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"Let your fear carve one name into your brains, the name I share with this weapon: Death Gun!"

Johnny Black: Let's play the game where they have to kill each other! Last one standing wins!
PoH (no angel himself): I know it's your favorite but last time we did that you killed the winner anyway.
Johnny Black: Oh come on! You spoiled it! It's no fun if they know they're gonna die!

The various games making up the Sword Art Online universe are home to some rather irredeemable villains.

Fairy Dance Arc
  • Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King is the director of research and development at RECT Progress Incorporated, former classmate—and the one-time fiancée—of Asuna Yuuki. Obsessed with research into the manipulation of human emotion and envious of his classmate Akihiko Kayaba. Following the clearing of Sword Art Online, Sugou trapped 300 of the surviving players in his own game, Alfheim Online, where he ran experiments on their minds, testing their fear and pain responses. Kidnapping Asuna in the game, he keeps her trapped in a gilded cage at the top of Alfheim's World Tree, while plotting to wed the comatose girl in the real world. When Kirito reaches the top of the World Tree, Sugou uses his administrator abilities to paralyze him, tortures him, and then sexually assaults Asuna in front of him, gloating the entire time about how, once he's freed, he will rape her again in real life. When he fails, he attempts to kill Kirito in the real world, attacking him with a knife. Mentioned again in Alicization, it is shown that Sugou put spies inside the Ocean Turtle with the intention of selling their AIs to foreign governments as he wanted to do with the results of his own experiments. A megalomaniac obsessed with his own glory, Sugou lack any of the virtues of his former classmates.
Phantom Bullet Arc
  • Shoichi Shinkawa/Red Eyed XaXa is one of the top members of the Laughing Coffin Guild in SAO, and the Guild's Master Swordsman. During the Murder Investigation Arc in SAO, XaXa, alongside PoH and Johnny Black, ambushed and attempted to murder players Caynz, Yolko, and Schmitt; when Kirito intervened, the trio also tried to kill him. After making his way back to the real world, XaXa, bored and seeking a way to kill again, took advantage of his younger brother Kyoji's fragile mental state, to convince Kyoji to create the online persona of Sterben/Death Gun in Gun Gale Online, ultimately hijacking Kyoji's desire to be "the strongest" for his own ends. Using Kyoji, and his old partner Johnny Black as aides, XaXa was able to arrange the murders of players Tamotsu Shigemura/XeXeed, Tarako Usujio, Pale Rider, and Garret, before sending Kyoji to murder his own crush, Shino Asada. A sadist at heart, XaXa makes a point of crippling his opponents' avatars with a paralyzing toxin before delivering the coup de grace, and during his sword fight with Kirito in GGO does his best to cut him to ribbons, mocking him the entire time.
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  • Atsushi Kanamoto/Johnny Black is another top member of the Laughing Coffin Guild. As the Guild's Master Poisoner, Johnny came up with a way to paralyze opponents so that they could then be tortured to death, and puts this poison into effect during his, XaXa, and PoH's attack on the members of the Golden Apple Guild. When discussing what they will do with the captured trio, Johnny expresses a desire to make them fight each other to the death, promising to release the survivor; when PoH notes that Johnny will just kill the survivor, Johnny complains about how the Guild Leader has ruined the surprise. He subsequently tries to poison Kirito when he comes to the Golden Apple trio's rescue. Escaping into the real world, Johnny was recruited by XaXa during the Death Gun murders, poisoning Pale Rider and Garret in their homes, before again making a getaway. He was finally arrested when, after having lain in wait for six months, he attacked Kirito and Asuna on the street, intending to inject them with poison from a syringe, and hospitalizing Kirito.

Alicization Arc

  • Vassago Cassals/PoH (short for Prince of Hell) was forced to become a criminal due to unfortunate conditions, but he proved his vileness by willingly becoming an assassin and murderer. Entering SAO to kill a target, PoH become the founder of the aforementioned Laughing Coffin guild, where he rallied together the worst of those trapped in the game-—including the aforementioned XaXa and Johnny Black—and had them slaughter their fellow players, all for the joy of seeing East Asian players kill each other. Later betraying and abandoning his own Guild to die, PoH corrupted other players and sent them to kill those who had participated in the Laughing Coffin's downfall. Returning in Alicization as a member of Glowgen Defence Systems, PoH becomes Gabriel Miller's right hand, leading his invasion to the Human Territory, killing dozens of sentient AIs. When Japanese players appear to try to contain the invasion, PoH contacts unaware players from the rest of world, lies to them about the situation and connects them to the Undeworld to enjoy the mutual violence and causing as much pain as he can. Finding a comatose Kirito, PoH beats him and promises to torture his lover and friends to death until he fights him while using the energy from the death and suffering of sentient beings to empower his weapon. A sadistic murderer, PoH proves his sheer vileness by always taking bad situations and making them worse for his own amusement.
  • Quinella is the ruler of the Underworld server and High Minister of the Axiom Church. In an effort to obtain immortality, she fused herself with the Cardinal System of Underworld. After her success, she began corrupting the souls of the Underworld nobility by separating the nations and spreading ignorance and fear among the populace. After making the populace believe that she was a goddess, she created the Axiom Church and named herself the Highest Minister. Quinella brainwashed every rebel fighting against her government and the Champions of the Four Empires Unity Tournament—something which she had done for centuries. She also performs fatal experiments on innocent people in order to learn the secrets of the human units. After realizing the invasion of the Dark Territory was inevitable, Quinella confiscated every line of defenses from Human Empire in order to make the people more dependent on the Axiom Church. When faced with possible defeat by the Dark Territory, Quinella transforms familiars of her own Integrity Knights into swords and forms a Golem out of them, making the people of said golem believe they are protecting their loved ones, thus distorting The Power of Love into a tool of violence and destruction. A narcissistic sociopath and a selfish woman, Quinella only wants to control everything in her reach, killing and torturing anyone who dares to challenge her or "her" empire; said empire being so bad that both Kirito and Cardinal consider destroying the Underworld better than having Quinella rule it.
  • Gabriel Miller, psychotic even as a child, is also known as Subtilizer in GGO and Dark God Vector in the Underworld. The boss of Glowgen Defense Systems, Gabriel manages to assault the Ocean Turtle and enter into the Underworld in the super-account of Vector, god of darkness, intending to capture the only fully-developed Artificial Fluctlight and brainwash her into be his submissive wife and "start a new life in a new world". With his new godlike powers, Gabriel turns the turbulent Seven Lords Assembly of the Dark Territory into his personal dictatorship, taking advantage of the flaws in the data of the habitats, who are forced to follow the "rule of the strongest". When the wall of the Human Empire collapses, Gabriel leads the invasion, using risk strategies, causing unnecessary deaths on his own side, as he believes their sheer numbers and experience are the only things he needs to win, eventually using members of his own army as Demihuman sacrifices to empower his sorceress. Contacting his allies in the Real World, Gabriel summons hundreds of unaware players that kill several AIs believing that they were inside just another game. "Dying" after forcing a AI to sacrifice his own life, Gabriel returns with his GGO account and mocks said AI for his sacrifice before fighting Kirito and torturing him. A cold sociopath, Gabriel goes so far as to think of the possibility of destroying the Underworld and killing every AI in it after his victory.


  • In this retelling of the Aincrad Arc, Morte is one of the thousands of players trapped in SAO and the first murderer inside it. Superficially jolly, Morte convinces a desperate player to scam other players and steal their weapons before trying to get him executed for said crime. Reaching the next floor, Morte enjoys killing a likely sentient NPC and manipulates the two biggest guilds of players into fighting each other while he challenges Kirito to a seemingly non-lethal duel, trying to kill him with a Finishing Move and make it look like an accident as he had done to others in the past. The first murderer inside SAO—managing to get people killed despite the heavy restrictions at the time—Morte become the predecessor to the aforementioned Laughing Coffin Guild members.


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