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New entries go to the bottom of the appropriate folder. And obviously, expect unmarked spoilers for all previous Star Wars material.

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Darth Jar Jar's Plan.
Darth Jar Jar had been playing the fool, the TRUE Sith Lord behind everything since before Episode 1, And has been letting Palpatine and Snoke run the show until he can enact the next step in his plan. It's now time for the next phase of his plan.

The Remaining New Republic will regroup with the Resistance.
The Remaining New Republic forces will team up with the Resistance with leftover ships, vehicles, ect, and they will battle the First Order together.

Someone will pull a Cosmic Retcon via The World Between Worlds.
This is more wishful thinking than a theory, but one of the characters will go back in time and change the past, altering the timeline to something similar to that of Star Wars Legends.

The AT-HS (All Terrain Heavy Scout) Will be seen in battle
Since the AT-HS Walkers did not appear in the Last Jedi, they might appear in the Rise of Skywalker. They would be used by the First Order to battle against the Remaining New Republic and Resistance Army. However, 1 would be stolen by the resistance and used against the First Order (Quite similar to Return Of The Jedi when Chewbacca and the Ewoks stole an Imperial At-St on Endor.)

The T-85 X-wing and the B-wing MK II will be seen in action.
Possibly not all of the The T-85 X-wings were destroyed by Starkiller base. So hopefully they will be piloted by Poe Dameron, while the B-wing MK II will be piloted by Finn and they would fight off the First Order Navy

The Starhawk-class Battleship will be seen in action with the Remnants of the New Republic and The Resistance.
The Starhawk-class Battleship will be seen in a space battle. However, it would be the only one in action and it will be destroyed by the First Order Tie Fighters, or capital ships.

The Nissis-Class Clawcraft will appear in a space battle
The Nissis-Class Clawcraft will serve in the Chiss Ascendancy Navy and battle the Resistance Starfighters in space.

The Hapes Consortium (From Legends) will be in the film
The Hapes Consortium will help the remaining New Republic, and the Resistance. They will help fight off the First Order with their ships (Such as the Nova-class battle cruiser, Hapan Battle Dragon, Miy'til Starfighter, Miy'til Assault Bomber, Hetrinar, and brand new never before seen starfighters and warships). And with ground forces (Such as tanks, speeders, infantry, ECT).

There will be newer Y-wing Starfighter models
The Remaing New Republic and the Resistance will develop newer Y-wing Starfigters, and use themagainst the First Order.

The E-Wing Starfighters along with other New Republic and Rebel Starfighters, Starships, and other vehicles will appear in the film
The E-wing starfighters from the Expanded Universe (Now Legends) Will be canon and it will serve the New Republic and/or Resistance Navy. Also there will be other Starfighters (like the K-wings, H-wings, D-wings, T-wings, Ect) will show up also in the New Republic and/or Resistance. *And the New Republic Star Defenders and other ships, and former Rebel Alliance ships (from Legends) will be in the space battle against the First Order Navy. There will be a ground battle with some New Republic Vehicles (From Legends) to Fight against the First Order Army.

The Infinite Empire/Rakatan Empire will be canon again
Well since Rakata Prime made it to canon in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beginner Game and the Rakata in Poe Dameron 7: The Gathering Storm, it's possible that the Rakatan Empire will return to see revenge on the Galaxy with their ships, weapons and technology.

Centerpoint Station will be recanonized
Its true status as a superweapon will be discovered, and it will be used as a Hail Mary pass by the New Republic to do unto the First Order what they did to them. As before, it requires a Force sensitive to properly aim it, bringing Kylo and Rey to the area, and both opposing fleets in preparation for a final battle. Rey reprograms the station to fire on itself, taking the majority of the First Order fleet with her.

The Star Forge will be canon again
The Star Forge (From Legends KOTOR) will be seen in the hands of the First Order, and used to produce more ships, vehicles, weapons, ect. In Fact, they will reproduced old ships, vehicles, weapons, Ect from the Rakatan Empire, previous Sith Empires, Eternal Empire, ect and they will produce new ships, vechiles, ect. But the Resistance will destroy the Star Forge (Just like the Republic fleet did in Kotor).

The New Republic Military will be mobilized against the First Order in full force, and they will be under new leadership
After a Time Skip, the parts of the New Republic which haven't fallen to the First Order will instead be under a hardliner militant faction of the Republic, desiring to wipe the First Order off the face of the Galaxy. Initially a fringe group in the political climate of the New Republic, with the destruction of Hosnian Prime and the Senate, and therefore the loss of all opposition to said faction, this enables them to take advantage of the power void, and become the new governing body. Troopers in the New Republic Military (not the Resistance, they are allied, but separate factions) wear armor similar to that of the Old Republic, but with more vibrant color scheme to differentiate from the white armor of the First Order Stormtroopers. The gunships from Attack Of The Clones will also make a reappearance. Vehicles from Old Republic era also return, but modified and upgraded to modern specification. With this militant government, they are then able to fight back against the First Order.

The Yuuzhan Vong or something like them will become canon again
here was a reason why they came back in the (now Legends) EU — always having the Empire/Sith or an expy as an adversary gets stale really quick and Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams have shown unwillingness to deal with the prequel Era state of no adversary of imperial strength. So why not bring back the solution to that problem in the Legends Canon? Thrawn has come back as well, after all... And to add to that, there have been hints in Disney books that Thrawn found something in the Unknown Regions - which just so happens to be the place where the First Order has its base of operations...
  • Actually, the Vong were supposed to appear in an arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that went unmade due to the show's cancellation, which automatically makes them canon, as all of the planned stories are canon. However, they're not Force-immune like they were in Legends, due to clarifications and changes in exactly how the Force works.
  • Unless they appear or Word of God starts saying so, the Vong are not actually canon. Also consider the complex backstory and divided fandom regarding them in general. Then it is unlikely they will appear, more likely the Disney will keep it simple.

Rey takes up the name Skywalker.
The title alone seems to imply that outcome, especially since there are no living characters at the beginning of the movie bearing that name. This could also be a way to make Rey a Skywalker without retconning the controversial reveal in The Last Jedi that her parents were nobodies.
  • Maybe Leia will adopt Rey so that she can formally inherit the Skywalker name and legacy.

Rey actually is a Skywalker.
It's not like the franchise hasn't gone back on such claims before,note  and it would certainly be within Kylo Ren's character to use such Blatant Lies to manipulate Rey in an attempt to turn her.
  • Unlikely. One, that Retcon was a result of George Lucas not planning everything ahead of time, whereas in this trilogy the storyline has been plotted in advance. Two, Kylo wasn't the one who said that to Rey; she herself said "they were nobody". Three, Daisy Ridley's confirmed that Abrams told her who Rey's parents were and that his answer was the same as Johnson's.
    • It's been previously indicated that the current series has not been laid out in advance, that Johnson deviated from Abrams' intentions on a number of plot points, and that Abrams will in turn be retconning Johnson to steer things back to his original vision. Additionally, while it was Rey who first said they were "nobody," it was still Kylo Ren who said: "They were filthy junk traders who sold you off for drinking money. They’re dead, in a paupers’ grave in the Jakku desert." All it takes to retcon it is a Certain Point Of View: Rey dismissed them as "nobody" because they abandoned her, and that Kylo Ren was lying as part of his emotional manipulation.
    • Abrams's statement is that Johnson was "taking things in a different direction" but also that it was "very much in line with what we were thinking as well.". You'd also have to be ignoring Ridley's statement that Abrams version of Rey's parents was the same as Johnson's and a recent confirmation that the reveal isn't being retconned to make this theory work. And sure, you could say they were nobodies From a Certain Point of View, except Rey calling them "nobody" because they abandoned her goes entirely against her character: she never hated her family, she stayed on Jakku for fifteen years waiting for them. She wouldn't have done that if she thought they were nobodies for abandoning her, because she didn't want to believe they abandoned her at all. And it would be a huge stretch for Rey to consider the Skywalkers nobodies, because she's clearly in awe of their legend in The Force Awakens.
      • Is this the same JJ Abrams who told us that John Harrison wasn't Khan Noonien Singh? I'll take any pronouncement he has about a film he's working on before it opens with a salt mine, thank you very much.
      • It is. It's also the same Abrams who said he regretted lying about that, backed up by Daisy Ridley, who has said at various points that Rey's parents aren't important, and said Abrams told her Rey's parents were nobodies.

Rey is the daughter of Princess Leia via the Force.
Rey does have more than a few similarities with Anakin, and retconning the controversial reveal in The Last Jedi could involve making Rey a daughter of Leia via the Force, the way Anakin was Shmi's son but had no father. This would admittedly bring back the controversial midichlorians explanation and virgin birth from The Phantom Menace but it would explain why Rey is as powerful as she is. Also, Rey's Force-based conception and birth would do a lot to disrupt the relationships between Han, Leia and Ben and give Ben Solo a reason to feel unwanted and jealous, feelings that Snoke or Palpatine(in whatever form) could easily latch onto.
  • See above. Rey doesn't need to be a Skywalker to be powerful, there were hundreds of Jedi who were powerful who weren't Skywalkers (Yoda, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Ahsoka?). Additionally, this theory relies on Leia forgetting she gave birth (why else would she never mention nor look for her kid?), ditching her daughter on Jakku, and no one recognizing Rey (who wore the same hairstyle she was ditched with specifically to be recognized) or telling her she's family. It's been two movies with no mention of a second Skywalker heir, by now the excuses to justify this are thinner than air.

Rey is Anakin reincarnated to get rid of Palpatine for good.
Darth Vader's action of tossing Palpatine into the Second Death Star's reactor shaft didn't really "Bring balance to the Force" like the Chosen One prophecy stated if Palpatine is still around to torment the galaxy either in physical form or as a Force Ghost. Palpatine's continued existence would be a convenient reason for the Force to reincarnate Anakin as Rey and finish off the job for good. It also "rhymes" with what Kylo is doing - Kylo wishes to finish what Vader started, but Rey might land up wishing to finish what Anakin started.

Through time-travel/Force shenanigans, Rey will be the first Skywalker.
She will somehow be responsible for Anakin's birth.
  • Or she loses her connection to the Force, gets stuck in the past, and becomes Shmi Skywalker.

Rey was abandoned because she was a Skywalker or had something strange about her.
Her parents abandoned her, but everyone thinks that they sold her off for drinking money. The truth is they left her because they didn't think she was their legitimate child (perhaps Rey was born by the Force like Anakin, but Rey's "father" believed that his lover cheated on him instead) or felt something was off about her, so they ditched her and didn't tell anyone the reason why, leaving them to assume the worst.

Rey is actually the long-lost daughter/granddaughter of Palpatine.
Rey's parents abandoned her for drinking money, allegedly. But is that really what happened, or is it Rey projecting her fears without any proof? What if, in fact, she is a long-lost child of Palpatine, which he intended to be his vessel should he ever die? It would explain her strong Force potential.

Rey was created by Palpatine in a manner similar to Anakin.
She's not directly related to Luke but she is a Skywalker.

Rey isn't a Skywalker.
Rather, she's a Kenobi. Obi-Wan and Satine did the deed in the most discreet manner possible, and Satine never told Obi-Wan about his son/daughter.

Rey and Kylo Ren will have a child together.
They may do it the old-fashioned way or it may happen through their force bond since it can affect them physically. Though Rey is not a Skywalker, she will take the name to reflect her status as both Luke's successor and a de facto in-law.

Rey will meet one of her relatives
Said relative, perhaps an aunt, cousin, or even sibling, will assure us that Rey's parents were indeed abusive drunks who didn't care to keep her, but will help Rey move on even further from it.

Finn, Rey, and Rose will be in a love triangle.
As it seems like Finn and Rose are getting closer, Rey will show signs of jealousy, creating a love triangle between the three. However, in the end, Finn will choose Rose, because she will prove that her love is genuine once again, while Rey is really using Finn as a crutch because she really loves Kylo Ren and doesn't want to face it, but also doesn't want to feel alone again. A case of Last Girl Wins.

Jannah is Finn's sister.

Jannah is Lando's daughter.

    Kylo Ren 
Kylo will die via Death Equals Redemption.
He already knows that he's gone too far, but something happens that he realizes is wrong and Rey kills him in their final battle, which saves the Galaxy from whatever and he thanks her for putting him to peace.

Kylo doesn't die
Instead, Ben is finally redeemed and pulls a Karma Houdini. He and Rey realize that for there to be balance, there must be a new order, one that is neither light, nor dark. In the far future, he and Rey are revered as prophets and quasi-deities for the "god" of this new order, the mythical Skywalker.

Kylo will be tempted by Palpatine only to have Anakin Skywalker appear to warn him.
Anakin's words will convince Kylo not to become Palpatine's apprentice, and this decision will be the start of Kylo's redemption.

    Knights of Ren 
The Knights aren't Force users and/or don't wield lightsabers.
  • Early images of them don't show any lightsabers in sight...

    The First Order 
The First Order will reproduce and modernize old ships, vehicles, weapons, etc., and mobilize against the New Republic, and the Resistance
The First Order will reproduce Old capital ships, vehicles, super weapons, etc. from previous Sith Empires, and the Eternal Empire, and they will develop New Tie Fighters that are modeled after every Sith Starfighters (such as the Sith Starfighter from the Jedi Civil War era, and the Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighter from the Great Galactic War Era, etc.) and use them to battle the New Republic, and the Resistance. They will develop new vehicles, starfighters, capital ships, etc., and they will be us against the New Republic and the Resistance also.

The First Order's Tie Interceptors and the Tie Bombers will appear, but...
They will be reproductions of the Empire's previous models. Sense the redeveloped Tie Bombers didn't appear in The Last Jedi, They might be in the 9th film along with the redeveloped Tie Interceptors. And they will be seen in a space battle against the Remnants of the New Republic, and the Resistance.

The First Order will salvage the remains of the Supremacy
After the Supremacy (Mega-Class Star Dreadnought) was rammed by the MC-85 Battlecruiser, the Raddus, the First Order will salvage the remains of the star dreadnout along with other ships, vehicles, ect and turn it into a new Star Dreadnought and/or a super weapon. And they use it against the remaining New Republic, and the Resistance.

    The Resistance 
The Resistance is rebuilt or in the processing of rebuilding.
During the Time Skip, they've managed to gather some more allies, but they're still greatly outnumbered and underequipped.

Rey will start training members of the Resistance.
Rey has gained a lot of strength in the Force and saved some of the Jedi Texts, she might attempt to start training the Force Sensitives among the Resistance.
  • She might have already done so to some extent during the time skip and we might see some of them.

The Resistance will be joined by the remnants of the Republic, and the Imperial Remnant (including several warlord factions such as the Pentastar Alignment).
Not only will we see some faces from the old EU (such as Garm Bel Iblis, Airen Cracken, Ardus Kaine, and Ysanne Isard), but we'll also see the classic Stormtrooper armor, classic TIE Fighters, Imperial-class Star Destroyers, even a new Death Star that, in a Shout-Out to How It Should Have Ended, will be nicknamed the Right Back Atca. On the Republic side of things, we'll see some more classic equipment as the Republic starts providing older equipment, such as T-65 X-Wings, Y-Wings, RZ-1 A-Wings, B-Wings, old Rebel Trooper equipment, T-47 Airspeeders, MC 80 starships (possibly including the Home One), maybe even some vehicles from the old EU such as the T2-B, V-Wing airspeeder, and the E-Wing, K-Wing, and even the Nebula-class Star Destroyer. Not only would it put the Resistance on par with the First Order, it would also be a great Shout-Out to fans of the old EU.

Luke will come Back from the Dead.
This would be something NEVER seen before in the saga, a way of showing just how insanely powerful in the Force he is by having him regain his physical form — and also would be an opportunity for him and Lando to have the onscreen reunion that was never seen with he and Han. The movie is literally called The Rise of Skywalker, after all.

Palpatine returns by possessing Kylo Ren.
The Old EU has Palpatine transfer his spirit into a cloned body in Dark Empire. The production team will opt to throw out the clone part but instead have him use his powers as an immortal Force Spirit to take control of Kylo, giving him not just a new body, but all the powers of the Skywalker bloodline.

Palpatine's spirit lived on inside a Sith Holocron.
Rebels has an ancient Sith Lady who survived after a fashion because her consciousness seemed to have been downloaded into a Sith Holocron. Since the current Word of God is that Sith Lords can't become Force ghosts, his survival inside a Sith Holocron is a plausible, canon-backed way for him to somehow be involved in this movie.

Palpatine's spirit has been impersonating Darth Vader.
In The Force Awakens, Kylo talks to his grandfather's helmet, promising to "finish what you started". This implies that Kylo is under the impression his grandfather would've wanted him to go down the path of the Dark Side, but this doesn't fit with Anakin's redemption and return as a Force Ghost at the end of Return of the Jedi. But if Palpatine had been communicating with young Ben, pretending to be Vader, it would certainly explain a lot.

Snoke was a vessel for Palpatine
And Palpatine wanted Kylo Ren to kill Snoke so he could be free.

Snoke was a failed Palpatine clone
And with him dead, we’re gonna see the real deal return in a working clone body.

Palpatine will tell Rey of the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise.
Just to get that out of the way.
  • In all seriousness, it's plausible that Palpatine survived using Plagueis's methods.

Palpatine is not back and he will only appear as a hologram.
Possibly as part of a My Death Is Just the Beginning plot.
  • That would be cruel, and I'm pretty sure Ian McDiarmid has already confirmed his involvement.

Palpatine's spirit is bound to the ruins of Death Star II.
The place where Palpatine seemingly died returning alongside Palpatine himself isn't a coincidence. Somehow, Palpatine was able to survive as a Force Ghost or phantom of sorts (A phantom menace, perhaps?), but at the cost of being bound to the Death Star II. It helps that like the Jedi who became Force Ghosts, Palpatine's body ceased to exist when he died, allowing for him to become a spirit of the Dark Side.

At some point, Snoke managed to reach out to Palpatine and create a Force link with him, as Kylo and Rey did in The Last Jedi. Hey, Kylo had to learn it from somewhere. Snoke then served Palpatine in secret, helping bring together the First Order from the remnants of the Empire hidden in the Unknown Regions, and targeted Ben Solo under Palpatine's command. Palpatine mostly abandoned the teachings of the Sith, and this time has sought to create a new group of Dark Side users, thus forming the Knights of Ren. He would, however, keep some elements of the Sith to build off of.

Palpatine, being The Chessmaster that he is, probably intended for Snoke to die at Kylo Ren's hands, and manipulated Snoke into driving Ren to a point where Ren would want to kill him. From there, Palpatine would then reach out himself and forge a connection between him and Kylo Ren, and would train him further in the ways of the Dark Side, so that Ren would reach his full potential with the Force and the Dark Side. He would then summon Ren to the planet of Endor, where the wreckage of the Death Star II lays. Palpatine's plan from there is to hijack Kylo Ren's body using the teachings of Darth Plagueis or some other Sith, and from there assume the mantle of Emperor once again. With a crippled galaxy reeling from the destruction of the Hosnian System, a destroyed Resistance, and a body giving him more power over the Dark Side than ever before, Palpatine's plan would be complete.

The one thing he didn't account for is Rey being found on Jakku, and her training in the Force by Luke Skywalker. With Luke made aware to events in the galaxy, he returns once more to save the Resistance from total destruction on Crait, and ascends into the Force, leaving Rey with the teachings of the ancient Jedi and the Resistance with a chance to rebuild. Rey and the Resistance will follow Kylo Ren to Endor, and the final confrontation between the light and dark sides will take place.

Palpatine's holocron will be the film's MacGuffin.
The First Order will search for the holocron in the hopes that unleashing Palpatine's spirit stored within will help them win the war, while the Resistance will be trying to destroy it. Both parties will find it in the wreckage of the second Death Star, where Kylo Ren will unleash Palpatine's spirit, leading to a climactic duel between Rey and Kylo Ren. At the same time, Luke's spirit will engage Palpatine's in the saga's first proper Wizard Duel, using more mind-screwy and esoteric powers than we have seen in the franchise so far. Because... Why not?

Palpatine Came Back Wrong.
In a dark counter to Jedi ghosts, Palpatine will show up as a twisted spirit trapped in the Death Star's wreckage, only able to interact with the galaxy at large through the communications the wreckage is capable of. He'll attempt to body-snatch Kylo or Rey, and will be revealed to be using Snoke as the active leader of the First Order while he serves as the Shadow Dictator. By the end his Soul Jar will end up destroyed or, sinking to the bottom of the ocean and separating him from everyone, which might allow him to return in the far future.

Palpatine hasn't moved on because of something relating to his Observatory on Jakku.
As shown in the novel Empire's End, Palpatine had a secret facility on Jakku filled with Sith artifacts and what may have been an ancient Sith computer used for mapping the Unknown Regions. This suggests one of two possibilities. One is that one of the artifacts in the Observatory is an ancient Sith device that somehow allows them to continue existing after death, and the Resistance will return to Jakku to destroy it. The other option is that the computer is the only way to find the way to the planet, Byss maybe, where Palpatine was hiding the true mechanism that is keeping his spirit going. Option number two lines up better with Palpatine's attempt to get Jakku destroyed post-mortem; he wasn't just trying a Hitler-esque Taking You with Me on the empire that failed him, he was trying to make sure nobody would stumble upon the route to his true sanctuary and disrupt his plan.

    Jedi/The Force 
We will go into the World Between Worlds.
This would help explain the theories/rumors about flashback sequences of Luke and Leia as well as Matt Smith playing a younger Palpatine. Rey or someone else will enter the World Between Worlds and view the portals into the past. She could also encounter Palpatine here, who is trying to enter the World Between Worlds again.

Rey will restart the Jedi Order.
She might start training the Resistance Members who are Force Sensitives in the ways of the Force, maybe during the timeskip, maybe during the movie.

Skywalker as the new term for Light-Sider.
Luke did say he wanted the Jedi to end, and Skywalker would be a good name for the new order of Force-users in his memory. This would also make the name The Rise of Skywalker more or less parallel the other third-of-a-trilogy films, Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi.

    Zorri Bliss 
Keri Russell's character is Rey's mother
Not my theory, but it's been circulating in some parts of the Internet.
  • It certainly helps that Keri Russell and Daisy Ridley look a LOT alike.

    Matt Smith's character 
Matt will play a younger Palpatine.

Matt will play a clone of Emperor Palpatine, ala Dark Empire

We will return to Tatooine.
As Maul puts it, it starts and ends on the desert planet with twin suns. The movie could end with Rey returning to Tatooine and watching the binary sunset.

    Other Returning Characters 
If we're going back to Endor, that can only mean one thing...


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