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  • Mike bringing the bedbug-infested carpet to the corrupt landlord's lawyer's office. The freakout is just delicious.
  • Donna more or less gets one any time she appears on screen, but a standout is when she manipulates circles around Louis to avoid having to work for him as a result of a bet.
  • Rachel's little confrontation with Louis, when he welcomed her back and she demanded [approximately]...
    Rachel: I want a raise.
    Louis: 3%.
    Rachel: 10%.
    Rachel: And Pearson Hardman pays for my tuition when I decide to go to law school.
    Rachel: And you should have done this the second I walked in the door: apologize, or I'm filing a lawsuit against you.
    Louis: Don't you dare THREATEN me. I followed procedure to the LETTER.
    Rachel brings up that Louis has pulled shit plenty of other times and she has plenty of evidence for a case.
    Louis (grudgingly): I'm sorry.
    • A little less awesome, since she later finds out that she should've gotten it all in writing. As it is, she is lucky to even get the 10% raise. After her tuition bill comes, she goes to Jessica, only to realize that Louis never told her about the verbal agreement, and Jessica would've never approve it anyway.
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  • Louis tries to use his leverage to get Jessica to make him a senior partner. Jessica's reply:
    Jessica: Louis, I do not respond to threats. I make them. So if you ever want to be senior partner, you call your cousin. Now.
    Louis: Beat. O-alright.
  • At the end of the pilot, Mike shows up a his ex-best friend Trevor's place and returns the briefcase that started the whole thing off, telling him he needs to get rid of it more than he wants to give it to him and that they're even. After a second he changes his mind, goes into Trevor's bedroom, takes all his suits, then comes back out, pops up the briefcase to show Jenny the pot inside, and says, "Now we're even."
  • Whenever Mike manages to fake being an acquaintance of strangers in order to get information from them. An example is when he claimed to be a fellow trader from another company to a bunch of traders, in order to get them to boast about their most profitable trades.
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  • Every single time Mike shows off his superior memory.
  • Donna's sherlock scan of Harvey in the season two premiere. Damn she's good.
  • Jessica's Badass Boast at the end of the season two premiere to Mike when, after the events of the episode, she asks him to come clean about all the secrets about his past. The first is how how he got Harvey to hire him.
    "That's how you did it. You beat him. Well, I'm not Harvey. I don't need a computer." (closes laptop)
    • Doubly serves as a Moment of Awesome for Mike by the season finale, in which it's revealed that Mike beat Jessica.
  • How Mike gets Trevor back for ratting him out to Jessica.
  • The way they get a crook to testify in the season 1 finale. Even Trevor gets a minor moment for intimidating him.
  • Louis in the third episode of season 2 delivers an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the first years in his bullpen and completely puts them in their place after their complaining about working all-nighters and other things both Harvey and Louis did when they were New Meat, why? Because the grunt work is what will make them damn good lawyers.
    Louis: (handing out files) "Barbinger file, done. Scofield subpoena, done. Johnson strategy, written. Every single one of your assignments was completed by me last night. What else do we have left to do? Filing. Doc review. Spellcheck. And yes, grunt work. That's your job. Let it be known that I can do your jobs faster and better than any one of you without shedding a tear or breaking a sweat. I don't, because writing briefs and recommending arguments is how you learn. You go out to any other firm right now in this stage in your careers, you won't have this opportunity. If you don't believe me, I will write you the best recommendation you've ever seen and you can find out for yourself. Go ahead. Any takers?" (no one takes him up on the offer) "That's what I thought. Now, I have ten new cases here - who's in?"
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  • Harvey punching Travis Tanner in 2x07 for dragging up Harvey's family history.
  • Mike winning his first case all on his own. Sure, maybe it's not as magnificent or bastardy as Harvey or Jessica, but the amount of confidence and insight he displays is quite the difference from when he first started. Even Jessica and Harvey note it (though Mike has to ruin the moment by spilling coffee).
    Mike: Harvey isn't going to do shit. This is my case.
  • Louis giving another epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech, this time to Harvey after the mock trial, where Louis had to push Donna's buttons. For all the good Harvey does, he truly did screw up there. Bonus points for Louis not being malicious, but purely furious both at Harvey and himself for what he had to do.
  • Mike finally stepping up his game in 2x11. After he realizes he did the exact same thing his family's "lawyer" did to him back when he was young, he goes to said "lawyer" and shuts him down completely: he fakely confesses to the crime that his client is accused of, only for said "lawyer" to have proven to have gotten even worse and more ignorant with time. Then hedelivers an absolutely epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech, ending it by telling hi that he hopes he remembers the life he ruined when he hears Mike's parents' two names. Not just that, but right after, he goes and tells his client that he made a huge mistake cleaning his slate and officially delcares that he's on his own.
  • Jessica during the partners meeting in the finale, where she and Harvey oust Hardman.
    Jessica: It just has to make these Harvard-educated lawyers understand that you made each and everyone of them spend $100,000 of their own money to buy you control of my firm.
    • Bonus points for Harvey letting Mike 'vote' in the meeting by raising his hand. Sure, it didn't count or mean anything, but you better damn well believe both of them were pumped knowing what the very clear outcome was. Also goes into Heartwarming territory since, if you think about it Mike not raising his hand would mean he's the only person not indicating he wants Hardman out, if only symbolically. So by letting Mike do so, he's also basically flipping off Hardman by showing that not one single person, whether they're partner or not, wants him in the firm.
  • Donna gets one after Hardman comes back to sue Pearson-Hardman for Monica Eton's firing. After he incriminated her by planting a fake memo and got her fired, it was good to see her show him she was working for them again. And, of course, slapping him.
    • Twice. Her grin afterwards is icing on the cake. Possibly counts as CMOF considering who the target was and the sheer pleasure written all over her face as she was doing it.
  • Jessica in the season 2 finale, after she blackmails Mike into betraying Harvey thus winning a bet with him and asserting her control over the firm (it becomes extra-awesome when you factor in that the entire confrontation takes place in the men's bathroom):
    Jessica: (to Harvey) Boy, I just kicked your ass. And you didn’t just want it, you begged me for it. So, now, you’re going to stay here, be humble and learn your Goddamn place.
  • Harvey beating the shit out of Stephen Huntley, especially since it was previously stated that Huntley plays rugby and is no slouch in the physical department.
  • If you thought Harvey and Louis being antagonistic to each other and still winning a case was awesome, when they come together on friendly terms as they do in "Bad Faith"... whew... you'll be hard pressed not to grin.
    • Similarly, in the Season 3 finale, when Mike and Harold are arrested, Louis and Harvey are having fucking none of it. They combine forces and arrive all guns blazing, and it is awesome.
  • Harvey finally waking Mike the fuck up in the season 3 finale and forcing him to realize he's lucky he even has a job at the firm in the first place.
  • As of "Three, Two, One... Go", Harvey and Mike are preparing for a 'knife fight', as there is a legal conflict of interest between Harvey's client against the firm Mike is trying to protect from said client's takeover. The prospect of the two going head to head in the 10-episode run of Season 4 is already awesome.
  • When Mike is arrested after being exposed as a fake lawyer, he's put in a cell with a burly man who slams him against the cell door and growls Mike won't last a day in jail. A guard comes up and Mike says it's okay "unless you want to report a federal marshal beat me down." It seems even in a stunned state, Mike's Sherlock Scan abilities remain great as he saw a photo of the guy on the wall when brought into the building and recognized this as a set-up to get him to talk.
  • Preceding the above, the attorney prosecuting Mike holds him for hours without letting him see his lawyer. Mike says he'll confess in order to get a video camera brought in, so it's on record that he hasn't gotten to see his lawyer. Later, when said attorney tries to bring Harvey up on charges of conspiracy to commit fraud, Mike brings that tape up, tells a judge the exact serial number of the recorder they used, and makes the attorney back off (for the moment, at least).

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