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♫ And if I claim to be a wise man, well
It surely means that I don't know. ♫
Kansas, "Carry On Wayward Son"

(The Supernatural WMG page is in the process of a revamp. Pardon our dust.)

This page is for guesses related to the plot and arcs of Supernatural.

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    Season 1 
Jessica has become a ghost
In yet another similarity to Mary, Jessica's spirit remains earth-bound. Going by her unexplained appearance in "Bloody Mary", she may have even been haunting Sam, at least in early Season 1. He even has a nightmare of her hand shooting up from her grave and grabbing him when he's trying to say his goodbyes to her, which could simply be a nightmare of his — but could also be her spirit being restless and unwilling to accept her fate. Her haunting him would likely have made his grieving for him worse, as we see later with "Death Takes a Holiday" with the young boy's spirit remaining behind and it making his mother unable to move on. Add to that that Sam has Psychic Powers that would probably have made him more sensitive to Jessica's presence and her suffering...

According to the episode, Something Wicked, The Stritga is impervious to all weapons made by man or god (sam's words, off a paper)
Maybe The Stritga is impervious to the Colt. When not feeding.

The fire was paranormal energy that attracted a poltergeist.
According to Missouri, Azazel came into Mary's house, slashed her stomach, pinned her to the ceiling and then set the whole house on fire. The fire represents the paranormal energy in the house that attracted an invisible, telekinetic poltergeist.

The poltergeist was born out of Mary's wound.
Since Azazel killed Mary and left behind an infected wound, it created a poltergeist, but the paranormal energy is what actually attracted a poltergeist.

Mary's wound gets infected with paranormal energy.
While Mary's wound Azazel left was infected with paranormal energy, it created a poltergeist and won't rest until all of the others who came into the house after Mary's death are dead. As Mary dies, her death caused the house to become a magnet for all paranormal energy.

Azazel is the one who created the paranormal energy in the house.
When Azazel arrived at Mary's house, he left a wound behind on her. As it gets infected, Azazel created a bunch of paranormal energy in the house. I think it not only unleashed but also attracted the poltergeist.

    Season 2 
Father Gregory was actually sent by an Angel
From what we've seen of Angels in the show it wouldn't be beyond one to raise somebody's spirit in order to punish the wicked.

Father Gregory was also probably the most "collected" spirit we've seen so far, instead of growling or just repeating some phrase over and over again like most ghosts, he was articulate enough to have a conversation with Sam and the Priest.

He also physically looked quite composed, most ghosts have stringy hair or rotting faces or otherwise look, well, dead, but Gregory looked as well groomed as any normal human being.

The level of control he could exert over the physical realm was also far greater than most spirits, causing glass to shatter and an entire house to shake is something we rarely, if ever see spirits do, but something Angels do all the time when speaking.

He is also, IIRC, the only spirit to appear and disappear in blinding white light, like that of an Archangel.

Dean never escaped during "What Is And What Should Never Be."
Instead, the illusion was altered to become the shittiest world possible for him as a punishment for fighting back. While it was angsty before, after that episode the angst skyrocketed, starting with the next two episodes and continuing from there on. In reality, it's still 2007 and it's been a few hours or a day at most.
  • Implied in the premiere of Season 7. Lucifer tells Sam that he's still trapped in Hell. The next episode will reveal how much truth he speaks.

The dead priest monster
from "Houses of the Holy"...was actually a fallen angel reborn as a human, like Anna. Dying triggered some of his angelic memories and abilities, which allowed him to manifest as a bright light, as well as explaining why he believed he was an avenging angel attacking evil-doers. At the end of the episode, he merely returned to Heaven.

    Season 3 
The CRD in "Bedtime Stories" was telling the truth.
Let's face it, Sam didn't do all that much to help Dean out (onscreen) in Season Three. He might have hated himself for it and it's obvious that he loves Dean more than anything but as she said, he was kind of going through the motions. Jared Padalecki has also said that, in S4, Dean's like "I'm big brother, we do what I say" and Sam's like "I managed four months without you. Where do you get off taking control again?" And besides, from the looks of his reaction she had obviously hit a nerve and when have demons ever really lied anyway? The only time that I can remember is when Meg was being interrogated and she told the boys that John was dead.

Sam's visions were never a power, but he's started getting powers again and isn't telling Dean.
Sam's visions were never a power, just something the YED would send him to get him where it wanted him. Hence why there was no real consistency and they were often useless (or worse). This was practically admitted when Andy sent Dean a vision in All Hell Breaks Lose and it worked just like Sam's. Sam's 'original' power, like Andy's mind control and Jake's super strength, was telekinesis, but he's worked so hard to suppress the vengeful, killy part of himself that it only came out when he actually 'saw' Dean die. The whole point of the scene in the cabin at the end of season 1 was to hurt Dean in front of Sam and hopefully get him to unleash his powers again, hence the taunting and the gun placement. While Sam tries to move the gun, he just isn't unlocking the right part of his brain because the danger of death to Dean isn't so immediate and acute as before (and perhaps, with their father there, he doesn't really think it will happen).

Sam has since claimed that the powers just 'went away', but given that he only experienced one bit of one power once, I wonder what his basis for this is? Bela says the spirits warn them to run far away from Gordon in Fresh Blood, despite the fact that they survive the encounter so presumably it's not just because he's so physically dangerous. When Sam decapitates Gordon, not only does he have a nasty look on his face but he surely has just done something that Sammy would previously have found physically impossible. Powers must have been involved. So the reason they were told not to go after Gordon was that doing so would lead to this situation in which not-quite-Sammy gets really wound up by Gordon, sees Dean in immediate, acute danger and snaps. Dean chooses not to bring up the impossibility of what Sam has just done, probably in denial (although he looks uneasy). Since then, Sam has had access to powers and has been hiding this (along with the other things) from Dean. Perhaps he has also been choosing not to use them again, so far, but the damage has been done.

  • This was perhaps proven with the season three finale, "No Rest for the Wicked": Ruby says that Sam's powers are just "dormant" and that they can wipe out Lilith and, at the end, Lilith fails to kill Sam (not for lack of trying) for some reason. It still remains to be seen, however, what his actual powers are.
  • From "All Hell Breaks Loose", I got the impression that all the pyschics were capable of all the different powers; one would manifest first, and once they gave in to the Yellow-Eyed Demon the rest were automatically unlocked.
    • In season 4 Sam is shown to have the ability to psychically force demons out of people they have possessed. It seems to take a LOT out of him though so he probably won't be using these powers on EVERY demon. Still it's a better way to go when the other ways usually end up with the hosts dying. Of course this COULD be just another step down that slippery slope that YED had him on.
  • This Troper swears that, in "The Mentalists", when Sam's Spoon bends and unbends, the first thing she thought was that Sam did it and was getting his powers back, especially seeing as not only had the spoon-bending guy walked off by then, but said spoon-bender was shown as one of the fakes the next time we see him.
    • Ditto. This Troper hopes it's this, but it's probably nothing, because there are too many other arcs set up for this season already.

The Trickster wasn't bored.
The Trickster wasn't bored when he decided turn back time and bring Dean back to life. Think about it: [[spoilerGabriel left Heaven because he couldn't stand to watch his brothers fight and rip each other apart. He only wants it all to be over because he loves his family, even Lucifer.]] He brought Dean back because he realized that he could give Sam back a part of his family that he, the Trickster, could never have.

Hendrickson is alive and will become a hunter.
We haven't seen a body, and after an experience like that there's no way he's going back to the FBI. My guess is that now that he knows demons are real, Hendrickson will become a hunter and team up with the Winchesters at a later date.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Deadness score: 2.86, so there's some hope for Back Next Season.
    • I came up with a Sorting Algorithm score of an even 3, but that doesn't factor in the fact that A) Kripke has said they're done with the FBI plot, B) The show's usual method of wrapping up storylines, and C) The fact that the episode in question was written by Sera Gamble who's said in interviews that one of her favorite things to do is kill off well-liked characters and she does it so often that it borders on Author Appeal, or something close to it.
  • Jossed in "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" when Hendrickson comes back as a very pissed off spirit due to "The Rising of the Witnesses".

John's calls in Long-Distance Call really were John.
Throughout the episode, the soul-eating thing has a pretty constant MO. The same phrase, the same kind of tricks, the same lies. However, he does stuff quite differently in the case of Dean. First off, he uses more facts than normal and generally knows stuff that he shouldn't. Also, the demonic omens that Dean looks up shouldn't have been there if Lilith wasn't tailing them, and she had shown up where they, just hours before, had been. So, the data and the "lies" match up and the MO of the thing seems a bit off when dealing with Dean. Perhaps it really was John and the number was related to the supernatural method of calling or he was popping in when the soul-eater was using it, sort of piggybacking onto it. The thing finds out and sends the cop to where Dean is, getting him to leave before Lilith shows up, making them think it was him all along (as well as claiming it was him to fool them). Had Dean waited a bit longer, Lilith would have shown her demonic ass and they could have killed her with the exorcism (or here's an idea, trap her, call up Ruby and use the Kill Everything Knife). Plus, it's John. The guy took 100 years of torture in hell, climbed his way out and then proceeded to cause the death of YED before going to heaven. If anyone is a big enough badass to pull all of this off, it's him.

During the six months Dean was dead in "Mystery Spot"...
Sam accepted Ruby's deal in "Jus in Bello" when she offered to kill herself and the virgin to wipe out the other demons with a spell, since Dean wasn't there to argue with him. Sam was already pretty cold and dark at that point and he was willing to do it in the episode. As a result, Ruby didn't start training Sam to use his powers, so Lilith couldn't be killed by him (or alternatively she was caught in the blast), so the angels didn't bother resurrecting Dean, which is why he didn't return after four months. Or... something. I dunno. Somebody come here and say what I'm thinking but in better words, please?
  • In the alternate timeline created by the Trickster in "Mystery Spot" (the one in which Dean was dead for six months), Ruby used the spell she offered to use in "Jus in Bello," since Dean didn't convince everyone to not go along with it. Since the spell killed Ruby, Ruby never taught Sam to use his powers. Since Sam never used his powers, he couldn't kill Lilith. If Lilith could never die, the apocalypse couldn't be started. If the apocalypse couldn't be started, there's no reason for the angels to bring back Dean and be Michael's vessel. Which is why they didn't revive him in six months in "Mystery Spot," when it only took them four months to revive him in season 4.

At some point, Demon!Bela will appear.
Because demons were once humans and time passes faster down in hell, and given that Bela probably wouldn't have lasted as long as Dean did before taking up the knife, Bela is probably well on her way to becoming a demon herself by now.
  • DO WANT. She never really got enough time to shine when she was still alive.
  • I have been hoping for that ever since she was killed off. I was one of the few fans who LOVED her.

    Season 4 
She was one of Azazel's "children"/followers, so when he died, she decided to follow his heir apparent, Sam, in his stead. She spent the whole season protecting him, trying to make him stronger so he could beat Lilith in a throwdown for the crown of Hell, and helping him because she saw him as her new leader. After the Season 3 finale, though, Lilith sent Ruby to Hell and tortured her until she agreed to start batting for Lilith's team. When Ruby said she'd been playing Sam "the whole time", she actully meant "since I got back from Hell and convinced you to slurp my yummy demon blood".
  • Or the demon was not really Ruby in season 4 and just claimed to be her.

Dean will claw his way out of Hell and come back as a demon.
Well, obviously the writers will bring him back, and it would be pretty cool if he came back as a demon, with the entire package of demonic powers. Plus there's tons of potential for difficulties with other hunters, a little like when Gordon Walker was convinced Sam was the Antichrist. The only problem with this is that to come back, Dean would have to possess someone. Not only does this raise ethical issues, but it kind of defeats the purpose of bringing Dean back if he's not going to be played by Jensen Ackles.
  • His body is still on Earth so maybe he'll possess it.
  • Almost right. He does get out of hell (with a little help from Cas) and he's presumably something more than an ordinary human, given the whole vessel thing. As of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (4x09) we know that Dean remembers his time in Hell, and that he definitely did some torturing while down there, but that seems only to have reinforced his humanity and righteousness somehow.

About the Season Four Spoilers
"Guy" is actually Dean, "Kristy" is actually Ruby. Castiel is an angel.]] This troper has seen these theories in multiple places, but she saw them first on the very intelligent and witty boards of Television Without Pity, so credit where it is due. If you don't know and would like to, the names are from the spoiler sides that have recently come out for the season 4 opener, called "Lazars Rising". The basic reasoning is: "Guy" sounds a lot like Dean, what with the sarcasm and all, and his situation seems to be like Dean's (he was just "rescued" and is described as "defenseless", and he knows Bobby well). As for Kristy, we know that Katie Cassidy (formerly Ruby) is gone, but that the character is not, and Kristy is described much like Ruby was. As for Castiel, he seems to have benevolent intentions, and although he calls himself a demon, Kripke said that we would meet a new supernatural race of beings, and other sources have mentioned that Supernatural will use a lot of religious images, particularly relating to Heaven and Hell, and lastly, research (coughGooglecough) has revealed that Castiel is the name of an angel. Also, with a title like "Lazarus Rising", it would be surprising if they DIDN'T resurrect Dean, and it makes sense for "Guy" to be him.
  • All three are confirmed by "Lazarus Rising."

Season Four Ruby is really Lilith.
OR Ruby has been in league with Lilith the whole time. And she's setting Sam up to be the skinsuit for Lucifer.
  • Alternate theory: Ruby really does hate Lilith's guts, but she was in league with Azazel—we found out in "In The Beginning" that he was up to something bigger and more ambitious than we ever realized, and whatever his plan is, it definitely involves the Last Psychic Kid Standing. By encouraging Sam to use his powers, even for good, Ruby hopes to send him down the slippery slope to the Dark Side.
  • "OR" WMG confirmed by "Lucifer Rising".

Ruby is trying to finish the plan that Azazel started.
Considering how Azazel wanted to have a general to control a demon army, Ruby could just be one of the many demons that Sam was going to lead — and perhaps the only one that's willing to see ol' Yellow Eyes's endgame through to the very end. Perhaps the only reason Lilith wanted Sam's head on a platter at all is because Ruby wanted to see Azazel's plan through to the very end.
  • Confirmed by "Lucifer Rising".

Alastair was lying
Seeing as how all Azazel knew was that he needed to feed his blood to children to find Lucifer's "special child" and he needed to bust Lilith (the only one who knew the seals) out of Hell for the endgame to work, it's doubtful that any of the demons knew how to break the first seal. So, John was tortured in Hell, but he probably wasn't offered to go torture other souls. Surprise surprise, Alastair was lying to mess with Dean. Who would have thunk it?

The mortal world will end in Armageddon.
The side of Heaven might win the battle, but it will be a Pyrrhic victory if it happens at all.
  • More or less confirmed by the angels—they (aside from Castiel) don't really care how many humans suffer or get annihilated during the final conflict, as long as they win.

Ruby's hosts
In Season 3, she possessed a hunter so that her initial cover-story of being a hunter would check out. In Season 4, the Jane Doe she possessed was actually named "Kristy" (the name she used in the premiere).

    Season 5 

Gabriel gave Sam genital herpes
Because it seems like something he'd do.

God has been imprisoned by the four angels.
In the Season 4 finale, when Dean asked where's God in the angel's plan to allow Armageddon to occur, Zachariah simply said that he "has left the building." Then Dean looks at the gate behind him. In another episode, the fallen angel Anna Milton said that only four angels have seen God. Presumably they are the only ones who are allowed to since they are the highest level of angels.

This theory suggests that some time ago, the four angels are tired of following Gods orders and have him sealed behind the gates. This would explain why God has yet to make an appearance in the show. It would be revealed that he indeed did have a hand in the Season 2 episode "Houses of the Holy", where he caused a freak accident which killed an abusive boyfriend. It was a sign to get Dean's attention as he is chosen.

Sam is the intended host of Lucifer.
This was Ruby's intent all along. This is what old Yellow Eyes was after: a proper host that Lucifer could possess that would add to Lucifer's already substantial power.
  • Confirmed in 5x03. Lucifer described his current vessel, Nick, as "an improvisation."

Dean is the intended host of Michael.
In line with the above WMG, when Zachariah told Dean that he had to be the one to kill Lucifer, he meant that, as the "First Seal," he was the only one Michael could possess.
  • The First Seal was the corruption of Michael's vessel (or "The Righteous Man") in Hell.
  • Confirmed in episode 1 of season 5. Dean doesn't want Michael to possess him, for a good reason.

Dean can't (permanently) die.
Okay, so this is a big Back from the Dead show but seriously, how many times has he had an onscreen death or was supposed to have died? There's obviously the big one in No Rest For The Wicked (and it's likely that Castiel is going to pull him out of hell because there's work to be done. What work?), there was plenty in Mystery Spot, he shoots his doppelgangers dead in Dream A Little Dream Of Me and Skin, he stabs himself to get back to reality in What Is And What Should Never Be, he was supposedly dead in In My Time Of Dying, he was ready to die as far back as Faith and we see him get shot in the head in Nightmare. And that's not even counting the whole wish to rest thing or the suicide in slow motion that he had going in the former half of Season Three. All that has got to count for something. And how cruel/awesome would it be to have the established Death Seeker to actually not be able to die?
  • Interesting theory, and not entirely unsupported by canon, in that the angels have a vested interest in keeping Dean alive until it's time for Lucifer and Michael's showdown. But a lot of those on-screen deaths weren't actually Dean. "Dream A Little Dream of Me" doesn't quite jive with "What Is And What Should Never Be" (in that Dean says in the latter that if you're about to die in a dream, you wake up) but if you accept that the dream-Dean was actually a personification of waking Dean's subconscious fears and anger, then shooting it wouldn't actually have an effect on Dean. In a way, it's a metaphor for his facing his issues (finally). In Skin, the shape-shifter wasn't actually sharing a body with Dean, so Dean's own mortality isn't in question. Mystery Spot is a little trickier, but since that was the Trickster trying to teach Sam a lesson, it can be argued that Dean didn't actually die at all during that time—it was all in Sam's mind. In short, it's easy to buy Dean as a Death Seeker, but I think he's just as mortal as anyone else when he doesn't have something bigger watching his back.
    • Considering that the Trickster is really the archangel Gabriel, there's a very good chance that Dean really did die thousands of times. It would certainly gel with "Dark Side Of The Moon", where Castiel says specifically that they've been there before many times but don't remember it. "Changing Channels" certainly shows he's got the power to play up alternate realities and keep them that way.

Most episodes since 5x04 show how come "The End" storyline doesn't come to pass.
Dean and Sam getting back together is what changed everything. This is why "The End" timeline isn't going to come to pass. With each episode, we see the differences between the original timeline and the changed timeline.

First of all, from 5x04 we got to know that the angels disappeared/left and aren't coming back. They didn't. What actually happened was that in the original timeline - when the boys were separate - Jesse nuked the angels. Perhaps without Sam's insistence on saving Jesse, Dean went along with Castiel and they attacked him. Perhaps, without Sam - who has experienced the temptation of the dark side himself - Jesse could not be convinced to not join the demons.

Second of all, it took Dean five years to locate the Colt. Why? Because Becky called Sam to the Supernatural Convention. In the original timeline, he simply ignored her. He wasn't hunting so he didn't care about "Chuck's" "life-or-death" situation. Therefore, they never got the tip about the Colt, they never met Crowley and as such it took Dean five years to track the Colt down - only to find out that it's ineffective against the devil.

Third, how did Lucifer end up in Sam's body? Two possibilities. One is that without the Abandon All Hope and Sam, Interrupted, Sam's rage issues were never addressed. Lucifer never revealed that Sam should "feed the anger in his belly" and this has somehow led to Sam saying Yes. The other possibility is that something went very, very differently during the body swap episode. Perhaps Garry swapped with Sam when Dean wasn't around and wound up saying Yes. Without Dean there to figure out that Sam was Not Sam, Garry was convinced to let Lucifer in.
  • The Gary thing is less likely considering the main reason Gary and his friends decided to perform the body switching spell in the first place was because the demons had declared Dean as "Hell's Most Wanted". If Dean and Sam were separated, the kids wouldn't really have had a reason to switch bodies.

At the, well, end, of "The End" Dean says something along the lines of about how the brothers "keep each other human." Without Dean around, Sam really doesn't have anything good in his life, and has no personal stake in the outcome. Sure, there's the whole planet thing, but seriously, Lucifer is wearing him down every night for two years and he's supposed to hold on for some abstract concept (seeing as how humans don't actually comprehend super big numbers).

Castiel or Bobby (or both) will die at the end of season 5.
Judging by the episode synopsis' for the last three episodes, it seems pretty likely. Here they are, for anyone interested (obviously, slight spoilers ahead)
  • It could also be Author Avatar Chuck.
  • After the spoilers were released about Castiel's battle with Michael it has almost been confirmed that Castiel will die. (Please, please don't read these if you want to remain unspoilered for the end of Series 5, unfortunately I stumbled upon them by accident and now am preparing myself for the inevitable.)
    • Then again, it makes me a bit suspicious, because it's so obvious. It would be such a big turning point for the show, I just can't believe that it will happen. Never Trust a Trailer. Or spoiler, in that case. Also (real spoilers!) it said "beloved character". Which means it could be anyone ranging from Castiel to Crowley, Meg or even Dean and Sam. Hell, maybe even Lucifer. I don't think that there's one character left on the show that is generally disliked (like most of the female characters). Remember last season, when a "fan favourite" was to die? While I'm one of the few who liked Ruby, I think that we all know that she was anything but a fan favourite.
    • Inclined to agree here. That seems like the exact sort of spoiler that "leaks" to throw people off the scent. (My money's on Bobby - unless Chuck re-appears some time soon, in which case they might gank him to show off Michael or Lucifer by killing a prophet and his archangel.)
    • It's almost certainly one of the good guys. No matter how much you like the way Lucifer is portrayed on the show, "beloved" is an unlikely description of a villain. And it would have to be someone who's appeared on the show frequently. Which means... yeah, either Castiel or Bobby.
    • Alternate theory: it's a cop-out. The synopsis doesn't say that anyone dies, just that someone "faces death", which could mean a near-death experience or a Heroic Sacrifice interrupted at the last second. And we know that The Grim Reaper is showing up in person, so maybe the character will literally face Death.
    • Confirmed. Castiel and Bobby are both killed by Lucifer when they try to interfere with his battle against Michael. However, after the battle, Castiel is brought back by God, reinstated with angel powers, and subsequently brings back Bobby.

In the event that Dean and Sam say yes, Dean will first convince Michael not to kill Lucifer.
Dean will chew out Michael for not holding onto his brother and letting him make the mistakes that led to Lucifer falling. Dean's issue with Gabriel was that he was too afraid to stand up to his family. Dean's issue with Michael will ultimately be that he was a shitty big brother for not keeping Lucifer on the straight and narrow. Michael will try to reach out to his little brother. Whether or not Lucifer redeems himself, well...

At the end of the fifth season, there will be an awesome car chase between the Impala and the cars of the Four Horsemen.
At this point, we have seen that War had his Red Mustang and that Famine had his black SUV. After all these years, the Impala deserves an incredible Moment of Awesome, and it couldn't get better than that.
  • HELL yeah!
  • Well, Pestilense car is pretty damn crappy. Lets keep up hope for Death's Steed.
  • And Death drives a beautiful off-white Cadillac El Dorado, so the whole "car chase of epic win" scenario is still possible.
  • Original poster of this guess here. Maybe the chase will only be with Death. Dean will probably try to cheat him by finding another way of trapping Lucifer than by sacrificing Sam or by looking for a way to make him leave Hell, taking huge risks while doing so. Also, Death is the horsemen that we have the most chance to see again, except maybe Pestilence, but there's no way his Pinto can keep up with the Impala.
  • Jossed. Death willingly gave up his ring. What could have been...
  • Well, at least the Impala played a very big role in the finale. It's just that it was a Heartwarming Moments instead of a Moment of Awesome.

The pagan gods in "Hammer of the Gods"...
Were originally angels who absorbed the souls of humans, increasing in power and ascending beyond their angel status.
  • Then that gives Lucifer's speech about the so-called "gods" a whole new meaning.
    • Or maybe they were originally demons who ate humans and absorbed the souls, increasing in power.

The events of "The Song Remains the Same" went exactly as planned
Castiel himself said that nobody got out of Heaven unless they were allowed. So how did Anna escape? She gets brainwashed, the higher-ups tell her to kill the Winchesters to stop the Apocalypse, and send her back to do so. Michael shows up (convenient how he turned up just in the nick of time, right?), kills her, and meets Dean, like he had planned all along, with the added bonus of getting to look like the good guy.

Naomi was the cause of, or somehow involved in, Anna's actions in "The Song Remains the Same"
Naomi tortured Anna like she did Castiel in Season 8, this time focusing on Sam instead of Dean. If Naomi didn't torture Anna or help her come up with the plan, than she at least helped Anna escape from Heaven's prison.

Castiel became human in the Bad Future of "The End" because Jimmy's family died.
Think about it. Castiel is whoring and drugging and all the things that the devout Jimmy would never do. My first thought was, what happened to Jimmy now that Castiel is permanently possessing his body? Then I remembered in "The Rapture" Castiel promised to protect Jimmy's family.What could have driven an angel to trying to drown his sorrows in drugging and whoring? Breaking that promise, that's what.

The finale is going to be a awesome Cain and Abel brawl between Michael/Dean and Lucifer/Sam
At least that's what going to happen if the brothers fail.

5x04 "The End" is going to happen
Lucifer was right - they will always end up in the 2014!verse, no matter what choices are made.

Castiel comes back (or eventually becomes) more-or-less human. After acknowledging Hallucifer's presence, Sam either gets possessed by the real Lucifer through a link between vessel and angel, or goes so insane that he begins to act like Lucifer has possessed him. Then, Sam and Dean somehow get separated. The Croatoan virus makes a comeback, possibly after some debacle with the demons or directly because of Lucifer's presence. And thus, 2014 rolls around exactly like it does in "The End".

  • I'm leaning towards the possibility as well. Bobby's dead. Cas's personality is becoming similar to that of 2014!Cas. The angels have been more or less wiped out. Dean's become more ruthless this season (killing Amy). Sam's the only one who doesn't quite fit, since he no longer has Lucifer in his head (although there's nothing saying cage couldn't be opened again). Season 8 isn't supposed to be the last season, which means the show will (probably) still be running in 2014. Everything seems to be getting into position to make the End!verse happen.
  • If the theory written way above this about demon blood only being a placebo is included, then it could have been possible if Sam believed he was possessed by Lucifer, then behaves like Lucifer and so taps into his powers.
  • It's possible, but unlikely...there's still debate over whether "The End"'s 2014 was real or just cooked up by Zachariah. Even if it's not, things are going to be radically different - Bobby was still wheelchair-bound at the time of his death, Sam and Dean have spoken since 2009, and Chuck is no longer on Earth. Besides, it takes all four rings of the Horsemen to open the cage, and do you really think Death is going to allow that to happen, considering how pissed he was at Lucifer? (I'm not entirely convinced he didn't just waste Lucifer while he was in the Cage retrieving Sam's soul). Dean is more ruthless, and considering the boys have lost just about every Morality Chain they've ever had, it's certainly possible, but highly unlikely.

In the finale, Lucifer will get a new cell mate
Both Sam and Dean will be possessed by Lucifer and Michael, but both will suppress them long enough to jump into the cage together. And be trapped / fighting each other for eternity
  • There can be no worse cell mates, they're all family.
    • Mostly confirmed. Lucifer (in Sam's body) is trapped in the cage with Michael (in Adam's body).

Jo and Ellen did not go with their reapers
Despite Carthage being full of 'em (and Death himself). Possibly they were separated as spirits and refused to move on without each other, dooming them to spend eternity looking for each other on Earth. Maybe that's why they hadn't arrived in Heaven and Ash didn't even know they were dead in "Dark Side of the Moon." If they had remained behind, that could also explain why Osiris was able to access Jo's ghost to use as his witness and why Ellen could reach out and pass along a message to a psychic to give to Dean in Season 7 — they were both stuck in the Veil.

Gabriel is alive
An important part of the plot from the episode was Kali using Blood Magic to bind the Winchesters and Gabriel to her to prevent them from straying away from the Gods, she even tells Gabriel that he is bound to her forever so when he confronted Lucifer the Gabriel Lucifer killed was just another illusion and he is now biding his time waiting to help the boys again, Gabriel is known for faking his death in this series.
  • If that's true, I don't think he'll show up this season; maybe next.
  • Somewhere, I read the theory that while Gabriel the archangel was dead, Gabriel the pagan god was still alive, since gods are sort of like tulpas, with their strength and existence depending entirely on the beliefs of their followers. As long as someone still believes in Loki, or one of his other many trickster god personas, he'll exist as a god, if not as an almighty archangel.
  • Another possibility is a sort of "angel-horcrux" He told Dean to protect the Casa Erotica DVD with his life. Sure, the information on it was really important, but he seemed really insistent. Maybe he put a little bit of his Grace into it because he knew he was going to die, and wanted to make sure the DVD would be safe. He did say he'd gone to the future, and saw how the battle would end, wouldn't it make sense that he saw his death, too?
  • I have this one theory and it goes something like this. There is no way to kill an archangel. Period. God caged Lucifer because it was the only way to get rid of an archangel. None of the archangels knew this little factoid simply because none of them have ever died before. God knows because God knows. Gabriel might have "died" but there's no guarantee that he stayed dead.
  • Lucifer said he "taught Gabriel everything [Gabe] knew", but Gabriel has had millennia messing around on Earth to practice his reality-warping, while Lucifer was stuck in the Cage. So Gabriel still could've faked his own death well enough to fool his brother.
    • I'd consider the S7 episode "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" proof that Gabe is alive and well, because it was simply too ridiculous to be anything but the Trickster.

The three Gods with no speaking parts in "Hammer of the Gods" are:
  • The blonde woman (seated next to Ganesh): Venus (Aphrodite)
  • The guy in the tan suit(seated next to Odin): Apollo
  • The guy in the blue suit (seated next to Zao Chen): Mars (Ares)

At the end of the episode, the blonde woman is unaccounted for - perhaps she learned from past experience?

The "Righteous Man" in the prophecy Castiel mentioned was Sam, not Dean.
In "On the Head of a Pin," Castiel says that the righteous man who starts the apocalypse will be the one to end it, seemingly quoting some prophecy. He believed he was referring to Dean breaking the first seal, and then later becoming Michael's vessel — but Sam was the one who actually let Lucifer out of his cage, and in the end, put him back in. Castiel just made an assumption based on the way the apocalypse was supposed to pan out.

The entire apocalypse was engineered by God as an object lesson in forgiveness and brotherly love for Lucifer and Michael.
If we assume that God is, in fact, all-knowing, and that He had some plan that went beyond what the humans and even the angels on the show could comprehend, it's entirely possible and believable that the entire apocalyptic story arc, and maybe the entire series, were completely subject to His will. He created Sam and Dean and put them through all sorts of trials in order to hone their skills and their devotion to both each other and humanity. Think about it: Sam and Dean are so strongly devoted to each other that even the angels find it remarkable. Gabriel tells them flat out in Mystery Spot that they are one another's greatest weakness, and everyone knows it—but we've seen time and time again that they are also each other's strength.

What if God intended all along for the apocalypse to happen, for Sam and Dean to be tested to their limits and beyond...and to succeed? That's why He wouldn't intervene to stop events from taking their course, but also why He zapped them onto the plane during Lucifer's prison break, and why He resurrected Castiel, not once but twice. Cas learned a lot about humanity, loyalty, and faith in a relatively short time with the Winchesters. It's possible that God intended for Lucifer, Michael, and the other angels to have a chance to learn the same lessons, to forgive one another and come back into the fold. In a way, God was also granting the angels a chance at free will and at the redemption that they all craved; it's just that they didn't see it for what it was.

If so, then that's why Cas was brought back with all his powers restored (and possibly even upgraded) and why Sam is still around at the end of the season. (It's part of his and Dean's reward for playing their intended parts.) It's also the reason that things really only seem to go right for the boys when they're working together. Sure, they have to be willing to make horrendously difficult decisions, and even to sacrifice themselves and their happiness for one another and for the greater good of humanity, but each time they make a step in the right direction, they're rewarded with a new ally or new information.

This also ties in nicely with the theory that Chuck is God. If that's true, it allows God to be on the scene the whole time, subtly directing events and helping the boys out on occasion. For instance, when he lectures Sam about his demon-blood addiction, it's not so much a scolding as it is a subtle reminder that "you're better than this, Sam." He offers vital information that can't be obtained anywhere else (such as when he tells Dean the location of the showdown between Lucifer and Michael) and many of his conversations with the guys serve the purpose of subtly reinforcing their relationship and their own particular moral codes.

This Troper also likes this theory because it puts Sam and Dean back into the position of fairly typical mortals(rather than universe-breaking badasses) but does so in a way that doesn't detract from their legitimate awesomeness. They're still heroes, but, like everyone else, are ultimately playing roles that they don't fully understand in a divine and ineffable plan.

Sam and Adam are not trapped in the Pit.
Angels only need vessels when on Earth. And the pit was designed to contain Lucifer (and by extension Michael, as they're both archangels), not human souls. So Lucifer & Michael both ditched the meat suits as soon as they hit the bottom of the pit, and of course Sam and Adam would be instantly fried by the backwash of any cage fight those two had. So Sam & Adam are dead and in Heaven... well, at least Adam is. Judging by Sam's appearance at the end of the finale, and the streetlight shorting out, Sam's either resurrected (Cas is just handing those out for free nowadays) or a ghost.
  • Resurrections! Get your resurrections here! Two dolla! ...In all seriousness, this makes sense. Though, would Adam die, or what?

Adam isn't - and has never been - in the pit.
We find out in the Season 10 episode "The Things We Left Behind" that Jimmy's soul is no longer in his body with Castiel and has in fact ascended to heaven after Castial was killed by Lucifer in Swan Song. Castiel says that it's due to the specific nature of how that happened (i.e. "taken apart at the subatomic level") but there's never any confirmation of that. It's possible that whenever an angel's vessel dies that the same thing happens to the vessel's soul. So when Castiel burns Michael with Holy Oil, it's possible that Adam's soul ascended to Heaven before Michael even went into the pit in the first place.
  • Yes Death does tell Dean that Adam's soul is in the pit in Season 6, but it would be very in character of Death to force Dean to choose between Sam and Adam's soul while full well knowing that Adam's soul isn't even there.

    Season 6 
The Pit is not a part of Hell.
The Pit was designed to contain Lucifer, not to torture him. Perhaps, the Pit was not unpleasant for Sam sans the isolation and unruly cell-mate. Lucifer never complained about the Pit, only about being put there for his disobedience. Sam doesn't want to tell Dean about this because he's ashamed that he didn't suffer more for his mistakes. Also, Lucifer's ability to "whisper through his bars" in "Lucifer Rising" implies that Earth time is comparable to Pit time, unlike Hell, where time flows about 120 times faster than it does here on Earth.
  • Semi-confirmed? We finally get to see it in Season 11. It can be accessed through Hell, and it's sort of...Hell-adjacent. From what Crowley says it seems to be near Limbo, out in the boonies of Hell.

Sam was forced to kill Adam.
When the two descended into the cage, they were at each other's throats. Perhaps, they continued the fight except this time it was a cage match. Sam, free of Lucifer's control, had to kill Adam/Michael in self-defense. It would also explain why Adam didn't leave the cage with Sam. It might explain his behavior in "The Third Man." He's trying to rationalize that decision by being more ruthless.
  • Jossed in "Appointment in Samarra." He's stuck in the cage (which probably would make him prefer if he were killed).

In Season 6, Sam will be an angel
.Flickering lights are one of the signs. This isn't particularly likely - it'd take away a lot of the tension, certainly, and Sam might have just been deposited there by one instead.
  • He could also be a demon. Which, personally, I would quite approve of. I felt cheated out of demon!Dean, after the foreshadowing we got in Dream a Little Dream of Me.
  • Demon!Sam is more likely, since it's mentioned in one of the later episodes (forget which one) that in order to become Lucifer's vessel, Sam will have to consume more demon blood than ever before, and that doing so will irrevocably change him.
  • It was confirmed in late season 6 that the flickering light was evidence of an angel, Castiel, returning Sam, sort of.

Season 6 will start the same way Season 1 did.
Now that Dean's playing happy families, Sam's going to have to get Dean back on the road with him. What's the best way to get him away?
  • Alternatively, it might start the same way season 4 did, with Castiel appearing to recruit Dean for a specific purpose (maybe stopping Sam who turned into an über-demon?)

S6!Sam is not Sam. It's Lucifer
It was never explained why Sam wasn't crazycakes over being in hell, despite for a short time. Hence, it's not Sammy—Sammy is dead. If you're wondering how he got out, Shiva. He's the god of rebirth and redeath, his son is dead and was eating people, and he's a little ticked off at the brothers. Obviously he's pissed at Lu too, but he blames the bros for Ganesha's death.
  • Or alternately, Sam is still possessed, but has taken control somewhat. This accounts for some of his more mysterious actions. He's more or less is in the driver's seat, but Lucifer is still somewhat influencing him. The mother of all backstreet drivers.
  • OR, Sam's soul is still in Hell, and the traits which make him human (empathy, compassion, etc) are stuck there along with it.
    • Confirmed in 6x07.

Sam got intentionally Blessed with Suck
As he said in the latest episode ("You Can't Handle the Truth"), he's a better hunter than ever before because of his inability to feel. That first bit was the goal of some unknown entity, who didn't care about the second bit. The general jerkassitude represented by that reminds me of some of the angels, but other aspects make me not so sure of it.

Balthazar is Gabriel in another vessel
Meaning that he's been killed by a brother of his twice now. Poor guy.

Gabriel is alive...
...And stole his horn of truth from Heaven. He knew that there was going to be a war, so he decided to take the weapon that is rightly his and is now hiding out somewhere.
  • To add to this, the only person that could have presumably taken the Horn of Truth would be Balthazar but it is implied that the angelic weapons he stole were taken directly from Heaven, not from a random music store. And it was before Balthazar had to collect the weapons again to help Castiel stop Raphael so assuming that it was the real Horn of Truth, this weapon is still in the wind.
  • And who is just the kind of guy that would steal his own weapons? Gabe.
  • Additionally, lore states that Gabriel is the one who defeats the Leviathans. Imagine the look on the Winchester's faces if they find out about that!
  • There's also the fact that the Horn is supposed to signal the end of days when it's blown. And Gabriel does seem rather attached to Earth. If he was alive, he'd probably want to keep his Horn far away from anyone else.

Crowley's not dead
.Seriously, he's Mark Sheppard. You can't just get rid of him like that.
  • Confirmed! Castiel has been working with Crowley before the season started.

The Big Bad of Season 6 is...
The Mother Monster.
  • And her music videos cause the viewer to become a Jefferson Starship. It's a far swifter method of taking over the world.

The "mother of all" at the end of "Like a Virgin" is Echidna, from Greek mythology.
She is, after all, believed to have mothered most monsters in Greek mythology, and is even sometimes known as "Mother of All Monsters."

Any inconsistencies in the show are because of all the time travelling
"The End" showed that the future could be changed by the past. "My Heart Will Go On" showed that even one changed detail (the Titanic not sinking) in the past results in hundreds of changed details in the future (the Winchesters use a different car, Ellen and Jo are alive, Dean wins at scissors in rock-paper-scissors. and so on). The Winchesters have now personally gone back in time... four times. Thus explaining away any on-screen contradictions.

    Season 7 
Castiel's name will change...
And that will be important somehow. In the official material, he is always refered to as either Castiel, or Cas. In the teaser for season 7, it features the phrase "In Cass we fear.", an allusion to "In God we trust." But why is his name spelt differently? It could just be a network typo, but it's also possible that he gets permanently renamed Cass upon taking his new position as God. There are plenty of symbolic reasons why that might happen.It's also worth noting that Dean's nicknaming of him eliminates a very important part of his name. In the traditional Hebrew, -el means 'of God' and each angel's name is fairly rich with symbolism. Uriel, for example, means something along the lines of 'light of God' or 'God is my light'. So Cas(-tiel) gets nicknamed by Dean, starts getting more and more involved with humanity in general and the Winchesters in particular, to the point where he falls and literally isn't 'of God' anymore.
  • As far as I know he's always been "Cass" in the scripts, subtitles and the tie-in books - "Cas" is a fandom spelling. The fanfic side of fandom periodically argues about this.

Season 7 will deal with a full-grown Anti Christ
Since the Supernatural verse doesn't have them as sons of the devil, that means there could be other demons (or just that one from "I Believe the Children Are Our Future") with children. In particular, Sam and Dean will face The Jersey Devil, son of a witch and a demon and one of the most famous monsters unique to American history. And it will be awesome.
  • Well, the Jersey Devil is the focus of an upcoming episode, but no word if it's an Anti Christ.

Following Dean and Cas's trip to Purgatory, Castiel is Castiel again.
The Leviathans that piggybacked their way in via Cas suggested that they'd gotten rid of Castiel for good, but clearly that didn't work out quite the way they'd intended, seeing as how he's back and sort-of powered. Presumably, all they were able to do is push most of Cas into Purgatory, back through the gate - possibly using that "momentum" to bring themselves in. Now that the left-over part of Cas has been to Purgatory, he's been reunited with the rest of himself, and is back to the Castiel that we know and love.
  • As of season 8 premiere, JOSSED.

Sam is NOT in hell.
Basically, I think this because Death said Sam was hallucinating. And it would be pretty mind-screwy and a slap in the face to viewers if it turned out that Season 6 and 7 were just things made up by Lucifer to torture Sam.
  • However, the more I view the episodes of Season 7, the more I wonder if maybe Dean is the one in hell because it seems like all the negative things taking place on the show affect him the hardest. Maybe he actually died after the end of Season 5 (before Castiel came back) and everything preceding it is what he's experiencing in hell.

Bobby will definitely die soon.
He's the only main character who hasn't at one point or another, and I just have a feeling about it, for another reason that's rather difficult to write down. Whether or not he stays dead is another matter.
  • Confirmed. Has his neck snapped by Lucifer himself. Castiel brings him back, though.
    • Season 7.

Bobby will die because of the deal with Crowley.
Three possibilities. 1) Crowley is lying and never intended to return Bobby's soul. 2) Crowley will basically hold Bobby's soul hostage to keep Sam and Dean in line. 3) Crowley was being honest, but will get killed in the ensuing battle, leaving Bobby for the hellhounds.
  • And 'Swan Song' averts this: Bobby did die but at Lucifer's hands, and was then resurrected by Castiel. No mention was made of the disposition of Bobby's soul but given that Castiel's new job is as Commander of the Host, Crowley probably doesn't want to go up against that.

The Alphas are plotting to Take Over the World
The hunters would be the first line of defense against such a plot for world domination. The monsters are acting off pattern because their Alphas are commanding them to. They are prodding the hunters for weaknesses. Also, certain recent changes to the status quo (i.e. Heaven and Hell being in disarray from the loss of Michael and Lucifer) might be the window of opportunity these monsters have been waiting for. The Alphas, in all likelihood, despise the thought of having to work together but know that the rewards would be enormous.

Death is the Alpha Reaper
He can kill via touch (possibly more easily, considering he's going to kill an entire city), and he describes killing God as "Reaping."
  • This is pretty much true, but not in the same sense as the other Alphas, because Eve created them, and Death is (at least) as old as God.

God is the Alpha Angel
  • Alternatively, God is the Alpha Prophet.
    • And BOTH Michael and Lucifer are the Alpha Angels.

God is going to bring Gabriel back, and possess him in order to beat the Leviathans
In lore, it's been mentioned that either Gabriel or God will defeat the Leviathan- so why not a combination of both? After all, Gabriel would be unlikely to intervene and defeat the Leviathans by himself. not to mention episode 22 is called 'God'
  • Michael has also been described as the one who will slay the Leviathan, so if they do indeed take that route, then perhaps Adam could finally return and get his plot resolution. However, I couldn't find a source to back up the included spoiler, and without one, both the Michael and Gabriel guesses seems a lot less likely.

How Season 7 will end
1. Sam and Dean will open the cage, say "yes" to Michael and Lucifer, asborb the souls of Heaven and Hell, then they'll team up and kill Castiel.

2. They found out someway to exorcise all those souls from Cas or Jimmy takes control of his body.

3. God comes down and kills Cas.

4. They use the Colt or the scythe on him.

5. They send Cas into the Cage.

6. Sam and Dean teams up with all the monsters to take down Cas.

7. Chuck stops Cas somehow or the faires help the boys out.

I've made seven so we are in heaven and it would be real cool if they combine all these into a super ending somehow. I think that will be a great way to end the series and the series will most likely end. With Michael and Lucifer killing each other or Cas and the Winchesters end up stuck in the cage forever either way everybody ends up crying.

  • Well, Death did say he'd eventually reap God. Could be he either reaps Chuck, Cas gets his shit together and becomes a reasonable new God, or Death reaps Cas and sets things back in order.

How the Boys will handle Cas
1. They worship him and stall for time.

2. Crowley or some angel teleports them out.

  • If an angel, then Raphael (only his vessel was destroyed). He decides on a "temporary" truce until they deal with Cas, and then he's STILL gonna start the Apocalypse.

3. Cas kills them and they come back to life.

4. Joshua tells Cas he needs to deliver a message from God to the boys.

  • I was thinking an epic Chuck!God vs. Cas!God battle. I mean, Misha Collins isn't signed on for the seventh season, is he? So Castiel will either die in the premiere, or only be in a few episodes.

5. Michael and Lucifer somehow escape and save them. They are STILL pissed at them for cheating them out of their epic fight.

6. The boys absolutely refuse to obey him right to his face. Hurt and angry, Cas decides to kill them. The boys close their eyes and embrace the coming pain. We see them explode! But then we see them, eyes still closed and out of harms way. They meet with Jesse from the season 5 episode "I Believe the Children Are Our Future". He's the one who saved them and faked their deaths to be momentarily safe from Cas. As it turns out, after he left his foster home, he was thinking about what Sam and Dean said, and he decides he really wants to use his powers for good. So he's been training to use his powers better. He's been watching them from afar for sometime. And he wants to help them stop Cas. But he would only make a few appearances to help the boys out of tougher jams. He essentially takes over the position Cas left vacant.

7. It'll begin the same way as number 6. But instead of being saved by Jesse, the boys meet with a mysterious woman. She takes the form of Mary Winchester, Jess Moore, and Karen Singer, making the boys uneasy. She tells them she's not a demon, angel, or any other supernatural monster. She's really God's mother, the TRUE creator of the universe. God is one of her many children (which includes Death and Eve, see theory in Character Guesses page's "God & "X is God"). She tells them that God has "retired" after the Apocalypse has been averted (explaining why he didn't give Castiel a sign). Though the boys are skeptical at first, considering that all the higher beings they've encountered turned out to be jackasses. But, even though she was offended by the word "jackass", she assures them she's nothing like the angels or demons. She's very loving and caring to ALL her children. And she loves the humans deeply and doesn't want the Apocalypse to happen. She's disgusted by how the angels and demons act, always using the humans as cannon fodder. She takes over the "Cas" role and wish to help the boys stop Cas. But reasons known only to her, she cannot interfere, so she can only give out hints and tips to the boys.

During Season 7
An angel or angels will send the boys and Bobby back in time to prevent all of this, but we already know how that will all work out.

Something evil from Purgatory
Is controlling Cas. 'Nuff said.
  • A lot of the fanbase (at least, the fanfiction writing fanbase) seems to have made the executive decision that "real" Cas was overpowered by the millions of psycho, evil monster souls. And this does seem like a likely way for them to go - having the boys spend the season trying to save "real" Cas, because we all know how the fangirls will react if they kill off Cas.
  • Eve is controlling Cass. She was killed off much too easily for something that ancient and powerful.
  • Confirmed in the premiere of Season 7. The Leviathans are controlling Cas, making him kill several people he had no intent on killing (just only the running senator). By the end of the episode, Cas is dead and they (or one of them) possess his vessel now.

Cas will Fall during Season Seven.
Okay, so it's been mentioned somewhere that Cas is only definite for the first two episodes of the new season (though this could be just to disguise a Cas plotline for the new season...or something). However, it's unlikely that he'll be killed off completely; we all know how the fangirls would react to that. But it's a possibility that the Winchesters, what with their ridculous luck and all, may find a way to rid Cas of his crazy God-complex. This may come at a price; that price being Cas falling from angel status. It'd be a good way to incorporate him into the show further, if that's how they wanted to go. There are some flaws, however; that angels are supposed to be reborn when they Fall, and also that Cas isn't terribly effective without his angel mojo, which means he'd either have to spend the season being taught how to hunt, or being cannon fodder.

The season (or even the entire series) finale will end with Sam becoming God.
After defeating Castiel (or possible some other character) (either by killing him or simply removing the souls), Sam will be given the mantle of God. Dean tries to stop it, but Sam says its okay, since now he can undo all the damage that has been done and be at peace which he's never been able to have since the day their mother died. We have a tearful good-bye between brothers, because even though Dean will eventually die and go to Heaven, he might never see Sam again. The finale ends with Sam in Heaven, looking down on the world, and a tear falls out of his eye.

Death has something big planned with regards to the Leviathans
One thing I noticed back from series 6 is that Death had no reason to care about the souls (and the Leviathans) in purgatory, yet he went out of his way to help Dean and Sam by both giving Sam his soul back, trying to keep Sam sane, and by advising Dean on the importance and power of souls, telling them they are "digging at something", which he clearly has significant interest in.

Then at the beginning of season 7, he first informed the brothers about the Leviathans, and then (apparently) gave them the chance to put them back into purgatory, despite them seriously pissing him off and insulting him (which he has killed for before).

However, if he cared enough to go against the natural order by pretty much hacking into reality to bring another eclipse (needed for the door to purgatory), why did he not kill Castiel when he had the chance? and also why did he not simply wipe out the Leviathans before when god clearly wanted them dead?

Simple, he knew the new ceremony would not work enough to bring back the Leviathans, he just did not want the Leviathans to take control of Castiel's gargantuan power, and he does not kill the Leviathans because they are immune to death, and thus effectively outside of his power. This of course pisses him off a great deal.

In short he is using the events of the Leviathan's emerging to essentially tie up the loose end they represent to hum, but to do that they need to be made somehow killable, and that is where Dean and Sam come in, and Im guessing that the plan will hinge on human souls as a major part of it.

However, as this is death who has often stated and demonstrated how insignificant he finds humans, it is likely that he may well be every bit as much of an antagonist as the leviathans.

A theory about Eve and the Leviathans.
For a while, this troper found it really repetitive that all of the recent monsters have been able to possess people. It seemed uncreative and unlikely, but then they introduced the Leviathans. Now, according to some myths, God created two Leviathans so that they could mate. However, the offspring would have been much too destructive, so God killed the female Leviathan. In Supernatural's universe, however, there is obviously more than one Levi walking around. So what if God created several Levi's, who in turn gave birth to beings like Eve? Since Levi's can possess other people, and because Levi's predate angels and man, this could explain why Eve gets around via possession; she inherited it, and why she predates angels. Additionally, the Levi's could have been reproducing all this time while in Purgatory, even giving birth to whatever it was that possessed Dr. Visyak (the "Purgatory native"). This theory potentially has even MORE credence as of "There Will Be Blood," in which it was stated that the Leviathans were related to Eve's monsters through her. Furthermore, both Eve and the Leviathans have been shown to be able to block angelic powers, which could be another inherited trait.

That special package Dick had dug up in Iran is clay from what was once the Garden of Eden.
Specifically, it's the clay that God used to shape the first humans. Dick wants to use it in order to generate his own humans, perhaps a more docile version. Heaven and Hell are going to want it because it gives them a chance to play God and actually create something new.
  • Jossed, It was in fact a "Word of God" tablet, which contained instructions of how to kill Leviathans.

The next season will be about a third war in Heaven, but this time its the souls of dead humans vs what's left of the angels/demons
Since Season 5, Heaven has lost God, both archangels, and nearly every high ranking angel, not to mention Castiel and his faction of rebel angels. This means that those like Ash who are able to jump across different personal heavens and bring souls together are now utterly unchecked. This would enable the souls in Heaven to congregate, and likely get some explanation as to what has been going on. They likely learn about the angels' utter Jerkassery both with them and with the world over the past few seasons, not to mention their utter incompetence and maliciousness in general, and most importantly the fact that their souls are considered unspeakably powerful by the angels. Unimaginably pissed off by this, they decide to overthrow the angels and take control of the afterlife.

Using the Leviathans' emergence as a distraction they begin to slowly take control of heaven, and also start infiltrating Hell in order to get the souls there on their side, and are able to instigate another war between the remaining angels and demons, and thus remove any possible threat to their plans before they rebel.

This will cause a massive case of mixed loyalties for the Winchesters, as the rebel souls are pretty much embodying every criticism the two have ever made of God and Heaven, and by opposing them they will be opposing everyone they knew and loved.

  • Whatever happened to Joshua? I always assumed he took over in Castiel's/Raphael's absence, but if this WMG came true, perhaps they could shed some light on that.

    Season 8 
For the Season 8 opener...
While Dean tries to get out of Purgatory, he'll encounter many of the monsters he and Sam encountered over the series. Though many of them may be characters we never encountered before, so they may be a Faceless Mass. Some may try to help Dean, some may want to kill him (for personal reasons, for food, or for sport).

  • Gordon Walker: He's a vampire when Sam killed him. He won't be happy to see Dean again because he didn't kill Sam when he had the chance and blames them for his transformation as a vampire. But at the same time, he's embraced it and is happy to be with his sister again. Perhaps his sister will help Dean escape because she hated Gordon for killing her. So the two will end up killing each other, giving Dean a chance to get away.
  • Gabriel: He'll help Dean escape. After all, he owes him for giving him courage to stand up to Lucifer.
  • Uriel
  • Anna
  • Zachariah
  • Raphael
  • Balthazar
  • Azazel
  • Ruby: She really hates Dean so much.
  • Crossroad demons
  • Lilith
  • Eve

    • I'm pretty sure angels and demons don't go to Purgatory when they die; with the exception of Dean and Cas (which was under a special circumstance), it appears to be a monster-exclusive thing. Eve and Gordon are still viable, though.
      • Where else would they go, into complete nonexistence? At one of the cons recently, someone said Gabriel had a chance of coming back. Having dead angels and demons in Purgatory makes sense, especially if they're leading up to Gabe's return. Anyways, if nothing else, don't demons count as monsters?
      • Yes, for angels and demons it's Cessation of Existence. Cas said "every soul here is a monster." Demons were once human, so their souls are technically just twisted, deformed human souls. Cas, in The Man Who Would Be King, also said that he was an angel an as such, had no soul, and said that when he died, he just "stopped" until God put him back together. As for Gabriel's possible return, I personally wouldn't give much thought to Con teasers, but even if he is to return, there are other ways of going about that (flashback, hallucination, resurrection by Death/God/Metatron, the last Gabriel to die was yet another fake, etc.)
  • Bobby: The only friendly soul in Purgatory. And possibly able to escape with Dean and Cas (please).
    • This assumes that (as with vampires) ghosts no longer count as human souls and therefore go to purgatory when they are put to rest rather than to heaven or hell.
  • Amy: Seems like a no-brainer, given how guilty Dean felt about killing her.

The Winchester Brothers are going to break the masquerade wide open.
What's Dick Roman's golden rule? That the humans don't become aware there are monsters in the world. So faced with a seemingly unstoppable invasion of Leviathans, the brothers, perhaps with Crowley's help, will expose the Leviathans to the world... along with demons, angels, ghosts, and everything else with claws and fangs. Season 8 will deal with this post-masquerade world, enabling the writers to recycle the standard Monster of the Week plots with the angle that everyone knows what's going on. Other predictions: the Ghostfacers will hit it big time, Hell will go legit, and the Winchester brothers will become either celebrities or deputized government agents.

Oh, and Season 8's big bad? Humanity.

(There are downsides to breaking the masquerade, after all.)

  • Please let this happen. It would be so inventive and have the potential to save the show from its current state.

The physical change that Cas will experience in Season 8
Is either him getting the angelic equivalent of genitals (making him no longer "junkless," as most angels are), and/or being neutered.

Bill O'Reilly was next on God!Castiel's list before the Leviathans possessed him.

Season Eight will feature the Fair Folk
For everything that the leprechaun mentioned in "Clap Your Hands If You Believe...", fairies have apparently not been seen in the series since then, leaving Dean's ability to see them rather redundant. So after dealing with Demons, Angels, and Leviathans, so dealing with the worst of the worst among Fairy kind could be next. We might even see Puck in the season, and he'll become a recurring ally of the Winchesters.
  • They may help Sam bring Dean back and help fight the demons since they are mentioned as being as powerful as angels.

Castiel will take a female vessel in Season 8.
For at least one episode. That's what the writers were referring to when they mentioned a 'physical change'; it may also allow for canonical Destiel.
  • Jossed, he's human now.

The Big Bad in season eight will be Cthulhu
.Do I need Justification ?
  • A justification would be nice, yes.
    • Alrighty then, following the confirmation of Leviathans inhabiting purgatory and since Leviathans are shown to be species of Eldritch Abombination, there's no knowing what other Eldritch horrors could also be in purgatory, and if Dean escapes purgatory something might follow him. For all we know the first Monster of the Week could be Slenderman.
  • Apparently Jossed: season eight's Big Bad appears to be Crowley.

Kristin McGee will show up and get Adam out of The Cage.
Because someone needs to get poor Adam out and his half brothers don't seem to care at all. Maybe there's something supernatural about her, or maybe she just finds someone to do it for her, but she's going to appear in the show and free Adam.
  • At this point, getting Adam out would do more harm than good. Sam was out cold for ten days solid after eighteen months in the cage, and when the wall came down he almost died. Going by the dates on the Supernatural Wiki, Sam and Adam went into the Cage sometime around May 17th, 2010. It's hard to get a fix on the current date in the show (as of Season 9) but it has to have been at least three to four years (one year between Season 5 and 6, one between 7 and 8, and plenty of spare time in between), if Adam got out, whatever was left of his soul wouldn't be pretty.

What happens to monsters that get killed in Purgatory
My guess is that they respawn somewhere else, but with a little less of their sense of humanity/reason (if they had any to begin with). So the more you die in Purgatory, the more you become a mindless creature of instinct. That's why some of the monsters we saw in there could talk to Dean and co. and some just lunged screeching at them, and why Benny, a pretty good fighter from what we've seen, is still so much of a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire.

    Season 9 
Season 9 will introduce the most deadly threat of all
The Nazis bring the Nazi Apocalypse, Covers a lot more Hebrew mythology than Christian, WW2 was all set up by an unknown force and it's been destiny for the Jews to fight the Nazis thus ending the world. Dean and Sam make it win too.
  • Obviously Jossed.

    Season 10 
Archangel Michael would have been able to cure the Mark of Cain
Since the Mark was given by Lucifer and Michael is stronger than Lucifer, he would have been able to heal his true vessel, Dean, of the Mark.
  • Partially Jossed. The Mark of Cain comes directly from God who gave it to Lucifer who, in turn, gave it to Cain. Since Lucifer was able to pass it along and Rowena outright destroys it, the rest is still plausible.

Gabriel is alive...
...And hiding out as a Pepsi Zero spokesperson. In the most recent Pepsi Zero commercial, the "salesperson" snaps his fingers and Snoop Dogg magically appears.

    Season 11 
The Darkness will break the masquerade.
There's no way anyone won't notice a giant cloud of darkness coming out of the ground.

Castiel will be Put on a Bus.
He'll suffer a Heroic BSoD after being cursed by Rowena. That combined with "The Reason You Suck" Speech from "Book of the Damned" made him question his purpose and decide to just give up.

The Darkness is Urizen.

The Darkness is the Idea of Evil.

Rowena will be killed by Crowley
With their issues with each other, one of them will have to die. Crowley is a fan favorite and series regular, whereas Rowena is only a recurring character — and a woman to boot, making it unlikely that she will survive the series. Crowley will likely be the one who kills her — he has motive enough after her putting a hit out on him, and it would wrap up his character arcs of not being "evil enough" as well as karmic retribution for her abuse, neglect, and manipulation of him. However, because he still retains some humanity for better or worse, Crowley will mourn her death even if he is the one who kills her.

The Darkness was the true source of the Croatoan Virus
They both seem to have similar effects on people, such as the Croatoan virus making people succumb to rage, like the humans effect by Darkness did during the Season 11 premier. It's possible that Azazel, Lucifer, and Pestilence found a way to harness the Darkness' power to create the Croatoan Virus.
  • This might be confirmed, since it seems likely that The Darkness is the source of all evil in the supernatural universe. And the Croatoan virus is definitely evil. And due to the fact that Azazel and all the other demons were created by Lucifer because he was corrupted by The Darkness, the Croatoan virus would technically still be created by The Darkness indirectly.

Death is simply a title, like the King of Hell
And the Horseman Death was simply the Alpha Reaper. Obviously people continued to die in the Supernatural universe after Death's demise, so the concept of death still exists. Another reaper will probably take his place.

Death isn't dead, the Winchesters have just finally managed to annoy him
People are still dying, rather obviously, and Amara's powers are actually substantially less than what Death has stated falls within his purview. Death has never actually threatened the Winchesters with harm, only with him ceasing to help them with their problems, which he only did in the first place because they amused him. Well... he gave them the solution to their problem as usual, and they threw it back into his face in the rudest manner possible; he wasn't destroyed, he just left them to deal with the problem they'd caused on their own, and forced them to work with the minion reapers like any other mortal instead of the big cheese himself.
  • On a related note, the scythe is never seen again after his exit scene. Considering how the brothers barely ever let their last everything-killing weapon out of their hands for five minutes, much less out of their sight, that means that it's not there... most likely, he took it with him when he left.

The Darkness will eventually betray Crowley.
  • Confirmed after "The Bad Seed", sort of. Did she ever promise him anything? It looks like he just assumed that because she had the appearance of a child and he fed her, she would obey "uncle Crowley".
  • She'll also give Crowley a "Reason You Suck" Speech on his Villain Decay.

The angels will be antagonists again.

This will be the final season.
  • Jossed, there'll be another.

The Darkness plans to unmake existence.
  • Jossed. However, when God was dying, existence was about to fade to nothingness and she would fade away herself.

The source of Sam's visions is the Cage.
In the episode Baby, Sam speculates that he is getting visions from the Darkness' opposite, who he thinks would be God himself. He is half-right. The Darkness' opposite is the being God created to fight the Darkness: Lucifer, whose name means Light Bearer. Sam is still connected to Lucifer and Sam's first visions were in fact of their time in the Cage. As for who pretended to be a young John Winchester in Sam's latest vision, that was Michael. He is in the Cage with Lucifer and he remembers using John as a vessel many years ago.

Sam is going to lose his soul again.
  • Soulless Sam has a personal score to settle with Dean for putting his soul back.

Lucifer will betray the Wincesters.
He'll give them a "Reason You Suck" Speech for believing the Darkness had anything to do with his fall from grace, in his point-of-view she just freed him from his loyalty to God.

God Is Dead.
  • There could be some kind of big twist that perhaps God was dead all along yet Castiel was in the dark about it. He probably have went missing but ended up killed in the process. If beings like Death can be killed then it isn't out of the question that someone else could have killed God
    • Jossed... God is Chuck.

Rebuilt by God, the late Jimmy Novak's body has become a very special vessel.
It is now hosting the archangel Lucifer and the angel Castiel at the same time without showing signs of wear. Lucifer was even ready to explode Sam, claiming to have no more use for him.
  • It could also be that Castiel's body was just uniquely suitable for Lucifer at this point as it's a purely angelic vessel without a human soul in it as well; the only other vessel to meet such criteria is Anna, and there we have the even-more-exceptional circumstances of her temporary humanity.

Amara will Break the Haughty with Lucifer.

God is planning a Heroic Sacrifice.
In the last scene with Metatron he asks him to read the last pages of his autobiography. While Chuck is singing a farewell song both exchange sorrowful looks as if saying goodbye. We learn in the past that both Amara and God are equal in power and both sides of balance. Creation and destruction, light and dark and that Chuck chose to contain her. What if he contained her because there was no way to destroy her without destroying himself. Maybe she is not aware of this or believes as the embodiment of nothing she cannot be destroyed. Negative and positive colliding to end them both.
  • Close. Chuck was planning to let Amara lock him away as he had done to her, hoping that would satiate her desire for vengeance and she would spare Creation. Also, both Chuck and Amara believe neither of them can exist without the other.

Chuck's other works.
He mentions how he was working on a book series called Revolution, a clear nod to the show of the same name also created by Eric Kripke. So maybe Kripke's other works like Boogeyman (2005), Timeless, and The Boys (2019) are also book series Chuck has written, or at least co-wrote. Which would make the scene in The Boys where Billy Butcher goes on a misotheistic rant about how if God exists, he would have to be evil pretty ironic.

    Season 12 
Mary won't survive
Let's be honest here - The show hasn't been too kind to its characters, and getting back their mother is pretty much the best thing to happen to our poor boys in a bunch of seasons, and none of the other stuff (Dean having a life with Lisa, Sam falling in love with Amelia) has persisted for long.So, the real question is, how will she die? Well, despite all the risks life as a hunter or as someone close to a hunter has, the other cliffhanger for Season 11's ending had Tony shoot Sam (Or at least at him). Since the show probably won't kill of either of the Winchesters (Really, they've had more than enough chances), despite Billie's claims, if the shot hit, they'll have to bring back Sam somehow. And seeing as this whole family has a history of sacrificing themselves for their loved ones, Mary will probably trade her newly-gotten life - Which would piss off the reapers anyway - to give Sam his back.

The Winchesters will be put on trial by the Men of Letters
It'll involve the Men of Letters being an Omniscient Council of Vagueness who will hold a combination of Trial of the Mystical Jury and Kangaroo Court for Sam and Dean. Various characters will testify for or against them, but the final verdict will inevitably be that the Winchesters are guilty of doing more harm than good. Then either some evil force will threaten to destroy the Men of Letters and they'll pull an Entitled Bastard and ask the Winchesters to save them, or they'll be revealed as a Decadent Court and the Winchesters will bring them down. Neither Chuck nor Amara will show up because it's a human affair and using them too much would cheapen them.

This will really be the final season.
  • Nope, Season 15 is.

Dean will make a musical reference while rescuing Sam from the English Men of Letters.
Dean: *with a smirk* Guess you've found yourself in times of trouble?
Sam: Wha-?" *sees his mother Mary come to him*
The British Men of Letters Claims of Success will be Revealed to be a Technicality
They claim not to have had a monster related death in Britain for decades by warding airports and the docks.

Monster can't logically include demons. Crowley showed in "Weekend at Bobby's" that he could just teleport into Scotland (part of Britain) whenever he wanted (of course, demons can also be summoned and bypass airports). Obviously he's capable of killing people in Britain if he wishes before the British Men of Letters show up (for that matter, since he wouldn't go through any of their airports or docks, they wouldn't even know about it). He'd certain be able to send crossroads demons into Britain to make deals and then collect on the debts by killing people when the contracts are up.

Similarly, especially given her history with the Men of Letters, there's no way someone like Abaddon would have just stood by while Britain was protected from her kind by another branch of theirs.

If nothing else, Lucifer took out a bunch of Gods before the apocalypse. He'd probably have taken that British Men of Letters out for the fun of it if they were really that successful.

Still, the term monster isn't that often applied to demons so maybe we exclude them (and Lucifer being an archangel certainly wouldn't get the title).

Their warding strategy wouldn't work against witches (since witches are effectively human and even if they weren't a person could become a witch while in Britain and kill someone) but maybe they don't count witches as monsters.

The same goes for ghosts who could clearly die in Britain and kill people but again may not be known as "monsters".

Dick Roman, Metatron and Amara may not have had a reason to go there but clearly could have if they'd wanted to (at his most powerful, Metatron could just brush angel warding aside and, if the Men of Letters were powerful enough to be a threat to him, may have just taken them out to be safe). For that matter, Leviathans probably should have gone there at some point if they were intending to take over the world (and there's no logical reason why the British Men of Letters would have had warding against them or known how to stop them) but I'll buy that maybe they didn't. One would also think that if Amara was so pro-Chaos and Britain was "protected" that's exactly where she might target, but then God's sister probably doesn't count as a monster.

At the same time, there are various gods shown throughout the show who require completely unique ways to kill them. Even if the Men of Letters responded in minutes to their arrival of the country there's no way they'd have the right equipment to kill them (given they all require something different), so gods probably don't count either.

Maybe the term monster is reserved for creatures like werewolves, vampires and shapeshifters. By extensions, they probably only classify the relatively weaker supernatural creatures as monsters in order to keep their "perfect" record.

Mary will become Lucifer's vessel
In the same way that Dean was Michael's chosen vessel but Adam could fill the role without burning out, maybe Mary could serve as Lucifer's vessel instead of Sam. It was suggested that Sam and Dean's birth was arranged which indicates that it may have been both their Winchester and Campbell blood together that made them such a perfect match, in which case Mary is as close to Sam as Adam was.

She will either be tricked or manipulated into saying "yes" (possibly sacrificing herself to save one of her sons by standard Supernatural rules).

Given the rule that good things aren't allowed to last, by the time they are able to get Lucifer out of her body it will be damaged enough that she will die again.

  • This is all the more probable (though it hasn't happened yet) as of the Season Twelve finale: With Mary trapped in the alternate dimension with Lucifer, he would love to exact some vengeance on Mary just as he did when Sam's soul was trapped with him in the Cage. And perhaps she will become Lucifer's vessel to make the torture stop. You can't blame her for this any more than you can blame Dean for finally cooperating with Alastair when he was in hell.

With Mick dead, Toni Bevell will be given his position.

    Season 13 
Lucifer will make a Heel–Face Turn, but lose his remaining grace.
It seems that while Lucifer is still a dick, he seems to have been given a piece of humble pie in "War of the Worlds", and shaping up to be a Villain Protagonist so far, rather than a Big Bad. He seems to genuinely care and love his son, if him asking Castiel about him is any indication, and is also shown to be very much scared of what Parallel!Michael is capable of and wants to do to his reality. My guess is that when he eventually meets Jack, he'll be influenced to make a Heel–Face Turn, but will lose whatever grace he has left when defeating Parallel!Michael. Of course, it's possible that he'll snap back to evil once Michael is defeated and he reclaims Hell from Asmodeus, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Another Archangel will be introduced as a future Big Bad, most likely Samael.
  • It wouldn't be unexpected of the writers to weave in another Archangel, perhaps one who did something so terrible that Chuck and the other Archangels effectively disowned him, unlike Lucifer, whom was more of an estranged sibling stuck in rehab or serving a prison sentence. Samael, who has been portrayed as an accuser, destroyer, and seducer in Talmudic texts, as well as being nicknamed by some as the "Venom of God" or "Poison of God", would fit this description to a tee.

Lucifer will end up restoring himself using Parallel!Michael's grace
In the same way Castiel ended up using stolen grace from other angels to fuel himself, Lucifer may be forced to so for a while to make himself stronger. However, the only way to restore himself is ultimately going to be stealing an Archangel's grace, ultimately leaving him stronger than ever. Somehow he'll find a way to trap Parallel!Michael and to take his grace from him, using it to restore himself.

Lucifer will end up restoring himself using the local Michael's grace
Alternative to the above, Lucifer will find a way back to the cage and steal the grace of the local crazy Michael. Even as a villain, it'll result in a What the Hell, Hero? moment for him (since they've always been compared to the Winchesters). With his remaining grace, topped up with Michael's grace, he'll be a formidable threat and able to overpower Parallel!Michael.
An attempt to remove Jack's grace will result in it getting "loose" where someone will steal it
Essentially the idea is that Jack will be convinced to give up his grace and become human. However, in doing so, one of the existing villains, maybe Asmodeus, maybe even Ketch using some Men of Letters' Magic (I'm not thinking Lucifer for this one since stealing from his son doesn't seem like his sort of thing) will find a way to distort the spell and claim Jack's grace for themselves and by extension take claim of his powers. This will result in a villain more powerful than God, forcing everyone else into an Enemy Mine situation against them, similar to the end of Season 12 (but probably no Chuck to pitch in this time).

The Bad Place dimension is where Behemoth is located
.Some Young Earth creationists believe that Behemoth was a Dinosaur-like creature, so it's possible that the footprint seen in "The Bad Place" belongs to Behemoth.

The angel Zophiel will be introduced, as well as the Flaming Sword.
The Flaming Sword is an iconic part of angelic mythology, and considering it's been nine seasons since the Angels have been introduced, it's honestly a wonder why they haven't covered it yet.

Princes of Hell will be revealed to be Nephilim who were corrupted by Lucifer, then tortured in hell until they became demonic.
  • Princes of Hell have yellow eyes: the only other being shown to have yellow eyes is Jack, a nephilim. The princes' eyes could be a demonic corruption of nephilim eyes.
  • Princes of Hell have vast powers: they are second in strength only to Lucifer and other archangels. They cannot be killed by anything short of the Colt, archangel power, or special archangel-forged weapons designed to kill anything weaker than God himself.
  • They can kill lower tier angels, turning them to dust with a touch. Even Alastair, white-eyed demon could not kill angels with his power alone.
  • The demon-killing knife doesn't even injure them. Alastair could not be killed by the knife, but could gravely injured with intense pain. Even Lilith was afraid of the knife, while princes of hell don't even suffer any debilitating effects from being stabbed by it, just like an angel.
  • It explains why creation of a nephilim was outlawed by God for so long. A nephilim that could be corrupted into a demon would have vast powers and be unstoppable against anything short of an archangel. It also explains why there are only four of them. If four nephilim were created by lower angels as an experiment with humanity, Lucifer would definitely corrupt and use them to even the playing field against the armies of heaven if he thought they would give his rebellion even a chance of success. It's doubtful that Lucifer in his early days would have lowered himself to rutting with a filthy human, so he wouldn't have fathered the nephilim directly which explains why there were only four of them. In his latter days after the cage, his priorities changed and he wanted to create something new and thus he spawned Jack.
  • They have powers that not even Lucifer thought he'd given them. Asmodeus can shapeshift. Azazel could possess reapers.

Raphael's alternate counterpart will be introduced
  • Considering Michael (albeit an alternate version, Lucifer, and Gabriel have all appeared in Season 13, it would make sense for them to bring in the last Archangel, who will be The Dragon to alternate Michael, and whose Grace will be used to create another portal to the alternate world.

Apocalypse world Michael is the devil of that world
  • In earlier seasons it's said that in the war between Michael and Lucifer, if Michael wins he brings paradise for the survivors. Apocalypse world is certainly no paradise. My theory is that in this world Michael was the one to take the mark and become evil, eventually becoming that worlds devil. While the Lucifer of apocalypse world was actually the good guy in that universe.

    Season 14 
Apocalypse World Lucifer will be introduced and Sam will say "Yes".
With Lucifer dead (albeit dead can just mean "missing for a few episodes" on Supernatural these days) and Jack's grace gone there's no one to fight Michael in Dean's body. However, we only actually have Michael's word that the Lucifer in his world is dead. It would be in keeping with recent events for him to turn out to have been taken prisoner instead. At some point, with Michael in Dean's body, Sam may need to let Lucifer take him as a host conditional that Dean won't be killed (and obviously with some plan that they'd have to work together and have allies, since Lucifer couldn't win on his own). Even though alternate-Lucifer may not be as strong as alternate-Michael, in this world he could get the demons to follow him while there are basically no angels left to follow alternate-Michael which could definitely even things up.
  • Jossed in "Nihilism", Michael said he killed Lucifer.
    • How exactly does that Joss the idea? The WMG specifically noted that Michael had already said that he'd killed Lucifer. The fact that Michael said he'd killed him again doesn't change anything. Even then, considering the number of characters that have come back from the dead, even if Apocalypse World Lucifer is dead it doesn't mean it'll last.

Michael, in Dean's body, will try to father a child.
Michael's obviously got big plans. After seeing what Lucifer's Nephilim child could do, it's entirely possible Michael will decide to have one of his own.

Lucifer will wake up in the Empty
It can reasonably be assumed that there's not a different afterlife for archangels to angels. If Lucifer's dead, that means he's in the Empty. Given Jack at least had the power to wake Cas up in Empty and Lucifer died with Jack's grace as a part of him, it's possible Lucifer (or at least whatever part of him will exist in the Empty) has the power to wake himself up.
  • Nick had a part in that, as he wants him back.

Michael will change bodies fairly quickly
While Dean may be a powerful vessel, he's also too recognisable having been on the news killing people. Given plots like "Demon Dean" and "Cas as God" ended up being resolved quite early in their seasons, it'd also be consistent with the general approach in this show if Michael possessing Dean didn't last. Given it also seems unlikely that we'll get an entire season without Dean getting to be Dean, if Michael is going to be the main antagonist of season 14 it's likely he'll end up changing bodies.
  • Confirmed, with Michael leaving Dean in the second episode, unless it turns out Michael is just pretending.

Relating to the above, Michael will possess Jack
In theory, an archangel could possess a Nephilim. Given how powerful Jack is, using him as a host not only prevents him being a threat but may allow Michael to boost his own abilities with Jack's. That said, Jack may be too powerful to control and seize back control of his body at some point.

Michael (apocalypse world) will end up in the cage
Given that locking him back in the cage has been a common strategy for dealing with Lucifer, and given how much harder Michael will be to kill, it's possible that Sam (and possibly Dean) will be forced to lock him up instead (so you end up with two Michaels in the cage).

A tiny fragment of Lucifer still lives on inside Nick
As of Gods and Monsters we see Nick is crazy violent and dangerous, and even tries to pull Lucifer's trademark finger-snap of disintegration on Castiel. Perhaps because he consumed the grace of a Nephilim, Lucifer is Only Mostly Dead and the archangel blade wasn't enough to kill him completely. Maybe we'll see that a tiny spark of the devil survived and will take time to heal and regrow until he gains his old strength back and re-emerges.

Apocalypse!Michael is still inside Dean's body
"Nightmare Logic" has Neil the djinn suffering pain after attempting to use his powers on Dean. Also, there's precedent to this theory: Ezekiel/Gadreel possessed Sam in early Season 9 and remained in his body without Sam ever knowing he was inside him, so who's to say that Apocalypse!Michael is doing the exact same thing, biding his time and gathering more information before advancing his plan?

The Supernatural universe is the latest one God created if Apocalypse!Michael is to be believed.

Sam and Dean will try to trap Jack in the Ma'Lak box
Note, while this is purely a guess, I have marked it with a spoiler because it contains some details based on publicly released episode listings for episodes not aired at the time I write this (which I know not everyone chooses to read).Given the season is without a Big Bad with Michael gone and given Jack seems to have started on a dark path (this is written after watching "Game Night") it seems likely Jack will become the major threat to deal with in the finale. Given there is a custom box built for holding arch-angels (presumably Nephilim compatible), it's possible Sam and Dean could try to trick Jack inside the box (or a larger version thereof) to contain him. Of course, it won't work. That would explain an upcoming episode titled "Jack in the Box". It would also explain why a later episode has Jack (according to the episode description) "disenchanted with all the lies".

    Season 15 
Chuck is suicidal
Chuck's actions in Moriah really didn't match with anything we knew about the character. It could be that he was Evil All Along. However, what if he just wants the Winchesters to think he is? My Wild Mass Guess is that Chuck wants to end his life but he doesn't want the universe to end. The problem is, he is necessary for the universe to survive. He figures that, if anyone can in the universe, the Winchesters will find a way to kill him and keep the universe intact. He could ask for their help but, realistically, they wouldn't be willing to risk destroying the universe just to help God kill himself. It's only if they think he's too dangerous to be allowed to live that they'd take the chance.

Chuck plans to travel back in time and prevent himself from creating the universe(s).
Team Free Will will somehow undo the Apocalypse, or they and all the angels, demons and monsters band together to stop him. Leading to this. We might have both Gods in conflict with each other, with the younger God really DID started out as good as its turns out creating so many universes led to his current mindset.

The Masquerade will be completely shattered.
No way anyone won't notice monsters and ghosts rampaging.

The monsters that have been sealed in something are freed by God too.

Nick will return as a ghost.

God will be forced to team-up with monsters.

Death and the Shadow are making a plan to replace Chuck with Jack.
Death and the Shadow were last seen with Jack and it follows that they probably aren't pleased with God or what he is doing. Jack is a unique being with tremendous power and given that Chuck was worried about him and wanted to make sure he was dead, meant that Jack was some kind of threat to him. Perhaps Chuck only killed Jack soon before Jack gained centuries worth of experience using his powers. Jack was able to bridge the Empty to wake Castiel which isn't something that should have been possible and doing so may have changed something and allowed others to reach out into the Empty. If Jack could do all of this then it's not hard to believe that he could do far more with eons more practice. The Empty would also be pissed that God's actions led to such a thing being possible and that people keep waking up. Billie proably hates God for messing with things and also for being a massive dick. It's possible that they might find a way to make Jack the new keystone for reality while at the same time depowering Chuck.
  • Not sure if that was their actual plan (I'm really behind on the show) but confirmed in the penultimate episode of the series. Sam and Dean strip Chuck of his powers and give them to Jack. Making him the new God.

Chuck/God is not himself
Chuck is somehow being influenced by The Shadow for some sort of plot (most likely revenge for being woke up). Once Chuck and/or The Shadow is defeated, Chuck will have a My God, What Have I Done? (pun intended) and will do his best to atone for what he did by being a better god.

Chuck is trying to escape his own "real ending".
God's original plan was a form of pantheism, the Creator becoming the Creation, as all his light would pass into his work. But he knew that when the time would come to sacrifice the last remaining piece of himself, his last shred of ego, he would have become cowardly and cruel. That's the real reason why Chuck has a book in Death's library, which even he can't read or oppose.

The anime is one of Chuck's alternate worlds.
Pretty self-explanatory, seeing as how it's not a one-to-one adaptation (different monster lore, more Rule of Cool action, Azazel being a Fallen Angel rather than a former human soul who had the humanity tortured out, Azazel also being composited with Lucifer).

    Ending Guesses 
The show will end with...

How the series will end.
The series will end with Dean being forced to kill Sam. You have to admit, they've foreshadowed it like crazy. Also, in the process of killing him, Dean will probably somehow "save" him.
  • And then kill himself. Fade to black. Cue credits.
  • Dean's first line in the show was "Goodnight, Sammy." Maybe that'll be his last line, too.

In the end, Castiel will fall.
Well, first of all, it's been built up to for two seasons.Second, I wouldn't be surprised if it went like this: Castiel tries to set a new order and allows the other angels to feel and think for themselves, because he has experienced it too. However, this will backfire on him. Of course, in the end everything will be fine again because Status Quo Is God, but he will decide to leave heaven.Or, he won't be able to connect with the other angels because he can feel, which will either drive him insane or cause him to follow Anna's path, i.e. ripping out his grace.
  • Gabriel could feel too, didn't mean he had to rip out his grace. Did mean he took one long-ass vacation, though.
    • Spending two millennia hidden among humans tends to do that to you. It was probably a survival tactic as well; good luck interacting believably with humans when you're the physical equivalent of :| .

The show will end with Dean and Sam being Killed Off for Real.
Afterwards there will be no Heaven, no Hell, just... Nothing. The screen goes black and: cut to Chuck sitting in a beautiful room, much like the "greenroom" from the season four finale, a knowing smile on his face. Another voice-over by Chuck during the Winchesters' final hours is optional.
  • confirmed that they both die. No voice over from Chuck though.
    • If they do both die for good, Sam will die just before Dean, and Dean's last line will be the same as his first.
    The show will end withDean: Goodnight, Sammy.
  • Alternatively, the boys die and return to The Matrix-esque Heaven as seen in Dark Side of The Moon. This has the benefit of it being a bittersweet ending: yes, they are reliving some of their greatest memories, but it's all fake, all an illusion.
  • Alternatively alternatively, the show will end with the boys driving off into the sunset in the Impala. As they're driving off, we'll hear the last two words of dialogue on the show:
    Dean: Bitch.
    Sam: Jerk.
  • It would be kind of hard to end the show without Sam and Dean being Killed Off for Real because that is the only way to truly end it. Driving off into the sunset to hunt more monsters would feel sort of like a cop-out, like their story isn't completely over. Plus, don't they deserve a happy ending? As seen in the more recent episodes, Dean is tired of hunting and chances are, Sam is as well. They want out. Unfortunately for them, the only exit from the life of a hunter is death. Back to the happy ending bit, if they lived, they would spend their life hunting various supernatural creatures until one killed them. They wouldn't be able to have any sort of family or relationship because those always go downhill once monsters with a grudge find out. If they died, they'd go to heaven, and they could finally be at peace.

The series will end with Sam and Dean leading The Salvation War.
Honestly, neither angels nor demons have anything to recommend them. They both kill, maim and hijack humans for their own purposes, and even angels have demonstrated deep contempt for humanity. The brothers will conclude that the only way of "saving people (and finishing) hunting things" is to destroy both sides. Mass producing The Colt would do it.
  • Really, there's no other satisfactory way for the series to end than for both angels and demons to be destroyed.

Cassie will show up in the ending and encounter Dean again
He promised in "Route 666" that he would come back and see her again. The ending will finally make good on that, in a way; Dean can't just go back to see her because that would be a retread of his Season 5 ending with Lisa and while it's possible that they could do that, it would be slightly more creative for Cassie to be reintroduced at or near the end as a journalist who has turned to investigating supernatural claims (harkening back to Eric Kripke's original vision for the show) and possibly looking for the Winchesters. She and Dean will cross paths again and bring the show full-circle by fulfilling Dean's promise. Whether or not they become an Official Couple will depend on the writers's whims.

Adam will be the final "big bad".
Having been tortured for thousands of years in the cage without any of his so-called family loving brothers doing anything at all to help him (or even seem to care at all), he comes back as a demon. He first kills Castiel and Crowley, and then goes to find Sam and Dean, who he convinces to give up their lives in penance. They get sent to the empty, gone for evil.
  • Jossed.

The series will end with Sam and Dean going on one final case.
Specifically, a simple ghost case. Featuring Jessica Moore.

The series will end with Dean dying...
...and Sam waking up to "Heat of the Moment".
  • Confirmed for the Dean dying part, sadly.

The final big bad will be the Ruler of the Empty
And he will bring back all the villains Sam and Dean have fought in order to kill them. He himself will take on the form of John Winchster. Chuck and Amara will bring back all of Sam and Dean's allies to help them fight the war. Including Bobby, Jo, Ellen, Ash, Charlie, Rufus, Crowley, and Benny. Just as all hope is lost, the real John Winchester will rise out of hell and will fight alongside his two sons and wife to destroy the empty. Chuck will regretfully tell the Winchesters that everyone else has to go back: including Mary. Everyone says their good byes, and Chuck tells the Winchesters that the world is in good hands. Sam and Dean return to the Impala. Dean asks Sam how he's doing. Sam says fine, then tosses a shotgun in the trunk, and says "We've got work to do." They then drive off into the sunset with "Carry On Wayward Son" playing.

Death's claim that "In the end I'll reap [God] too." Will come true.
But since the Death that made the claim was killed by Dean, it will be the new Death that "ganks" God. Also since the title of "Horseman Death" can be passed once the old one is killed, to avoid the whole "if I die the universe ends" thing, a new God will be selected to take his place. Would be a hell (no pun intended) of a promotion for Cass. Or even better, one of the brothers, or both of them.

Sam and Dean will somehow end up swapping places with Chuck and Amara
The two Cosmic Keystones in the Supernatural universe are two siblings as are the two Winchesters. Sam has some sort of link with Chuck since shooting him. Dean carried the Mark of Cain and could still be connected to Amara. In the end they may, whether through the deliberate actions of the Winchesters, or a choice by Chuck and Amara to pass the mantle, swap places.

The show will end with The Magic Goes Away
The brothers will usurp Chuck's power, becoming omnipotent. And, with this power, they choose one thing: A reset. The show will end with Sam and Dean being back in the first episode, but in a different world...A world where all the angels, demons, and other creatures that have brought so much misery to humanity, never existed. An earth, like our own, where the, well, supernatural is gone forever, and Sam and Dean can finally live happy, normal lives, free of the constant threat of death, a fitting reward after all they've been through.
The show will end with the triumpant return of the one true Death
In order to clean up all the loose plot threads, at this point both Chuck and Billie need to be taken out. This could mean Billie dies first (possibly at Chuck's hands, possibly by the Winchester's hands to get her out of the way for when they kill Chuck) or Chuck dies first, in which case Billie seizes power (or at least tries to) as the new God. Either way, my guess is that at the final moments of the show Chuck/Billie as God (whichever is left) is defeated and Julian Richings makes a triumphant return to live up to his promise of reaping God. While of course the idea is one of wishful thinking, in terms of HOW it could happen, the show does have a history of bringing back dead characters so it isn't impossible. It does seems likely that Death would be in the Empty. The Shadow had the ability to resurrect people from The Empty and was mentioned in "Unity" as having difficulty trusting Billie. So it's possible the Shadow would bring Death back on to the board as someone it'd trust more than Billie.

Where Chuck ended up after the finale.
He runs into the nearest town, babbling and ranting about how he's God and the Winchesters and his grandson stole his powers. Obviously, people are skeptical, seeing as God is supposed to be all-powerful, not this half-insane rando who suddenly ran in, even if he does have a nice white suit. Thus, Chuck is locked up in a mental institution for the rest of his days, with his arrogant refusal to get any mental help and there being no known relatives (his kids aren't human and people don't know Jack is Lucifer's son) keeping him trapped there.

The 5 Things The Colt Cannot Kill
There is five things that the Colt can't kill, according to Lucifer. These five things are...
  • An angel
  • A God
  • The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
  • The Anti Christ
  • The Grim Reaper
    • These are creatures of existence, that either have power equal to that of an angel or greater. The Anti Christ and the Horsemen are extreme variations of demons. God is the creator of angels, a great power in it's own right. Lastly a reaper is a being imbued with power, to carry souls over to the Great Beyond, and can only be killed by a Death Scythe, or their master, Death, the horseman on the sickly green pale Horse.
      • Actually, Lucifer said there were five beings the Colt couldn't kill. He was one, I imagine God and Death would definitely be on the list, the Anti-Christ is a possibility, and perhaps the Mother of All was the last one? Maybe, as of the end of Season Six, there's another being the Colt can't kill.
      • Excuse my ignorance, ¿Mother Of All?
      • Ah, sorry, have you seen Season Six? She's an antagonist late in the season. Basically, all the original monsters were born from her, making her the Mother of All Monsters.
    • Jeez I know I'm in for a treat, and I thought you meant Gaia, Earth Mother Goddess
    • To be clear this is what's happening.
    • Original replier back again...another option just occurred to me; rather than the Mother, since she hadn't been introduced at that point (and since Season Six was a Post-Script Season, she probably hadn't even been thought of), it's possible that if Luci is immune to the Colt, Michael is too.
  • I'd say the 5 are God (duh,) Death (even more duh,) Lucifer (confirmed,) Michael (because he and Lucy are sort of a pair,) and Eve, because being the Mother of All Monsters ought to come with perks like that.
    • Lucifer talked about "only five things in all of Creation". Since both God and Death are older than Creation, they may in fact not be on the list. Still too strong for the Colt, though.
  • I always thought that the five were the four Archangels (Gabriel, Rapheal, Lucifer, Micheal) and something else. Unless there's another Archangel we don't know about. Sorry, I'm not exactly familiar with my Christian mythology. I agree with the above comment that God and Death shouldn't be included, so, maybe the fifth is the Striga?
  • We now know of five Archangels (Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel, and Metatron) within the SPN canon, so it could very well be that these five are the ones that cannot be killed by the Colt.
    • Metatron is not an archangel in this canon. He is a low-level angel, one of Heaven's pen-pushers, who God suddenly made his scribe.
      • Though (from an out of universe perspective) the character wouldn't have been thought of by the writers at the time the statement was made, I think it's fair to say that now we have to evaluate this list on the grounds that that The Darkness definitely would be impervious to the Colt. Again though the "not of creation" exclusion could definitely be applied. Still, if we're not applying that exclusion (since in most contexts "all of creation" is used to mean "everything", unless you happen to know God and his sister personally, in which case it would be kind of weird if you knew there were seven things the Colt couldn't kill and you chose to intentionally exclude two of them), then I think Eve ends up being removed from the list and we get God, Death, Amara, Lucifer and Michael.
  • Having just rewatched season 10, I wonder if Cain should be on the list. If the Mark wouldn't let him die then presumably he's Colt proof. In that case, maybe we do exclude God, Death and Amara as not "in creation". So we have Lucifer, Michael and Cain and two open spots. The other two archangels, perhaps?
  • As of season 12, it's shown the colt can kill an alpha. Also, Eve the mother of all monsters was killed by phoenix ash. Seems pretty likely the colt could have killed her if she can be killed by other magical means. As for the antichrist, Castiel seemed to think the demon killing knife would kill him, so the colt probably could have too. So here's a list of the most likely beings immune to the colt:
    • A celestial being (God, Amara, Death).
    • An archangel.
    • A lesser horseman (War, Famine, Pestilence)
    • A Leviathan.
    • A bearer of the mark of Cain.

The writers of Supernatural read TV Tropes
They definitely read Television Without Pity. Part of it is the series being Reference Overdosed and using well-known fanspeak, but sometimes it almost exactly quotes trope titles:

"Father" is what demons call their current leader
Which is why Meg addressed both Azazel and Lucifer as such. Or Azzy was the demonic version of a priest.

A demon's true form
We never see a demon's real face, but a few character's on the show have. Usually when someone sees a demon's true form for the first time, they react with horror or disgust. So what makes a demon's face so terrible to look at? Maybe what you see is the scars of their torture. You see them as they were when they were alive, but scarred and disfigured to the point where they're unrecognizable as ever having been human.

Supernatural will end with a Reset Button
In the end everything will be reset and the characters who died of supernatural related incidents will be brought back from the dead and will live their lives normally. So Sam and Dean will not be Killed Off for Real but will continue to live in a world without supernatural monsters of anykind nor remember their previous lives as hunters. Instead just live the rest of their lives as normal individuals free of supernatural beings like the rest of the world. Which is as close to a happy ending those two could receive.

Castiel becomes God
Lets face it. God will eventually have to answer to him and The Winchesters and when it comes time for the inevitable confrontation there will be two. Which would result in either God getting killed or God stepping down and handing his power over to Castiel because he's tired of the responsibility.

Dean and Castiel will receive a Maybe Ever After
The fans, writers, and even actors all have differing opinions on their relationship. This ending would be perfect because, if done correctly, it could please everyone. It would make it obvious that there is potential for their relationship to become romantic, which would please the shippers(like Misha) but would still give those that prefer Dean to be with someone else or those uncomfortable with Destiel(like Jensen) plausible deniability.
The reason nothing ever seems to be able to go right for the brothers is a result of the mirrors they broke in "Bloody Mary"
In "Bloody Mary" in season one both Sam and Dean were seen breaking at least two mirrors each which should result in as a minimum fourteen years of bad luck (not that they were the luckiest people in the world before this). That fourteen years is still not up. Once the fourteen years (or however much they're due) is eventually up, they'll both be able to proceed to having a normal amount of bad luck, they can stop being involved in apocalypses, and the series will end.
Death will return and it will be revealed that he is Yahweh and Amara's father.
Death is basically a function of entropy - complex things breaking down. Entropy is also the most powerful and inescapable effect of reality. Hence why Death said he will one day reap Yahweh, because nothing can escape the effects of entropy. He will return and reveal that he created Yahweh and Amara because he wanted something to exist besides himself because he is literally entropy and nothingness. So he created the light and the darkness, but the darkness didn't want to share existence with the light and tried to snuff it out, hence Yahweh sealed her away. This is also why Amara doesn't know who Death is, despite him being as old as Yahweh if not older. She's never heard of "Death" because she only knows him as "dad".
  • In O Brother Where Art Thou?, Amara said "there was no daddy".
    • Maybe Amara has no idea what "daddy" means

Death is God's and Amara's younger brother
Because death thought he was the same age as god, but amara proved that to not be true, and apparently he came into being without being (directly) created, so what if death is their younger brother.

Crowley is Graceful
The title of this may be misleading but basically my theory is simple. Demons are really just spirits (as confirmed in “Weekend at Bobby’s”). They’re twisted spirits but most demons basically have the same set of powers as we have seen in spirits. They can possess people (it’s rare but spirit possession has been mentioned), they cause electromagnetic interference and they may have some telekinetic abilities.

However, when you look at more powerful demons such as Crowley, Azazel or Lilith, they’ve shown abilities which are completely unlike any you see in your typical spirit. They can (at least one of them, whether through a deal or not) resurrect people, heal people, enter dreams, undertake memory manipulation, warp reality, teleport, magically render people unconscious and use “white light” attacks.

These powers are unusual for demons, but, more noticeably they are actually quite common for angels. Given that demons were originally created by Lucifer (an archangel) my theory is that he found a way to imbue some demons with a sort of bastardised form of angelic grace (which maybe they had to earn, hence explaining why they don't all have it). Not only would it explain why some demons were more powerful than you would expect a twisted spirit to be (and than other demons), but it would make sense from a practical perspective as well. Lucifer knew that he had three archangels against him (even if only one who could rival him in power). He also had to face all the regular angels even though his own soldiers were basically just a twisted version of the humans he considered to be so inferior. It’s only natural he’d want a way to boost their power somehow, at least until he could wipe out his father’s forces and would then be able to get rid of the demons as well.

Billie is the new Death
  • Evidence? Her singing "Oh Death" for one. Her taking such a persistant interest in the Winchesters. Also, an ordinary reaper pulling out hundreds of thousands of souls from the Veil at once?
    • She wasn't then, but as of S13, confirmed.

Lucifer's angels exist and will eventually become antagonists
In the Bible, Lucifer didn't rebel on his own. He actually led an army of angels (if memory serves about a third of God's army). These angels have been conspicuously absent from the series. Given the tendency to reveal that powerful threats have been sealed away somewhere (Lucifer, Eve, Leviathans, Amara) it's possible that these angels do actually exist but that God sealed them away somewhere away from Lucifer. He then chose to wipe the memory of the other angels of their existence (this was before he was as big on the whole "free will" thing, plus he was regretting it a bit after what Lucifer had just done). After all, one rogue angel existing and being punished reminds them the importance of following orders. Hundreds of rogue angels makes them question whether following orders was the right thing to do.

The series will need to introduce new antagonists at some point (this is being written after Season 11 has just ended and it looks like the British Men of Letters may play a part, but they hardly seem worthy to take over as the primary antagonists...I hope). Obviously it will be difficult to top Amara in power terms (in fact it would strain credibility). It would seem unlikely that they can just keep using more powerful demons. Leviathans showed the dangers of trying to jam a completely new monster into the mythos and trying to put it on a power scale any way comparable to the existing beings. However an angel army who were attacking humans (and against whom Sam and Dean didn't have the protection of being needed for "the big prize fight" like in season five) could be just what the series needs.

There will be a storyline involving a live-action movie adaptation of Supernatural in-universe, and the actor who plays Dr. Sexy will have a starring role in the movie.
Which will horrify and anger Dean, but also make him excited.

isn't dead.Come on. Letting Michael think he's killed him would be the perfect way to delay him long enough for Sam and Dean to get out of the Apocalypse World.
The rules demons are restricted by were created by Lucifer as part of trying to prove how corrupt and weak humans are
Crossroad demons can do almost anything but they need to make a deal to do it. Azazel needed permission to enter the houses of the children he fed blood. If demons could simply use their full powers whenever they wanted and wipe out humanity, that would only prove how powerful demons are. Lucifer wanted to show how weak and corrupt humans were. By setting up rules which made humans complicit in their own downfall (such as giving up their souls for greed), Lucifer was essentially looking for proof of his own point of view.

Nephilim's Grace is what makes exiting the Empty possible
The Empty is The Nothing After Death and Primordial Chaos at the same time, being the nothing outside and before the universe where all entities without souls go, i.e. Angels and Archangels. Under normal circumstances, it's impossible to leave, hence why a Reaper uses it as a threat against Sam and Dean and the Empty itself makes clear that not even God has power outside of Creation. However, it's made clear that hybrids of humans and angels have the potential to become much more powerful than either. In both instances when an Angel has been brought back from the Empty, Jack was tied to it somehow: in Castiel's case Jack called for him to return and Castiel woke up before blackmailing the Empty to throw him out, while in Lucifer's case he was supercharged on the Grace he stole from Jack before Dean killed him with an Archangel Blade. Lucifer is able to hear his vessel Nick's prayer and wake up inside the Empty precisely because he was already juiced up.

Chuck either isn't God anymore or never was.
A lot of the things Chuck does throughout season 14 doesn't add up. He doesn't like being called God, yeah it could be he just doesn't like being called by his name, but you'd think someone like Chuck would want to be acknowledged as who he is. He doesn't come off as omnipotent, and he just doesn't seem to be what people familiar with Christian mythology know about God. Also let's not forget, in his own words, he's a writer, lying is what he does.
  • In "Raising Hell", it seems that he's no longer God.

The Leviathans ate one another
While the Leviathans are nearly unkillable, they can eat one another (for example, this was mentioned in "Out with the Old"). With Dick gone, they would have needed a new leader. The same basic thing happened with the angels (post-Michael) and the demons (post-Azazel) when they ended up killing one another in order to establish who the leader would be. However angels and demons were typically loyal to some leader and had clear contenders for the role. Presumably, a lot of different Leviathans would have wanted the top job but none necessarily had a very large following. Given no individual Leviathans seemed that much stronger than others, and given Crowley did kill off a bunch of Leviathans at the end of season 7 (which would possibly include Dick's lieutants who might be obvious replacements), there wouldn't have been a clear choice. They would have to fight and kill one another until there were no more challengers. By the time this was done, their numbers could have been diminished considerably. This could explain why they just seemed to disappear.

Yokoth and Glythur are Nephilim
Nephilim are mentioned, earlier in the show, as destroyers of worlds and they are suggested to eventually achieve god-like powers; they can become stronger than the angel that sired them, and Lucifer was convinced he could remake the universe with Jake's help. Yokoth and Glythur are almost done consuming their own universe, so they can be assumed to have god-like powers. They are what could happen to a nephilim that's left unchecked.

Death was the first Nephilim, but a unique one.
He was a nephilim created directly by Chuck, He realised after he created the universe that death was needed, so He created Death using the same technique he used to create the Archangels, but instead of using purely His own power, He used a mixture of both His and Amaras essences, essentially making him an Ur-Nephilim, he has been around since the universe was created, he has jus tbeen alive so long that he doesn't know how old he is, and upon his death that sliver of Darkness essence kind of just hangs, and absorbs itself into the first reaper who dies, basically transferring all his memories into the next Death, hence why Billie has a kind of Hazy-Feel Turn after becoming Death, she knows all that Death knew.

So much supernatural in America
There are so many supernatural entities in the show (along with a mildly organized network of people hunting them) that it feels strange the world at large hasn't caught wise about it, specially in countries with far more population density where abandoned warehouses don't abound so much. There is also the implicit message that many immigrants brought their traditions and monsters from all around the globe when they came to the US. So maybe the earliest American hunters were so trigger-happy and unable to cope with so much different cultures that they killed everything supernatural, malevolent or benevolent, and thus the forces of good like minor gods and spirits that might be in charge of evil pest control in other countries are simply extinct in the US.

The Impala is a blessed/magical object
Chuck himself said that the Impala was the most important object in the universe. No matter how badly the Impala gets wrecked, Dean can always fix it good as new. Either Dean is the best backyard mechanic the world has ever seen, or does the Impala subtly repair itself while Dean is working on it, so subtly that Dean doesn't notice and attributes it to his own considerable skills? It's mentioned that Dean makes sure the Army man in the ashtray and the Legos in the heating vents stay in place every time he works on the Impala. Are they part of the magic? Did two little boys who played in the car, lived in the car, considered the Impala their home, carved their initials into the car, and believed in magic, somehow make the Impala magical itself?