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Funny / Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

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  • Saizou and Sasuke watching Tsuruhime fighting with her ninja powers. They were fixated for the first time that the monster was able to sneak up and punch them both.
    • Also when Sandayu refers that they will be led by Tsuruhime, Sasuke expressed his doubts hilariously: "This kogal!?"
  • Boy does it suck for most of the rangers to be lectured by their ninja ancestors such as not getting all the glory, eating the right food or cleaning up your face.
  • In one episode, the rangers discuss how to sneak into a police station ran by the Youkai to rescue Seikai. Tsuruhime tries to get Sasuke, then Saizou to go in, but they refuse and look at Jiraiya. His excuse? "I can't speak Japanese!"
    • Or him being suckered to woo Tsuruhime: "I love my princess". The combination of Jiraiya's English speak and Tsuruhime's reaction is funny.
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    • Even the original Jiraiya didn't take Jiraiya's english speaking well.
    Original Jiraiya: What do you mean "Help me"!?
    • The actor's native California accent making him sound like a Surfer Dude sometimes doesn't help.
  • One Monster of the Week decided that when she's done with the Kakurangers, she'll marry Daimaou. The Kakurangers gave their 'WTF' reaction... then cut to the usually evil Daimaou giving a 'WTF' reaction.
  • Bimbogami's junk spell being reflected at him, which results in, among other things, Daimaou's staff being turned into a mop.

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