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  • Brandon Bixley developed a crippling fear of food at a young age due to a particularly bad stomach virus; as a result, he becomes terrified to the point of screaming and being visibly ill at the very sight of food. It doesn’t help that his parents haven’t even bothered to try working through the phobia with him, resorting to yelling orders at him and even attempting to force feed him until he either escapes or gives in.
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  • Jared Johnson is a precocious 9-year-old who is bullied by his young twin sisters. He seems terribly depressed that he isn't heard by his mother.
  • Melissa Baulisch and her parents have their lives ruled by Melissa’s younger siblings. While the parents suffer from hereditary deafness, the children didn’t inherit it, and are able to hear perfectly. This has led to the unfortunate side effect of the youngest children well and truly taking complete advantage of the deaf parents, with Melissa being forced to step in as a surrogate parent because she’s the only one who knows American Sign Language other than the parents. As a result, Melissa suffers horrendously from the strain of looking after her entire family, while her siblings have free rein.
  • Madison Colier is a 13-year-old who is clearly The Unfavorite to her stepfather who babies her stepbrothers. Her stepfather viewed her as the problem child, invaded her privacy for the submission reel, barely acknowledges her, and even when Jo sets up a reward system to encourage her to do chores, he refuses to give her what she rightfully earned. At the end of the episode, he still treats her pretty badly.
  • Nicky Smith Clarke: between having to deal with a violent and out of control son (which, knowing this show, is saying something), getting into arguments with her husband over how to deal with said son and the death of her youngest son via cot death, she deserves the utmost sympathy.
    • The husband deserves some sympathy too - with the family fractured by grief, he tries his best to be the authoritative figure, but like his wife gets regularly attacked by his son for the most minor of reasons. The fact that he spends the entirety of the episode with a broken hand in a cast, and has to leave the house at one point because his son forcibly bites into his broken hand says a lot, and the horrified reaction his wife gives when he removes himself from the situation says even more - at the end of his rope, this man may well have given up altogether had Jo not stepped in to help.
  • Denise Cooke. Her eldest daughter Meghann is often rude and disrespectful to her and even physically attacks at a few points, her two other daughters mimic Meghann's behavior and even after Meghann Took a Level in Kindness, viewers went on a forum and compared Meghann to Satan, prompting her to come to the latter's defense. She sure endured a lot of crap.
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  • Hayden and Callum Bates. Because of their younger twin sisters' misbehavior, they end up being neglected by their mother and are at one point blamed for causing a mess (for which, admittedly, they were partly at fault, but in reality, all of them were to blame). Erin and Orla are also rather mean to them. It's a miracle they didn't run away from home.
  • Kate Tsironis is ignored in favour of her younger twin brothers, who were so premature and sickly when they were born that they weren't expected to survive, so their parents indulge them and never discipline them because they're too busy being happy the boys are there in the first place. She has to retort to faking foot cramps just to get her mother to pay (grudging) attention to her and the poor kid is only four years old.
  • Hailey Daniels is The Un-Favourite in a house of six kids, with her mother regarding her as a "problem child" and giving her a mountain of chores to do, while her younger sisters, who are far more badly behaved, are allowed to do whatever they want and when Alexus attacks Hailey and spits on her, her mother ignores it and won't listen to Hailey when she tries to explain what's going on.
  • Many of the single, divorced, or widowed parents tend to be woobies, due to having to raise their kids alone and the kids often driving them up the wall with their bad behavior.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Maddison Porter was infamous for her tantrums, more fitting a three-year-old than a nine-year-old, but it's shown that she's actually quite a nice girl when she isn't having a meltdown. It's also revealed that her mother does everything for her because she believed she was infertile until she had Maddison and coddled her as a result, to the point where Maddison has no autonomy and the only way she can ever get any control is to throw a fit. Jo even spells it out to the parents that Maddison acts like a baby because she's treated like one, and once Maddison is given some independence and allowed to do things herself, she calms down considerably.
  • Emma Van Acker had her parents complaining about how she wants to "be in charge" and the "center of attention" when it's clear that all the attention is going to her younger brother Dylan who screams and cries if he doesn't get his way and is anemic due to their parents giving him nothing but junk food. When she wanted to talk to Jo and interrupting to get attention, her father called her out and said that her interrupting was inappropriate and rude with the poor girl looking like someone had killed her puppy while her brother gets away with being a brat.
  • Morgan Davis is The Un-Favourite to her stepfather Phil, who calls her horrible names in front of her younger siblings all while her mother stands by with no means to defend her or even truly comforts Morgan when the arguments bring her to tears. Her mother just stands there and takes it while expecting Morgan to do the same because she's clinging onto an abusive marriage for fear of a divorce.


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