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  • Episodes 15 and 16 are a rollercoaster of awesomeness.
    • From #15, we see that Saizou actually DEFEATED the Shuten Douji brothers by himself, but didn't finish then off because they had Tsuruhime as a hostage.
    • Jiraiya stays behind to hold off the enemies to give Sasuke a chance of escaping. Pretty ballsy, considering the odds.
    • Sasuke survives falling from a bridge while exploding and manages to rescue his teammates with an great display of stealth and ninja skills.
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    • For the enemies, also. The Hanarangers outsmarted the main characters and split them so that the Shuten Douji could fight them. Their teamwork was very cool.
  • Episode 29: The Kakurangers take out Nue with their new robots...without combining them. In Super Sentai, being beaten by uncombined robots is something that usually only happens to the very first Monster of the Week, and here it's done to a Knight of Cerebus Arc Villain!
  • Episode 35: Tsuruhime singlehandedly slays Kamaitachi. Not only is it a non-Red solo-kill in a time when this was still rare, it's one of only two times in the entire series (and one in The Movie) that a Yokai is destroyed at human size. Every single other monster survives whatever the kakurangers throw at them long enough to call down the growth lightning, but not this one. And it's done by a girl. Who's supposed to be based on Xuanzang, Distressed Dude extraordinary. You wonder why Tsuruhime tends to be the most popular female rangers ever? This is one of the reasons right here.
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  • Crossing over with heartwarming: If Jiraiya is what Japan thinks Americans are like, then it's obvious they have a pretty high opinion of us.

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