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WARNING: Per wiki policy, all spoilers are unmarked on Awesome Moments pages.


  • Rey staring down a TIE Interceptor on foot, drawing her lightsaber (which she apparently rebuilt herself), then calmly back-flipping onto it.
    • Even more awesome when it's implied that the pilot is none other than Kylo Ren.
  • Kylo Ren continues to demonstrate his badassery as a dark sider who leads his troops from the front like his grandfather before him, engaging Resistance troopers with a vengeance — and utilizing his saber's crossguard blades along with the main one.
  • Lando Calrissian has rejoined the team, piloting the Millennium Falcon alongside Chewie.
  • The gang's all back together, setting forth into a strange world where at least part of the Second Death Star has crash-landed.
  • Luke's presence is felt through his voice-over, suggesting that a little thing like the passing of his physical body isn't going to stop his spirit from lending aid.
  • The music for the trailer launches into an epic rendition of John Williams' "Princess Leia's Theme".
  • Oh, and one more thing, right at the end, quick enough that you might have missed it... His Royal Wrinkliness, Palpatine, is back!
  • A gigantic fleet of Star Destroyers that comes straight from the time of the Empire.
  • A moment that also belongs to both Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel, but REY being cloaked and hooded in black and having a double red lightsaber that can switch between two side-by-side laser blades and a "lightsaber staff" that would make Darth Maul proud (or envious) just screams awesome. And her seemingly embracing The Dark Side for the Evil Is Cool-inclined. Although, Never Trust a Trailer might apply massively here.
  • From the final trailer:
    • Rey and Kylo destroying a plinth with Darth Vader's helmet on it.
    • Rey fighting Kylo on the ruins of the second Death Star.
      • And later Finn joins the fight. He's on a slippery ruin in the middle of a storm, going up against a man who nearly killed him, but he won't abandon Rey.
    • Rey standing in front of a hooded figure heavily implied to be Palpatine.
    • The action hero shot of Finn, Poe, and Chewie running down the halls of what looks like a Star Destroyer, mowing down Stormtroopers left and right, as the theme swells to a heroic, bombastic crescendo.
    • The Millennium Falcon leading a MASSIVE Resistance fleet in a Call-Back to the space battle over Endor in Return of the Jedi filled with a Continuity Cavalcade of ships from all over the franchise (including Rogue One, Rebels, The Clone Wars, the upcoming The Mandalorian and so on).
      • And in the same vein, that fleet is going up against what is possibly the single largest fleet of Star Destroyers seen in the whole franchise. Looks like the First Order has pulled out all of the stops.
      • It's also worth noting that the last time we saw the Resistance, their numbers were so small that they could all fit into the Millennium Falcon without any problem, and it's been confirmed that The Rise of Skywalker is set merely a year after those events. Yet in that span of time, the Resistance has been able to rebuild their numbers to an almost impossible extent. Well done.
    • Cavalry charge on top of a Star Destroyer. That was unexpected and totally badass.
      • Not cavalry as in tanks or starfighters or speeders. Mounted cavalry, on horse-analogues, galloping across the hull of an Imperial Star Destroyer.
    • An Imperial Star Destroyer rising out of a field of ice.


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