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  • While it isn't funny to watch a kid act unruly and out of control, some of the things they say can be pretty hilarious. For example, one little kid was so mad at Jo for making him stay in his bed, he yelled at her to "Go HOME!"
    • "Talk to the eyeballs!" And later: "Talk to the hand!"
    • Meanwhile, despite being astonishingly rude, Rhys Howat from the original series spouts off "I DARE YOU TO FUCK OFF!" so often that it might as well be his catchphrase.
    • Also from the UK Series, we have Ryan Ball, the 2-year old with serious attachment issues. On the night when Jo teaches his mother the Stay In Bed technique, he tries this line to get his mother's attention:
      Ryan: I want a milkshake! (Beat) A really cold milkshake!
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  • Meghann Cooke calling out Jo for not pronouncing "unacceptable" correctly.
  • In "The Van Acker Family", Dylan goes through every method he can think of to avoid using the potty and spend the rest of his life in diapers. At one point, when Jessica tries to get him to use the potty, Dylan refuses because he claims that his wiener is too small. This particular moment was shown in such talk shows as The Soup and Lopez Tonight, and in the latter, Jo tells George Lopez this:
    Jo: He was just so innocent with it, he just looked at me, and he went, "Jo-Jo, my weenie... wiener's too small!" What am I gonna tell this boy? What if his parents are gonna tell him when he's sixteen and... it's great! The first stories he's gonna get at college, "And your wiener was too small."
  • "The Amaral Family" features one scene where Jo herself pretends to act like the kids, complete with screaming and running around.
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  • From the Newsome family: "I found my sandwich!"
  • In "The Johnson Family", Logan bites off a piece of his little brother Jack's diaper, then runs off to show Roy, his dad, who's in the middle of reading a story to the other children.
    Logan: Dad, look! I bit his diaper!
    Roy: You bit his diaper?!
  • In the Cantoni family, we get this gem: "No, I want you to fart more loud, make more stinks." Nicholas had some very funny dialogue in this episode.
  • In the episode with "The Bixley Family" we have this gem during the Parent Meeting:
    Jo: (slams her fist on the table and says in an exaggerated angry tone): Eat your dinner!
  • The children of the An Duan family tend to communicate by whining. To encourage the kids to speak properly, Jo starts speaking in a whiny voice and gets the parents to join in. The kids of course find it hilarious.
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  • In "The Quinn Family", Jo sets up a privilege so that the children can get pocket money each week, with 50 cents taken away every time they swear. The older children, Cally and Casey, each get $15.00 totals, and the younger children, Carli and Corey, get $5.00 totals. Within the first week, Casey was so bad at watching his language, he had eighteen marks on his chart, and underneath them, "I owe Dad $20.50".
  • In the submission reel for "The William Family", when Hagan is first introduced, he is seen in a pet carrier with a dog.
  • In the submission reel for "The Ririe Family", Blake is seen using a power drill on the sofa.
  • The McKeever family decided to include their two rowdy sons in their submission reel. The result?
    Lucy: We're the McKeever family!
    Hunter: No, we're the butt family!


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