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TV Series

    Epic 1: The Gosei Angels Descend 
  • Alata VS Dereputa. Right before the Opening Theme.
  • The team's debut fight, not only with using their Gosei Blasters to finish the Bibi Bugs but also using the Gosei Buster to wipe out Mizogu.
    Epic 2: Fantastic Goseigers 
  • Hyde pulling a Big Damn Heroes to help out the others.
  • Each of the Gosei Machines individually dealing with the Zaruwaku UFOs and decimating most of them.
  • Gosei Great's Gattai sequence. What pushed the scene most is NoB singing its Leitmotif in the background.
    Epic 3: Landick Power, Divided 
  • Agri and Moune's sibling dynamic against Yuzeikusu.
  • Gosei Great fighting Yuzeikusu in a rare instance of a snowy battle, with the Landick siblings' determination helping out in destroying him.
    Epic 4: Echo, Song Of The Angels 
  • Villainous example: Mazuarta's rock-'n-roll.
  • Eri's gentle singing managing to undo Mazuarta's worldwide damage.
  • The Land-Sea Buster's debut in taking out Buredoran.
  • The Goseigers launching the Gosei Headders from Gosei Great and making a musical melody to defeat Mazuarta.
    Epic 5: Magical Hyde 
  • Hyde using the Camomirage card to disguise himself as Renko and fool Ucyuseruzo before mustering enough strength to use the Landick Ax (after failing to pick it up on the first time) to weaken Universal Insect Monster's tough hide before using the Seaick Bowgun to take enough of his hemolymph for Renko to develop the antidote.
  • The Seaick Brothers' debut, combining with Gosei Great to form Seaick Gosei Great and defeat Ucyuseruzo.
    Epic 6: Breakout Goseigers 
  • Despite Hidou's swift speed, Alata manages to outmaneuver him right before Dereputa joins in on the fight.
  • Alata's rematch against Dereputa, managing a pull-up to catch the villain off guard and defeat him before Dereputa escapes.
  • The others using the Seaick Brothers in their Gosei Blasters to finish Hidou.
  • Despite Hidou's speed, the Landick siblings cover for Alata and attempt to outrun the monster. Even as they struggle, their determination is what unlocks the Landick Brothers. Then they join in and form Landick Gosei Great, where Hidou is finished off by the Landick Victory Charge.
    Epic 7: Protect The Land! 
  • Agri using Jotaro's lecturing towards him about farming and applying it on Abauta.
    Epic 8: Gosei Power, Out Of Control 
  • Alata managing to make the Exotic Brothers card just by drawing on his then-blank Gosei Card using crayons as the others struggle. This allows Alata to join the mecha battle as Exotic Gosei Great is formed and finishes Fandaho off. Keep in mind, this is the only time the Exotic Brothers appear at all.
    Epic 9: Gotcha☆Gosei Girls 
  • The female Goseigers managing to outmaneuver Irian using the Landick and newly unlocked Skick Brother Headders, culimating in using the dinosaur Headders to finish her off.
  • Skyick Gosei Great's debut, using it flight abilities and a sonic/laser mixture finisher to destroy Irian.
    Epic 10: Hyde's Partner 
  • Magis managing to protect Hyde even at the cost of his life by becoming Gosei Green for only a few seconds.
  • With his newfound resolve, Hyde has a one-on-one fight against Kurasuniigo before defeating him, eventually avenging Magis.
    Epic 11: Spark, Landick Power 
  • Moune using her Sparkquake Gosei Card and dance up enough electricity for Datas to amplify, thus restoring the operating room's power and overloading Yokubabanga.
  • The Goseigers using the Landick Brothers on the Gosei Blasters to aim at Yokubabanga.
  • Datas Hyper's debut and finishing off Yokubabanga.
    Epic 12: The Miraculous Gosei Headder Assembly 
  • Four of the Goseigers holding off on their own for a while against Mons Drake during their rematch.
  • The Goseigers defeating Dereputa, first each tribe gives him a good beating, followed by Gosei Buster's Gosei Dynamic finisher. And to top it off, they combine Gosei Great, the Seaick, Landick, and Skick Brothers, and Datas Hyper to form Hyper Gosei Great, then mostly taking him down.
    Epic 13: Run! The Mystic Runner 
  • The Skick Gosei Angels' refusal to give up allows them to use modified versions of their Comprethunder Cards to overpower Pawadodaku's counter.
  • Thanks to said determination, the Mystic Brothers then get unlocked. What does the Mystic Runner do first? Kicking Buredoran off of the distance and then kicking the Egg Headder to defeat Pawadodaku.
  • Mystic Gosei Great's debut and using the Victory Charge to egg Pawadodaku to death.
    Epic 14: Birth Of The Ultimate Tag! 
  • Moune and Hyde using the differentiating personalities and methods to cooperate and escape Targate's dimensional gate.
  • Moune and Hyde's combi against Targate. Then they and the others use the auxillary Headders matching their colors to finish Targate off.
    Epic 15: Countdown! The Life Of The Earth 
  • The Goseigers standing on their own to defeat Mons Drake in their rematch.
  • The Goseigers using Hyper Gosei Great to blast Mons Drake into his ship. With Mons Drake incinerated in the explosion, Warstar was no more even though Buredoran eventually switched over to the Yuumajuu.
    Epic 16: Dynamic Alata 
  • Alata and Dereputa's final battle, thus leading to a slash between both sides. It results in Alata being able to finally finish off Dereputa for good.
    Epic 17: A New Enemy! The Yuumajuu 
  • Gosei Knight's debut and fight against the Yuumajuu.
  • The Goseigers using the Skick Brothers in their Gosei Blasters to aim at Tomarezu.
  • Gosei Knight turning into Groundion and destorying a monster truck-styled Tomarezu.
    Epic 18: The Earth Purifying Knight Of Destiny 
  • The Goseigers using Another Seaick Gosei Great and then Another Landick Gosei Great against Zeibu. Afterwards, they use Hyper Gosei Great to finish him off.
    Epic 19: Gosei Knight Will Not Allow It 
  • Gosei Knight breaking free from the cell and finishing off Giemurou.
  • Gosei Ground's debut and single handedly destorying Giemurou.
    Epic 20: Fall In Love Goseigers 
  • The Goseigers and Gosei Knight freeze Pesaranza to defeat him with their Dynamic Attack combo.
  • Both Skyick Gosei Great and Gosei Ground executing a Skick Groun Drastic combo to destroy Pesaranza.
    Epic 21: Elegant Eri 
  • Eri arriving to help the others with flour to hamper Waraikozou's movement while using a bowl to beat him.
  • Thanks to the events of the episode, Eri is able to pull of with making a cake that the others find delicious.
    Epic 22: Over The Rainbow 
  • Ground Gosei Great's debut and using the Ground Great Strike to finish off Uobouzu.
    Epic 23: Burn! Goseigers 
  • Using the Istop Card, Gosei Blue freezes Zaigo for the others to smash him to bits as Mystic Datas Hyper saves the girls despite their bikini tops blown off in the process.
    Epic 24: Miracle Attack Goseigers 
  • The debut of the Super Goseigers after Alata realizes the Abare Headder's true intentions and calling it the Miracle Dragon Headder. Not only do they overpower Buredoran, thus forcing him to retreat, but they each deal with a "revived" Yuumajuu, one by one. In the end, they use the Miracle Gosei Dynamic to finish Semattarei and the others off.
    Epic 25: Nostalgic Moune 
  • Super Gosei Yellow and Gosei Knight's fight against Sarawareteiru.
    Epic 26: The Laughing Gosei Angels 
  • Hyde and Gosei Knight's "comical routine" making Hit [[Hoist by His Own Petard laugh that he almost gets sucked in, thus forcing him to break his gourd to prevent this, thus releasing all of his victims.
    Epic 27: Wake Up Agri! 
  • Kinggon attacks Agri while Agri's going through a Heroic BSoD. Once said BSOD is over, a pissed-off Agri Chou Tensou's into Super Gosei Black and then beats the crap out of Kinggon.
    Epic 28: A Father's Treasure 
  • Prof. Amachi managing to break Nozomu free from Pikarime's control by stating how much he's his number-one treasure. Doubles as heartwarming.
    Epic 29: The Goseigers Are Sealed! 
  • Makuin and Kinggon outgambitting Buredoran by pretending to break off their their friendship and swapping the Erurei Box with a fake. Then Gosei Knight breaks the real one and the Goseigers then use their Miracle Gosei Dynamic. Kinggon then throws Buredoran at the attack, ultimately finishing him.
    • Afterwards, Kinggon then uses the Bibi Bug hive to sic Bibi Bugs onto Buredoran to enlarge the latter. Makuin refers to this as "poetic justice" before they take their leave, leaving Buredoran to curse at them once he's giant.
  • Even with the struggle, the Goseigers call out on Buredoran for being selfish and backstabbing right before fighting back at him and then finishing him off with the Ground Great Strike.
    Epic 30: Romantic Eri 
  • Eri manages to save everyone inside Elmugaim by inspiring them with their dreams and desires, giving the Yuumajuu indigestion as all of his victims are expelled from his body.
  • Eri transforming into Super Gosei Pink and with Gosei Knight, they defeat Elmgaim with a Super Sky/Knight Dynamic combo.
    Epic 31: Never Give Up, Goseigers! 
  • As Makuin attempted to mess with their heads by telling them of the horrors of humanity, Nozomu reminds the Goseigers not all humans are bad as Gosei Knight arrives and tells them to summon the Mystic Brothers. Forming Mystic Gosei Great, they manage to weaken Makuin before Ground Gosei Great freezes the Yuumajuu and uses Ground Great Strike to (allegedly) finish him off.
  • Villainous example: By letting the Goseigers defeat Makuin, Kinggon manages to put into motion their plans by implanting the enlarged Erurei Box onto the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to continue what he and Makuin started.
    Epic 32: Perform The Ultimate Miracle! 
  • The Super Goseigers finally managing to finish off Makuin even at the cost of still being inside Yuuma Hole.
  • Gosei Ultimate's debut as it gets the Goseigers out of the Yuuma Hole and ultimately defeats Kinggon, thus ending the Yuumajuu's reign.
    Epic 33: The Dreadful Matrintis Empire 
  • Nozomu's drawings of each of the Goseigers in general.
  • Gosei Red countering Zan-KT before he and the others assume their Super Goseiger forms to overwhelm him, then scrapping him with the Miracle Gosei Dynamic.
    Epic 34: Gosei Knight Justice 
  • As the Goseigers refuse to give up as they believe there is good in humanity in restoring the planet, Gosei Knight joins them on the fight, leading to them becoming Super Goseiger and using the Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic to defeat Zan-KT 2.
    Epic 35: Find The Perfect Leader! 
  • Ultimate Gosei Great's debut. Even as Zuteru-S tries to break off the formation, Gosei Great just glides on top of Gosei Ultimate like a hoverboard to fire the Ultimate Great Strike at him.
    Epic 36: Run, Agri! 
  • As part of his plan of infiltration, Agri runs with Naoto on the race to get Bazaruso-LJ's attention.
  • Super Gosei Black fights Bazaruso-LJ on his own, driven by his feelings that dreams and hopes are important, then defeating him before Gosei Knight arrives as they can use Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic on the Matroid.
    Epic 37: Excited Moune 
  • Moune using one of her Tensou Techniques on an unruly man who cut in line to move him to the back of said line.
  • Gosei Knight apparently is unaffected by the Vital Meters due to his unchanging state of mind. As such, Super Gosei Yellow calmly overpowers Adoborute-G with a similar mindset. However, he uses the (stoned) same unruly man to break Super Gosei Yellow's calmness just as she manages to use her Tensou Techniques to get him out of the way then defeating Adoborute-G to free his victims.
    Epic 38: Alice VS Gosei Knight 
  • Gosei Knight's fight against Metal Alice before the other Goseigers later join the fray, then damaging her with his sword.
  • The Wonder Headders managing to save the train by volunteering as railway substitutes.
  • Wonder Gosei Great's sole televised appearance as it, with help from Gosei Ground, defeat Metal Alice.
    Epic 39: Epic Zero 
  • Villainous example: Robogog brings back Buredoran as a Matroid, now renamed Buredo-RUN, and while his memories have been erased saved for his name and hatred for the Goseigers, he proves to give the team a tremendously intense predicament, especially since he used missiles that led to a time rip that inadvertently sends Alata back in time to before Warstar invaded Earth and destroyed Heaven's Tower.
    Epic 40: Strong Alata 
  • Alata encouraging his teammates from the past as they manage to damage Bakutofuji-ER's clock, forcing the Matroid and Alata back into their original time with their actions in the past undone.
  • The Goseigers' fight against the main Matrintis members. As the other Goseigers battle Buredo-RUN and Gosei Knight fights Metal Alice, Super Gosei Red battles Robogog one-on-one physically and morally. The fight ends in a stalemate and a satisfied Robogog takes his leave.
    Epic 41: Exploding Bonds Of Friendship! 
  • Gosei Pink musters enough courage to uses her Comprethunder Card to damage Koro's artificial brain and deactivate him as a result.
  • In his final moments, Ain-I reactivates and sends Gosei Ultimate back to Earth as he explodes to save Eri and thank her for their friendship.
    Epic 42: Passionate Hyde 
  • Hyde using his Camomirage Card to illusion himself, Datas, and the others into each other as to mix up and puzzle Saroge-DT as they defeat him one by one.
    Epic 43: The Empire's General Attack 
  • The Goseigers going up against an army of Bibi Soldiers and slashing them. Then as the Zan-KT 3 trio attempts to introduce themselves and attack them, the Goseigers use the Sky Buster, Land-Sea Buster, and the Leon Laser to finish them.
  • Gosei Knight using all his might to ensure Robogog's Calamity Destruction gets wasted, then using the last of his energy to give the Goseigers the chance to fight back.
    Epic 44: The Ultimate Final Battle 
  • To wit, all four main robos (Gosei Great, Datas Hyper, Gosei Ground, and Gosei Ultimate) participate in the giant fight against Robogog. Ultimately, it's Ultimate Gosei Great that gets the job done by using the Ultimate Great Strike on Robogog, mostly finishing him off. Then all four robos stand side by side.
  • Buredo-RUN pulling an Eviler Than Thou on a now-robot head Robogog after how much of a douche he's been. He first destroys the one thing that can reassemble the rest of his body back together. Then, as it rained, he reveals to him that he got Metal Alice to give him back his memories as Robogog never destroyed the drive due to how much the leader mistreated her. As Buredo-RUN reveals that he secretly gave the Goseigers a chance to defeat him and mocking him for the irony of wanting to rule through fear but being subjected through fear of knowing his true nature, Robogog curses him. Buredo-RUN then picked up his head and denounced how much of a terrible leader he is, then throwing Robogog off for attempting to reveal his true nature, and finally using his missiles to decimate him. Good riddance. This then gets mitigated with Buredo-RUN destroying Metal Alice not long after.
    Epic 45: The Messiah Is Born 
  • Buredo-RUN revealing to the Goseigers that he uses Tensou Techniques much to everyone's shock as the villain reveals he used the Camoumirage Tensou Technique to create his other forms in order to mask his true identity: Brajira, a fallen Gosei Angel.
    Epic 46: Gosei Knight Is Targeted 
  • The Landick Siblings end up striking both of Namono-Gatari's horns at the same time and then defeating him with the Super Land Dynamic.
  • Brajira's Thanatos Gambit as whenever the Goseigers defeat one of his Dark Headders, they become a wedge as part of his Nega End ceremony.
    Epic 47: The Trap Of The Earth Salvation Plan 
  • Furious with Brajira's ideals, Super Gosei Blue challenges Brajira in a one-on-one fight. And with one slash, Hyde defeats Brajira, leaving him angered and declaring (Dark) Gosei Knight of their retreat.
    Epic 48: The Fighting Gosei Power 
  • As Alata deals with Gosei Knight, the others manage to finsh off Ro-O-Za-Ri with Gosei Ultimate's Ultimate Strike with assistance from Datas Hyper.
  • Alata falcon punches Gosei Knight in an "I know you're in there somewhere" battle, thus turning him back to normal.
    Epic 49: Fighting Towards The Future 
  • After getting the crap beat out of him by Brajira, Alata ignores the idea of using his teammates power (i.e.: sacrificing them to power himself up), runs at Brajira, gets tossed around some more while still giving a rousing speech. This climaxes with him knocking a shot from Brajira away with HIS BARE HANDS.
    Epic 50: Protecting The Planet Is An Angel's Duty 
  • The final roll call of the season, as the Goseigers say their roles right before angel wings flap on them and complete the transformation.
  • Sky-Land-Sea Gosei Great's fight against Brajira.
  • Alata diving up into the eclipsed sky and slashing Brajira. Too bad Brajira then uses his death to begin his Earth Salvation Plan.
  • The Goseigers all using their full Gosei Power to stop the ceremony.


    Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic On The Movie 
  • The female Goseigers finishing of Deinbaruto.
  • Gosei Knight finishing the revived Universal Insect Monsters.
  • Thanks to their determination, the Goseigers unlocked Gosei Wonder. Gosei Wonder then forms into Wonder Gosei Great and ultimately destroys Gyoten'o with the Wonder Great Strike.
    Tensou Sentai Goseiger VS Shinkenger: Epic On Ginmaku 
  • The nicely done transformation and roll call between the Goseigers and Shinkengers, followed by the fight that them in pairs of the same color/role fighting the combatants one-by-one.
  • The Gokaiger's Early-Bird Cameo. They then use their regular skills to finish some of the Nanashi, then transform into the past Reds that came before Takeru to deal with Shitari and the Nosakamata. Marvelous, as Go-On Red, finally finishes off Shitari with the Mantan Gun.
  • Super Change Cards for all the Shinkengers, even for Genta.
  • Ground Hyper Gosei Great's sole appearance. With the Shinkengers in the cockpit with the Goseigers, they then use the Mojikara finishers included in defeating Buredoran.
    Come Back! Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Last Epic - The Gosei Angels Are National Icons!? 
  • As King Bibi's hold over the humans fades, Gosei Knight arrives as he and the Gosei Angels reach Yumeko, touching her heart. This completely disperses the dark clouds and weakened King Bibi enough for her to ejected from him. Without his human shield, King Bibi is defeated by the Goseigers and Gosei Knight using their Gosei Knight Dynamic combo.


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