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Who's scruffy looking?
Star Wars has inspired uncountable parodies, homages and spoofs, but the source material itself has some classic laughs as well.

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Unsorted and Other Examples:

The Prequel Trilogy

  • The bloopers from the prequels are utterly hilarious.
    • Liam Neeson taking out his lightsaber...only to lose his grip and send it flying over his shoulder.
    • In the Gungan scene, R2 falls over. The funniest part is that the animators bothered to animate Ahmed's reaction.
    • Yoda forgetting his lines.
    • Qui-Gon torturing Jar Jar.
    • "Let go of me."
    • Hayden breaking the handle of his speeder.
    • R2 getting stuck and Ewan McGregor going to help him.
    • Jango Fett tap-dancing with an umbrella is now canon.
      • He later slips while fighting and falls off camera.
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    • If Hayden Christensen and Christopher Lee fighting with toy lightsabers wasn't funny enough, Hayden ends up tripping.
    • Hayden tripping during the chase scene, and then when leaving Padme's room. The guy has no luck.
    • "God, that's hot!"
    • Ewan dancing while driving a speeder.
    • "This is ridiculous! This is just a mean joke! This isn't part of the movie at all!"
    • C-3PO crashing into the set, and both Natalie and Ewan's reaction to it.
    • Samuel L. Jackson's many falls. "Oh my God, I'm awake! It's morning!"
    • Hayden going to the wrong door.
    • When Anakin is about to kill Dooku, instead of Palpatine yelling to Finish Him! it's some random guy. "He got the job!"


  • The behind-the-scenes documentary Empire of Dreams has the cast relate some pretty amusing moments from the film's production. One of the funniest is when Mark Hamill talks about the moment when the Executive Meddling just went a little too far. They got concerned that Chewbacca was not wearing any clothing, going so far as to suggest that he wear lederhosen. His summation of it became something of a meme and possibly the only reason why there is a page on pants in Wookieepedia at all.
    Mark: Of all the things to worry about...The wookiee has no pants.
    • Anthony Daniels humourously recalling the rough start he got playing C-3PO in Tunisia.
    Anthony: "It was bad enough just putting on the costume for the first time, and within two paces, the left leg had shattered down onto the plastic of the left foot and was, gently but forcibly and persistently knifing it into the (laughs) the soft part of my foot. So we took it off, and I limped to the set with one foot, and it was then I began to panic about the days to come..."
    • The casting of Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca. According to Mayhew, his English-raised nature helped clinch the role: He stood up when George and Gary Kurtz arrived to meet him. Naturally, a seven-foot man standing up to greet you is quite significant.
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    • Irvin Kershner describing the moment he took Mark Hamill aside and told him what the true twist ending of Empire was.
    Kershner: "You know, Darth Vader's your father." "Whaaa?"
  • About 18 minutes into this featurette (just as the credits start rolling), we have a funny unscripted moment with our heroes in the Ewoks' net.
  • Regarding the original Luke Skywalker action figure (which has alarmingly bright yellow hair), Mark Hamill said his daughter once asked, "Daddy, why'd they make your hair yellow?" He replied, "Because they used all the brown on Harrison Ford."
  • At last, we KNOW EMPEROR PALPATINE's name. What is it? Sheev!
  • In "Rey's Survival Guide", Rey writes about a scavenger named Namenthe who tried to transport live proton bombs. Two of the bombs knocked together, resulting in what is now called "Namenthe's crater."
  • The Star Wars Show Holiday Special. Unlike its inspiration, it's intentionally godawful and prefaced by Pablo Hidalgo telling the audience that none of this is canon. And then when Lumpy shows up in the middle of it, he shows up again, on a throne, to reassure them that he will not become a Canon Immigrant.
    • During one of Harrison Ford's appearances on The Tonight Show, Conan asked him about the Holiday Special; Ford denied having any memory of filming said special (or even that it existed). Conan revealed that he had a clip from it ready to play; Ford responded by trying to strangle him.
  • The backstory behind Mace Windu wielding a purple lightsaber. It can basically be summed up as What Samuel L. Jackson asks for, he gets. The lightsaber prop he took home from the set also has "Bad Mother Fucker" engraved on it, as a shout out to Pulp Fiction.
  • There was originally going to be a lightsaber duel between Qui Gon and Obi Wan in The Phantom Menace. In the middle of filming, Liam Neeson threw down his lightsaber and stormed off the set (in the middle of the Tunesian desert, no less). While the rest crew cracked up, a stony-faced George Lucas told Ewan McGregor, "Ewan, don't make the noises. We'll add them in in post." (McGregor didn't stop; the sounds had to be edited out of the final cut — as did the scenes where his lip movements were caught on camera.)
    • He wasn't the only one: Hayden Christiensen confessed that while he and McGregor were rehearsing and filming their duel for Revenge of the Sith, they were both doing it.
  • The YouTube channel Star Wars Kids made a video listing all the times someone mentions the word "Force". The final tally is 161. Rogue One got the most mentions in a single film (46), with only A New Hope (22) and Revenge of the Sith (20) coming close. It's really something.

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