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"Come on! Let me hear more screams!"

"Our invasion is all that is left...There will be no resistance! Attack, kill, plunder! Our motto is destroy and slaughter. After we completely destroy the nations's society...we can begin the world of our Black Cross Army."
Black Cross Fuhrer, Anthem of the Black Cross Army, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger

Whenever Super Sentai decides to go Darker and Edgier, expect these kinds of creeps to appear. Of course, the Lighter and Softer ones might not be excluded from this...

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Himitsu Sentai Gorenger: Black Cross Fuhrer, later known as Black Cross King, serves as the leader of the Black Cross Army. An alien from the Cassiopeia constellation, he created his army of minions and androids with the express purpose of conquering the world. When threatened by a team of United Nations officers, he would order his men to slaughter all of them in the Japanese branch, leaving only one survivor from each base. He would launch various attacks on the city and was even willing to kill children if it meant advancing his goal. If any of his minions so much as thought of disobeying him, he would kill them on the spot. Nearing defeat, he would use the sacrifice of his most loyal general, Golden Mask, as a way to both escape and carpet-bomb Tokyo, causing untold destruction, not even caring about the death of Golden Mask. Caring only about himself and power, he would also serve as a prototype of countless, diabolical villains of the franchise that would succeed him.

  • J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai:
    • Boss Iron Claw is the leader of Criminal Organization CRIME and the codifier for awful bosses in the franchise, with the goal of reducing humanity to lawless savages. Under his rule, CRIME regularly commits mass murder, grand theft, and more solely for the sake of spreading his ideology. Anyone who fails him, regardless of rank, is sentenced to death, with Iron Claw personally executing many of the CRIME Bosses under him. When his master, an alien conqueror named Shine, demotes him in favor of Great King Icarus, Iron Claw jumps at the first opportunity to execute Icarus and take back his place, and when J.A.K.Q. exposes Shine as a powerless fraud, he immediately abandons him. Later resurfacing after his supposed demise, he enacts Operation UFO: nuking all the great powers of Earth and fleeing to space for a few years before subjugating the remnants of humanity.
    • "Demon? Angel?! The Marvelous Flute-Playing Man": Hell's Angel is a member of CRIME whose silly demeanor and pacifism belie his depraved nature. A modern-day Pied Piper, Hell's Angel uses his flute to whisk away children and use them as slave labor for a cannon. When Goro Sakurai/Spade Ace finds them, Hell's Angel uses them as human shields until Sakurai seemingly saves the kids, only to find out Hell's Angel put explosive badges on them and is willing to use them as suicide bombers.
    • "The Despot's Ambition!! Break it! The Death Camp": Führer Crocodile is an ally of CRIME out to rebuild the Nazis by kidnapping many of ISSIS's allies and families for forced labor camps where abuses and beatings are common. Having any escapees murdered, Führer Crocodile intends to create a poison gas that will be tested on the detainees before spreading to all Japan, with his dream being to restart The Holocaust and build a brand new Reich.

  • Dengeki Sentai Changeman: Star King Bazeu/Bazoo is the leader of Great Star League Gozma and a ruthless sociopath obsessed with gaining power. Years prior he began a campaign of interstellar conquest and subjugation by destroying a planet of winged people so peaceful and kind that merely looking upon their smiling faces and hearing their voices will make you lose all violent impulses. Many of his forces are either comprised of the champions of those worlds he'd already conquered, forcing them to fight for him lest he finish the absolute destruction of their homes. Not that he intends to ever let them go back, as his true form is the size of a planet, and he eats the planets he conquers. He also uses innocent beings from the worlds that he’s conquered and forces them to fight for him by forcefully mutating them into his soldiers against there will. A wicked abuser of his forces, those who fail him are punished by a beam fired from his head that causes them immense pain. Years after his debut, Bazeu stands out as one of the absolute worst villains in the franchise.
  • Choushinsei Flashman: Great Emperor Ra Deus is the utterly egotistical ruler of Mess who has invaded numerous planets and ground their inhabitants down for their genetic material to use to transform himself into the Ultimate Lifeform. Having gone through numerous Great Doctors, Ra Deus's most recent one, Lie Keflen, is a human whom he kidnapped as an infant and groomed into the position. Employing the Alien Hunters to gather more test subjects for Mess, among those he had kidnapped were five human children whose parents were memory-wiped to forget them. Ra Deus would later throw the Alien Hunters under the bus by having them sacrificed to power up a Beast Warrior, and fuses three that escape into a single feral being. His other minions fare little better, as Ra Deus electrocutes them whenever they displease him and has his loyal subject Kilt mutated with his Deus genetics to transform her into a mindless Beast Warrior.
  • Hikari Sentai Maskman: Earth Emperor Zeba is the tyrannical ruler of Underground Empire Tube, having usurped the Igam Family and transformed Tube from a pacifist kingdom into a militaristic dictatorship bent on invading the surface world. Secretly the child of Lethal Doggler, Zeba's first action upon being born was to cannibalize his parent to gain its powers. After becoming ruler, Zeba cements his control through slavery of the empire's human population and frequently tortures his own minions with lightning as punishment for their failures. In the finale, Zeba sacrifices his remaining subjects to raise the Underground Castle to the surface so he can blow it up and spread the evil particles packed inside across Earth, terraforming it into a cold and dark world hospitable by only him.
  • Choujuu Sentai Liveman: Great Professor Bias has corrupted three geniuses at Academia into his students and has them massacre their classmates. Desiring only to preserve his own youth, in the past Bias extracted the brains of 11 of his followers and used them to create the Giga Brain Wave to extend his own life. To make his students try harder, Bias builds two robots disguised as aliens, Guildos and Butchy, and programs them with Fake Memories, killing Butchy when he discovers the truth and tries to defect. Eventually, Bias sacrifices his top student Kemp to complete the Giga Brain Wave so he can use it to turn all of humanity into his slaves. When his Giga Brain Wave is stopped and Megumi offers him kindness, Bias mocks her and rejects any chance at redemption.
  • Kousoku Sentai Turboranger: Great Boma (Violent) Emperor Lagorn is the supreme ruler of the Hundred Boma Tribes who sought to finish their war with humanity and the fairies. Despising failure and having a short fuse, Lagorn would punish his men and even force his three most loyal generals, who were responsible for freeing him, into final stands which resulted in their deaths. Despising anything human-related, Lagorn manipulated both the Wandering Boma and Turborangers into trying to kill each other, and later stripped them of their powers. A monstrous misanthrope who doesn't care about his tribe and is only concerned with power and the destruction of humanity, for his final scheme, Lagorn would attempt to destroy the Turborangers' base in order to release the army of 108 Boma sealed beneath it.

  • Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman: Vulgyre once desired a woman named Meadow to be his queen and, when she rejected him, chased her until she fell of a cliff, keeping her soul captive within him. Assuming her likeness, Vulgyre takes command of the Galactic Imperial Army Zone as part of his plan to destroy 1,000 inhabited planets—with Earth being the thousandth—as part of a ritual to obtain eternal life so he could become God of the Milky Way. When his true identity is outed to his subordinates, Vulgyre fuses two into a mindless monster to force them to continue serving under him. Corrupting Chevalier's soul using the blood of his victims, Vulgyre absorbs the energy of his death to take on his destructive "Galactic Super Beast" form.
  • Choujin Sentai Jetman:
    • Back Dimensional Count Radiguet seeks to establish and rule a dictatorship over the Dimensional War Party Vyram and Earth. Attempting to overthrow Empress Juuza, Radiguet fails and is banished to Earth with his memories removed. He ends up meeting Saki, a dying girl whom he unknowingly cures, and then becomes the lover of. But when his memories return, he callously murders her as if to reject any possibility of him growing to have any kind of decency or goodness in him. Doing anything to gain power, Radiguet aids the Jetman in killing Juuza, and takes advantage of the Jetman defeating Tranza, his rival, to torture him to insanity. Gaining a lustful obsession with Rie, Radiguet brainwashes her into becoming a fellow Vyram, intent on making "Maria" his servant. And when Rie manages to regain her memories, he spitefully kills her to prevent her from being with anyone else. Returning in the non-canon manga, Radiguet, as sadistic and cruel as ever, gleefully possesses the catatonic Tranza and tries to wipe out humanity again. He traps Ryu, the Jetman leader, in a painful time loop where he will suffer endless agonies, and kidnaps Ryu and Kaori's daughter. Radiguet turns her into his own child, Ruma, in order to make her kill her parents, or simply enjoy it when they are killed. And when this fails, he simply tries to kill "Ruma" along with her father.
    • "The Revived Empress" & "Gai Dies!": Empress Juuza herself was the original ruler of the Vyram, who led the conquest and destruction of countless worlds in the Back Dimension. Coming to Earth after sleeping to recharge her strength, Juuza tortures dozens of people by forcing crystals to grow out from underneath their skin until they're completely transformed into an inanimate crystal, in order to collect their suffering to feed to Semimaru so she can use it to decimate the world. When Radiguet rebels against her, Juuza chooses not to kill him, but to erase all his memories and send him down to Earth as a human so he can live the rest of his life as "vermin".
  • Denji Sentai Megaranger: Commander Guirail's defining features are his sadism and his love for underhanded tactics. A brutal, savage fighter who relishes the pain of his victims, Guirail's only loyalty is to himself, as he repeatedly demonstrates, not hesitating to catch his own enemies in the crossover to gain an advantage, particularly his ally Yugande: After "tricking" him to work together for the common cause, Guirail makes him take full brunt of damage when the chips are down against him. Guirail also tricks his own allies into being subjected to horrible experiments while being unconcerned about collateral damage. His most defining crime, however, is his kidnapping children just to use them as human shields to seize his advantage. Even his own allies are revolted by how far Guirail is willing to go and are more than happy to set him up to his own end.
  • Rescue Sentai GoGoFive: Grand Witch Grandiene is the Evil Matriarch of the Saima Family and the ultimate form of all the minus energy in the universe. After Dark King Salamandes's death, Grandiene takes matters into her own hands and used the evil energies gathered by him and his siblings to complete her revival. Then, in a cruel and cold act, Grandiene sends her own son Beast Baron Cobolda to his death to accomplish her goals; revealing to Dark King Zylpheeza that she never really cared for the well-being of her children. After the destruction of her physical body, she possesses Zylpheeza and revives Salamandes as a soulless Destruction God in a final attempt to wipe out humanity. As fitting of the family theme in GoGoFive, Grandiene stands for everything the Tatsumi family bond isn't.

  • Mirai Sentai Timeranger:
    • Captain Ryuya, the descendant of Tatsuya Asami, serves as the ultimate mastermind behind everything that occurred in the series. He helped Don Dolneiro to escape from captivity and releasing the other Londerz prisoners who would wreak havoc on the present, with one even trying to release a virus to poison an entire city. He would later drive Gien—who was a 5-year-old—-to insanity, which lead to his death. He was responsible for the crisis that took place in the finale (he had seen two futures—one in which 1/3 of the 21st century is destroyed and one in which the 31st century ceases to exist). Willing to kill billions of innocents to save his own hide, he is everything the Timerangers are not.
    • "Case File 11: Death Match City": Sadist Gougan is a prisoner released by Don Dolnero to kill the Timerangers. Imprisoned for horrific crimes committed with a "Dream Breaker," a device which forces people to murder each other in their sleep, Gougan wastes no time trying to indulge himself in horrific violence once more. Taking over a city, Gougan pits the citizens against each other, planning to ensure that they are all wiped out for his amusement, in addition to trying to kill the Timerangers' ally Honami. When the Timerangers arrive, Gougan tries to murder them as well, relishing the opportunity to murder en masse as he once did. Fueled by nothing but a love of destruction and death, Gougan cements himself, despite his one-episode appearance, as one of the worst criminals the Timerangers ever faced.
  • Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger:
    • Boss/Leader Tau Zant, master of Jakanja, is a monstrous being who destroys worlds throughout the cosmos to become the supreme being. Coming to earth, Tau Zant begins targeting civilians and cities while destroying the Hurricenger ninja school, leaving only a few survivors. Betraying his own men and having them eliminated once their purposes are served, Tau Zant gleefully attempts to harness the Evil Force trapped beneath Earth to destroy the very universe and recreate it as a god.
    • Seventh Spear, Sandaaru, is Tau Zant's most powerful and wicked soldier. Leader of the Seven Darkness Lances, Sandaaru is a vicious shark-like alien known for destroying entire worlds. Coming to earth to assume leadership of Jakanja's military, he immediately shows himself as a more brutal and cunning foe than the Hurricengers have yet faced, even killing the ninja Lady Gozen to steal a magic gem from her. Betraying his own side and eliminating fellow Lances when they have fulfilled their purpose, Sandaaru even turns on and kills Tau Zant before attempting to hijack his plan to use the Evil Force to wipe out all life and become a god in his stead.
  • Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger: Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya, worshipped by the Evoliens as a God of Evil, has launched genocidal wars against innocent planets for no reason other than bigotry, for fun, or because the people of those worlds refused to worship him as a god. It also stands as the only rapist in the entire franchise as it brainwashed Mahoro so she could give birth to Lijewl and cares nothing about the fact that its acts are despicable. Despite his belief in his superiority to other lifeforms, Dezumozorlya demonstrates cruelty and sadism, such as how it takes sheer delight in the destruction it causes in the finale, which shows it is not so different to the beings that it despises.
  • Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: Agent Abrella is a ruthless Arms Dealer who sells weapons to criminals so as to continue galaxy-destroying wars, regardless of how many lives are taken. Seven galaxies have been destroyed due to Abrella's hideous actions, with him having the blood of billions on his hands. Abrella is motivated by both his desire to increase his wealth as well as simply for fun, and treats all crime as a business opportunity and helps with the destruction of cities, selling slaves, pawning stolen merchandise, or filming obscenity. After the Dekarangers defeat most of his criminal clientele, Abrella loses it and goes on a city-wide destruction spree, planning to wipe both them as well as the Earth out and plunge the Galaxy into violent lawlessness and disorder to ensure his warmongering can continue.
  • Mahou Sentai Magiranger: Hades Wise God Dagon, leader of the Infershia Pantheon of Hades Gods, is dedicated to the revival of the Dark God N Ma. Adhering to the Dark Precepts, Dagon shows no regret in executing his fellow God Ifrit when Ifrit fails to defeat the Magirangers within a time limit. Dagon soon shows his true colors by cheating, and when the good-hearted Hades God Titan attempts to seal away N Ma within himself, Dagon ambushes and kills him, releasing N Ma to devour Magitopia, earth and even Infershia as well. Betraying and attempting to kill his honorable companion Sphinx, Dagon later rejects her offer to ally with the humans, claiming all he desires is destruction and to see "the ultimate nightmare."
  • Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Long the Infernal Dragon is the true leader of the Genjūken. Growing bored of his ancient immortal life, Long manipulates humanity and is responsible for hundreds of years of war and strife. Eventually deciding to destroy the world to alleviate his boredom, Long tries to corrupt Maku into the god of destruction, succeeding in turning him to the dark side, though his omnicidal goals are stopped. Trying the same with Jan and Rio, years later, Long destroys their hometown, killing Jan's parents and brainwashing the soul of his dead father into becoming one of his generals and trying to get him to murder his own son. Also corrupting Rio, Long acts as his right-hand-man, while truly guiding him down the path of evil in the hopes of cultivating the destruction he desires.
  • Engine Sentai Go-onger: Though a light-hearted work, Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein still stands out as a monstrous being. Ordering his minions to destroy the sound, magic and prism worlds, Yogoshimacritein nearly drives the Gian race to extinction in a bid to gain power for himself. Ravaging Earth when he arrives, Yogoshimacritein sends waves of killer robots to crush any opposition so he can rule supreme. Caring nothing for his own minions, Yogoshimacritein uses two of his loyal followers as human shields to save himself from an attack and later mind controls them to use as Cannon Fodder. His robot army defeated, Yogoshimacritein launches a final crusade to force the eleven braneworlds under his iron-fisted rule.
  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger:
    • Sujigarano Akumaro stands out among the Gedōshū as one of the darkest threats to humanity. Using his own Ayakashi to spread misery at several locations, going so far as to kill them for his own ends, Akumaro plans to rip open a portal to Hell, which would destroy both Earth and the Sanzu River, just so he can enjoy human suffering. To achieve this goal, Akumaro murdered Fuwa Juzo's parents and created his sword Uramasa from their souls, cruelly revealing this to Juzo in an attempt to make him open the portal to Hell.
    • Fuwa Juzo is a remorseless Gedōshū who hides his monstrous personality under a friendly façade. In the past, Juzo was a bloodthirsty swordsman, willingly becoming a Gedōshū to continue killing when he fell ill. Becoming fixated on Takeru Shiba as his desired opponent, Juzo betrays his master Dokoku to keep Takeru alive so they can battle on another. When Akumaro reveals that his sword was created from the souls of his parents, Juzo revealed that he already knew and didn't care and attacks Akumaro. Juzo then opens the gates to Hell, uncaring of the destruction this would cause, forces a tired and injured Takeru to battle him, and attempts to goad him into becoming a Gedōshū so their battle can continue forever.

  • Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Buredoran/Brajira of the Messiah is a fallen Gosei Angel seeking to destroy and rebuild the world because he deems it corrupt. In the distant past he murdered his allies to become more powerful, after which he escapes into the future, where he manipulates an alien army into invading Earth and unseals monsters born of pollution he himself sealed away to do his dirty work. After his memory is erased and he is enslaved by Robogog, he develops a relationship with Metal Alice. Together, they restore his memory and destroy Robogog. As thanks, Brajira murders a wounded Metal Alice. Brainwashing Gosei Knight, Brajira tries to enact his plan by using massive drills to destroy the world. When fatally wounded, he decides to just destroy the planet anyway, even though he can't make a new one. While claiming the world is corrupt, his attitude and omnicidal tendencies expose his noble motives as hollow, and prove him to be just a madman with a god complex.
  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Basco ta Jolokia represents Selfish Evil, and is far worse than his boss and his replacement/dad. He betrayed the Red Pirates, leaving Aka Red to his apparent demise and Marvelous alone, while stealing several of their gathered treasures under the pretense that "you have to sacrifice something to get something else", which means that if he wants something, he sacrifices anything to get it, and isn't above blackmail; hurting children; blowing up schools—and the students; and betraying allies, including his supposed Morality Pet Sally, for anything he wants. He does all this with a cheery smile, and is usually cheery and jovial, but when he is the main focus, the situation gets even worse than when Space Empire Zangyack is the main focus.
  • Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: Enter/Dark Buster is responsible for turning innocents—including children—into his robot slaves and using them as human shields, showing sickening amusement with his own cruelty. After the destruction of his boss, Enter takes over as the new Messiah, seeking to assimilate all of Earth to rule supreme. Turning the heroic Hiromu into a Soul Jar to allow himself to continuously regenerate if defeated, Enter forces the Go-Busters to considering killing their friend to stop him. When Hiromu threatens to kill himself to stop Enter, he tries to put Hiromu into a coma to force him to become a docile part of his nefarious scheme.
  • Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Ferocious Knight D is one of the first and most remorseless Deboss Knights in existence. Debuting as the main villain of Gaburincho of Music, he was released after 100 million years of slumber, receiving Fake Kyouryger powers transforming him into Deathryuger. Kidnapping a friend of Daigo named Meeko in an attempt to resurrect Tobaspino and use the former as a power source for Spinodai-Oh as part of his genocidal plan to wipe out all life on Earth. Upon defeat he later returns in the series proper, where after escaping from Deboss Hell, D turns Meeko into his personal necromancer, with the intention of making her resurrect the various fallen monsters in his plan to conquer the planet. When the Kyoryugers thwarted his latest evil plan, D attempts to blow up the Earth by enlarging himself out of spite.
  • Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger:
    • Lord Ginis, an alien with an Inferiority Superiority Complex, despises being made of Moebas, beings he looks down upon. Creating the Deathgaliens, Ginis uses them to serve as his warriors in the "Blood Games"—wherein he challenges and destroys other worlds—currently having done so to 99 planets and now targeting Earth. Creating an ever-collapsing barrier around planet Earth, Ginis plans to allow it to destroy the world unless the heroes managed to deactivate it. Although his barrier is stopped, Ginis sets up a destructive robot to continue his genocidal plans. Cunning and manipulative, Ginis tricks the friendless Misao Mondō into becoming his servant and hires a sadistic alien hunter to make his "game" of planetary destruction more interesting for himself. When one of his men betrays Ginis after finding he was responsible for the destruction of his home planet, Ginis defeats and spares him, before watching with amusement as the broken man insanely destroys everything in his path. After all but one of his followers are killed, Ginis decides to end the Blood Game by injecting his cells into the core of the Earth, wiping it out entirely. Incapable of loyalty or gratitude, when the Zyuohgers discover Ginis's body to be made of Moebas and reveal it to his last remaining follower and she declares her loyalty to him in spite of this, Ginis, cruel to the end, kills her off for daring to pity him.
    • The Heart Pounding Circus Panic: Domidol(l) is an alien ringmaster who runs an evil circus where he enslaves his victims, including children, as he traverses the cosmos to build his ultimate intergalactic ring. Destroying planets and stars he deems as in his way, Domidoll arrives to Earth, kidnaps a host of children and plans to convert their fears and sorrow to energy, whereupon he will begin bombing Earth's cities. His ultimate goal is to obliterate Earth to clear the space for his circus, and he has no compunction attempting to murder children who get in his way.
  • Uchu Sentai Kyuranger:
    • Kuervo/Quervo, the ex-best friend of Tsurugi Ohtori, supposedly died blocking an attack from Don Armage for Tsurugi. Secretly, Kuervo only sacrificed himself so he would be known as a hero throughout the universe. After Armage was apparently defeated, a dying Kuervo allowed Armage's essence to possess him so he could become more powerful. Unlike Armage's other hosts, Kuervo maintained his complete identity, allowing Armage to use him as a host to take over and subjugate the universe. Once they've conquered most of the universe, Kuervo and Armage began construction on a bomb made of Planetium, which Kuervo intended to use to destroy the entire universe so he could recreate it from scratch. After having Armage purged from him in his final battle with the Kyurangers, Kuervo is given a chance to redeem himself by Tsurugi, only for Kuervo to attempt one last attack on him, revealing that he never considered Tsurugi a true friend and was always resentful of Tsurugi for being more powerful than him.
    • Episode of Stinger V-Cinema: Thunderbird is the Daikaan of Earth who manipulated a village into lynching a half-alien girl named Mika Retsu so he could convince her to join Jark Matter. Though feigning care for her, Thunderbird views her as expendable and attempts to sacrifice her to kill the Kyurangers. After having her slaughter everyone in her village to prove herself to Jark Matter, Thunderbird "rewards" her by painfully mutating her with the power of Don Armage, leading her to beg Stinger to Mercy Kill her. After Mika fails to defeat Stinger, Thunderbird shows up to finish her off, coldly telling her she is no longer useful to him.


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