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Awesome / Star Wars: Ewok Adventures

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Ewoks: The Battle of Endor

  • Ewoks and the Raiders, ROUND 2. The Battle is rather intense but MVP goes to Wicket's older brother, who not only has the biggest kill count of the critters, When he runs out of ammo when defending Wicket... He runs to the guys using a Grenade laucher, Has them launch him at the last Raider and then beats the guy to death... With his bear hands! Never has an Ewok been so manly.

Ewoks: Caravan of Courage

  • The battle with the Boar Hound, the dangerous giant pet of the Gorax. The Ewoks fight it with spears like cavemen fighting a mammoth, but this does little(with the Boar Hound biting off the head of Deej's spear). Wicket is up a tree and fires a blowdart at the monster. It takes a few charging steps at the running Ewoks...and falls dead, twitching on the ground.
  • Chukha-Trok. Just Chukha-Trok. When the caravan horse is spooked and Cindel is carried away by the panicked beast, he chases down the animal on horseback. Not to mention him chopping at the Gorax's feet with his own axe to slow it down so the others can escape.

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