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(The Supernatural WMG page is in the process of a revamp. Pardon our dust.)

This page is for guesses related to the characters of Supernatural.

     Sam & Dean 
The Winchesters brought their bad luck upon themselves...
...when they smashed that roomful of mirrors back in "Bloody Mary" in season 1. Dean even made a comment to that effect at the time, and it really explains a lot, doesn't it?

  • Also, the curse thought it would be funny to give Sam a "stroke of good luck" at the seven-year anniversary, when a normal "seven years of bad luck" would have ended. The episode? "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding." The supposedly good luck? Sam being married to Becky.

Dean will say Yes to Lucifer; Sam will say Yes to Michael
Dean and Sam are of the same bloodline, so it may not matter which angel goes in which brother.
  • Jossed. Sam is only Lucifer's vessel, because of the demon blood. He can't be possessed by Michael and Dean can't be possessed by Lucifer.

The Winchesters are related to Mary Winchester of the Winchester House in Florida
It'd be a good plot to pick up sometime and it can be used for an episode. Why the staff never have mentioned it is a mystery to me.
  • While looking this up on The Other Wiki, I found the supposedly haunted Winchester Mystery House in California. More potential relatives?
  • Accept it's revealed that Mary's maiden sure name was Campbell, so...

The Enochian sigils on Sam'n'Dean's ribs work by...
Rendering their souls undetectable to angels or demons so they can't just sense where they are, swoop in and snatch up the boys. This is why the blind demon in the diner ID'd Sam by his soul in "Lazarus Rising" but it wasn't until Castiel stuck his arm in Sam's body and found it empty that nothing supernatural noticed what was missing in Season 6. (Can't explain how the leprechaun noticed since we don't know too much about them - maybe he read Sam's mind?)
  • Well, the leprechaun/best casting choice ever said that he can detect souls because they give off a certain "perfume," which would seem to suggest that just by having a soul, humans radiate a certain "aura" (for lack of a better term) that maybe monsters are simply more attuned toward? (Now that I think about it, the Alpha Vampire was also able to discern Sam's lack of a soul without resorting to a soulonoscopy.)


The reason Sam is angry all the time
... is because of that psychiatrist from "Asylum" who theorized that extreme anger would be therapeutic if expressed, and made him attack Dean in a fit of blind rage. The psychiatrist was vanquished, but his influence only weakened on Sam, with Sam's fury supernaturally built up but without an outlet.

Sam is still in Lucifer's Cage...
and Season 6 is a hallucination designed to screw with him. After all, there's more to torture than just physical pain. This explains why there's a heavier focus on Sam than Dean. The soulless thing embodied Sam's worst fear - of becoming evil and hurting people. Dean giving up on his life with Lisa and Ben and throwing himself into retrieving Sam's soul happened because they wanted Sam to feel guilty for causing his brother pain. The reason why Cas is turning dark-side is because Michael is still pissed about getting incinerated with holy fire. In the season finale, the version of Sam who supposedly remembered Hell actually knew that it was all just an illusion; after "waking up", Sam knows that he is still in Hell. He and Adam are trapped with Michael and Lucifer, forever, without any hope of escaping. Sweet dreams, folks.
  • Played with quite a bit in the Season 7 premiere. At least Sam's Lucifer hallucination mentions this.
  • OP: Similar theory: The illusion is all for Dean. After all, the very first episode of the season had djinns making him hallucinate that Azazel was back; and right after that, Sam showed up to save him, miraculously resurrected from the Cage - probably Dean's greatest wish at that point! However, everything went downhill from there, because the demons were behind all of it and wanted to make Dean suffer as much psychological torment as possible by giving him the thing he wanted most back, ruining it, making his life suck again, etc., all BEFORE they wake him up and gloat about how none of it was real. (I never for one second bought that the demons WOULDN'T want his blood for helping lock their daddy back in a hole, btw. They should've been hunting him down the second it happened.) One explanation? Perhaps he was ambushed and captured before the last scene of "Swan Song", and the entire year he spent with Lisa and Ben (the promise he made to Sam getting fulfilled) was just the demons screwing with him. Perhaps they'll wake him up when they feel he's good and broken so they can interrogate him to learn how to bust Lucifer out. (This entire WMG is poorly-written, badly-reasoned, and incomplete to boot, but my fingers are tired and it's five in the morning, so I think you get the gist of it.)
  • Actually, Lucifer's goals in interfering with Sam make much more sense if we assume that it is a hallucination, Sam's in hell with Lucifer, and Lucifer has no way of reaching out of the Cage. If Lucifer could really influence a person outside the Cage, surely it would make sense to work on some kind of plan for opening the cage—the ability to appear to Sam is the kind of opportunity he hasn't had for millenia and that will be gone as soon as Sam dies. So why would he use it for no more productive purpose than just messing with Sam's head? Yes, Lucifer hates Sam and wants revenge, but someone as pragmatic as him should be trying to induce Sam to do things like deliver messages to his loyal demons, or open the Cage, or something like that. That would be much more in-character for the Lucifer we saw in Season Five. On the other hand, if we assume that Lucifer can't reach outside the Cage in any way, then it makes plenty of sense that he would have nothing better to do than create an illusory world to torment Sam and make his life as much of a Deus Angst Machina as he can.

Uriel is going to be killed by Sam.
Everything we've learned about Uriel so far screams on-screen death, or maybe a fall. Anyway, he's violent, not really likable, and is threatening one of the main characters. Since (1) Kripke doesn't like to make ominous threats for nothing (2) Sam has to go dark at some point for the plot to have a sensible climax (3) Sam just being turned into dust would be a really boring ending, it seems like at some point Uriel's going to try to kill Sam, and Sam will become involved in Uriel's death. We already know angels can die from Are You There God?, and it would be a heck of a turning point.
  • Uriel was ganked by the very blade he used to kill other angels, and it was being wielded by Anna.

Soulless Sam is a separate entity.
Not only will the wall in Sam's mind will break, but Soulless Sam will fight for dominance. He'll also get back on Dean, and kill Bobby just for spite.
  • More or less confirmed in the Season 6 finale.

Sam wasn't hallucinating during his detox in 'When the Levee Breaks'
It was just the First Evil manipulating him.

Sam's hallucinations during his detox were crafted by Zachariah
Zach is constantly trying to manipulate people by showing them alternate versions of people they know—-in "The End" with future!Dean and Lucifer!Sam, in "Dark Side Of The Moon" with illusion!Mary, and in "Lucifer Rising" with Dean's voice. During the intervention, when illusion!Dean calls Sam a monster, it’s very thematically consistent with the message Zechariah fabricated on Sam’s phone. Furthermore, Zachariah's tampering with the boys' memories during "It's A Terrible Life" suggests that he could access Sam's memories to create believable illusions.

This is hardly a WMG. It has been stated clearly through most of his hunts, he acts out of vengeance, and calls it Justice.

The reason Sam's body could work without a soul
.Was because of the demon blood. (Brought over from the Fridge Brilliance page.) Castiel once warned Dean that drinking enough demon blood would turn Sam into a monster, and Sam drank gallons of the stuff in "Swan Song". Without his soul to act as a buffer when he came back from Hell, he turned into a sociopathic version of himself: none of the conscience or emotion, all of the demonic-ness (lust, pride, ruthlessness, sense of humor, etc.).
  • Jossed? In season 11 a bunch of people walked around without their souls, and were pretty assholes like Sam was.

Sam has become the new Prophet of God.
Kevin is dead, Chuck...isn't a prophet at all, and it's implied that even though Heaven is cut off, God himself is still active. Meaning he can still choose prophets. So since Sam is having all these visions about the Darkness and how to stop it, he is the new Prophet of God.
  • Jossed, the visions were given to him by Lucifer to deceive him into setting him free.

Sam's love interests keep dying to ensure he will meet the woman he's meant to conceive the Antichrist with.
Sam's love interests have a nasty habit of dying horrific deaths. The fact that this keeps happening to Sam cannot be a coincidence. So why then is Sam not allowed to be happy for long with any partner? Perhaps like how John and Mary were meant to be together to conceive Dean and Sam, Sam's partner has already been chosen for him. And the reason his partners keep dying is because none of them were this partner. Perhaps fate gave these women horrific deaths to deter Sam away from relationships so that his union with his promised partner won't have interference.

However, as Sam is the vessel for Lucifer, Lucifer will be most likely heavily "involved" in this relationship. And Sam/Lucifer's union with his destined partner will most spawn the Antichrist that will threaten the world.

Sam's imaginary friend Sully

  • The reason Sully was assigned to Sam was specifically to keep Azazel and his minions from coming anywhere near Sam. After all, Sully is something like a Good Counterpart for a character like Brady who came into Sam's life to make him worse. It worked fine while it lasted, but Da Rules still didn't allow Sully to stick around and offer the same protection into Sam's adolescent and college years. Hence, that's when Brady showed up.

Dean never escaped the Djinn
What if Dean never escaped the Djinn from "What Is and What Should Never Be"? Instead, his escape attempt pissed it off, so it turned his fantasy world from a happy place where Mary never died to a world where everything that could possibly go wrong, does go wrong.

Think about it: Seasons 1 and 2 are relatively light-hearted, and the boys have a lot of success stories. From AHBL onwards, everything just keeps getting worse. It's the perfect torture.

Dean's love/slight obsession with pie is because it reminds him of his mother.
It is revealed in the season 5 episode, "Dark Side of the Moon", that Mary gave/made Dean pie at least once (and seeing as it was one of Dean's happiest memories the emphasis of that moment is even more emphasized). In other words, Dean may love pie because it reminds him of one of the happiest times in his life (with his mother).

Dean is a Trickster
Love of sweets? Check. Smarmy attitude? Check. Loves showing up people who are "dicks"? Check. Immortal? Death hasn't really stuck yet. He even rather intuitively figured out the Trickster's reason for selecting his targets in Tall Tales before they even knew what they were facing. And for some reason, Dean not only liked the Trickster's style but was even a tiny bit sorry to have to kill him (even if that death didn't stick either). Whether he knows it or not, there might just be a little something more to the elder Winchester.
  • Taking this to its logical conclusion, he's the Trickster. Remember, it's established that the Trickster can make illusory copies of himself, so having seen them together doesn't eliminate the possiblity. Suddenly the Trickster's motive in "Groundhog Day" makes more sense—he wants to help Sam get used to Dean's death because he is Dean, who doesn't want Sam to save him. This theory makes a lot more sense with the caveat that Dean doesn't actually know he's the Trickster; the Trickster we've seen is a projection of his subconscious, which is free to use Dean's powers as it pleases.
    • Unless the writers are up to something seriously brain-breaking, this was Jossed by "Changing Channels".

Dean is now uncircumcised
He mentioned that all his scars had disappeared after he was raised from hell. My guess is that it also includes the hoodie.
  • But has he been rehymenated? And was he circumcised to begin with? When in canon did this ever come up? Why do I think you're so awesome now?
  • Didn't he explicitely say he was "rehymenated"? And, well, he is American.
  • Another troper weighing in: Dean seemed far too eager to, ahem, use his equipment after his rebirth. In the intervening episodes there was no indication that he was walking funny due to a DIY circumcision. This troper concluded, independently of the above troper, that Dean was brought back intact due to these clues. By the time he had a chance to breathe and consider it, I don't think he'd have done it. So, until proven/mentioned otherwise, I'm considering him intact.

Dean has never actually eaten pie
Consider: he orders pie often, discusses how much her likes pie, we often see him eating food in general, but have you ever seen him successfully procure and consume pie?
  • Jossed in a big way when Dean gets offered pizza-pie by everybody's favourite horseman of the apocalypse, Death.
  • It was jossed even before that in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" when Bobby's undead wife baked and fed both of them pie.

Dean is already possessed by Michael
This happened when he said yes. Which is why he could kill Zachariah in "Point of No Return."
  • It's stated a few times that an Archangel's sword can kill another Archangel. It's never said that it has to be an Archangel wielding the blade.
  • Jossed. Michael possessed Adam because Dean never said yes.

Dean is bisexual.
His weird obsession with Dr.Sexy, among other things, and also, "last PERSON who looked at me like that, I got laid."
  • It may just be me, but this wouldn't be too surprising. After all, getting some action is better than no action; there are a lot of people who prefer the opposite sex, but wouldn't immediately refuse sexual advances from their own gender, either.
  • Jossed in "Live Free or Twihard." Boris is a walking talking aversion to Vampires Are Sex Gods but Dean's refusal to his advances are less "No Way In Hell You're Getting Any Of This, Ugly" and more like "Sorry, I'm Straight."

Ben really is Dean's son
Ben is biologically Dean's son. Lisa didn't tell Dean the truth before because she had her suspicions about Dean's life and didn't want Ben drawn into that life (like Carol Marcus.) And in the year Dean was living with them, she didn't tell either of them the truth because she knew Dean would be pulled back to the hunter's life and didn't want Ben to go with him. Because there is no way that boy doesn't have some Dean genes in him.
  • I believe quite the opposite is true about Lisa's attitude towards hunters. Lisa has showed nothing but respect for what hunters do. Perhaps, lying to Dean about Ben was her way of freeing him to do what he does best. She could not risk Dean choosing his son over the safety of the world. Lisa's stuck in a lie and it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out.
  • Perhaps this IS true, and the only reason Lisa didn't inform him of this during their off-screen year after S5 is because she didn't want Dean to feel obligated... or something.
  • Or maybe the kid is his, but at that point Dean was, in her own words, "that guy she spent one weekend with forever ago". She didn't really know anything about him, except perhaps that he was a bad boy who made a living under dubious circumstances. Not knowing anything about the guy, she might not have wanted to have this practical stranger upset the clearly good life she's made for herself and her son. From what she told Dean of Ben's "real" father, it doesn't seem like she's made the best romantic choices in the past.
  • It seems there may in fact be evidence of this in the show,remember when Dean first asked Lisa if Ben was his? She practically jumped out of her skin and she seemed quite nervous when discussing the subject afterwards. Why would she react this way if she knew for a fact that Dean was not Ben's father? Not to mention that her later claim that she did a dna test when Ben was a baby becomes a lot less belivable when you realize that her preference for bad boys with no permanent address makes it very unlikely that she had acess to dna from every guy she slept with. Can't do a daddy dna test without the daddy's dna. Then there's the fact that the timing of Ben's birth matches up a little too perfectly with the last time she was with Dean. My guess would be that Lisa never really knew for sure who Ben's father was and lied to Dean about knowing because she didn't want to deal with the inevitible drama that would ensue if Dean did turn out to be the father.

The above is true, and Ben is will host Michael at some point
We've seen Lucifer!Sam but never Michael!Dean, which would be very interesting. The threat of Michael possessing Adam instead of Dean wasn't enough to get Dean to say "yes", but Dean cares more about Ben, so Dean will take the bullet for him.

  • We see Michael!Dean at the end of series 13 (Ep. 23) after Dean makes a deal with him to gank Lucifer, and continuing into series 14.

Dean will end up as his own father
During "Dream A Little Dream of Me" Dean expresses his anger at what his father put him through. If we take into account the WMG's that say Gabriel is still alive, doesn't it seem like the kind of way he'd ensure that Dean and Sam were ready to face the things they have to? An older, battered and altogether more broken Dean is sent back through time to train his younger self in the things he will one day have to face on his own, becoming the thing he most hated, not a demon, but the father who made him what he was.

Castiel is God
In season seven's premiere episode, the title was, Meet the New Boss the next line in the song it is taken from is, Same as the old boss.

Castiel is God's substitute plan
We've all been dreading/hating/despising the Season 6 finale, where Cas declares himself to be 'the new God'. Well, maybe it's not such a bad thing and was just God's plans all along (maybe the whole civil war thing was a bit off rail, but what are details to Him?); everything that happened was so God can permanently take a vacation on earth and have someone else powerful take over heaven stuff for him, but still making sure this person won't destroy all the humans as well.

I mean, think about it, it took a full year for Cas develop to the point of stop simply following orders. Of all the other angels who do have a brain of their own, he's the only one who doesn't think of humans as hairless apes/mud monkeys who should be killed for simply existing. He's also the only one who still blindly loved God even after the other angels were allowed to jump start Apocalypse. It's always been puzzling why in Season 5, Cas was brought back with diminished powers (rebelled doesn't count: he was new and improved after Swan Song). Perhaps it was so that, with diminished abilities, that was meant to teach Cas about the trivial matters of humanity; and since he had to experience the 4 horsemen himself thanks to his humanization, he'd be more appreciative of what humans have to go through and conquer, and less likely to sic the Apocalypse on earth again like Raphael wants to so badly.

Lastly, like Zachariah pointed out for the seals, if God DIDN'T want this to happen, there was no way it would've. Sure, the Apocalypse came and he didn't care, but surely there would be something done when someone wants to usurp the position of God? Just saying.

  • Or, maybe, God knew it would work out, since God is supposed to know everything. Personally, I believe God DID care about the Apocalypse—he interfered enough to give the Winchester boys a chance, didn't he? Why do that if he really didn't care? Maybe he just wanted the world to fix itself. And since he sealed the Leviathans in Purgatory in the first place, he HAD to know that Cas would suck them in if he opened the door to it. So maybe God just let Cas take over for a few days because he knew it wouldn't last and he still trusts the world to get itself out of its own messes. Also, free will is kind of a basic tenet of the Abrahamic traditions, which seem to be what this God comes from. Despite the angels claiming it doesn't exist, clearly it does, since the Winchesters stopped the Apocalypse and burned the script. So maybe God was letting his creation exercise free will, like he promised.

Castiel is possessed by Azazel.
He took control when Cas absorbs the souls of Purgatory (where the souls of dead demons, ghosts and people killed by Ruby's knife go).

Lucifer is responsible for bringing Castiel back from the dead
  • There's only one who not only could have brought Castiel back but also teleported Dean and Sam to safety... God.
  • Yup, turns out it was God.

Castiel is in love with Dean.
Just watch 5.18. Seriously.
  • Agreed. Sure, I am a shipper, but from a more realistical viewpoint, I'd say that it's definitely unrequited love. I mean, he gave up EVERYTHING for Dean. Literally. At first it would have been believable that he did it to save humanity. But then again, everytime he talks about his sacrifice, he says specifically, "for you!". It would also explain the stalking (In 5x14, Dean hadn't finished describing where they were, and Castiel popped up right in front of him), the lack of personal space, and why he stuck around with him for FIVE years in a Crapsack World (5x04).
  • Dean is aware of it, which explains why he chose these specific words to taunt Castiel: "Last person who looked at me like that, I got laid." Knowing that his affections were being mocked made Castiel even angrier.
  • Even my brother watched the episode (doesn't know anything about the show) and his reaction after watching it was him saying something along the lines of "oh, so this is like queer as folk with demons?" It makes me wonder just why they wrote 5.18 like that, they could've played Castiel as being angry with Dean taunting him- but why choose such suggestive lines? Oh and 5.04, with Castiel becoming human so that he could stay with Dean specifically even though the other Angels had gone back to Heaven.
  • (4.10) While Anna was kissing Dean, there was a cut-in to Castiel's facial expression. He appeared upset and jealous. (5.03) Castiel didn't seem at all interested in having sex with the hooker, but smiled when Dean put his arm around him. Also, his dialogue in 5.18 was reminiscent of a betrayed lover. ("I gave everything to you, and this is what you give me?")
  • At this point I'd be more surprised if this wasn't true. In 6.03 after not answering Sam for a year, Castiel responds to Dean almost immediately. Sure, he may snap at Dean, "You think I came because you called?" but it comes off like he's just pissed that Dean is being such an asshole about the whole thing. He's pretty much already confirmed to Sam that that's exactly why he came, especially with the comment that he and Dean "share a more profound bond".
  • Hehehehehe. You can say one thing for the writers of Supernatural: they know their audience far too well. 6.20 is literally Castiel's recount of why he made a deal with the devil because Dean wasn't there for him. Because Castiel didn't want to ask Dean for help and interrupt his new happy life, he made a deal with Crowley for the power to defeat Raphiel. You don't need to be a shipper to read into that. Hell, you don't even have to be in the show's target demographic to read into that! It's bloody plaintext! In fact, it's in this very wiki. I think you'll find it under I Want My Beloved to Be Happy.
    • Exactly. They know, and they're taunting us with it. (Which is totally okay, to be honest.)

Castiel is the most powerful entity on the show. (Except God and Jesse)
Think of it: Michael and Lucifer are in the pit, and it is implied that Castiel will resume Michael's position ("new sheriff in town"). Castiel has to be strong in order to gain respect from his siblings (after all, he was public enemy no.1 in heaven), which means that he's probably as strong as Michael himself now. Michael was stronger than Lucifer, who was stronger than all the pagan gods. Unless there is something we don't know, Castiel should be the strongest.
  • I know that nobody seems to remember/care about him, but... what about archangel Raphael?
    • Well, I think it's safe to assume that Michael was stronger than him. I can imagine that Raphael and Castiel work together, though.
    • Either that or Raphael is still trapped in that circle of fire.
  • Well, now he is.

Castiel was teleporting the burgers out of his stomach as he ate them in "My Bloody Valentine."
When asked how many he'd had he said "It's in the low hundreds." Given the time that had passed his stomach should have exploded like the twinkie man's. Instead, he didn't even seem to gain any weight.
  • It's either that, or being possessed by an angel has given Jimmy a metabolism to put the Flash to shame. Or, even creepier, eating that much was destroying his (Jimmy's?) stomach, but his angel healing factor was repairing the damage as soon as it occured. It makes one wonder if Castiel didn't notice the terrible pain this would have caused because he was so thoroughly under Famine's spell by that point.

God!Castiel is weak to phoenix ash
Eve was already using the power of the souls in Purgatory. When she died, they became free for the taking. However, the weakness to phoenix ash comes with the souls.

Crowley is going to dig into the Winchesters' past
By reading Chuck's Supernatural book series to try to figure out specific weaknesses and/or people he can use against them. The books have already been brought up in "Pac-Man Fever", and we all know that this season is chock full of Continuity Nods, so it makes sense.
  • Confirmed!

Crowley is actually the Crowley from Good Omens after Aziraphale left/died
It would make sense. He got in trouble for averting the apocalypse, and he took on the identity of a lesser demon to maintain a low profile. He has the atitude for it, has a habit for tempting people, and makes deals. Ruby said their was no demon she "knew" that wasn't once human, so maybe she just didn't know of the Fallen Angel demons' existence, and again, it would explain how he was so much more powerful than other demons. The human he *says* he was was a demon he killed and took the place of, and it would show why the bones didn't kill him. Not only that, he is not opposed to working with angels, so maybe, in a past experience, he learned they weren't so bad (hint: Aziraphale). And that's not it. He also seems like the Only Sane Employee, again like A. Crowley, in fact the only difference between the two seems to be that Crowley is a lot darker and more sadistic, again supporting the fact that Aziraphale died/left. Maybe Heaven went under some kind of crisis, like God's sudden absence, and Aziraphale had to go, or Hell, maybe they killed him for the incident with Armageddon't. Either way, it does support the theory that Crowley is what happened when his Morality Chain/ Heterosexual Life-Partner went away.

Crowley's eyes are yellow
Just to complete the allusions to Good Omens. Hey, it'd explain why he never flashes his eyes like the other demons do (the boys'd probably shoot him dead on the spot if he did).
  • Jossed. They're revealed in 8x02 to be red.

Samuel's deal with Crowley
. Samuel's dealing with Crowley in order to resurrect Mary and the rest of his family.
  • Quite possible.
  • Confirmed.
  • Now that he's dead, it won't happen. His daughter wouldn't have wanted him to resurrect her after all the things he's done.

How Crowley became so powerful so quickly.
The thing about being the "King of Hell" is that it's not just a title.

It kind of works the same way like items works for humans. When you equip, say, a body armor and a gun you suddenly become much more 'powerful' in combat. It's not a case of any sort of gradual growth, gaining new skills or experience. When you're equipped you're simply much more powerful, instantly.

I propose that a similar mechanism exists for titles in hell. So someone who is, say, "The Grand Inquisitor of Hell" isn't simply someone who has a lot of juice and can convince the other demons to call him that. Becoming the Inquisitor is similar to putting on a suit of body armor and taking a gun - except that the "items" are entirely supernatural in nature and non-physical. We can steal a word from Dresden Files and call them "mantles"

So, this is what happened with Crowley. When Armageddon was over (or at least put on hold), he collected all those mantles from the major demons who died. He probably has Lilith's mantle (maybe something like "The Mother of Monsters", "The First Demon", "The Queen of Hell" or simply "The Alpha"), Azazel's mantle (whatever it was that gave him yellow eyes, maybe "Prophet of Lucifer" or something), Alastair's mantle (the "Grand Inquisitor of Hell") and his already-existing "King of the Crossroads". The mantle of "King of Hell" might also exist and if it does, he has it now.

So, how did he do it? King of the Crossroads, as he's fond of reminding us. He probably suckered several humans into doing a deal for their souls. He convinced them to add a "locate mantle of X" to their deals and that was that. With his powers as King of the Crossroads, he might have been able to prevent other demons from using the same tactics.

This gave him an unprecedented level of power as far as demons go. In all the history of demonkind, the mantles were divided among different demons. He is the first one to have them all - because frankly, with his current level of power he probably already convinced any other mantle-holders to give them to him. He might not be the most ancient and powerful demon around personally (though he is certainly in the upper leagues) but when combined with all the mantles that he collected, he now enjoys a truly terrifying level of power.
  • Guess we're never going to find out now.
  • It could just be Crowley's that good. He's strong enough to take out an entire nest of demons by himself, controls hellhounds roughly the size of small bears, and is clearly one of the smartest demons out there. It wouldn't be hard to imagine him wheeling, dealing, and killing his way to the top spot in the pit.
  • It would seem to be confirmed that whatever the King of Hell is, it's more than just a title. Before the end of Season Seven, it would be possible to speculate that Crowley just became King through Machiavellian ingenuity, even without having more magical power than the other demons. But the idea that the King of Hell's blood is a necessary ingredient in the potion to kill a Leviathan, and this fact is an item of ancient lore—this shows that it is something more like the "mantle" idea.
  • It could just be that Crowley is the only high-ranking demon left... we have no idea what casualties Hell sustained in the War. Anyway, Crowley is one of the only demons capable of out-thinking hunters and having thoughts beyond "kill!" Maybe that helps.

Crowley still wants access to Puragtory
There is something there he still wants, which is why he hasn't killed Sam and Meg. He is going to get Meg to help Sam open Purgatory so he can finally get what he wanted in Season 6 before Castiel betrayed him.

Crowley isn't the King of the Crossroad Demons, nor is control of Hell.
  • He's a higher up in Hell, but in reality the real king of the Crossroad Demons is Mephistopheles, the Trope Codifier for the Deal with the Devil which itself is the M.O. of the Crossroads Demon. Also Hell itself has other levels; Crowley is currently in control over what Lucifer had controlled, and will likely have to answer to Mephistopheles if he enters the SPN canon.

Bobby is this universe's version of Batman.
Think about it, he's the most Crazy-Prepared character on this show. He has his beer bottles laced with holy water, for Pete's sake.

The demon that possessed Bobby's wife was his dad.
Demons are known to do stuff for shits and giggles, but possessing a dude's wife seemingly for the sole purpose of making him kill her or killing him using her right after they had a big fight, preventing them from ever getting everything back together? It seems to me that the only person who would do that is Ed Singer, Bobby's father. Now, normally, it takes hundreds of years to strip the humanity out of a soul to create a demon, but let's be serious. There was little to no humanity in Ed Singer. A decade or two would easily be good enough to get him to your standard demon's level. He likely didn't get tortured much in Hell, so there's no need to account for that. Besides, it seems kinda strange that the demon didn't ever come back with a grudge. Perhaps it was because he did exactly what he wanted, he screwed up his kid's life for ending his.
  • Also, a couple of decades Earth-time would likely be centuries upon centuries Hell-time. More than enough time to turn someone like Ed Singer into a demon (just look at how much Dean changed while in Hell).

Bobby never actually buried his dad's body.
His mom was obviously not happy with what Bobby did, so it wouldn't have made sense for her to help cover up the murder. She probably called the police herself. Digging a hole takes a long freaking time, especially a six-feet deep one being dug by a kid, so chances are Bobby started digging while his mom reported him to the cops, but when they showed up, Bobby threw down the shovel and ran like Hell.

It's also very likely that Robert Singer was not his real name He changed it to that to avoid the law. Why did his parents call him Bobby, then? Just an inaccuracy of his memory caused by the bullet in his brain.

  • But wasn't the house of his youth the same one he lived in as an adult?
    • No.

Bobby's ghost is not around
I don't think Bobby would make the choice to stay and be a ghost. Especially since with his mind disintegrating he'd be increasingly unstable, unable to remember the helpful things like that. It's probably one of the Fates or someone else with time stopping powers helping the boys out.
  • If it is Bobby's ghost, he's probably not sticking around of his own free will. Remember, Dean has his whiskey flask. That's personal enough to keep a ghost around, especially when goodness knows Dean doesn't want him to be gone.
  • Jossed to the extreme in "Party On, Garth." What the consequences of this are for everyone remain to be seen.

Bobby's dad did get raised as a zombie by Death in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"
Bobby just shot him off-screen as soon as he saw him. Again.


     God & "X is God" 
The trickster is God.
There is only one "trickster", and even that trickster has no real physical form. It can't be a coincidence that the two times they hunt a trickster it's the same one, and each time the trickster is teaching moral lessons to people through ironic punishments and other "mysterious ways", as God would be apt to do. Also, this explains what God is doing during his supposed absence, and allows him to still exert his influence and not have abandoned his creations, but would still have thrown the angels off his trail. Alternatively, the trickster is a human manifestation of God, similar to Jesus in Christian tradition.
  • Turns out he's Gabriel. Or so he says. That could turn out to be yet another Trick.

Lucifer is God.
In line with the theory above that the 4 archangels imprisoned God except this explains where he's been all this time. So God became estranged from the daily affairs of heaven and contact with the lower orders of angels either through apathy or manipulation by his seemingly loyal lieutenants. Possibly there was a war in heaven in which the propaganda story of the betrayer Lucifer was created. Anywho, in the aeons since then God lost his sanity and came to hate his ow creation.

John Winchester is God.
Oh, how greatly I don't want this to be true. Considering the critical roles we've learned Sam and Dean have, and how both God and John are Disappeared Dad's, this could quite soon turn into the most messed up trinity ever. Plus, why is it so convenient that they have a mother named Mary and a father named John, and the intended hosts of Lucifer and Michael are brothers?
  • That's the most disturbing theory I've heard yet. Except the Virgin Mary was married to a guy named Joseph, not one named John.
  • And let us never speak about my short term memory for my own religion again. Still, John is the name of half the New Testament people, so cut me some slack. Lest I post a WMG that John the Baptist was Joseph's Flying Brick superhero identity
  • And notice that one of the alternate names for Lucifer is "Samael." So close to the name of his vessel Samuel.

Bobby is God and it's all a test.
  • Yes please. I think I read a fic like this once...
    • Wrong character but, aside of that, it wasn't too far from the truth.

God will take the form of Sam and Dean's mother
Something that someone I know suggested. Him being John makes sense, but is also too predictable. Their mother has the strongest influence on the whole Winchester family. Dean and John both loved her, and Sam never got a chance to know her, but still has more respect for her than for his father (though he may be finally starting to forgive his dad) whatever God does when he shows up, he'll take the form with the greatest significance for Lucifer and Michael's hosts.

God hasn't given up on them
Come on, not even Supernatural writers can be that cruel. Can they?
  • Heh, heh, heh....

God is Good.
It has been stated on the main tv tropes page for Supernatural that this show thrives on Alternate Character Interpretation (and this troper agrees with this). With this in mind, lets look at what we know about God. First of all, Lucifer fell because he hated the fact that (and other angels have confirmed this) of all God's creations, he loved humanity the most. Secondly, lets remember that Dean is a major believer in free will. God's not snapping his fingers and making everything better allows for people (and angels and demons) to make their own decisions, mistakes, and deal with the consequences. Speaking of which, it should be pointed out that technically, it was Dean who broke the first seal and Sam who gave into temptation and freed Lucifer, so the Apocalypse is their fault. Maybe God wants them to take ownership for their mistakes. And finally, Dean says to Joshua that God can stop both the Apocalypse and, implicitly, everything that's wrong with the world. However, Dean said in an earlier episode that he would gladly take the pain of this world over paradise. Its also been established that he LOVES his job. So Dean wants God to stop the Apocalypse, remove all the problems of the world, and yet still allow it to be a place where conflict happens, there are hauntings, and Dean can go around drinking, stealing, and having lots of sex? Just because Dean is the hero, the audience does not have to assume he is right when he calls God a "deadbeat dad with excuses". He has been shown to be a flawed human being, whose entire line of reasoning for calling God a bad father rests on contradictory desires.
  • YMMV depending on your views on religion, since the show follows the actual Judeo-Christian lore quite closely.
  • Somewhat supported by the end of Swan Song, wherein Chuck whom many fans believe to be God in disguise, says that maybe the apocalypse was a test for Sam and Dean (standing in, presumably, for all of humanity) on what values they would cling to and what paths they would forge when presented with such impossible situations. They wind up choosing love of family and free will over all else—which are both very important values in Judeo-Christian doctrine. Without getting into a theological debate, it's possible, within the show's universe, that God chose Sam and Dean as examples of these human virtues, both to test them AND to teach his fractious angelic children a much-needed lesson about loyalty and forgiveness.
  • Makes sense if one stops thinking of God as, well, God, and instead as a parent not much different than any human parent (in his own image, much?). God's almost always referred to as a father and the archangels actually call him "Dad". It's like he's got a species made of nothing but indecisive twenty-somethings; they're old enough to support themselves, in theory, but they still haven't moved passed the point of missing the time when Mommy and Daddy took care of paying the rent. Kind of supported by the conversation between Castiel and Dean at the end of Swan Song, when Castiel told Dean he got exactly what he wanted. To this troper it implied that having God snap his fingers and make everything alright forfeited the right to free will, just like a twenty-something still depending on his parents can't truly be said to be an independent adult.

Crowley is God
Saw this on Television Without Pity message boards: he restored Bobby's ability to walk, told the boys where Death was right away but wouldn't face Death himself, and hasn't been in a scene with the amulet yet.

Chuck is God.
Come on, after the vanishing act at the end of Swan Song? There's no other way.
  • Confirmed! Misha Collins stated in this interview at around the 3:40 mark that Chuck was indeed God.
  • It's also more subtly implied earlier in the episode, he's writing about the car, so he knows what will happen, but professes ignorance to the brothers. This shows he is actually directing events rather than passively knowing about them. Sam appearing immediately after Chuck says "they passed" suggests this was all a test of human free will, and he has released Sam without freeing Lucifer.
  • The problem with this theory is that the amulet didn't work in season 4 when they first met Chuck. But God being God, he probably found a way to negate the effects, or maybe the amulet wasn't working from the beginning.
    • Joshua himself rather explicitly said that if God doesn't want to be found, the necklace will do no good. Which kinda makes sense, considering that it is God we're talking about.
  • The alternate possibility is that, as a prophet, Chuck has finished the story that he started all those years ago. His job done, he's been whisked off to Heaven.
  • The way I see it, Chuck actually lived happily ever after with Becky. God assumed Chuck's form, and residence, for that episode. It certainly explains a lot more, including the change in personality of moments when he's alone during that long gap between appearances. Though I'm still kind of weirded out by that one call he was expecting. Though maybe that was an act to not have Dean realize he was expecting him.
  • Biblically, prophets and the like usually die/are assumed to heaven after their work is done. My sanity demands this be true with Chuck, because otherwise, what was the point of the amulet?
    • Easy: The revelation of God's apathy towards the Apocalypse acts a huge turning point and a catalyst for some of what happens next. Cas, after his desperate searching, is devastated to find God is blatantly hiding from them and loses most, if not all, of his faith in just about everything (God, Heaven, the Winchesters and their plan). Hell, he even ends up on a bender over it. Dean really loses faith as well, and in the next few episodes basically does a 180 and thinks that maybe saying yes to Michael isn't such a bad idea.
  • This Troper came over to this page right after seeing the finale, and was about to put this one up, but was beaten to the punch!
  • right?? just... season 11?

God is a Sam/Dean shipper
If the theory of Chuck being God is correct, why else would He write the books? Easy: He wrote them so the fans would ship the brothers together in fics. Same reason to why Chuck went out with Sam's fangirl.

The Impala is God.
Chuck was just a prophet, not God. And Chuck said the Impala was the most important thing in the universe.
  • How often has Cas teleported the boys away from danger leaving the car behind only for it to appear later, or in the next episode with no explanation?
  • It was the Impala that got through to Sam at the critical moment in Swan Song.
  • John gave the car to Dean, but Dean's the one who convinced John in the first place (long before he was even born), creating a self fulfilling cycle.
  • The car reflects the state of the world/main characters. The damage to the car in 2014 reflected the state of the world. The car was trashed right before the first major death in the show, was "douched up" while Dean was in hell, and was put away under a tarp while Sam was in hell/souless.
  • In the 6th season episode 'Clap Your Hands If You Believe' the special X-Files intro features the words 'The Truth is in Here' super imposed over the Impala.

God (possibly in the form of Chuck), Death, and Eve (Mother of All) were the first sentient creatures to ever exist.
God's role is creation, Eve's role is providing conflict and introducing violence so that evolution can progress through conflict and change, and Death is the one who takes out the trash and turns off the lights when the party's over. We know that Death is universal and ultimately going to reap God, that Eve was around before the angels (or at least before Castiel), and that God is an over-deity with unlimited power who can control anything (including putting back together flying pieces of flambeyed angel), and we know that all three are perfectly happy with the arrangement when it isn't messed up (hey, Chuck looked pretty content at the end of season 5!). The three of them together established the natural order, and all three of them get really pissed - to differing degrees - when someone messes around with that natural order. This includes the angels. Of course, the apocalypse is really just something the angels concocted because Michael and Lucifer couldn't play nice, and they wanted something official to put down in the history booksnote . So they bribed Destiny to chalk up a script and tried to force humanity and the forces of nature to play along. God doesn't really care just as long as life keeps on going and creation continues, Eve doesn't really care just as long as you don't try to imbalance things too much (i.e. take all violent monsters out of the equation), and Death is just extremely pissed off with the angels A) because they've been fucking over the natural order since Sodom and Gomorrah, and B) because Lucifer had a hissy-fit and got mad with daddy so he chained one of the most powerful creatures in creation to a leash so it could do his dirty work for him!note  There's also the possibility that Death went to God and told him to keep his kid from smashing up the furniture, which was why God helped out with the Winchesters.
  • So does that means they're the Supernatural version of the Trinity?
    • Or possibly the Hindu Trimurti: God is Brahman the Creator, Death is Shiva the Destroyer, and in a twisted way, Eve is Vishnu the Preserver, creating Alphas and in turn, monsters, all of whom she preserves in Purgatory.

The "Boss" is God
Death said that the Leviathans were locked up because God was worried that, being so powerful, they would destroy the rest of the "Petri dish" (basically, the rest of the world). The reason the Leviathans are being careful about who they eat is to prove to God/the Boss that they won't destroy all humanity and should be allowed to stay on Earth.
  • This might make sense, except it is apparently the Boss that really wants the Winchesters dead. Since it's basically canon that it was God who teleported Sam and Dean after Lucifer's cage was opened, it kind of gives the impression that God would prefer it if they stayed alive.
    • He only wanted them alive during the Apocalypse. Now that it's over, anything goes. It might also be a case of the Levis unofficially considering God their Boss.

God really does help more than anyone knows
When you hear the list of things Sam and Dean have fought, you'd think they'd have to have been killed by the gods, dragons, or leviathans. And yet, they've never been killed by any of those guys. Why? Because God transforms them from their giant monstrous forms into human-sized ones to give hunters a chance. However, he doesn't make the methods required to kill them any simpler, because God still has a boner for "free will" and acting in "mysterious ways."

     The nature of angels & demons 
Angels really don't have emotions...
At least, in their natural states, seeing as how they don't have souls (which, according to Season 6, is what enables people to feel). We just don't see this because we only ever see them while they're possessing humans. Being stuck in a meatsuit with a soul rattling around in there inadvertantly opens angels up to emotion.

Demons' true faces
This is more of a question than a theory, but I'm interested to see people's responses. Multiple times throughout the show, demons' "true face" are referenced. Dean can see them when he's getting closer to Hell at the end of season 3 - "Sundering the veil", as Bobby put it - and in season 4 Anna, a fallen angel, can see Ruby's true face.Every time someone has been able to see a demon's true face, the result has been a look of shock, disgust, horror and fear, and we, the viewers are not allowed to see it. Damn unreveal.What are the fan theories? What does a demon really look like?
  • My fanon is that all demons look vaguely humanoid, only nightmarishly distorted: say, one is unnaturally bloated like Jabba the Hut while another is downright skeletal with long, thin limbs. They're also scarred from Hell in various ways, like maybe they're skinless or burnt or soaked in blood or a combination thereof. They exude the same kind of smoky aura hellhounds do. That said, I think (from what I've read) demons are supposed to look like Mix-and-Match Critters in lore, which I like because Zachariah implies that angels' true form also looks like that and it would be ironic to have yet another similarity between angels and demons (maybe Lucifer was trying to "fix" Lilith by making her more angelic and it back-fired horribly?).
  • That's a really interesting theory. What you said about Mix-and-Match Critters reminds of the Johannes Cabal series, in which demons are described as looking like a random assortment of animal body parts.
  • Maybe demons look like Cenobites? When Dean referenced the movie, Ruby said that they actually got it pretty close... minus the leather, so maybe demons look like naked Cenobites?

When angels die, they are reborn human.
While humans go to Heaven when they die, angels are reborn human. What Anna did was technically suicide: she tore out her own grace. (I'm equating "grace" to "soul", btw.) That means that our favorite angels are still alive in some form or another, and the dickish ones will hopefully develop a little humanity and learn some lessons. Everybody wins!

Demons (and/or Angels) go to Purgatory
Well, we know that monsters go there when they, so why not Demons? Admittedly, it makes more sense for angels to be there than demons because they aren't already dead, but either way, it would be cool to see Azazel, Lilith, Ruby, Crowley, Uriel, and Zachariah back.
  • Maybe even Gordon, who became a vampire.

More theories about the angels vessels bloodlines
I have three theories about why Sam and Dean are the Michael and Lucifer vessels.

1. John was a neutral vessel and could've been used by either Michael or Lucifer depending on which archangel got to him first. Then when he had his two kids the vessel bloodlines broke into two seprate ways with Dean and his kids being the Michael vessels. Then with Sam and his kids being the Lucifer vessels and when John had Adam. Adam and his kids become a lineage of neutral vessels to be used by either Michael or Lucifer. The reason John was a neutral vessel was because one of his parents was the Michael vessel while the other was the Lucifer vessel.

2. John's family was from the Michael vessel bloodline and Mary's family was from the Lucifer vessel bloodline and that's why they were targeted by the cupids and why Dean and Adam were Michael vessels while Sam wasn't.

3. Azazel when he was a human was Lucifer's vessel and was possessed by Lucifer last time Lucifer caused a bunch of trouble on earth a few thousands years ago. So when Lucifer was tossed into the cage so was Azazel and during those long years in the cage. He eventually become a demon the second of his kind and that's why there has been only one yellow eyed demon and why he was so strong. Also because he was sent into the cage the Lucifer vessel bloodline ended with him that's why he talked to Lucifer during the 60's and found out he needed to create a special child. He went around dipping his demon blood into the mouthes of babies who were from other angel vessel bloodlines. Thus corrupting angel and archangel vessels into Lucifer vessels and that's why Sam was one true vessel. Cause he was a corrupted Michael vessel from his dad's side and that's why Sam could be used by Lucifer and a corrupted archangel vessel would be the best fit for Lucifer. That's why Sam could be possessed by Lucifer while Adam and Dean could only be possessed by Michael. Also only Azazel's demon blood can turn an angel or archangel vessel into a Lucifer vessel.

  • Your second theory seems the likeliest. Look at the people we know to be vessels:
    • John, Adam, and Dean Winchester were all possibilities for the Michael sword, so the Winchester bloodline is the Michael bloodline. While we don't know too much about Adam, we can guess that traits of the Michael vessel bloodline would be things like loyalty, modesty, honesty, a hard worker, and incredible love for one's family. Wouldn't all of those sound a lot like we know of Michael? He said he more or less raised Lucifer - Sam and Dean parallels, anyone? - but despite loving him more than anyone else, he'd still kill him if/because his father said to. Again, switch out the names and that's Dean and Sam right there.
    • If we go with that, then the Campbell bloodline is the Lucifer bloodline. Look at the Campbells we see, particularly in season six, but remember Mary, too. To quote lurea's post on the subject, "There's a willingness to make deals with demons, cold-blooded attitude toward killing, and general lack of mercy and compassion. They’re smart but don’t seem to love that much—even each other because there’s little to no reaction every time one of them is killed. So I think we can assume Grandpa Campbell’s desire to get Mary back was not motivated by selfless love. So, Deadly sins: pride, wrath, greed, and lust—that’s 4 of 7, right there. Sorta like Lucifer, who is very arrogant and prideful, cold and intelligent, ruthless and manipulative, and doesn’t seem to care about anyone except Michael." Sam is really, really smart, and sometimes slightly arrogant because of it. He drank the demon blood, and hid it from Dean, all through season four. He's not really "cold" or "ruthless", no, except during his stint as Soulless!Sam during season 6, when that fit perfectly. And you know, 8x04 he seems to have a knack for fixing air conditioners and fans, and then that ice machine... perhaps that's symbolic in some way, foreshadowing of trouble yet to come?
  • And then Castiel's bloodline, the Novaks, Jimmy and Claire. Again as lurea says it, "Jimmy was an ad salesman for AM radio—so quite possibly for Christian programming. It’s likely that he not only had faith, he lived it outwardly, in a way that supported his faith. Jimmy was middle-class, probably college educated. So the Castiel bloodline is devout, intelligent, honest, shows loyalty to a higher cause, fearless (boiling water), hard-working, and willing to sacrifice everything to do the right thing." Much like Cas, who is devoted to God, and later to Dean, and who sacrifices himself repeatedly for the sake of his cause or for Dean.

Even more bloodline thoughts
Similar to theory 2 above, but with a slight twist.

John and his Winchester relatives are descendants of Abel while Mary and all (Hunter) Campbells are from Cain. Since Sam and Dean's angelic bloodline was said to be tied all the way to Cain and Abel, this makes the most sense in the bloodlines of Earth's second pair of angsty brothers coming back together to create the vessels for the very first angsty brothers. It could also explain why the Campbells have all become Hunters — Hunting is an unnamed part of the punishment described for Cain's descendants in The Bible.

Since the Bible follows the descendants of Adam and Eve's third son, Seth, it stands to reason that there are very few decendants of Cain and even less of Abel (since he died before he could have a ton of kids).

So, Abel's descendants can host Michael while Cain's can host Lucifer. This also explains why Adam was, as a Winchester only, able to host Michael but was never sought by Lucifer. But if Lucifer had picked one of those other Campbells...

  • Cain and Abel might have only had a few children, but after six thousand years, their number of descendants will either be zero or everyone on Earth; firstly because the Flood is mentioned in 6.20, so everyone on Earth is descended from Noah anyway (ETA: scratch that. I checked the Bible and, to give the SPN writers some credit, Noah is not a descendant of Cain or Abel, his ancestor is Seth. That actually works, provided one of his daughters-in-law is descended from Abel and another from Cain.) But even ignoring that: Dean and Sam have two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents... take this back five or six thousand years and their ancestors encompass every member of the human race. Just like everybody else on the planet. The only way the bloodline thing makes any sense is if the angels have been using to Cupids to selectively breed Cain and Abel's descendants with members of their own family (like in Preacher), finally leading to one Abel-descendant and one Cain-descendant. (Actually, given that we know the angels did get Mary and John together, that kind of makes sense...)
    • Seeing that Cass claimed that the Bible got a lot of stuff wrong, it seems highly likely that the Cupids and other angels worked their mojo to make sure that everyone leading up to Dean and Sam worked out just right. They might have saved a Cain-descendant and Abel-descendant from the Flood for the exact purpose of keeping the bloodlines separate from Noah/Seth. They just had to make sure that there was at least one surviving member every generation.

Why angels don't use soulless vessels
The reason why angels don't use soulless vessels is because angels draws power from a soul or souls, so a soulless vessel won't be as powerful.

Azazel was an angel
Instead of a Corrupted human soul, Azazel was an Angel that fell with Lucifer.He was quite low level however, This is why he does not need permission to possess a vessel. Reasons for this theory being;

1.He is the only demon so far seen to have Yellow Eyes, so this is obviously a unique trait.

2.He is immune to holy water.

3.His name ends with "El" (Hebrew for God), as do most angelic names.

  • With the revelation that the Nephilim do indeed exist in-universe, it may be possible that he is one of them. Not one hundred percent sure, but doesn't the Book of Enoch say that a) the real life Azazel was one, b) most of them became demons after death? They've even yellow eyes in common...

The way Azazel sealed his deal with John
:Was by pulling up their shirts and pressing their belly buttons together. Red-eyed demons seal deals with kisses and white-eyed demons with sex so if we go in order... Yeah, I already know this one's long-past Jossed, you don't have to tell me twice.

Azazel tasted disgusting.
Just look at the expression on Tessa's face when she's swallowing him!

Azazel is "Man", the evil demon in the episode of A Haunting called Demon Child.

YED and Alastair were very close
As yet another parallel to Sam and Dean's relationship, only this one is with demons. Both are evil mentors to the boys. They could even be considered their evil counterparts. Hey, when one's the King of Hell and the other is its Grand Inquisitor for centuries, you gotta be pals, right? Might play into Alastair's obsession with Dean, seeing as how he ended up killing YED.
  • I really like this WMG because it creates this very interesting thing where Dean was the one to kill Sam's demon counterpart, and Sam was the one to kill Dean's. Like, it represents how the boys need each other to face their personal demons, metaphorical and literal. Deep man, deep.

Joshua from "Dark Side of the Moon" was once a Fallen Angel a la Anna
He even regained his grace like she did, and returned to Heaven, where he became "gardener" for the Garden. God chose to confide in him because Joshua shared his love for humanity and had even been one at one point. What human had Joshua been? Jesus Christ, of course.
  • And it would make so much sense, too, seeing as fallen angels can result in virgin births.
  • And considering "Joshua" is the literal translation of Jesus' name...I don't know if the creators intended it to work that way, but it certainly holds up.

Eve is the Biblical Eve
When she had kids with Adam she passed evil on to humanity and created the potential for humans to truly become monsters. this is original sin.
  • Not likely. Eve is apparently some sort of leviathan offshoot and is older than Castiel, an angel. She probably just took up the name Eve as a Take That! to humanity, not because she actually is Eve.
  • What's more likely is the inverse - the Biblical Eve is the monster mother, and her legend turned into the biblical version over the years.
  • The common consensus is that she's some sort of goddess (see The Other Wiki). Perhaps she's meant to be a pre- Abrahamic Semitic female deity, like Asherah? That would mean she at least comes from the same region as the Leviathan.

Which explains the case of The Other Darrin and the change in Mrs. Tran's personality. Obviously, a leviathan ate the other Mrs. Tran off-screen after Kevin deciphered the tablet because she knew too much, so Linda is dealing with her missing partner and Kevin with his Missing Mom in Season 8.

Zachariah's vessel is Woody from Psych.
Why? Rule of Funny.
  • Hey, if Lassie can be the Cain, why not?

Ruby was actually Meg.
They're similar enough in personality and abilities, they were never on-screen together, and Meg's real name has yet to be revealed. The Meg in Seasons 6 and 7 could be an unrelated demon the Winchesters previously defeated, like Lust from "The Magnificent Seven"; when they mistook her for Ruby/Meg, she decided to roll with it for shits and giggles.

People who get possessed develop lung cancer
Demons manifest basically as huge clouds of smoke. And they stay inside people's bodies for however extended periods of time. If smoking cigarettes are bad for your health, possessions certainly can't be GOOD for you, even if you survive.
  • Jessi's mother, who was practically the only person we saw who got possessed years before the series started, seemed alright. Physically, at least.

The other Special Children were also surrounded by demons.
  • Ava was set up with her fiance by a demon. When the demon killed her fiance, it was the beginning of her Break the Cutie journey that led to her Face–Heel Turn.
    • Maybe her fiance was Sam's demon pal Brady, Faking the Dead. After all, they shared the same name and Bobby said that demon possessions were rare (before the Hell Gates got opened, of course).
  • Max Miller's parents were possessed when they abused him.

Hallucifer is not a hallucination
They proved in "Free To Be You and Me" that an archangel and his vessel are connected, even when they're apart from each other, and Cass even uses that connection to summon Raphael. Maybe Sam's "hallucinations" are Lucifer (from Hell) trying to use this connection to A.) mess with Sam, and B.) get out of Hell. Think about it - Sam has never "hallucinated" around someone who'd recognize it for what it was, like Castiel.
  • This troper has been accepting that as canon since "Hello Cruel World" when, in one scene, Lucifer stabbed a knife into the table. Several shots later after Lucifer is gone, the knife is still standing upright in the table.
  • Pretty much Jossed, much more likely that Sam did it and but perceived it as something Lucifer did (a la Tyler Durden's actions in Fight Club).
  • Actually it makes sense. What Cas was supposed to be taking from Sam into himself top cure Sam in BAI (his tiredness? The post traumatic stress? The emotional/physical damage to his soul? This just seems disrespectful to ptsd, that it can just be 'taken away' like that), But what Cas could have been taking is Sam's connection to Lucifer, transferring the connection between Lucifer and his vessel, and thus the ability for Lucifer to communicate through him, to himself.
    • And going to Purgatory broke the connection to Lucifer, since Purgatory is (supposed to be) cut off from Heaven, Earth and Hell, which is why Castiel got better.
    • The way I interpreted it was that Cas was taking Sam's memories of his time in the Cage, but this would make more sense (I'd say it was probably both, though, because having those memories would still give Sam PTSD even without Hallucifer).

Where a person goes in their afterlife depends on their beliefs
This could explain all the afterlives mentioned by other religions (ex. Valhalla, Nirvana) - whatever afterlife you believe in, you go to after you die. Why do Sam and Dean go to Heaven when they die? Because they already believe that the Christian God exists, having already met "angels of the Lord". This troper can't recall it off the top of her head, but in S6, Raphael said something to the effect that the guy who's personal heaven he was in made it there because he was devout, which might give a little support to her theory. Ash and Pamela (who we saw in Heaven)'s faith is never mentioned in the series, but for the sake of this WMG, let's assume they believed in God. This might explain why John, Mary, Ellen, and Jo are AWOL - it's not too much of a stretch to assume that most hardened hunters are atheists because of all the hellish things that've happened to them/they've seen happen. In John's case, I think this was confirmed - according to the Supernatural Wiki, his dog-tags said he didn't have faith in any religion. Where they ended up, then, is anyone's guess.
  • In Limbo, perhaps?
  • The alternate explanation for those four being missing is Ash just hasn't found them yet. He doesn't seem to really know (or care) whose Heaven he's breaking into until he gets there, so it's entirely possible that he just hasn't run into them yet.
  • An alternate explanation is that Jo and Ellen (who, if I'm getting my timelines right, just died a few episodes prior to the trip to heaven) just might not have arrived yet. Pamela died almost a full season before, and Ash died in season 2. At least for them, it might be that Ash hasn't had the time to track them down (whereas Sam and Dean have apparently died so often that it's become habitual) for John and Mary, it's possible Ash might have known where their heavens were, but didn't retrieve them because
A) they were probably in the same place (soulmates) and he was giving them some privacy, andB) they needed to get Sam and Dean out of there before the Angels found them, and they didn't really have the time for a nice touching family reunion.

The pagans, God, the Horsemen, Eve, and the Leviathans are all the same type of creature.
God created angels to be his warriors and human souls to be his power source in order to overthrow other members of his race. Eve saw what was coming and tried to even the odds by making humans into monsters so that she'd have their souls and be strong enough to fight God off, but lost. God locked the rest of his species into Purgatory, but some (ie. the pagans) managed to escape. In Season 5, Lucifer broke the Horsemen out of Purgatory by giving them demon souls to make them stronger and bound them to his will. Pagans and Leviathans eat people because it's how they eat souls to get stronger, with the endgame of finding and killing God/throwing God into Purgatory so that they can rule Heaven and Earth. Boom. No matter what Season 7 says, this theory is now this troper's personal fanon.

Demons are just ghosts.
Demons are dead human souls that are weak to salt and iron. That sounds a bit like a certain other creature. Also, ghosts are said to be able to move objects, take over bodies, and leave behind ectoplasm when they're angry. Demons have spent time in Hell, so I imagine they're always angry, so just replace ectoplasm with sulfur, and you've described demons again. The only huge difference is that demons have no true form beyond smoke, which can be explained by their soul being mutilated in Hell.
  • Confirmed in-show.
  • Episode?
    • Just when they say that every demon was once a human. they're just changed by their time in Hell.
    • That doesn't imply that demons are just ghosts, though.
      • Yes it does. Just very twisted/corrupted ghosts with amped up abilites.
  • Burning their bones kills them. Bobby seems to agree with this WMG, and it seems pretty much confirmed.
    • OK. So, at the very least, demons are similar to ghosts. So... what happens when their bones get burnt? For ghosts, it doesn't seem like it sends them back to heaven. It looks much more like they get annihilated - totally wiped out. Does that mean that if everyone on the planet was Viking-funeraled, there wouldn't be any more demons?
    • Probably not, but it would be AWESOME.
    • This could be some weird kind of Fridge Logic- let's say the more the physical remains rot away, the less human a spirit becomes. Most demons should be pretty old, so they've lost any semblance of humanity.
  • Demons are similar to ghosts, but they're not exactly the same. Ghosts don't leave behind sulfur. Ghosts don't look like black smoke. Ghosts rarely possess people, and when they do, they don't give them nifty powers like the ability to teleport around or shoot out blasts of demonic light (that DemonBlood!Sam is immune to). It's more fair to say demons are kind of like…pumped-up Super Ghosts, created by Lucifer. Not just regular restless spirits.
    • The main point of evidence for this is the first demon's (Lilith) description as a human soul twisted by Lucifer. It would make sense for something altered by an archangel to come a cut above the rest.
    • Demons look like black smoke because they were tortured so much, and for so long, that they started to look like black smoke,and as for the sulphur, it could be just a side effect of being in hell.
  • The difference here is in what happens after the death of the person. If they're demons, their soul left their human body, the mortal plane, and went to Hell, where it was twisted until the point where it stopped being human, and became a demon. Its strength is likely a result of how long they've been in Hell/moving up a sort of corporate ladder/how they reacted to the experience of Hell. If they're a ghost, they died but because of unfinished business/trauma/Reaper issues, their soul left their human body but stayed trapped in the mortal plane. It did not move on to Heaven or Hell. Its strength and behaviour depends on how long it's been hanging around/the circumstances of its death. It's a similar process in a way, but they're still different beings.
Demon blood is a placebo
So Sam is a psychic, and his powers supposedly come from demon blood. However, this makes no sense, because Sam's powers run low only a few weeks after not drinking any of Ruby's blood. How could he have gone 22 years without any demon blood, and when he did, having only had a few drops? Ruby tells us at the end of Season 4, "You didn't need the feather to fly, you had it in you the whole time." The only reason he lost his abilities in Seasons 3 and 5 were because the demon he thought he was getting power from died. This is also why a passive ability like immunity to Lilith was preserved in Season 3. The reason Ruby told Sam demon blood made him strong was so that he could be ready to hold Lucifer. This would make Sam the most powerful psychic in the world if he ever realized it.
  • Alternately, Sam's powers depend on his mental state. The demon blood has proven (and even been discussed) to make Sam feel more powerful and in control, more dominant; being an empathetic person at heart, maybe he simply cannot access those emotions, and by extension the powers, without its influence.
    • This troper agrees. It makes perfect sense, given what we leaned in the second season. Reference is made by both Jake and Ava to "letting go," with the implication that all that was required to access their power was willingness to use it at it's full capacity, and to throw away their normal inhibitions. (Which is supported by the fact that the few times Sam has demonstrated powers beyond his visions is in defense of Dean.) I think it's likely that the Demon's Blood did empower Sam's abilities beyond simply allowing him to access his innate potential, but it's influence on his emotional state was probably just as much of a contribution to the sheer power he displayed.
  • A third possible explanation is that demon blood acts as a supplement. There are certain drugs that people take to give them synthetic hormones to supplement the body, but if you take it for too long your body becomes unable to produce it effectively enough on it's own, requiring your brain to need the drug to function. Sam was doing fine on his own, but when demon blood was added to the mix and made him more powerful, whatever the magic that gives him psychic abilities was could no longer be produced on it's own, it needed to be supplemented with the blood. Hence the need to "detox" Sam, as it would be the only way for him to function without it.

The Trickster is actually a Q.
Possibly even that Q. In Mystery Spot especially he uses similar tactics to the ones Q employs in Tapestry and Best of Both Worlds, and has the ability to change his shape, change time, make days repeat and bring back the dead. He has the same interest in testing and "improving" Sam that Q seems to have in Picard and takes the same joy when his target is reduced to begging him for help. Despite being a shapeshifter, the Trickster has a "default" form he uses with beings who have seen him before, just like the Q, and he's survived two sure attempts on his life —- easy to do if he's actually immortal.
  • Hah! He does kind of look like a Q, too, doesn't he? Jossed by "Changing Channels," sadly. Though since he's described as a pagan god, and addressed as "Loki" by the other gods in Hammer of the Gods, that might explain where some of his power comes from.
  • No, no, no, Q is actually Gabriel - we all know he likes pranks, especially involving aliens: pretending to be an advanced alien lifeform in order to mess with the humans would totally be his style.
  • This Troper would like to point out that, in the Expanded Universe novels, Q is pretty much every single Trickster God ever (including Loki), not just on Earth. Q is also on the Pals with Jesus page, for what it's worth. Making this one...hilariously possible.
  • Guys, this one was totally confirmed! The Trickster = Loki = Gabriel, and Q = Loki, meaning Gabriel/the Trickster = Q.

Ruby is an undercover/fallen angel
Devil's advocate, literally - she's there to oppose every option of them upstairs to make sure Free Will still has a say and the boys actually think through their actions. I know she's supposedly relatively low-level from her eye-color, but it's a possiblity that could be part of her disguise. If you're inflitrating the enemy, then you go in as a soldier, not a general.

The trickster has no weakness.
He's been stabbed by his "one weakness" twice and is still running around. He (they?) probably made up a weakness and spread it around for kicks.
  • Alternatively, he's never actually appeared to anyone. He just makes copies of himself to mess with people.
  • Confirmed in Changing Channels: He's actually Gabriel.
    • Uh, what about the fact that another angel can kill him? Not to mention that being trapped by holy fire is a weakness, if not necessarily a fatal one.

The Impala is really a TARDIS.
Its trunk is obviously Bigger on the Inside, considering all of the weaponry and clothing it has to hold at any given time.

Bodiless spirits have 'static' personalities.
Static in the sense of being hard to change. This would explain all the ghosts caught in patterns from when they were alive, doing exactly the same thing over and over. It would also explain why Dean came back from Hell as just a sadder version of himself, instead of being a vastly different person, even though he spent 40 extremely traumatic years there. After all, even if you have a pretty good life, you're a very different person at 60-70 years than you are at 20-30. Think of it - Dean spent more time in Hell than he did alive. And traumatic experiences cause a much greater change in personality in a short time, hence all the 18 year olds who go off to war and come back a couple of years later completely different.Dean's experiences in Hell are about the only trauma the main characters experienced that the authors didn't portray entirely accurately to Real Life. This theory could explain why.
  • To be fair, we don't really know what a realistic depiction of the effects of spending time in hell on one's psyche, would look like. We know what the effects of physical and mental torture are, and these are portrayed accurately to Real Life. But we really have no idea what exactly supernatural or mystical torment would do to someone, so they have a bit more leeway here. For all we know, torture in hell only hurts a person's soul, not their mind, which could be why his personality isn't noticeably changed.
  • Then again, if we are to believe Ruby, some "bodiless spirits" in Hell actually become demons, so they did change. I could see both of those working, though, since it seems to be accurate for ghosts, and Dean. In fact, this is something I have assumed as true without even realizing it's not explicitly canon...
    • It is never stated, however, that time actually moves slower in hell. This seems to be a common misconception among Supernatural fans. It is only stated that time feels like it lasts much longer, what with the indescribable agony and all. Kind of like how a really bad day can seem to drag on forever, but it's not actually any longer than any other day.

Cain and Abel were the original vessels for Michael and Lucifer
Think about it. It'd be the perfect place. Armageddon was intended to be early...but both Cain and Abel didn't want to destroy the world so the elder brother killed the younger to bare the 'mark of shame'.
  • Or, the world began the same way it's going to end. Elder brother kills younger brother.

Bela was the first seal
All we know about the first seal is that it was a woman who was Dean's first victim in Hell. (Alastair said as much in "Heads on a Pin".) Dean already hated Bela because she stole the Colt and destroyed his last chance of getting out of going to Hell. Besides, he already had told her he'd see her in Hell. Let's face it, aside from a demon, Bela would probably be the one Dean would want to get revenge on most.

The Trickster created all the other Tricksters.
Just like how Lucifer created all the demons, the Trickster made a whole race of tricksters just like him (Loki, Coyote, etc). It shouldn't be out of his power range since he's actually the Archangel Gabriel, and Lucifer still managed to make an entire race as a fallen angel.

Lucifer didn't go in the pit.
.I seem to recall a certain conversation between Lucifer and Gabriel in which Lucifer said that he taught Gabriel all he knows, so his "clone" trick wouldn't work on him. Lucifer used his old trick to get Michael into the hole and out of the way. Without Michael or the rings, what are they supposed to do now?

The reason the Special Children were chosen specifically is that they are distantly related.
True angelic vessels run through bloodlines, and Michael implies that Dean and Sam are related to Cain and Abel. But there must be a lot more than just one single family that stretch back to Cain and Abel. All the special children are from bloodlines that can be traced back to Cain and Abel, and in each one, there is a potential vessel for Michael and Lucifer. Because if a vessel dies (assuming they don't just get ressurected) there's got to be a backup, right? Like the potential slayers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer - they become the true vessel, if the original dies, or is never going to say yes (which is why Adam became the Michael's vessel when it was clear that nothing was going to make Dean say yes). Because what was the point otherwise of Azazel having that contest in Cold Oak if it ended with killing Lucifer's only true vessel? All of them had the potential to be vessels, Azazel just wanted to establish who was willing to kill for survival, and who he could manipulate easiest into opening the Devil's Gate in Wyoming, thus releasing Lilith, then eventually killing Lilith to release Lucifer and ultimately agreeing to be Lucifer's vessel once he was freed from the pit. The reason Sam was Azazel's favourite was because he was the first true vessel, and also because of the Cain/Abel-esque relationship he had with Dean.

Michael has possessed Adam
.After "Point of No Return", someone had to say it. And it would be a way for Michael to show up without Dean letting himself be possessed. Confirmed.

The Campbells are capturing monsters to reveal them to the media/military
They are doing this in order to force people to realize what`s out there so they can protect their families and not have to go through the average hunters backstory

Chuck is a Trickster

John was the one who brought his father in law back and the one getting him to capture creatures

Chuck is the Metatron
Think about it: the voice of God is a prophet writing books about what's happening. It would be a good way for God to communicate and maybe even help without having to get involved, allowing humans to exercise their free will.

Adam is going to be Raphael's new vessel, or at least be his soldier
Adam wanted the apocalypse so that he could see his mother again, and Raphael is trying to restart the apocalypse, so it makes sense that he would agree to help him. It also makes sense that Adam would be revived from Hell just like Sam.

Raphael needs Purgatory to be opened.
Raphael wants to jump-start the Apocalypse again. Just one problem: Lilith's Deader Than Dead, destroyed with Sam's demon-killing power at the end of Season Four. She was the last seal needed to open the Pit. If Raphael knew another way to open the Pit, he'd have used it already. So, he needs to resurrect Lilith.

The Mother Of All is as strong as Lucifer and Michael
She does have dominion over Purgatory, much like Lucifer and Michael had control of Heaven and Hell. I really want this to be true because Raphael being the Big Bad of this season would have been cool, but it would not have been as awesome as Lucifer and Michael.

The Mother Of All is a Half-Human Hybrid.
After his brother Lucifer was caged in the pit, Michael sought out a mortal woman much like Dean did with Lisa after Sam's Heroic Sacrifice. Using his mighty archangel powers, the woman conceived of a child who, like the Nephilim of Biblical mythology, turned into a grotesque cannibal giant. Michael was forced to kill her but by then she had grown too powerful and it was only a matter of time before she found her way out of Purgatory. Fast forward ten thousands years ...

Samuel Colt sold his soul
He built a gun that kills anything. The one people we've seen be capable of restocking it with bullets are demons. Obviously Samuel Colt was not a demon, because he built the iron Devil's trap. So how did he gain the knowledge required to build the Colt? Clearly, he had help. No demon would ever help a hunter make such a gun without anything in return, so he had to trade his soul and promise not to come after the demon he made the deal with.
  • There's the possibility that he tortured demons for the information, but we've seen time and again that most demons are unwilling to give anything up unless threatened with death or Sam's super-duper demon powers (which makes sense, given how much time they spend in Hell anyways). Without the colt, Colt had no such leverage. The chances of him finding a demon that WOULD give in to torture is pretty low because prior to the beginning of the series, demons didn't show up all too often, as Bobby said, "1 or 2 a years, tops".
    • More likely, he had help to create the gun from an archangel, maybe Michael, or God Himself. Or even more likely, from Death. After all, Death obviously has a connection to anything that, well, kills things, we know he likes things that even the odds and tend to bring balance (and the Colt definitely does that, putting humans and supernatural entities on a much more level playing field), and the Colt seems to be kind of like a slightly less powerful version of Death's Scythe, which Crowley said could kill anything, no exceptions, even Death himself. Whichever it is, a gun that can kill anything in creation with only five exceptions, seems far beyond the power of any human, or even any demon, to construct.
    • We're probably going to find out in the upcoming episode.
  • I call Stable Time Loop.

This is also where he got the principles that allowed him to lock up Hell Gates, not by placing a door on Hell's side, but by locking it down on Man Domain ('Reality').

Mother is
A super-powerful tulpa that was created by fearful humans many years ago.

Balthazar is The Mole for Raphael.
The whole "running away from Heaven with all the weapons" was a ploy to earn Castiel's trust. It wouldn't be hard considering that they were once friends. Balthasar's turning Raphael's vessel into salt could have been staged. Plus, the audience never saw Balthazar get attacked by Virgil, Raphael's right-hand man. His wound could have easily been self-inflicted. Raphael is planning to do something far worse than just killing Cas.

Purgatory is inhabited by Lovecraftian monsters.
The trailer for "Let It Bleed" showed a manuscript by H.P. Lovecraft covered in blood. The souls of the monsters that have ever died go there because they are the spawn of a Cosmic Horror. Eve, the Mother of All, describes herself as being older than angels. If Purgatory is opened, the universe will be flooded with entities like Eve. And if just one of her species could create all the monsters on Earth, imagine what a legion of them could do.
  • Confirmed in the premiere of Season 7. God created Purgatory to trap the Leviathans, the first beings he created before anything else.

Eve is
Eve from the bible it's just that obvious.
  • What about The Mother of All is at all similar to Eve?
  • Besides their name and function not much but my theory is that Eve was a normal human being until Lucifer altered her somehow a few thousand years ago. The reason Lucifer changed Eve was because she confronted him about what he did to daughter Lilith. So Lucifer turned her into the first monster in existence and Eve started creating monsters and somehow she got locked up in purgatory.
  • This might've jossed your theory [1]

The "Boss" is Eve
Eve was dispatched of too easily. And it'd explain part of why The Boss wants the Winchesters dead so badly — she wants Revenge for what they did to her. Perhaps Phoenix Ash doesn't kill Eve, just sends her back to Purgatory. This makes even more sense, as we haven't seen the boss yet, meaning that they want to keep it a secret for some reason — perhaps because we already know who it is.

The "Boss" is Urizen
The reason God created them in the first place is to have helping hands in creating the Universe. The head Leviathan, Urizen, was the "architect", just like in William Blake's mythology. But at some point, Urizen wants to recreate the universe in his own image, by destroying this one.

Since the angels are, for the most part, dead, we'll encounter much more powerful entities who are the Leviathans' counterparts - the Zoas/Emanations from Blake's mythology. It'll be revealed that Urizen was one of them before becoming leader of the Leviathans.

Where Tricksters come from
They're Gabriel's children with human women or possibly pagan gods; thus, he is the Alpha Trickster.

Michael fell and was reborn as a human named Adam Milligan
Yes, yes, ignoring that the show's already kind of disproved that. Bear with me, okay? This troper has a theory that the prospect of having to kill his brother unsettled Michael enough that, when the vessels were born and started putting the Apocalypse into motion, he got cold feet. Like Dean going to Hell rather than live without Sam, Michael chose to rip out his Grace and become another unassuming human rather than be forced to kill Lucifer, who he still loved despite it all. It wouldn't be the first time the angels lied about what was going on and who was in charge. When Adam is trapped in the Beautiful Room with Michael approaching, it was actually Raphael, who took him back to Heaven, possibly tortured him to change his mind, and restored his power and memories. That's why he is so cold and resigned in "Swan Song". Just look at the Adam-Michael connection entry over at the Fridge Brilliance section. Also, Adam is John's son, so he'd be keeping to his bloodline. (With all that out there, this troper would like to add that this WMG is purely to soothe her thoughts on Adam being stuck in Hell with Lucifer and Michael.)

Eve was a Leviathan

Balthazar is Gabriel in another vessel
Meaning that he's been killed by a brother of his twice now. Poor guy.

Garth is Gabriel.
He was just a random guy in Gabe's possessable bloodline until Gabe faked his death-by- Lucifer. Gabe wanted to help keep humans safe from Things That Go "Bump" in the Night, but he wanted to fly under the radar of Heaven (and possibly above that of Hell,) so he concocted a whole backstory and started Hunting.

Proof? You want actual proof? Here's a quote from "Party On, Garth": "Hey, I love [wine coolers]. Anything sweet."

  • Guys. Prophets have to be protected by an archangel. Who was Kevin staying with and watched over throughout the whole of season 8? Of course, Garth was gone a lot, but isn't it just like Gabriel to get bored and go cause a little havoc somewhere? I mean, he's hardly the most responsible angel we've ever seen.

Brady, Sam's pal from "The Devil You Know", had a great relationship with his family (at least before he got possessed)
Word of God is that Brady's full name is Tyson Brady, thus making Brady his surname. In the pilot, Sam says that his family isn't exactly the Bradys. Since the guy with him might not know Brady personally, he (and the audience) mistook it for a Shout-Out to The Brady Bunch. Why? Because why not?

Gabriel created our world.
Or, at least the version in "The French Mistake". Which, technically, is our world. The version of himself that was killed by Lucifer was a copy. Gabriel predicted that whole thing would happen. So, while his Supernatural!world self was getting Impaled with Extreme Prejudice, he was kicking back as the Pepsi Zero guy.

Gabriel is the father of Jesus Christ
In the Bible, Gabriel is the one who told Mary that she was pregnant with Jesus, who he said was the Son of God. However, Gabriel, being the Trickster as well as an Archangel, has a habit of doing things that are funny for him. So it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to believe that Gabriel impregnated Mary with his Archangel powers, then lied and said that her son was the Son of God (because he thought it would be funny). Also, Jesus would be no different from any other human, as it is (so far) not possible to have an angel-human hybrid.
  • Actually came to add this one, but I will point out that now that we know about Nephilim, we know that Jesus totally could work some miracles if he had an angelic father. And remember — Jesus himself never said he was the Son of God.

Alastair used to be a dentist
Specifically, he used to be a Depraved Dentist named Orin Scrivello, until he went to Hell and became a demon after he died laughing and was chopped up and fed to an alien living plant.

Purgatory contains more souls than either Heaven or Hell.
Because not only does it contain monsters like vampires and werewolves, it contains the souls of all their victims. As well as Eldritch Abominations like the Leviathans.

Samuel Colt was a prophet.
He used a Word of God to develop a gun capable of killing Demons, and create The Devil's Gate in Wyoming.

Chuck is still out there writing his novels.
With Kevin Tran's girlfriend now dead, he now has set up Kevin as being the successor to Sam and Dean - who will want to take down Crowley for her murder. Sound familiar? Chuck does like his symmetry. So Season Eight is actually the set up for a Sequel Series to his "Supernatural" novels.
  • WELL...
Adam will be a big bad at some point
They left him in the pit. Dean made one attempt to get him back and then, apparently, said "meh, fuck it". He's probably pissed. And crazy by now.
  • He's 300+ years (and counting) in the Cage with Lucifer and Michael. If he's not Ax-Crazy by now, then he's an even Greater-Scope Villain than any villain to date. I would pay money to see this happen.

The Darkness is NOT The Anti-God
Because despite the fact that The Darkness is more powerful than everything God has created combined, she is still not equal in power to him; she is merely another being which was around at the beginning of time, much like him. This is obvious because she can be imprisoned against her will, and needs to consume souls to grow, whereas God doesn't require anything and can't be imprisoned against his will due to being omnipotent.

Why would Lucifer and The Darkness claim any different? To manipulate Dean and Sam. The devil himself and the creator of all evil aren't above lying or manipulation.

  • This may have been Jossed in the finale. She was able to significantly weaken and nearly kill God (and Death has referred to the fact that he would one day reap God before). In fact, it seems clear she would have been able to kill him if she'd decided to make the final blow. This implies that the Supernatural version of God is not omnipotent, at least not where his sister is concerned. While it doesn't necessarily prove which of the two is more powerful (one good shot can be used to disarm a much stronger opponent) it does allow the possibility that she is his equal. This is similar to what's called the omnipotence paradox. Basically, the question is, could God create a rock so heavy that he himself could not lift it? If God's omnipotent then it means he can. Of course, if he's omnipotent it means he should be able to lift any rock which means he can't do it. So you have a paradox. Having two omnipotent beings creates the same logic. If God's omnipotent he should be able to lock his sister away no matter how powerful she is. If God's sister is omnipotent she shouldn't be able to be locked away no matter how powerful God is. If they're both omnipotent, what happens? In practice, neither can be truly omnipotent in relation to the other.
Charlie Bradbury is Vi the Vampire Slayer
Sometime after the car accident in her tragic backstory, Charlie made a fake identity as 'Violet'. When mysterious people came and explained that she was a potential Slayer, she figured that she might as well go with. They took her to Sunnydale and trained her to fight, then activated her Slayer abilities along with all the other willing potentials. However, since she was already somewhat experienced at changing her identity, she was one of the Slayers willing and able to go undercover. Since she was being sent to investigate a company that seemed to be run by powerful entities, she applied a regular dose of the drug from the old cruciamentum trial, to depower herself and get rid of the trace of 'Slayer' that magic users and demons might be able to pick up on.

When a pair of mortal 'Hunters' crash her investigation, she goes along with it, keeping up her cover to find out more about them while she helps them take down Roman. She then reports back to the New Watchers' Council. They are glad to hear of the defeat of Roman and show her a file they have on the Winchester family. They continue to send her on missions, and she occasionally takes some time off, playing/running a major LARP. When the Winchesters show up, she is dismayed to realise that her LARP is now one of her investigations. The Winchesters help her clean house and then leave. Having helped the Winchesters to solve two cases now, she becomes the resident expert on Hunters for the N.W.C. Occasionally, she even joins a 'Hunter' on a case.

Her eventual death is magically faked by the Watchers, as part of an emergency extraction designed to stop her cover being blown while keeping her safe.

Jimmy Novak is a potential vessel for Micheal and Lucifer, and that's how Lucifer was able to "possess" Castiel.
We already know from the earlier seasons that the Winchesters aren't the only possible vessels for Lucifer; all of the Special Children were as well. Jimmy Novak being a potential vessel for an archangel makes much more sense than the archangels having the power to possess lower angels.

It makes even more sense when you consider that Sam could let lower-ranking angels possess him; perhaps Jimmy is the same way, it's just that Lucifer wasn't interested in possessing him. Considering that the ability to be possessed by archangels apparently comes from Cain and Abel and every human on earth is their descendants, there has to be more potential vessels than the ones we've seen.

Adam is OK.
He's still in the cage, possessed by Michael, of course, but it's not the eternal torment we're all assuming. For one thing, Michael seemed more of a (self)righteous misguided guy than a 'torture mortals just for fun' guy. He has nothing against Adam personally; he's not a sadist. We're shown in season 9 (and was implied in S7 with Sam's doubts about the real world vs. Hallucifer) that an Angel possessing someone is able to 'holodeck' them in their mind and keep them oblivious of their surroundings, even (like with Gadreel) when being tortured or beaten up. So even if Micheal is locked in an eternal cage match with Lucifer (who was having a grand old time torturing Sam just for funsies on the side) he's got Adam safely locked away in a vaguely pleasant illusion deep in his own mind - forever. Might be the Matrix, but it's better than eternal torment.
Gabriel's vessel is alive on apocalypse world
When the archangel blade is used on an archangel, it kills the archangel but not the vessel, so it stands to reason he may have survived. Maybe he died from his wounds but maybe not.

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