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  • Author's Saving Throw: Returning a female member to the core team seemed to be the saving throw for Sun Vulcan's lack of official female member.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The essential Sentai for Indonesia (and it's not the Gateway Series either! Himitsu Sentai Goranger was also available in Betamax/VHS, but Goggle Five garnered more fans there)
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Hmm... that last line of the roll call sounds strangely familiar.
    • The civilian name of Goggle Pink is 'Miki Momozono'. Later on, both name and surname are used separately in Fresh Pretty Cure! (Love Momozono and Miki Aono). Doubly so considering the close relations between Sentai and Precure in general. Triply when you realize that they are also their franchises' respective sixth seasons.
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    • Speaking of Miki, the idea of the pink teammate being a gymnast. Why does that sound familiar? For bonus points, she gets trapped in a picture book like Miki during a two-part episode.
    • One of Goggle Black's team attack using the Black Club is called Goggle Dynamite Club. Goggle Black's actor ends up being the Black ranger for the next season where there's a lot of dynamite-ish explosions (and uses 'Dyna' as part of his call sign). Additionally, the Red Ranger of that show also guest-starred in one episode as an old friend of Kuroda that needed to be set straight.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Oh, so you think an older Sentai series with a gimmicky motif like gymnastic rhythm apparatus can't be scary? After Deathmark comes to the scene, maybe you'd think twice. Some of his plots and the Mozoo that stand out to give you goosebumps include:
    • Bee Mozoo, the first Mozoo he deployed was very much his Establishing Character Moment. The concept is pretty simple: Sting people (preferably children) to drain life essence for the dark master and cause a potential pandemic of Rapid Aging. But it's still pretty chilling to see just one victim: Tatsuya of the Computer Boys & Girls. One sting and the boy quickly turns into an old man.
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    • Cactus Mozoo. You're walking in the park and see a big cactus in places where it shouldn't have grown. You approach one such cactus. The cactus' flower blooms, spraying you with a whole lot of pollen... and then... '''YOU MELT!!!''' And in your place, a similar cactus is grown. That's Cactus Mozoo's modus operandi, and to think something as innocent-looking as an out-of-place plant can suddenly cause your demise. Oh and that's not the last time Deathmark meddles with plantlife...
    • Watermelon Mozoo. He can spit out seeds that stick to you and turn you into a tree, all while keeping you conscious the whole time. And what's worse, he can simply just disguise himself as a harmless watermelon. When a family innocently tried to cut him, he revealed himself and turned the whole family into trees. Oh and his orders from Deathmark? Turn every human he comes across into trees, thereby creating a human jungle.
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    • Hyena Mozoo. He's said to be a terrible Mozoo, capable of draining energy from Goggle Five's weapons, but that's not even close to his scariest trait. Hyena also has the ability known as Hyena Kiss, which will afflict whoever gets kissed, turning them into mindless minions who think of nothing but eating metals. They even get a silvery makeup on the mouth and on his orders, they start ravenously eating any piece of metal they find, and that includes cars, fences, signs, lamposts, even metals that contain explosive materials.
    • Horned Owl Mozoo. He can create picture books that appear harmless at first. But open a page with a horned owl in it and the book sucks you in, potentially trapping you there forever. Then he spreads it to children, in a short time, we get to see parents panicking because their children disappear out of nowhere. Deathmark originally planned to just hold the children hostage so the parents would do whatever he wants. But then on hearing that Miki/Goggle Pink got trapped in one of these books, Deathmark decided to just burn that one book with his indestructible flame. So basically, if he didn't get what he wanted, who knows if he just decided to pull the same stunt directed to Miki towards the children... (and by that episode, we've established that Deathdark doesn't fare very well with promises.)
    • Scorpion Mozoo. His stinger turns his victims into a mindless scorpion-men, thinking of nothing but assassinating anyone they come across. And Kanpei/Goggle Black is Lured into a Trap to become one of these scorpion-men. That didn't get much display of nightmarish brutality, but the appearance of these scorpion-men... especially the head... it's like seeing a red Face Hugger latching onto you and giving an endless Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong...
    • Condor Mozoo, one of the earliest attempts of the Super Sentai franchise to inflict terror towards food. Not only is he able to emit winds and sandstorms from his pectorals that would rot food in seconds, He generates a sand in his body that at first appears harmless towards anyone who gets hit with these sandstorms... but the real horror comes when the ones who got hit with the sandstorms attempt to grab some food and drink like it's no big deal, not realizing that this sand has firmly adhered to their bodies by magic. The whole food/drink turns into inedible black sand. We even get to see a short scene in the hospital where patients in need of nutrition were offered the most basic drink of normal water and the water turns to sand at the most critical time. And as Deathgiller coined, the sand is so sticky that there's absolutely nothing that can wash it away in terms of "normal means"... If you get hit by Condor Mozoo's Condor Sandstorm, you face the danger of death from starvation and thirst.
  • Tear Jerker: Episode 49 begins with one. After the destruction of the Future Science Lab, one of the Comboys, Haruo, was found almost dead by two men. When he woke up, he was at first overjoyed that he's alive. But then, that joy quickly turned into incoherent sobbing as he tried to contact his friends and got no answer, making him think that he's the Sole Survivor. Haruo spends a majority of the first scenes curling up to the ground, sobbing and remembering the images of the Goggle V, Computer Boys and Girls and the other Mission Control. It was thankfully ended with how everyone directly came up to him and reminded him that they're fine.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Probably as a result of this being the first time Hirohisa Soda wrote a Sentai, the ancient civilizations represented by the gemstones were only mentioned in the first episode, and that's it.
  • Unfortunate Character Design: Not as disturbing as most examples, but... take note of the large white area on the upper torso of the suits. Don't they kind of look like bibs?
  • Vindicated by History: This show was rated highly in its time, by kids. Over time, older Sentai fans grew to dislike it, citing factors such as the "goofy" gymastics-based weapons...but later on, their reception warmed up again. Even the weapons are praised for being unique nowadays.

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