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Headscratchers / Tensou Sentai Goseiger

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  • Brajira's Earth Salvation Plan has made we wonder a few things:
    • 1) He is the one who gave him the idea of destroying Heaven's Tower so that nobody can stop him. Even if he assumes that no Gosei Angels would already be on Earth, did he ever take into account the other Super Sentai (and if they are in the same continuity, Kamen Rider)?
    • 2) How did he actually know about Warstar's existence since he just went to the future? How did he know the exact time and location the spaceship would arrive to Earth? Same thing could also be said about the Matrintis, as there was no guarantee he would survive Goseiger vs Shinkenger, much less that Robogog would even think of reviving him.
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    • 3) What about the teamup with the Gedoushu? They had no part in the real plan, no part that Brajira could even use to set up his Nega End Ceremony, making it rather pointless.
    • 4) Why pick the day Warstar arrived, over the countless other days of alien invasions before that like the Balban and Jakanja or the rise in Alienizer crimes, or even after, like Zangyack?
    • 5) How did he plan on not dying?
    • 6) When exactly did he come up with the Earth Salvation Plan, before or after sealing the Yuumajuu?
    • 7) If it was after, why kill his own teammates when the team could just seal it together? Why did he do it so openly? From what I've heard him say, he made no attempt to hide suspicion from his fellow mates?
    • 8. Where and when exactly did he hide his Dark Headders he intends on becoming the drills until it was time to summon them?
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    • 9) How was he going to escape the planet before it's destruction to recreate it in his own image? He can't use the Warstar ship. It blew up. And he can't go to Gosei World because A) He had the tower destroyed; and B) Going to the world where your whole race knows you're a traitor is a very bad idea?
    • 10) Even if he succeeds in recreating the Earth in his own image and be it's savior, the end of Goseger is just days before the invasion of the Space Empire Zangyack, who will not leave any planet unconquered, not even one replaced? How did he even attempt to deal with them since as powerful as he is, he cannot take on a fleet as huge as theirs? And that doesn't even account that the destruction of the old world means the Super Sentai die and they would never follow someone as evil as him anyways.


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