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Heartwarming / Tensou Sentai Goseiger

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  • Professor Amachi telling his son that he was his number 1 treasure.
  • The ending of the VS movie with Shinkenger shows the samurai walking off into the sunset for one last time.
  • The ending song has a bonus verse from the regular ending basically saying how all Super Sentai are connected by the bonds of battle. ( verse starts at 0:49)
  • Epic 24. The reason Abare Headder was reluctant to let anyone use its power was because it was afraid it might hurt someone. And as if that wasn't heartwarming enough, there was also the way the Goseigers got it to become the Miracle Gosei Headders simply by reassuring it that they'd help prevent that from being an issue, so it didn't have to be afraid!
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  • Epic 40. Gosei Knight picking up the extra Eri Don, as a way to reassure the team he is still there for them, after Alata's Disney Death.

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