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  • This episode's Big Sweep (from Season 6) has Michael of Team 3, who uses some Rubbermaid pails to do his shopping at first, and then, right before time runs out, he manages to get a bonus across the red line, only to nearly crash into David in his haste; Johnny Gilbert even goes "Look out, David!"
  • The closing seconds to this Canadian sweep: "Here comes Michelle! Watch out! Whoa! *Thud* What a landing!" Cue host Tino Monte being unable to cut to a commercial due to serious Corpsing.
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  • During this Big Sweep from 1991, David gets hit twice in the plums with shopping carts, the second just before time expires. He tries to walk it off the first time, and after the second his voice is noticeably higher.
  • 1991: A question round had David singing the lines to a song with a grocery item blanked out. One had "Go tell Aunt Rhody/The old gray (blank) is dead." Incorrect guesses of "mare" and "dog" prompt a rare What the Hell, Player? reaction from David.note 
    David: Which market do you shop at!?
  • 1991: During one Three Right playing, one question had the slogan "Everybody's (blank) dipping." Instead of saying "Skippy", one contestant accidentally said "Skinny" and couldn't correct herself because she was so consumed with laughter. Another contestant did buzz in with the correct answer, and David even gave a sarcastic "Thank you!" in response.

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