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Shinobi 1- We Are Ninja!

  • Takaharu defeating the Mooks attacking the Dojo all by himself and also being the first Ninninger to fight the Youkai despite not having the Ninja Ichibanto.
  • The entrances of this series' individual mecha. Each one is like a Ninja themselves, coming out of their hiding places.
  • The grandfather of the Ninningers, Yoshitaka Igasaki, defeated the Big Bad Kibaoni Gengetsu in the past and survived without any crippling injuries.

Shinobi 2- Become The Last Ninja!

  • Igasaki confuses his grandson by multiplying himself until the whole room is filled with doubles of the Ninninger's grandfather then whacks Takaharu on the head, knocking him out instantly.
  • Takaharu and Yakumo's teamwork to defeat the Kappa, culminating into a duel Finishing Move that destroys the Youkai.

Shinobi 3- The Formidable Enemy, Gabi, Appears!

  • Nagi pulled out some pretty awesome moves when he decided to pull a note from Takaharu's book, saving himself and the driver then bails out of the truck, with the driver landing in a net of Nagi's creation.
    • During the fight with Gashadokuro, Nagi had Dumpmaru toss him at Gashadokuro and stabs him with the Ichibantou, and actually does serious damage!
  • But the biggest moments of awesome would have to go to the Kibaoni generals Raizo and Kyuemon. Raizo pummeled Yakumo, Kasumi, and Fuuka, and he wasn't actively trying! He also took a Finishing Move like it was nothing but a wake-up slap after giving some well-acted dying groans! As for Kyuemon, she shows off that the Ninningers are not the only ones who benefit from collecting the Last Ninja's scattered Sealing Shurikens...

Shinobu 4- There he is! Paonmaru!

  • The team finally get their teamwork to function. We see them using their powerful combined attacks to finish off the enemies in no time. They even pull out the team finisher for the first time.
  • Paonmaru debuts and we get to see yet another awesome display of the War Elephants trope.
  • Yakumo was really impressive, already showing some Character Development this early. That smug and cold guy became The Leader and a very competent one at that, keeping the team together in their time of difficulty, being ready to put his life at risk in a reckless plan to save Takaharu and calling the shots for one impressive fighting display by the whole gang.

Shinobu 5- The Space Ninja UFOmaru!

  • Kasumi has some serious brain power if she figured out Ungaikyo's plan from the get go and developed a way to overload the walking antenna.

Shinobi 6 - Tengu's Spiriting Away

  • Even though Takaharu flubs it up, you have to admit, the Grand Flame Jutsu was impressive to look at.
  • Takaharu lasting as long as he did against Raizo, who practically stole the episode.
  • Raizo, oh boy. What didn't he do here that wasn't awesome?
    • Turns out he's a two-bladed swordsman, and has an special attack, powerful enough to knock any Ninninger out of transformation! He was also this close in killing Takaharu in their duel!
  • The beautiful teamwork the Ninningers used to fight Raizo evenly, ending with Takaharu slicing off one of Raizo's horns.
    • And beforehand, the same teamwork used to take down Tengu even without Takaharu, culminating blowing up the monster with just Yakumo and Kasumi using a more normal weapon.
  • Let's not forget Yoshitaka, who handled fighting Kyuemon with aplomb, even at his age!

Shinobi 7 - Spring Ninja Festival

Shinobi 8 - The Nekomata Who Leapt Through Time

  • Fuuka completely taking over leader duties. When Takaharu tries to steal the spotlight again, everyone yells at him.
  • Past Fuuka gets some really good points for actually using a ninja art of fake crying to lure out the Youkai.
  • StarNinger's one scene. Spoken entirely in Engrish.

Shinobi 9 - Ninjitsu vs. Magic, The Great Battle!

  • The debut of StarNinger, who ends up living up to the Crazy Awesome that we were all hoping for.
  • Yakumo had the spotlight and we could finally see him using more of the magic he learned in England. We could see him using more spells than just that fire dragon and levitation and him combining magic with ninpou was really cool to see.
  • Kasumi figures out how to avoid the Youkai's transfiguration spell after only seeing Fuuka get hit with it, and then stays completely undercover until just the right moment to help Yakumo save the day. Dropping her disguise by gracefully spinning - while wearing the designer dress the episode revolved around - definitely solidifies her as a Lady of War.

Shinobi 10 - Yee-haw! The Gold StarNinger

  • Kinji's fight with AkaNinger, AoNinger and ShiroNinger, he smears them with ease.

Shinobi 16 - The Father Tsumuji Is a Super Ninja!?

Shiobi 22- Super Combinaton! Ha-Oh Shurikenjin!

  • The transformation sequence of the mech, which starts with BisonKing and Shurikenjin rotating Lion Ha-Oh around.
    • There's also the announcement song.
    Ha-Oh! Ha-Oh! Rin, Yossha, Wasshoi! Ha-Oh! Ha-Oh! Rin, Yossha, Wasshoi! Ha-O~h Shurikenjin!

Shinobi 27- It's Summer! Chozetsu Star is Born!

  • If the title is anything to go by, it's Kinji's time to use the Chozetsu power up.
  • MomoNinger summoning her mech for the team to make a retreat, it's awesome in how it's similar to the escape tactic used by their predecessors.

Shinobi 32: Extremely Hot Ninja! Acha!

  • The revelation of their newest mecha. The Ninningers transform into the parts of it a la Magiranger, and it goes Street Fighter on everything. It's finisher actually FIRES the Ninningers at the enemy!
  • Takaharu is usually being the idiot, but even he shows that he understands logic at times. Kyuuemon's Otomo-Nin just trashed their Otomo-Nins along with Lion Ha-oh, which was made in Yoshitaka's idea and design. The team then decided to emulate Yoshitaka's idea to re-create new Otomo-Nins. Only Takaharu wasn't in high spirits about this, despite being the usually hyperactive-easily-fired-up dude he is. When he tried to charge ahead and most of the 'smart guys' (like Kasumi and Tetsunosuke) voiced protests, Takaharu explains with just using instinct: "Kyuuemon just trashed the Otomo-Nin in Grandpa's image... and you think making another Otomo-Nin in Grandpa's image is going to beat him? That doesn't make sense!" Turns out he's right, leading to the point above.
    • What makes this even better is that this marks the time when Takaharu, of all people, is the one who got it right about 'trying to succeed Yoshitaka as the Last Ninja': Just following his footsteps would get them nowhere and someone needs to forge their own path with their own way of thinking, like a lion cub leaving its den. It works gloriously for even the characterization, and maybe this is the point that cements that Taka stops being an overly obnoxious dude.

Shinobi 35: Kinji Enters the Yokai Labyrinth

  • Nagi finally uses Chozetsu mode and completely curbstomps the Yokai., delivering several speedy punches and finishing him with a spiral attack.

Shinobi 36: Kinji, the Glorious Super Star

  • Despite becoming a Youkai and gaining a cursed sword, Kinji is able to, through his own willpower, convert the blade into a new weapon for the Ninningers, and powers up his form of StarNinger into Super StarNinger.
  • The debut of Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh. Like with Ha-Oh Shruikenjin, it has a rocking transformation song. Then, during the battle, we get a Theme Song Power Up as it finishes off the foe.

Shinobi 37: Shuriken Legend: "The Road to the Last Ninja"

  • An auxiliary OtomoNin finally returns to battle! Specifically, UFOmaru- and we get to see the robot mode in combat for the first time!

Shinobi 38: The Little Witch That Likes Yakumo

  • Another part of meta-example, crossing with the actual one: Not only we get to see Yakumo using the Transcendent transformation for the first time, we see exactly why he's a competent, badass magician: He was taught by Tsubasa Ozu/Magi Yellow!

Shinobi 39: Kibaoni's Son, Mangetsu Appears!

  • Mangetsu Kibaoni. Oh geez, Ariake no Kata just birthed a Spoiled Brat that might be even worse than Warz Gils— HOLY SHIT, HE'S ACTUALLY A SCARILY COMPETENT GENERAL SINCE BIRTH!? And he just perfectly wrecked the schemes of Ms. 'My plans always work without a hitch' Kasumi!? Truly, the worthy son of Kibaoni Gengetsu!
  • The giant battle against four Gashadokuros: Kasumi pilots Shurikenjin, using its finisher to destroy the first one, then activates all three auxiliary combinations in rapid succession to destroy the rest!
    • Made even more awesome when you compare the last time less than five Ninningers piloted the OtomoNin, it was Nagi and Fuuka having to duplicate themselves into five and they got really pooped upon the defeat while Kasumi remained energetic throughout.

Shinobi 44: The Final Battle! The Ordeals of the Last Ninja

  • The team goes off to fight Masakage without Takaharu helping. There was some downfalls, but in the end, Yakumo and Fuuka managed to break through Masakage's plans, and without even needing Takaharu's help, the whole team figures out Masakage's secret and eventually kills him.

Shinobi 45: Three Generations of Fathers and Sons! All Ninjas Gathered

  • The team, without the ability to use ninpo, manage to nearly defeat Kyuuemon, who previously was only defeated by Yoshitaka. All in the same time, they proceeded to hand down one of the biggest "The Reason You Suck" Speech against Kyuuemon (after previously falling to his Hannibal Lecture about the commitment to do what it takes, they throw it back by saying those who 'commit' to The Dark Side like him merely means that they just like taking the easy way out), causing him to flip his shit. And then culminates further with a technique discovered by the Igasaki ninjas to what's the closest to be a Super Sentai cannon after spending the whole season without one, without actually being a cannon.
  • Yoshitaka's battle with Kibaoni has some of the best special effects in the series.
  • Three generations of Akaningers transforming in one roll call!

Shinobi 46: The Last Shuriken Appears!

Last Shinobi: No Hiding for Us, and Wasshoi to the Future!

  • The Ninningers vs Kyuuemon. Explosions occur EVERYWHERE.
  • This episode solidifies the fact that Gekiatsu DaiOh is literally the most awesome thing ever in Super Sentai as he pulls a One-Hit Kill on Kibaoni Gengetsu!

Ninninger vs ToQger

  • Seeing the Ninningers as spies is pretty cool in its own right.
  • For a good while, Takaharu holds his own without going Chouzetsu while fighting three shadow clones of legendary ninjas at once. Even though he then gets completely screwed by a combined attack.
  • Dark AkaNinger. Interestingly, the lack of shuriken symbols on his sash makes a big difference.
  • The horde battle, although this is a given.
  • To finish off the giant battle, HaOh ToQ DaiOh launches copies of the Red, Build, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink Resshas for the humanoid OtomoNin to ride on, and... CHOO CHOO TRAIN RIDE KAMIKAZE STRIKE INBOUND!!

Ninnin Girls vs. Boys

  • The fact that Kasumi and Fuuka are joined by a female MidoNinger. This is the first time there's a heroic female green in the entirety of the franchise.
  • There's an animated segment during the special. Which they actually got several animators from the Pretty Cure series to animate.
    • The sequence that the animated segment is part of itself, which is just one big love letter to the Super Sentai sister series (say that five times fast). It's Kasumi and Fūka taking down a giant monster Pretty Cure-style (i.e. beating it down at normal size without needing a giant robot and killing it off with a Finishing Move à la the Pretty Cure Marble Screw).
  • Despite the fact she lost, Luna (MidoNinger) put up one heck of a fight against Kinji.
  • We get a 2v2 robot battle between Bison King & Lion HaOh vs. Shurikenjin and Gekiatsu DaiOh!

Meta Examples

  • Remember when Kyoryuger didn't have a Yellow Ranger because the producer found it too girly to work with epic dinosaurs and ToQger has a You Go, Girl! as its yellow ranger? Ninninger topped the latter by having an outright male yellow ranger! Why is this so big as well? There hadn't been a male Yellow since Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
    • On a related note, the upcoming Ninninger Returns V-Cinema introduces us to Mido Ninger, a female green ranger!
  • A Power Ranger actor in Super Sentai!?!
    • It's just a short cameo of him being an extra, but it was REALLY sweet and awesome!
  • Shurikenjin is the first deluxe mecha in a while to have usable leg articulation. note 

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