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Sam: We landed in some dimension where you're... Jensen Ackles, and I'm something called a Jared Padalecki.
Dean: Oh, so, what, now you're Polish?
Supernatural, "The French Mistake"

Jared Tristan Padalecki (b. July 19, 1982) was born in San Antonio, Texas to Gerald and Sherri Padalecki. He is of half Polish descent on his father's side. He is a rarely well-documented Sasquatch and star of CW show Supernatural, and he portrays the younger, broody, angst ridden Winchester brother, Sam, alongside his real-life friend, Jensen Ackles. At 6'4" and change, he towers over pretty much everybody, but is known to be a goofball on set, and extremely friendly, even to his many crazed fangirls. He's known to be a big supporter of animal welfare, and often talks about his rescue dogs, Harley, Sadie, Arlo, and Koda. He has gained the Fan Nickname "Moose" thanks to a line from the series.

He's also known for playing long time love interest of Rory Gilmore, Dean Forrester, in Gilmore Girls, and his roles in movies such as New York Minute and the remake House of Wax (2005). He helped to beat Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th (2009) remake.


In 2010, he married his Supernatural co-star Genevieve Cortese, who played the demonic love interest Ruby to his character Sam on the show. On March 19, 2012, they had a Mini-Moose named Thomas Colton, a second Mini-Moose named Austin Shepherd "Shep" on December 22, 2013, and a third Mini-Moose named Odette Elliott on March 17, 2017.

In 2013, he went public about his struggles with depression and anxiety, beginning a charity campaign called Always Keep Fighting that contributes to several mental health-related causes.

His Twitter is here.


Tropes associated with this actor's career:

  • Fan Nickname: Jared has various nicknames amongst the fans, but his most common ones are Moose or Padamoose, from his size, and Puppy, from his cheerful public persona.
  • Old Shame
    • During an interview, he mentioned that he met a friend of his on the set of New York Minute, "which we will not talk about". It's hard to tell how serious he was, but he has gone on record saying that it's the one role he wishes he could erase from his resume.
    • He showed a similar level of potentially-joking dislike for a Young MacGyver pilot which was never picked up. He deemed it the worst acting he had ever done at a con in Boston in 2011. When a fan told him that she had watched the movie for him:
      Jared: Did you really? I'm so sorry!
  • Romance on the Set
    • He briefly dated Alexis Bledel during his time on Gilmore Girls.
    • He met his ex-fiancée Sandra McCoy on Cry_Wolf. She also made an appearance on Supernatural during Season 3, before they'd broken up, where his character proceeds to interrogate her, and then shoot her in the head. Awkward.
    • He met his wife Genevieve Cortese on Supernatural during Season 4. They married a couple years later, making the sex scene they filmed during that season a bit weird to watch. In the commentary for that episode, the director says that when they were shooting the scene, he was thinking, "There's something going on there..."
  • Star-Making Role: He got on Gilmore Girls when he was seventeen as a regular, and it launched his career. Leading Supernatural, however, is what propelled him into near-stardom. To this day, it's a fifty-fifty chance that he'll be recognized in public either as Dean Forrester or Sam Winchester.


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