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WARNING: There is no spoiler marking on this page of any kind. Spoilers are off on Heartwarming Moments pages.


  • Seeing Leia, played by the now-deceased Carrie Fisher, embrace Rey in the trailer and hearing Luke say "we'll always be with you" and "no one is ever really gone". In addition to giving her character a send-off worthy of her stature, it shows that Carrie's loving memory will forever be a part of the Star Wars saga.
  • And there's Billy Dee Williams back as Loveable Rogue Lando Calrissian after all these years, with Chewbacca as his copilot. He is visibly happy to pilot the Millennium Falcon once again.
  • Not only has Rey reforged Anakin's lightsaber, but she's still carrying the blaster that Han gave her in The Force Awakens
  • Though they parted on bitter terms in The Last Jedi, Luke's dialogue in the teaser makes it very clear that he bears Rey no ill will, and that they will get the chance to reconcile.
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  • Finn telling someone (who, in the film, is a fellow Stormtrooper defector) that he's starting to feel the Force and believes that it's pulled them together, showing how far he's come from the lone, hopeless deserter who had no faith in anyone.
  • Poe's line from the final trailer: "We're not alone. Good people will fight if we lead them." The Last Jedi ended with the Resistance small enough to fit on the Falcon, and no one willing to respond to their distress signals. Now, they have a fleet that can go toe-to-toe with the First Order, and allies new and old joining them from all across the galaxy. Evidently, Rey has been exactly the kind of Hope Bringer that Leia predicted she would be, and the story of Luke's sacrifice has spread like wildfire, reminding the whole galaxy what a hero should look like.
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  • C-3PO takes a last look at his friends. This is ominous but heartwarming all the same.
  • Rey and Kylo Ren's exchange. Even after what happened at the end of the last film, Rey still has it in her to confide to Kylo about how no one really knows her. Kylo again tries to comfort her in his own way by saying that he does.
    Rey: People keep telling me they know me. No one does.
    Kylo: But I do.
  • Luke finally acknowledging Rey as The Hero she had always wanted to be to Rey herself.
    Luke: Confronting fear is the destiny of Jedi. Your destiny.
  • The final lines of the trailer are both this and a Tear Jerker.
    Luke: The Force will be with you...
    Leia: Always.


  • The Resistance's Flagship is a familiar-looking CR 90 Corvette. Yes, that's the Tantive IV. Somebody found the ship and gave it back to her.
  • Leia continuing to train Rey. In a meta sense, it's also one of cinema's most iconic heroines training someone who has become a hero to a new generation. Rey's warm, reverent "Yes, master" is just the icing on the cake.
  • It's rather sweet seeing C-3PO constantly try to insert himself into the group's moments of bonding, and it’s definitely a bit of Character Development for him. Instead of spending the whole time complaining about everything, he only does it at extreme situations, and takes the rest of the craziness in stride.
  • There's an offhand remark about using a "Holdo Maneuver", i.e. smashing a ship into another at lightspeed to instantly destroy it. Despite how divisive she was amongst the Resistance in the previous film, the Resistance holds the late Vice-Admiral in high enough honor to name a tactic after her.
  • Lando and Chewie sharing a hug after reuniting for the first time in years.
  • Artoo staying faithfully by Leia's side in her final moments before giving herself to the Force to save Ben. He's been in service to the Skywalkers all the way back as a simple Astromech that helped Padme escape safely from Naboo, and remained loyal to them, all the way to the end.
  • Even if the context itself is horrifying in the sense of what type of scene it is, seeing Sith Rey truly comfortable in her own skin and content as foil to the genuine article is somewhat heartwarming.
  • Rey realizing how close she's come to the dark side after wounding Kylo Ren in a fit of rage, followed by using the force to heal him. She then quietly admits that she did care about him, which she'd denied the whole movie up to this point.
    Rey: I did want to take your hand. Ben's hand.
    • When Rey heals Ben on the Death Star, she also heals the scar she inflicted on him in The Force Awakens, visibly marking the distinction between Kylo Ren and Ben Solo. And before the Big Damn Kiss, she touches his face where the scar used to be.
    • Rey was actually on the ropes during the duel, but what gave her an opening to recover? A dying Leia reaching out to her son one last time, distracting him so that Rey could beat him. And when Rey did mortally wound Kylo Ren, she realized how close she was to succumbing to her hate and healed him back from the brink of death. And after their confrontation with Palpatine, Ben Solo used that same technique to save Rey. The point is, with her dying act, Leia: saved Rey's life, started her son's path to redemption, helped Rey turn away from the Dark Side, indirectly allowed Rey and Ben to save the galaxy from Palpatine, and set things up to save Rey's life again.
  • Kylo Ren's illusion/memory of his father forgiving him and encouraging him to abandon Kylo Ren and become Ben Solo again. Ren initially brushes it off as a memory and not a manifestation of the Force. Either way, you know wherever he is, Han Solo unconditionally loved his son.
    Ben Solo: (weeping) Dad...
    Han Solo: (smiling) ...I know.
  • The flashback of Luke training Leia in the ways of the Jedi.
  • Rey learns her parents did in fact love her and left her on Jakku to protect her.
  • A dark and villainous example, but the scene between Palpatine and Pryde before the destruction of Kijimi counts. Pryde once loyally served Palpatine in the Empire and gladly jumps at the opportunity to serve him again. How does Palpatine reward Pryde for his loyalty? By giving him full command of the Final Order and the First Order.
    Pryde: As I served you in the old wars, I serve you now.
    Palpatine: Send a ship to a world they know. Let it burn. The Final Order begins. She will come, her friends will follow.
    Pryde: Yes, my lord.
  • After learning she is the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine, she confesses to Luke Skywalker that she is afraid of herself. Luke reveals that he and Leia always knew of her lineage, then he comforts her that the reason Leia still trained her is because she has two things that her grandfather lacks; a spirit and a heart.
    Luke: Some things are stronger than blood.
    • It's also implied that both Luke and Leia can relate to Rey. Luke and Leia are Darth Vader's children, just like how Rey is Emperor Palpatine's granddaughter. They know — better than everybody else — the shame that Rey's feeling.
  • It's heavily implied Luke is at peace after becoming one with the Force. When Rey needs a way to get off Ahch-To, he effortlessly lifts his X-Wing out of the ocean, grinning like a fool. Yoda once told him he only had to believe in the potential of the Force. He finally does.
  • This scene doubles as a Tear Jerker moment. As C-3PO takes in the risk of having his memory wiped to translate the Sith text, he looks on at his companions and delivers this line:
    Poe: What are you doing there, Threepio?
    C-3PO: Taking one last look, sir. At my friends.
  • R2-D2 restoring C-3PO's backed-up memories the instant he finds out Threepio doesn't remember him. Artoo will be damned if his best friend forgets his name!
  • Ben Solo racing to Exegol to help Rey with nothing but the Force and a blaster. Like father, like son, and he won't let anything keep him from helping her.
    • The lead-up to the above moment. Palpatine cruelly tells Rey that her only family present is himself, and she looks crushed... and then who should she sense coming but her dyad partner.
    • Rey's face when she sees the redeemed Ben Solo through their force bond. She'd only seen glimpses of him before, but here, she's truly seeing her dyad for the first time. She'd given up on trying to redeem him after the last movie, accepting that he needs to make that choice by himself. Here, she's clearly overjoyed that he's finally turned his life around.
  • A brief moment when Ben Solo arrives at Exegol to help Rey taking on the Emperor, he lands his craft: an old Imperial TIE Fighter, next to Luke's X-Wing that Rey used to escape Arch-To. It's a little heartwarming to see the two iconic spacecraft from two factions that used to be bitter enemies now standing next to each other in peace, ready to take on their common enemy together.
  • The spirits of the Jedi giving Rey the strength to fight on against Palpatine, with the voices of Mace Windu, Luminara Unduli, Qui-Gon Jinn, Aayla Secura, Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker returning to give her strength. That especially applies when you think about the fact that they have decided to help the granddaughter of their greatest enemy; they have looked into her heart and know she has become far more than her lineage by her efforts, becoming a worthy Jedi. Some things are stronger than blood after all.
    • Anakin specifically encouraging her to "bring balance to the force, as [he] did" is a reminder that if he could overcome his massive mistakes, then she can definitely overcome her legacy.
    • Hearing Ahsoka and Kanan is an especially nice moment for fans of the animated series.
    • Hearing Luminara among them is also heartwarming for Rebels fans considering that she's unceremoniously Dead All Along after her off-screen capture and execution years before the beginning of Rebels story.
    • The last person to speak and solidifies her Heroic Second Wind: her own master, Luke Skywalker himself.
      Luke: Rey, the Force will be with you. Always.
  • "But there are more of us, Poe."
    • Not only does Lando bring The Cavalry, he does so while flying his old ship one more time.
  • Ben Solo sacrificing his life to save Rey's by giving his life force to heal her wound. They share a kiss when she's revived.
    • The way she looks at him when she wakes up, followed by softly saying his name and his huge, content smile after the kiss, just makes the moment all the sweeter.
    • It's also a Heartwarming in Hindsight moment as well when you remember what happened with Ben's grandfather Anakin. Anakin's entire motivation and the main reason for turning to the Dark Side was to save Padmé, the woman he loved, from dying. This ended up backfiring horribly and Padmé died anyway, with Anakin being unable to do anything to save her. Now, Anakin's grandson finally manages to do what he failed: Renounce the Dark Side and save the his dyad from death. Even if he's not there in spirit, Anakin would definitely be proud of Ben Solo.
    • It's brief, but for the first time in all his appearances, Ben smiles.
    • In a bittersweet way, the novelization has his spirit telling her he'll always be with her before fading away.
  • The Skywalker Saga began with a Skywalker and a Palpatine coming together and bringing ruin to the galaxy whilst exterminating the Jedi. It ends with a Skywalker and a Palpatine (the grandchildren of the original two, no less) coming together to save the galaxy and ensuring the birth of a new generation of Jedi.
  • When Ben dies he leaves behind no body, becoming one with the Force just like Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Luke before him. If there was any doubt that Ben had been fully redeemed and returned to the Light, that proves it.
    • Leia's body disappears the moment Ben's does. She was holding out until she knew for sure her son had truly returned to the light.
    • Like his father and grandfather before him, Ben Solo went out with an act of faith and love.
  • Following the Battle of Exegol, Lando takes interest in Jannah and offers to help the former Stormtrooper to find her home planet and family, in a reminiscent to Han offering Rey a job in The Force Awakens.
  • Chewbacca is presented with a gift Leia left him before she passed; His own gold medal. After all these years, Chewie finally got his medal!
    • Which he already had, so it's more likely that it was Han's. But the fact that he has both means that he can keep them together despite his friends' death is still heartwarming.
    • The shot of him giving Rose a huge hug afterward is flat-out adorable.
    • The final wide shot shows him putting his arms around R2 and 3PO and excitedly showing them his medal.
  • When Rey lands among the celebrating Resistance fighters and emerges from her ship, she, Poe, and Finn weave through the crowd to each other, then simply wrap each other in a three-way, sobbing, relieved hug.
    • It's also something of an Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment for Rey and Poe, who had spent the entire movie bickering with one another.
    • BB-8 is the first one to greet her when she lands and she eagerly rushes to him.
  • When Rey goes to the Lars Homestead on Tatooine, as soon as she descends into the half-buried courtyard, she finds a piece of scrap metal... then climbs out, and rides it as a sled to re-enter the courtyard. For perhaps the first time since she crossed paths with BB-8 on Jakku, and after all the things she's been through, Rey's allowed to just relax and have some fun.
  • At the very end, Rey buries Luke and Leia's lightsabers, the last relics of the Skywalkers. Furthermore, any fear at that point that Rey has abandoned the calling of the Jedi is extinguished when she then ignites her own lightsaber, the construction of which is the final rite of passage for a Jedi Knight. An old woman of the neighborhood passes by, and asks her name. She answers "Rey Skywalker" instead of "Rey Palpatine", with the Force spirits of Luke and Leia kindly and proudly watching her under the planet's twin suns. Thus ends the Skywalker Saga, in the same place it began.


  • The Sequel Trilogy has caught a lot of flak for certain plot decisions and characterization choices, resulting in a very Broken Base. However, there's one thing, at the very end, that seems to have received universal approval: The Emperor will be returning!
  • After getting cyber-bullied by overly obsessed "fans" to the point of deleting her Instagram account, Kelly Marie Tran got a standing ovation at Star Wars Celebration 2019, showing that the vast majority of Star Wars fans don't hate her.
    Why anyone would ridicule someone so passionate & clearly enjoying what he's seeing is beyond me. #UPFsAreTheBestFans
  • Rian Johnson has heaped praise on J. J. Abrams, saying he doesn't care how he handles the controversial plot points from The Last Jedi in this film since he's sure it'll be a great film. Likewise, Abrams has made it clear he respects Johnson as a person and as a filmmaker. After all the vitriol and debate among portions of the fanbase, it's nice to know the people behind the franchise aren't letting the rivalries dampen their passion for it.
  • At Billie Lourd's own request, some more editing magic was used to give her another scene with her mother. This even allowed play her to play Leia herself in a flashback scene.
  • Lando wears a similar outfit to Donald Glover's Lando in Solo, showing the crew still has respect for the franchise's first Box Office Bomb.
  • The D23 trailer begins with footage from all eight previous mainline Star Wars films in release order, leaving no trilogy forgotten.
  • The final trailer was clearly deliberately released on what would have been Carrie Fisher’s 63rd birthday.
  • Carrie Fisher receives first billing on both the Poster and the Credits for the movie, while in the past she would be either third or second fiddle to either Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford, no matter how limited their role was.
  • J.J. gave John Williams a cameo as a merchant on Kajimi. That's nice enough as it is, but he goes one step further; every one of the little odds and ends surrounding him represents one of Williams' Oscar-nominated films.
  • Harrison Ford returning one more time to play Han definitely counts.


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