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Headscratchers / Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

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  • Why does Daimaou never learn that if a Youkai calls Ninjaman 'blue squirt', he'd turn into Samuraiman and that means the Youkai would die? Why didn't he order any of his Youkai to NEVER call Ninjaman 'blue squirt' at any cost? He know how that happens so many times, and he never got the clue...
    • Same reason he doesn't have the Youkai avoid using the growth lightning at the end of each episodes: He's suffering from a terminal case of Genre Blindness. Same with all the other Super Sentai villains.
    • The thing is that the word "Aonisai" isn't that farfetched of an insult; it's actually quite simple. It could very well be a pun on NinjaMan's color, but the original word means "novice/greenhorn" and such, or for the purpose of insult, "noob" or "sucker". Not very hard to figure out why it makes him mad, considering, well, it's an insult, and he's much older than the KakuRangers, and thus has too much experience to be called a "bluehorn".
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  • In episode 12, why did beating the Tengu save the children? The Tengu didn't have anything to do with turning them into the Youkai Replicas, that was done by Dr. Yugami. Sure, the usual Sentai logic is that beating the monster always breaks any spells they created, but that shouldn't apply to transformations caused by an entirely different enemy.

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