses. And first, he asks where they're going to go if Heaven is closed.

9x02 - Devil May Care

  • Abaddon's plans for demons are sheer Nightmare Fuel, but are also pretty awesome.
  • Best moment of the episode has to be Ezekiel coming to Sam's rescue, his eyes glowing laser blue and his wings appearing in the light he gives off. They may be ragged, but they still scared three of Abaddon's elite demons, and of course Ezekiel still crushed them despite being wounded.
  • Mention must be given to the single Crossroads Demon who stood up to Abaddon. During Abaddon's speech about how she will take over, claiming Crowley is dead and now all shall bow before her or she will eradicate them all, said demon casually dismisses her plan, pointing out that up until a few days ago they all thought she was dead as well, and as long as she can't prove her claims, she'll never get all the demons behind her. She goes even further and dismisses the Knights of Hell as being overrated. Just to review, this is a single Crossroads Demon, the weakest of all demons who's nothing more than a "salesman" who at the time was in the body of a frail old lady, standing up to pretty much the most powerful demon alive at the present. Abaddon's response is pretty awesome as well—what does she do when she can't answer or dismiss these criticisms? She grasps the demon by the throat, pulls her out of her vessel and then throws her back into HELL.
  • Another Abaddon moment: Being the only demon thus far smart enough to utilize modern military gear and weaponry. The Winchesters don't have to fight demons; they have to fight demon snipers with bulletproof vests, so the devil's trap bullets don't work this time. What makes Abaddon scary isn't just that she's hugely powerful, but that she's also smart and she learns.
  • Sam is getting shot at from the rooftops by a sniper. He retaliates by quickly and effectively shooting out the sniper's scope. With a handgun. From twenty feet. While still in-motion.

9x03 - I'm No Angel

  • Dean taking on the Rogue Reaper April to save Castiel.

9x04 - Slumber Party

  • Charlie killing the Wicked Witch by stabbing her in the face with the heel of one of Dorothy's red shoes.

9x05 - Dog Dean Afternoon

  • Dean using his dog howl to call on an entire pack of dogs to kill Chef Leo:
    Chef Leo: Sorry. Wolf trumps dog.
    Dean: Maybe. But not a whole pack.

9x06 - Heaven Can't Wait

  • Castiel killing the Rit Zien Ephraim while just being a human/hunter-in-training.
  • Abaddon's unshakable confidence during her "conference call" with Crowley.
    Abaddon: I'm taking it all down, brick by brick. It's over. The days of Crowley, the king of bureaucrats, are done.
    Abaddon: How does it feel, Crowley, to be the Winchesters's bitch? It's been fun indulging in your bluffs, but we both know you have no real authority left, no leverage. You have nothing to offer me. You have nothing.
    Crowley: [beaten, realizing he's already lost] Your way will backfire. You. Will. Burn.
    Abaddon: I. Can't. Wait.

9x08 - Rock and a Hard Place

  • Jody Mills killing Vesta after being impaled by a piece of rebar. She killed a god with a gaping hole in her side.

9x09 - Holy Terror

  • When Castiel is being tortured, he manipulates Theo into setting him free by pretending that he can put him in contact with Metatron. When the other angel's guard is down, Castiel slashes his throat and steals his grace to get his powers back. When Malachi returns to the torture warehouse later, it's shown that Castiel single-handedly slaughtered every single angel in there in order to escape. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel, but pretty awesome nonetheless.

9x10 - Road Trip

  • Sam expelling Gadreel from his head with nothing but sheer willpower.
  • Crowley's speech to Abaddon and two of her mooks:
    Crowley: Right. Let's have a chat.
    Abaddon: I'm not here to talk.
    Crowley: And I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to them, the average demon, because I feel their pain. It must have been difficult, with your loving king so cruelly taken from you. I imagine you felt all at sea. And then along came...the brute. She's strong...and a Knight and immortal—at the moment. So I'm not surprised that some of my more idiotic subjects bought her line. But now? Good news, fellas. Daddy's home.
    Abaddon: Hell doesn't want you, Crowley. It's mine.
    Crowley: Is it? Not what I hear. Not while I'm still kicking.
    Abaddon: Well, then let's settle it. You and me. Right here. Winner takes the crown.
    Crowley: See, that's your problem, love. You think this is a fight.
    Abaddon: It's not?
    Crowley: It's a campaign. Hearts and minds—that's what's important. See, the demons have a choice: Take orders from the world's angriest ginger—and that's saying something—or join my team, where everyone gets a say, a virgin, and all the entrails they can eat. So, think on this, lads. Spread the word: Vote Crowley.

9x11 - First Born

  • Dean single-handedly takes on, fights, and kills three demons, proving that he's still sharp from Purgatory. Defeating one is too much for most people. How awesome this fight is cannot really be described; it has to be seen.
  • Crowley's response to being knocked down by another demon.
    Crowley: You're good... [jumps up and stabs him in the side with an angel sword] ...but I'm Crowley!
  • And of course Cain, the Father of Murder. Clearly impressive in many aspects, he gets his greatest moment at the end, where he single-handedly slaughters a whole army of demons.
  • The fact that Crowley is visibly terrified just by Cain's mere presence is pretty awesome.

9x14 - Captives

  • Castiel telling Bartholomew that he refuses to allow the angel-on-angel violence to continue, and that just because he has killed thousands of beings in the past doesn't mean he'll do it again.
    Castiel: Who I was, what I did, that's not who I am.
    • And then sparing Bartholomew, who tried to murder him and has tortured many angels to death for simply not wanting to fight, because someone has to draw the line, and then executing Bartholomew when he tries to backstab Cas despite Cas's magnanimous gesture to him. And of course several angels telling Castiel that they wish to follow him at the end.
  • Mrs. Tran killing the demon Del and getting her revenge for the year of hell she went through. And that Sam said that she is "much worse than Crowley."

9x16 - Blade Runners

  • One for Crowley as he realizes Sam and Dean are about to kill him and double-crosses them. They should have known better than to try and play Crowley, because as he said earlier:
    Crowley: You [Lola] tried to play me? I play the tune! Everyone else dances to it. Got it?

9x17 - Mother's Little Helper

  • Henry Winchester and Josie Sands coming to the rescue, and what Sister Julia says about that:
    Sister Julia: I was so scared. I prayed and prayed, but God didn't answer my prayers. Henry and Josie did.
    • Some perspective, here. Back in Season 1, a single demon was a serious threat to the Winchester brothers. This is a trial run for the Men of Letters' newest recruit, and they curb-stomp a roomful of the bastards. This organization really knows how to train its people.

9x18 - Meta Fiction

  • The claims that Metatron is the new God seem like an Informed Attribute without much to back it up. Then he blows out the ring of angel fire he's in, curb-stomps the Winchesters, and wipes away angel warding like it's drawn out of smoke, and he could probably qualify for a close second. It's just the smug, happy-go-lucky way he does all of this. He's in a situation that's screwed Archangels, and he's having fun.
  • The fact that Metatron's the new top dog in Heaven just makes him the poster child of From Nobody to Nightmare.
  • The possibility that Gabriel may still be alive. The Trickster may still be out there.
    • Word of God has confirmed that Gabriel is still alive. You really can't take the trick out of the Trickster!

9x19 - Alex Annie Alexis Ann

  • Dean overpowering a vampire, obviously an effect of the Mark of Cain. And of course:
    Dean: Look at me.
    [The Vampire doesn't look at Dean.]
    Dean: LOOK AT ME, BITCH!!
    [The Vampire finally looks at Dean, who then slices his head off.]

9x20 - Bloodlines

  • He might have been a psychopath, but Irv was probably the most badass hunter in the show after Dean, Sam and John. Taking out an entire bar filled with werewolves, vampires, djinn, vetalas, ghouls, and shapeshifters on his own with only a silver wolverine claw. Pity he had to die; he probably could have killed every monster in Chicago.
    • Actually, there were plenty of of survivors in that bar. But he left such an impression that everyone believed he was one of the monsters. He also learned enough about monster politics and weaknesses to nearly spark a local interspecies war with a single kill. Most of all, he didn't seem to have any help from hunter society.

9x21 - King of the Damned

  • Dean vs Abaddon. Every. Single. Part. From Dean fighting his way through Abaddon's telekinesis, tapping into his inner Jedi to get back the First Blade, stabbing Abaddon and lifting her into the air with strength alone, and then going insane on her corpse.
  • Crowley talking a Hellhound down. Over the phone. Calling it "Juliet."
  • Castiel taking on three to four angel assassins and winning.

9x22 - Stairway to Heaven

  • Dean's conversation with the angel Flagstaff, and how he responds:
    Flagstaff: You believe every problem can be solved with a gun. You play the hero, but underneath the hype, you're a killer with oceans of blood on his hands. I hate men like you.
    [Dean flips over the table and pins Flagstaff to the floor with Mark of Cain strength.]
    Dean: Honey, there ain't no other men like me.
    • Another moment of awesome there. Dean shutting that arrogant little angel up. She feels smug and superior because she helps people deal with their owwies and scrapes, and blasts Dean for killing. Yet her kind would have destroyed the world just because they could, and Dean was the one who stopped them. Every person on the planet owes their life to Sam and Dean Winchester, and the angels, as Dean said at the start of the season, "[are] just monsters with good PR."
    • Those owwies and scrapes being terminal conditions like cancer. As a perspective flip, Flagstaff got her own moment of awesome. She's right. They do tend to fix problems through violence, and they have been unhinged and dangerous in the past. And she knows who Dean is. It takes some titanium ovaries to give a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the man who's taken on Archangels and won.
  • The angel Tyrus contemptuously dismissing Metatron unless he can beat Tyrus at bowling, something which Metatron fails at, to his clear anger.

9x23 - Do You Believe in Miracles

  • Castiel and Gadreel pulling a "Wookiee" starring Castiel as Chewbacca and Gadreel as Han Solo.
  • Gadreel's Heroic Sacrifice giving Castiel a chance to stop Metatron once and for all. Cas was right, he did redeem himself.
  • Castiel stopping Metatron once and for all with the old "The Mic is On" trick. And his willingness to imprison Metatron rather than kill him.
  • The unnamed angel who stood up to Metatron, calling him out for being a power-seeking coward and refusing to stand by and watch him beguile humanity into worshipping him. He died but it was awesome that at least one angel saw through Metatron's act without Castiel or anyone else telling him the truth.
  • Dean vs Metatron. He did pretty well considering his opponent was the New God.
  • Sam barging his way to Dean's side through a crowd of Metatron's new followers who might well have attacked him.

    Season 10 
10x01 - Black
  • Sam delving into his dark side when torturing demons is scary, and pretty awesome as well.
  • Cole actually managing to get the better of Sam, a hunter who has taken on demons, gods, and monsters of all kinds.
  • Deanmon laying an epic beatdown on Anne Marie's ex-boyfriend, he does take it waaaaay too far but for a moment you can't help but applaud him.
  • Cas saving Hannah by ganking one of the two renegade angels, and he's still dying from his stolen grace at the moment.
  • Deanmon's threat to Cole over the phone in the end of the episode.
    Deanmon:: No, you listen to me. There's no trade. There's no meet-up. There's no nothing—except the 100% guarantee that, somewhere down the road, I will find you, and I will kill you.
    Cole:: Well, that'll be a cold comfort to your dead brother.
    Deanmon:: I told him to let me go. So whatever jam he's in now, that is his problem.
    Cole:: Yeah, well, I'll be sure to pass that on to him as I'm slitting his throat.
    Deanmon:: Yeah, you do that, 'cause he knows me. And he knows damn sure that if I am one thing, I am a man of my word.

10x02 - Reichenbach

  • Sam escaping Cole by snaking his keys, and doing it with a broken arm.
  • Deanmon proving that he may be a demon now, but he isn't a monster, by not killing Mindy and instead killing her douchebag husband.
  • Deanmon telling Crowley to shove it and calling him on his threats by asking him what exactly will he do if Dean doesn't pick a side.
  • Deanmon and Cole finally meeting, and Deanmon not only kicking the guy's ass while giving him a Breaking Speech about how foolish Cole has been to devote his life to hunting Dean down, but also showing him the Black Eyes of Evil and proving to Cole he really did have no idea what he was getting himself into.
  • Hannah being ready to kick Metatron's ass for his sexist remarks to her.
  • Castiel telling Metatron that his Happy Place is thinking about the former Scribe of God rotting in Heaven's dungeon until the end of time. And both refusing to even consider letting Metatron go free in exchange for getting his own grace back, and seeing through Metatron's repentant act.

10x03 - Soul Survivor

  • Crowley killing the rogue angel Adina and giving her grace to Castiel.
    Crowley: Why can't you people just sit on clouds and play harps like you're supposed to?
  • Deanmon calling John Winchester a prize who brainwashed both Sam and Dean into fighting his battles because he couldn't do it alone. Opinion of John varies but ultimately, he did really mess up his kids and Deanmon isn't afraid to say it.
  • Deanmon calling Sam out for pushing Lester into summoning a Crossroads Demon and selling his soul just so Sam could nab a hostage to interrogate. Sam found a guy who could have used a friend and instead used him and put him in a position where he lost his life and his soul. Moral Event Horizon crossed??
  • Castiel proving that Seraph beats Knight of Hell by taking down Deanmon.

10x05 - Fan Fiction

  • All the Destiel subtext throughout the entire episode, and Sam critiquing the pronunciation.
  • The return of the Samulet. Even if it's just a wooden copy of it, it shows that Sam and Dean's relationship is on the mend.
  • Dean and Marie taking on the Scarecrow together, and the fact that it was Marie who killed it.
  • The fact that, for the first time since Season 4, nobody died on the case. Sam and Dean came, saw, kicked ass, and saved everybody. That's a great day for them.
  • "Carry On Wayward Son" being sung by the cast and Sam and Dean's sorrowful looks as they listen to it.
  • Best of all, God Himself COMES BACK after five years and calls the musical "Not bad." You know you've got it made when God likes your creativity.
  • The fact that this entire episode is like a big Shout-Out to all the people who've disliked the events of the show post-Apocalypse, telling them that it's ok if they dislike what's happened because everyone has a different interpretation, and that all the fan fiction out there can be good too. People may disagree with some of the show's choices, but you can't deny that the creative team are good sports.

10x07 - Girls, Girls, Girls

  • Rowena elevating witches from Monster of the Week to badasses by killing a demon with one magic spell.
    • Sure, it happened when Don Stark stunned a Leviathan so hard, it couldn't move for days (which really does deserve a mention on this site), but this is the defining moment. The way it's been established, demons hunt witches. They tempt people with power to claim their souls. And nothing besides man made weapons can kill them. Even the spell Ruby offered in Season 3 was probably fake. This is a case of the hunted becoming the Humanoid Abomination.
  • Sam and Dean taking down the two demons in the hotel with some quick knife work.
  • Dean vs Cole, Round 2. Dean doesn't dominate Cole like he did in their first fight, but he still comes out on topnote . Best moment had to be when he slams Cole through the front windshield of a parked car. And then afterwards Dean manages to talk Cole out of his vengeance and the hunter's life and sends him back home to his wife and children.
  • Caitlin proving that she really is strong and smart by decking Rowena and refusing to become a monster like her. And Dean saving her from Rowena's spell just in time.
  • The fact that Rowena is actually Crowley's mother. An awesome plot twist.
  • In the Cold Open, Tianna, a runaway Sex Slave, stabs her pursuer through the eye with her stiletto heel.
  • Shaylee stabbing the demon who made her a Sex Slave and is a Smug Snake about it is fairly satisfying.

10x8 - Hibbing 911

  • Jody. Donna. Together. Seeing these two fan favorite sheriff ladies bonding over hunting is just glorious.
  • After a smarmy jerk puts down Donna on her weight, Jody stands right up to him mocking him as a total ass and putting him in his place.
  • The glorious moment of Donna decapitating the head vampire.
    Donna: Hukana matata, lady.

10x09 - The Things We Left Behind

  • Not only does Misha Collins have separate voices for Castiel and Jimmy Novak, he does a third, intermediate voice for Castiel pretending to be Jimmy Novak.
  • Castiel breaking Claire out of the group home she is in. Throughout the entire episode, he refuses to abandon her, despite Sam and Dean advising him it may be for the best.
  • Though at first Dean and Sam complain about being dragged to what they deem is not an emergency, as soon as Castiel says "I need your help," any complaints or reservations the Winchesters have are immediately dropped and they start making plans.
  • Castiel grabbing Dustin by the throat, hauling him in the air, and interrogating him in public.
  • Dean's story about an incident with John. Dean and Sam begged John to take them to New York and sightsee, John relented and they had a great day. But at night Dean snuck out and got into a sleazy rock club, filled with booze, drugs and sex. A few people then invite Dean to drink with them, a minor at this time, and get him very very drunk. But before anything bad could happen: "Dean Winchester!" John comes to the rescue, just standing there, his sheer presence making an entire club go quiet. The best part being when Dean says "I look around, everyone else is freaking out, too; in fact, no one is looking him in the eye. Then finally, this one guy with like a safety pin in his nose and a 'kill everything' tattoo looks up and he says 'Sorry, sir.'" John frickin' Winchester indeed.
  • Castiel, Dean and Sam coming to Claire's rescue, Dean and Sam holding off the loan shark's men while Castiel keeps Claire from being raped.
  • Claire's absolutely vicious and repeated Groin Attack on the loan shark that tries to rape her.
  • The return of the Mark of Cain in full force as Dean savages three to four men with guns armed with only a knife.

10x10 - The Hunter Games

  • Dean resisting the Mark of Cain and allowing the couple that try to kill him to flee.
  • Pretty much every part of Dean kicking and slicing the crap out of Metatron. And the fact that Metatron made it clear he'll choose death rather than risk Dean getting anywhere near him again. Smug Snake no more. And Dean recounting his grievances before going medieval on Metatron's ass:
    Dean: I mean, where do I begin? Stealing Cas' grace, casting out the angels, making Gadreel kill Kevin using my brother's hands, starting an angel war, and oh killed me.
  • A villainous one but Metatron makes some good points when Dean tortures him, and the fact that he nearly made Dean go 100% Dark Side by just talking at him.

10x11 - There's No Place Like Home

  • Dean vs Dark!Charlie. She put up a good fight, but no way she was going to beat Dean and the Mark.
  • The fact that Charlie had a dragon in Oz. Named "Mittens."
  • Clive Dillon's Heroic Sacrifice to stop the Wizard of Oz.
  • Charlie telling Dean that he has one thing going for him that Cain did not: He's a Winchester.

10x12 - About a Boy

  • Dean "pulling a Dean" by killing Hansel and throwing the Wicked Witch Katja into her own oven, on his own.
  • Dean breaking out of Hansel's dungeon after only being there for what felt like a few minutes.

10x14 - The Executioner's Song

  • Cain's entrance in the Cold Opening is chilling and awesome.
  • Cain beating Castiel in their brief fight. A demon that can actually beat angels.
  • Dean vs Cain, an epic fight from start to finish. Cain lecturing Dean on how doomed he really is while schooling him on fighting, only for Dean to one-up him by severing his hand and reclaiming the First Blade, then executing the oldest demon still alive with it.

10x15 - The Things They Carried

  • The fact that Cole of all people teams up with the Winchesters for a hunt. He's come a long way from trying to kill Dean to recognizing him as a hero.

10x17 - Inside Man

  • Seeing Bobby lead an army of Bobby Singers against the angels took it up to one-hundred.
    Angel: The Bobbies are fighting back. All hands, we need all hands. They're surly. I repeat, the Bobbies are surly.
  • Dean beating the Abercrombie Rejects and then nearly killing Rowena when her spell fizzles out against the Mark of Cain.
  • Crowley FINALLY kicking Rowena to the curb, after a speech from Dean about family, and giving us a little glimpse of the darker side that made him so terrifying in Season 8. He's still the King of Hell and that part of him isn't gone.
    Rowena: You can't—
    Crowley: Oh, yes, I can! I'm bloody Crowley! I'm the King of Hell! I do what I want, when I want. And I don't take orders from you.
  • Castiel shutting Metatron up by taking his grace, then Sam shooting the smug fraggle in the leg.
  • Sam taking on an angel by himself. Time was the angels were the Terminator of the Supernatural world, you just couldn't fight them. Shows how far the Winchesters have come that Sam has the skills to take one down.

10x18 - Book of the Damned

  • Dean fighting Jacob Styne and his mook in the convenience store, then emptying an entire clip into the mook was pretty awesome.
  • Charlie showing the levels in badass she's taken in her adventures, to Russia and Alaska and Spain apparently, and killing one of the Styne mooks with a Fairy Blade. Maybe she should give Sam and Dean a few lessons.
  • Sam killing Jacob Styne even as Styne is trying to choke him to death.
  • Sam admitting that he loves the hunter life and that it is where he belongs. He has always been the one looking for a way out, claiming to want "more" out of life, and yet deep down he knows that he is exactly where he needs to be: Fighting the good fight.
  • Dean rejecting The Book of the Damned as a solution to the Mark. Using the book to cure the Mark was using one evil to cure another evil, and nothing good would have come of it.
  • Castiel getting his grace back and going full-on Seraph of the Lord for a moment. Seeing the holy light and his shadow wings again was like being back in S4 for a moment, even if they are ragged and skeletal now.
  • Sam, Dean, Charlie and Cas having an impromptu pizza dinner at the end of the episode was both awesome and heartwarming because, for once, they are just enjoying themselves, having fun like they deserve to.

10x19 - The Werther Project

  • Dean rejecting suicide as an option and killing Fake!Benny, breaking out of the Werther Box by sheer willpower alone, a feat that its creator believed impossible.
  • The fact that Cuthbert Sinclair, a mortal with no magic of his own, created the Werther Box, a spell that even Rowena, one of the most powerful witches to ever live, calls impressively sadistic.
  • Dean marching into a vampire nest alone and wiping it out without any backup, and from the look of him afterwards, it wasn't very hard either.
  • Sam imprisoning Rowena in an abandoned warehouse with some anti-magic handcuffs, making her his prisoner until she decodes The Book of the Damned.

10x20 - Angel Heart

  • The Reveal of the Angel Sword. Not a blade, a knife, or a dagger; but an honest-to-God sword. The kind you should wield two-handed.
  • Dean, Castiel and Sam vs. the Grigori Tamiel. All three do a pretty good job, and Dean even lets the Mark of Cain loose a little, but Tamiel still schools all three. Which makes it all the more awesome when Claire backstabs and kills him with his own sword.

10x21 - Dark Dynasty

  • Dean taking down Eldon Styne and killing a Styne mook on his own, when last time it took Dean, Sam and Charlie armed with a Fairy Blade to take down Jacob and his mook.
  • Just the very fact that the Stynes are actually the Frankensteins is a massive CMOA. Yep, those Frankensteins, they are real and they are in the show. And apparently, Mary Shelley's book barely scratched the surface of the dark stuff they were up to.
  • A villainous one, but Eldon Styne actually ripping his arm clean off just to escape captivity in the Bunker was pretty damn badass.
  • Dean finding out that Sam has lied to him, and dragged Charlie into it, took long enough but when it happens Dean wastes no time in making it clear to Sam that the lies end now, in a tone of voice that suggests that unless Sam does exactly what he says there will be a repeat of the final scene in Season 6's "You Can't Handle The Truth"note :
    Dean: [Sam's phone is ringing and he is reluctant to answer in front of Dean] You better answer that, or so help me...
  • Charlie's Heroic Sacrifice. Decoding The Book of the Damned, uploading her notes to Sam and Dean and then destroying her laptop so that Eldon won't be able to get her notes, despite knowing that he will kill her if she can't give him something, even as Dean and Sam are telling her to just give the notes to the Stynes. And when cornered by a one-armed bio-engineered psychopath, what does she do?? She pulls a knife on him. Farewell Charlie, you will always be missed.
  • The episode also resulted in a real-world one for actress Kim Rhodes, who was so outraged at the decision to kill off Charlie that she publicly stated if Jody Mills is ever killed off, she will refuse to participate in it and they'll just have to find another actress for the episode, and she doesn't care how hard this will make finding future work.

10x22 - The Prisoner

  • Dean calling Sam out for his behavior in the latter half of this season by first telling him that he doesn't have the right to apologize to Charlie and second by coldly stating that it should be Sam who is dead and not Charlie. And then promising that the Stynes are going to bleed for what they've done:
    Dean: I'm gonna find whoever did this. And I'm gonna rip apart everything and everyone that they ever loved. And then I'm gonna tear out their heart.
  • The entire scene between Sam and Crowley oozes awesomeness. First, Sam ambushes the King and in a speech that is clearly a reminder to the fans that Crowley is still a monster:
    Sam: It doesn't matter. You know, maybe everybody else has forgot about the bad you've done, but I haven't. I have watched you kill people, Crowley—innocent people, people I cared about, people I loved. So yeah, you have got the accent and the suit and the snark, but at the end of it, you are a monster just like the rest of them. And I'm going to watch you die screaming just like the rest of them.
    • To which Crowley responds with this incredible moment, and for the first time (in his regular body) flashes his terrifying red eyes. THE KING IS BACK!!!
      Crowley: You're right. I am a monster, and I've done bad. I've done things you can't even imagine. Horrible, evil, messy things. And I've loved every damn minute. So thank you, Sam, for reminding me who I really am.
      • And then he easily negates Rowena's demon-killing hex, one of the most powerful spells from one of the most powerful witches on the planet, and slams Sam around the room before allowing him to live:
        Crowley: I could kill you. Snap my fingers, easiest thing in the world. From here on, I want you to know that the only reason you're alive is because I allowed it.
  • Dean trapping the corrupt sheriff that arrested him, and when told that he has no chance against the Styne family, he responds with this gem:
    Sheriff: You can't take on the Stynes. They own this town, they're practically gods around here.
    Dean: Yeah, well, I kill gods.
  • Dean's Roaring Rampageof Revenge on the Stynes. Invading their mansion and killing around 4-5 guys with only a blade and a silenced pistol before being captured by Monroe Styne, who plans to harvest Dean. Dean's response is that they don't want to kill him, because he'll be back only 1000x worse:
    Dean: The Mark on my arm means that I can't die. I'm not bargaining. You flat-line me, I will come back, but I'll come back with black eyes and then you all die.
    Eli Styne: We let you go and then what? You just mosey on down the road.
    Dean: No, but I will be human. So maybe a few of you live. Maybe.
    • And when they don't, Dean breaks out and slaughters both Eli and Monroe before going upstairs and, in Castiel's words, leaving at least a dozen bodies behind.
  • Dean's confrontation with Eldon is epic. The first sign that he has arrived is Roscoe Styne stumbling into the room with an angel blade nearly hilt deep in his back, and dying with a look of fear on his face. Dean, almost serene, walks into the ransacked Bunker, doesn't even blink as Styne claims Charlie got what she deserved, and coldly tells Eldon that his entire family has been killed, and then gives him one HELL of a Breaking Speech:
    Eldon: See you got lucky before. This time I'm sporting some new upgrades. You see, my old man—
    Dean: Your old man's dead. They're all dead. So you can save me the speech on the three hearts, the two spleens, the seven nipples for the ladies, or the fellas; I don't judge. But even with all that, you still only have one brain.
    Eldon: So what—
  • Dean vs Castiel at the end of the episode is an awesome scene for both characters. Not the actual fight itself but Castiel's unwillingness to abandon Dean to an eternity as a monster, an eternity that he as the only other immortal in their group will be forced to watch, and Dean responding by kicking the angel's ass across the room and then almost killing him. Also a Tear Jerker.
    • Castiel's unwillingness to actually hurt Dean despite what he did, as noted by the fact that he mainly kept trying to defend himself throughout the fight.

10x23 - Brother's Keeper

  • Dean breaking into the vampire nest and saving the girl, though getting Rudy killed and his callous attitude towards the hostage, Rudy, and the dead girl's family is somewhat less awesome.
  • Crowley making Castiel call him "King" and ask nicely and respectfully for his help was pretty awesome. The Crowley of Season 5 truly is back.
  • The fact that the ingredients for the spell that will remove the Mark of Cain, which Rowena and Castiel and Sam all essentially said were impossible to get, are so easy for Crowley that he gets them all in a day. King of the Crossroads indeed.
  • Death revealing the truth about the Mark of Cain and in doing so revealing the identity of the Ultimate Big Bad in Supernatural: The Darkness, responsible for corrupting Lucifer, and through that everything evil that Lucifer ever did, and itself being a force so powerful that even GOD himself couldn't defeat it on his own:
    Death: Before there was light, before there was God and the Archangels, there wasn't nothing; there was the Darkness, a horribly destructive, amoral force that was beaten back by God and His Archangels in a terrible war. God locked the Darkness away where it could do no harm, and He created a Mark that would serve as both lock and key, which He entrusted to His most valued lieutenant, Lucifer. But the Mark began to assert its own will, revealed itself as a curse and began to corrupt. Lucifer became jealous of man, God banished Lucifer to Hell, Lucifer passed the Mark to Cain, who passed the Mark to you, the proverbial finger in the dyke.
  • Dean vs Sam. The two brothers fight once again, and this time neither is holding anything back. Even with the Mark of Cain powering Dean, Sam still manages to hold his own for far longer than anyone would expect, even Castiel didn't manage to last as long as the younger Winchester does (though to be fair, he didn't fight back), but eventually Dean takes control of the fight and puts Sam down with a series of crippling blows.
  • Sam refusing to believe that Dean is evil, that the world would be better off without him in it, and even as Dean is preparing to kill him on Death's orders, he gives Dean the only two pictures of Mary that they have, and tells Dean that the memory of his family will guide him back to the light. His faith in his big brother is perhaps one of the most awesome moments of the episode.
    • To further drive this home, despite that he lost his physical fight against Dean, Sam still manages to win spiritually by succeeding where Castiel failed by bringing Dean back into the light.
  • Dean, about to kill Sam with Death's Scythe, tells his brother to close his eyes, and then swings the Scythe and puts it right into Death's heart!!! IS there anybody who by this point does not think that Dean Winchester is one of the most badass characters in the entirety of fiction?? It's even more poignant when you remember that, in all Creation, Death was the one being Dean truly feared; feared to the degree that in Death's presence, he's stammering and respectful. But as soon as little Sammy was threatened by the Horseman, all bets were off. Angel, demon, god, devil, or death, it doesn't matter who you are or what kind of power you possess; if you threaten Sam, Dean will kill you, period.
    Dean: You okay?
    Sam: I'll live. You?
    Dean: Fantastic, I think I just killed Death.
    • Killing Death also makes Dean's claim in Season 5 that he would kill God if he ever saw Him quite a bit less futile and more threatening. Chuck may not want to pop in for a visit now.
  • Rowena curing the Mark of Cain, and then revealing the real level of her power by freezing both Castiel and Crowley, and using her Attack Dog Spell to force Castiel to attack, and possibly, kill Crowley after she steals the transcribed Book of the Damned.
  • The Darkness unleashed, the sheer scope of its entrance is one of the finest shots in all of Supernatural, perhaps even topping the fall of the angels in the Season 8 finale. Things really have gone from bad to worse for the Winchesters this time.
  • The Darkness gets one before it even appears. In previous seasons, Death described Lucifer as "a bratty child throwing a temper tantrum," compared the Leviathans to bacteria in a petri dish, and generally seemed unimpressed by anything. How does he describe The Darkness? "Greater evil than any of us have ever known." It's that dreaded.
    • More subtly, Death states that God and the Archangels sealed the Darkness away. Yes, that's right, God Himself couldn't beat the Darkness on His own.

    Season 11 
  • Episode 1 - "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire":
    • Dean defying The Darkness when he mind-melds with it and promising to send it back where it came from. The Darkness gets one here by saying "I don't know this Death. And he doesn't know me."
    • Sam, after eleven seasons, FINALLY tells Dean that they have lost sight of what it means to be hunters, they have forgotten that half of the job is saving people, something they have taken a lax view towards since the opening of the Hell Gate. Saving people means saving people, even the infected Darkness victims.
    • And to top that, Sam's plan is to use himself as bait to lure the Darkness Zombies away from Dean, Jenna, and Amara so that Dean can get the girl and baby out. And Dean lets him do it. Repeat: Dean "Knight Templar Big Brother" Winchester lets his precious Sammy almost certainly risk his life for a stranger. And when he finds out Sam did get infected, he takes Sam's promise to find a cure at face value and doesn't descend into self-loathing or anger at Sam.
    • Crowley sneakily de-possessing his meat-suit a split-second before Beast!Castiel can shank him with an Angel Blade. And his cojones later for calling The Darkness nothing but a scary story that demon daddies tell to demon kids to get them to behave, and even if it is real; "King of Hell. The Darkness. Natural allies."
    • The sheer fact that, not once in this episode, does Sam or Dean lie to the other. Some really big stuff happens, and each and every time the brother it happens to is up-front and straightforward with the other. Perhaps the Winchesters have finally returned to what they were in Season 1.
  • Episode 2 - "Form and Void":
    • Sam finds a cure for the Darkness-infected. The answer: holy oil, the ingredient for Biblical purification. From just a hint given by a Reaper, Sam discovers the cure for himself on the brink of his own death, and then he cures others with it as well. Even better, he figured all this out in a matter of a few hours. "Saving People, Hunting Things, Family Business" is officially back.
    • The Reaper Billie delivering an absolutely terrifying and epic speech to Sam about the universe's new rule; What Lives, Dies. No more coming back, no more resurrections. Death Is Cheap no longer.
    • Castiel breaking out of his restraints through sheer rage as Efram beats Hannah, killing both Jonah and Efram (avenging Hannah in the process) in two quick but epic sword fights that he wins despite being in cuffs the entire time.
    • Crowley slamming Dean into a closet and telling him that he is not a "bloody sidekick" and that he wants the Darkness and will get her.
      • Which is followed by Dean getting up and stabbing Crowley through the palm with an Angel Blade before going off to find Amara, but not without pausing just long enough to let Crowley know that he only survived that because Dean allowed it.
  • Episode 4 - "Baby"
    • Crosses over with a Heartwarming Moment: The entire episode. Shot from the Impalas perspective. It's awesome - for the cast and the viewers.
    • Dean being jumped by Deputy Donelly the Nachzeher and kicking his ass. Then Sam calls and we find out that he got jumped by two of them and kicked both of their asses.
    • Without a doubt the reappearance by John Freakin' Winchester! Granted it wasn't Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but still seeing John return (even if it was just something, possibly God, that took his form) was awesome.
    • Dean killing Donelly by jamming a handful of pennies in his mouth, booting him out of the Impala and then using her rearside door to sever his head.
    • The fact that once again this season Dean and Sam save more people than they kill. Apart from the murder that brought them there and the MotW, nobody died in this episode!
  • Episode 6 - "Our Little World"
    • Sam tackles, fistfights, and subdues a demon (which, mind you, typically have the advantage in a fight) in a matter of seconds. Then he proceeds to hold the line against several other demons alone while Dean goes to deal with Amara. He only kills one of the demons once he has no other choice.
    • Cas not killing Metatron even though he's been through hell on account of him, although he was certainly working out some of his pent-up rage on him. Although given that Metatron hates being human so much (especially the hemorrhoids) that he was flat-out asking Cas to kill him, it's possible that Cas was merely showing Cruel Mercy.
    • When Dean finally comes face to face with Amara he becomes entranced and is incapable of stopping her from leaving, until Sam walks into the room and Amara flings him across it. All bets go off and Dean lunges at Amara with a knife, she flings him away too but she was shocked by the fact that he could even make the attempt.
  • Episode 7 - "Plush"
    • Donna helping Kylie get away and pretending that the killer was a drifter so that Kylie won't have to go to jail for what a Ghost made her do. Given how many times innocents have suffered for what they were made to do by monsters, it's a pretty awesome moment when Donna doesn't let that happen here.
  • Episode 8 - "Just My Imagination"
    • Dean standing up for Sully and telling Reese that despite Sully not being human and what happened to her sister, which he admits was a mistake on Sully's part, he doesn't have a monstrous bone in his body.
    • A first for Supernatural in that the Monster of the Week is not killed but rather forgiven.
  • Episode 9 - "O Brother Where Art Thou?"
    • The shots of Limbo are a CMOA for the set design team. The utter empty darkness that surrounds Sam, Rowena and Crowley as they prepare the ritual is just stunning.
    • Lucifer emerging from the darkness with his very very unsettling eyes the only thing you can see at first, then he steps out where we can see him again after four seasons and you just know; things are about to get even more awesome.
    • Amara wasting three Angels in less than three moves. Followed up by every single Angel in heaven blasting her with the Holy Light at the same time, a cinematic shot that stands up to the Angelfall in Season 8 and Amara's own release in Season 10.
    • Dean once again trying to knife Amara and this time actually succeeding. It failed, but Dean just knifed God's sister and the Primordial Darkness in the gut, and lived afterwards.
    • Definitely a villainous one. The reveal that all of Sam's visions have just been Lucifer screwing with his head once again, and that it was all designed to lure Sam right to this point; trapped in the cage. With Lucifer.
  • Episode 10 - "The Devil in the Details"
    • This line from Sam to Lucifer oozes awesomeness;
      Sam: You'll taunt me, and you'll torture me, and I'll say 'no.' And eventually, sooner than you think, my brother is gonna walk through that door and kick your ass.
    • Team Free Will vs. Lucifer himself in the Cage. Even more so since Lucifer makes "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" by Tavares play throughout the fight "for ambiance."
    • The Reveal at the end: Lucifer is now possessing Castiel's vessel. Bonus points for Misha Collins doing a glorious take on Mark Pellegrino's Lucifer. Seriously, why is there no Crowning Moment of Acting?
      • This scene really is an incredible twist. Castiel appears in Hell before Crowley and Rowena with no warning. Crowley is confused and just asks "Castiel?" to which Castiel suddenly puts his hands on his hips, dips his head and with a very amused (and 100% Unlike-Castiel) smile says "Guess again." And then it hits you, at the same time as Crowley who is suitably horrified, that LUCIFER IS FREE!
    • Another villainous example would be the revelation that The Darkness survived being simultaneously smited by the entire forces of Heaven.
    • Lucifer's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Sam, in which he calls Sam out on abandoning Dean in Purgatory, passing up the chance to end the threat of demons forever in order to save his own skin, and using the Book of the Damned to cure the Mark of Cain despite being told outright that using the Book to remove a curse creates one just as bad or worse, and just generally says what most of the fandom has been thinking for the past few seasons.
    • Sam also gets one for seeing right through Lucifer's attempt to convince him that he's Earth's only hope by pointing out that, even if Lucifer does somehow kill The Darkness, the results for everyone else will be just as bad as the other way around.
    • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: If Lucifer was telling the truth, then Lucifer single-handedly reduced the most powerful of the Archangels to a madman who spends his time curled up in a ball in the corner of the Cage "singing show tunes and touching himself".
  • Episode 13 - "Love Hurts"
    • Dean showing he's finally learned his lesson about keeping secrets by telling Sam about his feelings for Amara. That, and the fact that Sam knew the whole time and only didn't bring it up because he didn't want to make Dean uncomfortable. With all the Aesop Amnesia the brothers have had about this issue ever since Dean sold his soul 8 years ago, this is hugely refreshing.
  • Episode 14 - "The Vessel"
    • Cass manages to briefly overpower Lucifer and prevent him from killing Sam.
      • Sam gets one too at the end, when he banishes Lucifer by angel-banishing sigil. Which he draws very quickly and without seeing the sigil.
  • Episode 15 - "Beyond The Mat"
    • Crowley manages to outsmart Lucifer and his demon flunkey and uses Staff of Aaron to destroy them. Granted, it only managed to destroy a demon, but Lucifer was wounded, and if not for her sacrifice, might have been killed.
    • When a crossroads demon offers arrogant wrestler Shawn Harley the championship for his soul, Shawn is one of the few characters in the series to know better and tells off the demon.
    Shawn: But if you're a demon, that means there's a hell. And if there is a hell, there is a heaven and I'm not giving up my shot at paradise for a belt I can win on my own.
  • Episode 16 - "Safe House"
  • Episode 17 - "Red Meat"
    • This entire episode was a damn CMOA for Sam who after getting shot, was choked to near death by the Asshole Victim, survived, then proceeded to kill the last two werewolves, stole their truck, made it to the Impala, DROVE HIMSELF to the hospital where Dean was, and finally, killed said asshole and saved Dean's life. And he did all of this while practically bleeding to death. Sam Fucking Winchester indeed.
  • Episode 18 - Hell's Angel
    • It's kind of a bad thing but seeing Lucifer finally get curbstomped himself by Amara after being an insufferable Smug Super for so long is kinda satisfying.
  • Episode 19 - "The Chitters"
    • After an entire episode of needing more than one hunter to take down the Bisan, Ceasar and Dean finally and separately solos one each when they are ambushed by the creatures in their nest.
      • Dean gets beat around a bit but as soon as he gets his hands on a nearby shovel, the fight swiftly turns into Curb-Stomp Battle in his favor and he finishes off the creature by decaping it with the shovel.
      • Ceasar shows why its always good to keep a spare by finishing off the creature with his spare knife when it knocks away his weapon. To top it off, he was injured from a previous fight, and yet he ended his fight faster than Dean.
    • Crossing over with heartwarming, Sam and Dean refusing help from Ceasar and Jesse when they did feel they needed more numbers to fight Amara, all so that Caesar and Jesse could have a quiet life on their farm since Jesse finally got over his brother's death, especially since it was hard to say how many days humanity had left.
  • Episode 20 - "Don't Call Me Shirley": Everything about the ending. Sam and Dean are trapped in the middle of Amara's fog, Sam and most of the town is infected, people are beating down the doors, Dean refuses to leave Sam and angrily yells for someone to stop all this...and it does. Cue the Samulet. He's Back!. Plus the fact that for once in Supernatural: Everybody Lives
  • Episode 21 - "All In The Family"
    • Metatron, of all people, pulls a Heroic Sacrifice in order to give Sam, Donatello, and Lucifer a chance to escape from Amara.
    • Sam rescuing Lucifer, the angel who had tortured him for centuries in the Cage, from Amara.
    • Lucifer taunting Amara by pointing out that, for all her power, she's still inferior to God because, as the embodiment of nothingness, she could never really create a world of her own.
  • Episode 22 - "We Happy Few"
    • The entire epically coordinated attack on Amara. First, Rowena hits her with the combined power of an entire coven channeled through her. Then, the angels drop another Bolt of Divine Retribution on her. Then, a swarm of demon smokes swoop in and begin pummeling her, with Crowley stepping up to deliver the final blow. And when she still manages to stumble into the warehouse after all that, Lucifer runs her through from behind with what appears to be the Spear of Destiny.
      • Probably the most awesome part of the entire attack is actually a bit of fridge logic. God actually has to tell Lucifer to stop when he's about to deliver another blow to Amara with the Spear while she was on the ground, presumably a fatal one (God wanted her weakened as much as possible but didn't want her dead). God hadn't actually done a thing in the fight and if Lucifer had been allowed to follow through on that last hit then even without God's help it shows that that the angels, witches, demons and Lucifer could have actually taken Amara out on their own.
      • And to give Amara herself credit, she immediately realizes Rowena's lured her into a trap, turns the coven's power back on them (knocking out Rowena and killing the others), manages to keep going after everything else (including the above mentioned stabbing), and when she realizes that God's trying to reseal her, manages to find the strength to banish Lucifer and mortally wound God.
    • For a more mundane kind of awesome, Sam and Dean convincing God and Lucifer to sit down and talk out their issues.
    • When Crowley tries to rally his lieutenants, two demons who he's been a particularly Mean Boss to over several episodes laugh in his face and call him out for his string of pathetic failures. They declare their intention to face the end of existence with dignity, compare Crowley to a dancing monkey, and then file out of the room.
    • When Lucifer arrives in Heaven, a crowd of knife-wielding Angels immediately confront him, clearly having resolved not to bow down to his manipulation. It's only when they hear God speaking that they change their minds.
  • Episode 23 - "Alpha and Omega"
    • Dean manages to save all of reality by convincing Amara to reconcile with God without either having to die.
    • The Twist Ending resurrection of Mary Winchester, showing that even in a show where Death Is Cheap, someone coming back from the dead can still be surprising.

    Season 12 
12x01 - Keep Calm And Carry On
  • The antagonists' Torture Technician attacks Dean, Castiel and Mary, and takes down both Dean and Cas, before Mary runs her through with Cas' angel blade.
  • Sam's refusal to reveal information on American hunters to Toni, and for withstanding physical torture to a degree that Toni's aforementioned Torture Technician states "No human can take that much pain and not break." When that fails and Toni turns to Mind Manipulation torture, Sam sees through it quickly but plays along and pretends to slit his throat, ambushing Toni when she attempts to stop him. She gets away, but Sam rattled her bad and it shows.
    • As Sam put it: "I've been tortured by the Devil himself. So you, you're just an accent in a pantsuit. What can you do to me?" Insert the most adorable Smile EVER.
  • Crowley refusing to take any crap from the two Mook Demons he tracks across the episode, killing them both the instant they get disrespectful and bring up his time as "Lucifer's dog".

12x02 - Mamma Mia

  • Dean and Sam are being tortured by Toni when Mary shows up, aiming a gun and telling Toni "Get away from my boys."

12x03 - The Foundry

  • Rowena manages to banish Lucifer to the bottom of the ocean.

12x04 - American Nightmare

  • Magda owning her powers, standing up to and overpowering her abusive, fundamentalist mother. And then choosing not to kill her.

12x05 - The One You've Been Waiting For

12x08 - LOTUS

  • Lucifer is back. In his Cage. Though it may seem that Lucifer has some contingency plans.

12x09 - First Blood

  • Sam and Dean, alone in the woods, weaponless, take out an entire team of elite soldiers—without a single fatality, after escaping from their cells in a high-security facility. We've seen the Winchesters up against all manner of creatures, and beings far more powerful than them, it's easy to forget that by human standards, they are all but unstoppable.

12x12 - Stuck in the Middle (with You)

  • The fact that they finally explained why Azazel is different from other demons after ten years of fan speculation. The answer? He's a Prince of Hell, the first generation of demons Lucifer created after Lilith, and he was third-in-command of Hell overall after those two. Awesome.
  • When the gang meets Ramiel, one of the afore-spoiled Princes of Hell, he doesn't disappoint. He shrugs off demon-trapping bullets and demon-killing knife and uses the Spear of Michael (yes, Archangel Michael) to mortally wound Castiel. If he was less about cackling, he would kill them all.
  • Mary threatening Ketch, who backs down after adopting a threatening tone.
    Ketch: Is that a threat?
    Mary: It's a promise.
    Ketch: [Beat] We're sorry.

12x14 - The Raid

  • Operation V is a pretty good Offscreen Moment of Awesome, even if it does end up Awakening the Sleeping Giant. The British Men of Letters kill almost every vampire in the Midwest within a couple of months using military tactics.
  • The gambit Sam executes to take down the Alpha Vampire: He pretends to sell out Mick to the Alpha Vamp, prompting Davies to "attack" him, but it turns out Mick secretly slipped Sam a bullet for the Colt so Sam could load it and ultimately put it into the Alpha's skull. Well played, Sam Winchester.
    • Mick also deserves some credit for picking up on Sam's gambit and acting accordingly, since they wouldn't have had any time to plan for it.

12x15 - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

12x19 - The Future

  • Castiel being empowered by the unborn Jack, cancelling out Dagon's angel-killing attack, then smiting Dagon by setting her on fire.

12x21 - There's Something About Mary

  • Dean and Sam luring the British Men of Letters into an ambush, getting the drop on the men, and taking Toni captive.
  • Dean stopping the Impala in the middle of the road so he can try to go ape-shit on Lady Toni for mentioning that Mary and Ketch had sex. Too bad Sam stopped him.
  • Lucifer finally gets free owing to Reverse the Polarity and exacts revenge on Crowley in the most badass (and hilarious) way possible.
    • And the implication that Crowley possessed a rat right before Lucifer dealt the "killing" blow.
  • Dean and Sam return to the Bunker to find Ketch and his men waiting for them. Ketch demands the brothers surrender, but the Winchesters quickly turn the tables long enough to put up one hell of a fight. It's just a shame things go to hell just as fast once a brainwashed Mary enters.

12x22 - Who We Are

  • Dean FINALLY gets to use his grenade launcher to blast out of the sealed Bunker.
  • Jodi managing to take down and restrain a brainwashed Mary with an assist from Alex.
  • Sam's Rousing Speech to the American hunters.
    Sam: I called you here because people, um, our people are being slaughtered and we're next. The British Men of Letters—they came here because they thought they could do our job better than we could. And they helped us with their flashy gear and their tech. Most of you had the good sense to turn them down. They said they wanted the same thing we wanted, you know? A world free of monsters. That's not what they really wanted. They want control. They wanna live in a world where they can sit in some office and decide who gets to live and who gets to die. And they've killed people, they've killed innocent people, just because they got in the way. They think the ends justify the means, but we know better. We know hunting isn't just about killing. It's about doing what's right, even when it's hard. So we go by our gut, right? We play by our own rules. And that scares them. That's why they want us dead—because we're the one thing they can't control.
    Roy: So what do you want from us?
    Sam: I want you to follow me. Take the fight to them, to hit them before they hit us. We go in fast and hard and we fight. And we beat them down until they give up or until they're dead. Look, they are well-trained and well-armed; some of us might not make it back. But we will win. We will take down the bad guys because that's what we do. They're scared of us—yeah, good. They should be.
    • To make it better, one of the two hunters who originally shot and killed the Winchesters all the way back in Season 5's "Dark Side of the Moon" gives Sam an admiring look.
  • Sam leading the American hunters in the raid on the BMoL's headquarters.
  • Dean vs. Ketch in the Bunker. And Mary shooting Ketch in the head.

12x23 - All Along the Watchtower

     Season 13 
13x1 - Lost and Found
  • Jack being unaffected by an angel blade.

13x2 - The Rising Son

  • Asmodeus' entrance. He deposes of all of Crowley's lackeys, fully ensuring that he intends to bring back to its good old days of "fire and brimstone", during his tenure as King of Hell.
    Asmodeus: There's a new sheriff in town.
  • Jack turning on Asmodeus when he realizes he's been manipulated, with Asmodeus gets the hell out of Dodge as fast as possible.
  • Lucifer killing an entire squad of Michael's angels with nothing more than a snap of his fingers.
  • Apocalypse World Michael's entrance, establishing himself as someone of a higher tier than Lucifer. How? He already killed that universe's Lucifer. And subsequently taking Lucifer and Mary captive.

13x3 - Patience

13x4 - The Big Empty

  • Jack saving Sam, and FINALLY earns Dean's respect.
  • Castiel being the first being to awaken in the Empty, and then overpowering it, causing it to send him back to Earth.

13x5 - Advanced Thanatology

  • The Reveal that Billie is the new Death. Complete with an even more menacing version of Death's Scythe. And she proceeds to let Dean return to the land of the living, having gained a new perspective on the cosmic workings of the universe.
  • Castiel's He's Back! moment.

13x6 - Tombstone

  • Dean considering Jack to be an official member of Team Free Will.

13x7 - War of the Worlds

  • A villainous one for Apocalypse World Michael, for scaring Lucifer, the latter of whom thinks that Michael is a monster.
  • Lucifer escaping the Apocalypse World, after he was depleted of his Grace.
  • Arthur Ketch's return, and being able to fool the Winchesters for a short while that he was his twin brother.
  • Asmodeus capturing Lucifer and Castiel, and joining forces with Ketch when he learns of the threat of Apocalypse!Michael.

13x8 - The Scorpion and the Frog

  • Alice burning Barthamus', the current King of the Crossroads, bones.

13x9 - The Bad Place

  • Jack's response to the Angels who want to take "home" to Heaven, is that he's already home.
  • Dean's response to Jack calling him, Sam, and Castiel his family. "Damn right we are." Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. And Jack mentioning that Lucifer means nothing to him.
  • The reveal that Jack was trying to find a way to the Apocalypse World in order to rescue Mary.
  • Jack and Kaia opening a doorway to an alternate world manages to incinerate half a dozen angels.
  • The footprint found in The Bad Place. We don't know what it belongs to, but something enormous.
  • Jack making it into the Apocalypse World, awakening right next to Mary.

13x10 - Wayward Sisters

  • This episode is one big CMOA for Jody, Donna, Claire, Alex, Patience, and Kaia. The women of Supernatural finally take center-stage and bring with it a moment of awesome moments, from Donna opening her pickup truck to reveal a bunch of monster-killing weapons, to Claire killing three werewolves in the opening scene, to Claire and Kaia rescuing Sam and Dean from The Bad Place, even if Kaia didn't make it, and Jody, Donna, Patience, and Alex fighting off a bunch of monsters from The Bad Place.
  • We finally get a glimpse of the giant monster whose footprint we saw in the last episode. It seems to be Supernatural's answer to King Kong.
  • The Reveal that the hooded being is The Bad Place's counterpart of Kaia.

13X12 - Various And Sundry Villains

  • Not even immolation at the hands of the Devil himself is able to stop Rowena's resurrection. The witch is back, indeed.
  • Castiel stabbing Lucifer. After the latter's incessant insults, casual cruelty, and downright nagging Cas to give up his angelic grace to him, it's immensely satisfying.
    Castiel: This is me, learning from my mistakes.

13x13 - Devil's Bargain

  • After many years of hearing the pleas of the fans, the writers have finally brought back Gabriel, for what seems like to be for real.

13x16 - ScoobyNatural

  • Despite the risk, Scooby selflessly jumping off a balcony to rescue a falling Shaggy.
  • Scooby getting the honor of trapping the real Phantom.
  • Despite their fear, Daphne and Velma are more than ready to throw down.
    Velma: I could get the shotgun?
    Daphne: I could get two shotguns!

13x18 - Bring 'em Back Alive

13x19 - Funeralia

  • Just to add up to Gabriel's survival in this season, we have Naomi, seen as a disposable Arc Villain whose role we assumed ended after season 8, suddenly turning up alive to have a chat with Castiel. And unlike Gabriel's trick, Naomi in this case did sustain heavy injuries from Metatron's attack, but she still managed to evade everyone's attention. It took her five years, but she came out better in more ways than one.
  • Billie's response to Rowena's demand to resurrect Crowley is a firm reminder that she does not do blackmail. She challenges Rowena to follow up her vow to kill Sam, knowing that she does not have the will to do it. Then Rowena throws all the magic she has at Billie in desperation. She doesn't even flinch. And just to show that she has been able to maintain her calm in light of these events, Billie ends the confrontation by comforting Rowena. Rowena proceeds to undergo a full Heel–Face Turn. Truly another reason not to mess up with Death.
    • Made even better when you realize that Crowley is a demon, so he was sent to the Empty upon his death. Billie is using her wits to discourage Rowena from her pursuit, as she doesn't actually have the authority to resurrect Crowley. Yet she still succeeds.

13x21 - Beat the Devil

  • Gabriel and Rowena's ambush on Lucifer. Especially notable as Lucifer was drowning his sorrows and did not expect a reunion from two people he tried to kill. The two manage to drug and capture the Devil like it was nothing. And all of this set to "Cat's in the Cradle".

13x22 - Exodus

  • The rescue mission to evacuate the Resistance members into the main universe. All of them, including Bobby and Charlie, are able to escape the Apocalypse World. Though it comes at the cost of Gabriel's life.

13x23 - Let the Good Times Roll

  • Jack easily subduing Michael and thus saving the rest of Team Free Will. Michael is left greatly weakened, with Tears of Blood.
  • Dean's Big Damn Heroes moment. Cue the most badass wing-spread in the show since Castiel's entrance in Season 4, courtesy of Alt!Michael.
  • Dean, while Michael is possessing him and he remains in control of his body, taking on Lucifer. And he FINALLY kills the bastard. Dean Winchester kills the Devil.
  • Michael winning is a villainous one. He manages to wipe out his greatest competition (Lucifer), gain his one true vessel (Dean Winchester), and escapes.

     Season 14 
14x01 - Stranger in a Strange Land

14x09 - The Spear

  • Sam storming Michael's hideout and rescuing Jack, taking on two of Michael's monster cronies. Alone. Even after Castiel told him not to.
  • Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Jack doing a Team Power Walk as "Ode to Joy" blasts on the soundtrack.

14x11 - Damaged Goods

  • The Winchesters being dreaded enough by demons, that Hell had them monitored 24/7 in order to have enough time to vacate the area before they show up.

14x14 - Ouroboros

  • Jack makes good on his earlier promise to kill Michael, forcing him out of Rowena, disintegrating his essence, and absorbing his grace to regain full power. He tops it off by displaying angel wings in a Call-Back to Castiel's debut in Season 4's "Lazarus Rising".
    • His Badass Boast in response to Michael's own boast warrants a mention.
    Jack: I'm not a child! I'm the son of Lucifer, I'm a hunter, I am a Winchester!

14x20 - Moriah

     Season 15 
15x19 - Inherit the Earth
  • After spending the last season seemingly trying to come up with all kinds of plans and being informed that God already knows what they're doing just because he's God, Dean and Sam manage to pull an elaborate Batman Gambit against Michael, Lucifer and God that sees the two archangels dead and Jack drain off God's power to become the new God in his place.
    • Even better, with the now-terrified and mortal God expecting that Dean and Sam will kill him in a final dramatic twist, which he accepts for the 'honor' of dying at the hands of the two greatest hunters, the Winchesters and Jack deliver the ultimate punishment to him; after millennia of omnipotence, God will live as an unremarkable human being and die a normal death at some distant future date, unmourned and unacknowledged by anyone else.