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The 'Verse of Supernatural may be a Crapsack World filled with monsters, demons, angels, and other beings with zero compunctions about preying on innocent people and making life hell for the protagonists, but who says fun times can't be had?

WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

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    Season 1 
1x01 - Pilot
  • When Dean is trying to convince Sam to return to go with him:
    Sam: When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.
    Dean: What was he supposed to do?
    Sam: I was nine years old! He was supposed to say "Don't be afraid of the dark!"
    Dean: "Don't be afraid of the dark"? What, are you kidding me? Of course you should be afraid of the dark! You know what's out there!
  • En route to the bridge where the Monster of the Week was last seen, Dean and Sam get into an argument over the music to be played in the Impala before Dean sets his iconic house rules:
    Dean: Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.
  • When Constance takes possession of the Impala, Sam asks Dean who's driving the car. Dean's response is to take his car keys out of his pocket and jingle them.
  • Dean screaming "WHAT A BITCH!" about "that Constance chick" after she possesses his car and tries to run over the brothers, in a tone that suggests that he's really hoping that her ghost heard it.
  • There's a specific moment where Sam refuses to join the family business on the grounds that it would do no good bringing their mother back and that there's no purpose in searching for their dad, leading to this moment later on:
    Sam: Dean, I'm sorry about what I said about mom and dad earlier—
    Dean: [holds his hand up, cutting Sam off] No chick flick moments.
    Sam: Alright then...jerk.
    Dean: Bitch.
  • Dean gets identified as a fake US Marshal by a local cop.
    Cop: So, fake US Marshal, fake credit got anything that's real?
    Dean: My boobs.
    • We then cut to Dean being slammed against the hood of a police car with a shit-eating grin on his face.
    • Dean asking if he's in "misdemeanor" kind of trouble or "squeal like a pig" kind of trouble.

1x02 - Wendigo

  • The brothers are at the local park ranger's office, trying to examine the coordinates found in the last episode. What they end up examining are quite different:
    Sam: [looking at a map in the office] Lost Creek, hasn't been touched in years. Plenty of gold and tin deposits around...
    Dean: [looking at a picture hanging in the wall] Dude, check out the size of this friggin' bear!
  • "Who said I didn't bring provisions?" [whips out giant bag of peanut M&Ms]

1x03 - Dead in the Water

  • Dean's attempts to pick up Andrea backfire on him:
    Dean: So...cute kid.
    Andrea: Thanks.
    Dean: Kids are the best, huh?
    [Sam snorts and Andrea looks at Dean in amusement, when they arrive at the motel]
    Andrea: [turning to Dean] There it is. Like I said, two blocks.
    Sam: Thanks.
    Andrea: It must be hard, with your sense of direction, [Dean smiles] Never being able to find your way to a decent pick-up line. [walks away] Enjoy your stay!
    [Dean looks confused, but Sam just stares at her in delight, awed by the burn she just gave his big bro, before turning to Dean]
    Sam: "Kids are the best?" You don't even like kids!
    Dean: I love kids!
    Sam: Name three children that you even know.
    [Dean stops to think for a moment, attempting to count on his fingers; Sam waits briefly before going into the motel room they rented]
    Dean: [following Sam] I'm thinking!

1x04 - Phantom Traveler

  • We find out that Dean is afraid of flying. The dude hunts demons, ghosts, and monsters, but he's afraid to go up in a plane.
    • Later, while the plane is falling out of the sky, we see Dean in the corner, clutching the walls, screaming. The look on his face? Hilarious.

1x08 - Bugs

  • "Let me just say, we accept homeowners of any race, religion, background, or...sexual orientation."
    • Twice in five minutes.
      • Dean's reaction to the second time this is said priceless.
      Dean: Well...I'm going to go talk to Larry. See ya, honey. [slaps Sam's ass]

1x09 - Home

  • Missouri scolding Dean preemptively.
    Missouri: Boy, you put your foot on my coffee table and I'm gonna whack you with a spoon!
    • Bonus points for Dean's Reaction Shots; he sounds like such a huffy kid.

1x10 - Asylum

  • In what is otherwise a pretty dark (literally and figuratively) episode, Dean takes a moment to talk to a girl who thought it'd be fun to go see some ghosts in a haunted asylum.
    Dean: I got a question for ya. You've seen a lot of horror movies, yeah?
    Kat: I guess so.
    Dean: [turning to face her] Do me a favor. Next time you see one? Pay attention. When someone says a place is haunted...don't go in!

1x11 - Scarecrow

  • While interrogating Scotty, the mean cafe owner, Dean switches tactics and tries flattery instead.
    Dean: Scotty, you got a smile that lights up a room. Anybody ever tell you that?
    (Scotty glowers at him)
  • Dean's utterly unimpressed reaction to the creepy-ass titular villain, while the unsettling music plays:
    Dean: Dude, you fugly.
    • While looking the scarecrow over, Dean notices an inked patch of skin on its arm...and promptly realizes said skin was taken from its last victim. He then glances up at the scarecrow's face, only to dryly remark:
      Dean: ...Nice tat.
  • Dean, after Sam tells him he stole a car to get to him:
  • At the end of the episode, after Sam makes a sincere speech about him and Dean having to stick together, Dean, as always, has this to say:
    Dean: ... Hold me, Sam. That was beautiful.

1x12 - Faith

  • It's a bit of Black Comedy, considering the situation at hand, but when Sam keeps insisting that they still have other options aside from simply letting his big brother die, the ever snarky Dean has this to say:
    Dean: What options? Get a burial or a cremation?
    • Quickly turns to tearjerker territory when you realize that humor has always been one of Dean's coping mechanisms, and he's simply trying to make light of the situation because he's too scared to think of what comes after.

1x14 - Nightmare

  • One particular moment (it's a blooper):
    Dean: [he and Sam are in sleeve-less priest outfits] Hi, I'm Gene and this is Ace. We're new Chippendale's dancers, we moved in next door. Can we come in?

1x15 - The Benders

  • While Dean is posing as an officer, the lady-cop who's helping him calls him out on it by telling him the badge he showed her was reported stolen. She then shows him a picture of the real "Officer Washington", who's a fat black guy. And Dean still tries to play it off.
    Dean: I lost some weight. And I got that Michael Jackson skin disease...
  • Dean gets another one in his tussle against the psycho family.
    Dean: I'm gonna kick your ass first. [points] Then yours. [gets knocked out]
    • Later, they're interrogating him for information.
      Dean: Eat me. No, no, wait, wait, you actually might...

1x16 - Shadow

  • John shows up as the boys get back to their motel.
    John: I showed up just in time to see the girl take the swan dive. [Beat] She was the bad guy, right?

1x17 - Hell House

  • Dean and Sam's prank war definitely counts.
  • The debut of the Ghostfacers.
    • The Ghostfacers laughing at Sam and Dean and calling them "amateurs, looking for ghosts and cheap thrills." Sam and Dean's reactions to the whole thing is hilarious, especially playing along for information.
  • This:
    Dean: I thought the legend said that Mordecai only went after chicks.
    Sam: It does.
    Dean: I mean, that explains why he went after you, but why me?

1x19 - Provenance

  • Dean has to break into a mausoleum to destroy a little girl's doll. He drives his car through the cemetery's gates, rams himself through the mausoleum's door, and tries to break the thick glass barrier the doll is in. Hitting it doesn't work, so he searches himself for a clubbing object. That doesn't work either. He heads back out to try to find something to get it, realizes the club in his hand is a gun (which was obvious the whole time), says "Come on, Dean!", and shoots the glass.
  • Dean tricking Sam into going back to the art exhibit so Sam can get together with Sarah. Cue Sam suddenly noticing the haunted painting that he and Dean already destroyed, magically back again, and epically fumbling to recover from freaking out about it.
    Sam: OH MY GOD!
    Sarah: [startled] What?
    Sam: The, that painting... [Beat] ...looks so good!

1x21 - Salvation

  • Meg bitching and moaning over her demon brother shooting her with the fake Colt.
    Meg: You shot me! I can't believe you just shot me!! [...] I'm so not in the mood for this. I've just been shot!
    • And her reaction to John's snarky comments:
      Meg: That was funny, John. I'm going to strip the skin from your bones, but that was funny.

    Season 2 
2x01 - In My Time of Dying
  • Despite the serious Downer Ending that resulted, the insufferably smug Azazel gleefully needling John in these Arch Enemies' only onscreen meeting was hilarious. Especially with Fridge Funny as of Season 4 indirectly confirming that John had to kiss Azazel to seal his Deal with the Devil, and there's no way in Hell Azazel let him off any easier with it than Crowley later did with Bobby.
    John: How stupid do you think I am?
    Azazel: You really want an honest answer to that?
    John: [later] Before I give you the gun, I'm going to want to make sure that Dean's okay. With my own eyes.
    Azazel: Why, John, I'm offended. Don't you trust me? [smiles innocently]

2x02 - Everybody Loves a Clown

  • Dean's reply after Sam again says he's worried if Dean's okay:
    Dean: Dude, I'm okay! I'm okay! I swear, the next person who asks me if I'm okay, I'm gonna start throwing punches.
  • The Impala is under repair and Dean has to rent a car...which ends up being a squeaking, "soccer mom"-type minivan.
  • Dean, while asking around at the circus, manages to unintentionally offend both a blind man and a short person in under ten seconds. Sam's incredulous laugh says it all.
    • A few moments later, we see Dean and Sam fighting over the one good chair in the circus manager's office. Sam gets the short straw and has to sit in the kiddy chair.

2x04 - Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

  • Dean's line right before he and Sam break into a guy's house to find the zombie he's stashed there:
  • Dean, not 30 seconds later: "It takes two know...have hardcore sex..."

2x05 - Simon Said

  • In a deviation from the show's usual soundtrack of real-world classic rock, while staking out a suspected killer, Dean and Sam are listening to the This is Spın̈al Tap soundtrack.

2x07 - The Usual Suspects

  • Regarding the character played by guest star Linda Blair:
    Dean: Did she look familiar to you?
    Sam: No, why?
    Dean: I don't know. Anyway, are you hungry?
    Sam: No.
    Dean: For some reason, I could really go for some pea soup.

2x08 - Crossroad Blues

  • Dean thinking MySpace is a porn site.
  • Sam and Dean talking about Dean's now federal-level "wanted" status.
    Sam: Dean, it's not funny. Makes the job harder, we've got to be more careful now.
    Dean: What have they got on you?
    Sam: [mumbling] I'm sure they just haven't posted it yet...
    Dean: What, no accessory, nothing?
    Sam: Shut up.
    Dean: [laughs] You're jealous.
    Sam: No, I'm not!
    Dean: Uh-huh. All right. What do you got on the case there, you innocent, harmless young man, you?
  • Dean pretends to talk with a Crossroads Demon about making a deal to bring John back. He seems sold...
    Crossroads Demon: Look. Your dad's supposed to be alive. You're supposed to be dead. So we'll just set things straight, put things back in their natural order. And you get ten extra years on top. That's a bonus.
    Dean: You think you could... [turns to face her] ...throw in a set of steak knives?

2x09 - Croatoan

  • Gallows Humor at its finest, but the laugh's definitely needed as "Croatoan" is a pretty dark episode; the son of a woman infected by the Croatoan virus and killed asks where his mother is. Dean, the one who killed her, turns to Sam and mutters "Awkward..."
  • Dean saying "Shut your piehole!"

2x11 - Playthings

  • Ladies and gentlemen, the rare and hilarious Drunk!Sam.
    Sam: [petulantly] You're bossy.
    Dean: What?
    Sam: [throws his hands out] You're bossy! [laughs] And short.
    Dean: Are you drunk?
    Sam: Yeah. [Beat] So? [Beat] Stupid.
  • This gem from Dean:
    Dean: I never get to work jobs like this! Old-school haunted houses, fog, secret passageways, sissy British accents... Might even run into Fred and Daphne... Mmmmmm, Daphne, love her.
  • Dean lampshading the astounding amount of Angst in the show.

2x13 - Houses of the Holy

  • This conversation between Sam and Dean about angels:
    Sam: Dean, there's ten times as much lore about angels as there is about anything else we've ever hunted.
    Dean: You know what, there's a ton of lore on unicorns too. In fact, I hear that they ride on silver moonbeams and that they shoot rainbows out of their ass!
    Sam: [looking heartbroken] Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?
    • While the point of that exchange is the unicorn bit, the mention of angels becomes Hilarious in Hindsight as of Season 4.
      • And then Season 7 has a unicorn that does, in fact, shoot rainbows out of its ass.
  • When they discover the angel's "sign" was just an angel decoration, Dean concludes that the moral of the story is "Always take down your Christmas decorations after New Year's or you might get filleted by a hooker from God." Cue a very unamused response from Sam.
    Sam: I'm laughing on the inside.
  • Sam and Dean get some ingredients for a the last minute.
    Dean: [at the place mat] We'll place it Spongebob-side down.

2x14 - Born Under a Bad Sign

  • Meg!Sam sing-songing "My daddy shot your daddy in the head~."
    • There's also something hilarious about the way he describes what Hell is like, then says "Your dad was there, too. He says HOWDY!"
  • After Sam's exorcised (and keep in mind, Meg!Sam had just spent a few minutes punching Dean in the face while spewing a "The Reason You Suck" Speech):
    Sam: ...did I miss anything?
    Dean: [punches Sam in the side of the head]
  • Dean making the one observation at the end that gets the two chuckling after reflecting on the episode:
    Dean: Dude, you like full-on had a girl inside you for like a whole week. That's...that's pretty naughty.
    • Fridge Hilarity sets in when you hear this episode referred to as the time Meg took her dad's car out for a joyride.

2x15 - Tall Tales

  • When the brothers are filling Bobby in, seeing them through the other's eyes. Sam. Is. Priceless.
  • Sam's face, when he's lecturing Dean at the bar.
    • "It's a very serious investigation, what do you think you're doing?!" -Sam in the bar, when Dean recounts the story
  • Later, Dean's reaction to some guy's fairly... traumatic alien abduction story:
    Dean: So some alien made you his bitch?
    • The victim then goes on to tell them the alien made him do something worse. When Dean asks what's worse, the show cuts to a shot of the tiny Roswell alien forcing the victim to slow-dance to "Lady In Red."
      • Even better is the non-verbal reactions from our two leads. Especially Dean's.
  • The whole episode becomes funnier when it's later revealed that the Trickster is actually the archangel Gabriel in disguise just messing with people. Especially when he trolled the Winchesters full knowing they're the vessels of his brothers Michael and Lucifer.

2x17 - Heart

2x18 - Hollywood Babylon

  • All of the lampshading:
    Actress: I don't get it. Why would ghosts be afraid of salt?
    Director: Yeah, I'm not sure about salt either. What else wards off ghosts, guys? Are we sticking with condiments?
    Writer: How about shotguns?
    Director: ...That makes even less sense than salt.
  • When the boys are mistaken for PAs:
    Dean: Whats a PA?
    Sam: I think its kind of like a slave.

2x19 - Folsom Prison Blues

  • Dean's quick assent to jailhouse financier and cardsharp.
    Sam: Does it bother you at all how easily you seem to fit in here?
    Dean: No, not really.
  • This exchange:
    Hendrikson: You think you're funny.
    Dean: I think I'm adorible.

2x20 - What Is and What Should Never Be

2x21 - All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1

  • Andy Gallagher, the funniest of the other Special Children, makes a return. He mentioned that he got back at a jerk by beaming visions of gay porn into the guy's head.

2x22 - All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2

  • Azazel coerces Jake into helping him fulfill his Evil Plan by unlocking the devil's gate. What unlocks it? The Colt. How does Azazel describe it to Jake, who is already pissed off and looking to kill him?
    Azazel: Oh, this isn't just any gun, Jake. This is the only gun in the whole universe that can shoot me dead. [points Colt to his head]
    Jake: Is that so?
    Azazel: Yep. Here, take it. [gives Colt to Jake]
    [Jake points it at Azazel]
    Azazel: [smirking with his hands up in mock surrender] Oh, my. I'm shocked at this unforeseen turn of events...

    Season 3 
3x01 - The Magnificent Seven
  • Dean's "Hello, bleeding here!" line.
  • Dean guilt-tripping Sam into letting him do all sorts of stuff. Like whatever caused Sam's weirded-out face when he opens Dean's motel room.
  • Dean's "What's in the box?!?!?" Shout-Out falls hilariously flat with the other hunters.
    • Sort of a Fridge Funny, but...Eric Kripke once said that Dean would be attracted to the type of woman who walked in, killed everybody, and walked out, with Dean asking "Who is that?" Ruby debuts this way exactly and Dean even asks, "Who was that mysterious masked chick?" Funny because Dean and not develop a very friendly relationship. (Though it's possible that Dean did have a one-sided attraction to her, at least, which would put an interesting spin on his reaction to her and her relationship with his brother.)

3x02 - The Kids Are Alright

  • Dean talking to Ben at the birthday party, and obviously doing the math. The pure Oh, Crap! look on his face alone, not to mention Ben being an exaggerated mini-Dean.
  • The two ladies gossiping about Dean at Lisa's party while eyeing him up
    Annette: Did you hear Lisa call him 'Dean'?
    Realtor: Yeah. Why?
    Annette: You don't know about Dean? The Dean. Best-night-of-my-life Dean?
    Realtor: No! Tell me.
    Annette: Oh, my god, so, they had this crazy, semi-illegal
    Dean: [suddenly shows up looking uncomfortable] Hi!

3x03 - Bad Day at Black Rock

  • While the boys are looking at their kid stuff that their dad kept, Sam picks up his soccer trophy. Dean's reaction is "Yeah, closest you ever came to being a boy." Then he picks up a gun. Which he made himself. In sixth grade.
  • Dean's response to Bela cutting him off mid-"You're no killer" speech (which had worked earlier on one of the other thieves) by shooting Sam in the shoulder.
    Dean: What the hell is wrong with you?! You don't just go around shooting people like that!
  • Sam's pouty "I lost my shoe." Aww...and HEE!
  • Aw, hell. Everyone knows that it's not healthy to laugh at others' misfortunes, but anything that happens to Sam after the rabbit's foot is lost is freakin' hilarious.
    • Sam is sitting in a chair in the middle of the motel room, bored out of his skull, when the air conditioner starts to rattle and then smoke. He watches in horror and disbelief.
      Sam: Aw, come on... I didn't... I wasn't....
      • The air-conditioner promptly sets fire to itself. Sam puts it out with a sheet. The fire starts up again. He puts it out again. And again. And his sleeve somehow catches fire. He flails around, tangles himself up with the sheet and knocks himself out.
    • Sam crashes to the ground trying to catch a stereo, taking a floor lamp with him. Dean's look of longsuffering is priceless.
      Dean: Sam? Are you alright?
      Sam: [from the floor] ...Yeah, I'm good...
    • Especially because he somehow manages to look like he's five years old at that moment, and it's freaking adorable.
    Dean: I'm Batman!
    Sam: Yeah, you're Batman.
    • Sam slipping on a floor, one of his first signs of bad luck. Dean's reaction: "Dude, you suck!"
  • Kubrick mistakes Sam's rabbit foot-induced bad luck for God Himself guiding him in his quest to stop the Winchesters. Even Gordon, who's usually cool in his hunting and killing to the point of being creepy, is completely weirded out by this.

3x04 - Sin City

  • Sam awkwardly backing away and stuttering at the two men he just held at gunpoint and soaked in holy water, only for them to not be demons.
  • Dean not remembering how to do the exorcism.
  • "Do you think I'll give you a co-worker's address so you can go and get your freaky, peeping-tom rocks off..." [sees money] "Corner of Piermont and Clinton."

3x05 - Bedtime Stories

  • This exchange:
    Sam: Remember Cinderella? The pumpkin that turns into a coach and the mice that turn into footmen?
    [long, ominous pause]
    Dean: Dude, could you be more gay? ... Don't answer that.
  • Sam's sketch of the "suspect" when he and Dean interview a victim. It isn't good.

3x06 - Red Sky at Morning

3x07 - Fresh Blood

  • Sam's expression after the blond vampire described a 30-year-old guy as "old."

3x08 - A Very Supernatural Christmas

  • The AMAZING moment when the brothers are caught unprepared by the creepy Mall Santa they suspected of being a monster. The two, usually so adept at coming up with excuses and deceit, have no idea what to do when the old man asks them what the hell they're doing in his home...until Dean starts awkwardly (and BADLY) caroling, soon joined by Sam as they scoot towards the door.
  • Before they go to take down the pagan gods that are this week's monsters, Dean is sharpening a stake, with a trash can sitting in front of him to catch the shavings. There's shavings literally all over the carpet around him, everywhere except the trash can.
  • The entirety of the scene with the assimilated pagan gods prepping a tied-up Dean and Sam for sacrifice is pretty damn hilarious.
    Sam: So I guess we're dealing with Mr. and Mrs. God. [Beat] Nice to know.
    • And then:
      Dean: Aahh! You bitch!
      Madge: Oh my goodness me! Somebody owes a nickel to the swear jar! Oh, do you know what I say when I feel like swearing? "Fudge."
      Dean: ...I'll try and remember that.
      • A few minutes later:
        Dean: You fudging touch me again and I'll fudging kill you!
        Madge: Very good!
      • And a little bit later, when the gods are about to yank one of Dean's teeth out with pliers:
        [The doorbell rings]
        Dean: [with a pair of pliers in his mouth] Somebody gonna get that? You should get that.

3x09 - Malleus Maleficarum

  • Dean and Ruby's exchange:
    Ruby: It's called witchcraft, shortbus.
    Dean: [clearly struggling for a good comeback] You're the shortbus... shortbus.
  • Ruby tells her old demon mistress that she wants to serve her. That she wants her. Dean's reaction is brilliant.
  • When Dean calls in Amanda's death:
    Dean: My name? Yeah, sure, my name is— [hangs up]
  • A Nice Bait-and-Switch moment when they burst in on the Book Club witches performing a spell, only to find out that their just getting one of them a lower mortgage.

3x10 - Dream a Little Dream of Me

  • Dean tweaking out on too much caffeine and too little sleep.
    Dean: Thanks for the news flash, Edison!
  • Sam wakes up from his Erotic Dream of having sex with Bela and wakes up with drool on his hand.

3x11 - Mystery Spot

  • The episode starts being funny after Dean's second death, right up until the Mood Whiplash. Failing that, there's always "You're bossy...and short."
  • The funniest death was Dean's third death when the big, wooden desk falls on him and his feet stick out in a manner reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the East.
  • Dean's death at the paws of a dog:
    [Dog barks. Dean looks over]
    Dean: Hey, buddy, somebody need a friend? [walks over toward the dog]
    Dog: [growls]
    Dean: Argggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!
  • Even better is one of the mentioned off-screen deaths.
    Sam: Hey, Doris? What I'd really like is for you to log some more hours at the archery range. You're a terrible shot.
    Doris: How'd you know that?
    Sam: Lucky guess.
  • This particular exchange between Sam and Dean:
    Dean: [on getting hit by a car] Did it look cool, like in the movies?
    Sam: [Beat] You peed yourself.
    Dean: [Beat, then defensively] Of course I peed myself! Man gets hit by a car, you think he has full control over his bladder? Come on!
  • Sam, in a fit of desperation/obsession, takes a fire ax to the titular Mystery Spot, while the owner is duct-taped to a chair and a slightly disturbed Dean trying to keep him calm. This much is funny enough. But when Dean has had enough and tries to wrest the ax away from Sam, all you get is the offscreen exchange, and when the inevitable happens, the captive owner suddenly covered in blood and screaming.
  • The Trickster's utter exasperation with Sam near the end, made even funnier if you watch "Mystery Spot" after you've seen "Changing Channels."
    Trickster: It's like talking to a brick wall.
  • One scene where Sam tries to explain the "Groundhog Day" Loop to Dean has the two say every complex insult Dean could think of in unison:
    Dean & Sam: Right, you're a mind reader.
    Dean & Sam: Cut it out, Sam!
    Dean & Sam: Sam!
    Dean & Sam: You think you're being funny, but you're being really, really childish!
    Dean & Sam: Sam Winchester wears makeup!
    Dean & Sam: Sam Winchester cries his way through sex!
    Dean & Sam: Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by the bed and every morning when he wakes up... Okay, enough!
  • "Do these tacos taste funny to you?" "HEAT OF THE MOMENT!"

3x12 - Jus In Bello

  • Nancy the virgin's line:
    Nancy: When this is over, I'm gonna have so much sex. [looks at man next to her] But not with you.
    • Not so funny when, at the end, there is no "when this is over."
  • After Possessed!Agent Henriksen comes to talk to the brothers in their cell, and demon hijinks ensue:
    Henriksen: I, uh...I shot the sheriff.
    Dean: [awkward grin] But you didn't shoot the deputy!
    • He just can. not. help himself. Sam's Death Glare really sells it.

3x13 - Ghostfacers

3x14 - Long-Distance Call

  • Dean gets a phone call from John who is dead by this point in the story. He discusses it with Sam:
    Dean: Okay, so what if-what if it really is Dad? What happens if he calls back?
    Sam: What do you mean?
    Dean: What do I say?
    Sam: ..."Hello"?
    Dean: [incredulous] "Hello"?
    [Sam shrugs, looking uncomfortable]
  • At the end of the episode, Dean admits that he was desperate for John to save him, but concludes that he can't expect anybody but himself to do it. Sam adds "And me."
    Dean: "And me"?
    Sam: What?
    Dean: Deep revelation, having a real moment here, that's what you come back with? "And me"?
    Sam: Do you want a poem?
    Dean: Moment's gone.

3x15 - Time is On My Side

  • This:
    Sam: Remember that thing in the paper yesterday?
    Dean: "Stripper suffocates dude with thighs"?
  • Dean trying to eat a burger while Sam explains the case:
    Sam: Right, so doctors, they had to do whatever they could to keep infections from spreading. One way was maggots.
    Dean: Dude, I'm eating.
    Sam: It actually kind of worked because maggots, they eat bad tissue, and they leave good tissue. And get this. When they found our guy, his body cavity was stuffed full of maggots.
    Dean: Dude, I'm eating!
  • Discussing Doc Benton's immortality formula:
    Dean: What, the live-forever formula?
    Sam: Yeah.
    Dean: Great, let me guess. I got to drink blood out of a baby's skull?
  • Debating whether or not to use the formula:
    Sam: I mean, we're talking Hell in three weeks. Or needing a new pancreas in like half a century.
    Dean: Yeah, well, you can't exactly get those at a Kwik-E-Mart.

3x16 - No Rest for the Wicked

  • This exchange:
    Dean: We've got the knife.
    Bobby: And you intend to use it without me. Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?
  • After a great and moving speech by Dean:
    Dean: What do you think?
    Sam: I think you totally should have been jamming "Eye of the Tiger" right there.
    Dean: Oh, bite me. I totally rehearsed that speech, too.
  • After Dean realizes he can see a demon's real face and Bobby explains why:
    Bobby: Well, you got just over five hours to go. You're piercing the veil, Dean, glimpsing the "B" side.
    Dean: Little less New Agey, please.
    Bobby: You're almost Hell's bitch, so you can see Hell's other bitches.
    Dean: Thank you.
  • While it's very sad and heartwarming, it's also a little funny to see Dean and Sam singing Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive," especially Sam as it's just so OOC for him.

    Season 4 
4x01 - Lazarus Rising
  • After Dean goes so far as to cut his arm with a silver knife to prove he's the real thing, Bobby still has to throw holy water in his face to make absolutely sure. After hugging him and saying it was good to see him.
  • Dean discovering the modifications Sam made to the Impala and the two arguing like a pair of divorced parents about what their child should and should not be allowed to do.
  • Dean and Pamela are flirting.
    Dean: Dude, I am so in.
    Sam: Yeah, she's gonna eat you alive.
    Dean: Hey, I just got out of jail. Bring it.
    Pamela: [passing by again, to Sam with a wink] You're invited too, grumpy.
    Dean: You are NOT invited.

4x03 - In the Beginning

  • This gem:
    Dean: Sammy, wherever you are... Mom is a babe. I'm going to Hell. Again.

4x05 - Monster Movie

  • The introductory sequence is done as a black-and-white horror movie, complete with an ominous, Gothic sign reading, less than threateningly, "WELCOME TO PENNSYLVANIA."
  • The entire episode is a perfect parody of the old Universal monster movies, from the way it's shot to the music to the kissing scene to the monster himself (he's such a wonderful Large Ham).
  • The moment where Dean decides that the process of being returned from Hell has re-virgin-ized him.
    Dean: Look at me, I came back from the furnace without any of my old scars, right? No bullet wounds, no knife cuts, none of the off-angle fingers from all the breaks. I mean, my hide is as smooth as a baby's bottom. Which leads me to conclude, sadly, that my virginity is intact.
    Sam: What?
    Dean: I have been re-hymenated.
  • Dracula billowing away down a dark alley, springing over a high wrought-iron fence in one leap, and...motoring away on a Vespa.
  • The lederhosen Dean wakes up wearing. Even Sam laughs at him!
  • The moment right after Sam rescues Dean when he tries to kick down what appears to be a thick, heavy door with iron hinges. Like everything else in the monster's home, though, it's really just a cheap prop. Sam gets his boot stuck in the panel he kicked and has to hop forward awkwardly on one foot as the door then slowly collapses away from him.
    • They decide to just open the next door they come to.
  • The bit with the pizza delivery guy:
    "Dracula": Is there garlic on this pizza?
    Pizza Guy: I don't know. Did you order garlic?
    "Dracula": [looking horrified] No!
    Pizza Guy: [bored] Then no, there isn't any garlic on it.
    • Plus, Dracula has a coupon.
  • Sam sneaking up on their suspect in a dark theatre, with the organ music said suspect is playing going from "creepy", "not creepy".
    • Bonus points for Sam's eye roll when this happens.

4x06 - Yellow Fever

  • The Cold Open has Dean running from what we're led to believe is a hellhound...only to find out that it's actually a cute little dog with a bow on its head. The scene ends with Dean running off screaming as the little dog follows him.
  • As Dean's paranoia grows while driving, Sam pulls out a ghost detecting device. It beeps wildly when he points it towards Dean—Dean's lightly panicked expression and tone is what sells the scene.
    Dean: Am I haunted?
    Dean: Am I haunted?!
  • Dean's incredibly girlish scream at a cat jumping out.
    Dean: That was scary!
  • Dean's breakdown rant is awesome. The writers were on the ball with that one, and Jensen Ackles' performance is freakin' hilarious!
    • Sam's expression of exasperated endurance through it all is also hilarious. Especially when Dean says "We are insane!" and Sam nods like "Can't argue with that one."
  • Supernatural Presents: Jensen Ackles.
  • Drunk!Dean is pretty priceless, too.
    Dean: [to the deputy] Know what? ...You're awesome.

4x07 - It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

  • Dean discovering that a vengeful trick-or-treater he brushed off earlier egged the Impala, followed by his angry cry of "ASTRONAUT!"

4x08 - Wishful Thinking

  • The giant, depressed teddy bear.
    • Teddy (hey, he signed his suicide note "T. Bear") in the throes of an existential crisis:
      Teddy: It is a terrible world. Why am I here?!
      Audrey: For tea parties!
      • It's her tone that makes it clear she's already explained this repeatedly.
      • Speaking of Audrey's tone, there's her assessment of Teddy's condition:
        Audrey: [H]e's sad (annoyed) all the time, not ouch sad, but ouch-in-the-head sad, says weird stuff, and smells like the bus!
    • Dean's reaction to the bear. The guy can face down demons, vampires, shapeshifters and werewolves, HE'S EVEN BEEN TO HELL, but he is just not equipped to handle that.
      • Hell, the brothers' 30 seconds beat when they discover the bear. Their faces make clear that they don't get paid enough for dealing with this level of weirdness.
      • It only gets better when the brothers talk about what they've just seen:
      Sam: Are we... Should we... (whispers to Dean) Are we gonna kill this teddy bear?
      Dean: How? Shoot it? Burn it?
      Sam: I don't know... both?
    • The diagnosis of Teddy's mental condition? Lollipop disease.
    • And, as mentioned, when he tries to kill himself: It doesn't work, cause he's a freakin' teddy bear, and he looks up to the heavens and yells "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??"
      • In the closing moments of the episode, after the magic of the wishing coin is undone, we see Audrey holding a now inanimate Teddy, with her best attempt at patching up his head wound.
  • Audrey's parents wished for a vacation, were instantly teleported there, and when the wishes wear off, return with heavy sunburn.
  • Deans's reaction to the mention of "a ghost in the women's shower facilities" and his later disappointment he didn't get to rescue any naked women.
    • When Sam finds out the story behind that one.
    Sam: So let me get this straight. You walked up to a wishing well, dropped a dime, and wished to turn invisible so you could spy on women in the shower?
  • The guys decide to test out the local wishing well. What does Dean wish for?
    Delivery Guy: Somebody order a footlong Italian with jalapeno?
    Dean: That would be me!

4x09 - I Know What You Did Last Summer

  • Sam resetting Dean's dislocated shoulder.
    Sam: Okay, on three. One—
    Dean: AUGH!
  • When Sam is telling Dean why he trusts Ruby and gets to the part where they had sex, there's an abrupt cut from the aggressive, hair-pulling sex to Dean staring blankly at Sam.
    Dean: Sam?
    Sam: Yeah?
    Sam: I told you I was coming clean.
    Dean: Yeah, but now I feel dirty.
  • Ruby as a Sassy Black Woman.
    Maid: (enters and gives Sam a piece of paper) I'm at this address.
    Sam: I'm sorry. What?
    Maid: Go now. Go through the bathroom window, don't stop, don't take your car, don't pass go. There are demons in the hallway and in the parking lot.
    Sam: Ruby?
    Ruby: Okay, yes, so I'm possessing this maid for a hot minute. Sue me.
    Sam: What about—
    Ruby: Coma girl? Slowly rotting on the floor back at the cabin with Anna, so I've got to hurry back. See you when you get there. Go!

4x10 - Heaven and Hell

  • "Dude, you're confusing reality and porn again."
    • The look on Dean's face, as if that happens a lot, just makes it priceless.
  • Also:
    Uriel: How dare you come in this pussing sore?
    Alastair: Name-calling. That hurt my sanctimonious, fanatical prick!

4x12 - Criss Angel is a Douchebag

4x13 - After School Special

4x14 - Sex and Violence

  • Dean's elation at finally being on a case involving strippers.

4x15 - Death Takes a Holiday

  • This:
    Dean: (sticks his arm through Sam whilst they're ghosts) Am I making you uncomfortable?
    Sam: (unimpressed) Get outta me.
    Dean: Prude.
  • Dean suggests they go to Victoria's Secret and "get their peep on."
  • Short-lived but when they don't know it's him, Alastair trolls Sam and Dean by interrupting their attempt to contact a ghost and accusing them of being devil-worshippers. Alastair is a Satanist.

4x16 - On the Head of a Pin

  • Castiel's very serious "Uriel's the funniest angel in the garrison; ask anyone."
  • An extremely Black Comedy moment in an extremely Angst-heavy episode, but Alastair's line while he's being tortured:
    Alastair: There's something caught in my throat. (Beat) I think it's my throat.

4x17 - It's a Terrible Life

  • Dean driving a Prius while listening to NPR.
    • Hell, Dean's entire day.
  • The Ghostfacers' instructional videos. "Winchesters still suck ass though." "Affirmative. Suckage: major."
  • Sam saying he'd broke up with his ex Madison but when he called her, all he got was a vet?

4x18 - The Monster At the End of This Book

  • After finding out that Chuck is a prophet of God, Dean turns to Castiel:
    Dean: Seriously? Him? A prophet?"
    Castiel: (Beat) You should've seen Luke.
  • Sam tells Dean about slash in the most hilarious meta moment ever.
    Dean: What's a slash fan?
    Sam: As in Sam slash Dean...together.
    Dean: (horrified) Like...together together?
    Sam: Yeah.
    Dean:...They do know we're brothers, right?
    Sam: Doesn't seem to matter.
  • The look on Sam's face when Dean demonstrates some knowledge of literature.
  • When they're in the laundromat and Dean narrates Sam's actions.
    Dean: "Sam turned his back on Dean, his face brooding and pensive." I mean, I don't know how he's doing it, but this guy is doing it. I can't see your face, but those are definitely your brooding and pensive shoulders.
    Sam: (sighs)
    Dean: (reading) You just thought I was a dick.
    Sam: Guy's good.
  • Chuck and Dean bursting into the room to save Sam from Lilith:
    Chuck: I am the Prophet...Chuck!
  • The look on Dean's face when he tells Sam to "behave, don't do any homework, watch some porn" makes you think he's always wanted to say that sentence.
  • Castiel's Could Say It, But... to Dean, telling him to bring Chuck to the motel so the Archangel watching over him will appear and destroy Lilith. The look on Cas's face is what turns it from simply awesome, into funny and awesome.
  • Dean then goes and tries to inspire Chuck into coming along with him. The music swells heroically...and then Chuck says "No frigging way!"
    Dean: Okay, well then how about this. I've got a gun in my pocket, and if you don't come with me, I'll blow your brains out.
    Chuck: I thought you said I was protected by an Archangel.
    Dean: Hm. Interesting exercise. Let's see who the quicker draw is.
    • Becomes even funnier with Season 11's confirmation that Chuck is God...meaning Dean threatened God into helping him.
  • "I'm sitting in a laundromat reading about myself sitting in a laundromat reading about myself... I have a headache."

4x20 - The Rapture

  • While supposedly standing guard over Castiel's vessel Jimmy Novak, Sam slips out for a hit of demon blood, which Jimmy takes as his cue to sneak away. Dean seems to find the whole thing hilarious the next morning.
    Sam: This is funny to you?
    Dean: (around his toothbrush) Mr. Big Bad Prison Guard, Jimmy McMook gives you the slip? Yeah, it's pretty funny. What were you doing anyway?
    Sam: I was getting a Coke.
    Dean: (pausing to remove the toothbrush, sarcastically) Was it a refreshing Coke?

4x22 - Lucifer Rising

  • Dean sadly informs Bobby that he's so furious with Sam, he no longer considers him his brother. In response, Bobby launches into an unforgettable tirade:
    Bobby: You stupid, stupid sonofabitch! Well, boo hoo! I'm so sorry your feelings are hurt, princess. Are you under the impression that family's supposed to make you feel good? Make you an apple pie, maybe? They're supposed to make you miserable! That's why they're family!
  • Castiel and Chuck's (temporary) Bolivian Army Ending versus a friggin' Archangel. As their certain demise grows closer, Chuck reaches out and puts a hand on Cas's shoulder. Castiel responds by giving him a look and Chuck hastily removes it.
    • Possibly made even funnier with the confirmation that Chuck is God in disguise and was showing pride in his son for doing the right thing...and Cas doesn't know it and makes him stop.
  • It's supposed to be more dramatic and awesome, but just how quickly Ruby gets killed after revealing her true motives counts for sheer absurdity. After successfully masking herself as a Token Heroic Orc for two seasons, she breaks her usual tough stoic act and becomes uncharacteristically giddy, gives a big boastful speech about how great she is, and then promptly bites it on the end of her own knife with absolutely zero fight, like she expected her sheer awesomeness to stop Dean. She ends up killed and tossed to the floor like trash, and all the hard work she bragged about only gets acknowledged once by a fellow demon after the fact - and even then only to antagonize Sam - giving the impression even other Lucifer loyalists didn't really care for her. It's not exactly the most dignified exit a character's ever had.

    Season 5 
5x01 - Sympathy for the Devil
  • The boys enter John's lock-up to find two demons dead on the ground and Zachariah and a couple of angels waiting inside.
    Dean: (completely deadpan) Oh, thank God, the angels are here.
    • Minutes later, they find out that Dean is Michael's vessel.
    Dean: How? Why, why me?
    Zachariah: Because you're chosen! It's a great honor, Dean.
    Dean: Oh, yeah. Yeah, life as an angel condom. That's real fun. I think I'll pass, thanks.
  • Lucifer talks to his vessel:
    Lucifer: I'm not your wife, Nick. I'm an angel.
    Nick: An angel?
    Lucifer: My name is Lucifer.
    Nick: Sure. Naturally. Um...Could you do me a favor there, Satan, and remind me to quit drinking before I go to bed?
  • Sam and Dean running into their biggest fan (well, Sam's biggest fan) Becky, sent by Chuck to deliver a prophetic message. And she can't stop touching Sam's firm body half the time.
    Sam: Uh, Becky can you stop touching my chest?
    Becky (whose hand is now running all over his shirt): No.

5x02 - Good God, Y'All!

  • Castiel announces his intentions to find God and disappears. A crippled, wheelchair-bound Bobby shouts after him:
    Bobby: When you find God, tell him to send legs!
    • Before that, when Dean snarkiliciously tells Cas that he heard God was on a tortilla in New Mexico, Cas responds, in all seriousness, "God is not on any flatbread."
  • Dean has run out of every single last one of his fucks when it comes to God.
    Dean: Listen, Chuckles, even if there is a God, he is either dead, and that's the generous theory—
    Castiel: He is out there, Dean.
    Dean: Or he's up and kicking and doesn't give a rat's ass about any of us. I mean, look around you, man. The world is in the toilet. We are literally at the end of days here, and he's off somewhere, DRINKING BOOZE OUT OF A COCONUT.
    • Considering that God is Chuck, Dean wasn't too far off.

5x03 - Free to Be You and Me

  • "Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel." Yes, you read that right.
  • "Last time you zapped me someplace, I didn't poop for a week."
  • Cas is a terrible fake FBI agent.
  • This exchange:
    Castiel: This is a den of iniquity. I should not be here.
    Dean: Dude, you full-on rebelled. Iniquity is one of the perks.
  • The hooker says her name is "Chastity." Castiel gets a guilty look and downs half a glass of beer.
    • Castiel's adorably freaked-out expression when he goes with the prostitute.
      • Followed by:
        Chastity: (screaming) Bastard! Screw you, jerk! I'll kill you! (to Dean) Screw you, too! Ugh!
        Dean: (to Castiel) What did you do!?
        Castiel: I don't know. I just looked at her in the eyes and told her that it wasn't her fault that her father, Gene, ran off. (pause) It was because he hated his job at the post office.
  • "Just out of curiosity, what is the average customer wait time to speak to an Archangel?"
  • The ending of Dean and Cas's encounter with Raphael:
    Raphael: (trapped in a ring of holy fire) Castiel, I'm warning you. Do not leave me here. I will find you.
    Castiel: Maybe one day. But today, you're my little bitch. (leaves)
    Dean: (turns to leave, pauses) What he said.

5x04 - The End

  • Castiel talks to Dean on a mobile phone, he gets Dean's location and says he'll teleport right there. Dean points out he's in dire need of some sleep and says to come in four hours, and hangs up. Cut to Castiel standing on the side of the darkened highway, saying "I'll just...wait here then." And the shot stays on him, as he stands immobile, undoubtedly for the next four hours.
  • Future!Cas and his "physical connection." It's an orgy.
  • Dean gets slapped by a pissed-off Action Girl (because his future self cheated on her) and promptly hides behind Chuck.
    • Even funnier after you know who Chuck is.

5x05 - Fallen Idols

  • Paris Hilton as the Monster of the Week.
    • The look on Dean's face when they're told that the monster has taken Hilton's form.
      Sam: ...What?
      Girl 1: She looked really good though.
      Dean: Wha... huh?
  • At the end of the episode, after they defeat the demon impersonating Hilton, they hear that the real Paris is now wanted by the police for the demon's actions.

5x06 - I Believe the Children Are Our Future

  • By virtue of Mood Whiplash, Cas appears to give a bit of advice:
    Castiel: Other cultures call this hybrid "Cambion" or "Katako." You know him as The Antichrist.
    (He sits down...right onto Dean's whoopie cushion. Cue ten seconds of noise.)
    Castiel: (completely serious) That wasn't me.
  • Castiel being turned into an action figure.

5x07 - The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

  • Sam and Dean are going to check out the hotel room a missing old man frequently uses:
    Sam: So what do you think is in there?
    Dean: Wrinkly, gooey corpse.
    (They break into the room to discover a man having a threesome)
    Sam: Well, it's gooey.
  • Sam's reaction to Dean's aged self.
    Sam: You look like...
    Dean: The old chick in Titanic, I know, shut up.
    Sam: I was gonna say Emperor Palpatine.
  • After Bobby finds the boys after Dean is aged into an old man:
    Bobby: (coming into the hotel room as Old!Dean makes a face) I see you met John McCain there.
    Sam: Yeah. Either one of you want to tell me what happened?
    Old!Dean: Bobby's an idiot! That's what happened!
    Bobby: Hey, no one asked you to play.
    Old!Dean: Right, I shoulda just let ya die!
    Bobby: And for damn sure, no one asked you to lose!
    Sam: (grinning) It's like Grumpy Old Men.
    Old!Dean and Bobby: SHUT UP, SAM!
    • And this:
      Old!Dean: There's an archangel down there waiting for me to drop the soap!
  • After Old!Dean and Sam are caught stealing chips in Patrick's apartment, he mentions that the only way to actually gain back his years is by playing him in Texas Hold 'Em:
    Old!Dean: Fine. Let's do it.
    (Patrick pulls out the 8 of Hearts)
    Patrick: What card am I holding up?
    (Old!Dean squints at the card...and looks down in defeat)
    Patrick: That's what I thought.
  • Dean's Happy Dance near the end, complete with heel click, and Bobby's one-word response:
    Bobby: Idjit.

5x08 - Changing Channels

  • Sam's exasperation when the nurse keeps slapping him for no apparent reason, then his dodging her swing when she shows up later.
  • "NUTTO-KURAKA!"note 
    • Dean's look of absolute horror after Sam fails a question (with the expected result). Then he notices he's in a similar setup.
    • The game show host's startled reaction after Castiel enters.
      Game Show Host: Mr. Trickster does not like Pretty Boy Angels.
  • Genital Herpes Commercial. That is all.
  • Jared Padalecki as Horatio Caine. That is all.
  • Sam as KITT, complete with the theme music playing in the background.
    • "Should I honk?"
    • "You might say I pulled it out of Sam's ass."
  • After learning The Trickster’s true identity to be the Archangel Gabriel, Sam and Dean try to convince them to help them stop Michael and Lucifer bringing about the end of the world, which leads to this snark from him.
    Gabriel: You don’t know my family. What you guys call "The Apocalypse"… I used to call "Sunday Dinner"!
  • THE ENTIRE EPISODE. It's the Winchesters forced to be in random shows and television genres. Not a single ass didn't get laughed off by this episode.

5x09 - The Real Ghostbusters

  • The faux Cosplay!Winchesters, especially when they reveal that they're a gay couple.
  • The Victim of the Week asks Chuck why Sam and Dean don't put their weapons on a bungee to keep them in hand. At the end, Dean, who had the fireplace poker knocked from his hand, says: "Maybe we should put these things on a bungee."
  • Becky letting Sam down lightly. With violin music.
  • Sam and Dean's reactions to the convention: These guys have fought demons, angels, ghosts, and any number of other creatures, but their expressions at the sight of the convention can only be described as "What the fuck?!"

5x10 - Abandon All Hope...

  • The episode certainly lives up to its name, but Crowley lightens the mood. After calmly handing the Colt back to the boys, asking them to go shoot Lucifer, Sam tries shooting Crowley, which doesn't work, as Crowley never reloaded it, then Crowley casually mentions that he should probably give the boys more ammo.
  • Crowley's stellar response to Dean asking what happens to him if they take on Lucifer and lose:
    Crowley: Number one, he's going to wipe us all out anyway. Two, after you leave here, I go on an extended vacation to all points nowhere. And three, HOW ABOUT YOU DON'T MISS, OKAY?! MORONS!
  • Castiel easing into slang.
  • Lucifer asks Castiel what riding in an automobile is like, complete with an intrigued/baffled expression.
  • Right after Dean criticizes Sam for a "stupid idea" about their upcoming hunt, Sam notices Dean looking at Jo's butt and says, "talk about stupid ideas." Dean acknowledges the truth of Sam's statement, but still goes up to Jo to make a Must Not Die a Virgin appeal to her.
    Jo: Sweetheart, if this is our last night on Earth, then I'm going to spend it with a little thing I call self-respect.
    Dean: If you're into that kinda thing.
  • Crowley buys the soul of a Morally Bankrupt Banker, who is deeply upset to find out Crowley is the one he has to kiss to seal the deal rather than the attractive female demon he'd been negotiating with.

5x11 - Sam, Interrupted

  • How Sam and Dean get into the mental institution in order to hunt the monster: telling the truth about themselves.
    Dr. Fuller: Why don't you tell me how you're feeling, [Sam]?
    Sam: (sigh) I'm fine. (scoff) I mean, okay, a little depressed, I guess.
    Dr. Fuller: All right. Any idea why?
    Sam: Probably because I started the Apocalypse.
  • Dr. Fuller lampshading in all professional seriousness the unhealthy codepency between the brothers, and their confused reactions on that.
  • When he and Sam are caught in the morgue by the nurse, Dean drops his pants, wiggles his hips and gleefully shouts "Pudding!" to help him and Sam avoid suspicion or punishment.
  • Drugged!Sam ftw. "Boop!"
    • "No, I'm not okay. I... am... awesome."
      Dean: Did they give you something?
      Sam: Oh, they gave me everything.

5x12 - Swap Meat

  • The entire opening:
    Kid!Sam: Hello, barkeep? I would like to purchase an alcohol!
    Kid!Sam: Crystal, I would love to have the sex with you!

5x13 - The Song Remains the Same

  • Castiel gets some cute ones at the beginning and end.
    Dean: So [Anna]'s gone all Glenn Close, huh? That's awesome.
    Castiel: Who's Glenn Close?
    Sam: So, the plan to kill me, would it actually stop Satan?
    Dean: No! Sam, come on!
    Sam: Cas?
    Castiel: ...No. She's...Glenn Close.
    • Since Castiel no longer has the powers of Heaven at his disposal, Time Travel is very difficult for him to manage, as shown when he arrives back in 2010. Dean and Sam hurry to hold him up and we get this:
      Dean: Son of a bitch, you made it!
      Castiel: (looking at himself in surprise) I did... (looks around at Sam and Dean) I'm very surprised. (keels over)

5x14 - My Bloody Valentine

  • The scene where Dean, Sam and Castiel meet a Cupid. Particularly fascinating because that episode was quite hard to watch.
    Sam: Dean, enough...
    Dean: What?!
    Sam: You just punched a cupid.
    Dean: I punched a dick!
    • Bonus points because this is the second time Dean has punched a celestial being and he still hasn't learned that it's only going to hurt him.
    • The fact that the Cupid was completely buck-naked during this entire scene. Apparently they always are, cause, like Cas said:
      Castiel: They're not incontinent.
      • Before that:
      Dean: Is this a fight? Are we in a fight?
      Castiel: This is...their handshake.
      Dean: I don't like it.
      Castiel: Nobody likes it.
    • Castiel taking one for the team and his clumsy attempt to apologize to the Cupid for hurting his feelings. If you recall an earlier scene where Castiel picks up a human heart without hesitation, it makes that scene even funnier.
      Castiel: Uh...look...we didn't mean to, um... (look to Sam and Dean for help; they wave for him to go on) ...hurt your feelings.
      Cupid: (whirls and crushes Castiel in a tight hug, crying) Love is more than just a word to me, you know? I love love. I love it. And if that's wrong, I don't wanna be right!
      Castiel: (awkwardly patting his back) Yes...yes...of course. I, uh...I have no idea what you're saying.
  • Later on, Team Free Will is trying to figure out what to do:
    Sam: So what, this entire town is just gonna eat, drink, and screw itself to death?
    Castiel: (around a mouthful of hamburger) We should stop it.
    Castiel: How did you stop the last Horseman you met?
    Dean: War got his mojo from this ring. And after we cut it off, he just tucked tail and ran. And everybody that was affected, it was like they woke up out of a dream. You think Famine's got a class ring, too?
    Castiel: I know he does.
    Dean: Well, okay. Let's track him down and get to chopping.
    Castiel: Yeah. (eyes his empty fast food bag sadly)
    Dean: What are you, the hamburglar?
    Castiel: I've developed a taste for ground beef.
    Dean: Well, have you even tried to stop it?
    Castiel: I'm an angel; I can stop any time I want.
  • More on Cas's OOC hunger:
    Castiel: (bites into a fresh burger) These make me very happy.
  • Even though it comes right after a serious Nightmare Fuel scene and right before another, Cas and Dean's attempt to take out Famine has a funny moment in it.
    Dean: You want to go over the plan again? (Cas doesn't reply, playing with the tinfoil from one of his burgers) Hey, happy meal. The plan?
    Castiel: I take the knife, I go in, I cut off the ring hand of Famine, and I meet you back here in the parking lot.
    Dean: Well, that sounds foolproof. (Castiel disappears; Beat) This is taking too long. (goes in after him)

5x15 - Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

  • Half a dozen dead people rise from their graves, including Bobby's late wife. Sam is tracking down the people who came back, the last being Ezra Jones. He finds her bedridden and looking like her skin is coming off. She's unintelligible, coughing constantly, and gesturing for him to come over. It's a tense moment, but Sam's comments make it hilarious.
    Ezra: (coughs, beckons him over)
    Sam: Any way you could tell me from here?
    Ezra: (coughs harder, beckons more insistently)
    Sam: (flatly) Yeah. I'm gonna regret this.

5x16 - Dark Side of the Moon

  • Zachariah to Dean and Sam:
    Zachariah: Wow. Running from angels. On foot. In Heaven. With-out-of-the-box thinking like that, I'm surprised you boys haven't stopped the Apocalypse already.
  • Zachariah had a few in this one, from calling Mary a MILF to retorting to Dean's calling him bald with "in Heaven, I have six wings and four faces, one of which is a LION."
  • When the boys are about to make their run to the Garden.
    Ash: Gentlemen. I don't mean to be a downer, but...I'm sure I'll see you again soon.

5x17 - 99 Problems

  • "It's funnier in Enochian" and the matter-of-fact way that Cas says "Sam, of course, is an abomination."
    • Boomerang funny kicks in when you realize that the joke still is funny: You're basically telling someone that they got naughty with a goat.
  • Sam reaching Cas's voicemail:
    Voicemail Woman: You've reached the voicemail of: [beep]
    Castiel: I don't understand. Why, why do you want me to say my name?
    • Even better, after that, you can hear the phone repeatedly beeping, like Castiel is just mashing buttons trying to get it to work.
  • Drunk!Cas meeting with Sam:
    Castiel: Got your message. It was long, your message. Y'know, I find the sound of your voice...grating.
    Sam: What's wrong with you? Are you...drunk?
    Castiel: No! (stumbles) Yes.
    Sam: ...What the hell happened to you?
    Castiel: (sighing) I found a liquor store.
    Sam: And?
    Castiel: And I drank it. Why'd you call me?
    • Then, when Sam asks if he's okay, Castiel gestures closer and makes to whisper something in his ear...
      Castiel: Don't ask stupid questions.
    • And later when he (still very drunk) goes to get the priest.
      Castiel: (almost falling over) I am an angel of the Lord.
      Priest: ...sure you are, buddy.
    • And related to the above:
      Dean: Where the hell have you been?
      Cas: On a bender.
      Dean: (to Sam) ...Did he just say "on a bender?"
      Sam: Yeah, he's still pretty wasted
      Cas: It is not of import.
    • Drunk!Cas barely has an unfunny line in that episode. Witness:
      Sam: Leah is not a real prophet.
      Dean: Well, what is she exactly?
      Cas: The Whore.
      Dean: (shocked double take) Wow, Cas, tell us what you really think.

5x18 - Point of No Return

  • About the angels' new plan:
    Castiel: Maybe [the angels] are desperate. Maybe they wrongly assumed Dean would be brave enough to withstand them.
    Dean: (annoyed) All right, you know what? Blow me, Cas.
  • As Castiel watches Dean fixedly:
    Dean: Well, Cas, not for nothing, but the last person who looked at me like that...I got laid. (winks)

5x19 - Hammer of the Gods

  • At the end, Gabriel leaves a message for Sam and Dean to watch after his the form of a pornographic film. After informing the boys about a few things, Gabriel tells Dean that he was right; Gabriel was afraid to stand up to Lucifer. Ultimately culminating in the wonderful line, "This is me standing up. And me lying down." And the porno resumes. With Gabriel still in the shot. Sam and Dean are incredibly Squicked out.
    • Although Dean keeps watching until Sam closes the laptop.
  • Earlier, even before Gabriel gets his Moment of Awesome for breaking "Lucy"'s Smug Snake facade, he gets one of the best lines of a non-Castiel angel:
    Gabriel: Lucifer, you're my brother and I love you, but you are a great big bag of dicks.
  • The moment Gabriel walked into the room earlier in the episode, the other gods calling him Loki and saying in his usual devil-may-care manner, "We need to talk about the elephant in the room. Cue Ganesh starting to stand up angrily. "Not you, big guy."
  • Gabriel doesn't want the Winchesters to out him as an angel to the other gods at the party.
    Gabriel: I can just cut out your tongues so you can't tell anyone.
    Dean: We could still write.
    Gabriel: So I could cut off your hands.
    Dean: But then someone would ask us, "Hey, guys, why you walking around with no hands?"
    • It becomes even funnier when you think about how Gabriel still could've gotten away with this. If they don't have tongues, not like they can tell them who cut off their hands. Looks like Dean out-tricked the Trickster.
  • Dean walking past the literal elephant in the room.

5x20 - The Devil You Know

  • Crowley suddenly appearing in the back of the Impala, followed by Sam trying to shiv Crowley repeatedly.
  • Crowley complaining to Sam and Dean ("THEY ATE MY TAILOR!"), then ranting "Here I am standin' in the middle of the road, talkin' to Sam and Dean Winchester UNDER A FRIGGIN' SPOTLIGHT!" before proceeding to telekinetically shoot out a streetlight.
  • "Lovers in League Against Satan." If only it had been "Lovers in League Against Lucifer." At any rate, the look on Brady's face is priceless!
  • A hellhound attacks the group and Crowley flees...only to come back with a bigger hellhound!
    Dean: You're back?
    Crowley: I'm invested. (Hellhound growls) Stay!
    Dean: You can control them?!
    Crowley: Not that one. (pats his Hellhound which is roughly five feet tall) I brought my own. Mine's bigger. SIC 'IM, BOY!
  • Crowley's innocent look at Dean like "What did I do?" after beating the demon's skull for awhile.
  • Brady panicking during the hellhound attack and no one caring:
    Brady: Damn it, get me out of here!
    Sam & Dean: (in unison) Shut up!

5x21 - Two Minutes to Midnight

  • Cas's apology to Dean for his doubts:
    Castiel: You are not the burnt and broken shell of the man that I believed you to be.
    (Dean blinks)
    Dean: (flatly) Thank you. (pause) I appreciate that.
    Castiel: (sincerely) You're welcome.
    • Followed by this:
      Dean: Don't worry, Bobby's here, he'll wire you some cash.
      Bobby: I will?
  • Castiel makes a Big Damn Heroes entrance to save Sam and Dean from Pestilence:
    Pestilence: How did you get here?!
    Castiel: (panting) I took a bus.
  • This little exchange:
    Dean: Please tell me you have good news.
    Bobby: Chicago's about to wiped off the map. Storm of the millennium. Sets off a daisy chain of natural disasters...three million people are gonna die.
    Dean: Huh.
    Castiel: I don't understand your definition of good news. (Dean rolls his eyes)
  • Crowley continues to entertain us when the boys learn that Bobby made a deal with him. He took a picture to prove than they kissed when they made the deal. Bobby is not pleased.
    Bobby: Why'd you take a picture?
    Crowley: Why'd you use have to use tongue?
    • Even better: That really was Mark Sheppard's phone and he still has the picture, always making sure to transfer it when he gets a new phone.
  • Crowley pulling about a half-dozen vanishing acts on Dean in the course of a minute. It's Hilariawsome.
  • Dean winds up having pizza with Death. It's easy to miss with how terrified Dean is, but when Death instructs him to eat the pizza and asks him if it's good, there's a brief moment where Dean silently acknowledges that yeah, it is pretty good.

5x22 - Swan Song

  • Dean injecting his normal snark into a heartwarming moment.
    Dean: It's not on me to let you do anything. You're a grown—well, overgrown—man.
  • Castiel calling Michael, his older brother, "assbutt."
    • And Dean's reaction:
      Dean: (in dismayed disbelief) "Assbutt"?
      (Castiel shrugs helplessly)
  • Castiel's last-episode discovery of Dean's favorite maneuver, the bald-faced lie.
    Lucifer: (rhetorically) Castiel, did you just molotov my brother [Michael] with holy fire?
    Castiel: (smiling awkwardly, knowing perfectly well that Lucifer saw the whole thing)

    Season 6 
6x01 - Exile on Main St
  • Sam discovers that Dean has taken up golf.
    Sam: Golf? Really?
    Dean: It's... it's a sport!

6x02 - Two and a Half Men

  • Dean starts to imitate the baby's crying while in line at the supermarket.
  • Dean hums "Smoke on the Water" as a lullaby to the baby.

6x03 - The Third Man

  • There are some great Castiel lines in this episode.
    • From his serious business, deadpan, unfunny self:
      Castiel: The weapon isn't being used at full capacity. I think we can rule Moses out as a suspect.
    • Explaining why he answered Dean's prayers and not Sam's:
      Sam: So, what, you like him better or something?
      Castiel: Dean and I do share a more profound bond. (to Dean) I wasn't going to mention it...
    • On why Sam and Dean should help him, even though he's been ignoring them:
      Castiel: (with air quotes) Sam. Dean. My "people skills" are "rusty." Pardon me, but I have spent the last "year" as a multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent.
    • Dean trying to slow Cas down long enough to explain what's going on:
      Dean: There's too many angels, Cas. I don't know who's on first, what's on second?
      Castiel: What is second?
      Dean: Don't start that.
    • Cas and another angel fall out a fourth-story window and land on Sam's car, totaling it.
      Sam: My car...
      Dean: Well. Silver lining.
    • Cas acknowledging his Comically Serious-ness:
      Castiel: Even I know that's a bad joke.

6x04 - Weekend At Bobby's

  • At one point during the montage of Bobby's day, set to "The Gambler", he makes a stop at the Sioux Falls University Library... only to see it's closed. Cut to Bobby breaking a back window and then falling to the floor while trying to climb in.
  • Bobby throws a monster through a wood chipper. The...results end up all over his neighbor.
  • Bobby's speech to the boys.
  • Crowley's "short-hand" portrayal of his interaction with Bobby after the latter summons the former for the second time?
    Crowley: (as Bobby) I'm surly and I got a beard! Gimme!
  • Bobby talking to Garth on the phone.
    Bobby: I've never heard of a vamp doing that... doesn't sound like our kinda thing. Better drop a dime to the FBI.
    (Bobby hangs up, a different phone rings)
    Bobby: Willis, FBI.
    Bobby: No, Garth, not me the FBI, the real FBI! How are you still alive?!
  • Sam and Dean have never encountered a lamia, and call Bobby for advice.
    Dean: How do you kill a lamia?
    Bobby: A silver knife to the heart should do the trick. Make sure it's blessed by a padre.
    Dean: Okay, thanks, bye. (hangs up)
    Dean: What's another way to kill a lamia?
    Bobby: I told you. Silver knife, blessed by a padre.
    (camera pans down to the corpse of a priest at Dean's feet)
    Dean: (Beat) Didn't pan out.
  • Rufus kills an ookami (a Japanese monster). Kinda.
    Rufus: It got up and ran away!
    Bobby: It did? Are you sure you did it right?
    Rufus: Of course!
    Bobby: You used a bamboo knife?
    Rufus: Yes...
    Bobby: Blessed by a Shinto priest?
    Rufus: Yes...
    Bobby: And you stabbed it seven times?
    Rufus: Five times.
    Bobby: You were supposed to stab it seven.
    Rufus: Pretty sure it's five.
    Bobby: Well obviously, it's seven.
    • And then after Bobby handles the monster on his own, he tells Rufus:
      Rufus: How about Godzilla?
      Bobby: Put her down.
      Rufus: So you just happened to have a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shinto priest laying around?
      Rufus: Oh, okey dokey. Wood chipper, that...that pretty much trumps everything.
  • When Bobby is talking to Rufus later after Rufus manages to steal Crowley's son's ring from a museum.
    Rufus: (police sirens in the background) Good news is, I snagged the ring, Bobby.
    Bobby: Tell me that ain't...
    Rufus: Yeah, Yeah, you have three guesses and one of them it ain't the paramedics...
    Bobby: (rolls eyes)
    Rufus: I gotta stash this ring.
    Bobby: Well, don't swallow it.
    Rufus: Right. (Beat) I'm swallowing it, Bobby!
  • Crowley's reaction to getting caught in a Devil's Trap that can only be seen under a black light? "I hope that's paint."

6x05 - Live Free or TwiHard

  • Most of this episode was either funny or creepy, being as the whole thing was a huge parody of the Twilight franchise.
  • The opener with a Robert Pattinson-alike and Kristen Stewart-alike having marvelously bad dialogue.
    Robert: "Are you sure you want this?"
    Kristen: "I can make my own decisions. I'm seventeen."
  • When Sam and Dean go to check out Kristen's room, they wonder if they're about to find drugs, then they walk in and discover the most extreme Twilight fangirl's room ever.
    Dean: Oh, this is so much worse.
    • Also some Fridge Brilliance humor:
      Dean: (looking at a Twilight Expy book cover) He's watching her sleep. How is that not rapey?
      • 10 minutes later, Dean is doing exactly that with Lisa.
        Dean: Oh God, I'm Pattinson!
    • Sam is trying to figure out the password to Kristen's computer:
    Dean: Try Lautner.
    Sam: He's a werewolf. (Beat) How do you even know who that is?

6x07 - Family Matters

  • Castiel makes a Call-Back to one of Zachariah's quotes about what they actually look like in Heaven, when he says (regarding Jimmy's being scrawny): "This is a vessel. My true form is approximately the size of your Chrysler Building."

6x09 - Clap Your Hands If You Believe...

  • When Dean is telling Sam over the phone he is currently being chased by aliens, a close encounter of the third kind, desouled!Sam replies "Better run, Dean. I think fourth kind's a butt thing."
  • When Dean actually gets abducted, Sam is relating the tale and mentions that he's gotten adjusted to it. Someone says that it must have happened when they were kids, to which Sam replies: "No, half an hour ago."
  • Dean's description of his abduction:
    Dean: There were these beings, they were too bright to look at but I could feel them pulling me towards this sort of table.
    Sam: Probing table?
    Dean: GOD, don't say that out loud!
  • Dean, getting punched in the face by a Tinkerbell-sized fairy, to the tune of "A Space Oddity." He finally defeats it by getting it to fly into a microwave and nuking it.
  • Sam is getting his ass handed to him by a leprechaun, but is able to stop him by spilling salt, which leprechauns must count. He even lampshades that he waited before doing it by saying "Why didn't I try this earlier?"
    • As he's finishing the spell to send every Monster of the Week back to whence it came, the leprechaun, still counting, goes "...three... (looks up) you ass."
      • Presenting the LepreCardo: Robert Picardo playing a leprechaun. All-time best casting choice.
  • Also, when the old lady is explaining fairies to the boys, she mentions her theory that the fairies are abducting people so they can "service Oberon, King of The Faerie."
    Sam: Dean? Did you service Oberon, King of the Faerie?
    • Notice how Dean quickly changes the subject.
  • The scene where Dean sees the fairies working in the watch shop. The look on Dean's face is priceless.
  • Dean is being shoved into a police car by an officer and sees Sam. What does Dean say, in front of police, bystanders and people he attacked?
    Dean: FIGHT THE FAIRIES! YOU FIGHT THOSE FAIRIES. [as he's being driven away] FIGHT THE FAIRIES!!!
  • In jail for assaulting a dwarf while, as mentioned above, yelling about fairies, a cop questions Dean as to the reasoning behind his crime.
    Officer: I'm just trying to understand just what kinda hate crime this even was.
    Dean: It wasn't a hate crime.
    Officer: I mean, if this gentleman were a full-sized homosexual, would that be okay with you?

  • In one season 6 episode, Dean is trying to find Sam. When asking if someone had seen him, he says "he's about 'yea high'", and motions as high as he could possibly reach. It should be noted that the difference between Ginormo (Sam) and 'Lil Stumpy (Dean) is 3 inches: 6'4 and 6'1.

6x10 - Caged Heat

  • Castiel watching porn. "If the pizza man truly loves the babysitter, then why does he keep hitting her rear? Perhaps she's done something wrong?"
    • Dean scolding Cas for watching porn in the same room as him and talking about it, Cas looking toward his crotch with a confused expression, and Dean's exasperated "Great, now he has a boner."
    • Also:
      Samuel: Is this what you boys do, sit around watching pornos with angels?
      Castiel: We're not supposed to talk about it.
    • And after his moment with Meg, Cas says, "I learned that from the pizza man." Who says porn isn't educational?
      • Also Meg's reaction: "A+ for you! I feel so clean."
  • The middle-man demon handling the alpha-exchanges between Winchesters and Crowley: "I'm sorry, I know you're speaking, I see your lips moving, but I can't understand what you're saying 'cuz I don't speak little bitch."

6x11 - Appointment in Samarra

  • Dean has to be a reaper for a day. He harvests the soul of a guy who got shot while trying to rob a convenience store, who asks him:
    Unnamed Robber: Why?
    Death!Dean: Mostly because you're a dick. Enjoy the ride down, pal. Trust me, sauna gets hot.
    • And later, when a heart attack victim (while eating a pizza) asks him the same question:
    Death!Dean: You think it was the extra cheese?
    Unnamed Heart Attack Victim: Yeah. It was good, though.
    Death!Dean: For a local place?
    Tessa: (sternly) Dean...
    Death!Dean: Right. Time to go, man. Sorry.
    Unnamed Heart Attack Victim: Wait. Can you tell me what it all means?
    (Dean thinks for a second before finally...)
    Death!Dean: Everything is dust in the wind.
    Unnamed Heart Attack Victim: That's it?! A Kansas song?!
    Tessa: Sorry. He's new.
  • Sam corners Bobby in a closet and takes down the door with an ax. Bobby's response?
    Don't say "Here's Johnny"!
  • Any scene with Death is quite often this, as he is ironically something of a Deadpan Snarker. Special mention goes to "Appointment in Samarra", where he runs rings around Dean when negotiating getting Sam's soul out of Hell. When he challenges Dean to wear his ring and be Death for a day, and asked if he's serious: 'No, I'm being incredibly sarcastic.'

6x12 - Like a Virgin

  • Castiel and Sam's reunion after Sam gets his soul back and loses his memory (the tone of Misha Collins' voice just sells it):
    Sam: Um, look I would hug you, but...
    Cas: That would be awkward.
  • This conversation from earlier in the same episode:
    Sam: So what kind of thing likes virgins and gold?
    Dean: P Diddy?
  • Dean: "I think it just goes to show that being easy is pretty much all upside."
  • Dean trying to pull the sword out of the stone and failing. Twice. And how he thought resorting to explosives would end well. Naturally, it broke the sword. Enjoy.

6x15 - The French Mistake

  • When Virgil is shooting up the set, Serge Ladouceur, Supernatural director of photography (though played by an actor here), casually bends backwards to dodge a bullet with a look on his face that says neither "Everyone around me is dead" nor "I'm about to die." He then exits stage left.
  • Early in the episode, as Sam and Dean are getting their bearings, we have this exchange:
    Sam: Well, I mean, here, wherever this is, this "Twilight Zone" Balthazar zapped us into, for whatever reason, our life is a TV show.
    Dean: Why?
    Sam: I don't know.
    Dean: No, seriously, why? Why would anybody wanna watch our lives?
    Sam: Well, I mean, according to the interviewer, not very many people do.
  • Misha Collins Tweeting throughout the whole episode.
    Misha: (typing into his phone) Ever. Get. The. Feeling. That. There's. Someone. In. The. Back. Seat? Frowny-face.
  • Sam does some research on who Jensen Ackles is and finds a YouTube clip of his time on Days of Our Lives.
    Dean: *quickly slamming the laptop shut* Do not like this universe, Sammy. We need to get out of this universe.
  • Sam and Dean go to Jared Padalecki's house and meets his wife Genevieve, aka Ruby. Their reactions are hysterical, especially when she walks out of the room and both brothers blatantly check out her ass.
  • Following Sam and Dean being spotted laying the smackdown on a depowered Virgil, the crew are seen in a conference call to executive producer Sera Gamble.
    Robert Singer: Well, Sera, it appears Jared and Jensen were seen... beating an extra to death.
    Sera: ... Huh.
  • Sam and Dean's attempts at playing Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean.
    • If you want to get even MORE meta (which, in this episode, is pretty hard), this would be Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean playing Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean. Talk about Postmodernism.
    • At one point, Dean tells Sam to look anywhere but the camera. The end result? Sam follows Dean's advice, and Dean looks constipated.
      • "If there's a key... then there must also be a lock!" Special mention to the fact that Sam clearly wrote that on his hands.
  • Just about every line Balthazar said at the start of the episode was pretty funny:
    Balthazar: You two have seen The Godfather, right? You remember the end where Michael Corleone sends his men to kill his enemies in one bloody swoop?
    Dean: I said "Hey."
    Balthazar: You did, twice. Good for you. (pats Dean on the shoulder)
  • Dean's reaction to seeing that Raphael's new vessel is a woman: "Dude looks like a lady."
  • Misha's frantic sobbing and begging before being stabbed.
    • When the homeless guy who witnessed Misha's murder described Misha as "the attractive crying man."
  • Let's face it, 'The French Mistake' is a Crowing Episode of Funny, from the casual acceptance of the crew to Sam and Dean playing Jared and Jensen as "*sigh* Season Six" to their reactions when they learn Sam married New Ruby to Sam and Dean reacting to Executive Producer Bob Singer having named Bobby after himself.
    • Special mention has to go to Eric Kripke getting shot to death by Virgil, and Robert Singer screaming "NOOOOO!" in slow-mo.
  • "The French Mistake", along with being what is probably the funniest episode in the series, was one Fandom Nod after another. It gets even funnier when you realize that the episode's title is a Shout-Out to Blazing Saddles. In particular, a really Meta scene where the fourth wall gets trampled. It's even better when you realize that the scene is a musical reference to gay sex. It's a massive blending of Fandom Nod and the Running Gag of Sam and Dean being Mistaken for Gay.
  • Sam and Dean beating the crap out of a powerless Virgil. It's the incredibly malicious grins on their faces when they realize that they finally have the upper-hand on an angel that really gets to her. When crew-members intervene:
    Dean, while trying to break free and go kick his ass some more: YOU'RE A DEAD MAN, VIRGIL!
    Sam, also struggling: DIE!!
    [Virgil runs away]
  • Poor Dean running into several trashed Impalas while on the set.

6x16 - ...And Then There Were None

  • Bobby asks Rufus how long he's had a pacemaker:
    "Since Bush Junior term one. I'm also short three toes, FYI."

6x17 - My Heart Will Go On

  • Balthazar explaining to Alternate!Sam and Dean why he changed history by stopping the Titanic from sinking:
    Balthazar: Because I hated the movie.
    Dean: What movie?
    Balthazar: Exactly!
    • And shortly after that, when Balthazar's complaining about having "that god-awful Celine Dion song" stuck in his head:
      Sam: Who's Celine Dion?
      Balthazar: Oh, she's a destitute lounge singer somewhere in Quebec, and let's keep it that way, please!
  • Dean's "Accidents don't just happen accidentally" line and Sam's look.
  • Sam and Dean trying to get through a ludicrously dangerous park. And then just stopping dead when they see a pair of people juggling flaming axes. It's just the fact Fate is willing to go to that extreme to kill them that's hilarious.
  • Let's not forget they realized he was the one who saved it because when he went back in time, he adopted the name I.P. Freely.
  • Actually, Balthazar gets a lot of these in this episode. When Sam and Dean demand that he change history back, he refuses with a comment that's equal parts insult and Lampshade Hanging:
    "I'm sorry, you have me confused with the other angel. You know, the one with the dirty trench coat who's in love with you?"
  • The scene where Dean and Sam are walking past one potential death after another, absolutely petrified.
    • Made even better by playing "One Way or Another" the whole time.
  • And then there was this moment when Balthazar tried to stab Atropos, only for Cas to stop him in time. He grins sheepishly. "Awkward!"
  • Earlier in the episode, after one victim gets hit by a bus after turning down the boys' efforts to help him, Dean points out the irony of the bus having one of the guy's business ads.
    Dean: ...Too soon?
    Sam: Yeah, Dean, I'm pretty sure six seconds is too soon.

6x18 - Frontierland

  • Dean's Wrong Genre Savvyness while in the past (to clarify, no one in the Old West acts the way Dean's seen them do in the movies, so they tend to look at him like he's crazy).
  • Sam and Dean geeking out over Samuel Colt's journal.
  • "I'm the posse magnet... I love posse."
  • Samuel Colt describing Sam as "a giant from the future with a magic brick."
  • Once they find where (or rather, when) to get ahold of a phoenix, Dean calls Castiel, knowing he's the only one who can zap them back to the past.
    Dean: C'mon, Cas, I Dream of Jeannie your ass down here pronto. Please.
    A blonde, female angel appears
    Dean: ... Jeannie?
  • When asking Castiel to take them back in time he tells them that there is a risk involved;
    Castiel: Um, about your plan. You'll only have 24 hours.
    Sam: Wait, what? Why?
    Castiel: Well, the answer to your question can best be expressed as a series of partial differential equations.
    Bobby: Yeah, aim lower.

6x19 - Mommy Dearest

  • When Dean is complaining about how he's the one who always has to call Castiel for help - "It's not like he lives in my ass!" - the camera cuts to show Cas standing right behind him:
    Dean: (startled) Cas!... Get out of my ass!
    Castiel: (confused) I was never in... your... (trails off)
  • When the group is in a cafe and trying to find information on any local weirdness, Bobby is having some trouble with an iPad:
    Bobby: I asked for a computer.
    Sam: It is a computer.
    Bobby: No, a computer has buttons.
    • Then, when Castiel finds that he can't teleport and tries to focus (think Hiro), Dean comments that "now it just looks like you're pooping".
    • Castiel sulking after Dean tells him while he's powerless he's as useful as a "baby in a trenchcoat." Sam gives Dean a look and discreetly whispers "You hurt his feelings."
  • Dean and Castiel go to the local doctor's office to try and get information from him:
    Dean: Hey, is the doctor in? My friend's got a problem.
    Castiel: I have a...painful burning sensation.
    Assistant: Sorry, he's out. (to Cas) I suggest some ointment.
  • When they discover Eve's hybrid monsters, Dean decides to name them "Jefferson Starships", because "They're horrible, and hard to kill."
    • And insisting on the name.

6x20 - The Man Who Would Be King

  • The episode opens with Castiel reminiscing on some things he's seen over the ages, including the Tower of Babel. Apparently, the real version wasn't as great as the Bible made it out to be:
    Thirty-seven feet, which I suppose was impressive in those days. And when it fell, they screamed 'Divine Wrath!', but come on. Dried dung can only be stacked so high.
  • Cas also shows that he's finally grasped the concept of cursing, during a flashback that shows his first dealing with Crowley:
    "I'm an angel, you ass."
  • Another flashback shows what Crowley did to Hell after taking over — he turned it into an endless waiting line. And when you finally reach the end of the line, you just start over. Crowley justifies this by saying that this is a much better form of torture than what was there before.
    A lot of people who were coming here were masochists anyway, a lot of 'thank you sir, may I have another hot poker shoved up my jackery?' But nobody likes waiting in line.

6x21 - Let It Bleed

  • Dean explains to Sam and Bobby why he's never read H. P. Lovecraft:
    Dean: I was busy having sex with women.
  • Someone describes Castiel by saying he "looks like Columbo and talks like Rain Man."
  • And when Balthazar decides to side with the boys.
    Balthazar: Because - I know I'm gonna live to regret this - but I'm officially on your team. [Beat] You bastards.

    Season 7 
7x01 - Meet the New Boss
  • The whole scene with Death, from his exchange with Castiel to his calmly eating his meal while the Winchesters and Bobby just stand silently.
  • Dean watching Hentai. Enough said.

7x02 - Hello, Cruel World

  • Basically all of Lucifer's scenes, from him playing golf with a fireplace poker to appearing in Bobby's living room reading a trashy newspaper.
    Lucifer: You know, I think Prince William has really found the right girl.

7x03 - The Boy Next Door

  • Dean punching Sam right in the face the minute he opens the door.
  • Both Dean and Bobby getting hooked on a telenovella while waiting for Dean's leg to heal.

7x04 - Defending Your Life

  • Sam defeated Osiris by running him through with a shofar of all things.
    • This is after the rabbi walked in on his stealing the horn. No, Sam was not at the temple for bar mitzvah lessons.

7x05 - Shut Up, Dr. Phil

  • The brothers "counseling" the Starks, which mostly consists of Don and Maggie shouting at each other while flinging the brothers (especially Dean) around the room every time they interrupt. It ends with the couple making out while Dean is pinned to the wall with a swarm of hornets in his face.
    • Specifically, the brothers get flung around by the spouse disagreeing with the point they're making. The spouse agreeing with the point simply nods and gestures to them like "See? He agrees with me!"
  • The reveal that Maggie had Pity Sex with Christopher Columbus due to believing that he was going to fall off the edge of the world.
  • Jenny's "Hearts in my Cupcakes" Freak Out after nearly being killed by the hex, as Dean and Sam stand there and watch in exasperation.
  • Dean and Sam's skeptical reactions to Don Stark (whose just admitted to cheating on his wife) protesting that there's nothing suspicious about his secretary making cupcakes for him and picking up his dry-cleaning, and how she later confirms this when they bring it up to her.
    Jenny: There's no "You know."..... Me and Don Stark? Ew.

7x06 - Slash Fiction

  • The Leviathan clones of Sam and Dean comparing notes on the brothers, complaining about all their issues. It concludes with Leviathan!Sam offering to switch bodies with Leviathan!Dean, only for Leviathan!Dean to turn him down because "I like this one's hair better."
    Leviathan!Sam: I had a brother with this many issues once. Know what I did?
    Leviathan!Dean: What?
    Leviathan!Sam: I ate him.
  • The brothers' interactions with Frank, especially when he smashes Sam's laptop, then calmly hands him a new one and demands $5000 cash in payment for it.
    • Dean's reaction when told to ditch the Impala.
  • Dean silently singing along with Air Supply and totally getting into it. And Sam's reaction to it.
  • Supernatural Presents: Jensen Ackles Part Deux
    • Props to Jared for staying in character the whole time.
  • The sheer audacity of Dick Roman telling off an obviously shocked Crowley for thinking they could work together and calling demons "ugly, lazy, gold-digging whores." Crowley's reaction is to let Dick keep the baby uvula muffins and vamoose. 'Bout time that guy got an ass-kickin'.
  • "Nobody puts Baby in a corner".

7x08 - Season 7, Time For A Wedding!

  • Dean's interactions with Garth.
  • Becky's "conversations" with Sam when the latter was gagged.
  • Crowley meeting Becky.
    Becky: (awed) You're Crowley.
    Crowley: And you're... (Beat) Well, I'm sure you have a lovely personality.
  • Crowley laying into a Crossroads Demon who had been breaking deals early:
    "This isn't Wall Street, this is Hell. We have a little something called integrity!"
  • Dean's immediate reaction to Sam's announcement of his marriage.
    Sam: I'm in love. And I'm getting married.
    Dean: [stares]
    Sam: Say something. Like "congratulations", for example.
    Dean: [stutters for a second] What?
    • And then later, he comes back, trying to be supportive.
      Dean: It's a waffle iron. Nonstick. Yeah, you just, uh... [mimes closing the waffle iron and turning a dial] I actually don't know how to use it. Are we good?

7x09 - How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters

  • The cold open features a couple out camping. It's amusing that they're lying on a king-size bed and watching TV. Then they turn in for the night and the husband turns on his ipod. With nature sounds.
  • Dean being stoned on the drugged burgers, especially when he sees one start melting and remarks:
    "I think you pissed off my sandwich."
  • The boys watch a video called "The Rise of Dick," Dick being the head Leviathan's vessel and a very successful businessman who's been rapidly gaining political influence.
    • Anytime the boys make a Dick pun, really. This was pretty much the entire reason for the character being named that.
  • When they realise who the leader of the Leviathans is, Dean comments that when Crowley said he "hated Dick", he thought that was just Crowley making a statement in general.

7x12 - Time After Time

  • Once again, Wrong Genre Savvy Dean finding out his film knowledge is completely wrong, get funny looks for saying "Awesome" and then getting kissed by a female version of Bobby.
  • There's also the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine he and Eliot Ness pull on some poor shmuck. (Dean's "bad cop", fyi.)
    Ness: Look, you seem like a swell guy, Lester, and I want to help you out, I do, but my partner here? He just back from the war. And he's spent the last two years kicking in Nazi skulls. If he doesn't kick in a skull every couple days, he gets real touchy.
    Dean: Lester. That a GERMAN name?!
  • Lest we forget:
    Sam: What, are you gonna look at more anime or are you strictly into Dick now?

7x14 - Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie

  • The episode opens similarly to "Yellow Fever" with Sam fleeing in terror from a deadly clown, only to flashback 60 hours earlier. As the episode catches up to the "present", we return to Sam's fleeing with the timeline subtitle: "RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW"
  • Say what you will, but there's something deeply hilarious in watching solid badass Sam get his ass utterly handed to him by a pair of clowns.
  • Also, in a nice Call-Back to "Houses of the Holy", after the second victim is killed by a unicorn, it runs off with a rainbow clearly coming out of its ass.
    • Is it too late to say that Howard summoned a couple of gay clowns?
  • This line when the brothers suspect something's up with the daughter.
    Dean: Can you get to her without tripping the AMBER Alert?
  • You can practically see Dean's pupils dilate at the sight of the giant slinky.
  • Dean's description of the ways people are dying.
    Dean: Seriously. Dractopus, Seabiscut the Impaler, Land Shark, what's next?
  • And then Sam being sent to look after someone they think will be the next victim.
    Dean: Robot. Yeah. About the size of a house, shoots destructo beams out of its eyes.
    Sam: Least I'll see it coming.
  • At the very end of the episode, Dean is waiting by his car. Sam drives up, pulls over, and gets out, soaking wet and covered with glitter.
    Dean: [long, blank look]
    Sam: Go ahead, get it over with.
    Dean: [cracking up] Dude, you look like you got attacked by a couple of PCP-crazed strippers.
    • Followed by an Actually Pretty Funny face from Sam.
      Sam: Dude, one of them sprayed me with seltzer from his flower.
  • The terrified look on Sam's face the entire time he's investigating "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie."
  • Right after Dean manages to end the magic that's keeping the clowns that are beating the crap out of Sam around, they burst into glitter as they're about to tackle Sam. Episodes like this are a great reason to watch the show, because you will never see such a giant man covered in so much glitter with such a look of utter terror on his face anywhere else.

7x15 - Repo Man

  • Schizo!Lucifer is back to pestering Sam like he had been at the beginning of the season. At one point, a library full of people start to slam their heads against their desks. Sam presses into his palm, revealing that it was all an illusion, and Lucifer pouts.
    Lucifer: Come on, Sam! Pay attention to me, I'm bored!
  • When Sam finally gives up and lets Lucifer "help":
    Sam: A demon summoning ritual? What for?
  • Lucifer sticking out his tongue at Sam. It's forked.
  • The serial killer and the demon slow dancing, and Dean's reaction.
  • The demon's Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the brothers (for causing him to sell Lilith out and get black-listed in Hell for eternity) is cut abruptly, hilariously short when he accidentally walks right into a devil's trap that appeared out of nowhere. The demon himself can't believe his rotten luck. ("You've got to be kidding me!")

7x16 - Out with the Old

  • The cursed vintage gentlemen's magazines, and both brothers asking how the magazines can kill people before changing their minds.
  • While Sam is telling Dean how Lucifer's slowly driving him insane:
    Sam: He's singing "Stairway to Heaven."
    Dean: Good song.
    Sam: Not fifty times in a row.
  • The way Joyce threatens and intimidates George in a nonchalant way, starting with her telling him she's killed her past four assistants and keeps on. Makes it all the more satisfying when her head is cut off and George reveals his intentions to eat her.

7x17 - The Born-Again Identity

  • Lucifer's antics with Sam in the mental hospital are all a special kind of black comedy; amongst said antics are chucking cherry bombs at his bed, turning his food into insects ("So, what'll it be today? Maggots or tapeworms?"), singing incessantly, and speaking through a megaphone.
  • When Meg and Dean are trying to reassure Castiel that he knows how to smite demons, we get this:
    Castiel: But I don't remember how [to smite demons].
    Dean: It's in there. I'm sure it's just like riding a bike.
    Castiel: I don't know how to do that either.
    • Even better? Cas decides, after the above conversation, to give it a shot, despite not remembering how. Dean returns to Meg, convinced this is a bad idea. Meg's reaction?
    I don't know. I believe in the little tree topper.
  • Meg, Dean, and amnesiac Cas on their awkward road trip:
    Castiel: This silence, it's awkward.
    Dean: Meg has that effect on people.
    Castiel: I'm sorry. That must be difficult for you.

7x18 - Party On, Garth

  • Mr. Fizzles. Especially his "o" face when Dean threatens him. Especially since this is freakin' Supernatural and Dean's partner for interviewing a witness is a sock freakin' puppet.
  • "You've been Garth'd." We then get a shot of the flames burning the body reaching worrisome heights as Garth slow-mo walks his way out of there. It's actually quite badass.
    • Bonus points for this not being the first time Garth's actor has pulled an Unflinching Walk away from something burning to a worrying height. On the other hand, DJ Qualls wasn't quite so unflinching the last time.
  • That funky background music playing whenever Garth shows up.
  • The anticlimactic blessing of the samurai sword. A Shinto priest was unavailable, so Dean substitutes with a local sushi chef.
    • When the sushi chef mentions it's better to do this in a running spring, Dean pulls out a bottle of spring water to pour over the sword.
  • During the final showdown, the poor kid that the shojo is hunting keeps getting Jump Scares from the hunters. First Garth grabs him, then Sam, then Dean.
  • At the end of the episode, Bobby's return as a ghost and his annoyed reaction to Dean not noticing him when he goes back to get his flask from his motel room. Also counts as both a Tearjerker and Heartwarming Moment.
    Dean: There you are. (picks up flask from table)
    Bobby: I'm right here, ya idjit!!!

7x20 - The Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo

  • The use of "Walking on Sunshine." Then again Charlie in general.
  • Dean instructing Charlie step-by-step on how to flirt with a man and Sam's barely contained laughter at it. He's hilariously good at it too.
    Dean: (to Sam) This never happened.
    • And later:
      Charlie: I feel dirty.
      Dean: You and me both, sister.

7x21 - Reading is Fundamental

  • Castiel's crazy new persona (though this is also extremely tragic, all things considered).
    Kevin: Are you one of the angels?
    Castiel: (pokes Kevin's nose) Boop.
    • Plus his obvious attraction for Meg (including haven written her a poem).
  • Almost all of nerdy but adorable Kevin's lines and actions, and the reaction of the other characters to him, including:
    • His attempt to steal the Word of God tablet from Sam and Meg, with him desperately screaming and begging them to leave him alone as Sam runs after him.
      Meg: (to Kevin after she tackles him) You're not a demon or a chomper, what the hell are you?
      Kevin: Kevin Tran, I'm in Advanced Placement. P-p-p-please don't kill me.
    • And when Dean sees him curled up and screaming over seeing three angels being banished:
      Dean: What the hell is that?
      Sam: Kevin Tran, he's in Advanced Placement.
    • And his reaction to the cellar at Rufus' cabin where he has been told to translate the tablet, and where Bobby had formerly been trying to find ways of killing Leviathans by keeping one imprisoned:
      Kevin: This looks like a sex torture this a sex torture dungeon?!
      Dean: No, this is not a sex torture...just get over here and read.
  • Meg gets another one after Sam tells them about Kevin's disappearance and the fact that the FBI is looking for him.
    Dean: Great, so now we're kidnappers?
    Meg: Not if we shut up about it. (Beat) Why, who'd we kidnap?
  • The Megatron/Metatron confusion.
    "You're saying a Transformer wrote that?"
  • "Don't like conflict."
  • The first thing Cas does after teleporting back into the Impala is ask Meg if she's alright. Meg's reply is a curt, "Shut up."
    • Her tone and mannerisms really are what sell it; she not only tells him to shut up, but says it while looking down and away from him, toward the car window, in a tone like a blushing Tsundere about to start calling her crush "baka" in a shounen anime. The daughter of the previous reigning King of Hell, apprentice to Alistair, and all around badass demon... and an Adorkable angel checking on her well-being has her this flustered. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

7x23 - Survival of the Fittest

  • More of crazy!Cas ("How important is lipstick to you, Dean?"), especially Crowley's reaction to him. Made even better by the looks on Sam and Dean's faces, which basically scream "Just go with it."
    "Are you off your rocker? Is he off his rocker? Is that what this is?"
  • There's something funny about seeing Crowley and Dick working out the details of the contract representing their deal.
    Crowley: I suppose you want it in writing.
    Dick: I don't kiss on the mouth.
    Crowley: Your loss.
    • Not to mention the huge contract, which Dick and Crowley spend all night going over with a red pen and a magnifying glass, Dick keeping up with Crowley every step of the way.
    • When they finally finish, Dick calls for his secretary, clearly relieved that they're finally done.
  • Apparently the Winchesters tried calling Cas and he showed up on top of the Impala, clothed solely in bees.
  • "Let's bone this nun!" * receives look* "Sorry".
  • Dean's reaction to Meg snarking: "Shut up, Meg."

    Season 8 
8x01 - We Need To Talk About Kevin
  • The title character's drunken message on Sam's voicemail.
    "Sam, I don't know if you're still alive. But if you are, EAT ME!"
    • And Dean replays that part just to prove a point.
  • Dean's joy at his first burger since he got out of Purgatory.
  • Dean's dull reaction to Sam's Technobabble explanation for how he's backtracked Kevin's location, and then asking for it in English.
  • Kevin asks where the brothers have been for the past year. Dean's response:
    "Cliff notes: I was in Purgatory and Sam hit a dog."
  • When Kevin is trying to translate the tablet, he mentions that it's too hot. Crowley responds with "is it? Our mistake" and silently mouths "turn it up" to one of the demons guarding Kevin.
  • Kevin tricks Crowley and as Kevin is making his escape we see Crowley standing in the middle of a field surrounded by goats.
  • When Kevin finally gets a chance to speak with his girlfriend, he apologetically tells her that she is being possessed by a demon and she's attending her safe school.
    • That last part is what causes her to give an outraged "What!?"
  • A behind the scenes one: after spending four years gradually lowering Dean's voice to compete with Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles actually had to re-record his iconic "Saving people, hunting things" line for the Previously on… sequence because playing the higher-pitched original would have confused people.

8x02 - What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

  • Sam and Dean's nonchalant conversation while Kevin and his mother get anti-demon tattoos five feet away.
    • The funnier thing is that Kevin is screaming like a baby, while his mother is merely sitting there stoically while holding his hand through it all.
      • And her earlier nonchalance at getting a tattoo, saying she's done it before. Kevin is stunned.
  • Mrs. Tran punching Crowley is both this and an Awesome Moment.
  • Then there's the touching reunion between mother and son, having not seen each other for a year... cut short by Sam and Dean throwing holy water in her face to check if she's possessed. Her reaction must be seen to be believed.
  • Sam, Dean, Kevin, and Mrs. Tran pool their money (about $2,000, a bunch of hacked credit cards, and a Costco membership card) in the hopes of having enough to buy the tablet, only to have a hilarious Oh, Crap! when they realize that the auction doesn't use conventional money.
  • The angel Samandriel and Crowley's competing bids: (And Dean's facial expressions during the bidding.)
    Crowley: Three billion dollars.
    Sam and Dean: [Shocked and in unison] Woah...
    Samandriel: The Mona Lisa.
    Crowley: The real Mona Lisa, where she's topless.
    [Dean makes a face as if he is imagining the "real Mona Lisa" and decides that he likes it.]
    Samandriel: Vatican City.
    Crowley: Alaska.
    Beau: Palin? And a Bridge to Nowhere? No thanks.
    Crowley: Alright fine, the Moon.
    Dean: Your bidding the Moon?
    Crowley: Yeah I claimed it for Hell. What? You think someone named "Buzz" gets into space without making a deal? Pft, please.
    [Dean seems to weigh this in his head and appears realize that Crowley is dead on.]
  • Afterwards, when Mrs. Tran bids her soul for the tablet, Crowley is told that he can't offer more souls because offering up your own soul makes it more valuable. So Crowley tries to bid his own soul only to be laughed off and told that he doesn't have a soul.
  • Crowley questions why "Samantha" is so keen on getting the tablet, because he can always make more demons. Sam gives him a snarky reply. Crowley then gives a look at the angel sitting next to him, Samandriel... He wasn't even talking to Sam.

8x04 - Bitten

  • The college students assuming that Sam and Dean (who they think are FBI agents) have a "workplace romance."
    • Kate saying that Sam and Dean can't be FBI agents because FBI agents "don't say 'awesome' that much."
      • Becomes a Brick Joke at the end of the episode:
        Dean: Do I really say "awesome" that much?
        Sam: No.

8x05 - Blood Brother

  • Castiel and Benny's bickering during the Purgatory flashbacks, especially when Benny compares a philosophing Cas to a "crazy aunt."
    Castiel: It is not biologically possible for me to be related to your kind.
    Benny: Are you serious?
    Dean: You guys are killing me.
  • Occasionally some of Sam's flashbacks can get funny.
    Amelia: Why are you fixing my sink?
    Sam: Well, because someone jammed about eight hundred limes down the drain, and blew out the disposal. [eyes the bag of limes on the table]

8x06 - Southern Comfort

  • Garth acting like Bobby and messing up his catch phrases.
  • Garth steps in some ectoplasm and just to be sure, he wipes his fingers on his shoe and eats it. Apparently he's done this before because he identifies the taste. Sam and Dean watch, grossed out.
    • He also claims to have killed the Tooth Fairy, which he deeply regrets having been forced to do.
  • When Garth's asking about how Dean got out of Purgatory, Dean deflects the question by asking about the decor of the bar they're in. Garth then goes into a Civil War history lesson that leaves Sam and Dean rather surprised. When asked how he knows so much;
    Garth: Civil War Reenactments, once a year, every year.
    Garth: What? Don't hate!
  • Garth dressing up as a Texas ranger... in Missouri.
    • Especially his justification being because he can't pull off wearing a suit, since it makes him look more like an undertaker than an FBI Agent.
  • They go to torch the bones of the person whose spirit they think is causing the problems - a Confederate soldier. Dean goes to light the match, and then:
    Garth: Uh, I kind of feel like we should say something, all right? Don't you? Just... a little...
    Dean: Sure. [Beat] We won! note  [torches the bones]
  • In the middle of an incredibly tense scene, Garth does what he does best.
    Dean: He left me to rot in Purgatory!
    Garth: All right. All right. Maybe he did. I don't know. I wasn't there. But I'm sure he had his reasons.
    Sam: Just like you had your reasons for Benny.
    Garth: [Beat] Who?

8x07 - A Little Slice of Kevin

  • Castiel comments on how he "missed television." Bonus points for sitting there watching one while Sam and Dean are in the middle of investigating a case.
  • When Castiel explains that there can only be one prophet at a time, Sam asks how Kevin can be one then if Chuck is around. Castiel's response:
  • Mrs Tran constantly spraying anyone who enters her and Kevin's hideout with holy water. Especially Kevin's exasperation at it.
    • Speaking of Mrs T, her annoyance when Sam hand cuffs her to her car's wheel to make sure she doesn't interfere when they go rescue Kevin.
    • And slapping her son because Kevin is staring at the Hot Witch's ass.
  • Some of the potential prophets think that Crowley's an alien who's abducted them. He, at least, finds it hilarious.
    • This is even more Hilarious in Hindsight when you consider the fact that Crowley's actor, Mark Sheppard, has been on Doctor Who (granted, as a human agent and not an alien, but still). As Tumblr eloquently put it: "Right actor, wrong show."
      • Also, one of the potential prophets tries to bluff read the quoting the Declaration of Independence.
  • Mrs Tran found a witch on Craigslist.
  • After Dean sees Castiel for the first time only for him to disappear, he's stunned. Sam has this to see upon seeing the look on his face:
    "You okay? You look like... well, I was gonna say you look like you'd seen a ghost, but you'd probably be stoked."
  • It's easy to miss amongst all the major plot points being tossed around, but if you look at Cas when he gets zapped to Heaven temporarily that his tie is on backwards.
    • Addendum - his tie apparently is always on backwards.

8x08 - Hunteri Heroici

  • The pure, unadulterated, Adorkable glory that is "Hunter Cas". Between his earnest attempts to fit in with the Winchesters (including his irritation over not being allowed in the front seat of the Impala) his use of his angelic powers to sniff the corpse of the episode's first victim to discover he had a bladder infection, his attempt to play Bad Cop to the victim's wife, his attempt to interrogate a cat (again playing Bad Cop), and many other examples, he was simply epic in this episode.
    • And speaking of the cat:
  • Castiel's interpretation of Road Runner cartoons.
  • The episode itself was hilarious with its use of cartoon physics being responsible for the episode's deaths, i.e. someone's heart beating out of their chest when they are in love, someone hanging midair a few seconds before they look down and plummet, someone being killed with a huge anvil in a bank robbery. The best example has to be Dean's "cartoon fight" with the episode's villain.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Sam comments that the Trans are safely at Garth's "safe house boat".
    Dean: Garth has a safe house boat?
    Sam: Dude, I don't even ask anymore.
  • Cas saying he'll be the boys' "third wheel."
    Dean: You know that's not a good thing, right?
    Castiel: Of course it is. A third wheel adds extra grip, greater stability...
  • The fact that the first victim's wife was perfectly okay with him having an affair, because they were actually Swingers.
    Dean: That is the best wife ever.
  • When they're examining a man's corpse, Sam stares broodingly into the distance and starts having flashbacks of Amelia after Cass mentions "bladder infection." At first, you think that it reminded Sam of Amelia and it looks like the funniest lead-in for a flashback. (You later find out it's because the dead guy was having an affair, and it reminds Sam about how Amelia's supposedly-dead husband turns out to have been alive and well the whole time he and Amelia were together, which makes it a little less funny.)
  • Castiel initially assumes that Bugs Bunny is "some kind of insect-rabbit hybrid."

8x10 - Torn and Frayed

  • Dean's exasperation at waking up to find Castiel standing over him staring at him.
  • Dean trying to hide the Asian porn on his laptop from Cas.
  • When a burn victim asks Dean whether he's serious when asked to remember the exact Enochian words he heard earlier, Cas says "Yes, that's his serious face."
  • While undoubtedly intended as a serious, shocking moment, the entire sequence of Crowley finding out about the existence of an angel tablet while Sam, Dean, and Castiel try to break in is so Narmfully ridiculous that it's completely hilarious: Castiel sits down and cowers in the corner with his sword like a little kid hugging his teddy bear while Sam and Dean ignore him and take turns throwing themselves at the door in the most inept way possible while Crowley dramatically announces what everyone on the Internet had already figured out months ago: "Holy mother of sin... (dramatic zoom) there's an angel tablet."
  • Kevin jams on his headphones in irritation over Dean pacing up and down. Dean uses the opportunity to confess that he thinks Kevin's mum is hot.

8x11 - LARP and the Real Girl

  • The ending, namely Dean leading the LARPer troops into a battle, complete with Rousing Speech taken directly from Braveheart. There's dramatic music too, which pauses when they need to stop because someone threw a frisbee into the middle of the battleground.
    Charlie: Is that the speech from—
    Sam: It's the only one he knows.
  • Earlier, when Sam announces that one of the victims had been killed by belladonna poisoning, Dean and Charlie simultaneously exclaim, "The porn star?!" Cue stare from Sam and awkward silence.
  • Dean getting fed up with the geeks, pulling out his gun and firing it off, causing everyone to jump.
    • Everyone except Sam. Who seems all too used to (and tired of) Dean's antics.
  • Dean repeatedly wandering off-topic to help Charlie improve her tactics in the LARP and getting into the game.
  • "This episode is dedicated to the men, women, elves, demigods, magi, druids and chamber pot servants who gave their lives fighting and winning for the Queen of Moons in the Battle of the Kingdoms. Go bravely into the next world, fallen soldiers."

8x13 - Everybody Hates Hitler

  • The title of the episode.
  • Dean catches the golem and confronts him, only to find out just how big the thing is. This is immediately followed by Dean getting thrown out of the woods screaming.
  • Aaron's reaction to the body burning: "Oh God. These guys are psychopaths."
  • Aaron explaining what happened to the golem manual. At first, the background music makes it seem like it's an emotional-type of story... but then it's revealed he used it for blunt paper.
    Aaron: When I went to high school, I sort of...drifted. I started getting off the academic track, and, uh, I kind of...I kind of smoked it.
  • Just the whole Surrounded by Idiots demeanor of the golem, who you'd normally think would be Dumb Muscle. "He smoked the pages..."
    • The golem kvetching about Aaron:
      Golem: This boy knows nothing, observes none of the mitzvahs, labors on Sabbath, dines on swine.
      Aaron: Everybody loves bacon!
      [Dean makes an agreeing look]

8x14 - Trial and Error

  • Dean on his decorating his room in the Men of Letters hideout: "I'm nesting."
    • Dean's comment on his bed: "It's Memory Foam. It remembers me."
      • And then literally moments after he mentions how much he likes having a clean room, Sam tosses a gum wrapper and misses the trash can. The look Dean gives him is priceless.
  • When Dean gets a call from Kevin about his breakthrough on the tablet, he ditches his (apparently fantastic) burger to make for Kevin's safe-house-boat. Sam gets up to follow...and then comes back for his burger.
  • Dean on seeing his digs at the Cassidy house: "I miss my room."
  • Dean, to a horse, after mucking out some stalls: "I hate you."

8x15 - Man's Best Friend With Benefits

  • The way that Sam falls back and lands in the bin after being forced back. It's as though Jared was aiming to fall normally, landed with his knee stuck and then just carried on with the scene.
  • Dean's reaction to finding out about James and Portia's Interspecies Romance.
    "But you're a... and he, he's uh..."
  • Sam congratulating Dean on his personal growth, having gone for over 15 hours without making a bestiality joke.
  • Portia noticing Dean's obvious distraction trying to work out the logistics of James and Portia's sex-life, clearly wondering if "Doggy-style" might be literal in this case?
  • Sam tries to prevent Dean from throwing out Dog!Portia, trying to get him to let her stay the night so they can find her owner in the morning (thinking at the time she's just a regular Doberman). Then Dean sees Human!Portia:
    Dean: [looks in at her lounging on his bed] She can stay the night.
    Sam: [sees Portia as a human] Two seconds ago she was a dog.

8x16 - Remember the Titans

  • "Shane's" former flame showing up with a son who shares his curse. They explain everything to her.
    Hayley: Okay, so Ollie's dad is a Greek god who has been cursed to die every day by Zeus. And you guys are...Ghostbusters. Am I getting this right?
    Dean: Well, you know, due to the fact that your son is currently, albeit temporarily, dead, I'm gonna let that one slide.
  • Dean's failed attempt at humor with "Dragon Penis".
  • Dean starts planing a robbery to get an ingredient - a fulgurite - only to be told by Hailey that the stone in question can be bought cheap at new age shops.
    • And he looks so disappointed, too.
      • Even more Hilarious in Hindsight when you remember in Season 7 that they robbed a couple of a fulgurite to summon Death.
  • When they're trying to figure out who "Shane" is:
    Sam: What do we know of that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot, and has a history with violent women?
    Dean: I dunno... you?
    Sam: (bitch face)
  • The faces Dean makes while Sam is taunting Artemis are pretty golden.

8x17 - Goodbye Stranger

  • Dean finding the very first edition of Busty Asian Beauties (titled "Voluptuous Asian Lovelies") in the bunker, admitting that he does know how it would sell for on eBay, before finally asking Sam for ten minutes.
  • Dean completely failing to recognize the religious and historical significance of the Spear of Destiny.
  • Castiel patching Meg up alternated between this and a Heartwarming Moment.
    Meg: You really do know how to make a girl's nethers quiver, don't you?
    Cas: (deadpan) I am aware of how to do that. (glances at Meg's "nethers")
    • They start talking about the pizza man.
      Meg: We survive this, I'm gonna order some pizza and we're gonna move some furniture around, do you understand?
      Cas: No, I-I... Wait, actually... Yes.
      • Made more funny since Castiel actually does appear to be considering the offer.
      • Prior to that, when she calls him by her Affectionate Nickname.
        Meg: Why are you so sweet on me, Clarence?
        Cas: I don't know. (beat) And I still have no idea who Clarence is.
      • Cas's extreme literal-mindedness strikes again when she responds to the above thusly:
        Meg: Would it kill you to watch a movie? Read a book?
        Cas: A movie no, but a book? With the proper spells, yes, it could probably kill me.
      • Dean picking up on all the above and referring to them as "Megstiel".
  • When Sam and Dean are discussing how they don't think they can trust Castiel anymore:
    Castiel: (in the other room) You know, I can hear you both. I am a celestial being.
    • On Castiel's latest rant:
      Dean: He puts the 'ass' in 'Cass'.
  • Sam tells Meg about his year off. She doesn't understand one part:
    Meg: You hit a dog and then stopped... why?
    Sam: That whole story, and that's your take away?
    Meg: No, I get it. You fell in love with a unicorn. It was beautiful, then sad, then sadder. I laughed, I cried, I threw up in my mouth a little...
  • Crowley finds out that Cas is the one who's been screwing up his operations, bringing either a bit of corpsing or Actually Pretty Funny from Sam.
    Crowley: Castiel. So, that's who's been poking my boys — and not in a sexy way.
  • When Crowley proposes a deal with Naomi, she leaves silently before he even finishes.
    Crowley: Maybe we can make a deal before this gets truly bollocksed. I mean, I must have something that you want. [looks over, notices she's gone] Tart stole my move.
  • "Shut up, Meg."
  • Once the boys rescue Meg from her captors Sam points out that Meg giving up information to them resulted in a lot of innocent deaths, Meg responds.
    Meg: Hi, I'm Meg. I'm a demon.

8x18 - Freaks and Geeks

  • Dean asks to speak for a moment with the boy who has been flirting with Krissy all episode.
    Dean: Aiden. Listen, there's, uh, something I want to tell you about Krissy.
    Aiden: I know. I know. You'll kill me if I ever hurt her. Blah. Blah. Blah.
    Dean: No, no. No. She'll kill you. [pats him on the back] Good luck.

8x19 - Taxi Driver

  • Sam finds Bobby in Hell. Bobby immediately punches him in the face, assuming it's just another demon trying to torture him. Sam then proceeds with one of the weirdest examples of a Trust Password ever seen.
    Sam: If it's not Sam... Then how do I know all about you and Tori Spelling?
    Bobby': What?
    Sam: You're a fan. Yeah. Or-or, uh... Okay. What about your free pedicure at the Mall of America? You made Dean swear to never tell another living soul how it changed your life.
    • When the two are making their way back into Purgatory, a doppleganger of Sam tries to confuse Bobby. Bobby stabs one, getting the demon impersonator.
      Sam: You knew somehow, right?
      Bobby: [Beat] Took a chance. 50/50.
  • The fact that Bobby's version of Hell was literally just Sam and Dean coming in and bugging him everyday.
  • When Naomi shows up to help the boys, Crowley gripes "Oh, come on!"
    • Then he makes the mistake of calling Naomi a "bureaucrat." Naomi prepares to smite Crowley, who wisely hauls ass.

8x20 - Pac-Man Fever

  • While it's a worrying sign of how bad Sam's condition is, it's hard not to laugh when the bottle of beer Dean throws over at Sam just smashes on the floor.
    Dean: That's why we don't have nice things, Sam.
  • After "LARP and the Real Hunter", Charlie decided to read up on how to be a reading the Supernatural books. Sam is, understandably, miffed.
    Sam: (to Dean) We need to find every single copy of those books and burn them.
    (cut to Charlie)
  • Sam gets benched after he proves unable to hit a man-sized target on the shooting range. Dean takes a case with Charlie, of all people. Sam, meanwhile, finds himself back on the range...
    [Sam lands two rounds on the paper, but still not in the silhouette]
    Sam: Close enough.
    • Sam then shows up at another crime scene, and when Dean leaves in the Impala (leaving Charlie with Sam):
      Charlie: Is he leaving? He's leaving!
      Sam: That's alright. I stole your car, I think I know where he's going. Come on.
      Charlie: Cool. [Beat] Wait, you stole my car?
  • While distracting the coroner while Dean and Sam investigate, Charlie asks her about pantsuits. Which she gladly responds to.
  • Later, they're trying to nail down what the Monster of the Week is, and Charlie keeps shooting down Sam's suggestions, having eliminated the possibilities on her iPad:
    Sam: (glares at the device) I hate that thing. (beat) I want one.
    • And then Dean trumps both of them by identifying the monster... using the Journal.
      Charlie: (glares at the Journal) I hate that thing. (beat) And I want one.
  • After Charlie is attacked by a djinn, Dean drinks dream root to help snap her out of the coma she's stuck in.
    Dean: [to Sam] Alright, I'm gonna need to go sleep fast, so, punch me. [Sam gives him a look] Look, man, I know you don't want to, okay [gets punched by Sam, but not knocked out] [Beat] Well, you're a little off your game there, cause I was, that was pretty... [Sam cold-clocks him]

8x21 - The Great Escapist

  • Ion and Esper's explanation to Naomi as to just why they can't track Castiel.
  • Crowley asks Kevin just what it was that made him realize the Sam and Dean checking up on him were Crowley's fakes.
    Kevin: Really, it was the way they acted. I don't think on their best day Sam and Dean would go into town and get me a barbecue dinner. Not when there are leftover burritos in the fridge.
    Crowley: So, my demons were too polite?
    Kevin: [Beat] Yeah.
    Crowley: Huh. Well I'll be a son of a whore.

8x22 - Clip Show

  • Castiel thinks that a logical step towards getting Dean to forgive him is to buy him beer, porn, toilet paper and pie.
    • And the increasingly desperate cashier.
      Castiel leaves the door to a rack of frozen goods open
      Cashier: Dude.
      Castiel takes a box of eggs out and cracks one on the floor
      Cashier: Dude.
      Castiel knocks over an entire rack of food
      Cashier: DUDE!
    • Turns out they're out of pie. Castiel deals with it by physically threatening the poor cashier.
      Castiel: You don't understand. I need. PIE.
      Metatron: Put the virgin down, Castiel.

8x23 - Sacrifice


    Season 9 
9x01 - I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
  • When Castiel tries to use his angel powers on what looks to be a biker dude at a payphone. They don't work and the guy's reaction is "I'm gonna finish this phone call and then I'm gonna stab you."
  • Castiel repeatedly insisting that he doesn't need food or water. Later, at a laundromat after he's stripped off his bloody clothing to wash, he has to choose between using the money he has left to either wash the clothes or buy a snack. He leaves with the most ridiculous clothes on.
  • Dean has Crowley in the Impala's trunk: "One for yes, two for no. You alive?"
  • When Dean is confronted by an angel and another one, named Ezekiel, approaches and the two engage in a fight before Dean kills the one who attacked him, Ezekiel tells Dean he has come to help...before passing out. Dean frowns and mouths "Okay" with the most hilarious expression.

9x02 - Devil May Care

  • Dean's advice to Kevin. "Oh, next time the world's ending, grab a gun!"
  • Dean and Abaddon. "Are we gonna fight or make out, bitch? Because I'm getting mixed signals."
  • Crowley's entire conversation with Dean and Sam, with this highlight. "Torture? Great, can't wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier. Really putting the S-A-M in S And M." And "What are you going to do to me that I don't do to myself for kicks, every Friday night."
  • Sam mentions that the area they're in might still be poisonous. Dean covers his junk.
    Sam: Um, that's not gonna do you much good.
  • "Check the net for anything angely. Or demony. Or monstery, or ghosty, or... It's going to be a busy year."
  • After Dean acknowledges the current situation going on in his and Sam's lives (Kevin living with them, Crowley in the basement, etc.):
    Dean: Crap, we're livin' in a friggen sitcom.
  • When the demons approach the abandoned diner:
    Sam: They're coming.
    Dean: Good.
    Sam: And they've got assault rifles.
    Dean: Okay, less good.

9x03 - I'm No Angel

  • Dean and Sam's reaction to finding out Cas had sex. And when Dean asks if he used protection, Cas mentions he had the angel-killing knife with him.
    • And once Cas has left the room, Dean just looks so damn happy for him. One Tumblr summarizes his reaction as "Dude, my little angel done growed up."
      Dean: Our little Cas. Gave it up to a reaper!
    • There's no denying the Accidental Innuendo that results when Cas, after calling his night with April "very educational", tells the Winchesters they'll be "great teachers".
  • The weird looks Cas gets from the other homeless people when starts saying unusual things like how he'll never get used to urinating.
  • The awkward moment after Cas and April have sex and both ask the other if it was "okay."

9x04 - Slumber Party

9x05 - Dog Dean Afternoon

  • Dean takes a look at the potion that will let him understand animals.
    Dean: Doesn't look so bad. [drinks it] [Beat] I was wrong.
  • Dean acting like a dog: playing fetch, scratching behind his ear, barking at the mailman, checking out a poodle.
  • When Dean argued with the pigeon and was about to shoot it.
  • The dog's first words to Dean: "Change the station." Prompting an argument about Dean's definition of classic rock.

9x06 - Heaven Can't Wait

  • Crowley's "phone call"
    Crowley: You'll connect me to Abaddon right away or I'll be forced to-[Beat]
    Sam: What? What happened?
    Crowley: I've been placed on hold.
  • When Crowley refuses to help Sam translate the tablet, Sam mocks Crowley by saying that Abaddon is scarier than he's been in years. The King of Hell retaliates by crumpling up a piece of paper and throwing it in Sam's face like a pouty little kid. Crowley really showed him, huh?

9x08 - Rock and a Hard Place

  • Not long after the boys take a purity pledge, becoming born-again virgins, there's Dean talking about why sex is a purity group.
  • Sheriff Mills and Sam need a virgin's blood to make a weapon to kill the Monster of the Week.
    Jody: Where are we gonna get a virgin?
    Sam: I'm a virgin!
    Jody: Sorry, Sam, I think we need the real McCoy here.
    • They then go to another member of the purity group, who understandably freaks out when told that they need her blood.
      Tammy: I'm calling the cops!
      Jody: [punches her in the nose] I am the cops! [wipes the blood they need from Tammy's nose]
      Tammy: What the fudge, lady!
      Jody: [hands her a packet of tissues] Wipe your nose, dear.

9x10 - Road Trip

  • Cas returns to his Iconic Outfit, minus the tie. Crowley cracks a joke about how he's unrecognizable without it.
  • Cas' new car. Upon seeing it, Crowley snarks:
    Crowley: Really? What are you, a pimp?
    Castiel: I like it.
  • "Your phallus-on-wheels just ran a red light in Somerset, Pennsylvania."
  • Crowley's plant at an NSA listening post gushing about how hot Cas is. But specifically Angel!Cas; Human!Cas didn't do it for her.

9x11 - First Born

  • Cain's pretty unruffled observation of Dean's fighting skills as Dean battles a couple of demons.
    Cain: (while Dean is on the dining table) Doing great.

9x14 - Captives

  • How Kevin makes his presence known to Sam and Dean: By repeatedly dinging the coffee maker when Sam thinks that the ghost haunting the bunker must be a more recent death, then dinging it even more when Dean denies that it could be Kevin.

9x16 - Blade Runners

  • Crowley "drunk-dialing" Dean;
    Dean: Yeah, but his ass is on the line too, he goes missing for weeks on end without a peep. Well, not one that makes sense anyway. Listen to this.
    Crowley: Dean... [indecipherable]
    Sam: Wait a second. Did he drunk-dial you?
  • Crowley's caller ID for Dean is "Not-Moose."
  • Crowley falling off the wagon. Drunk and addicted to human blood, he:
    • Cries watching Casablanca while holding a champagne glass upside down.
    • Steals blood bags, candy, and kidnaps people.
    • Cares about nothing but pizza and sex.
  • Sam and Dean's "intervention" for Crowley.
  • Crowley trying to steal candy from a vending machine, and Dean reminding him that he's "the king of rotten. Act like it!"
  • Nicole "Snooki" Pollizi is a Crossroads Demon. Dean says it best:
    Dean: Well, that explains a lot.
    • And then Sam and Dean begin an exorcism, which no doubt left the real Snooki wondering what the hell she was doing in the middle of nowhere.
  • When Dean is taken captive by Magnus:
    Magnus: Dean, I am offering you the moon here — to be part of the greatest collection of all time, to be young forever. Let me teach you my secrets, hmm? Be my companion. I have to be honest with you, it has gotten lonely here over the years.
    Dean: When you were saying any of that, did it feel at all creepy?
  • Abaddon's mooks keying the Impala. Bastards!
    Dean: Demon mitts all over my baby. Oh, come on! Now they're keying cars??
    • Made funnier upon reading this fanfiction, which was written approximately six years before the episode aired. It opens with a similar scene (Dean discovering that "demons" have screwed with the Impala to screw with him) that manages to be even more hilarious.

9x17 - Mother's Little Helper

  • Sam, working alone, is getting beaten up by a demon. He fiddles with his phone for a moment, before tossing it away from them as a recording of him speaking the exorcism chant plays. It works. Seems like someone's been listening to the suggestions the fans made.

9x19 - Alex Annie Alexis Ann

9x21 - King of the Damned

  • Crowley's reaction to being betrayed by his inner circle.
    Crowley: No one in the history of torture has been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with!
  • Crowley's son Gavin, after being brought to the present by Abaddon, thinks they're in Heaven and even asks Crowley and Abaddon if they're angels. Crowley and Abaddon share a look and go "Wow."
  • Dean and Sam's interrogation of Ezra, in which they essentially use Reverse Psychology on the angel to get him to reveal what he knows about Metatron.

9x23 - Do You Believe In Miracles

  • Castiel explaining to Gadreel how they're going to sneak past Metatron's guards:
    Castiel: (holding out a set of handcuffs) Wookie.
    Gadreel: Brother, I have no idea what that means.
    Castiel: It's a reference to a popular movie... never mind.
    • The true hilarity of this comes from the fact that it's CAS, who has completely misunderstood every pop culture joke for the last five seasons, who makes this reference.

    Season 10 

10x01 - Black

  • Deanmon's horrific new hobby: Singing karaoke to a booing crowd, and with such hits as "Imaginary Lover" and "I'm Too Sexy."

  • Dean and Crowley as "Besties":
    Crowley: [having just walked in on Dean and a cocktail waitress in bed] In my bed?!
    Dean: Oh yeah... [gives Crowley a puppy dog smile]
    Crowley: Jerk.
    Dean: Bitch.
    Waitress: Get a room, you two.
    Crowley: Had a room! Until you two soiled it.

  • "The Misadventures of Growley and Squirrel."

  • The cashier at the Gas 'N Sip calling Dean "The Porn Guy" and his "SAY MY NAME!" montage. And Sam's face during it all.

  • Crowley being sick of "howling at the moon" with Deanmon:
    Crowley: If I have to spend one more night in this fetid petri dish of broken dreams and B.O., I will cut off my own face.

  • The blink-and-you'll-miss-it quote where Crowley says that he will always treasure the Flickr albums he and Deanmon have made on their vacation.

  • When Hannah shows up at Castiel's motel room door, Castiel's robe is open, and while we don't see anything, she clearly does. And it takes Cas about two minutes of them staring at each other in silence for him to realize what's going on.
    Castiel: I'm sensing awkwardness.

10x02 - Reichenbach

  • Crowley's sales pitch to Deanmon. Even funnier because he actually sounds like a real Viagra commercial.
    Crowley: So how you been feeling? On edge, pent-up, unfulfilled?
    Deanmon: You sound like a Viagra commercial, you know that, right?

  • Deanmon's drink order for Crowley:
    Deanmon: Two shots here, and he'll have something fancy with your tiniest umbrella.
    • And Crowley's face when the drink arrives. It doesn't just have a tiny umbrella; it is garnished with a plethora of brightly colored decorations...including a tiny pitchfork. His response: "Danke."

  • The entire conversation between Lester and Deanmon, the latter just clearly enjoying playing around with the stupid idiot:
    Deanmon: Listen—and this is Murder 101—when you hire someone to kill your wife, you don't want to be around when the hit goes down. It's called an "alibi."
    Lester: Yeah, I know what an alibi is. I watch Franklin & Bash.
    Deanmon: [clearly not knowing what that is] ...Super. Listen, man, you sold your soul for this crap so—
    Lester: It's not crap! It's my life. And she flushed it down the toilet.
    Deanmon: Les. I'm going to say something to you, and I need you to really listen to me. You're a loser. Your lady in there, she's a North Dakota eight and you're a four-and-a-half tops. Now I don't blame her for stepping out, especially if she found out you were messing around first.
    Lester: Oh no! I...I wasn't... [Deanmon just gives him a "Come on" look] How do you know?
    Deanmon: Well, you just got that pervy "I'd do anything to nail my secretary" look.
    Lester: Oh no, it's different when guys do it.
    Deanmon: [clearly amused] Really?
    Lester: Yeah. It's called "science." [throughout his entire speech, Deanmon radiates contempt and being sick of looking at him] Men aren't built for monogamy because of evolution. We're programmed to, you know, spread our seed.
    [Deanmon hits him—hard]
    Deanmon: Like I said, loser with a capital "L" rhymes with "you suck."
    Dean: And what are you gonna do, you gonna watch? Is that what you like to do Lester, watch? Well, watch this.
    [Dean stabs Lester with the First Blade, lightly smiling the entire time]

  • Castiel and the Little Girl, both a Crowning Moment of Funny and Heartwarming.
    Little Girl: Did you have a good dream?
    Castiel: Well, I, uh, I don't really dream.
    Little Girl: Why? One time I dreamed that my snot was a rocket and it shot into space and knocked down the stars to make room for more rockets!
    Castiel: That sounds like some very special snot.

  • Deanmon's fight with Cole when he not only says a famous line but actually puts on a bit of a Spanish accent for it.
    Deanmon: What did you think was going to happen, huh? You just stroll up here and say, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." And I'd just roll over?

  • The photo of Deanmon and Crowley wearing cowboy hats. True, it was seen during a sad moment, but still hilarious.

10x05 - Fan Fiction

  • Sam and Dean walking into the play and seeing Fake!Bobby and Fake!Cas, and the horror on their faces as they see Fake!Dean singing "I'm Big Brother Dean" and Dean's response "What the holy hell..."

  • Dean vehemently saying "There's no singing in Supernatural!" He's trying so hard to believe that.

  • Dean and Marie defending the song "Carry On Wayward Son" as a classic.

  • Sam actually enjoying the production values of the play, and Dean's absolutely epic Death Glare that makes him shut up.

  • Dean being uncomfortable about the Wincest subtext in the play, and the Destiel subtext as well. Lots of subtext. And Sam coming up with different names for Destiel, and wondering if Sastiel exists. It does.

  • The fanon ending to the play:
    Dean: You wrote your own ending, with spaceships.
    Marie: And robots, and some ninjas, and then Dean becomes a woman... It's just for a few scenes.

  • Dean's description of Seasons 6 and beyond:
    Dean: Alright, Shakespeare, you know that I can actually tell you what really happened with Sam and Dean. A friend of mine hooked me up with the unpublished-unpublished books. So Sam came back from Hell, but without his soul, and Cas brought in a bunch of Leviathans from Purgatory. They lost Bobby, and then Cas and Dean got stuck in Purgatory, Sam hit a dog. Uh, they met a prophet named Kevin, they lost him too. Then Sam underwent a series of trials in an attempt to close the Gates of Hell which nearly cost him his life. And Dean, he became a demon, a Knight of Hell actually.
    Marie: Wow.
    Dean: Yup.
    Marie: That is some of the worst fanfiction I have ever heard. I mean, seriously, where did your friend find this garbage? And not saying that ours is a masterpiece or anything, but jeez. I'll have to send you some links later.

  • Dean being very, very unimpressed by the "horrific" scarecrow prop, and later saying that "It needed to burn."

  • Dean quoting RENT:
    Dean: I know I have expressed some differences of opinion regarding this particular version of Supernatural. But tonight is all about Marie's vision. This is Marie's Supernatural. So I want you to get out there and I want you stand as close as she wants you to, and I want you to put as much sub into text as you possible can. There is no other road, no other way, no day but today.
    Maeve: Did he just quote Rent?
    Marie: Not enough to get us in trouble.

  • Both Sam and Dean thinking the BM, Brotherly Moment, scene means the Bowel Movement scene.

  • There's something funny on a meta level about Calliope, the Monster of the Week, being the one who sums up all the good points and true defense of the show...but even she can't stand Marie's fanon additions.
    Calliope: Oh gods, if I have to sit through that second act again...there's robots. And tentacles. In space. I can't even...

  • Sam and Dean sharing an Oh, Crap! look upon being reminded that their half-brother Adam is still in the cage with Lucifer, implying that they'd completely forgotten about him just like the fans suspected the writers had.

10x06 - Ask Jeeves

  • Sam calling the LaCroix family WASPS.

  • All of the Cluedo weapons that Dean and Sam pick up over the course of the episode: Lead pipe, wrench, knife, candlestick, revolver.

  • Beverly and Olivia hitting on Sam continuously throughout the episode, how uncomfortable Sam looks, and how amused Dean looks.

  • This exchange:
    Sam: We're not the bad guys, Dash.
    Dash: I beg to differ. You're wearing flannel.

10x07 - Girls, Girls, Girls

  • Dean's profile on a dating service: Impala67.
    • And the fact that the girl he picked up through it turns out to be a hooker.
    • And Dean's Code:
      Dean: No cash for ass.

  • The Oh, Crap! face that the Pimp Demon makes when he sees his girl's client is Dean Winchester.

  • Crowley being pissed that he's now in the sex trade:
    Crowley: So you and your half-wit pal threw me into the sex trade? I'm evil; that's just tacky.

  • Castiel staring when Hannah disrobes to take a shower, and his stammering "What are you doing?"

  • Cole's first demon calling him a "noob" was pretty funny.

  • Rowena taunting Crowley in his dungeon was a great moment, then it was stunning:
    Rowena: The king, at last. King of what, Lilliput? I mean, I heard you were short. Well, get to it. Time for the coup de grace, wee boy. Something the matter with you? Cat got your tongue? Meow.
    Crowley: [staring in shock] Mother?

10x08 - Hibbing 911

  • While posing as feds (again), Sam tells Dean not to be so defensive about his "pretend job".
    Dean: You know, this badge means something.
    Sam: I made it at Kinko's.

10x09 - The Things We Left Behind

  • Dean watching The Three Stooges and having a private moment with Sam's grilled cheese.

  • Claire's opinion of Season 4 Castiel. And Castiel insisting he wasn't that bad.
    Claire: You changed. The Castiel I met, he was crappy, like super stuck-up and dick and you just wanted to punch in his stupid angel face.

  • Dean's classification of an emergency:
    Dean: No Cas, an emergency is a dead body, okay, or a wigged-out angel, or the Apocalypse take three. Some chick bolting on you is no emergency, that's every Friday night for Sam.
    Sam: [Bitch Face]

  • Rowena weakly crying "FREEDOM!" after her cell mate calls her "Braveheart."

  • Crowley recounting his awful childhood, his odd problems with it, and dismissing his demon aide Gerald's moment of camaraderie:
    Crowley: She was a horrible mother. Did I tell you the time that she almost traded me for three pigs, three! I was an attractive child, I could juggle, I was worth five pigs, at least.
    Gerald: My Ma used to burn me with cigarettes.
    Crowley: Nobody cares, Gerald... Don't get me started about the name "Fergus." Sounds like venereal disease, and not the fun kind.

  • Rowena recounting Crowley's conception:
    Crowley: I didn't even have a father!
    Rowena: Of course you had a father. You were just conceived during a winter solstice orgy, and I wasn't taking names.

  • Dean and Claire's first exchange since Season 4:
    Dean: Whoa hey, Miley Cyrus, settle.
    Claire: Eat me, Hasselhoff.

  • This exchange between Cas and Dean about Claire:
    Castiel: Do you think Claire is in trouble?
    Dean: She's hanging out with a guy named "Randy," she's in trouble.

10x10 - The Hunter Games

  • Pretty much every exchange between Crowley and Rowena that lasts longer than one sentence:
    Rowena: You're soaked in the horror sweat. I haven't seen that since the plague years. Darling, what can I do?
    Crowley: Not a thing, you evil bitch.
    Rowena: "Not a thing, you evil bitch," mother.
    • Or:
      Rowena: Of course you recall the lovely lullaby I sang you nightly after you fed the goat.
      Crowley: You never sung me a lullaby; you dosed me with whiskey until I passed out.
      Rowena: Even then, I had a touch for pharmacology. Your mum was a prodigy.
      Crowley: Funny, not what I called you.

  • Crowley's response to Sam and Dean's request:
    Crowley: You want me to procure the most dangerous weapon on the planet for Dean Winchester, the man who goes mental every time he touches it? I thought you wanted to go for a beer, catch a film.

  • Sam and Metatron's brief exchange before Dean enters the room:
    Metatron: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on there, badass. Lighten up. Why do you just assume I won't help?
    Sam: Because you're a dickwad.
    Metatron: But I'm your dickwad.

10x12 - About a Boy

  • Dean and Sam interviewing the homeless guy who saw the first victim disappear, and his theory on what is happening:
    Bum: Look we all know what's going here, okay.
    Dean: Don't say it.
    Bum: Aliens.
    Dean: He said it.
    Sam: Yeah, he did.
    Bum: Dude was abducted believe me I know. May 2003, those suckers they grabbed me, and they probed me everywhere, and I'm talking everywhere.
    • And afterwards when dismissing options for the Monster of the Week, Dean wonders if that leaves them with "little green guys with a bottle of lube."

  • This conversation between Sam and Dean was hilarious:
    Sam: Not great. Turns out JP was about three days from getting evicted. His landlord said the guy blasted Neil Diamond 24/7, and that his bathroom was quote "like staring into the Devil's butt."
    Dean: That's...vivid.
    Sam: And accurate, I saw it.
    Dean: You saw the john or—
    Sam: Don't.

  • Pretty much everything about Dean's regression to a 14-year-old. He likes Taylor Swift, has acne again, can't drink or drive, and has lost all control of his penis ("I mean it's up, it's down, it's up for no reason").

  • This exchange:
    Tina: You know before, I thought you were just another drunk.
    Dean: I prefer functioning alcoholic.

  • Sam's shock at seeing Dean as a kid again and Dean's response to his queries: "Really, Sam, now? I got no grass on the infield and a girl's gonna to die."

  • Sam's look after a bystander mistakes de-aged Dean as his son.

  • When Sam and Dean are breaking back into the dungeon, they have this golden exchange as Dean tries to shimmy through the broken bars on the window:
    Sam: Dean, I'm way too big to fit in that.
    Dean: First time you ever had to say that, huh?
    Sam: [Epic Bitch Face] Big talk from the guy wearing Underoos.

  • Dean's response when he finds out that they are facing the Wicked Witch from Hansel and Gretel:
    Dean: Okay, we get to barbecue a celebrity, cool.

  • The Wicked Witch complaining about the AMBER alert and Dean's response: "I blame Obama."

10x13 - Halt and Catch Fire

  • Castiel has apparently discovered riverboat gambling.

  • Dean apologizing to Sam for taking him out of college after noticing how filled with co-eds the one they are in is.

  • Dean telling Sam that if he died and Sam "stunk [the Impala] up with taquitos," he would haunt and kill him.

  • Sam telling Dean that nothing ever actually gets deleted from the Internet, and Dean's subsequent uncomfortable look.

  • This exchange:
    Dean: Oh yeah, sure, Sammy, we'll just kill the Internet. Wait, can we?
    Sam: No, no, not really.

10x14 - The Executioner's Song

  • Sam apparently collects serial killer stats as a hobby, to which Dean says that real hobbies are "bass fishing and needle point."
    • Weirdly, Rowena agrees on that last one, as she's knitting in Crowley's court.

10x15 - The Things They Carried

  • Dean assuming Sam is looking at porn and asking him to not do it where they eat, then calling it "erotica" when Sam gets defensive.

10x16 - Paint It Black

  • Rowena giving a demon a second face on the back of his head because he annoyed her.
    • And that demon's exasperation over it:
      Two-Faced Demon: No one dares retaliate of course, and yes one expects to suffer in Hell. But I fear I have reached my limit, to wit [turns around to show a second face on the back of his head] I mean seriously.

  • Dean asking Sam if he thought Sister Matthias had a thing for him, and Sam telling Dean that she's married to Jesus.

  • The first half of Dean's confession when he's not taking it seriously. The second half is not so funny...

10x17 - Inside Man

  • The fact that Bobby's Heaven has a library which includes Tori Spelling biographies.

  • Sam's plan to see a movie and Dean's reaction:
    Sam: It's a French movie.
    Dean: You mean like nudie French?
    Sam: Even better. It's about a mime that's secretly a cockroach.
    Dean: [clearly weirded-out] I-I don't get it.
    Sam: Well, the New York Times said—

  • Crowley seeing Rowena naked:
    Rowena: Please, it's nothing you haven't seen before.
    Crowley: You're my mother, I don't want to see anything. I've been to Hell, thanks.

  • Rowena lying to Crowley about what she's doing:
    Rowena: You're right. I'm seeing someone. I'm a woman. I have desires, needs, and Trent is...
    Crowley: Trent? You're dating a...Trent?
    Rowena: He's an assistant manager at Biggerson's. He's not the brightest bulb, but he's so... [makes grabbing gesture] firm.
    Crowley: Please stop talking.

  • The psychic Oliver claiming that Castiel can't be an angel because he's an atheist and Sam's response:
    Oliver: Because I'm an atheist.
    Sam: Not anymore.

  • Bobby starting an uprising in Heaven with all the Bobby Singers in history.
    Angel: The Bobbys are fighting back. All hands, we need all hands. They're surly, I repeat the Bobbys are surly.

  • Crowley and Dean meeting in the bar is filled with funny moments from Crowley calling Dean "Squirrel" and Dean responding with "Boris. Where's Natasha?" and Dean's assessment of what has happened to both of them over the last few seasons:
    Crowley: Who's the liar now? She says I've gone soft.
    Dean: You have. What? Yeah, maybe it's all the human blood that Sammy pumped into you, you know? Maybe it's, uh...I don't know. I don't know. But the old Crowley, he would have come in here with hellhounds and demons, and he would have blown the roof off the joint. Now? You didn't want to fight. You wanted to talk. And maybe I've changed, too. Here I am playing Dr. Phil to the King of Hell. Never saw that coming.
    Crowley: Maybe we're getting old.
    Dean: Never saw that coming, either.

  • This first meeting between two returning characters:
    Bobby: This is the Scribe of God? He looks like a Fraggle.
    Metatron: I'm gonna take that as a compliment. That was an excellent program.

10x18 - Book of the Damned

  • Dean's normal idea of a vacation being "a weekend in Vegas or sitting in some crap motel watching pay-per-porn."

  • Castiel and Metatron's "incident" in a truck stop bathroom. Let's never speak of it again.

  • Castiel and Charlie meeting for the first time is very funny, firstly Charlie meeting a real angel and her response is "I thought you'd be shorter." And Castiel healing Charlie's carpal tunnel, which she claims now makes them best friends.

10x19 - The Werther Project

  • Dean saving Sam's sac from getting shot to pieces.

  • After taking out an entire vampire nest on his own, a pretty damn impressive feat, what does Dean want to do?
    Dean: You know what, man, I'm sweaty, I'm covered in vamp juice, can we talk about this later? I'd like to get back to the Bunker and get my buzz on and pass out watching Speed 2: Cruise Control.

10x21 - Dark Dynasty

  • Everyone Sam goes to get help from lampshading how things NEVER go well when the Winchesters keep secrets from each other and do things without informing the other.

10x22 - The Prisoner

10x23 - Brother's Keeper

  • While the context of the meeting is another trope, it is hilarious how Dean went to the trouble of making an entire buffet as an offering to Death before summoning him, especially considering Death's warning from last time. Even when the Mark is driving him mad, Dean is still wary of Death.

  • If you choose to believe a certain theory, then Dean killed Death by accident.

  • Granted, it's during a tense scene, the fact that the episode ends with Dean and Sam's attempt to escape the oncoming Darkness in the Impala is thwarted by a pothole of all things.

    Season 11 
  • From the official CW Season 11 trailer after a montage of Nightmare Fuel inducing hints of the Darkness we end with Dean answering his phone with a completely deadpan "Ghostbusters".
    • Also Crowley, for some reason dressed like a priest, offering commentary on the new Big Bad:
      Crowley: The Darkness—terrible name by the way.

11x01 - Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

  • Dean's opinion of The Darkness and her knowledge of 21st-century Earth:
    Dean: Well, we know what she looks like, we know that she's evil. Question is, what does she know? She's been locked away since the beginning of time. Does she even know what a cheeseburger is?

  • Dean's response when Jenna asks the brothers to "show some skin":
    Dean: What is this, a Magic Mike moment?

  • Crowley's temporary meatsuit being a suburban housewife whose husband has set up an orgy with their best friends for her. An orgy that Crowley still takes part in before killing them all as fuel for a spell.

  • Dean asking Castiel if he can tell them how "DEFCON-Screwed" they are with The Darkness free.

  • Dean's assessment of the situation in the hospital;
    Jenna: [on Dean planning to kill the Rabids] This is madness.
    Dean: [points outside to the infected] No, that is madness. [gestures to his arsenal] This-this is horse sense.

  • Dean lampshading what is obviously going to happen after they spare the infectee Mike Schneider:
    Dean: Oh yeah, that isn't going to come back and bite us in the ass.

11x02 - Form and Void

  • Sam praying in the hospital's chapel, asking for a sign. He gets silence for a bit, then a clearly painful vision of himself strapped into various torture-y appliances. He collapses and seems slightly less-than-enlightened by the vision.

11x03 - The Bad Seed

  • Rowena's Large Ham attempts to recruit for a "Mega Coven" are met with hilariously lukewarm receptions (at least until she gets out the Book of the Damned). At one point, Rowena tries to earn credibility by boasting that she killed her son, the King of Hell, only to learn that Crowley is alive and made a deal with a potential recruit's friend only the previous day.
  • A nameless angel mook and a nameless demon mook meet at a bar to have a drink and complain about their bosses and about how the little guy gets no respect.
    Demon: Power to the people, my friend.
    Angel: Well, not actually people.
    Demon: You know what I mean.
  • The Winchesters interrogation of a would-be Mega Coven recruit on the run from demon assassins is Played for Laughs. Particularly funny is Dean winking as he brags about what his fake badge lets him do, and the witch calling herself "nobody's third cousin who doesn't even get invited to dinner."

11x04 - Baby

  • The entire episode, shot from the POV of the Impala, is just a huge moment of Funny, Awesome, and Heartwarming all at once. How many other shows have had an entire episode from the point of view of a car after all?

  • Sam calling the bar they visit a dive that "even Swazye wouldn't visit" and Dean telling him to never use Swayze's name in vain, then revealing that he picked it because a one-night stand from years ago (who he texted recently and did not reply back) frequents it. He comes back to the car the next morning, looking rough, and collapses into the front seat, saying "mistakes were made. Mm-hmm!"
    • Even funnier when Sam, who decides to go to a diner to check some lore instead, is the one who gets laid. In the Impala, no less. Dean is suitably impressed and congratulates him on no longer being a virgin.

  • Sam telling Castiel to relax and watch some Netflix, then Cas's confusion about what Netflix is. Later on, we see he has been binge-watching Orange Is the New Black and doesn't get the title.
    Dean: Step away from the Netflix.
    Cas: Sorry.
    Dean: It's okay. We've all had a binge.

  • The fact that a valet carjacked Baby and drove her around in a parking lot doing donuts, and Dean will never know. He'd probably have a heart attack or hunt the two teenage girls who did it.

  • Castiel calling Dean with info on the Monster of the Week, info that he figures out mid-call is wrong because that particular monster only kills during a solar eclipse, and continuing to talk while Dean is busy fighting Deputy Donnelly.
    • Followed by Dean's various attempts to kill it. Silver bullets knock it down, then Dean beheads it and the head lands on the Impala's windshield. Dean sits back down to talk to Castiel some more, then sees the head is still alive. He reaches over and hits the windshield wipers. Then to secure the head, he dumps out the beer cooler and puts the head inside, sending Castiel a picture.
      Dean: [to the disembodied head] Smile, asshat.
      • The victim's wife spots the head in the cooler.
        Dean: Ah, I can explain that. [Beat as he thinks about it] Or maybe not.

  • After the Monster of the Week is finally dead, Dean gets back into the Impala and touches his neck, where the now-cured woman riding in the passenger seat had bitten him. He gives her a momentary glare and she looks guilty.

  • At the end of the episode, Dean declares that they're going to defeat Amara. The Impala is half-wrecked and both boys have had the crap beaten out of them.
    Dean: You and I? We're gonna end this thing now.
    Sam: [looks a little unsettled] You mind starting tomorrow?

11x06 - Our Little World

  • Castiel has moved on from The Wire to Jenny Jones.
    Castiel: [referring to the man the Daddy DNA Test revealed] Jenny, he is not ready to be a father.

  • Crowley grounding Amara for sneaking out and consuming souls. That's right, the King of Hell grounds the Darkness, an ancient force that's most likely far more powerful than Crowley. What makes it funnier is how it inevitably bites Crowley in his pompous ass near the end (see further down).
    • He later tries to offer her a snack. Amara says she isn't hungry and is more interested in what she's currently studying: "Nonsensical slogans attached to idiotic pictures of domestic animals", in her own words.
      Crowley: Excuse me?
      Amara: Memes.

  • While attending a meeting about how the amount of people selling their souls has been decreasing, Crowley is sneakily reading a book on understanding rebellious teens in order to relate with Amara.

  • While he's about to kill an immobilized Dean, Crowley says that "fatherhood changes a man"...right before he gets bopped upside his head by Amara, complete with the funniest stunned expression one can hope to see. An absolutely priceless Break the Haughty moment for the King of Hell.

11x07 - Plush

11x08 - Just My Imagination

  • Just Dean's fantastic "is this really happening?" reaction to the entire "imaginary friends getting murdered" plot.

  • Dean and Sam check out one murdered Zanna, Sully letting them see the bloody crime scene. The girl's mother enters to clean up, completely unaware she's stepping over a murdered body and in blood. She wipes at her face, unaware of the blood streaking it that Dean and Sam see as they stammer to figure out how to react.

  • Dean reacting to Sully wanting to clean up the body of a mermaid Zanna.
    Dean: What do you want to do? Find a giant toilet and flush it?

11x10 - The Devil in the Details

  • Rowena's Christmas nightmare in the opening. Crowley is dressed in pajamas and acting like an excited little boy while Rowena is dressed up like a reindeer, complete with red nose and antlers along with a dour expression.
    • After Lucifer enters dressed as Santa Claus, Crowley elatedly says "Santa!"

  • Sam's voicemail:
    Dean: Sam can't talk right now, 'cause he's busy waxing, like, everything. But leave a message if...
    Sam: What are you doing with my phone? Dean come on. (BEEP)

  • When they're reliving Sam's memory of the big showdown in the Season 5 finale, Lucifer says that he still doesn't understand Castiel's famous "assbutt" line.

  • In a strange way, Lucifer calling out Sam for settling down with Amelia in between Seasons 7 and 8. For one moment here, it seems as if Lucifer is genuinely disappointed with Sam for doing that. Also, the fact that Satan, of all people, is calling Sam out for that makes it even funnier.

  • Lucifer's future plans when Amara is defeated:
    Sam: Let's say you gank her, then what?

  • After having the witchcatcher strapped around her neck and Crowley orders her to hop on one leg so they can be sure it works, Rowena insists she will not do so...but obeys mid-sentence.

  • Lucifer summing up the status of the original group that fought and defeated Amara:
    Lucifer: Okay, you don't like me. I get it. Sometimes I don't like me either. But Gabriel and Raphael are dead; God went out for a pack of smokes and never came back; and Michael...well, let's just say prison life hasn't really agreed with Michael. These days, he's usually sitting in a corner singing show tunes and touching himself.

  • After teleporting Dean and Castiel into the Cage and Castiel draws his knife, Lucifer stops him and says that moments like this are all about ambiance. Luci then snaps his fingers and Tavares' "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" starts playing. Dean and Castiel take a moment to give one another splendid "WTF?" looks before commencing their battle with the Devil.

11x11 - Into the Mystic

  • Eileen manages to think that Dean and Sam are banshees...due to her misreading their lips...

  • Eileen and Mildred taking dibs on Dean and Sam in sign language, with Sam right there in the room.

11x12 - Don't You Forget About Me

  • We've finally found the one thing that can make Sam and Dean Winchester run away in fear: Watching Jodi give Alex "The Talk." The two are almost entirely silent in spite of Jodi's looks to them for support.

11x13 - Love Hurts

  • The look on Melissa's face after Dean kisses her is pretty priceless.

  • After coming home from a Valentine's Day hookup, Dean goes over to the fridge, pulls out a container of Chinese takeout, gives it a sniff, then, after a moment of contemplation, takes a bite. A second later, he spits it out in disgust.

11x14 - The Vessel

  • Lucifer returning to the Bunker, dripping wet, while still pretending to be Castiel after being unable to enter the submarine with Dean due to protective sigils.

11x15 - Beyond the Mat

  • The boys' reactions during the wrestling match are wildly amusing to watch.

  • Sam meeting his Celeb Crush, Rio.
    Sam: Sorry. Uh...wrong place. It's just y-you were my...first crush.
    Rio: Ah. You weren't one of those guys that had my poster above his bed, were you?
    Sam: What? No.

  • Dean going into the ring when no one's around, and bouncing himself off the ropes and rolling around. Made better when Rio catches him, and he just tumbles off the ropes when exiting the ring.

11x16 - Safe House

  • Rufus acting like a full on Grumpy Old Man to a Nosy Neighbour and Bobby's incredulous reaction to it.
    Neighbor: I'm in charge of the neighborhood watch here sir, I would like to know what this official business is your here about.
    Rufus: It's officially none of your damn business ma'am!
    (Woman looks offended Bobby turns to Rufus after they walk away)
    Bobby: Were you ever nice?
    Rufus: 1985. Worst year of my life.
  • Dean frustratingly wondering if there's an easier way to dig graves. Cue Bobby digging up a grave with a mechanical digger.

11x18 - Hell's Angel

  • Lucifer's sales pitch to Heaven.
    Lucifer: Alright, not giddy with awe.
    Angel: You...exploded Jophiel.
    Lucifer: Or...did Jophiel explode himself? Just saying.

  • Lucifer starts ranting on the evils of mankind.
    Angel: Humanity is God's greatest creation.
    Lucifer: Oh, come on! It's not like it's a Prius, which actually works.

11x19 - The Chitters

  • This golden bit of Sam chastising Dan for staying up the entire night is one for its sheer Narm-iness:
    Sam: Dude, you even move since last night?
    Dean: Sleeping is the new smoking.
    Sam: What? No, it's not. It's sitting. Sitting is the new smoking.
    Dean: That can't be right.

  • After they learn that the victim and her friends where high on marijuana during the attack, which made the local police skeptical:
    Dean: Weed alone doesn't conjure up that kind of scenario. Isn't that right, Sam?
    Sam: Dude, I was 19. It was college. It was probably oregano anyway.

  • Sam's opinion about Dean's naming of the unnamed Bisan:
    Sam: We're not actually going to go with "junkless" on this, are we?

  • The questioning of the wife of a previous victim, Etta Fraser:
    Etta: Well, when Pete went missing and we found out about the women, my grandma said that he "got the chitters." According to her, once a generation around the spring equinox, people in town start going nuts, have orgies, copulating in the woods. And then they disappear, never to be heard from again.
    Dean: Well, that's certainly one explanation for Pete.
    [Etta gives him a look]
    • And:
      Etta: Gran said that if you got the chitters, you get so revved up with lust that your eyes would shine like emeralds.
    • After the above dialogue, Etta throws a hopeful Female Gaze at Sam, who is confused for a moment before he realizes he has green eyes. He gives a painful grin while Dean chuckles.
    • Also this exchange:
      Sam: Is that... Is that white sage?
      Etta: Mm. Yeah, you know your herbs. [smiles flirtatiously while Dean and Sam exchange awkward looks]

11x20 - Don't Call Me Shurley

  • Dean ironing Sam's shirt and squirting some beer on it. Moments later, after Dean hands him the shirt and walks out, Sam sniffs the shirt and calls after his brother "Dude, quit ironing my shirts with beer!"

  • Chuck/God chatting to Metatron about his cat blog. And snapchat. And guitar skills.

  • Chuck/God mentions he's working on another series: Revolution. Sadly, it's not doing so well.

11x21 - All In The Family

  • Sam fanboying over meeting Chuck/God, as well as some of the questions he wanted to ask him, which included "why the planets are round" and "why he created ears."
  • At the bunker, Chuck asks if the Winchesters have any bacon. Yes, the God of the Israelites dines on swine. Somewhere, Aaron Bass' Golem is eating his words.

11x22 - We Happy Few

  • Lucifer acting like a bratty teenager after Chuck/God nullifies his powers and locking himself in Sam's room, playing rock music. Looks like Death was completely right about him.
    • The fact Sam and Dean are clearly aware of how ludicrous this situation is just adds to the comedy.
      Sam: Lucifer! You know, at some point in time, you're going to have to come out...and talk to...God...
      Dean: It's like the worst episode of Full House ever...
      Lucifer: [from Sam's room] If Dad has something to say to me, then I'll hear it from him. Until then, I'll be in my room!
      Dean: It's not your room!
      Sam: It's MY room!

  • Sam and Dean acting as family counselors would be hilarious as is, but the fact they're doing it to Chuck AKA God and Lucifer makes it hysterical.
    • Dean tells Chuck/God that apologizing isn't about being right and remarking that he doesn't mean it whenever he tells Sam he's sorry, prompting a look from Sam.
      • Followed by Chuck/God going "Okay, enough from the peanut gallery" and zapping the Brothers Winchester to the upper level.

  • Chuck/God flirting with Rowena of all people, saying she's one of his guilty pleasures. Rowena's and Crowley's reactions afterwards are also pretty hilarious.

11x23 - Alpha and Omega

  • Castiel is back:
    Crowley: Well, that was a dog's breakfast, wasn't it?

  • Dean imitating Rowena's Scottish accent after expressing doubt over the plan to create the Soul Bomb to defeat Amara.
    Dean: [Scottish accent] "It's a Book of the Damned spell, boyos. Take this wee crystal. It'll suck up all the blimey ghosts. Just say the magic word."

  • Chuck/God and Rowena continuing to flirt.
    Crowley: I'm so glad the world is ending.
    • Crowley gets his back when he and Billie trade flirty glances, much to everyone else's surprise.

  • The fact that, while Dean is trying to carry out the plan to kill Amara, Sam, Rowena, Castiel, Chuck/God, and Crowley spend most of the episode...hanging out at a bar. The situation alone is funny given how things normally go between these characters.

    Season 12 
12x01 - Keep Calm and Carry On
  • Mary reunites with the Impala and spends a few minutes just looking on the inside. Dean's face is priceless when he realizes that she's looking at the backseat. Where he was probably conceived.

12x02 - Mamma Mia

  • Lucifer's new vessel? Rick Springfield. (Okay, it's actually him playing the character Vince Vincete, but come on.)

  • Mary attempting to use modern technology:
    Mary: We should call the internet and find out as much as we can about these people.
    Sam: ...
    Dean: ...
    Mary: Did I say that right?
    Dean: So close.
    Sam: Yeah, it was, close.

  • Mary brings take-out, saying "I'd cook but...I don't." When Dean talks about her amazing meatloaf, she confesses it was from a take-out place all along.

12x03 - The Foundry

  • Mary cuts her hair shorter, saying that long hair is easy to grab in a fight. Dean comments that he's been telling Sam that for years.

  • Castiel hasn't quite gotten the hang of fake FBI names, as his is "Agent Beyoncé".
    Crowley: Well, I guess that makes me Agent Jay-Z.
    • Mary has it a bit better as she introduces herself as "Special Agent Shirley Partridge" with Sam and Dean Agents "Cassidy and Bonaduche."

  • Castiel pausing on the way to interrogate the sister of Lucifer's current vessel to fix his hair.

  • Castiel mocking Crowley when it appears he only wants to track down Lucifer out of concern for Rowena (which Crowley vehemently denies).

  • Sam states his belief that Mary is only diving into hunting in order to avoid processing her feelings. When Dean asks how he can be certain, Sam merely points out that they've got years of personal experience on that subject.

12x04 - American Nightmare

  • Dean's incredulity at finding out Castiel and Crowley are working together:
    Dean: One's an angel, one's a demon... and they solve crimes.

  • Dean and Sam debating the merits of the music of Vince Vincete.

  • When the religious mother asks the boys if they "know God", Dean quips "Yeah, we're besties."

12x05 - The One You've Been Waiting For

  • Dean knocking over a model ship in the antique shop.

  • After the brothers see Ellie being kidnapped, Dean says "We gotta follow that car" and notes he's always wanted to say that.

  • After Christoph pulls into a garage:
    Ellie: Why are you doing this to me? Please. Okay, look, look, I-I will give you whatever you want. Okay? I-I don't really have any money, but my grandparents left me stocks. Just–just, please, tell me what's going on.
    Christoph: Oh, my God. Do you ever shut up?

  • Christoph calls his father, Commandant Nauhaus, as he searches the SUV for keys.
    Christoph: Father. Yes, I have her. I'm here now. It's all locked. That is not fair. You know, I try with you. I really do. But you expect me to be a mind reader and it's exhausting.
    Christoph: Father, I gotta go. [hangs up]
    Dean: Well, family drama's a bitch, ain't it?

  • During the brothers' interrogation of Christoph:
    Christoph: The watch, it's like a... It's like a horcrux.
    Sam: It's a Harry Potter thing.
    Dean: Oh, you would know that.

  • Nauhaus's disdainful enunciation of "millennials" as he harps at Christoph for telling the Winchesters about the Thule's plans.

  • Hitler being a cartoonishly over-the-top Large Ham, whom even the Thule members are uncomfortable around.
    • After the resurrection takes place:
      Hitler: [suddenly jumping from the gurney] Whoo-hoo-hoo! Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo! Ha-ha! [screaming and laughing] Hans? [in German] You look great, Wolfgang. How's the wife?
      [Wolfgang stares at him]
      Hitler: [in German] Oh, I guess she's probably dead. Oh. [laughs, to another man] Come here, handsome! Come, come. Come! [inhales deeply as he hugs him] Mm!
    • And this:
      Hans: What shall we do with her, Fuhrer?
      Hitler: Take the rest of her blood, then give her to the dogs.
      Hans: But, Fuhrer, we have no dogs.
      Hitler: THEN GET SOME!!!!
    • "I love doggies. Woof, woof, woof."
    • Hitler marveling about his smartphone:
      Hitler: It's like having a tiny Goebbels in my pocket! I sold ten million copies of Mein Kampf. What do you think I can do with Twitter?
    • "WHERE'S MY PLANE?!"

  • Dean getting a grenade launcher to use against the Thules, but Sam refuses to let him use it.

  • The Winchesters getting caught by the Thule while they sneak into their hideout.

  • Dean asking Hitler if his new body comes with two testicles, which the Fuhrer confirms.

  • "Heil this!"

  • Christoph asking what he's supposed to do now that the rest of the Thule are after him. Dean suggests hiding in Buffalo because "No one goes to Buffalo."

  • Dean spends the whole stinger crowing about how he killed Hitler.
    Sam: I'm never gonna hear the end of this, am I?
    Dean: Probably not.

12x06 - Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

  • Dean is still bragging about the previous episode.
    Dean: I killed Hitler.
    Jody: ...Thank you?
    Dean: You're welcome.

  • Dean is astounded Jody watches "chick flick" movies.
    • Then Sam tells Jody that Dean watches Hentai.

  • One of the other hunters is a massive Sam fanboy, much to his confusion and discomfort.

12x07 - Rock Never Dies

  • Dean and Sam's debate over Vince Vincente's music rears its ugly head again, culminating in Sam declaring "You know what, I'm done apologizing" (a line that wouldn't be out of place during Dean and Sam's past arguments over trust and stuff) and turning up Vince's music out of spite.
  • Right before breaking an electric guitar over Lucifer, Castiel gives his standard war cry for facing down an Archangel: "Hey, Assbutt!"

12x08 - LOTUS

  • The perfect summary of Crowley and Rowena's relationship: He makes her Jerkass "latest fiancee" explode, and Rowena, coated in blood, calls it the "sweetest thing you've ever done for me."

  • Kelly's stunned reaction to finding out the truth has a few laughs:
    Rowena: Look, it's all very simple. I'm a witch, he's an angel...
    Crowley: And I'm the King of Hell.
    Kelly: Oh, God.
    Castiel: No, actually, He left.

  • Dean enjoys Ketch's use of a grenade launcher a bit too much.

12x09 - First Blood

  • Castiel's new voicemail:
    Castiel: This is my voicemail. Make your voice a mail.

12x10 - Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

  • Following their latest argument, Dean and Cas have have been giving each other the silent treatment. This leaves Sam in the unhappy position of playing mediator between his brother and an angel of the Lord.
    Sam: You talk to Cas yet?
    Dean: No.
    Sam: So, what, you're just gonna keep walking past each other in the kitchen, not saying a word?
    Dean: Maybe.
  • This leads to some awkwardness in the Impala when the three of them have to drive to their latest case.
    Sam: (trying to break the silence) All right, who wants music?
    Dean: I'm good.
    Sam: (incredulous) You? (scoffs) Okay.
  • Sam eventually convinces Cas to explain what is going on.
    Cas: (sighs) What do you want to know?
    Dean: Oh, he speaks.
    Sam: (utterly fed up) Enough.
    Cas: (scowls at Dean)
  • Dean and Cas arguing Like an Old Married Couple, with Dean snarking at Cas, and then nearly crashing the car when Cas sasses him back.
    Dean: Wow, this Benjamin seems like he's pretty cool, you know. Like he wouldn't make any half-cocked, knee-jerk choices.
    Cas: Yeah, you know what I like about him? Is that he's sarcastic, but he's thoughtful and appreciative, too.
    Dean: (whips around on his seat to look at Cas) Now what is that supposed to mean?
    Cas: (tilts head and smirks at Dean's reaction)
    Sam: (to Dean) Okay, okay, the road, road. Dude, watch the road.
    Dean: (facing front again) I got it.
  • Cas goes to the meeting with fellow angels Ishim and Mirabel alone, ignoring Dean's protests.
    Cas: If I plan to do anything else stupid, I'll let you know.
    • Ishim pouring half a dozen packs of sugar in his coffee. And then tossing a large wad of dollar bills on the counter, which Dean briefly considers nabbing.

12x11 - Regarding Dean

  • When his memory starts failing, Dean compares himself to DORY.
    Sam: Dory?
    Dean: I'm not apologizing for loving that fish. Not to you, not to anyone.

  • Considering Dean's habit of smashing lamps, the fact that lamps are among the first things he forgets seems rather appropriate.

  • While at the hotel, Dean suddenly goes missing, much to Sam's worry. What seems like a tense moment is negated as it turns out that Dean went to get ice from the ice machine...and then promptly forgot what room he was in prior.

  • While it's part of a tense reveal, Mood Whiplash is always appreciated:
    Rowena: [Dean]'s already begun to forget himself, everyone he's ever known, ever loved. Even you. Soon, he'll forget how to speak, how to swallow, and then...Dean Winchester's going to die.

  • Apparently, either Sam or Rowena didn't have much faith that Dean would remain in the Impala (even with a post-it telling him to stay put), since when Dean gets out and opens the trunk, a series of post-its are marked on the weapons stashed inside, telling him which ones to use and which ones not to use.
    • One of the post-it notes that Dean finds in the trunk of the Impala is on the grenade launcher. It simply reads "NO."

  • During the climax, we have Dean's smug-ass smirk as he shows Cat the "Witch-Killing Bullets" bullets post-it note before shooting her dead. As a plus, she simply scoffs and turns away from Dean, not buying it.

  • After Cat goes down, Sam and Boyd appear on the staircase, Sam holding him at gunpoint. Only problem? Dean doesn't remember who Sam is, and thus doesn't know who to shoot.
    Sam: [as Dean aims at Sam; worried] No, no, no! [points at self] Brother! [points at Boyd] Witch!
    Dean: [shoots Boyd dead, then smiles at Sam and gives a thumb's up]

12x12 - Stuck In The Middle (With You)

  • Mary actually acting like a mother when the rest of the group is bickering at lunch.

  • The whole lunch sequence is hilarious, and definitely written by someone who's been at lunch with a group of vaguely repressed men.

  • Dean trying to help Castiel pick up a waitress. Wally then joins in, and they list the fact that waitresses "smell like food" as a reason to date them. Sam doesn't understand why that's a good thing.

  • Wally, who is new to hunting, keeps getting gobsmacked by some of the Winchesters' stories.

  • Mary's phone contact for the British Men of Letters reads "Hobbits".

12x13 - Family Feud

  • The very Camp Gay way Lucifer says "Cozy!" as he talks about his new surroundings in Hell.

  • When Dean calls Crowley to ask for a favor:
    Crowley: You...need... You? Turns out beneath the whole "moron" facade, you and your brother are, in fact, morons!

  • After Lucifer finds out that Crowley has a son:
    Lucifer: Oh my Dad. I love that. You and I—both single fathers. I could use a little dad advice right now. When do you let them date?

  • Dagon, one of the remaining Princes of Hell, telling Kelly "Come with me if you want to live" after saving her from two angels trying to kill her. Irony abounds.

  • After he learns the brothers tricked him into coming so he could help them, Gavin calls "Help!" at a random bystander.

  • At the end, after Mary reveals to Dean and Sam that she's been working with the British Men of Letters, she tells an upset Dean "Don't give me that face."

12x15 - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

  • After he and Sam return to the Bunker, Dean holds up a weapon as he comments about how their dad would've loved it. The weapon in question? Lucille from The Walking Dead.

  • Sam squicking about Dean being covered in blood and gore, and insisting that Dean take a shower before heading out.

  • While Castiel is following up on Kelly Kline's whereabouts, he talks to the former employer of a woman who served as a vessel to one of the angels Dagon killed. The man is a Conspiracy Theorist who believes Kelly and Dagon were alien lizards. Like Queen Elizabeth II.

  • A gagged Lucifer visibly being bored out of his skull by Crowley's two mooks making their demands to him.
    • While one of the demons is making demands that Lucifer will fulfill upon being freed, the other demon is a diehard Lucifer loyalist and says he wants to make Hell great again, to which his fellow demon gives him a look, and Lucifer just nods in agreement.

  • When Lucifer finally gets free and kills one of the mooks, the other mook tells the Devil to take his life. Lucifer then replies he just "made it weird," pauses, then kills the mook.

  • Sam's phone contact for Mick Davies? "Frodo." Like mother, like son.

12x16 - Ladies Drink Free

  • Dean griping about Mick being late...just as Mick arrives and apologizes for being late.

  • After Mick tells the boys it's best not to dwell on the death of the Alpha Vampire:
    Dean: Wow, that is some world-class repression. You are British.
    Mick: We prefer to call it a "stiff upper lip."

  • Sam comparing Kendricks, the British Men of Letters' academy, to Hogwarts, which Mick confirms.
    • Sam expressing interest that Kendricks has a treasure of occult lore and turning to look at Dean, who gives his brother a dour, un-enthused look.

  • Dean pointing out that Mick is going to get himself killed in the field just as Mick walks up and says he heard that, to which Dean retorts "Good."
    • Dean then tells Sam he's babysitting Mick.

  • Dean's annoyance with Mick listening to a podcast on werewolves as they drive in the Impala.
    • Also the look he gives Sam when Sam mentions he's been wanting to listen to said podcast.

  • Dean tossing his keys to Sam as he follows Mick into the three-star hotel that Mick checked them into. And promptly taking two fistfuls of mints from the nearby bowl.
    • On that note, Mick apologizes for only finding a three-star hotel, acting as if that's the worst thing he could've found. Keep in mind the types of hotels Dean and Sam usually frequent...

  • Dean implying he swam in the swimming pool...naked.

  • Dean calling Claire and putting on a Canadian accent followed by a Yogi Bear impression.
    Dean: [Canadian accent] Oh, thank God. There's a bear. Uh, it's the size of a freaking tank! [imitating Yogi Bear] I think it wants my pic-a-nic basket!

  • Dean handing Claire the hotel menu and telling her "It's on Harry Potter," referring to Mick.

12x17 - The British Invasion

  • Eileen is recounting her confrontation with Dermott Culp.
    Dermott: Hunter.
    Eileen: [pulls out knife] Demon.

12x19 - The Future

12x21 - There's Something About Mary

  • Dean trying to get in touch with Ketch.
    Dean: Ketch, calling to see if my Mom's with you. [beat] It's Dean. [beat] Winchester. [beat] Because I'd like to speak to her, that's why. [beat] No, I'm not being terse. Look, if you haven't seen her, do you know where she is? [beat] No, I'm not being curt, either. Look, I don't have time for Manners 101 from you, okay? If she's with you, I wanna know about it. [beat] Fine. [hangs up] Such a dick.

  • Crowley chewing out one of his subordinates.
    Crowley: How many times do I have to repeat myself? Find me Kelly Kline! As a concept, it's ridiculously simple, as are you!
    Demon: Please don't yell. I'm trying.
    Crowley: "I'm trying." Well, try harder! As if your almost-life depended on it.
    Demon: Yes, my King.
    Crowley: Bear down. What do you know?
    Demon: We know Dagon is dead and can't protect Kelly.
    Crowley: Which makes your task even easier.
    Demon: We know Lucifer's son is almost due.
    Crowley: Which makes your task more crucial.
    Demon: We know we don't know how powerful he'll be when born.
    Crowley: Which makes you an idiot.
    Demon: I know that, too.

  • Lucifer's line to Drexl after the demon tells him he's still under Crowley's control:
    Lucifer: Okay, if it's at minimum power, and I'm at maximum power, I'll roll the dice, man.

  • Lucifer asking Crowley if he knows a good Pilates class after getting free. And that's only the tip of the iceberg that is the following example.

  • Lucifer's revenge on Crowley after getting free is hilarious AND awesome. It starts with Lucifer making Crowley do all kinds of silly things as the King of Hell pontificates, then Crowley notices something is very wrong, at which point Luci stands up, calls Crowley "Kermit the Frog," and makes him hop on his feet. Crowley then tries to BS his way out of trouble before deciding to make a break for the door...only for Lucifer to telekinetically send him crashing through the door. Lucifer pulls this trick a second time, causing Crowley to fall before his servants; he then steps out, goes "Eight ball, corner pocket!", and sends Crowley flying against a pillar.

  • As Dean and Sam enter the Bunker with a captive Toni, Dean demands that Toni call Ketch and tell him to get "his prissy ass" to the Bunker. Then:
    Ketch: [standing in the Bunker] Interestingly, his 'prissy ass' is already here.

12x22 - Who We Are

  • When the Winchesters and Toni decide to try using magic to escape from the sealed Bunker, they find a spell that requires virgin blood. Dean then looks at Toni who, after a moment, replies "Not even close."

  • Dean and Sam decide to "Shawshank this bitch" (that is, chip their way out of the Bunker). Dean takes the first swing and ends up getting concrete in his eye, at which point Sam suggests goggles.

  • Toni complaining about Dean and Sam's plan to blast their way out of the Bunker using Dean's grenade launcher, calling the brothers "Action movie-loving, cheeseburger-eating, moronic American lunatics."

  • Dean commenting on how long he's waited to use his grenade launcher, and going "Yippee ki-yay, mother—" as he fires the weapon.

  • When the boys arrive at Jody's house, they find Jody holding an ice pack to her face and ask where Mary is. Jody simply points to Mary tied to a chair.

  • Dean downing a glass of alcohol as Alex goes to get him something for the pain from his leg injury and telling her "Make it a double."

12x23 - All Along the Watchtower

  • Kelly's brief phone conversation as she tries to put together a baby cradle.
    Kelly: [looking up at the ceiling] God, please... I need help...
    Kelly: [sighs deeply] Are you, Sven? Because if you ask me if I have the quarter-inch Allen wrench one-one more time, I am going to come down there and burn your giant Viking junkyard of a store to the ground! Do you understand?!
    Sven: Are you sure it wasn't in the box?
    Kelly: [sighs, throws her phone to the side] God!

  • This gem from Dean:
    Dean: Okay, let me just get this straight. So, [clears throat] we beat the Brits, we kicked their psycho, tea-swilling asses, and instead of popping champagne and headin' to Vegas, we get Lucifer.

  • Lucifer responding to the Winchesters' attempts to contact Rowena is one fine picture of the Devil's menace, but it does have a few comedic gems.
    • Lucifer's Insult Backfire to Sam during his phone call.
      Sam: Go to Hell.
      Lucifer: Ooh! Good one. Witty. I'll use that in the future.
    • When Dean gets on the phone and starts to threaten the Archangel:
      Lucifer: [waving like a girl] Oh, hey, Dean!
    • And the very casual way Lucifer remarks that the guys are gonna do "whatever you're gonna try."

  • Castiel buying a ridiculous amount of diapers because, according to the 74 books he read on child-rearing, they all agree that "everybody poops."

  • Crowley suddenly appearing in the Bunker with his trademark "Hello, boys" greeting, only for Dean to deck him right in the face, sending him falling backwards in his chair.

  • As Dean has Ruby's knife at Crowley's throat, Sam protests, causing Dean and Mary to ask "Seriously?"
    Sam: Look, just don't kill him. He worked the Cage spell with Rowena. Maybe he can help us.
    Mary: And what if he can't?
    Sam: Well, then we kill him.

  • Crowley just sitting and enjoying a glass of Scotch while the Winchesters search for signs of the birth of Lucifer's son.
    Crowley: This is what you do when I'm not here? Type?
    Dean: Yep.

  • Apparently, Castiel took an online doula class.

  • Dean's comment after Castiel shows him and Sam the space-time tear and Sam remembers the French Mistake universe.
    Dean: Oh, yeah. The supernatural wasn't real. And you were Polish.

  • When Castiel expresses confidence that Lucifer's son will close the portal:
    Castiel: I have faith.
    Dean: Really? In your unborn baby-God?
    Castiel: Yes.
    Dean: Well, then you're a dumbass.

  • Dean's "Oh, come on!" after he turns to see that Crowley has popped in after escaping from the Bunker.

  • When Sam declares Chuck/God will stop Lucifer, Lucifer, acting like a naughty kid, snarkily concedes the point, waves his hands as he mockingly calls out "Oh, God! Don't strike me dead!", then comments that Sam sounds like "a virgin at Jesus camp," following with a high-pitched impression of a girl going "We can't! God is watching!"

  • After Lucifer telekinetically tosses an advancing Castiel aside:
    Lucifer: Well, that worked.

  • Thus remarks Lucifer after Dean and Sam take off running:
    Lucifer: Mature. Real mature.

  • Lucifer reacting with giddy amusement when Crowley reveals himself in Apocalypse World.

  • When Crowley says he's going to wipe "that smug, self-satisfied look" off his face, Lucifer smiles smugly, points to his face, and asks "This one?"

    Season 13 
13x01 - Lost and Found
  • When asked by the police what his last name is, Jack replies: "Satanson."

13x02 - The Rising Son

  • Jack mimicking how Dean eats burgers and drinks beer with a big, dorky smile.

13x08 - The Scorpion and the Frog

  • Dean being a wuss about putting his hand in a mechanism that pricks his finger to magically unlock a door.

13X10 - Wayward Sisters

  • Sam and Dean are eating captured food.
    Sam: Please don't tell me it tastes like chicken.
    Dean: No, Sam, it's a lizard. It tastes like a freaking lizard.

  • Donna shows up in a pickup truck with a "D-Train" license plate and a trunk of weapons.
    Kaia: Why do you have all these?
    Donna: I'm from Minnesota.

13x11 - Breakdown

  • It's blink-and-you-miss-it Dark Humor, but the chat logs of the body part auction are as hilarious and nonsensical as real life chat logs.
    Kittysune1: I really don't want to raid the morgue again.
    Yummers316: Morgue? Kitsunes are nasty.
    Carcosa69: So what, you saying ghouls are nasty, too?
    Yummers316: Ghouls are def nasty.
    Kittysune1: First, kitsune plural is just kitsune. Read a book sometime. Second, get off your high horse. If I get food from a morgue, I don't have hunters on my ass.
    Yummers316: Yeah, eating dead people. Which is nasty. You lose, good day sir.
    2Fangs2Furious: owned.

13x14 - Good Intentions

  • Dean and Castiel come face-to-face with Gog and Magog, and all Dean can do before the inevitable fight is barely stifle his laughter as he comments on their fur loincloths, much to Castiel's annoyance.

  • Gog and Magog Canaanite. Complete with English subtitles.
    • One of them refers to Castiel as "the pretty one."

13x16 - ScoobyNatural

  • The episode opens with Dean and Sam battling a man-sized plush dinosaur. Like, right in the middle of it, with no (immediate) context.
    • When they finally defeat the dinosaur and it explodes in a shower of plush, the brothers share an awkward look, with Dean shrugging.

  • Sam's brief expression after Dean tells Jay, "Never buy anything from Moosesylvania."

  • Dean commenting it was satisfying to "kill Barney."

  • Sam grumbling while he and Dean carry an HD TV that Dean decided to claim as a reward out of the shop, followed by his "pfft!" after Dean gripes at him to be careful with his new TV ("She's delicate!").

  • Dean telling a researching Sam to "be like Elsa and let it go," and Sam giving him a "did-you-just-seriously-say-that?" look as Dean smiles at his apparent cleverness before turning serious and changing the subject.

  • Dean sets up a man cave in the Bunker and suggests possible names for it, like "the Dean Cave" or "Fortress of Dean-a-tude."

  • When Dean turns on the TV, and it zaps him and Sam, the song that plays during the scene is "Also Sprach Zarathustra".

  • Dean and Sam freaking out after finding themselves inside a cartoon.
    • Dean slapping Sam who, thanks to Cartoon Physics, gets a handprint on his face AND a pretty funny expression of stunned shock.
    • It gets better: They wind up driving to a nearby Malt Shop... and see a particular vehicle in the parking lot.
      Dean: We're not just in any cartoon...
      Sam: [shocked; turns to Dean] We're in Scooby-Doo!

  • Dean suspects the Trickster is responsible for zapping them into the TV and Sam counters that he's dead, to which Dean seriously replies, "Or is he?" The guys have absolutely no idea...

  • Dean's annoyance at Sam's preoccupation with how Baby ended up in TV land with them.

  • Dean calling dibs on Daphne.

  • Dean calling Mystery, Inc. his and Sam's role models. Except for Fred, whom he considers "a wad."

  • Dean compares himself and Sam to Mystery, Inc. gang, but Sam begs to differ.
    Sam: Except our ghosts don't wear masks. And we don't have a talking dog.
    Dean: I don't know. I mean, Cas is kinda like a talking dog.

  • Dean primping himself before heading over to joining Mystery, Inc.
    Dean: Now how do I look?
    Sam: Two-dimensional.
    Dean: Perfect!

  • Dean taking offense to Sam referring to Scooby as "Marmaduke" and Sam chastising Dean for putting the moves on Daphne.
    Sam: We should be trying to get out of here, and instead you're hanging out with Marmaduke!
    Dean: [gasps] How dare you!
    Sam: And hitting on Daphne when she's clearly with Fred.
    Dean: She's settling, alright? Ugh, Daphne could do so much better.

  • Dean finally achieves his dream of eating a Dagwood Sandwich. His face alone is priceless.
    Dean: [mouth full] Sam! Sam! Look how big my mouth is!
    Sam: [groans]

  • After the Mystery Machine speeds off and leaves Baby in the dust, Dean takes a page out of Wrath of Khan:
    Dean: FRED!!!!
    • After the commercial break, Dean insists that there's no way Baby could've been beaten by the Mystery Machine and insisting that Fred must've cheated, followed by Sam telling him, "Dude, get over it."

  • After Dean resolves to not tell Mystery, Inc. that the supernatural is real:
    Sam: If you've seen this episode, why not just skip to the end?
    Dean: Because, sometimes, it's about the journey, not the destination.
    Sam: Or, do you just want more time trying to get with Daphne?
    Dean: Do not ruin this for me! [walks off]

  • Dean's un-enthused response to bunking with Fred after Daphne tells him boys and girls don't sleep in the same room:
    Dean: Awesome.

  • Dean putting on a sleeping robe, complete with a nightcab.
    Dean: It's like I'm wrapped in hugs!

  • Velma clearly crushing on Sam.
    • Her blush after Daphne remarks to her "I thought big lugs were kinda your thing."
    • After Sam objects to Let's Split Up, Gang!:
      Velma: Really, Sam? [puts a hand on Sam's shoulder] I wouldn't expect such a big, broad-shouldered fella like you to be as chicken as Shaggy.
    • While our happy couple is searching for clues:
      Velma: I guess this is your first mystery. So if you could keep those giant linebacker shoulders from knocking over any clues, that would be great.
      Sam: Why do you keep talking about my shoulders?
      Velma: Oh, I, uh, huh, uh... [clears throat, laughs nervously]
      • Velma grabbing Sam (who's about a foot or two taller than she is) and planting a kiss on him before they go their separate ways.
      Dean: I should've known Velma was good to go. It's always the quiet ones.

  • After one of the guests turns up dead and all of Mystery, Inc. each expresses their Catchphrase, Dean exclaims "Son of a bitch." Let's make that clear: Dean Winchester says "son of a bitch" in a Scooby-Doo episode.

  • Dean's attempt to cozy up to Daphne after Fred doesn't seem to care that someone is dead failing spectacularly.

  • Shaggy commenting that Castiel's name sounds like "a great Italian pizza place."

  • After Castiel shakes Scooby's paw and sees the Great Dane can talk:
    Castiel: [totally deadpan] Sam, Dean, this dog is talking.

  • Castiel's Noodle Incident while retrieving an important ingredient for opening up a portal to Apocalypse World.
    Castiel: Sam! Dean! I'm back from Syria with fruit from the Tree of Life! The Tree was guarded by a pack of djinn! I killed most of them, bargained with the rest! I think I'm... technically married to their queen now!

  • When the phantom appears, Shaggy and Scooby jump into Castiel's arms. Castiel eventually drops them to the floor (complete with a cartoonish sound effect) and wipes his hands.

  • Fred's completely unruffled "Well, that's not good" after finding the mutilated body of Cousin Simple.

  • Team Free Will objecting to Mystery Inc.'s plan to split up and search the house for clues.

  • Castiel's remark after being paired up with Shaggy and Scooby:
    Castiel: Wonderful. I once led armies and now I'm paired with a scruffy Philistine and a talking dog.

  • Sam being startled by a mannequin in the attic and falling down.

  • In the middle of an otherwise-earnest speech to Velma about how monsters and demons are real, Sam flashes his light on his own face for a brief second. And Velma STILL isn't convinced.

  • Dean's scream when he realizes he's holding the phantom after ending up in a darkened room and thinking he's holding Daphne.

  • Castiel, Scooby, and Shaggy realizing the phantom is following them.
    • Scooby and Shaggy take off running for their lives, but Castiel stays behind to inspect the phantom, causing Shaggy and Scooby to come back and grab Castiel, who then yells "Run, run!"

  • The chase scene, all set to the classic Scooby-Doo theme song.

  • In a scene lifted directly from Clue, Team Free Will and Mystery Inc. collide into each other in another hallway after fleeing from the phantom.

  • This:
    Daphne: Dean had him by the thigh.
    Castiel: He what?
    Dean: I almost caught him. That's the point.

  • After saving Scooby and Shaggy from falling to their deaths, Castiel informs everyone that his arm broke in the fall. Shaggy is pissed.
    Shaggy: What? That's not- I've jumped out of a biplane in a museum and was fine! How did this happen?!

  • In the middle of Dean's Rousing Speech to Mystery, Inc., after Sam references the Space Kook from the classic Scooby show, Dean goes, "I knew it! You love this show, too!"

  • Dean using an expletive that gets bleeped out.

  • Castiel—y'know, the Badass Longcoat-clad seraph who has stormed the bowels of Hell, commanded a garrison of angels, rebelled against a corrupt Heaven and, oh yeah, BECAME A GOD for a brief time—screaming and running from the phantom, grabbing Scooby and Shaggy as he flees.

  • Castiel, Scooby, and Shaggy getting caught in Fred's trap.

  • Castiel squeezing Scooby and Shaggy tight as he bids them a fond farewell.

  • Dean's own Noodle Incident involving the Cartwright Twins, and Sam says he doesn't want to know any details.

  • Dean dons an ascot when he, Sam, and Castiel go to confront Jay.

  • Astoundingly, despite everything with the haunted Scooby-Doo episode, the case with the pawnshop turns out to be the Scooby-Doo classic: The real estate scam. Done by the innocuous secondary character who was introduced at the beginning of the episode and then forgotten, no less.

  • Jay spouting this classic Scooby line YouMeddlingKids, and Dean's Adorkable reaction:
    Jay: I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!
    Dean: Ooh, he said it! He said the line! (looks at the camera) Scooby-Dooby-Doo!
    • Topped by Sam and Cas's reactions:
      Sam: What are you doing?
      Dean: Well, I mean, at the end of every mystery, Scooby looks into the camera and says—
      Castiel: [in a very "annoyed dad"-sounding voice] Dean, you're not a talking dog. [walks off]

13x18 — Bring 'em Back Alive

  • Castiel griping at Sam for letting Dean go to Apocalypse World alone.
    Castiel: Dean is in Apocalypse World alone?
    Sam: No, he's with Ketch, so he's not alone.

  • Lucifer playing solitaire in God's throne room in Heaven and sounding like an idle husband giving his wife grief as he converses with Jo.
    Lucifer: Where have you been?
    Jo: Out.
    Lucifer: Right, out. Look, Jo, we got a pretty sweet going deal here, so you might wanna, you know, pitch in, drop the attitude, stay by my strip poker?
    • There's also Lucifer channeling Doctor Evil as he asks for Dumah's opinion about Jo's behavior which he feels doesn't live up to his expectations of being his "First Lady."
      Dumah: Couples issues aren't really my area.

  • Castiel translating the Enochian symbols that Gabriel put on the walls of his room in the Bunker.
    Castiel: "Everyone believed that Gabriel was gone. And suddenly I was free, no obligation to God or Heaven or mankind. And so I did what anyone would do: I moved to Monte Carlo and shacked up with porn stars." [to Sam] He goes on and on for quite a while about porn stars.

  • Lucifer donning a snazzy black suit and a pair of sunglasses, all to the tune of big band music.
    Lucifer: Ready or not, world, New God is open for bid-ness.

  • Lucifer's assessment of people praying to God:
    Lucifer: Unbelievable. Losers. Whining. I can't believe Pop put up with it as long as he did.

  • Lucifer popping into the middle of an exorcism.
    Lucifer: [to priests] Okay, fellas. [louder] Fellas!
    • The demon possessing a woman going "Oh, Crap!"
    • Lucifer telling the priests to "chill" and pointing out that the demon is "Not Satan," THEN addressing the possessing demon, Anthony.
      Lucifer: Anthony, what are you doing, man?
      Lucifer: Yeah?
      Anthony: Mmm-hmm.
      • Lucifer then snaps his fingers and tells Anthony to "beat it," and as Anthony leaves his vessel, Lucifer yells after him to "Get outta here!" and "Don't come back!"
      • As the two priests gape in shock at Lucifer:
        Lucifer: You're welcome.
      • As the priests freak out and one of them splashes holy water on him, Lucifer casually wipes some away from his eye and dryly remarks "New suit, thank you very much." He tries to get them to calm down and ends up outright obliterating them, then goes "Damnit!"
    • Just the implication that the whole Hollywood Exorcism trope is by demons who've seen The Exorcist too many times and just want to have a laugh.

13x21 — Beat the Devil

  • Gabriel providing his angelic grace is compared to someone giving a specimen at a fertility clinic.

  • Rowena uses Gabriel's grace to open another dimensional rift and Team Free Will prepares to venture into Apocalypse World...only for the rift to flicker, curl, and fade away. Everyone then stands, shocked, for a long moment.

  • Rowena and Gabriel checking each other out before making with the flirting, complete with voiceovers.

  • Dean, Sam, and Castiel realize that they left Gabriel and Rowena together and end up walking in on them having sex in the Bunker library.
    • Gabriel's absolutely dismal attempts at pretending that they were doing literally anything else.
      Gabriel: [holding a book over his crotch, jacket off, with lipstick on his neck and his hair a mess] Oh! We were just. Reading. Books. Here in the, uh, library. Which is the room we're in right now.
    • Castiel is just looking down at his feet with an expression of pure pain (AKA the response of a younger sibling walking in on an older sibling having sex) and probably praying to Chuck to smite him to end his pain, or smite Gabriel for causing this pain. Possibly both.

  • A roofied Lucifer, after seeing that Rowena is still alive, goes "Ugh!" and tries to flee the bar...only to end up back in the bar.
    • Drunk/roofied Lucifer in general.

  • Lucifer annoying Rowena, who's left behind to keep guard over him, by singing.

13x22 - Exodus

  • Mary's response to Lucifer when he greets her after entering the rebel camp.

  • Castiel's dismissal of Lucifer's attempts to make himself out to be the good guy to Jack.

13x23 - Let the Good Times Roll

  • Bobby's summary of what he and the other Apocalypse World refugees just learned from Sam about the main universe.

  • Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Jack take on a pack of werewolves who are clearly into the Kardashians. Castiel overhears the werewolves debating over whether Kylie Jenner will make a good mother ("The general consensus is no"), and Dean comments that he's "a Khloe man" himself.

  • Castiel FINALLY getting a hang on aliases, introducing himself, Dean, and Sam as Agents "Rowland, Knowles, and Williams."

  • Lucifer describing Sam as "freakishly tall" while trying to convince Jack that Sam, Dean, and Castiel are the bad guys.

  • When Lucifer proposes he and Jack go and explore the universe together, Jack excitedly asks "Like Star Wars?"
    • Lucifer then offers to make Jack a lightsaber or even a Wookie.

  • Apocalypse!Michael unleashes the more Narmy moments of the episode, which tried very hard to be awesome and fell very flat. They include him lazily floating down (on wires) from the Bunker entrance to the floor to attack the panicking Winchesters, fighting Lucifer (also on wires) in a terrible Fight Scene Failure that was supposed to be world-ending in its destruction and epicness, and the final shot of the season is him smiling at the camera with Glowing Eyes of Doom in a cheesy freezeframe (which, incidentally, is a Shout-Out to the closing shot of Michael Jackson's Thriller).

    Season 14 
14x06 - Optimism
  • When Jack says that Sam and Charlie are "probably doing something really exciting", cut to them sitting in Charlie's truck outside an exterminator's office - clearly they're doing something that's anything short of exciting.
    • In the truck, Sam enjoys a fidget spinner - until Charlie sees him spinning it.

  • This exchange after Dean blocks a door to protect Harper:
    Harper: Who's out there?
    Dean: It's not a "who". At first I thought it was a ghost, and then it punched me in the face.
    Harper: A ghost?

14x07 - Unhuman Nature

  • The group brings Jack to the hospital, and as they're asked basic questions, it slowly dawns on them that they never came up with a cover story for his life.
    Nurse: Family medical history? Let's start with the father.
    Dean: He's dead.
    Nurse: Cause of death?
    Castiel: He was stabbed through the heart, and he exploded.

14x13 - Lebanon

14x15 - Peace of Mind

14x20 - Moriah

  • Jack's Cannot Tell a Lie spell. Oh, Lord—er, Chuck, where do we begin?
    • Dean tries his standard charming FBI agent bluff, but can only say, "My name is Dean Winchester. I'm looking for the Devil's son. This badge is fake."
    • Sam is forced to confess his favorite singer is...Celine Dion.
    • Dean checking his phone.
      Dean: When people can't lie, the Internet gets real quiet.
    • Under the effects of the spell, people around the office the Winchesters are at begin confessing things, like how one guy is sleeping with a coworker's wife, and the coworker thinks it's hot. After someone confesses to eating another's yogurt, absolute chaos ensues and a few fights break out, while one woman goes about stealing staplers in the confusion.
    • The Winchesters then see a news report that President Trump had a long press conference about his tax history, his deep ties with Russia and North Korea, and that he made a deal with Crowley at some point (all but stated to be how he got elected).
    • Before he undoes the spell and all it caused, Chuck turns on the radios at the Bunker to show the spreading chaos, and one of the things revealed is that Queen Elizabeth II is actually a lizard. That guy Castiel met in "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" was right.
  • Castiel saying "I need to go to Hell" in that same serious tone he always uses. Granted, he's talking to a demon about his plan to examine Lucifer's Cage, but it's still hilarious.
  • There is something amusing about the personification of the Darkness AKA the second oldest being in the universe herself playing and being in love with keno. Then again, so is God with his guitar.
  • Chuck/God suddenly pulling out a guitar to sing a song, only for Dean to promptly grab the guitar and smash it. Of course, it's followed by a very scary Mood Whiplash.

     Season 15 
15X01 - Back and to the Future
  • While fighting ghosts, Sam fires a rock salt round that goes straight through one of them and hits Castiel.
    Cas: [annoyed] You shot me.
  • Belphegor badly attempting to hold off the Woman in White as if she were an angry dog.
  • When the town-wide warding finally goes up and all the ghosts are trapped, John Wayne Gacy starts throwing a tantrum and screams out in anger. Sam's response is just a sneering "shut up". He's come a long way since Season 2!

15X02 - Raising Hell

  • Dean's reaction when he's told the ghost he just shot is Jack the Ripper? "Cool."
    • Off that, the fact that the demon says his real name like Dean should have known it as common knowledge.
    • And it turns out he and Rowena had a fling.
  • Dean and Sam's wonderful WTF faces when they realize Rowena and Ketch are flirting.
  • Amara living it up in Reno and not happy about Chuck showing up.
    Chuck: So how about that Game of Thrones ending? Pretty great, right?
    • She asks "did you smite my masseuse?" and he just gives a shrug.
  • Castiel apologizing for "dropping the puck."

15X04 - Atomic Monsters

  • This exchange when Dean offers Sam breakfast.
    Dean: It’s veggie bacon.
    Sam: What?
    Dean: You’ve been asking for it.
    Sam: Yeah. But every time I ask for it, you say, and I’m quoting, “I don’t want any of that hippie, Sarah McLachlan grass-eater crap in the Meat Man’s kitchen”. Which, by the way, for what it’s worth, you got to stop calling yourself “The Meat Man”. It… it doesn’t mean what you think it means.
    Dean: Yeah it does.
  • Becky revealing that she still writes Supernatural fanfiction, but instead of hunting, the guys just "sit around and do laundry and talk."
    Becky: I mean, that's what people like the most, anyway.
    Chuck: [sheepishly] Well, I mean, people like monsters...
    Becky: Meh.
  • Chuck trying to convince Becky that Leviathans are cool.
    Chuck: Whaaat? They're all teeth!
    Chuck: Like, there’s… like, they don’t even have lips. They’re just, like, teeth-face. Raaah!
    Becky: Chuck!
    Chuck: Okay.

15X05 Proverbs 17:3

15x08 - Our Father, Who Aren't In Heaven

  • Donatello calling up Dean when he feels Michael's presence. The archangel rapidly flies from one corner of the globe to the other. Even when he stops, it's not useful information.
    Don: He's there! No, there! No, there! No, over there right now!
  • A Brick Joke ten years in the making as Castiel and Michael come face to face for the first time since "Swan Song":
    Castiel: Do you remember me?
    Michael: You called me AssButt and then set me on fire.

15X10 - The Heroes' Journey

  • The entire episode is a beautiful Leaning on the Fourth Wall moment years in the making: Having been stripped of their Plot Armor by Chuck, Dean and Sam finally learn what it's like to be normal people.
    • Dean discovers all those years of junk food have given him seven cavities.
    • He also throws up after one of his usual beer and burger meals.
    • "Could we ever really pick locks?!"
  • Dean's WTF face when his gas-induced dance dream sequence starts.
  • Sam receives a cure-all drink from Bess for his cold. He reacts rather strongly to the main ingredient.
    • "Mommy! The giant's crying!"

15X13 Destiny's Child

  • The Alternate Sam and Dean: A pair of preppy rich types who gush on their wealthy life, drive a green Fiat and hate beer.
    • Alt!Dean find porn and realizes how this world is so much better.

15X15 Gimme Shelter

  • Castiel and Jack call on Zack, a crossroads demon who starts off with a Crowley-like accent and referring to himself in the third person. (Jack: "Why is he talking like that?") When he realizes who Castiel is, he drops it for an American voice.
    Zack: Wait, are angels solving people crimes now? Like Highway to Heaven but with murder or something? Because I would totally watch that show.
  • Zack begs to go along as Rowena has put a stop to any deals and he's bored.
    Zack: What am I?
    Castiel: You're a deviant soul corrupted by Hell.
    Zack: Well, yeah but I meant more in a work-balance-sense.


Supernatural Anime

  • In "The Spirit of Las Vegas," Sam gets rid of the cursed Japanese coin (and the God of Poverty that's been dogging Dean) by force-feeding it to Katty the casino robber. Blame the language barrier in the original Japanese production for them not making a "This too shall pass" joke.

  • "Moonlight," the adaptation of the Season 2 episode "Heart," includes Dean uplifting the serious business of waiting to see if Madison transforms by breaking into a dance and the tune of "When The Saints Go Marching In." It must be seen to be believed.


  • One from War of the Sons: In the 1950s, when the Winchesters arrive in Gary, Indiana, Dean asks Sam if he knows who was raised in Gary. Dean shows it was Michael Jackson by dancing the moonwalk.

Ghostfacers web-series

  • Cas meets the Ghostfacers. Find it on YouTube and see if you can keep from laughing.
    • Mainly because Castiel loses his composure after finding out that the Ghostfacers aren't exactly high-caliber hunters like the Winchesters.
    Castiel: [looking upwards] Really?

Real Life

  • Really, any of the series' shout outs to the Incest Subtext.

  • Misha Collins learned the hard way that you should never be fifteen minutes late for a panel. He wound up with a badly-sung song that was improvised by Richard, Rob, and Mark. You can view it here.

  • Many, many of the DVD commentaries, but especially "The End". Particularly when Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, and Ben Edlund make fun of Samifer and his shiny white suit, their own habit of having monsters monologue to the Winchesters, and how they should end every episode with the boys scrubbing down the sites of monster attacks so they don't leave forensic evidence behind as they angst. "You were mean to me back there." "I know, I'm sorry!" "Pass me the bucket." "I won't, damn you!" "Why, something wrong?" (Complete with growly impersonations of the Winchesters.)

  • The bloopers for this show are some of the best for any TV series. This show stars a bunch of unabashed dorks, and the gag reel bears witness to this.

  • The Staff doing the Harlem Shake. It was Jensen Ackles' idea.
    • There's this guy just writhing around in a body bag.
      • That's Osric Chau. You know him as Katniss Solo, Advanced Placement.

  • When Misha Collins got to direct an episode, Jared and Jensen smashed a pie in his face. Twice.

  • Many of the show's fans on Tumblr, specially when they post gifs of scenes with subtitles of absurd lines and note that it is a real line of dialogue from the show. "Actual Supernatural line" is a popular catchphrase among the fandom.

  • It's a Running Gag on Tumblr that the Supernatural fandom has a gif for almost every occasion and, if they can post it on something, they will and very quickly. The MCU fandom even got treated to a moment when someone responded to a post about how the Supernatural fandom has a gif for everything with a Supernatural gif about how they have a gif for everything.

  • The Hillywood parody of Supernatural, to the tune of ''Shake it off'', guest-starring the actual cast of Supernatural.

  • While discussing Season 13's Scooby-Doo episode, Jared winds up accidentally revealing that Castiel's death in Season 12 doesn't stick. Jensen's Face Palm sells it.

  • The resume off between Misha and Jensen, which ensues after someone shows up with their old resumes. In summary:
    • In an attempt to take Jensen's resume from him, Misha has to reach around his back. Jensen's goofy facial expression and the crowd's reaction sell it.
    • Jensen tells Misha "There's nothing on there that will embarrass me," then immediately shuts his eyes and winces.
    • They get into an argument about who should do something embarrassing first, which ends on Misha telling Jensen to dance. He begrudgingly obliges, and after some admittingly good dancing, makes a "cut the music" hand gesture.
    • The first thing on Misha's resume is accents, which Jensen dismisses since he's done them at panels before. Cue Misha reading Jensen's entire resume in a ridiculous accent and getting into character. The crowd and Jensen himself lose it.
    • While Jensen is reading over his resume, Misha whispers, "I'm going to lose this!" His co-star immediately breaks out an Evil Laugh.
    • Jensen asks Misha if he can really ride a horse and says, "I haven't been on horses as much as I should [being from Texas], but I know I've ridden more than you." He then clarifies Shetland ponies and Great Danes don't count. The ever snarky Misha replies, "Look, as long as the animal's asleep, I'm fine."
    • Misha can apparently do Tibetan throat singing; when he demonstrates, Jensen breaks into laughter again. He's also listed as a certified paramedic; Jensen pretends to choke, then quips, "Not gonna do that again."
    • To get back at Misha for the above-mentioned dancing, Jensen says the last thing on his list is Appalachian clogging. After some groaning, he agrees and tries to start before the music.
    Jensen: Oh, just hold your...horses.
    • At the end, Misha winces as he gives Jensen's resume back. Apparently, the picture creased and, in his words:
    Misha: It's probably worth like $50,000! (Cue Jensen and the crowd dissolving into hysterics)
  • The sheer chaos of the internet's reaction to Castiel confessing his love to Dean and immediately dying in an episode that aired on the third day of a massively contested American presidential election and in the midst of (since-debunked) rumors that Vladimir Putin would be stepping down from his role as president of Russia.
    • On the most basic level, the fact that most people had written off canon Destiel as impossible years ago and yet it somehow happened sooner than the United States finding out who the next president would be was enough to make people start questioning what timeline they were in.
    • Because Destiel hit its peak of Tumblr popularity in the early-to-mid-2010s, people began reviving long-dead Tumblr artifacts from that era such as "I like your shoelaces"/"Thanks, I stole them from the President", the infinite chocolate bar, and One Direction conspiracy theories and joking that they were going to come true as well. Others suggested that confirming (in)famous slash ships from other formerly big Tumblr fandoms actually had the power to influence world events, e.g., the reason Putin wasn't really stepping down was because he was waiting for Johnlock to become canon too.
    • A number of people, particularly former fans who had stopped watching the show years prior, found it hilarious that after over a decade of accusations of queerbaiting, the show finally made the romance canon only to immediately pull a Bury Your Gays and send Castiel to what people quickly nicknamed "Super Hell".
    • The sheer tonnage of jokes about how many insane things were happening in the world simultaneously also led to a lot of people finding out legitimately important news items such as election updates via Destiel shitposts, adding a whole meta layer to the chaos.
    • The fact that the Putin rumors gained so much traction largely because of Destiel jokes meant that legitimate news articles debunking the story had to mention a Supernatural ship. There's even a good chance that the Kremlin had to find out what Destiel is, much like how American military generals had to learn about Naruto running in order to respond to the "Storm Area 51" meme.
    • Overall, the general consensus was that Destiel becoming canon was what pushed the night of November 5th, 2020 from being merely eventful to being the breaking point for everyone's pandemic- and election-strained psyches. Many people found themselves relating to Chidi Anagonye's hilarious nihilistic breakdown in The Good Place.