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(The Supernatural WMG page is in the process of a revamp. Pardon our dust.)

This page is for guesses related to Supernatural that cross over with other media.


Supernatural takes place in the same universe as the Matrix
We learn from the Oracle that anytime you hear of werewolves, vampires or ghosts that is some program doing something it's not supposed to be doing, also some humans are 'ptentials' and can do stuff like bend spoons and violate other rules of the Matrix representing a danger to the illusion. The Oracle and the Architect created the culture of the Hunters so that humans themselves would hunt down rogue programs that the Agents couldn't find.
  • It was while working WITH the Architect to craft the system of the Hunters that the Oracle developed the idea for the Prophecy plan and created a side religion to bring about the Neo program.

Supernatural takes place in the same universe as Heroes
It's set at the same time, during which a number of complete strangers are suddenly showing evidence of superpowers. You figure it out. From this, it follows that:
  • Maya's power is the result of being possesed by a demon. (It explains the black eyes.)
  • The characters with powers in Heroes will eventually be forced to kill each other off until only one is left. Sylar was just the first to figure it out. Of course, this could get complicated now that we know that Claire's blood can bring people Back from the Dead.
  • Daphne's even from Lawrence, Kansas. Appearance says her family is an offshoot of the Campells.

Supernatural takes place in the same universe as Dogma
Think about season 4 for a minute. Also, related to the first two WMG, Dean is the intended host of Jay, and Sam is the intended host of Silent Bob.
  • It makes sense considering they've taken the exact same approach to Lucifer. This Troper constantly recalls Bartleby's parking lot speech when watching the show. The theologies sync up perfectly.
  • Castiel, while full of Holy Wackiness, responds to a probing question the same way God does in Dogma ("boop" with nose poke). Perhaps he is ill with the malady of the Holy Mind.
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  • Oh, and in season 7, Castiel says he recognizes the handwriting on an ancient rock as Metatron's. I think we may have something with this one.
  • Not to mention, no one can find God, same as the movie. He / She is trapped in a comatose body and needs to be freed. In the show, I'm betting that God is on Earth and is just being helped captive in a similar manner. Oh! And in the 'Sam's afraid of clowns' episode, the guy at the ticket counter even suggests that Dean play skeeball.

Supernatural's Azazel is the same one from Fallen
Demons named Azazel who are sadistic assholes who like to screw with people. They want to cause the Apocalypse. They have enemies named John who they possess, and who are essentially pushed to suicide after failing to kill the demon/s. They show creepy interest in John's love interest. In Fallen, Azazel's POV is even yellow - perhaps because of his eye color?

The Angels in the series are a different type of Angel then we thought.
Pffft like this needs a reason.

The Friday the 13th (2009) remake takes place in the Supernatural universe between seasons 3 and 4...
Think about it, the "I'm looking for my sister" thing in the trailer could be a perfect cover story, and Sam goes under other names all the time.

Supernatural takes place in the same universe as Good Omens.
Meaning that yes, Mark Sheppard's Crowley is the same Crowley as in the book. You've even got the Four Horsemen and angels who want the apocalypse to happen. And when they couldn't get the Antichrist kid from "I Believe The Children Are Our Future" to destroy the world, the demons went looking for another one they had planted eleven years ago, who due to a miscommunication was switched at birth...
  • I assumed it was the other way around, that the Tadfield Apocalypse happened before the Winchester Apocalypse.

Supernatural is a production of the Ouran High School Host Club.
Like a real-life Mori and Hani, Jensen and Jared are lighthearted dudes who constantly make with the angst and woe on camera so the ladies will swoon. As themselves, they try to always be charming and dashing, with great success.

Crowley will go on to become Badger.
People who are possessed by demons don't age, right? If he manages to not get killed long enough, he could easily end up leaving Earth That Was and become a crime-lord in the Firefly-verse under another identity.

The Pit is actually the Pit of Voles.
Taking in count that Lucifer is supposed to be trapped there, it would explain many of the badfics (e.g. My Immortal).

Supernatural takes place in the same universe as So Weird.
Fi's dad was a hunter, and that's how he got killed. It makes a whole lot of sense if you think about it.
  • Season three was supposed to be Fi going to hell to save her dad, before Disney nixed it as too heavy for a children's show. So he sold his soul for rock 'n' roll, the demon collected, and his soul's in hell. But between the beginning and end of the contract he got into being a hunter because of his encounter with said demon.

Eve was not named for the Biblical Eve, but after the titular villainess of Video Game/Parasite Eve
Search your heart. You know it to be true.
  • So... she's named after someone who is named after the Biblical Eve anyway?

Blues Clues and Supernatural take place in the same continuity.
Steve's house is actually Lucifer's Cage.The entire scenario is an elaborate hallucination created by Lucifer's endless years of boredom, which have slowly turned him insane. The 'Steve' Character a detached identity he has assumed as a result, and he constantly solves mysteries in a continual cycle to pass the endless eons of time.
  • Joe is Michael. The events of the Steve/Lucifer series take place at the same time as the Joe/Michael series; They are seperated so they won't fight.
  • Blue is Sam's Soul.
    • Magenta is Adam's Soul.

Dean and Castiel had a child who was kidnapped by Zachariah and sent to the very far future on another planet.
And you know who that child grew up to be? None other than the good captain, Jack Harkness! If you really think about it, it could make sense. It is a really long story...
  • Dean and Jack's facial expressions are way too identical.
    • Note: if we're in the same universe as Torchwood, then MPreg is probably canonical.
      "Still, at least I won't get pregnant. I'm never doing that again."
  • I would give anything for this to be true, omg.

Ark Mobile is owned by the Ark Corporation.
Ark Mobile is the name of the cell phone company that Sam has a phone under at the start of Season 4.

The Sam and Dean Winchester are related to Charles Winchester.
Because stranger things have happened in Wild Mass Guessing. And also that they share last names and it would make an awesome crossover fanfic.
  • Possible. It would have to be through a cousin being Henry Winchester, though. Charles's brother passed away as a child and the timing is off for Henry to be Charles's son. Besides, he would never allow his children to live in Kansas.

And Tessa is Rukia. As of "Appointment In Samarra", Dean has Soul Reaper powers.

The Winchesters are literally a twisted alternate version of The Hardys
Two brothers following their father in the family business of helping people at great personal risk? Check. Father is the best in the business, with the boys not far behind? Check. Younger brother's girlfriend get killed in the first episode/book? In one version, check. Older brother trying harder to live up to Dad's reputation? Check. Father touted as pretty much the best hunter/detective ever, yet in literally all of his appearances he needs to be rescued? Check!

Charlie used to be Elaine Roberts of XKCD.
Extremely tech-savvy, defies authority, ran away and changed her name, and did we mention she's a hacking genius?

Thus explaining why he was never mentioned again in-series: he erased knowledge of his existence from everyone's heads, from his parents to the Winchesters to demons. He's already ridiculously powerful, so why not?
  • He's only ridiculously powerful when Lucifer is on Earth. They said this in the episode, but it is frequently overlooked. Under the current circumstances I'd wager that his power is roughly equivalent to a trained Psykid or maybe a low-level witch.

The mental state of ghosts can be gauged by their appearances
Most of the vengeful spirits shown in the show tend to be sporting the wounds that killed them. On the other hand, Mary in "Home" and Molly in "Roadkill", both "friendly" ghosts, looked fine. Rule of Scary aside, could it be that vengeful spirits are so consumed by rage over the thought of their own demises that it starts manifesting in their spiritual appearance? (Will probably get confirmed or disproven by next episode by Bobby, if he's really gone vengeful.)

When angels remove their grace by force, they are reborn within their corresponding bloodline
Hence why Anna was able to use her human body as a vessel; technically, it was within her bloodline.

Supernatural is coterminous with Hunter The Vigil
The Campbell family are clearly a cell of the Union or the Long Night (likely the latter, given that there's no explicit relation to any church) while the Men of Letters are Loyalists of Thule.

Chuck was Chuck from {{Live Action Tv/Pushing Daisies}}
He said he had a few boyfriends and they act quite a lot alike. Look similiar too.

The entire series is an elaborate holodeck simulation being run by Tom Paris and Harry Kim of Star Trek: Voyager

Tom, of course, is Dean. He designed the program, based on “20th century American mythology” and got Harry to come by promising him a bigger role than in Captain Proton, and delivered with Sam.

Tom wrote in Castiel specifically for Tuvok in order to win a bet that he could get him on the holodeck. He failed, but had made Castiel so integral to the plot that someone had to play him, and so Seven of Nine was recruited. She repeatedly threatens not to come back, but always gets pulled back in anyway, hence Cas’s repeated deaths and resurrections. Eventually, Tom finally does manage to get Tuvok onto the Crowley. Tom was initially worried that Tuvok wouldn’t bring the pathos required to the part, but was surprised and a little scared when he really, really did. Tuvok claims that he is only being true to his character and it’s all a facade, but most of the crew suspects he enjoys getting to be a little megalomaniacal. Chakotay is Bobby Singer and chose not to be resurrected in the belief that it made his character’s death less meaningful. The Doctor hijacked one adventure when Tom skipped a shift in sickbay and inserted himself as a fairy to screw with him. After this, Tom promised he’d write him a character if he stopped and after a great deal of brainstorming Metatron was born. After his death, The Doctor got to be one of the British Men of Letters. Q is Gabriel. No one else is aware of this. Neelix is Garth. When Janeway is finally persuaded to join the group, Tom hastily writes in Abbadon, which she played with gusto. After her death, Janeway asks to be written in on the good side and Tom eventually comes up with Mary Winchester’s resurrection (though not before Janeway played a couple of extra sessions takoong over Charlie). B’Ellanna briefly played Bella before losing interest. Also she made Tom delete Lisa and Ben. Mostly Lisa.

Supernatural is in the same universe as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess

Sam and Dean have fought various gods from polytheistic religions who still exist in the 21st century but with reduced strength. In Xena and Hercules, the gods of the different polytheistic religions existed simultaneously. Some episodes shows the then present day (so late 20th century/early 21st century) and, at least for Ares, noted his power was reduced with few people praying to the Greek Gods.

Xena and Hercules specifically showed the time of the old gods was coming to the end as more people were moving towards worshipping a single "God of Love" who had Archangels working for him, including Michael and Lucifer. Michael even started the apocalypse at one point, including summoning the four horsemen, but called it off. The god in question supposedly predated the other gods and was specifically referred to as The Light, being offset by another being called The Darkness (or Dahak). So this is similar to the relationship between God and The Darkness (or Amira) in Supernatural.

Hercules especially had various monsters to fight and these did sometimes include things like vampires and witches. Hercules did have a "mother of all monsters" character (the name taken from Greek mythology), though she would be admittedly hard to reconcile with the Supernatural version.

There are admittedly some key differences in the mythology of the shows. In Supernatural, Xena never made Lucifer the king of hell, for instance.

I would argue though that this is where we get into a take on the Literary Agent Hypothesis. The "present" episodes of Xena and Hercules portray Hercules and Xena as TV shows (Xena being based on "The Xena Scrolls" and Hercules featuring "Kevin Sorbo" who is actually Hercules).

So the real WMG is that, within the Supernatural universe in a sort of weird metafictional sense, the "real" events of Hercules and Xena which "inspired" the Hercules and Xena tv shows, did in fact occur.


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