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Planets are nothing to Galactus, eater of worlds.

"I've destroyed whole planets. So what chance have you got?"
Dark Phoenix, Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Reality Warpers and Physical Gods come in different levels of power, but one way to indicate that a being or artifact is serious business is to make it clear that they could effortlessly destroy one or more planets without breaking a sweat.

In order for this to apply, either in-universe evidence or Word of God must exist to show beyond a doubt that it is the case. It often uses a Sacrificial Planet and/or overlaps with Apocalypse Wow. Characters this applies to are always at least 5 on the Super Weight scale, but this does not always apply to characters that are a 5 or higher.

Supertrope to Planet Eater (because beings who eats planets for breakfast would necessarily be strong enough to destroy them).



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Dragonball Z: All the Big Bad arc villains are Planet Destroyers, as are several of the movie villains:
    • Vegeta is the first example of this seen in the series, destroying Planet Arlia six episodes in to show the audience how strong he is. Later when he reaches Earth and fights Goku he attempts destroying Earth in a mad rage with his Gallic Gun attack, though Goku is able to overpower it. Even after becoming a good guy (more or less), he is dangerously prone to firing planet-destroying energy blasts in battle if it looks like he might be losing.
    • Next up on the Sorting Algorithm of Evil is Frieza, who is by far the most prolific planet buster in DBZ. He infamously destroyed Planet Vegeta thirty years before the events of the series, and in the present day he runs a galactic organization which specializes in either destroying planets or selling them to the highest bidder. Like Vegeta above, his snap response to any fight he's losing is to destroy the planet, though unlike Vegeta he is capable of surviving a planet's destruction. He destroys Planet Namek over the course of the Frieza Saga, and comes very close to destroying Earth as well.
    • Having the genes of Vegeta and Frieza, Cell is just as prone to planet-destroying bouts of rage as they are. When he finally meets his match in Super Saiyan 2 Gohan he attempts a planet-destroying Taking You with Me attack, and when he regenerates from that and comes back he is intent on destroying Earth. He even boasts of his intent to travel the galaxy destroying planet after planet after he is done with Earth.
    • In his original form of Kid Buu, Majin Buu went on a planet-destroying spree of destruction five million years before the events of the series. And befitting his status as the final Big Bad of DBZ, he is the only villain who successfully destroys Earth, with a single blast no less (though this is undone and Earth restored via a wish from the Dragon Balls.
    • Dr. Willow/Wheelo from Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest is a No-Nonsense Nemesis with an ultimate attack, the Planet Geyser, that is capable of destroying a planet.
    • Frieza's brother Coola from the movies is just as much of a planet buster as he is, and every bit as trigger happy about it. He can also charge their shared planet-destroying Supernova technique much faster than his brother.
    • Android 13's S.S. Deadly Bomber technique is capable of destroying half a planet, and when he becomes Super Android 13 it's more than capable of finishing the job.
    • Broly is perhaps the most extreme pre-Super example, as he destroys an entire galaxy literally in the first few seconds of his film. Later in the film he destroys Planet Shamo effortlessly, solely to taunt the Shamoians (and show the audience how powerful and Ax-Crazy he is).
    • Much like Majin Buu, Bojack of the ninth movie went on a galaxy-wide planet destroying spree thousands of years before the events of the story, with the four Kais united to stop his rampage by making him a Sealed Evil in a Can. Unlike Buu, Bojack did not get to destroy any planets in the present day before meeting his defeat.
  • Dragonball Super:
    • Beerus the God of Destruction, once destroyed a planet with a finger tap.
    • His twin brother, Champa has also destroyed planets as collateral damage during a sibling quarrel.
  • The Will of the Book of Darkness (also known as Reinforce) from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's has destroyed countless planets over the course of her very long life completely against her will. It's part of the reason why the fandom considers her to be the strongest character in the entire Lyrical Nanoha franchise.

    Comic Books 
  • Chaos War: Amatsu-Mikaboshi, aka the Chaos King, absorbs the pantheons of many alien worlds, and then destroys those worlds in his quest to return the world to nothingness. He succeeds in absorbing 98% of the known multiverse. Later in the story, Hercules is given power to rival him, and sacrifices it to undo all of the damage across the multiverse that Mikaboshi had done.
  • In the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Anti-Monitor destroys an infinite number of universes in a short amount of time, indicating that just one planet would be nothing to it.
  • Doctor Strange: Shuma-Gorath is an Eldritch Abomination who has conquered thousands of universes. Due to some rather vague rules, he's unable to directly enter the Marvel universe without making some sort of avatar or lesser form. But it's speculated that if the true Shuma-Gorath ever entered the universe, his mere presence would cause entire galaxies to explode.
  • Fantastic Four: Galactus is probably the most prolific planet destroyer of Marvel, as he literally travels the universe consuming planets to survive.
  • The Incredible Hulk: During the "Heart of the Monster" storyline, Hulk and his wife/enemy Red She-Hulk are transported to the Dark Dimension, on a planet ruled by the Reality Warper Umar. Due to the high levels of radiation, magic, and rage powering the two as they fight, Bruce and Betty destroy the entire Dark Dimension over and over again by accident, forcing a bored and annoyed Umar to continuously rebuild it with a snap of her fingers until a portal finally appears for them to escape to another realm.
  • The Infinity Gauntlet: When the Celestials, Galactus, and various cosmic entities confront the nigh-omnipotent Thanos, the Celestials make their opening salvo by throwing entire planets at Thanos, which he swats aside effortlessly.
  • Justice Society of America: Planetary Parasite Gog will destroy any planet he is uprooted from after he has been allowed to take root for more than seven days. He also went on a planet-destroying spree prior to arriving on Earth, at least if Tommy Tomorrow and the Planeteers are to be believed.
  • In the first issue of Secret Wars, the Beyonder destroys an entire galaxy to demonstrate his power.
  • Franchise/Superman: Solaris the Tyrant Sun is an artificial sun capable of exerting a gravitational pull strong enough to pull planets out of their natural alignments and into its own orbit, as well as, you know, just reducing them to smoldering cinders outright.
  • X-Men:
    • Avengers vs. X-Men: Both Cyclops and Hope Summers (in a spinoff what-if tale only) acquire the power of the Phoenix Force, causing them to succumb to With Great Power Comes Great Insanity and making them planetary threats equal to the original Dark Phoenix below.
    • The Dark Phoenix Saga: The Dark Phoenix entity consumes a star, causing it to go supernova and destroying all life in its native star system.
    • The Shi'ar emperor and Third Summers Brother Vulcan is an omega mutant of Planet Destroyer proportions, laying waste to dozens of Kree worlds during the War of Kings.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Parallax in Green Lantern had casually covered and consumed all life from at least one planet.
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity Stones grant the power to destroy all life on a planet with a single strike against the ground. Big Bad Ronan the Accuser covets this power to destroy the planet Xandar, and comes very close to pulling it off.
  • The Narada spaceship from Star Trek (2009) is able to fire red matter into the core of any planet, which will cause it to collapse in on itself within minutes. The climax of the film deals with the Enterprise crew trying to prevent the Narada from destroying Earth. Having witnessed the destruction of Spock's home planet of Vulcan, they know what's at stake.
  • Star Wars: The Death Star from the original trilogy was one of these, if not a terribly inefficient version. It was capable of destroying an entire planet, but required a significant charge time (sorry, "ignition sequence") and close range to get the job done.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens has the Starkiller Base, which as the name implies is essentially an upgraded Death Star, capable of draining the energy of an entire star and using it to destroy many planets from anywhere.


    Live-Action TV 
  • Babylon 5: The Shadow/Vorlon conflict eventually escalates to both sides destroying planets allied with the other.
  • Heroes: With boosting from enough of his fellow posthumans Season 4 Big Bad Samuel Sullivan was one of these. By itself his power was simply Dishing Out Dirt, but amped up enough he was capable of literally cracking a planet in two. This was, of course, the token Bad Future of the season the titular Heroes were rushing to prevent.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series: The episode The Doomsday Machine revolves around the titular device, a massive tubular weapon that sustains itself by destroying planet after planet. It has already consumed several entire solar systems before the Enterprise arrives on the scene.
  • Star Trek: Voyager introduces Species 8472, capable of destroying a planet by combining the firepower of nine bio-ships.
  • The Xindi of Star Trek: Enterprise build their own version of the Death Star to destroy Earth after being told that humanity will destroy them in the future. (It's a lie.)

    Video Games 
  • Ouroboros from Bravely Default holds planets as hostages to prevent the main characters from attacking him. Not only does it take no effort for him to destroy planets, which he does several times, but he actually feeds on them.
  • The Excuse Plot for Katamari Damacy is that the King of All Cosmos got extremely drunk one night and broke all the stars.
  • Kirby:
    • Many of the Eldritch Abominations that plague Popstar are more than capable of taking out planets. For instance, Galacta Knight has been noted to casually obliterate planets when in a bad mood (hence why he had to be sealed away); meanwhile, Dark Matter and Queen Sectonia both literally tried to CONSUME Popstar with the former having his sights set on other planets too. And some Kirby villains set their sights higher than that. Star Dream set out to destroy all organic life in EXISTENCE which would also mean that quite a few planets would have inevitably gone bye-bye had Kirby not stopped it.
    • Speaking of which, Kirby himself is a Planet Destroyer. One sub game in Kirby Super Star has him cracking Popstar in half merely for a contest. The manga takes Up to Eleven by having him destroy it completely with a punch. Further, in Milky Way Wishes, he ends up obliterating Nova - a wish-granting clock deity bigger than Popstar - by smashing Marx into it. Keep in mind that he's probably not even a teen yet.
  • Averted in Metroid, but only so much. The main character has been responsible for the destruction of four separate planets despite having no natural ability to do so, just happening to be standing by the right Load-Bearing Boss at the right time.
  • Smoke from Mortal Kombat 3 is normally just another powerful fighter, but in his Fatality, he throws four or so bombs on the floor... which destroys the whole planet easily? It's incredibly strange and he never demonstrates this ability elsewhere, possibly because the explosion likely kills him with the planet.
  • In the space stage of Spore, a wealthy and powerful player can use the Planet Buster to destroy planets. Downplayed because planet busters are one-shot each and have to be bought after each use.
  • Chrono Trigger: The main antagonist of Chrono Trigger, Lavos, is an enemy that the player characters only learn about after accidentally winding up in a Bad Future where Lavos has already destroyed the world. It's revealed later that Lavos is an alien Eldritch Abomination that traveled through space for aeons before crash landing on the Earth, whereupon is slumbered for millions of years until it had absorbed enough knowledge, energy and culture from the planet and its native creatures. After they stopped being useful, Lavos destroyed the planet and spawned new offspring like him that would leave the Earth after it exploded and continue the cycle on other worlds.

    Web Comics 
  • Homestuck:
    • If the anyone from the Black Army kills the White King and takes his scepter, they can use it to begin a meteor strike that will destroy the chess-theme planet called the Battlefield in twenty-four hours. The only way to stop it is to destroy the Black King's scepter in that time, which will cause the players to win the game as a whole. Additionally, the force known as Skaia can teleport a select number of these meteors to another planet for the twenty-four hours, so any planet it chooses to send the meteors to will also be destroyed. This way, Skaia is a sort of indirect Planet Destroyer.
    • The Black Queen's ring gives her the power to release the "Red Miles," a wave of destructive red energy that demonstrate the ability to send entire moons hurdling into the orbit of their planet.
    • First Guardians are all The Omnipotent, and as such can release radioactive energy so powerful they can reduce entire planets to desert and tear through a moon in seconds.
    • Clockwork Majyyks are used on few occasion in the comic, but one notable instance shows two users simultaneously destroy a small planet each.
    • The warrior queen of Alternia, Her Imperious Condescension, has psychic powers so strong that she can singlehandedly send planets hurling through space to collide into other rogue planets, reducing them to nothing but ruins. In addition, she can use her Clockwork Majyyks and Bifurcated Powers to create an Earth-Shattering Kaboom.
    • The Denizen Typheus, a powerful boss of the in-universe video game Sburb, is capable of incinerating his home planet in seconds if given the command, and in an offshoot timeline, he goes through with it.
    Real Life 
  • Planets themselves. Gravitational interactions either among themselves or the protoplanetary disk on still forming stellar systemsnote  can cause a huge mess, where planets are either thrown out of the system or collide either with the star or among themselvesnote .


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