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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked on Funny Moments pages.


  • There's something funny about how the already adorable BB-8 has to get an even smaller cute droid as a companion - and when BB-8 cocks its head, the companion droid Dio does the same thing. There's something inherently funny about the name too.


  • Having Ian McDiarmid himself turn up at Star Wars Celebration stage right after the trailer had ended with Palpatine's creepy-as-all-hell Evil Laugh. And what should he happen to say, in the Emperor's voice?
    Ian McDiarmid: Roll it...again!
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  • Quite a few people watching the teaser without the benefit of Ian McDiarmid's appearance after its debut at Star Wars Celebration got the impression that it was Luke laughing, thanks to being so similar to Mark Hamill's iconic Joker laugh.
  • During production, a few bones were made about Lando rejoining the crew of the Falcon after "betraying" his best friend in The Empire Strikes Back. Billy Dee was asked about this at Celebration by Stephen Colbert. His reply?
    "[Lando] was in control the whole time... Did anybody die?"
  • The logo for the teaser poster rises higher than the other two movies. On the other hand, it's also smaller.
  • Daisy Ridley reported that Carrie Fisher messed with her while filming the hug scene that ended up in this movie, whispering "This is a fucking long hug!"


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