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Season 1

  • #2: Yumeria being able to remember Shibuya Seitakaawadachisouhidenagaaburamushi's name and say Shibuyakouzorinahigenagaaburamushi's name properly, despite being really long.
  • #3: Bouken Red helping the Akibarangers in Battle. With the Boukenger theme playing in the background.
  • #5: Yumeria's mother suddenly appearing in the Grand Delusion, where she transforms into Akiba Yellow and fights like a badass. Add the fact that she's Dead All Along and it's the Jetman episode all over again.
    • Yumeria herself gets her own moment with the team performing a special Yellow-centric finishing move:
      "Yellow Set! Hissatsu, Moe Magnum! Geki Moe, Fire!"
  • #6: Mitsuki finally gets into the groove of being an Akibaranger, after getting lessons from Kazuo Noburi, now introduces herself with a backflip and capoeria-like spin.
  • #7: We finally get our first giant robot battle. And it is glorious.
    • Followed by the Akibarangers and Itasshaa Robo breaking through into the real world!
    • Earlier, Yumeria and Mitsuki reenact a scene from Z-Cune Aoi. What makes this better is that Keiichi Sato, the designer of Z-Cune, makes a Cameo as a patron in the cafe!
  • #8: Their first use of the Inordinate Cannon; They summon the sentai reds (Deka Red, Bouken Red, and Red Hawk) who transform into their Inordinate Powers then they combine into a BFG.
  • #9: Nobuo shows how much a determinator he is; He transforms in the real world for the first time and consecutively uses the Inordinate Powers against the MOTW and single-handedly defeated him.
    • Before that, we have the team finally getting the roll call down perfectly.
  • #11: Akagi, using his knowledge of Super Sentai, figures out the cold hard truth; they are living in a TV show.
    • Malshina gets one as she blocks machine gun fire for Akagi allowing him to go alert the others to the truth.
  • #12: Itasshar Robo grows into a giant like the official Sentai robots.
    • In response, knowing that winning the battle will end the show, Akiba Red sets it to shoot its missiles at itself. It goes down in spectacular fashion.
    • In an effort to keep the show running even after Saburo's attempts to wrap up the plot, Marushina and the Akibarangers literally fight the end of the show. It doesn't work, but the fact they even attempted it is fantastic.
  • The announcement of season 2 at Super Hero Fest.
    • And the subbed version right here.
    • Perhaps the best part was how it was announced. Nobuo got a call from Saburo Hatte himself!


Season 2

  • #4: The premier of Super Akiba Red, complete with waifu armor.
    • Akiba Red after gaining his armor: Aoi-tan is my waifu! Super Akiba Red!
  • Real life example: The fact #5 will have biggest shout out/tribute to Power Rangers ever since the show first came on the air shows how far its popularity has become in Japan.
    • Non-meta one: Akagi and Yumeria continuing to stand up and reminding the Americanized!Tyrannoranger and Americanized!Dragonranger the real essence of Sentai: Passion to help the innocents and children... all despite being de-morphed and beaten up. After Nobuo uses the DX Zyusoken, it snaps Tyrannoranger and Dragonranger back into reality and washes away their brainwashing.
  • In #6, Nobuo Tanaka comes at Hakase's request to announce over the fight, giving Nobuo Akagi an idea to help him beat the Monster of the Week.
  • In #7, General Pain enters the delusion world and reveals his identity to the Akibarangers.
  • In #9, Itasshar Boy, the size of a Machine Itasshar figuart, beating a giant sized mecha!
  • In #10, The Akibarangers pull out not only the three Inordinate powers from season 2, but the three from season 1 as well, and combine all six powers into the Inordinate Cannon-Bazooka.
  • All of #11 is one for Malshiina, who all season has been working behind the scenes to enact her master plan and was actually the force that brought Akibaranger back to TV! She gives everyone back their memories of season 1, takes down Hatte Saburo, defeats all 37 Super Sentai teams and conquers their shows, makes Luna realize the value of her friendship with the team and gets into the Guiness Book of Records. Kneel brief mortals, for Malshiina is no longer a mere supporting character, but the BOSS!
    • But the most awesome part of it? She speaks directly to the viewers for their support in her plans. And she's actually very convincing.
  • Episode 12. Saburo Hatte and Malshina team up with the Akibarangers to fight Ultraman expy Prism Ace, which leads to giant Super Akiba Red.

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