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The Zyurangers have helped the Gosei Angels in the creation of the Goseigers.
After defeating Bandora and sealing her away, the Zyurangers ascended to Heaven. After learning about the Gosei Angels' mission to protect Earth, they lent a hand to them in order to create their own Super Sentai team. That's why the Goseigers resemble the Zyurangers so much.
  • Jossed, but that does have some significance in Power Rangers: Megaforce where the Mega Rangers are nods to the original Power Rangers. Troy/Jason, Noah/Billy, Jake/Zack, Gia/Trini, Emma/Kimberly.

We've actually met a Gosei Angel before.
  • One Distressed Damsel of the week in Dengeki Sentai Changeman was a woman with usually-hidden angel-wings whose singing was so beautiful it instantly took away everyone's will to fight. She has to be from Gosei World.
    • Jossed to the max. She's from the planet Merle which means she is not a Gosei Angel at all.

Gosei Knight will turn out to be...
  • Nozomu?
  • Magis brought back from the dead?
    • A Fusion Dance of the two?
    • Wait... A green ranger down thought to be down for the count or a young boy joins the team as a white(?) ranger with a weapon modelled after an animal head? Where have I seen that before?
      • Gosei Knight is Tommy Oliver, calling it now.
      • Looks pretty well Jossed. Gosei Knight is Groudion itself. Seems the Headder has made some sort of evolutionary leap over the last 10,000 years, thanks to a deal with the planet itself.

Magis would've controlled the Mystic Brother.
My only reason for thinking this, however, is simply because they are both green. By this theory, Mystic GoseiGreat is the true base form.
  • Counter by the fact that an ostrich is a land bird, meaning if the Skick didnt control it, the Landick would. If it was Magis', it would probably have gone to Hyde.

Magis would've controlled a turtle/battleship mecha.
My only reason for thinking this, however, is simply because it would have been a Dairanger reference.
  • Doesn't hurt that he's a Seaick.
    • Jossed. His animal motif was a dolphin.

The final battle will be against a Fusion Dance One-Winged Angel Yuumaju...
...formed from Makuin, Kingon, and Bladoron, and will identify as a Chimera.
  • Jossed

Bladerun is really a fallen/renegade Gosei angel.
Hes old, but how old we don't know. And his mouth is strikingly similar to the Goseigers after transformation.
  • Not just the mouth, but his face could belong on a mecha...
  • Bladoran said that Uobōzu of the Nessie gave the Goseigers trouble 10k years ago, Kingon ask how he would know and Bladoran said he was well know. Odd considering none of the other Yuumajuu mention Uobozu,not even crypticly, at all. So only three Yuumajuu know of Uobozu. Two who knew him and one who shouldn't know, yet does.....
  • Well, Now that he died, there was no reveal, so Jossed
    • Not quite yet, read below.
  • If one goes by the standard Elemental Powers, they seem to have tribes devoted to Blow You Away, Making a Splash and Dishing Out Dirt—perhaps if he is a renegade Gosei Angel, he has fire-based powers to go with the idea of a particular fallen angel.
  • Confirmed as his true identity is Burajira of the Messiah
    • Called It!!

Gosei Green will return sometime after the Yumajuu are defeated.
Either Magis himself will come Back from the Dead, or someone else (like Nozomu) will inherit his Gosei Green power.Each of the villain groups so far corresponds to one of the Gosei Tribes. Warstar is Skyic, since they were invaders from space, and a major part of their arc was the rivalry between Gosei Red and Derepta. The Yumajuu are Landic, because they were originally sealed in the earth. Their appearance marked the debut of Gosei Knight, who was originally the Landic header Groundion.If this pattern continues, then the next group of villains will have a subplot concerning the Seaic tribe, and frankly the idea behind Magis is just too great to only be used for one episode.
  • The end of episode 32 has the Bibi bug nest sinking (or possibly being pulled) under the surface of the sea, so the probability of the next arc having something to do with the ocean or Seaick tribe looks quite high.
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  • Jossed

Magis was never going to really be a Ranger.
The angels can make a Gosei Buster with only 5 weapons. They can create a Megazord with 5 zords. They can activate the Megazord's Seaick Mode with just Hyde in the cockpit. The cockpit only has room for 5 seats, etc.

The Mystic Gosei Headers are strong because they have the power of Dino Guts.
Why else would they be nicknamed the Abare Header?
  • Jossed. It is nothing more than a name.

Magis is the Big Bad
I don't think it was coincidental that Magis died right at the exact same time where the attack on the Tower of Heaven took place. He faked it so that he may start the attack.
  • So what your saying is somehow Magis was also Derepta while he and Hyde were fighting Kurasunigo? Truly a wild guess.
    • Not exactly, I said to start the attack, I didn't say it was poison to attack it.
  • Jossed.

Professor Sakanakun was sent by Master Headder.
This guy shows up for the first time just to help Hyde when he needed help the most. He's a expert in what Hyde's specialty is, when Master Headder was already aware of Hyde's emotional problems at the moment. And most of all, he seemed to know Hyde was a angel, without being told. The only other human at the time knowing the heroes are angels was Nozomu who probably didn't tell the professor.

Bladerun is the Big Bad
Considering he is currently the sole source of Mooks and Make My Monster Grow, they can't very well kill him off anytime soon. After the Yumajuu are defeated he'll go and join the next group of baddies (possibly gaining some yellow highlights to complement the red and blue) and after they are defeated he'll reveal his true form as Bladerun of the Satan and unleash his monsters made from the combined DNA of Warstar, Yumajuu, and <insert third villain group here>.
  • Well, in this case, it would be the DNA from Warstar and the Yumajuu, and the robo, or "R"NA from Matrintis.
    • I actually think this idea makes the most sense of any of them, he's the only one I can think of to make the final battle...however, I have other ideas, see below.
  • Confirmed

The third group of monsters will be named after action movies
And when (not if but when) Bladerun joins them he'll start calling himself Bladerun of the Die Hard.
  • Somewhat Jossed, as the Mantrintis are named after movies featuring robots, however it's also somewhat comfirmed in that some of the movies they're named after happen to be action movies.

Angels have helped before, we just don't know it
Since they help protect Earth but try to hide from humanity, when past Super Sentai teams made a improbable victory, angels helped them make the final push. Past teams were never in enough danger to require a full intervention of angel ranger help, though.

Magis was never going to be a ranger who would be there for the season.
There was no need for him. The evidence lies in that they can make a Megazord with 5 zords. They didn't even need two Seaick rangers to get the water themed additional zords. The Megazord is designed to only has 5 seats...

The Groundion Header's original power was Extra-ore-dinary
His Landick origins, gold and silver appearance, and 'Knight Metallic' attack all point to a 'metal' motif. Plus, the traditional idea of a 'knight' is a warrior clad in metal armor.

Shinkenger team-up WMGs
  • Genta will get on Hyde's bad side as soon as he says what he does for a living. (Genta being a Sushi seller would not go well with Hyde being a guardian of the sea...)
    • Would make sense if Hyde was a seaick version of Gosei Knight. Plus he hasn't attacked any fishermen and it should be noted he was eating lobster tail with the others in one episode.
      • Jossed. However, when the Goseigers mocked the samurai, Ryuunosuke was not amused.
  • Bladerun could give an Ayakashi a third life, where it grow to a size twice that of any mecha the good guys have.
    • We already saw third life in Shinkenger once. It was, indeed, huge.
      • To be precise, Bladerun didn't give the 3rd life. It was Shitari who gave the 3rd life, sacrificing his own, in Shinkenger and yes, it was huge.
  • Takeru holds back his first impression of Alata, after having been wrong about Sousuke previously.
    • In turn, it was Ryuunosuke and Chiaki who felt bad for treating the Goseigers, especially Alata badly.
  • A spell turns the Biibi into bug-wing backpacks for the Nanashi.
    • Jossed. Didn't happen.
  • Kinggon's usually foul mood is suppressed by shamisen music.
    • Jossed. Kinggon didn't appear.
  • Eri starts worshiping Mako while Kotoha turns her attention towards Moune.
    • Jossed. They did become good friends during the battle.
  • Ryuunosuke gets on GoseiKnight's nerves almost immediately, but Agri and Chiaki hit it off.
    • Jossed. Gosei Knight didn't have any actual interaction with the Shinkengers and didn't reply to Shinken Gold when he stole his kills.
  • Jii and Prof. Amachi form some kind of buddy-cop-esque parody.
    • The two rarely have any screen time so no such thing happened.
  • Juuzo and Dayu cameo in human form
    • Juuzo, yes. Dayu, very very very slim chance, but probably no.
      • Jossed for both. Neither appeared because both were already killed off and not revived.
  • Another crossover Super Mode involving the heads of their Origami on the Shinkenger's chests.
    • Jossed.
  • Let's not forget an epic 5-way battle between the combined Sentai teams, Gedoushu,and all 3 Goseiger villan groups.While the battle will be a stalemate for the villains the heroes will start losing badly. Then out of nowhere the next Sentai team shows up defeats most of the baddie then leaves the rest for the Goseiger & Shinkenger to finish off.
    • Jossed. The Gokaigers did appear and destroyed Shitari for both the Shinkengers and Goseigers and the latter two Sentai team only faced Bladerun, Madakodama and their Mooks.
  • The Goseigers initially refuse to acknowledge the Shinkengers on the grounds that they're normal humans and not Gosei Angels, but after learning of Takeru's struggles as a false lord they realize that people don't need to be born special to become heroes.
    • Normal humans? Since when do normal humans fight ghost monsters by writing magic into the air? The Goseigers appeared in the last Vs movie and knew who the Shinkenger and Go-Onger were, yet didn't even talk to them and were only seen by Daigoyo.
  • Jossed. Instead, the Shinkengers, mainly Ryuunosuke and Chiaki refused to fight alongside the Goseigers until Alata saved them from Gedou Shinken Red.
  • The next team of Super Sentai, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, will make an Early-Bird Cameo, similar to Double, the Goseigers, and Ozu.
    • Confirmed by scans.
  • It becomes a common thing since Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger: Ginmaku Bang!! but they appear randomly, whether it is early, halfway, near the climax or even after the credits.

Bladerun will be back
Otherwise all that build up would have been pointless.
  • Maybe he'll turn out to be the model for Matrintis' foot soldiers or even the true leader/founder of Matrintis aka Buredo-RN of the Replicant. His name would fit better with the Theme Naming used by Matrintis (robot-based movies) than with Warstar (space/extraterrestrial sci-fi) or the Yuumajuu (monster sci-fi)
    • Reportedly, he's coming back as Buredo-RUN of the Cyborg instead.
      • Confirmed. Called it.

The third enemy faction will be modeled after extinct creatures.
It would be an interesting transition: creatures that exist around us => creatures that may not exist => creatures that no longer exist.
  • Seemingly Jossed—the "Matrintis Empire" appear to be modeled after machines. Which means that if Buredoran comes back, he'll probably be some kind of cyborg at the very least. Or maybe he's in Metal-Alice's tablet?

The final battle will feature all three Big Bads combining
Why else would they have three groups except to do something like this?
  • Wouldn't be a bad idea. Worked with the two Ulimate Orgs in Gaoranger.
  • Seems to be Jossed with Bladerun as the Big Bad

Gosei Green will be the Seventh Ranger.
We just know they're not through with Gosei Green. I see two ways for this to happen, A) Magis returns from the dead somehow. Or B) when the Goseiger on on the ropes, his spirit transfers his powers to an ally of the Goseiger to take his place.
  • They are through with him.Toei is known for haveing past actors have cameos in later sentai series usually wearing the same colors they wore when in the series they stared in.Also they've definatly been on the ropes with Mons-Drake nearly blowing up the planet(twice) and Makuin and Kinggon almost turning the earth into a polluted wasteland.Yet no Gosei Green.
  • Jossed

Bladerun will ultimately join the Goseigers in the final battle
Think about it, he's been on every side except theirs so far, he's on whoever's side is left to join. It'd make sense if after the final faction falls, he'd join them. Or if the Fallen Hero theory above is true, he'll be brought back to the good side somehow.
  • Highly unlikely, as Bladerun or should I say Burajira, is the Big Bad
    • Zig-zagged. On one hand, his original form is a fusion of his demonic side and what was likely his original form as a Gosei Angel, and he takes the name "Burajira of the Messiah", so in a way, he "joins" (or rather, rejoins) the Gosei Angels as his last faction. On the other hand, as previously mentioned, he's the Big Bad, and he doesn't join the Goseigers.

Bladerun is actually part of the villains for Gokaiger.
True name being "Bladerun of the Characteristic", with the power to take on the motif of any previous enemy faction.
  • Jossed, he's the Big Bad of Goseiger, Burajira of the Messiah. Though he does return in the teamup movie, revived by no less than the Himitsu Sentai Goranger Big Bad.
    • Did this guy sort of predict Megaforce?

Sky-Land-Sea Strike really is a suicide attack.
It's not how it was used, it really did do what it was supposed to do. That's why we've never seen Sky-Land-Sea Gosei Great in the show before.
  • Jossed, the 199 heroes movie shows that Gosei Great and the Seaick Headers are still alive and kicking.
    • Which is surprising, because apparently most of the mecha were destroyed off screen in the Legend War - the Goseigers must've gotten lucky.
      • Gosei Great was seen downed at the start of the movie... looks like it was only damaged and was repaired. Datas doesn't appear in the 199 Heroes movie, so we can guess what happened to him... maybe they weren't so lucky after all.
      • It's not about luck. The Zangyack were too tough for the first 34 Super Sentai team, nothing more than that. As for Datas, it's safe to presume that his data (no pun intended) was transferred to a different machine offscreen.

The Exotic Brothers and Mystic Brother' names were mixed up during production.
That's just common sense, I guess. There's nothing mystic about the Mystic Runner, ostrich can however be called an exotic bird. As for the Exotic Brothers, well, they only show up once in the entire series, in a time of great need, with no explanation for their existence; I'd call that mystic.
  • Good call. The same thing happened in MMPR 2, except with audio. The Unicorn Thunderzord having the Griffin Thunderzord voice and vice versa.

The Goseigers were set up as foils for the Gokaiger from the beginning.
By the time Goseiger started, Toei had already tested the waters with Kamen Rider Decade was over: they knew what did and did not work. 2011 being the 35th anniversary of Sentai, they must have come up with a basic storyline for Gokaiger by that point (late 2009–early 2010), i.e. the fact that this would be a team of Anti-Hero who would slowly learn what it means to be a Sentai team. Because of the tradition having a team-up movie, this decision must have impacted the production of Goseiger: namely the Goseigers were designed to be everything the Gokaiger would not be: selfless, humble, friends to all children, and determined to protect the Earth, so that when they meet the Gokaigers, they would butt heads with each other.
  • Confirmed and they found the common grounds to team up and take on their enemies.

Goseiger took the upcoming Power Rangers aniversary into account.
It'd be foolish to assume there's so little communication that Toei weren't aware of the upcoming aniversary. So, while designing Goseiger, they also took into account that it'd be used for a Power Rangers aniversary season too, and 'threw them a bone' or two, so to speak, with some of the visual elements- the same range of colours on the core team, and the helmets bringing back the metallic lips and a similar overall resemblance to the Zyuranger/MPR helmets. Though Master Head wasn't retained in the same way, having the team's mentor be a glowing blue disembodied head seems like another little attempt at giving the American adaptation team something nice to work with.
  • It may simply be a coincidence. Otherwise, jossed.
    • Jossed on the grounds that Gosei Knight, who is classified as a silver ranger, joined the team as the Sixth Ranger - had they taken the anniversary of Power Rangers into account, they would either have had Gosei Green join the team (Tommy, the first Sixth Ranger in Power Rangers, was a Green Ranger), or they would have had Gosei Knight be a white ranger (Kibaranger's costume was used in season 2 of Mighty Morphin to give Tommy new powers).

The Headders for Gosei Wonder are all associated with dead Gosei Angels.
In the Ranger Keys "Lost Edition" set, Gosei Green's animal is revealed to be a dolphin. But there was already a Dolphin Headder in the show, which was used in Gosei Wonder, and was blue. So presumably all the other parts of Gosei Wonder correspond to other dead Angels that never got to join the team.

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