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Han Solo will accomplish his famous record-breaking Kessel Run in this film.
Han will accomplish his legendary feat (legendary enough to be remembered in the whole galaxy by spaceship tech-savvy individuals like Rey decades later), that is pulling off the Kessel Run with less than 12 parsecs at lightspeed with the Millennium Falcon, which is record-breaking.

Alternatively, the film will end just as we begin to see him perform that Kessel Run.
  • Jossed.

The main villain will be Thrackan Sal-Solo.
Thrackan Sal-Solo will be played by Harrison Ford because Thrackan looks and sounds like an older version of his cousin Han Solo. Thrackan will be trying to conquer their home planet.
  • Thrackan is only supposed to be 4-5 years older than Han, not 40-50.
  • Jossed.

Han will see a lightsaber in action.
This would make his "good against the living" comment in A New Hope make sense.
  • Jossed. There is one however: Darth Maul activates his double-bladed lightsaber when talking to Qi'ra via holograms.

Han and Chewbacca's first meeting will be shown.
Possibly in a flashback. We will see how Chewbacca went from the lieutenant of a Wookiee chieftain in Revenge of the Sith to a smuggler's co-pilot in A New Hope.
  • Confirmed, but not in a flashback. Han is thrown into a Punishment Box to be mauled by a beast. Said "beast" happens to be Chewbacca.

Jabba the Hutt will appear.
As Han's employer prior to the events of A New Hope, it would be logical for him to appear at some point.
  • Jossed. He is mentioned however (though not name-dropped) as a big shot gangster on Tatooine.

Han will have a run in with Greedo.
This would make Greedo's comment that he's been looking forward to killing Han for a long time make sense. It may also reference the "Han Shot First" controversy.
  • Jossed.

IG-88 will be the main antagonist.
Or at least have a role in the film.
  • He's still alive in Empire Strikes Back, so being the main antagonist is unlikely. But he or one of the other bounty hunters (Dengar, Bossk, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, or Boba Fett) could appear.
    • Jossed.

There will be a flashback to the Clone Wars.
Han would've been a young child at the time. Possibly Corellia was invaded and this is how Han's parents died.
  • Jossed.

C-3PO and R2-D2 will cameo at some point in the film.
Because tradition dictates that they put in an appearance. They have appeared in every Star Wars film so far.
  • Jossed, suprisingly.

HK-47 (from KOTOR) will appear in the film.
HK-47 the assassin droid will be sent by Darth Vader to hunt down any rebel spies and kill them. But Han Solo will fight the ancient HK-47 droid and blast him in his chest (just like how Obi-Wan did with General Grievous in Revenge of the Sith). And after that, Han will turn HK-47 into a jetpack (just like in Star Wars Galaxies).
  • Jossed.

There will be a new TIE Variant in the film.
Well there was a TIE Striker and a TIE Reaper in Rogue One, It might be possible that there may be a new TIE fighter variant in the film.
  • Confirmed as of the trailer.

"Human Jabba" will appear in the movie.
As a high-ranking henchmen of Jabba. His name will be Opun Mcgrrrr (after a rival of Jabba who's inspired by "Human Jabba"), and went by many aliases such as "Heater", "The Fat Man" and even "Jabba".
  • Jossed.

The film will re-canonize Han's background as an Imperial deserter
It's really the simplest path they could take with the film. Heck, Aftermath: Life Debt has already hinted at it, albeit vaguely:

Han: I saved him, at least that's what he says, the big fuzzy fool, but really, he saved me. I was on a bad path, and Chewie, he put me straight.

Now for the "wild" part of wild mass guessing, I'll outline my thoughts for the plot: we open on a young Han living a destitute life as an impovershed youth, when he attends the mandatory Empire Day celebrations and is inspired by some recruitment propaganda promising a better life. Like Rogue One, this sequence ends with the title card and then flash-forwards to him as a cadet at the Imperial Naval Academy, where he's regarded as an excellent leader (foreshadowing his eventual promotion to General in the Alliance) but terrible at following orders.

He's given some guard duty for a shipment of Wookiee slaves as part of his training, where he meets Chewbacca, has a change of heart, and defects. He goes on the run with Chewie (and possibly some of the freed slaves) and looks for help, which he finds in the form of Lando. They have some daring escapades evading the Empire, a bounty hunter probably gets involved, yadda yadda. The film ends on another flash-forward, this time to the fateful card game where Han won the Millennium Falcon from Lando.

  • The Trailer seems to confirm that Han shall be shown to have enlisted as an Imperial Pilot, so him liberating some Wookiees (one of them being Chewbacca) is likely?
  • Confirmed, but not that way. Han gets kicked out of the Imperial Flight Academy (the exact circumstances of that aren't shown, only mentioned briefly) and ends up enlisting as an Imperial trooper. He meets Chewbacca in a Punishment Box on Mimban, and the two of them escape with the help of Tobias Beckett and his crew.
    • Also, the Imperial records could have Han listed as "Dead - Eaten by other captive[Chewbacca]."

There will be a joke about the pronunciation of Han's name.
In ESB, Lando pronounces Han's name in a way that rhymes with "Dan" while everyone pronounces it to rhyme with "Don." This will be referenced in the movie.
  • Confirmed. Han corrects him, and Lando makes a point of ignoring him.

Cad Bane will be the main villain or at least get a cameo
He never gets any closure after TCW aside from a brief cameo as a painting in Rebels. And what better movie would he fit into but a space western?
  • Jossed.

Boba Fett will play a major role in the film
  • Jossed.

There will be some tie-in / cameos of Rebels or OT characters
Given that the only conceivable characters we know and cherish to actually get a chance to meet Han are Lando and Chewie it seems difficult to shoehorn in some other character. However, Rogue One managed to mention Hera in an offhand way (much to the rejoicing of fans) and it had a cameo of Bail Organa. And Darth Vader or the Emperor are of course possible over-arching villains that while they probably won't make face to face meetings with Han or his friends, they are likely to be alluded to / show up in a news report or slaughter some red shirts.
  • Confirmed for Darth Maul - he did show up in Rebels. No major original trilogy character appears aside from Chewbacca and Lando otherwise.

There will be a Running Gag between Lando and Han involving the Falcon
In The Empire Strikes Back, it's revealed that Lando lost the Millennium Falcon to Han years earlier but there seemed to be some discrepancy as to how fair the deal was with Han flip-flopping as to whether or not he believes Lando still holds a grudge. This movie will not only show how Lando lost but it will be a Running Gag with the two of them arguing throughout the movie as to who the ship belongs to.
  • Half-and-half. While Han does win the Falcon from Lando it isn't until right at the end of the film. It's teased in an earlier scene but Lando cheats to win the game. Han is later able to steal Lando's cheat card and wins the Falcon fair and square, as he claims in Empire.

There will be no Force-sensitive characters in this movie
As a first for Star Wars movies, this one will not involve anyone with Force powers (at least not in person). This will explain why Han was so skeptical of the Force in the past. He has never witnessed it before.
  • Possibly there will even be a fake of some sort which would play into his cynicism, or someone whose powers are so weak that it's a Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane situation.
  • Also half-and-half. While there are no major characters who are Force sensitive, Darth Maul does make a cameo. Han never sees him, however.

The Millennium Falcon will be brand new and characters will constantly talk about how beautiful it looks
In the original and sequel trilogies, people constantly talk about how old and beat up it is. This movie will flip it around.
  • Seemingly confirmed in the trailer, a shot of what appears to be Millennium Falcon’s corridors being bright and spotless white.
  • Jossed for the characters talking about how beautiful it looks.

The Millennium Falcon was originally an Imperial Cargo Ship.
The trailer seems to show Han enlists as an Imperial Pilot, and the interior of what is possible the Millennium Falcon, fresh out the Shop, seems to show an Imperial color Scheme. So, like how in Legends, Han was transporting Wookiee Slaves, but choose to liberte them, one of them being; Chewbacca?
  • We ultimately don't know how Lando came to own it.

Why The Millennium Falcon looks different.
In what we see the Falcon does not have the iconic front-facing “mandibles.” However, if the Lego Set of the Solo Millennium Falcon is any thing to work with, it could be that some type of Cargo Container, or Escape Pod, goes between the two mandibles? The Cargo Container may get jettisoned, during the Film, giving the Millennium Falcon its Iconic Look? It could additionally be the Cargo of Spice, which Han later owes Jabba money for, and we see Han dump the Cargo, during the chase with the Imperials?
  • Confirmed for the escape pod. Han gets rid of it to throw off the gigantic space monster in the Maw.

Han will get an opportunity to shoot first.
It's gotta happen.
  • CONFIRMED. He shoots first at Tobias Beckett.

There will be a Rebels related cameo
Rogue On had one and "Forces of Destiny" already established that Han and Leia know Hera by the time of Return of the Jedi.
  • Confirmed. That cameo is Darth Maul.

Han will have a run in with Kanjiklub or the Guavian Death Gang
Tell that to Kanjiklub.
  • Kanjiklub doesn't exist yet — its first members were liberated human slaves on the Hutt world of Nar Kanji.

The Pyke Syndicate will be villains in the movie.
Going by the leaked Lego sets we will see the Kessel Run in action, and the Kessel spice mines are run by the Pyke Syndicate as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Additionally what appears to be a Pyke minifigure will be part of one of the upcoming Lego sets.
  • Confirmed, even though they're not main villains. They run the mines on Kessel.

Hondo Ohnaka will be a friendly antagonist
Jim Cummings was at 2017 D23 but something happened that made him cancel his Comiccon appearance (which was at most a week later and in the same city) to fly to London first class for an NDA role. This was right around the director switch. Jim Cummings has also talked about how much he hates filming in Live Action so whatever brought him to London was immediate and needed him on set (mocap?)

Hondo is also a popular, established, criminal character with a model and a VA meaning that if the plot was reorganized Hondo can either infodump or provide a rivalry. We also know he lost his crew and ship due to the Empire some time before Rebels started. If this is 10 years before Ep 4 and Rebels is about 5 years before Ep 4 this is a good time for his fortunes to go south.

He's also the lead in the new Star Wars Falcon ride. Chewie lets him borrow the ship. The movie will let people who don't watch Clone Wars/Rebels know who he is and will explain why Chewie lets him borrow the ship when they haven't met in the TV shows.

Qi'Ra and Han ultimately don't have anything romantic going on.
They'll be established to be Like Brother and Sister. Given the reaction to Sana, you'd think Lucasfilm would've learned by now that any ship involving Han besides Han/Leia would end with ugly fan reaction.
  • Jossed. They were/are romantically involved.

Qi'ra and Han will fall deeply in love, but something will happen that will cause her to betray Han.
In turn, this starts his cynicism seen at the beginning of A New Hope.
  • Jossed for the "betrayal" part, somwhat. She works for Darth Maul, but lets Han live ultimately.

A young Luke Skywalker will cameo.
  • Jossed.

Qi'ra will simply depart, but L3-37 will die/be destroyed.
Since they need to be written out of the story by virtue of being new old characters. It would make more sense for Qi'ra and Han to just drift apart in some way or another, but this is not likely to be a valid reason for Lando not having his droid anymore by the time he becomes administrator of Cloud City.
  • Confirmed.

Tobias Beckett and Qi'ra will die
Tobias Beckett will suffer from Mentor Occupational Hazard and Qi'ra will probably die saving Han. It is also likely that most of the Crew that Tobias assembles will all be killed off with the exception of the 3 major characters.
  • Beckett dies, Qi'ra lives.

The scene with all the spiked tentacles is the Kessel Run
  • Confirmed.

The beach scene from the trailer takes place on Corellia
In Legends the Gold Beaches of Corellia is mentioned to be one of the greatest natural wonders of the Core Worlds. Since the planet Corellia is confirmed in the movie, it is likely that this spot is likely to be on this planet.
  • Jossed.

The gambling scene between Han and Lando takes place at the end of the movie
They're working together to con the rest of the players out of their money, but Han ends up taking Lando to the cleaners, thus acquiring the Falcon.
  • There are actually two scenes, one of them is at the end indeed. And they are not working together.

The scene with Han reaching for his blaster during a stand-off in the trailer will be a Shout-Out to Indiana Jones
The set up is more than perfect for him to just shoot his opponent from the get go.
  • Jossed.

The Wookiee Chewie is seen embracing in the trailer isn't Malla
It's his son, Lumpy.
  • Lumpy is still a kid during the Original Trilogy, as seen in the Chewbacca comic.
    • Jossed, it's neither of them.
  • Confirmed that it's not Malla. It's just a random individual from of a group of Wookiees Chewie sets out to free from their slavers on Kessel during the second heist.

Han will eventually turn against the gangster Dryden Vos who set up the crew, or Dryden will turn against him.
  • Confirmed.

Beckett is the real main villain.
Dryden Vos will be a Disc-One Final Boss, after which Beckett will betray Han in some capacity and become the true villain. Maybe he'll steal Han's cut, or cross some kind of moral line that puts him at odds with Han, or he just kills Vos and takes over the crime syndicate. He might betray the entire crew, or the crew will betray Han at Beckett's behest. This is largely due to his trailer quote about betrayal, there needs to be a Cynicism Catalyst for Han, and Woody Harrelson is adept at playing charming yet terrifying villains.
  • Semi-confirmed. Beckett does betray Han, and while he never quite ascends to "main villain" status, he is the final foe Han has to face.

Harrison Ford will have a cameo in Solo.
He will play one of Han's relatives, maybe his Grandfather.
  • Jossed.

Qi'Ra will be The Mole or have some kind of Face–Heel Turn
That outfit she wears in one of the trailers, with the long, swooshy shoulder-cape, looks pretty similar to past villains like Krennic. Plus, being betrayed by a childhood friend would contribute greatly to Han's cynicism. Bonus points if she constantly tells Han to "trust the Force" or pretends to be Force-Sensitive.
  • Confirmed and subverted. Her betrayals never happen against Solo.

Therm Scissorpunch is a Kreevaki
He might be an updated version of the species, which resemble arthropods with large eyes.


Enfys Nest is...
The daughter of Steela Gerrara. Her mother, sister to Saw Gerrara, started her own Rebel cell years before anyone else.

Moreena Krai from Ezra's Gamble.

  • Jossed. She's actually a member of a pre-Rebel Alliance rebellion group.
    • What? But they never stated Enfys Nest's real name, and that book also takes place five years before A New Hope, just like Solo. Solo could take place a little bit after Moreena leaves for Alderaan, but something goes wrong.
    • They said her real name, Enfys Nest. There was no indication she was using an alias. So still Jossed.

If a Boba Fett movie gets made...
Han might bump into him. We might also see/learn more about the big smuggling screwup that had Jabba put a bounty on Han's head during the years he worked for the Hutt between Solo and A New Hope.

Beckett didn't actually kill Aurra Sing.
She was supposedly killed by a fall, offscreen. That practically screams "didn't actually die" to me. And after all, there's precedent for bounty hunters surviving apparently fatal falls in Star Wars.
  • The same film features the cinematic return of a guy who was chopped in half and dropped down an impossibly deep shaft ONSCREEN. So yeah, plenty of room for her to show up someday with a one-line mention of having been falsely written off as dead some time ago. It all depends on whether or not a later writer wants to use her.

Val was working for the Marauders and is Enfys Nest's mother.
It's why Val was so against Han and Chewie coming on for the train job; she wanted to be understaffed on purpose so it'd be easier for the Marauders later on. It also makes her death make more sense. Why blow yourself up over making sure a robbery succeeds, unless you're working for ideology over money? And of course Enfys Nest mentions her mother during her speech near the end.

Qi'Ra is Force-sensitive.
It seems contrived that she met up with Han so easily, and that her role in the film's events was so important. Maybe The Force was at work, adding some supernatural luck. Darth Maul seemed like he didn't buy her story at the end. Maybe he approved of her Klingon Promotion and she's going to become something of a Sith Apprentice. Darth Maul could be arranging the induction of Force-sensitive street rats into his operations, hoping that at least one will rise to power and help him do Sithy things.
  • This also adds another layer to Maul easily taking in Ezra as his apprentice in Rebels. If his first attempt didn't work, why not a second, especially with a kid who's likely much more experienced in the Force than Qi'ra is?

Qi'ra will strand Maul on Malachor
At the time of the events of this movie, 10 years before the events of A New Hope, Maul is the secret leader of Crimson Dawn, with Qi'ra set to take Dryden Vos' place as his right hand. However, from Star Wars Rebels we know that as of 3 years before the events of A New Hope he has been stranded on the planet Malachor for many years due to his ship crashing there. This means that the crash must have happened relatively soon after the Kessel heist. Given that Qi'ra has shown that she is not adverse to seeking a Klingon Promotion, if she survives their initial encounter, she would be the prime suspect for sabotaging his ship in an attempt to kill him.

In a future movie, Crimson Dawn will struggle together with the Rebels and Gerrera's Partisans
I'm less confident about the Partisans, since I doubt if there's anything left of them. But at the very least we have reason to believe that CD's leader has a grudge against the Empire.

Maul and Qi'ra will return in...
The upcoming Kenobi film.
  • Unlikely, unless Disney breaks their own canon. Qi'ra is a possibility, but Maul doesn't learn of Kenobi's survival until Star Wars Rebels. If he appears, it'll have to be as either a flashback or he and Kenobi won't meet. Depending on when it takes place, he's more likely to show up in the Boba Fett film.

The Imperial who named Han 'Solo'
In later years, he spent a long time kicking himself for ever letting Solo sign up. He probably wound up drowning his sorrows with the stormtrooper who later realized that those were the droids he was looking for...
  • Sometimes the guy who gave the order not to destroy the droids' escape pod joins them.

Before joining up with the White Worms, Han was the heir to the fabulously wealthy McClunkey family
He mentions knowing his father on Correlia, but refuses to provide any surname upon enlisting. Ergo, he has had a falling out with his family, and renounced their name. In the further future, Greedo would learn the truth about Han's heritage, and rub that knowledge in Han's face with the word "McClunkey". Unfortunately for him, he did not realize that reminders of his family were a Berserk Button to Han.



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