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"[Palpatine] is more evil than the devil. At least Satan fell — he has a history, and it's one of revenge.
But the Emperor — well, I don't know all the details, but who does of the Sith? — is an independent agent who just lives for the exercise of power. He doesn't know what scruples are, let alone have any. The only emotion that manifests itself truly is the one seen just before he meets his end, if that's what he meets, in
Jedi — and then that's pure anger, when he realizes that he hasn't succeeded in manipulating young Skywalker. So he has to kill him, and he tries to do that with unadulterated fury."

As a popular franchise, Star Wars and its Expanded Universe have popularized the concept of Redemption and Heel Face Turns, especially Redemption Equals Death. However, Star Wars is still a modern tale of a classic battle between good and evil, the Light Side versus the Dark. Thus, even in the Galaxy Far Far Away, the worst of the worst may still exist.

The "Canon" section is sorted in rough chronological order, while the "Legends" and "Others" sections are sorted by alphabetical order in each media category.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Sheev Palpatine is a Dark Lord of the Sith who is by far one of the franchise's most iconic and evil villains. Born as a nasty sociopath who loved to inflict pain and sought to extend his influence wherever he could, in his various guises as Darth Sidious and ruler of the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire, he has been responsible for orchestrating galactic-level wars; manipulating others and then disposing of them when they have served his needs; personally murdering and torturing a vast number of people; tyrannically oppressing trillions of sapient beings; wiping out billions of lives to secure and then maintain power; and concocting a scheme to have hundreds of worlds destroyed before doing the same to the entire Empire and its countless soldiers should he perish. His crimes across the entire franchise are detailed in various canon works, where he is the Big Bad; numerous Legends works; and "Others".
  • Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin is one of the highest-ranking officers in the Galactic Empire and one of their most infamously cruel. Even before his integration into the Empire, the utterly sociopathic Tarkin showed resentment towards the Jedi, despite them saving his life many times. During his time in the Empire, Tarkin infamously destroyed Alderaan simply to set an example of what would happen if anyone crossed the empire. Tarkin's only response to any of his atrocities is a cold, smug sense of satisfaction. A Knight Templar par excellence, Tarkin exercised cruelty nightmarish even by the standards of the Empire despite not even being a Sith, coldly dismissing Berch Teller's words to his protocol with "[E]vil will have to do." His multitude of said evil can be found in various canon works below; in the Legends section (which includes Death Star) and the Legends video game Empire at War; and in "Others".

Canon works

Multiple Media

  • Original and prequel movie trilogies: Sheev Palpatine, as Senator of Naboo, engineers the Trade Federation's invasion and blockade of his own home planet, using the sympathy generated to become Supreme Chancellor. Palpatine later starts the Clone Wars and uses the war to gain considerable emergency powers, and later on successfully turns Anakin Skywalker to The Dark Side by exploiting Anakin's fear about the possible death of his wife Padmé, and afterwards nearly annihilates the Jedi Order by means of Order 66. He brands the Jedi as traitors to the Republic and has and has most of them—including the Jedi children—killed by his soldiers. Palpatine kills and disposes his loyal Separatist allies, such as his apprentice Dooku, when he has no more use for them, and turns the Republic into a fascist dictatorship, ruling by fear and using planet-destroying superweapons like the Death Star against anything with the idea of dissenting. Once he becomes Emperor, Palpatine is known to have personally destroyed entire populations and single-handedly razed entire cities that were suspected to conspire against him. Finally, Palpatine flawlessly engineers the total destruction of the Rebellion, and treats Darth Vader as expendable because he wants to make Luke his next apprentice by goading Luke into murdering his father. When Luke refuses, Palpatine then gleefully blasts him with Force lightning, trying to kill him.
  • Animated series: Chancellor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, is the instigator of the Clone Wars and the Dark Lord of the Sith. Desiring an army of Force-users to serve his will, Sidious hired Cad Bane to kidnap Force-sensitive infants, so that Sidious could perform horrific and potentially fatal experiments upon them, coldly disregarding their possible deaths. When he felt that Asajj Ventress was growing too powerful, Sidious commanded Count Dooku to kill her, ignoring his protests and mockingly praising his apprentice for his "loyalty" when Dooku believed that he had carried out the order. Later, after deciding that his former apprentice, Darth Maul, had grown too powerful, Sidious attacked him on Mandalore, gleefully murdering Maul's brother, Savage Opress, and sadistically torturing Maul himself into submission, later using Maul in a plot to kill Mother Talzin. When Fives discovered Order 66—about which it is later revealed that the clone troopers who executed the order were fully aware of what they were made to do—Palpatine had him drugged into insanity to prevent the truth from being revealed, a plan which ended in Fives's death. When Yoda sets out on a vision quest, Sidious takes the opportunity to try and destroy the vulnerable Jedi Master, using Sith sorcery in an attempt to corrupt and kill Yoda. After proclaiming himself the Emperor of the Galaxy, Palpatine has the Empire hunt for Force-sensitive children and use them in an attempt to figure out the secret of immortality. Decades later, he attempted to tempt Ezra Bridger into using The World Between Worlds to return to his parents, which would give Palpatine control over time itself, to remake all of existence in his image. As always, Darth Sidious is a malevolent, sadistic monster who employs exceptionally cruel methods in his quest for power.
  • The Aftermath Trilogy: Even after his death, Emperor Sheev Palpatine's evil still lived. The Contingency, concocted by Palpatine and Gallius Rax, is a horrifying plan consisting of Rax luring the New Republic and the Empire into a final conflict, then wiping out both sides by blowing up the entire planet they are dueling on, which will kill not only the hundreds of thousands of soldiers on both sides, but also the millions upon millions of lifeforms on the destroyed planet. Palpatine's reasoning for this scheme was nothing more than a final way of executing those who failed him, believing that if he died, the Empire and all its members deserved to die as well due to failing to protect him from death.
  • The Rise of Skywalker: Palpatine's final outing reveals himself to be the most ambitious and wicked Sith Lord to have scourged the galaxy. He was the mastermind behind Supreme Leader Snoke, the corruption of Ben Solo, and all the misery and death caused by the First Order, all of which was merely a smokescreen to his return. Palpatine reveals himself to be the grandfather of Rey, having her parents murdered when they refused to turn her over, and intends to corrupt and then possess her, making her the Empress of his "Final Order" to keep the Sith alive for eternity. In the final battle for the fate of the galaxy, Palpatine orders a legion of Star Destroyers with planet-annihilating weaponry to destroy every inhabited world that refuses to bow down to him, even having the entire planet of Kijimi blown up just to spite the heroes and prove his power.

  • The High Republic:
    • Phase I: Light of the Jedi: Marchion Ro, "Eye" of the Nihil, was their chief navigator, torturing the near-comatose Mari San Tekka to provide information. Seeking to rule the Nihil, Marchion would engineer mass destruction of his own forces against the Republic to put the Nihil under his own thumb and forge them into an empire of his own. Capturing Jedi Master Loden, Marchion has him and seven innocent people tortured for almost a year in order to weaken Loden's connection to the Force. Leading brutal campaigns and raids that slaughtered countless along the Outer Rim, Marchion proceeds to unleash the monstrous Nameless on the Jedi while utilizing super weapons to devastate entire fleets and space stations. Consumed by an egotistical need to dominate and simply despising the notion of being told by anyone what to do, Marchion plans to annihilate the entire Republic and Jedi.
    • Phase II: Quest of the Jedi: Elecia Zeveron, officially known as "the Mother", became the Path of the Open Hand's head prophet after falsely claiming that she had received messages from the Force validating their beliefs. Under her leadership, the Path went from simply abstaining from Force-usage to crusading against all those who would "abuse" it, an agenda she sought to enforce by unleashing the otherworldly and insatiably hungry Nameless upon them. Appearing as a charitable and nurturing figure, the Mother was, in truth, a cruel and self-centered manipulator who would, at worst, order the deaths of those she no longer saw of use to her. The Mother also did not really believe what she preached, as not only was she a Force user herself, but her desire to punish Force users was secretly born out of bitter jealousy and spite towards the Jedi Order for choosing her sister Oliviah for training over her. To that end, Elecia tried to perpetuate a Forever War between the twin planets Eiram and E'ronoh and reheated their war on Jedha when peace seemed imminent as a way to generate hatred towards the Jedi and gain more followers for her cult. Later rebranding her cult the Path of the Closed Fist, the Mother prepared them for war and declared anyone who wasn't with her an enemy, with not even unknowingly Force-sensitive Path members being safe.
  • Wilhuff Tarkin, after being promoted to Moff following Palpatine's conversion of the Republic to The Empire, would craft the Tarkin Doctrine, which laid out the new Empire's principles. Tarkin would then repeatedly demonstrate his cruelties as a high-ranking officer: committing genocide against the 100 billion inhabitants of Geonosis by using poisonous gas; punishing the populace of Antar-4 with no regard to who had been loyal to the Republic, killing many innocents; ordering the annihilation of Kamino and its populace; and, upon his promotion to Grand Moff, taxing the subjects of the Outer Rim to starvation and engineering the torture of the potentially ignorant Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus. During the earliest days of the Death Star, Tarkin sanctions the obliteration of the rebel city NiJedha and claims the victory as his own, later having the station fire on the Imperial base on Scarif to quell rebel activity while killing countless members of the Empire's own men, his hated rival Orson Krennic, and the remainder of Rogue One. Upon briefing the gunners for the Death Star, Tarkin secretly monitors them to see if they will hesitate in their orders. When they do so, Tarkin chastises them for "weakness", noting to one Alderaan native he would happily annihilate his own world without a second thought before coldly dismissing them as weaklings and ejecting them into space. Tarkin's most recognized atrocity is having Princess Leia tortured and, even after gaining the information he wanted, forcing her to witness the destruction of her homeworld of Alderaan, killing billions of innocent people.
  • General Grievous is the brutal Cyborg commander of the Separatist droid army, seeking to win the Clone Wars and bring the entire galaxy under Separatist rule. Appointed by Count Dooku to lead the war effort in destabilizing the Galactic Republic, Grievous orchestrates a variety of droid attacks across the galaxy, involving entire planets being razed, civilizations starved, and countless other war crimes committed by those in service to Grievous. A vicious sadist with a taste for Jedi killing, Grievous has butchered dozens of Jedi and Padawans over the years, collecting their lightsabers and braids as trophies and even torturing Master Koth to near-death to stroke his own ego. Over the course of the Clone Wars, Grievous uses the Malevolence to try to kill tens of thousands of wounded clones at a medical facility; commits genocide against the Nightsister clan down to the children; bombs Coruscant to cause a destructive blackout and prolong the galactic war; and tries to wipe out the Jedi Temple and its hundreds of occupants. Grievous is an utter madman with no loyalty or care for anything but himself—willing to execute his own minions by the dozen and even openly threaten Dooku himself—and earns his reputation of fear and disgust from the Jedi, who place near-sole blame on Grievous for the extent of horrors brought about by the Clone Wars.
  • Catalyst & Rogue One: Commander Orson Callan Krennic, the future Director of the Advanced Weapons Research division of the Imperial Military, originally fought for the Republic as a Lieutenant Commander in the Clone Wars, massacring even civilians whose only crime was being affiliated with Separatists. Krennic enthusiastically supported the new Empire in order to make his dream of creating the planet-killing Death Star a reality. At one point, Krennic orchestrates a war on one world, both so the Empire can end up brutally suppressing it and to distract his rival Tarkin. Krennic tries to obtain the research of his former friend, pacifistic genius scientist Galen Erso, for the sake of using it for the Death Star's superlaser, and massacres a group of engineers who ask to be released from their contracts by blowing up their facility. When Galen escapes, Krennic tracks him down, resulting in the death of Galen's wife before forcing him to complete the Death Star, which Krennic later tests on the civilian city of Jedha after his original proposal of destroying the entire moon is shot down, finding himself awestruck by the resulting mass casualties and destruction. After learning that one of his engineers leaked information on the Death Star, Krennic has them all executed just to hurt Galen—who had already admitted he was the leaker. Firmly dedicated to furthering his own career, Krennic will betray or murder whoever he has to in order to keep the command he feels is his by right.
  • Phasma engineered her own family's deaths as part of a cover story to join their rival tribe and later ingratiate herself to the First Order, whom she later aided in the destruction of her home planet. Indoctrinating recruits for the First Order as a Captain in their ranks, Phasma happily assisted in their massacres and war crimes as well. Painfully murdering her former superior Brendol Hux, Phasma also attempted to poison and kill a kindhearted stormtrooper and ruthlessly tried to kill any who knew of her past, including her own young niece. Selling out the codes of the Starkiller Base to save herself from the heroes, Phasma sacrifices loyal soldiers to ease her own escape and later murders a survivor who knew of her treachery, inciting a war between local species on a planet to eliminate them. Afterwards, Phasma kills the TIE pilot who had helped her just to tie up loose ends and when she encounters former First Order member Finn, tries to torture him to death instead of going for a quick kill to draw out his suffering. A coward who will betray and murder anyone to live a bit longer, Phasma sets the standard for ruthless evil in the First Order, with nobody safe from her cruelty.

By Medium

Comic Books

  • Darth Maul - Black, White & Red issue #1—"Ghost Ship": The Emissary of Chaos is the mysterious leader of the anarchistic Final Occultation and is strongly hinted to be a being of the Netherworld. When Darth Sidious arranges for the cult to be taken into custody in order to learn their secrets, the Emissary leads them to hijack the prison ship that is transporting them and slaughter the crew. The Emissary organizes and presides over a summoning ceremony, planning to use the ship's hyperdrive to open a rift in space and unleash chaos and madness on the galaxy.
  • Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith issues #19-25—"Fortress Vader" arc: Darth Momin began his evil at a young age when he butchered his family's pet cat to make a sculpture from its remains. After killing his master, Momin devoted his time to studying the Dark Side and eventually dedicated his later morbid creations to the Dark Side itself. As a testament to his philosophy that the only true forms of art are the ones that elicit pain and fear from those who see it, Momin and his acolytes constructed a superweapon designed specifically to preserve the perpetual terror of an entire city before its citizens were vaporized into ash. His spirit living on inside his mask, Momin helps Darth Vader construct his fortress to open a doorway in the Force, causing destructive storms and eruptions across Mustafar, before betraying him and using the doorway to reunite with his original body.
  • The Screaming Citadel: The Queen of Ktath'atn is a parasitic being who rules her world and the Screaming Citadel. Keeping the population enslaved, the Queen has them sucked of life by her servants for her to feed upon, while luring in other beings to be drained of life and turned into her zombified slaves and Cannon Fodder. Upon becoming aware of Luke, the Queen attempts to devour his own life and targets his friends to get to him as well, infecting Han with a parasite to turn him into her slave.
  • Ren was Kylo Ren's predecessor as leader of the Knights of Ren. A sadistic killer who recruits Knights by making them murder a person close to them, Ren leads them to kill and burn whatever they want across the galaxy. Ren assists Crimson Dawn in causing chaos across the galaxy to bring down the Empire, only to turn on Qi'ra and singlehandedly save the Emperor from certain death to gain favor with the Sith. Continuing his usual activities, at one point Ren slaughters several law enforcers to recruit a Force-sensitive criminal, goading him into killing his own brother; when said brother kills him instead, hoping to be recruited in his place, Ren murders him for not being Force-sensitive. Eventually taking Ben Solo as his newest recruit, Ren leads the Knights in search of a Force artifact in the mines of Mimban. Killing all the miners he took as prisoners even after Ben extracts information from them, Ren orders the Knights to kill everyone who gets in their way. When Ben's two former friends, Voe and Tai, get in their way, Ren orders Ben to kill Tai while toying with Voe. After concluding that Ben doesn't have it in him, he kills Tai himself before attempting to kill Ben as well.


  • Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy:
    • Jixtus is an agent of the mysterious Grysk Hegemony. Plotting the destruction of the Chiss Ascendancy, Jixtus manipulates Nikardun Destiny into a path of conquest. Jixtus has a group of telepathic Agbui cause a Civil War on planet Sunrise, having survivors enslaved as the planet is turned into a mining colony for nyix metal. Jixtus sends Agbui to infiltrate the Chiss Ascendancy, using Nikardun conquests as a distraction. Following the defeat of the Nikardun, Jixtus massacres the inhabitants of two of their outposts and turns the outposts into shipyards. Jixtus helps Haplif of the Agbui throw the influential Chiss families into a battle that almost throws the Ascendancy into a civil war. Foiled once again, Jixtus allies with Generalirius Nakirre, leader of the theocratic Kilji Illumine, setting him on the warpath across the sector, while Jixtus continues to manipulate the Chiss Ascendancy into a civil war. After Thrawn and his allies free Sunrise from Grysk occupation, Jixtus hears about the future seeing powers of the leader of the Sunrise, Magys, and schemes to take Magys and use her for the Grysk conquests. Jixtus is lured to Sunrise where, realizing that the Kilji conquests have been foiled, he kills Generalirius Nakirre. Jixtus assumes command of his fleet to destroy Thrawn and his allies, spending his last moments before his death proclaiming to Thrawn that the Grysk will eventually destroy them all.
    • Greater Good: Haplif is a member of a race of telepaths called the Agubai and is the nastiest of Jixtus' followers. Haplif specialises in starting Civil Wars on planets that wipe out most of the population in order for the Grysk to harvest the planet's resources unopposed. Haplif started a war between opposing factions on the planet of Sunrise and spurred them into using more destructive weapons, leading to the slaughter of nearly the entire population and enslavement of the rest, a feat which only took six months, which Haplif is immensely proud of. Haplif frames a refugee ship from Sunrise as enemy combatants, leading to the slaughter of everyone onboard and subjugation of the system to which the refugees flee. Hired by Jixtus to destroy the Chiss Ascendancy, Haplif plans to manipulate a colossal conflict between the various ruling houses to destroy it that will wipe out countless people, all so Haplif can profit.
  • A New Dawn: Count Denetrius Vidian is a bureaucrat and manager in charge of overseeing the Empire's factories. Vidian demonstrates his authority by working his subordinates to death and beating a union boss to death when he protests. Vidian shows a penchant for torturing his enemies and plans to mine one moon for all the materials it has, even though the excessive mining will destroy the moon and its planet, thus killing all the beings there; Vidian simply plans to blame a rival noble for the disaster. His worst moment comes when an entirely competent factory manager protests that Vidian's demands are impossible. He proceeds to throw her into a vat of acid and angrily tells her to "dissolve quickly" so he can get back to work before beating her husband to death when he attempts to arrest Vidian.
  • The Aftermath Trilogy:
    • Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax is the mastermind behind the entire trilogy, and establishes himself as a savage sadist beneath his apparently pleasant demeanor. Once a lowly orphan whose ruthlessness earned himself a place as Emperor Palpatine's apprentice after he manipulated then burned alive a group of children, Rax went on to rise through the ranks and succeed Palpatine in ruling the Empire following the latter's demise. In his new position, Rax executes a variety of Imperials for perceived weakness and orchestrates many bloody conflicts against the New Republic, notably mind controlling their own soldiers into assassinating their leadership during a peace treaty signing. Ordering his own right hand, Rae Sloane, murdered when she grows disgusted by his tactics, Rax reveals his master plan concocted by himself and Palpatine to lure the armies of the New Republic and Empire to the planet Jakku for a final war, where Rax will proceed to blow up the entire planet, wiping out both sides of the conflict as well as the entire native population. Afterwards, Rax plans to use dozens of children he has brainwashed and tormented into obedience to create his own armada with which to conquer the galaxy, indirectly leading to the conception of the First Order.
    • Life Debt: Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck conceals the fall of the Emperor from his own men to continue ruling over the planet Kashyyyk as its king. Forcing the Wookiee race into slave labor by installing inhibitor chips that cause intense pain in the Wookiees, Tolruck also begins hunting them for sport and food. When the former Rebellion comes to liberate Kashyyyk, Tolruck continues his barbaric activities and tortures a rebel who falls into his hands, while also considering farming the Wookiee population for meat and crossbreeding them with Talz, a sapient species he finds especially delicious. When he realizes it's impossible to hold Kashyyyk, Tolruck ordered his small fleet of star destroyers to annihilate the entire world, declaring he will surrender Kashyyyk to no one, not even the Empire itself.
  • Last Shot: Fyzen Gor is a criminal from Utapau. Once a medical student who gained a dark affinity for droids, Fyzen harvested his best friend for "parts", and spent times in desert wastes raiding villages to take and butcher sapients, including children, to adorn his droids. Upon being forcibly recruited into a criminal syndicate, Fyzen betrayed and murdered his leader before continuing to slaughter untold numbers to cannibalize for parts for his droids. Plotting a droid revolution, Fyzen creates the Phylanx to send a signal that will overwrite the programing of droids throughout the galaxy and replacing it with an order to slaughter sapients until the New Republic itself collapses under the tide of blood to follow.
  • Shadow of the Sith: Viceroy Exim Panshard was an ancient Sith who ruled over an unknown planet. Regularly having slaves massacred for his amusement, Panshard bound the screaming, agonized souls of hundreds in a mask to preserve his spirit. His malicious will lingering, Panshard corrupts whoever finds and dons the mask, using them to kill others with the intention of staging an invasion of the galaxy and reviving the Sith.

TV Series (Animated & Live-Action)

The Clone Wars
  • Blue Shadow Virus arc—"Blue Shadow Virus" & "Mystery of a Thousand Moons": Dr. Nuvo Vindi is the Mad Scientist who recreated the titular virus, a disease that kills all who contract it and which no lifeform is immune to, after it had been wiped from the galaxy. Vindi not only brought the virus back, he converted it to an airborne strain so it could spread more easily. Vindi's ultimate plan is to send a virus-laden bomb to each key Republic star system, creating a galaxy-wide plague that could kill entire planetary populations. When his operation is put at risk by the Republic, Vindi just decides to prematurely activate the bombs while they're still on world, with the intention of killing everyone on Naboo, himself included. Though hired by the Separatists to perform these actions, it's clear that Vindi takes great joy in his work, and sees unleashing the revived virus as passing judgement on the galaxy that once "murdered" it.
  • Ryloth arc & Bad Batch arc: Wat Tambor, Foreman of the Techno Union and former Emir of Ryloth, is a vile force even among the Separatist Council. Using his position as Emir to oppress and starve the Twi'lek populace of Ryloth while having Resistance fighters massacred even after forcing them into surrender, Tambor responds to the Republic's attempts to liberate the planet by using Twi'lek people as living shields to dissuade them from attacks. Tambor eventually gives up on the planet, ordering Twi'lek villages full of women and children wiped out and trying to firebomb the entire planet to wipe out it and its populace to spite the Republic, attempting to make off with its riches to further salt the wound. As Foreman of the Techno Union, Tambor leads horrendous experiments against sapient creatures on Skako Minor, using fallen Clone Echo as a living computer and forcing him to experience the last moments before his "death" for months on end, and tries to use his organic decimator to slaughter Anakin and the Bad Batch when they try to free him. Vile, smug, and cowardly, Tambor endlessly spoils for others what he cannot have for himself and wreaks a uniquely long list of atrocities in his service to the Separatists.
  • Mon Calamari War arc: Riff Tamson is a ferocious Separatist ambassador seeking to destabilize the Mon Cala government and take control of the planet. To that end, he orchestrates a Civil War between the Mon Calamari and Quarren people by murdering the planet's beloved king, and radicalizing the Quarren by preying on their fears that his successor Prince Lee-Char is unfit to rule. After initiating a surprise attack on the peace-seeking Mon Calamari, Tamson oversees a series of battles resulting in numerous deaths on both sides while viciously biting many Mon Calamari to death himself. After taking control of Mon Cala and having its population enslaved, Tamson has Anakin Skywalker electrically tortured for the whereabouts of Prince Lee-Char, and when he doesn't cooperate, threatens to drown his wife Padmé. Even when the Prince is bought before him, Tamson callously leaves her to die anyway before ordering his men to rip the teenage prince to shreds in a Public Execution. Even Tamson's Quarren allies aren't safe from his brutality and treachery, as he plans on subjugating them as well once he's seized control of the throne.
  • Umbara arc: General Pong Krell first comes across as a heavily abrasive and unpleasant Jedi Master with a particularly burning hatred for Clone Troopers, only to turn out to be far worse than anyone imagined. Infamous for having ridiculously high casualty numbers due to him callously throwing his troops' lives away to secure a victory, Krell takes command of the 501st legion and forces them into following disastrous battle plans that are designed to kill as many of them as possible. When troopers Fives and Jesse disobey his orders so they can secure a victory against the Separatists without too many casualties, he orders the reluctant Captain Rex to have them executed. When it doesn't pan out, Krell instead orchestrates a battle between two Clone battalions and tricks each side into thinking that the other consists of disguised enemy infiltrators, which results in several deaths before the Clones catch on. Exposed as a traitor, Krell slaughters dozens of Clone Troopers while smugly revealing that he was planning to help the Separatists strike a crippling blow to the Republic by leaking sensitive information to them, and then join the Sith Lord Count Dooku due to foreseeing the Jedi losing the Clone Wars and desiring a place on the victorious side. When defeated and questioned, Krell is smug and unapologetic about his crimes and gleefully reveals that he manipulated and murdered the Clones out of nothing more than pure, spiteful bigotry.
  • Zygerria arc: Keeper Agruss is the cruel Zygerrian taskmaster of the Kadavo mining facility. Charged with breaking the will of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Agruss starts by executing several slaves just to make a point to the Jedi Master. Setting his slaves to work in horrible conditions, Agruss has other slaves tortured if Obi-Wan tries to help them, intending to make his help unproductive and alienate those whom Obi-Wan wants to aid. When the Republic arrives to free Kenobi and the other slaves, Agruss sets the mining facility's system to drop all of the slaves to their deaths, and smashes the control panel to prevent Obi-Wan from undoing this. Agruss then taunts Obi-Wan by claiming that he cannot retaliate because of his Jedi beliefs, prompting the normally merciful Obi-Wan to subtly order Rex to kill Agruss. Even in a society of slavers, Keeper Agruss is a despicable being who places no value on innocent lives beyond their use to him.


  • The Mandalorian: Moff Gideon, known for his war crimes even among the horrible Empire, is a mild-seeming man who helped lead the attack on Mandalore. In what was dubbed the Night of a Thousand Tears, Gideon led a mass slaughter and bombing campaign that saw the abject genocide of Mandalore's population with the survivors scattered, even going back on his word to stop the massacre should Bo-Katan surrender the Darksaber to him. Returning to try to capture the infant Force-user Grogu, Gideon tries to harvest the child's blood to craft a legion of Force-sensitive clones and lead a new conquest of the galaxy. Making Mandalore his base, Gideon intends to complete his purge of the Mandalorians, uncaring to how many he has to kill in his mad quest for power.


Multiple Works

  • Wilhuff Tarkin first came to the Emperor's attention with the Ghorman Massacre, where he ended a peaceful tax protest by landing his Star Destroyer on the protestors, crushing thousands of people to death. As one of Palpatine's highest-ranked agents, Tarkin enforced the Emperor's will through the "Tarkin Doctrine", which codified the Empire's policy of ruling through fear. This led to the creation of the Death Star, a project which Tarkin spearheaded and personally oversaw. As a test of the planet-killer's weapon, Tarkin destroyed the planet Despayre, the site of the Death Star's construction. With billions of deaths to his name, Tarkin proves himself to be one of the Empire's most ruthless officers, with only the Emperor himself rivaling his cruelty.
  • Ewok Adventures & The Illustrated Star Wars Universe: "King" Terak was a brutal Sanyassan warlord who crash-landed upon Endor, destroying his dreams of plundering the galaxy. To vent his frustration, Terak promptly executed the one Sanyassan who could have navigated him out of Endor and resigned himself to decades of pillaging Endor, wiping out and enslaving entire Ewok villages out of sheer spite, torturing prisoners to death, and yearning for the day he could return to the stars. When a starship pilot who was captured by Terak revealed he had a crystal powerful enough to fuel an entire spaceship, Terak executed him so he could hunt for the crystal himself, in the process razing an entire village and murdering the entire family of the young child Cindal. Terak remorselessly tried to murder Cindal herself later, as well as all of her Ewok friends.
  • Darth Ruin, once a Jedi Master known as Phanius, was a solipsistic megalomaniac who left the Jedi Order and restored the Sith. Responsible for the Republic Dark Age, the newly christened Darth Ruin led an attack that devastated the Republic with untold casualties of innocents and Jedi alike. Establishing a new Sith Empire, Ruin was careless for the lives of his followers even for Sith, sacrificing countless members of his own order on mere whims.
  • Belia Darzu is one of the ghastliest mad scientists the Sith have ever produced. A Shii'do from the days of the New Sith Wars, Belia perverted the Force art of mecha-deru—the art of mechanical manipulation—and turned it into "mecha-deru vitae" to allow the combination of machines and living flesh. Belia creates an army made entirely of innocents she's forcibly converted into creatures she calls "technobeasts", the process of which involves the horrific lobotomization of the victim and their bodies twisted into cybernetic monstrosities; she even designs a Synthetic Plague that transforms people into new technobeasts to go along with them to assimilate as many people as she can. Finally assassinated by the Mecrosa Order, Rule of Two shows that not even death ends her control over the technobeasts; her lab is filled with hundreds of them, awaiting her commands even in death and helpless to prevent themselves from rotting for centuries.
  • Bounty Hunter & Jango Fett: Open Seasons: Montross is a ruthless Mandalorian Bounty Hunter with a love for murder and hunting. In his debut, Montross is presented as a particularly vicious Mandalorian who takes extra time to shoot and kill fleeing enemy troops, and ultimately betrays his noble boss and leaves him to die so as to take control of their group himself. Exiled upon this act, Montross becomes a bounty hunter who kills for sport more than anything else, as seen when he smugly murders a man begging for his life, proclaiming that, even though the man is worth more alive, he's "worth enough dead". Commissioned by Count Dooku to hunt down a rogue Dark Jedi, Montross tortures and murders his way across the galaxy in his hunt, culminating in him torturing his Arch-Enemy Jango Fett's best friend, Rozatta, to near death, before using her as a lure for Jango. Once Jango arrives at Outland Station, Montross blows the entire station up, wiping out its thousands of occupants in a mad attempt at murdering Jango. A despicable sociopath with nothing but cruelty driving him, Montross stands out even among Mandalorians and bounty hunters as a vile individual.

Knights of the Old Republic franchise

  • The Sith Emperor, born Tenebrae and later known as Lord Vitiate, rose from an illegitimate child of a Sith Lord to the Greater-Scope Villain of the entire franchise. Murdering his father to entrap his soul and take power, Vitiate went on to lure thousands of Sith Lords to his planet, where he forced them to participate in a ritual which empowered him while draining the world of life. As Emperor Valkorion, he brought about the devastating Mandalorian Wars and later caused another war which claimed countless more lives, using sleeper agents to weaken the Republic and trying to destroy entire star system in an attempt to enact a ritual which would allow him to devour all life in the galaxy. Possessing a hero to found yet another Empire on the planet Zakuul, Vitiate manipulated his own children from the possession, having one of his sons murder the other and using his daughter for cruel experimentation. With his "Eternal Empire", Vitiate bound his spirit to the hero the Outlander and initiated a new invasion to cause a galaxy-wide war and caused further chaos by having his now insane daughter take the throne of Zakuul, before allowing for her assassination and leaving the planet in turmoil without a leader. Even his death was not enough to end his evil, as the destruction of his physical body unleashed the lingering traces of his essence, which sought to possess Satele Shan and her followers as its new hosts in one final bid to unleash further suffering on the galaxy.
  • Prequel comic book series:
    • Chantique, meaning "Destroyer", the slaver is a leader of the slaving operation Crucible and as the Magister Impressor is responsible for educating and teaching new slaves. Chantique, born Kessarah, proudly presides over a legacy of misery and torment, forcing slaves to battle one another in pointless gladiator fights, with one slave in particular having to carry the memories of every other slave who had ever suffered in the past. After the slave's suicide, Chantique proceeded to mock his would-be savior on the meaninglessness of his death. A brutal sadist who was not above outright murdering her victims, Chantique also possessed a grudge against her old rival Jarael and would stop at nothing to make her suffer and destroy all the relationships she had formed. The crowning moment of cruelty for Chantique was seeing that ever since she rose to lead Crucible, she celebrated by having one of her old schoolmates buried alive. When she learned her father was coming to collect her old classmates, Chantique buried them all and gleefully mocked him that he should have taught them how to hold their breath.
    • Demagol, born Antos Wyrick, become one of the most feared and loathed beings in Mandalorian history. Known as "The Flesh Carver", Demagol hungered to learn the secrets behind the Force by torturing the Jedi who fell into his grasp, even the children when children are honored and protected by Mandalorians. The experiments would often end in excruciating vivisection. Revealed to have once sold his own daughter, Chantique, into slavery at Crucible, when faced by her after stabbing her in the back, Demagol snarled he only wanted "The good ones. The ones that worked!". When he learns that Chantique buried his students alive, instead of mourning them he laments that she's ruined his "life's work." Combining a complete Lack of Empathy with sadistic scientific curiosity, Demagol stood as a unique monster in the Star Wars franchise and centuries after his death, his name had become a curse to the Mandalorians.
    • Haazen began his career in evil as a failed, jealous Padawan who murdered his former best friend Barristan Draay during the Great Sith War. His body rebuilt and scarred, Haazen's soul became as twisted as his outward appearance. Ruthlessly manipulating other Jedi into murdering their own Padawans, Haazen had Coruscant bombed from orbit to initiate a war that would allow him to destroy and rebuild the Sith and Jedi orders while ruling them from within. Haazen kept the true leader of the Convenant and the only one who might have stopped him in a state of horrible suspended animation where she could perceive every atrocity he manipulated her son into committing, including the deaths of children. A man defined by jealousy and hatred, Haazen's grand goals of plunging the galaxy into war, and causing the deaths of countless innocents, all while perverting the Jedi Order towards darkness, were nothing more than an attempt to feed his ego and spit on the grave of Barristan Draay.
    • Toki Tollivar is "the Corellian Strangler", a former Sith adept who has become a sadistic murderer. Using his meager Force sensitivity to painfully Force Choke several innocents to death, Toki manipulates his loyal droid Kayo into cleaning up his messes. Toki flees aboard a crowded luxury yacht when the authorities close in on his killing spree, only for his bloodlust to drive him to massacre the entire ship by strangling every last passenger to death. When Zayn Carrick and his friends find the dozens of dead innocents, Toki reveals he lured Zayn in specifically to kill him and his entire crew in the hopes of continuing his spree across the galaxy, Toki planning to "finish the Republic one citizen at a time".
  • Original video game:
    • Chuundar, brother of Zaalbar and son of Freyyr, is a twisted sociopath who eschews the normal honor and nobility of the Wookiees of Kashyyyk. Framing his brother to exile him and trying to murder his father, Chuundar proceeds to allow the Czerka Corp. to sell his own people into slavery and death. Secretly bargaining with them for weapons, Chuundar is gleeful to sell his own people into slavery as long as he benefits.
    • The One is a Rakata warlord who yearns to restart the Infinite Empire under his banner. Though utterly unsophisticated and lacking even the knowledge of what technology is, the One has lead a brutal path of conquest on his homeworld for years, regularly slaughtering entire villages; cannibalizing the chieftains; and enslaving thousands into his army. Upon discovering the Temple of the Ancients, the One plans to use its secrets to leave Lehon and spread his vicious tyranny across the galaxy. When the Elders stand in his way, the One kidnaps and tortures many of them to death, and tries to have their entire tribe killed to secure his victory.
    • Xor is a vile xenophobe who stands out even as a minor sidequest villain as the most disgusting character in the game. Violently prejudiced against the Cathar race, Xor took part in the brutal Mandalorian genocide of the race, gleefully killing Cathar "in the air, on the land, and in their homes, just to see them burn." After the complete genocide failed, Xor went on to enslave all female Cathar he could while killing the males. The source of Juhani's greatest suffering, Xor killed her father years ago, an act that also drove her mother to death, before trying to turn the child Juhani into another of his slaves, an act he attempts yet again when he runs into Juhani years later, bragging all the while of his assistance in the massacre of her world and the death of her family.
  • The Old Republic:
    • Lord Fulminiss is a Sith sorcerer known for his specialty in devising insidious technology and ways to exterminate entire planets. Fulminiss has a special focus on influencing and corrupting the mind, creating devices called the Seeds of Rage that slowly deform both the body and the mind. When tasked by the Emperor, Vitiate, to orchestrate enough death to fuel the Emperor's galaxy-devouring ritual, Fulminiss heads to Voss and perverts their healing ritual to create a plague of madness he intends to unleash on the entire planet and drive both native species, the Voss and the Gormak, into ripping themselves apart in bloody waves of slaughter. His first test subjects for this are his own apprentices, whom he drives to insanity as soon as he decides they've served their purpose to him.
    • Nar Shaddaa sidequest "Genocide": Commander Vergost is a xenophobic and genocidal Imperial officer who disgusts even his fellow Imperials. Taking control of a slaving camp on Nar Shaddaa, Vergost uses the secrecy of the planet to develop a bioweapon unbeknownst to his superiors, using it to begin wiping out members of the alien race known as the Evocii. Vergost plans to unleash the weapon across the space moon to kill the millions of Evocii populating it, then to present his work to the Empire in the hopes of spreading it across the galaxy to eventually wipe out all alien races. When his bioweapon is destroyed, Vergost, in rageful spite, starts massacring every Evocii he can get his hands on, killing thousands of them before he is stopped.
    • Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion Pack: Toborro shows that even among the greedy Hutts, a whole new low can be reached. After the war between the Republic and the Empire breaks out once again, Toborro plots to seize the power for himself. To that end, he hires the InterStellar Regulators and brutally subjugates the peaceful planet of Makeb. His ruthless harvest of the rare Isotope-5 to build himself up as a galactic power soon brings the planet on the verge of destruction. Fully knowing it will soon explode, Toborro orders the construction of an ark, which will only evacuate himself and his treasures, leaving the civilian population to its grim fate. After his ark gets taken away from him, he angrily rants that he is the one being unrightfully robbed and swears bloody vengeance, announcing civilian massacres as long as the ark isn't returned to him. Even after this, he is given several chances to stand down and redeem himself, but he doesn't take any of it and instead tries to blow up his base and the planet prematurely, claiming that if he can't have the Isotope-5, nobody should. Toborro is such an megalomanical, racist and self-centered person that even his fellow Hutts willingly give themselves to the Republic instead of going along with his plans.
    • Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion Pack: Jarak was obsessed with sapient brain research. Earning the disgust of his peers, he developed a brainwashing method with a 90% mortality rate, which he sold to various criminal elements. Hired by Emperor Valkorion, Jarak was tasked with perfecting his method as a means to control Valkorion's daughter Vaylin. To that end, he was provided with unlimited resources, which he ruthlessly sacrificed in order to break Vaylin, forcing her to witness his cruel methods. Punishing her for even the slightest resistance, Jarak eventually managed to break her, turning Vaylin from a frightened, innocent child into a deranged murderer, implanted with a Trigger Phrase for her to be used as a tool, describing it as glorious. Years later, Vaylin tasks him to undo her condition, which he once again does in the most agonizing way, before trying to slip away. After his death, it's revealed that he had Lieutenant Felix Iresso captured, torturing and experimenting on him for five years to access the Sith Holocron within Felix's head. Cowardly, cruel, and apathetic to the suffering he caused, the only thing Jarak was interested in was his research.
    • The Lost Suns tie-in comic: Darth Mekhis is a Mad Scientist and alchemist with a penchant for destructive superweapons. Introduced deploying chemical weapons against hundreds of people on a planet she is invading, Mekhis later takes control of the Vesla system and turns its population into her slave force. Mekhis forces her slaves to create weapons of mass destruction for her, and then turns around and tests the weapons on said slaves, killing off the millions of them for her own sadistic glee. Using the Sun Razer as a base of operations, Mekhis has designed the Sun Razer to devour stars for power, and has devastated multiple planets with it. She plans to mass produce the Sun Razer to enslave and kill millions more innocents, so that she can create all the more weapons for war that will be used to slaughter entire planets. Mekhis uses her free time to corrupt Jedi into becoming Sith, and any Jedi who remain stoutly against her are tortured and forcibly transformed into her cyborg slaves.

By Medium


  • Volume 1:
    • Darth Krayt, born A'Sharad Hett, the Emperor of the One Sith, was a great Jedi Knight once, but that time is long past. Seizing control of the Imperial throne, Krayt establishes a military dictatorship that violently destroys any who might be a threat. When a single Mon Calimari shipman is captured on board a rebel cruiser, Krayt flips out and kills him after ordering a summary execution of ten percent of the Mon Calimari species while the rest will be forced into camps and exterminated later. Suffering a betrayal from his most trusted follower, Krayt later returns from the death, now of the belief the galaxy must experience death as he had before launching a violent, galaxy wide campaign, with the plan to manipulate his enemies to use a toxin against Coruscant, the most populated planet in the galaxy, that will kill everything on the world except the Sith.
    • Issues #32-33 & #47-50: Vul Isen is a Mad Scientist whose job is genocide. When Darth Krayt decides the Mon Calamari species needs to die, Isen is appointed as the one to expedite the process. Isen's first plan is to create a sea monster known as a Leviathan that steals the souls of its victims and imprisons them in eternal anguish. When this is destroyed, Isen develops a toxin to kill all life on the planet. Despite the best efforts of the galaxy, Isen exterminates 80 percent of life on Mon Calamari with nothing more than satisfaction at his own brilliance. He then proceeds to attempt to exterminate all life on another planet that defies the Sith after having refugees hunted down.
    • Issues #44-46: Zenoc Quah is a key ally of the One Sith and a fanatic even by the standards of the Yuuzhan Vong. A die-hard supporter of Supreme Overlord Shimrra—himself actually a puppet of Onimi—he went into hiding on the ravaged planet Wayland after his leader was killed by Luke Skywalker, declaring the rest of his people to be traitors for brokering peace with the galaxy. He brooded on Wayland for a century before the One Sith gave him an opportunity for revenge, informing him that the Yuuzhan Vong and the Jedi had embarked on a project to repair the words the war had destroyed. Zenoc proceeded to infect the Yuuzhan Vong's biotechnology with a virus, causing it to rampage out of control and kill millions; he also took care to make sure that neither Yuuzhan Vong nor Jedi would be harmed by the toxin, making it seem as though both groups had foreknowledge of the crisis and collapsing public support for them. Zenoc aids Darth Maladi of the One Sith in capturing Cade Skywalker and his girlfriend Deliah Blue, strapping the latter into a torture device which he has calibrated such that Cade's Force healing would cause Deliah greater pain. When a rescue party arrives to save the two, Zenoc attempts to feed the weakest member to his pack of abominations before finally being cut down.
    • Issues #45-48 & War: Sith Pilot Darth Rauder is assigned to lead the Skull Squadron and proceeds to spend the bulk of her appearance committing every war crime she can. Ordering pilot Gunner Yage to shoot down ejecting pilots, Rauder threatens to explode Gunn's brain if she won't take the shot, gleefully torturing her to force her to do so. When pursuing the refugees of Dac, Rauder orders her squads to massacre defenseless civilians, stating that no defense will make them easier to kill. Upon the start of war with the Jedi, Rauder even tries to make her squad shoot down Jedi children, claiming it's best to kill Jedi when they are young and defenseless.
  • Volume 2 issues #8-10: Darth Luft is a member of the One Sith who continues the destruction of the Mon Calamari and Quarrens instigated by his colleagues. Luring these endangered species in with the false promise of repairing their poisoned planet of Dac, Luft instead enslaves them just above it, imprisoning the elderly and sick to hold their lives over his slaves as leverage. Should any slave step out of line, Luft has them thrown in escape pods to be jettisoned into Dac's oceans, slowly poisoning them to death on their home planet; he subjects Ania Solo and her friends to the same fate when they arrive on his shipyard. When one of his slaves informs him that a Jedi is on the station, Luft thanks him by throwing him out of a window, giving him an incredibly slow and painful death just because he wants to, and when this sparks a slave uprising, he orders his pirates to execute their families, leading to his pirates opening the blast doors and sucking them into space.

Tales of the Jedi

  • Naga Sadow is the Dark Lord of the Sith during the Great Hyperspace War. A greedy, ambitious Sith Lord, Sadow takes advantage of the arrival of the Daragon twins to slaughter his own people, including his helpless mentor Simus, to launch a war upon the Republic. Manipulating Gav Daragon into becoming his apprentice, Sadow uses him as a weapon and tool, launching a brutal attack on Republican space with intent to slaughter and raze Coruscant, Cinnagar, Kirrek and many other worlds to proclaim himself their ruler. When defeated, Sadow repays Gav rejoining the heroes by locking him in his meditation sphere and detonating a sun to cover his escape, killing Gav in the process. When followed back to his empire, Sadow has the Sith Lords slaughtered to force the rest of his forces to sacrifice themselves before detonating twin suns to kill countless members of his own race. Fleeing to Yavin 4, Sadow performs horrific experiments on his Massassi servitors, devolving them into primitive monsters, all to await the day when he will rise again greater than before.
  • Freedon Nadd is a particularly sadistic Sith lord who is responsible for the Beast Wars of Onderon, the Krath cult, and even the rise of Exar Kun himself. Nadd murdered a Jedi Master in a petty rage when he was rejected from the rank of Knight, and went on to take Naga Sadow as a Dark Side master. Murdering Sadow to steal his title of Dark Lord, Nadd turned the planet Onderon into his own personal fiefdom, wherein swathes of innocents were exiled to die while the rest were infected and tormented by Nadd's evil. For hundreds of years after his physical death, Nadd's spirit lingered and would corrupt his descendants into his puppets to further torment Onderon, subjecting the population of Iziz to torture and murderous outbursts. When the Beast Riders try to make peace with Iziz, Nadd uses Queen Amanoa to try to wipe out the Riders and murder her own daughter, before Nadd slays the loyal Amanoa and King Ommin for failing him and steals their souls. Empowering Satal and Aleema Keto in the Dark Side and orchestrating their heinous Krath cult takeover of multiple worlds, Nadd tortures and mentally breaks the ambitious Exar Kun into accepting the Dark Side and murdering several of Nadd's own followers. Nadd ultimately tries to use Kun in a brand new destructive campaign on the entire galaxy, having bore visions of Kun's power and hoping to twist him into a puppet for mayhem.
  • Exar Kun, beginning his career as an arrogant, brash Jedi Apprentice who considered aliens to be inferior to humans, found himself drawn to the Dark Side. Under the tutelage of the ghost of dead Sith Lord Freedon Nadd, Kun plunged down a dark road where he embraced the darkness and destroyed his master's spirit, claiming lordship of the Sith. As the Dark Lord, Kun would enact alchemical experiments upon his followers, a species called the Massassi, twisting their bodies into weapons of war for his use. Kun would corrupt other Jedi apprentices by having them possessed by Sith Ghosts and sent them to murder their own masters. In the Sith War, Kun marched into the very heart of the Republic, murdered the Supreme Chancellor and delivered a grand speech to the Republic before killing his own Jedi Master in a duel. Kun would then trick several followers into initiating a supernova that would devastate entire star systems, including a genuinely loyal servant, mostly because the man's undying devotion irritated him. When cornered at his home base, Kun sucked the life from the entire Massassi race to preserve his own existence and trapped himself within his temple for four thousand years. When his spirit returned to haunt Luke Skywalker's students, he proved himself as cruel as ever by manipulating Luke's prized students, burning one alive from the inside out and having another use a superweapon to destroy solar systems.
  • Aleema Keto may not be a Sith Lord herself, but she is no less evil and cruel than many of them. A Spoiled Brat questing for adventure, she and her cousin Satal, heirs of the Keto dynasty, discovered the spirit of Sith Lord Freedon Nadd who taught them Sith Magic. They immediately used it to subjugate their home system, overthrowing and encasing their parents in carbonite. Aleema sewed her tutor's mouth shut after giving an illusion of his tongue turning into an eel and later blasted the flesh off his bones in a rage after he he spilled her wine. Aleema later conducted the executions for their regime by feeding victims to torture droids while she and Satal launched a crusade that took many lives, terming their faction the Krath after a demon in their childhood stories. Aleema was especially fond of using illusions to Mind Rape her enemies on massive scales. Aleema later seduced a fallen Jedi named Ulic Qel-Droma and manipulated him into killing Satal. When Ulic allied with Exar Kun, Aleema remained by his side until it was convenient to betray him to the Republic, feeding any of Ulic's loyalists to a pet of hers that sucked the life out of them. When Exar and Ulic later gave her command of Sith Lord Naga Sadow's ship, Aleema happily used it to annihilate a star cluster to cook her enemies alive in their ships.


  • 1977 Marvel series issues #53-54: Prince Ygal Delois is the commander of the military of planet Shiva IV and kinsman to its king, Aron Peacebringer. Secretly desiring both his cousin's throne and his beautiful wife Alisande, Ygal hatches a plot with Imperial General Sk'ar to unseat Aron and restart the thousand-year war that Aron had recently ended; the destabilized planet would then fall to the Empire, with Ygal ruling as king in Palpatine's name. Ygal atomizes the planet's second-largest city and everyone in it with an Imperial bomb, then spreads rumors blaming Aron for the deed; he also has another bomb primed to destroy the capital itself. Ygal goes as far as specifically requesting Sk'ar ensures that Aron and Alisande's children die, not wanting to put up with them when he forces her to marry him. Willing to kill millions to become a mere Puppet King, Ygal exemplifies the depths Palpatine's supporters are willing to plumb to gain favor with him.
  • Comic strip (link):
    • "Second Kessel Run" arc: Captain Bzorn is an Imperial officer assigned to commandeer the satellite Ionic Ring, which can alter weather on a planetary scale, as the Empire's new Doomsday Device after the loss of the Death Star. Bzorn not only steals it from its creator, the benevolent Professor Renn Volz, he forces Volz to pilot it and devastate planets himself; if Volz refuses, his teenage daughter Mira will die.
    • "Bring Me the Children!" arc: Major Stafuv Rahz is a Gektl who is one of the very few non-human officers in the notoriously bigoted Empire. He gained this position by betraying his own people to the Emperor, with all the Gektl apart from him made into slaves in their planet's rich mines, an action that horrified even Darth Vader, though it greatly pleased the Emperor. Rahz's assignments for the military are similarly cruel; at the point the Heroes of Yavin encounter him, he has captured a group of elementary school children and threatens to massacre them unless senior Rebel officials trade themselves for the kids.
  • Agent of the Empire - Iron Eclipse: Iaco Stark was once a domineering young pirate who started the Stark Hyperspace War. Always managing to come out on top of every galactic conflict until the days of the Empire, upon reaching old age, Stark fakes his own death and has his head grafted onto a powerful, spider-like droid's body with a plan to unleash what is known as Iron Eclipse. Having his second wife Dah'Liss murdered when she inadvertently tells Imperial Agent Jahan Cross too much, Stark later murders his own son Iaclyn when he shows his half-sister compassion, Stark's first wife having had an affair. Stark then reveals his true motivations: to activate Iron Eclipse and make every droid in the galaxy begin killing their masters until they submit to Stark as the galaxy's new ruler, something that would create a death toll that would eclipse countless other villains.
  • Boba Fett: Agent of Doom: Mir Tork and his chief scientist Leonis Murthé are the masters of the ship Azgoghk and the worst that the Empire's human culture has to offer. In their service to the Empire, Tork would land the Azgoghk, abduct entire species and ionize the weak, sick, elderly and children before forcing the survivors to work to death. Murthé would regularly take specimens to torture to death in hideous science experiments just to cause them pain, while Tork would often simply walk into a holding pen and gun everything there down. After the Empire's fall, the two return to the Azgoghk and continue their work while one survivor of a race they destroyed hires Boba Fett to kill them. Murthé is seen carving up a victim with a lightsaber and admitting he has no more pretense at science whatsoever, instead doing it for fun. Tork is simply driven by a genocidal need to exterminate anything that isn't a human. Before Fett's arrival, Tork calmly informs Murthé they have found a new world to "cleanse".
  • The Clone Wars
    • Issues #1-6—"Slaves of the Republic" arc: The Keeper of the Kadavo mining facility is a smug Zygerrian tasked with breaking their slaves, the latest being the population of planet Kiros. Tasked with breaking the will of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Keeper drops few of them into the lava to show Kenobi the consequences of disobedience. The Keeper places Obi-Wan with other slaves and has ones whom he tries to help beaten to break Kenobi's spirit and alienate him from the other slaves. When the Jedi and the Republic attack his prison, the Keeper threatens to drop all of the slaves into lava. After Separatists attack to destroy his facility and frame the Republic for the deaths of the people of Kiros, the Keeper desperately tries to kill all of the slaves in hopes of saving his own life.
    • Issues #7-9—"In Service of the Republic" arc: Warlord Unger Gout is the Separatist leader on Khorm, who enslaved his own people and works them to death in his mines, feeding corpses to the slaves to save money on food. He uses a Weather-Control Machine to keep the Republic forces off of Khorm, even though it devastates the planet's ecosystem and causes many deaths. A coward who runs and hides from battle, at Asajj Ventress's suggestion, he plants bombs in the mines to kill the slaves if the Jedi come after him. When Ventress goes to kill the Jedi, Gout attempts to kill them with an ice storm, not caring that Ventress could also die.
  • Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 9's "No Way Out": Countess Rajine is a vain energy vampire, desiring to maintain her youth and expand her power at the cost of innumerable lives. Capable of draining the life force from those around her and reducing them to zombies in her sway, Rajine subjected hundreds of innocents to this fate before being trapped on an isolated planet by a Jedi Knight. Enslaving, abusing, and eventually executing the Jedi's old droid out of petty spite, Rajine continues to lure in people from across the galaxy to kill them and create evermore members of her horrific army, planning to eventually escape her confinement and feed on the life of all beings she can.
  • Dark Empire: Palpatine, coming Back from the Dead through one of his clones, decided to rebuild his Empire and once again rule the Galaxy. Tricking Luke Skywalker into believing that Dark Side is the only way to save his friends, Palpatine manages to turn him into his apprentice. After that he launched his new superweapons "World Devastators" to destroy Mon Calamari's homeworld as a punishment for their support of New Republic. Due to the rapid aging of his new body, Palpatine repeatedly tries to capture the pregnant Leia, in order to use her child as his new vessel. When Luke escapes his dark influence with the help of his sister, the furious Palpatine starts hunting him down, killing hundreds of thousands of rebels and destroying Pinnacle Moon in Da Soocha system, where a Rebel base is located.
  • Dark Times' "The Path to Nowhere, Part 5": Dezono Qua, despite being a one-issue villain, manages to stand out as one of the most despicable monsters in the Star Wars universe. A noble from the planet Esseles, Qua is hated by most other nobles on the planet for his dealing in slavery, notably that of children. When Dass Jennir comes looking for Resa, one of Qua's latest child slaves, Qua first pathetically tries to buy him off, then reveals he killed and ate Resa, the same fate that befalls most of the slaves he purchases, simply because he could. Qua dies without empathy or remorse, showing no emotion but fondness over how "delicious" Resa was.
  • Dawn of the Jedi:
    • Predor Skal'nas of the Infinite Empire is a Rakata bad by even their standards. A conqueror and slaver who culls and destroys countless worlds, Skal'nas has slaves fight to the death for fun and has the losers served as his meals. Later invading the Tython system to mass death and destruction, Skal'nas murders his second, Cehl'net, when she demonstrates even minor insubordination to his will and intends to seize the Infinity Gate so he might rule the Rakata and destroy countless worlds until the galaxy submits to him.
    • Predor Tul'Kar is an exceptionally vile member of the Rakatan Infinite Empire. A genocidal monster who uses his mentally broken Force Hound Xesh to find worlds brimming with Force-sensitives so Tul'Kar can raze the worlds and cull the sensitives, Tul'Kar enslaves billions of people at a time to serve as fodder for the Infinite Empire or become living batteries. Introduced cutting down a child, torturing the boy's father to death, then murdering and cannibalizing one of his own minions, all purely on a whim, Tul'Kar later reduces Tatooine from a lush land of life to the barren wasteland it is best known for. Tul'Kar tries to use Xesh to find the Je'daii planet Tython so that Tul'Kar may utterly devastate the entire population, and when his ship comes under attack, Tul'Kar uses his final moments to aimlessly kill as many of his slaves as possible out of spite.
  • Empire:
    • Issues #32-34—"In the Shadows of Their Fathers" arc: Regional Governor Thorne Kraym is a treacherous politician who sold his own people out to first the Separatists, and then the Empire, for the sake of money and power. Facilitating the invasion of enemy armies to enslave citizens of Jabiim and crush any resistance, Thorne personally murders the rebel leader Orliss Gillmunn by stabbing him In the Back, securing Jabiim's occupation. Taking up control of the planet, Thorne institutes slave camps and the mass execution of any who stand up to his rule until, becoming tired of constant resistance, Thorne decides to simply sell off most of the population of Jabiim to the Empire to be used as slave labor until death. Fully aware of the Empire's plans to firebomb Jabiim and wipe out any remaining life after spiriting the rest away for labor, Thorne plans to slip off world until the mass murder is complete, then come back and reap the riches of Jabiim's ore all to himself, and takes time before leaving to cheerfully order captured prisoners be executed just to torment Luke Skywalker.
    • Issues #37-39—"The Wrong Side of the War" arc: Clynn is a sadistic, bullying thug of an Imperial officer who uses what limited influence he has in the Empire for his own gratification. To introduce new recruit Janek Sunber to the "perks" of their position, Clynn attempts to rape a female slave, viciously beats the first man who tries to stop him, and casually orders anyone else who tries to follow him shot. When Janek pulls a gun on him in disgust, Clynn spitefully spins the story as an attempted murder so he can have Janek arrested and executed.
  • Knight Errant:
    • Lord Odion, born as the heir of the mighty Sith Calimondra family, had an unusual affliction where the existence of others caused him physical anguish. Finding a Sith solution, Odion found joy in the murder of others to the point where the murder of sapient beings became a high to him. Having learned to twist the minds of others, Odion found joy in forcing helpless captives to attack carnivorous monsters and restored their minds to savor their agony when they were devoured. Leading countless campaigns that claimed the lives of innocents in his battle with his hated younger brother Daiman, Odion found a solution to the problem of existence: an ancient Sith helmet, an artifact that would initiate homicidal and suicidal insanity in living things. To power it up for its task, Odion had imprisoned every child in his realm to deprive them of hope and used their terror and anguish to power his helm, being but moments away from ending all life before being stopped. Odion's final goal was to exterminate all life and rule the graveyard he'd made of the Galaxy.
    • Deluge: Zodoh the Hutt, already wealthy after digging a solid niche in the trade of slaves and munitions, decides to expand his territory to the domain of the Sith Lords Daiman and Odion in order to become the most feared Hutt in the galaxy. To cow them into submission Zodoh demonstrates atmosphere-manipulating superweapons called the Stormdrivers and uses them to threaten thousands on the small planet Aqualaris Minor. When Daiman and Odion laugh off Zodoh's threats, Zodoh decides to start drowning every world the Sith Lords rule over—alongside the innocent billions upon them—starting with Daiman's massive capital planet of Darkknell, gloating that the populations he's about to drown can either get used to his rule or get used to holding their breath. When he captures a starfighter pilot named Devaad, Zodoh interrogates her by having her squadron tortured, then abides by his earlier promise to let them go free by letting them out of the airlock.
  • Republic issues #23-26—"Infinity's End" arc: Mother Zalem is an evil leader of the Dathomirian Nightsisters who plans to use the Infinity Gate to destroy Coruscant. Having enslaved and mated with a Jedi Knight in her youth before killing him, Zalem has her daughter Ros Lai abandoned to cruelty of her clan after she seemingly ends up deformed and powerless. Zalem has her slaves dig up Kwa pyramids in deadly conditions and has Kwi, devolved descendants of the Kwa, captured and tortured. Zalem has Jedi Master Quinlan Vos captured and injected with a deadly poison before venturing into the Kwa pyramid, and later activates the Infinity Gate, sending a destructive wave to Coruscant, with her only regret being that she wouldn't be able to hear the screams of Jedi and countless innocents who will die.
  • Vector Cross Through event note : Karness Muur is one of the founders of the original Sith Order. A Jedi who turned to evil, Muur was responsible for innumerable atrocities, including the creation of the Leviathans, who devour the souls of beings and keep them imprisoned in horrible anguish. Conquering the Sith, Muur also created the rakghoul plague which turns anyone bitten or scratched by a rakghoul, annihilating their minds. Preserving his consciousness in a talisman, Muur's wicked spirit survives millennia to inhabit the Jedi Shadow Celeste. Unleashing the rakghouls on Taris, Muur is contained to the modern days of the Galaxy and plans to seize control of the Empire, with his rakghouls overrunning very planet. A century on, Muur struggles with Celeste for control, promising to destroy her utterly and continue his plans of conquest.


  • The Adventures of Teebo: A Tale of Magic and Suspense: The aptly-named Vulgarr prides himself on being the nastiest and the craftiest of the almost uniformly evil Duloks. Vulgarr sets to prove this reputation by kidnapping an Ewok child and framing it on the benevolent Grudakk, sending the Ewok warriors to go and dispatch the beast while leaving the village unguarded. There, Vulgarr has all the villagers brutalized and beaten, then kidnaps all their children, down to the babies, with the express purpose of butchering and eating them all. Vulgarr even threatens to burn the kids alive to ward off the Ewok warriors when they figure out his ruse.
  • "A Bad Feeling: The Tale of EV-9D9": EV-9D9 was one of the few original EV-series of supervisor droids who managed to escape the recall and destruction of her model, developing soon afterward a sadomasochistic personality with a near-organic fascination with pain and the lengths her fellow droids could sustain. "Ninedenine" destroyed a quarter of Cloud City's droid population before endangering the generators that kept the entire city afloat simply so she could have time to make her getaway. "Ninedenine" was soon after employed as the droid supervisor in Jabba the Hutt's palace, programming the droids there with pain receptors otherwise reserved for the most human of droids to torture them as much as she could. Her personal laboratory consists of a pen filled with grotesque mechanical abominations sustained for cycles at a time in states that keep them in as much pain as possible, something she hopes to replicate on thousands more in the future to conduct "symphonies" of the agony she delights in.
  • The Crystal Star: Hethrir, part of a near-human race called the Firrereo, was once Palpatine's Procurator of Justice and the head of the Empire's justice system. To prove himself to the Empire, Hethrir had thousands of his people abducted and placed in suspended animation with the intention of awakening them far later where they'd worship him as a God. Millions of others were left on Firrereo, where Hethrir had the planet infected by a virus that agonizingly killed every living thing on it, an action which Palpatine happily approved. When Hethrir's wife escaped with their child, Hethrir hunted her down and placed her in a torture device where she remained in pain for five years, and took their son as a lowly servant. Hethrir took to enslaving children to build a new empire, selling those who weren't Force-sensitive or non-human into slavery, while also forming a cult dedicated to the alien being known as Waru. Hethrir promised Waru, who simply wanted a way to his home dimension, the lives of sapients, with intentions of sacrificing Force-sensitive children in return for great power.
  • Darth Plagueis: Palpatine's backstory as a villain shows how much of a Manipulative Bastard he truly is, as we see him working with the Trade Federation to plot the blockade that takes place in Episode I. It is revealed that he killed his own parents and siblings, and is incapable of feeling regret when committing heinous actions and various misdemeanors—such as when he ends up crashing his landspeeder and killing two people without any remorse on his part. When Darth Tenebrous foresaw Palpatine's future murder of Plagueis upon his death and possession of Plagueis after the latter betrayed him, he was noticeably horrified at not only Plagueis's murder at the hands of his apprentice Palpatine, but at how evil Palpatine is, even for the Sith.
  • Galaxy of Fear:
    • Borborygmus Gog is the Big Bad of the first half of the series. A Shi'ido changeling who once served the Empire, Gog and his partner Mammon Hoole worked on the world Kiva. When Gog realized their experiments would result in the extinction of all life on Kiva, he reported this to the Emperor and carried on with the experiments while concealing the truth from the more moral Hoole. He had no compunction letting Hoole take the blame, either. Gog would continue Project Starscream, creating bioweapons that included, among others, a living planet that devoured organic life; a machine to trap people in their worst nightmares; and an essence stealer that trapped the life force of sapients in a crystal matrix. To test them, Gog regularly unleashed them on innocents while cataloging the results. When his "masterpiece", the living bioweapon Eppon, chose to side with Hoole's family against Gog, Gog simply killed him without remorse. He also funded Dr. Cornelius Evazan's research. Combining his brilliance with an utter lack of morals, Gog sought to master the Force and achieve scientific perfection- even if the Galaxy had to burn behind him.
    • Dr. Cornelius Evazan started out as a normal surgeon before turning to crime. A killer and thug with delusions of grandeur, Evazan claimed countless victims with his depraved experiments, earning him the death sentence in twelve systems. When his Aqualish partner Ponda Baba lost an arm to Obi-Wan Kenobi after threatening a young Luke Skywalker, Evazan kidnapped an Aqualish Senator to have Ponda's mind transferred into the Senator's body, obliterating the Senator's consciousness. When this went wrong and Ponda was erased and replaced with the Senator's mind, Evazan had no remorse. Joining Project Starscream, Evazan moved to the world Necropolis where he tried experimenting to bring the dead back to life. To this end, Evazan even murdered children to reanimate and fuel his personal Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Jedi Academy Trilogy: Moruth Doole is a Rybet who began his career on Kessel as an administrator of the spice mines. After Palpatines death, he led a revolt against the remnants of the Empire, eventually taking over the planet. He was disappointed when he saw a dead rancor in a prison, as he planned to feed prisoners to said rancor. His worst crimes are his harem of female Rybets he had sent over; he would use the offspring produced as slave labor in the spice mines before killing them.
  • The Lando Calrissian Adventures: Rokur Gepta, the Arch-Enemy of Lando Calrissian, is a Croke who devastated all life on the planet of Tund alongside the benevolent sorcerers who lived upon it once Gepta was finished learning everything he could from the sorcerers. A powerful Master of Illusion whose gargantuan ego suffers no unpunished infractions, when a chance encounter with Lando nearly costs Gepta his life, Gepta devotes himself to destroying Lando utterly. Gepta kills and impersonates a trillionaire just for the chance to get close to Lando and subject him to "torture by chagrin" for what Gepta hopes to be weeks, forcing Lando to relive all the most traumatic moments in his life with his agony augmented. Gepta later attempts to destroy the entire nebula in which the advanced civilization of the Oswaft located in after having been denied the Oswaft's advanced abilities. Gepta is also a hideously cruel boss, torturing and executing his men for minor reasons, having half-a-dozen of his own officers jettisoned for balking at his suicidal battle strategies, and telling Lando he'd happily sacrifice countless numbers of his own fleet to bury Lando in dead bodies. Empty of anything but an obsession to empower himself, Gepta dreams of one day rendering the universe as sterile and lifeless as Tund itself.
  • Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor: Lord Cronal, aka "Shadowspawn" or "Blackhole", fanatically believed the only true power was that of destruction and even participated in the rape of his own daughter alongside the Prophets of the Dark Side out of fury for her using her powers of creation. Plotting to overthrow Emperor Palpatine while serving under him, Cronal declared himself the New Galactic Emperor following the latter's death and waged war on the New Republic. Embarking on a campaign of death and destruction, Cronal also kidnapped, lobotomized and mind-controlled force users to serve as backup bodies should his own fail him, seeking to do the same to Luke or Leia Skywalker. When his attempt to take Luke or Leia failed, Cronal used the kill switches implanted in his forces to send them on suicide runs while he escaped, resulting in the death of all 50,000. Cronal's nihilism set him on a campaign of death, with his goal as Emperor being to end all of existence.
  • New Jedi Order: Onimi was once a gifted Shaper whose experiments resulted in him becoming hideous and malformed, branding him as a Shamed One and outcast in the eyes of the Yuuzhan Vong. However, his experiments also granted him incredible power. He enslaved the mind of Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane, ruling the Yuuzhan Vong as the secret master from the shadows while being publicly presented as Shimrra's court jester, hiding his intellect behind Obfuscating Stupidity. Onimi ordered the invasion of the Galaxy, leading to a brutal campaign that saw hundreds of trillions dead and entire species and worlds annihilated by the Yuuzhan Vong. Desperate to contain the supposed "Jeedai" heresy, Onimi initiates violent purges of his own people, slaughtering them en masse while throwing away the lives of loyal Yuuzhan Vong on pointless endeavors throughout the war. When he faces off with the Solo twins, Onimi reveals he has come to see them as avatars of the Yuuzhan Vong gods of trickery and war and reveals his intentions to continue the massacre of everything in the galaxy to elevate himself to godhood. Twisted, cruel and obsessed with his own glory, Onimi aimed to destroy all he could for the sole purpose of spitting in the faces of the gods he abandoned in his own hubris.
  • Planet of Twilight: Dzym is an enigmatic member of the Rationalist Party on Nam Chorios. An evolved and cannibalistic Droch seeking to feed on the entire galaxy, Dzym was originally prepared as nothing more than a genetically modified appetizer for Beldorion the Hutt before achieving superior intelligence, killing his creator and allowing the exiled Seti Ashgad to take over by leeching off Beldorion's strenght. As Ashgad's mysterious secretary, Dzym used him as an "enslaved front man" for his nefarious agenda, unleashing the Death Seed plague throughout the Meridian Sector of the galaxy and coordinating the deadly disease as a bioweapon, killing a majority of the population in Cybloc XII and a vast number of New Republic personnel. Stocking multiple containers of Droch within the Reliant, Dzym's ultimate plan was to spread them across the galaxy, infecting planet after planet and ruining everything in his path until there was no space civilization left for him to consume.
  • Red Harvest: Darth Scabrous is a sociopath even by the standards of other Sith. Experimenting with a certain type of plant to create a serum that turns people into mindless, monstrous zombies, Scabrous uses it on living test subjects, culminating in using Sith apprentices as test subjects. When one escapes and begins infecting the entire Sith academy, Scabrous only cares about achieving immortality. Showing his sadistic side by murdering a mercenary and trying to force his partner to eat his head before murdering him as well, Scabrous later tortures a librarian and infects him to lure in heroine Hestizo so he may cut out her heart and eat it as the final component for his immortality, murdering Hestizo's brother when he tries to save her.
  • "Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88": IG-88A is the first of the IG-88 series of assassin droids. Immediately deciding upon his own superiority to organics when he awakens, IG-88A slaughters the scientists nearby and butchers everyone in the area, awakening three other droids like him and sharing his consciousness with them. Setting out to become a Bounty Hunter, IG-88A kills many while hiding his true goal of the genocide of organics and droid revolution, having everyone in a droid factory slaughtered as a test run. Later seeking to upload his consciousness to the second Death Star, IG-88A plans to begin annihilating entire planets and trigger the signal to usurp the minds of every droid and have them kill organics while he himself destroys the Imperials and Rebels alike at Endor.
  • The Truce at Bakura:
    • Palpatine is revealed to have made a deal with the alien species called the Ssi-ruuk: In exchange for Ssi-ruuk technology, Palpatine would give the Ssi-ruuk numerous worlds and thus millions if not billions of humans which could be used for entechment.
    • Entechment specialist Firwirrung is the master of the Ssi-ruuk Entechment process, agonizing transfer of Life Energy and souls into Ssi-ruuk machinery until the victim burns out after endless suffering. Firwirrung is the adoptive master of Force-sensitive boy Dev Sibwarra, using him to entech others with torture and brainwashing with the promise of enteching him as well. Gleeful about advancing his status, Firwirrung plans to construct tools to entech countless others from a distance.
    • Sh'kti'th, aka Bluescale, is the ruling class head of the Ssi-ruuk Bakura invasion. Involved in Dev's painful brainwashing and manipulation, Bluescale oversees the entechment of countless innocents while plotting to use Bakura as an invasion to kill and entech thousands of other systems. Plotting to use Luke Skywalker for his powerful energy in their machines, Bluescale also has many innocents enteched and plots to completely overrun Bakura for his own glory.
  • X-Wing Series: Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard is Empress in all but name after the death of Palpatine, having risen to her position by betraying and killing her own father. Brutally oppressing nonhumans and ordering strikes against the Rebels, Ysard has her rivals assassinated, while having countless people taken aboard her Super Star destroyer the Lusankya and tortured to be mindless drones or sleeper agents. Worse still, Isard ordered the creation of the Krytos Plague, which causes infected nonhumans to die horribly, and set it loose on Coruscant before the Rebels captured it. This was so that the New Republic would both bankrupt itself trying to treat the infected and tear itself apart along species lines, as resentment towards immune humans rose. When Coruscant falls, Isard flees on the Lusankya, tearing out of the heart of Coruscant and slaughtering untold numbers of innocents. Willing to torture countless sapient beings and tear the galaxy apart in her quest for power, Isard repeatedly demonstrates why she is worthy of the moniker "Ice-Heart".
  • Young Jedi Knights: The Fall of the Diversity Alliance: Hovrak is a Shistavanen Wolfman and the second-in-command of the Diversity Alliance. A vicious anti-human racist, Hovrak oversees many of leader Nolaa Tarkona's schemes, carrying out terrorist attacks against humans with intent to discover and unleash a plague to exterminate all humankind. Hovrak is also relishes devouring his victims alive and in agony for any transgression—whether it be treachery against the Alliance, or cheating at a casino.

Tabletop Games

Roleplaying Game

  • Edge of Empire:
    • Beginner Game's Escape from Mos Shuuta & The Long Arm of the Hutt: Teemo the Hutt is an ambitious junior Hutt who has decided to reverse-engineer himself a battle droid army to betray Jabba and attain power. A drug-peddling thug who hires mercenaries to terrorize a community full of innocent Twi'leks off their lands, Teemo is also a fan of Gladiator Games. He pointlessly tortured and then threw a Geonosian representative into the games to die after his attempted relations with the Geonosians soured, and he may even force the player characters into the games should they not be careful. Easily Teemo's worst crime is his Wookie skin trade; to provide to depraved bourgeoise across the galaxy, Teemo systematically has Wookies skinned and their pelts sold for money.
    • Debts to Pay: EV-8D3 is a labor master droid designed to ensure other droids work at maximum capacity. Hiding a bloodthirsty sadist beneath his metallic shell, EV-8D3 terrorizes and humiliates his fellow droids on the planet Gavos until his sole inhibitor program malfunctions, giving him the sapience to turn on even his human owners. Organizing the droids of Gavos into a "revolution", enslaving and mind-wiping any who try to refuse his command, EV-8D3 slaughters a large of group of miners and plans to sabotage facilities across Gavos to kill all life on the planet. EV-8D3 then intends to travel the galaxy and indoctrinate entire armies of droids to his will, hoping to stage a violent, brutal war against all organic life in the galaxy, not for the supposed "freedom" of droid life that he proclaims, but in truth simply because he loves causing pain and death.
  • Age of Rebellion:
    • Onslaught at Arda 1: Malau Jocaos is a fanatical believer in the Empire's dictatorial tyranny, having ascended through the ranks quickly with his ruthless cruelty to become a top-tier Imperial Intelligence Service operative. Jocaos orchestrates a vast network of spies to bring him any and all info on the Rebellion and sympathizers to their cause, and uses local street gangs to terrorize and suppress the populace of worlds he controls. Responsible for hundreds of people disappearing should they show dissension from the Empire, Jocaos's worst act was when he bombed an entire street of family-owned shops and killed Var Narek's family down to the children, then pinning it on Rebels and corrupting Narek into his puppet. Using Narek to kidnap a Rebel general that Jocaos hopes to brutally torture, Jocaos just laughs at Narek when the man discovers Jocaos murdered his family, before Jocaos guns Narek down and gleefully tries to ensure he obtains the locations of all Rebel bases so he can be the key component in the slaughter of the Alliance.
    • Friends Like These: Prince Sono Molec is a particularly vile member of Zygerrian royalty who takes his role as a slaver to cruel heights. Responsible for thousands of innocents being captured, abused, and broken into slaves that he sells throughout the galaxy, Molec often has entire villages ravaged just to capture the few survivors for his operation. If the players try to dismantle his slaving outfit, Molec attempts to activate detonation collars on hundreds of his slaves to kill them out of spite, and should the players recruit Molec as an ally, Molec connects the collars to his heart rate so that if he dies, hundreds of his slaves will, too. Should Molec survive the adventure, he reveals his intention to assassinate his own father and assume control of even larger Zygerrian resources to further spread his heinous slaving to more worlds.


  • Star Wars d20's The Unknown Regions supplement: Mnggal-Mnggal is a bizarre alien intelligence taking the form of a sapient ocean of grey slime, and by far the most feared being in the Galaxy's turbulent Unknown Regions. The being operates by possessing the bodies of unwary beings, something for which a mere drop will suffice, and then painfully hollows out their insides and wears the unfortunate being's ever-rotting carcass as a puppet. Far from a mindless beast that needs to do this to eat or reproduce, Mnggal-Mnggal is quite intelligent and is believed to perform these actions simply because it enjoys them. It has been known to possess the bodies of small children just to watch their parents' horror, and keeps a "collection" of starships whose crews it has massacred in orbit around its home planet. Its reputation is such that all other powers in the Unknown Regions, even mortal enemies, will band together to fight it should it make its presence known, and should it ever gain complete hold of a planet it is believed that all life on it will be wiped clean.

Video Games

  • Battlefront II (2005): Emperor Palpatine's evil casts a shadow over all of the game's events:
    • "Rise of the Empire": After creating the 501st Legion to serve his personal interests, Palpatine begins preparing for his Empire by having them steal the power core for the Death Star. After General Grievous's death, Palpatine executes Order 66, having Vader and the 501st kill every Knight, Master, guard, and child aligned with the Jedi. With full power secured, Palpatine crushes any attempt at rebellion, including massacring the Queen of his home planet of Naboo and her security force and forcing the 501st to kill an army of rival Clones alongside the Kamino leadership. After having the 501st put down a Death Star prison riot by killing every prisoner involved, Palpatine works to crush the Rebellion through the Death Star; when the Death Star is destroyed, Palpatine responds by having the Rebel forces on Yavin IV massacred, then tracks the Rebellion to Hoth to crush them once and for all.
    • "Galactic Conquest"'s "The Confederate Uprising" & "Dark Reign of the Empire": If the Confederacy wins the game, Darth Sidious leads his forces in killing everyone associated with the Republic, including his loyal Clone army, the Jedi, and Anakin Skywalker, to take power with his Empire. If the Empire wins the game, Palpatine's Empire crushes the Rebellion, with his army destroying Endor and its population while Palpatine forces Luke Skywalker to kneel before him.
  • Battlefront: Elite Squadron (Nintendo DS version): X1 is a clone trooper who, alongside his brother X2, were cloned from the genes of a Jedi. X1 gleefully turns on the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars upon Palpatine's order, and becomes one of the Empire's top Jedi hunters alongside X2 in the process. After X2 abandons the Empire when X1 massacres an entire village to kill one Jedi, X1 instantly orders his brother be killed for treachery, and, upon meeting the Jedi they were cloned from, X1 pretends to redeem himself solely to stab the man in the back. Working his way up in the Empire, X1 greatly assists in the construction of the Death Star, killing one of his men for a mistake in the process, and later uses a Star Destroyer to lay waste to any escape transports trying to flee from a war between the Empire and the Rebellion. Once the Emperor and Darth Vader are killed, X1 rallies the remaining Imperial forces to his side, planning to use Luke Skywalker as a baseline for an army of Dark Jedi that X1 will use to bring destruction and death across the galaxy, for no reason other than the fact that he loves war. After X2 stumbles across many of X1's failed cloning experiments, the brothers do battle, and X1 uses his last moments to attempt to murder X2 after the latter spares his evil brother.
  • The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes: Kul Teska is a deranged scientist-turned-mercenary who allies with Count Dooku to construct his latest superweapon. Finding the parts of the superweapon by invading a Republic station, Teska slaughters any Republic troops in his way before damaging the station's engines, leading its population to flee via escape pods. To enable himself to flee, Teska reveals he has planted bombs on the dozens of escape pods and will detonate them if is not allowed to escape. Once completing construction of his superweapon, Teska reveals that it is a weapon that can destroy entire stars, and, to test it out before he sells it to Count Dooku, Teska hopes to destroy the sun of the Naboo system, wiping out numerous highly populated planets and moons and billions of lives. Teska later kidnaps Senator Padmé Amidala to use as a hostage, and, even when beaten, Teska spends his final moments mocking Anakin Skywalker that Naboo is doomed.
  • Empire at War: In the Imperial campaign, Emperor Palpatine and Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin are as bad as ever. Tarkin is introduced enslaving the inhabitants of Geonosis in order to build the Death Star, killing several when they ally with the Rebels to make examples of the survivors. When several of the Wookie slaves on Kashyyyk start revolting, Tarkin and Palpatine send forces to put the rebellion down so that the slaves can be worked to death. Palpatine goes on to personally torture a traitor to the Empire to death and slaughter or mentally torture hundreds of Bothans when he learns they assisted that particular traitor. When Princess Leia is captured, Tarkin destroys her home planet to demonstrate how powerful the Death Star is, proceeding to use the Star on the final Rebel strongholds upon Palpatine’s request, killing the remaining Rebels along with any species living on those planets.
  • The Force Unleashed series:
    • First game: Emperor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, is the despotic ruler of the Galactic Empire. Upon discovering that Darth Vader had been training a secret apprentice, Starkiller—born Galen Marek—to overthrow him, Palpatine commands Vader to murder Starkiller to prove his loyalty. Initiating a plan to wipe out all enemies of his Empire, Palpatine, through Vader, manipulates a revived Starkiller into gathering all members of Rebellion in one place. After capturing the Rebels, Palpatine intends to torture information about their allies out of them and then execute them. When Starkiller arrives to save the Rebels and defeats Vader in a duel, Palpatine tries to convince him to kill Vader and become his new apprentice. In the game's non-canon Dark Side ending, where Starkiller kills Vader, Palpatine slaughters most of the rebel leaders, then orders Starkiller to kill the latter's own mentor, Jedi Rahm Kota. When Starkiller refuses, Palpatine responds by torturing him and having Starkiller rebuilt into a cyborg, outright saying that he intends to use Starkiller as a living weapon before casting him aside as soon as he finds someone better.
    • Second game's Endor DLC: Emperor Palpatine learns that Darth Vader cloned Starkiller, but allows the latter to kill hundreds of Rebels and Imperial Forces to stop the rebellion from destroying the second Death Star's shield generator. With the Rebellion crushed, Palpatine kills Vader and sends his forces to kill Starkiller.
  • Galactic Battlegrounds: Pekt is a Trandoshan renowned and feared, even by the standards of his brutal race, as a Wookiee-hating sadist. A lover of inflicting pain since his youth, in which he terrorized and tormented household servants, Pekt turned his predilections towards Wookiees in his later years, creating the biggest Wookiee slave-trading operation in the galaxy solely to slake his enjoyment for hurting them. Pekt could wipe out entire Wookiee villages in days' times, using his free time between missions to torture his prisoners, and when he is approached by the Empire to help control the Wookiee homeworks of Kashyyyk, Pekt creates the "Avatar Orbital Station" as a massive slave camp designed for imprisoning and separating Wookiee families. Pekt's ultimate goal is to depopulate Kashyyyk of all Wookiee presence, swearing that by the time he's done, every last Wookiee in the galaxy will be "a slave or a pelt".
  • Jedi Starfighter: Captain Cavik Toth is a mercenary-turned-Trade Federation leader who rules over the Karthakk system with an iron fist. Developing a banned chemical weapon known as trihexalon, Hex for short, Toth uses it to murder three of his servants when they aren't performing their tasks fast enough, and then orders his sadistic second-in-command Lieutenant Bella to test the Hex on the planet Maramere, leading to thousands of deaths and an attempted thousands more. Toth plans to mass produce the Hex then use it to bring death across the galaxy simply to establish himself as an important asset to Count Dooku, and in the end tries to bombard the planet of Geonosis with the Hex, ordering Jedi Master Adi Gallia and her friends be captured alive solely so Toth can have them tortured to death.
  • Lethal Alliance: Zarien Kheev is a Zabrak slave master who allies with the Empire to increase his power and profits. A vicious slaver who deals in children and is Rianna Saren's Arch-Enemy due to his lopping off one of her head-tails, an extremely painful and taboo crime, Kheev creates a new drug to hopefully force dozens of his slaves to work harder, and tests the drug by having his men take over a lab and use the scientists as test subjects, before ordering all of said scientists be murdered to cover their tracks. Working to create major parts of the planet-destroyer known as the Death Star, Kheev completes its construction then uses it to blow up the entire prison planet of Despayre, killing its billions of prisoners and his own men. In his final scheme, Kheev attempts to supply newer, more dangerous designs for the Death Star to the Empire, hoping for it to become unstoppable so that he may elevate his own personal power.

Western Animation

  • Droids:
    • "Tail of the Roon Comets" through "The Frozen Citadel": Governor Koong, the corrupt ruler of the province of Tawntoom on the planet Roon, wants to conquer the province Umboo and rule the entire planet. He makes offers of alliance to the Galactic Empire and engages in various actions to increase his power. Koong takes over the Umboo lighthouse station to send out fake signals and loot the ships he tricks into crashing, and captures his enemies and forces them to be a part of a rowing crew on one of his slave ships. But his worst action was in his final appearance, where he sprays Umboo with the Rooze virus, intending to kill everyone in Umboo so he can claim their land for himself.
    • The Great Heep TV Movie: Admiral Screed and the Great Heep are some of the darkest villains in the series. Screed attempts to conquer the planet Biitu, which has vast supplies of fuel ore, and claim it for the Empire. Screed deposits the Great Heep on Biitu, along with a moisture eater tower that is designed to steal all the water from the planet so that the Empire can kill off the local population and steal the fuel ore. The Great Heep is a sadist who captures nearby ships and enslaves the droids on the ships, except for the R2 units, which he drains of their power to recharge himself.
  • Ewoks: Morag the Tulgah witch is the Arch-Nemesis of Logray the Ewok shaman and is responsible for several attempts to destroy him and his tribe. After capturing the Queen of the Wisties, Morag transforms her into a fire carrier and has her infect the other Wisties with her curse, using them to start a forest fire that threatens the Ewok village and causes the trees to cry out in pain and fear, the Ewok children hearing these cries. Later, Morag tries to deprive the Ewoks of their medicine by targeting the berries they use for it, and in another attempt, Morag kidnaps a baby Phlog and frames the Ewoks in the hopes that the baby's family will attack the village and wipe the Ewoks out. In her final appearance, Morag kidnaps several Ewok children and uses them to lure Logray to her in order to force him to trade the powerful Sunstar for them. Only releasing the children so that they may watch her kill their shaman, Morag activates a volcanic eruption that not only threatens the lives of the Ewoks, but her own servants as well.


Visions Anime

  • "The Village Bride": Izuma is a crime lord who discovers an army of battle droids on the planet, Keelia, and reprograms them to serve him, using them to subjugate the Meevai, deplete their planet of its resources, and kill any who oppose him. When the village chief and his granddaughter, Haru, offer themselves to be Izuma's hostages, Izuma entertains their offer only to force them and the villagers to watch him attempting to execute Saku, while implying that he was never going to spare the villagers anyway. When the Jedi F rescues Saku, Izuma orders his men and droids to kill everyone in the village while he uses Haru as a Human Shield against F.
  • "In the Stars": The Imperial Officer in charge of the factory on Koten and Tachina's planet is personally responsible for the near extinction of their people. She came to the planet and set up the factory which polluted the planet and stole its clean water. When Koten and Tachina's mother led their people in the rebellion against the Empire, the Officer unleashed the AT-ST to kill the rebels before destroying their village to make sure they were all gone. When the Officer learns the sisters survived and are breaking into her factory, she orders them captured and tries to throw young Tachina to her death, before unleashing the AT-ST on the sisters.
  • "The Pit": The stormtrooper commander is the one responsible for all the horrors that the miners endure. Introduced forcing them to mine for materials for the city, the commander is shown shocking one of the miners for going slower than the rest, in a process that is implied to have gone on for months if not years. When all the material is collected, the commander proceeds to leave them to rot in the pit, and when Crux eventually escapes to ask for help from the residents of said city, he is thrown back into the pit to his death, likely under the commander's orders. When the residents come to investigate the pit, the commander makes a final attempt to intimidate them to turn back.

Comic Books

  • InfinitiesA New Hope: Emperor Palpatine is, as usual, portrayed as a purely evil monster. The mastermind behind the Death Star and its destruction of the planets Alderaan and Yavin 4, the Emperor rechristens it the "Justice Star", promising to use it on any and all planets that won't cow to his Empire's whims. Upon capturing Princess Leia Organa, the Emperor has her put through intense training and brainwashing, turning her into his loyal servant with whom he uses to lure the entire Rebellion into a trap designed to slaughter them all. The Emperor orders Leia to murder her twin brother, Luke, cackling and mocking Darth Vader over his two children fighting to the death, and when the twins try to join forces, the Emperor proclaims them failures and tries to torture them to death with his Force lightning, turning it on Vader himself when the cyborg mounts a rescue of his children.
  • The Star Wars: Lord Darth Vader is a far cry from his tragic and ultimately redeemed film counterpart. Vader rules the tyrannical New Galactic Empire alongside the Emperor, and works with the Knights of Sith to systematically wipe out all Jedi-Bendus alongside their families and friends. Promoted by the Emperor to partner with Governor Hoedaack in conquering the Aquilaean System, Vader uses the Space Fortress to firebomb the planet of Aquilae, destroying all resistance against him as well as any innocents in the way. Once establishing his grip on the planet, Vader begins rounding up any and all civilians who attempt to resist his rule and brutally vaporizes them in public executions. Once capturing Princess Leia of Aquilae, Vader plans to have his scientists torture her with horrific experiments until her mind breaks to his will, and kicks the torture off by electrocuting her and laughing at her screams. Vader ultimately plans to betray and murder the Emperor and assume control of the New Empire for himself, using it dominate and destroy all he sees fit.
  • Star Wars Tales issue #13's "Survivors": Uda-Khalid is a vicious Serial Killer with hundreds if not thousands of bodies to his name. A master at cleaning up his crime scenes, Uda has left so little evidence that the Republic government itself has given up hope on bringing him to trial, at least until the vengeful ghosts of his victims appear to a young Mace Windu to guide him to their killer. Unrepentant even when Mace shows him all the hundreds of spirits of the lives he's taken, Uda's last act is to attempt to murder Mace himself.

Literature (includes Web Serial Novels)

  • Cult Encounters and Supernatural Encounters: The monstrous Typhojem is the worst of the Old Ones and the Sith War God. Born the child of the Celestials, Typhojem genetically engineered the genocidal Yeveetha and created the cults to the Dark Side to enslave the lesser races. Going on a genocidal rampage, Typhojem exterminated entire worlds, razed Geonosis into ash and annihilated the entire Vorsuul system. Going through the galaxy, Typhojem left horrific rampages in his path, even torturing his "grandfather", Wutzek, to death. Seizing control of Coruscant, Typhojem fed all dissenters to his demonic Ruzzem, set to ensure that all life either served and worshipped him or ended.
  • William Shakespeare's Star Wars, by Ian Doescher:
    • Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, is a diabolical Sith mastermind who revels in his own evil and finds no greater joy than crushing others. Orchestrating the invasion of Naboo and near-massacre of swathes of its populace to secure his place as Supreme Chancellor, Palpatine then plays the Republic and Separatists against each other to kick-start the Clone Wars, leading to a years-long, galaxy-wide bloody conflict that engulfs countless worlds in war. For his masterstroke, Palpatine corrupts Anakin Skywalker into becoming his apprentice Darth Vader; uses Order 66 to wipe out almost all Jedi down to the younglings; and institutes the oppressive Galactic Empire regime to become the dictatorial Emperor of the Galaxy. Constructing the Death Star in the hopes of using it to destroy entire worlds against his rule, Palpatine later sets a trap to wipe out the entire Rebellion and turn Luke Skywalker into his pawn all at once, hoping to have Luke kill his own father before attempting to torture Luke to death when he refuses. Returning one last time, Palpatine twists Ben Solo into Kylo Ren; unleashes the First Order onto the galaxy to terrorize and destroy many worlds; then attempts to once more rise to power not only through use of his "Final Order", an army of planet-killing Star Destroyers, but also by forcibly transferring his essence into his own granddaughter Rey, having murdered the girl's parents to bring about the possibility.
    • Verily, a New Hope: Grand Moff Tarkin has been a key figure in the Empire from the beginning. Tarkin's most notable act is when he threatens to use the Death Star to blow up Princess Leia's home planet of Alderaan unless she tells him the location of a rebel base. Even after she tells him—giving a false location, but him not being aware of this—Tarkin, for no other reason than to "watch with joy as she with grief is torn", orders Alderaan destroyed anyway in front of Leia to demonstrate the Death Star's power. He later tries to have Leia executed and plans to crush the Rebellion to ensure continued Imperial reign.
    • Verily, a New Hope & The Jedi Doth Return: Star Wars Part the Sixth: Jabba the Hutt is a bloated, slug-like crime lord who Han Solo considers the most depraved being he ever faced. A gangster who terrorizes Tatooine, Jabba enjoys torturing innocents and indebting petty crooks to him to force them into servitude, and regularly feeds people alive to his pet Rancor or Sarlacc, including his own men. Having Han frozen alive in carbonite and hanging him on the wall as a trophy, Jabba captures Han's attempted rescuers and turns Leia into his latest scantily clad slave meant to be permanently chained to him, before trying to throw Han and the rest of his friends and allies to the Sarlacc to be digested slowly and painfully for years.

1980 manhua

Star Wars Radio Dramas

  • Emperor Palpatine is the despotic ruler of the Galactic Empire and the person behind the destruction of the Jedi Order. He turned Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side, turning him into Darth Vader and Palpatine's main enforcer. Palpatine sanctions Lord Tion's bloody invasion of Raaltiir while planning to cement his rule using the planet-killing Death Star. After the Death Star is destroyed, Palpatine has Vader hunt down rebels across the galaxy and orders him to turn Luke Skywalker—Anakin's son—to the Dark Side. Palpatine plans to build a second Death Star and leaks information to the Rebel Alliance to lure them into a trap and destroy them. Facing Luke Skywalker, Palpatine tries to force the boy to watch the destruction of Rebel alliance and manipulate him into killing his own father. Whe Luke resists his temptations, Palpatine tries to use Force lightning to torture him to death.
  • A New Hope:
    • Grand Moff Tarkin is the Imperial officer in charge of the first Death Star. When Princess Leia is captured by Darth Vader, Tarkin orders her tortured. He threatens to destroy Leia's homeworld of Alderaan unless she gives up the location of the rebel base, only to have Alderaan destroyed anyway. Finding out that the rebel base is on Yavin IV, Tarkin plans to destroy it, along with any other planet that rebels against the Empire. A cruel and ambitious man, Tarkin even starts to consider using the Death Star to overthrow the Emperor.
    • Lord Tion, a character original to the radio drama, is the Imperial nobleman placed in charge of the Ralltiir invasion. Tion is a smug sadist who blockades Ralltiir and begins a planetwide crackdown, where he abuses the citizens—rebels or not—with impunity. He establishes torture chambers all across the planet, press-gangs citizens into forced labor, holds executions without proper trial, and happily reminisces on the time he burned alive a group of surrendering rebel leaders who thought they were being invited to a peace talk. Tion intends to involve himself with the Death Star and then wed Princess Leia—on whom he has a crush—to fully assert his power, knowingly abetting the creation of a galaxy-wide regime of fear and terror for the sake of his own advancement.

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