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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked on Funny Moments pages.


  • Rey meditating in her first scene. Her scoff of frustration is priceless.
    "Be with with with me. (opens her eyes) They're not with me. Ugh”.
  • There's something funny about how the already adorable BB-8 has to get an even smaller cute droid as a companion - and when BB-8 cocks its head, the companion droid D-O does the same thing.
  • When the Falcon returns to the base, Poe and Rey get into a heated argument and Finn is trying to defuse the situation between the two and rolling his eyes upon realization that they weren't listening to him. Keep in mind Poe severely damaged the Falcon by lightspeed skipping through walls and objects and Rey dropped a tree on BB-8 who had tailed Rey on her training run, damaging him. Poe was clearly more distressed about one missing ring on BB-8 than the crumbling Falcon.
  • After Rey tends to D-O's squeaky wheel, the droid is excited, and does laps around BB-8 while BB-8 simply gazes at D-O and twists around.
  • While on the Falcon, Poe and Finn play Chewie at Dejarik, and are losing. They wonder if he cheats, much to the Wookie's anger, before saying that he's over 200 years old, so he must have more experience than both of them combined. When they have to stop playing, Chewie growls a warning and they assure him they won't turn off the game. Then once Chewie is out of earshot, they again agree that he cheats and turn off the game.
  • After repairing his helmet, Kylo Ren asks Hux if he's disturbed by his appearance. Hux, very disingenuously tells him he did a good job. It's a somewhat tense moment... Until a young, black, female officer blurts out: "I like it!" It comes out of nowhere, and it's nothing like the professional demeanor we expect from First Order officers. It sounds more like a group of coworkers having a conversation about another coworker's new haircut or tattoo.
  • After they land on Pasaana, Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewie, BB-8, and Threepio are walking through the crowd. Poe tells everyone that the First Order may be watching and to keep their heads down. Then he points out Chewie - who crouches.
    • How did Lando recognize the group?
  • When our heroes arrive on Pasaana, they find out that 3PO neglected to inform them that instead of the deserted planet they expected to look for the Sith Wayfinder on, they're arriving at the Aki-Aki Festival of the Ancestors, which happens only once every 42 years. The entire group turns to stare at 3PO in frustration - who turns around to look behind him for whatever they're looking at.
  • The group find themselves sucked into a desert pit and into the underground caverns.
    Poe: Finn! Rey!
  • In the same scene, 3PO also asked if droids were allowed here. There was no bartender saying that he doesn't serve their kind here, was there? Even better Threepio asked if this was the afterlife, and wondered if droids were permitted. If droids weren't permitted in the afterlife, how would they get there to find out they aren't permitted?
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  • As they prepare to explore the cave, Rey ignites the Skywalker Family Lightsaber, giving us that thrilling snap-hiss. Not to be outdone, Poe ignites... his flashlight, with a little doink sound. Immediately, Poe gives a look that says, "What am I doing?" or "I wish I had a lightsaber too."
  • Threepio says that he can translate the Sith markings on the dagger...only his programming prevents him from ever uttering or even translating the Sith language.
    Poe: The one time we need you to talk, you can't?
    Threepio: Irony, sir.
  • 3PO reveals that the dagger's inscription resides only in his memory. All three turn to look at him. He then says that the procedure is so barbaric that only dregs would attempt it.
  • The collective reaction to seeing stormtroopers with jetpacks:
    C-3PO: (panicked) They fly now!
    Finn: (incredulous) They fly now?!
    Poe: (resigned) They fly now!
  • As Kylo is preparing to go after Rey, Hux starts speaking out, only for Kylo to shut him up with a single raised finger and annoyed Death Glare, like Han did to Threepio in The Empire Strikes Back. Like Father, Like Son, indeed. Even better... there's a split second his hand comes up and it looks like he might be readying a Force Choke or Slam or... some other Force unpleasantness... but no, he's just shushing Hux.
  • Hux shamelessly tries kissing up to Allegiant General Pryde by badmouthing the Knights of Ren for their failure to capture Rey's group... which he only did because neither Kylo Ren nor the other knights were in the room. Pryde is completely unimpressed and dismissively cuts him off, stating that he already read the report.
  • Poe finds himself at gunpoint by old flame Zorii as it turns out she's ticked he dumped her after a spice smuggling mission gone wrong.
    Finn: You were a spice runner?!
    Poe: You were a stormtrooper?
    Rey: Were you a spice runner?
    Poe: Were you a scavenger? We could do this all night!
  • Finn not letting up on Poe about his past.
    Finn: Poe Dameron, spice runner. Runner of spice.
  • Rey using a Jedi Mind Trick on two Stormtroopers when she, Poe and Finn board Kylo's Star Destroyer to free Chewbacca.
    Rey: It's okay that we're here.
    Stormtrooper 1: It's okay that you're here.
    Stormtrooper 2: It's good.
    Rey: ...You're relieved that we're here!
    Stormtrooper 2: Thank goodness you're here...
    Stormtrooper 1: Welcome, guys.
    Poe: [to Finn] Does she do that to us!?
    • Ironic here because this is the first time over the 3 movies that Poe and Finn have seen the Jedi mind trick.
  • When Finn, Poe and Chewie are captured by a large group of troopers, Finn simply says a rather candid "Hello, fellas!" before dropping his weapons, followed by Chewie growling in a way that sounds like nervous laughter.
  • When Hux reveals himself to be the Resistance's mole within the First Order, Poe gives a Big "WHAT?!" and Finn gives a shocked "You?!". Poe then gives a very unconvincing "I knew it!" to Finn responding with "No, you didn't!"
  • As sad as it is to see Threepio restored to factory settings, many of his post-memory wipe interactions are quite funny. "I would know if I had a best friend!"
    • His first post-memory-wipe dialogue:
      C-3PO: I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations. And you are?
      Poe: OK, that's going to be a problem.
    • While everyone else is caught up in the current events, Babu Frik happily introduces himself to C-3P0. The droid later refers to Babu as his oldest friend.
  • After Hux brings the group back to their ship, he asks Finn to shoot him in the arm on the way out in order to maintain his cover. Finn opts to shoot him in the leg instead.
  • Hux tells Pryde the rebels forced him to take them to their ship. Pryde casually kills him and then calls Kylo to inform him they found the spy.
  • The Millennium Falcon arrives at the Endor moon — with another crash landing. That's twice in one movie she gets beaten up.
  • When Finn has something important to tell Poe, Poe promotes him to General. It takes a second, but Finn quickly thanks him before continuing.
  • R2's reunion with a memory-wiped C-3PO is, at first, set up like a tragic Tear Jerker moment. But, one Gilligan Cut later, and R2 has already ordered a memory restoration check on 3PO.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but Rey's mother is portrayed by Jodie Comer, aka Villanelle! And somehow, she's not the Palpatine of the family?!?
  • After throwing driftwood at the burning wreck of Kylo's TIE Fighter on Ahch-To, Rey takes her lightsaber and throws it into the flames... only for Luke's Force ghost to catch it before chastising her.
  • The redeemed Ben Solo racing to join Rey on Exegol, not wasting time on the elevator and instead just throwing himself into the pit, wildly flailing, to land with a blasé "ow." He's his father's son, alright.
  • Rey gets ready for a strike with her lightsaber behind her back, Palpatine gets ready to receive the killing blow... and then, she shows him an empty hand, like she just pulled a magic trick.
  • Ben's cocky shrug at the Knights of Ren after receiving the Skywalker lightsaber before ripping into them. Bonus points for being heavily reminiscent of Han's iconic shrug from Return of the Jedi.
  • A revived Palpatine mocks Ben by telling the redeemed Skywalker "As once I fell, so falls the last Skywalker!". The way he says it while holding Ben in a Force choke gives the impression that he was speaking metaphorically, using "fell" as a synonym for "was defeated" or "died", and thus he is going to kill the last Skywalker and be done with it. He then reveals he was being very literal and throws Ben down an energy filled chasm in revenge for Vader throwing him down the energy shaft on the Death Star.
  • When Zorri shows up at the final battle, there's a heartfelt scene as she flies alongside Poe... and then Babu Frik pops up in the cockpit window with a happy shout.
  • Poe's flirting with Zorri at the end of the film, all done through facial expressions. She's not interested. And he just kinda nods like "Okay, that's fair." Bear in mind, all done with facial expressions... and Zorri has a face-concealing helmet. Her "No. Just... No" Reaction coming clear as day through that is amusing in and of itself.
  • During the final celebration, Chewbacca finally gets the medal for his role in the first Death Star's destruction.
  • After getting back from retrieving the dagger from Kylo's quarters, there's a bit of a Funny Background Event as Rey arrives back at the ship and hands the bowcaster she'd been using to Threepio. If you watch him, he looks down at it like, "What am I supposed to do with this?"
  • During the victory montage showing defeated Star Destroyers falling from the sky over various planets, we see one preparing to crash into the ground at Jakku a short distance away from the other one we'd already seen.
  • The universe has tried for over fifty years to kill off the Skywalker family. In the end, it takes The Skywalkers themselves to do it. Anakin chose to die for his son, Luke to save the Resistance, Leia for her son and Ben for love.


  • Having Ian McDiarmid himself turn up at Star Wars Celebration stage right after the trailer had ended with Palpatine's creepy-as-all-hell Evil Laugh. And what should he happen to say, in the Emperor's voice?
    Ian McDiarmid: Roll it... again!
  • Quite a few people watching the teaser without the benefit of Ian McDiarmid's appearance after its debut at Star Wars Celebration got the impression that it was Luke laughing, thanks to being so similar to Mark Hamill's iconic Joker laugh.
  • During production, a few bones were made about Lando rejoining the crew of the Falcon after "betraying" his best friend in The Empire Strikes Back. Billy Dee Williams was asked about this at Celebration by Stephen Colbert. His reply?
    "[Lando] was in control the whole time... Did anybody die?"
  • The logo for the teaser poster rises higher than the other two movies. On the other hand, it's also smaller.
  • Daisy Ridley reported that Carrie Fisher messed with her while filming the hug scene that ended up in this movie, whispering "This is a fucking long hug!"
  • On his Instagram, John Boyega posted a video where he writes a heartfelt ink letter to Oscar Isaac, turning the Ho Yay between Finn and Poe Up to Eleven.
  • One of the TV Spots got a fair bit of positive buzz for using ‘Duel of the Fates’. What was that spot’s title? Duel. And the previous spot’s title? Fate. At this point, they’re having fun with it.
  • After several critics at the premiere reported that at one point someone in the audience shouted "Yeah, JJ!", none other than Kevin Smith admitted it was him.
  • In an interview with ''Happy Sad Confused'' podcast Oscar Isaac mentions struggling to fit into the Millennium Falcon pilot chair because "...they clearly don’t make it for ethnic hips. Harrison Ford did not have a butt because this is not working for me".
  • In an interview with Conan O'Brien, Josh Gad reveals that he was invited by Daisy Ridley to the last day of shooting... and the first thing he saw on the set was Ian McDiarmid saying "You are my granddaughter!", thereby making him the first person who got a spoiler.
  • About a week before release, Walt Disney Studios uploaded this silly little skit where Daisy Ridley is trying to do some promo for the film, only for Josh Gad to crash the shoot and ask her for spoilers. When she refuses, nearly two dozen different celebrities from across Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars canon pop in through the door to their little set trying to get answers out of her for all of the most popular questions and off-the-wall theories fans are hoping will be answered in the film. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues. It gets funnier when you realize this appears to have been shot at the D23 expo in late August 2019, several months after Josh got his spoiler on the film's set.


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