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  • In the Labyrinth of Evil novel, the Noodle Incident mentioned in Episode III is elaborated upon. During an underground commando raid on Cato Nemoidia that Anakin and Obi-Wan are leading, the Jedi split up, with one team to act as a diversion. Obi-Wan and the majority of the force engage the majority of the droids in underground storage bays, and Obi-Wan accidentally deflects a blaster bolt into a canister of spores. Thinking quickly, he reaches for his breather mask, but discovers it to be missing. Cue Anakin getting a message from Obi-Wan's second-in-command, Commander Cody, that they need assistance. Puzzled why the larger force would need assistance, Anakin remembers something, and pulls out of his pocket... Obi-Wan's breather mask. Frantic, he races back to the tunnels, to discover Obi-Wan falling all over himself, intoxicated by the spores, and humorously declares that Obi-Wan has invented a new lightsaber form. Anakin then discovers that Obi-Wan single-handedly destroyed over fifty droids despite being completely intoxicated.
  • A great one towards the end of The Ahakista Gambit story arc of the Star Wars: Rebellion series. Wyl Tarson and Laynara are inspecting "one of those impenetrable doors" (don't you just hate them?) that they need to get through. Not to worry, they've brought tech expert and Snarky Non-Human Sidekick Baco Par along to open it. Then they turn around to see Baco pointing a blaster at them. He knows they're planning to betray him, he's a little ticked off that they kidnapped him for this caper, and the Empire can have the galaxy.
    Baco: Some people just want to be left alone! Some people just aren't good enough to make a difference! Don't you get that?!
    Laynara: (plucks Baco's blaster out of his hand) You're shaking. Don't be afraid, Baco—you can do this.
    Baco: Yes, I—you wouldn't happen to have a drink on you, do you?
    Laynara: No.
    Baco: I suppose I'd better get on with it, then.
    • The disgruntled teammate's cut-and-run gambit subverted in nothing flat.
  • While the totally Canon Discontinuity comic books starring Tag & Bink might be considered a Funny Moment for Star Wars comics generally, they have their own when Boba Fett shoots the spy who gave Tag and Bink information about the second Death Star. The spy's name? Manny Both-Hans.
  • "Apocalypse Endor", from Star Wars Tales #14, which - in addition to depicting Ewoks sticking flowers down troopers' gun barrels and using brutal guerilla tactics in jungle warfare - beautifully torpedoes a long-standing fan theory:
    Retired Imperial Soldier: (narrating over a splash panel of Ewoks running from giant bits of flaming shrapnel) At least I can take comfort in the fact that when thirty billion tons of metal explodes in the lower atmosphere of a small moon, it's only got one place to go.
    Soldier: Really?
    Punk: Um, yeah.
    Soldier: (sadly) Oh.
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  • The Star Wars: Underworld comic has several, mainly because it perfectly summarizes Greedo's role as the galaxy's Butt-Monkey.
    Greedo: (Puts his hand on Boba Fett's shoulder in a friendly manner) Nice shot! We make a pretty good team.
    Boba Fett: Don't touch me.
    Greedo: Sorry.
  • In Star Wars Republic issue 39, A smuggler who knows the code to a navigation computer nanovirus turns traitor on his friends in exchange for amnesty. He tries to haggle the code to Qui-gonn and Obi-wan who simply ignite their lightsabers and give him a deadpan glare.
—> Smuggler: ah, can’t kill a guy for trying can you?
  • Issue's 40 and 41 take it even further, from Vilmarh Grahrk, Aayla Secura, and Yoda in familiar poses, to the former almost marrying a whole group of Yinchorri, to the Jedi Council blame game, and to Vilmarh managing to "outsmart Bo Bo".
  • In Shadows of the Empire, lingering at your ship too long will prompt Leebo to say things like "We'll never get paid if you stay here all day." and then "Go away, sir."
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  • Rogue Squadron: "Lord Vader, please stop firing at me!"
  • "No! What are you doing, Master? REMOVE THE ARC WRENCH! REMOVE THE ARC WRENCH! .....medic!"
    • "But I need those circuits, Master. Please do not destroy them out of frustration. Calm yourself, I implore you."
    • "That is not it, Master. No, that is not it either. *sigh* That is a hinge, Master."
    • That, plus everything else HK-47 says.
      Mocking Query: Coooorta? Coorta, are you dead yet?
    • An absolute classic from the sequel:
      Exile: [Force Persuade] Give me all your credits and jump into that pit over there.
      Exchange Mook #1: Yes. Jumping into pit is good.
      Exchange Mook #2: Get to ground faster that way.
      • At this point, some followers will react with a light-side style Influence reaction...
    • A certain dialogue choice upon meeting with the Rakatan council...
      Rakatan Elder Councillor: Is this some type of test, Revan? Some type of trick? You came seeking our aid; you came in search of a way to enter the Temple of the Ancients. You claimed to be seeking a way to destroy the Star Forge, and we were foolish enough to believe you. Unaware of your true nature, we helped you enter the Temple. But you betrayed us, Revan. Instead of destroying the terrible legacy of our ancestors, you unleashed the evil of the Star Forge upon an unsuspecting galaxy. And now you stand before the Council of Elders once more. And once more we ask you: for what reason have you returned, Revan?
      Revan: Uh... I need to get into the Temple so I can destroy the Star Forge.
    • During the questions for what kind of Jedi you'll be:
      There is a locked door, and you need to get to the other side. What do you do?
      1. Blast it open.
      2. Hack into the lock to get it open.
    • This exchange from the first game:
    Dead-Eye Duncan: You'd better watch yourself. I'm the number five ranked duelist in the Arena!
    Player: Out of how many?
    Duncan: Uh... five. But it's an elite group, okay? It's not like just anyone can step into the dueling chamber! Well, actually, anyone can... but not many do!
    • Jolee's irreverence is a constant source of delightful sarcasm:
      Lashowe: "Do you know how many Sith there are here on Korriban?"
      Jolee: "Twelve! No, wait, Thirteen!"
      Canderous: "Nice one, old man."
      Jolee: "Thank you, it takes effort to be properly irreverent at my age."

      "Are you an angel? Aw, I'm just kidding. That's the worst line I've ever used. Hope some poor kid doesn't start using it."

      Atton: "Did anybody here catch that? All I understood was 'very.'"
      Bao-Dur: "I think he wanted us to give up the General to his poorly-trained collection of bounty hunters."
      Atton: "Ah. Well that should explain it. Which one do you want?"
      Bao-Dur: "I'll take the stupid one who decided to threaten us rather than shoot us when he had the chance."
    • The Disciple or Handmaiden completely not getting Atton's sardonicism. "No, Atton! I think it might be a trap!"/"What are you talking about? It's obviously a trap!"
    • Jolee and his story about "swirling Force" and destiny. "You know, you remind me of someone I used to know. Promising young man, great destiny. Breath like a bantha."
      Exile: [on being asked about Jedi falling in love] "I believe it's called 'Pulling a Bindo'."
      Brianna: "Pulling...a Bindo?"
      Exile: "Sorry, bad joke, bald man, long story..."
    • Carth and Revan flirting, her hurting his "man-feelings". "Don't tell me not to take it personally, you hairless wookiee!"
      • One of the few times the Slap Slap is so much fun, it's almost a shame to get to the Kiss.
      Bastila: On which planet were you born?
      Revan: Kashyyyk. I'm a Wookiee...can't you tell?
      Bastila: What is your background?
      Revan: I'm a Hutt in human form planning to overthrow the Republic.
      Bastila: How old are you?
      Revan: 3012. Healthy living, you know.
      Bastila: I see you intend to be childish about this.
    • Any attempt at all to flirt with Bastila.

      Vossk: There are the Twin Suns, two Twi'lek slaves from Ryloth, slaves who killed their masters and developed a taste for it. They have mastered a dance of death. Very beautiful, very dangerous.
      Exile: Two beautiful Twi'leks are hunting me? How is that bad?
      Brianna: * rolls eyes*
    • Carth and Bastila play off each other so very well:
      Carth: Wow she, er, really misses her droid, doesn't she?
      Bastila: There's no need to make fun of her Carth, she's obviously desperate.
      Carth: I'll say...
      Bastila: Carth! Enough!
      • From that same quest:
        C8-42: She... she tried to treat me as her dead husband. It was not healthy for her.
        Player: Er... ALL the time?
        C8-42: You don't want to know...
        Player: Um... probably not...
      • And if you decide to take the droid back to his master:
        Elise: Don't worry. I'm going to hug you and oil you and care for you and make sure you never get away, ever again.
        C8-42: Please kill me.

      Bastila: [To a Sith] Ignore Carth. He's mentally deficient. And he drools.
    • Either of them plus Mission is a good bet, too. For instance, one of Mission and Bastila's conversations opens with Mission asking Bastila if she's ever used the Force for pranks, which she denies rather vehemently. Yes, the conversation involves a Force-assisted pratfall.
  • The Force Unleashed, first level, where you play as Darth Vader. When you kill a certain number of Stormtroopers:
    You have unlocked achievement: "Worst Dayshift Manager Ever" note 
  • Taking out an enemy Jedi/Sith hero in Battlefront. Ways to do this include: grenading them out a window, landing a starfighter on top of them, running them over with a fast enough vehicle (ex: speeder bike), etc.
  • The Silliness Switch in Rebel Assault II that adds an MST3K-style Vader at the bottom of the screen, and adds Dada-esque subtitles to all the cutscene dialogue.
    Imperial Admiral: As you can see, Snookums, the whole crew has been putting in overtime... in fact, I think the Christmas recital will be the bestest in years! Little Timmy's Drummer Boy is—
    Darth Vader: What I see, Choralmeister Lumpy, is that no has been washing these windows in my absence! This ship isn't your personal garbage can, young man!
  • In Battlefront 2, if you're playing as the Separatists and get enough kills to play as Jango Fett, sometimes you may hear a clone say something along the lines of "It's Jango Fett! And he's brought his head!"
    • A lot of normal soldiers in in Battlefront 2 will make comments on the appearance of special characters, usually along the lines of "Oh, Crap!, it's him!"
    • The Party Mode cheat code. Cartoony "Pow" effects and confetti popping out when you hit things with a lightsaber. Such fun.
  • Jedi Starfighter has plenty of funny moments. Highlights include the unlockable Hilarious Outtakes, the "My Day At Work" short, and Adi's interactions with Nym.
  • In the first Rogue Squadron, there is a cheat to turn the V-Wing into a flying Buick Electra. Also awesome.
  • In Outbound Flight: Car'Das, while learning the Chiss language, accidentally says "I'm a fishing vessel."
  • The whole Dark Rendezvous book comes off as a long series of crowning moments of funny, and has perhaps the funniest portrayal of Yoda in any Expanded Universe book.
    • At one point, Ventress, pursuing a pair of Jedi Padawans, opens a door and leaps through...only to find, instead, Obi-Wan and Anakin waiting on the other side.
    Ventress: Now I've got you!
    Obi-Wan: True as you tell it. But what are you going to do with us?
    • Cue Oh, Crap! moment, followed by Obi-Wan reminiscing over how both he and Anakin have stolen one of her ships.
    Anakin: Why do you bring it up?
    Obi-Wan, watching their ship ascend into the sky with Ventress at the controls: Oh, no reason.
    • The moment when Yoda shows off his Deadpan Snarker side, with one of his best lines ever: when explaining to Scout how he knows exactly how she feels.
    Yoda: Secret, shall I tell you? (gets right next to her ear)
    Yoda: Why then you would have lost, Jai Maruk. And need to learn about winning from one who knows how.
    • Whie and Scout finding out about the mission to Vjun
    Yoda: As their Padawans, you will go with them.
    Scout:(in an infirmary bed) Already? (Shocked)
    Whie: They made you a Padawan!? (No less Shocked)
    • A used starship vendor attempts to out-haggle a 900-year-old Jedi Master. The poor guy had no idea what he was getting into. Then he lists all of the second-hand starship's "wonderful qualities," with the note of the one thing it doesn't do: Fly.
  • The Band's Tale from Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina.
  • A New Hope's Death Star conference room scene — written from Motti's point of view in Death Star.
  • From Republic Commando Series:
    Skirata: Delta! This is the geriatric! Get down and give me fifty!
    Ordo (on catching a Republic agent tailing Besany): I'm the jealous type. I don't like perverts stalking my girlfriend.
    Jilka: Do you always pick up women like this?
    Ordo: No, I shot Besany.
  • The Killiks get rid of some Squibs by sending them over their lines via air mail. With a trebuchet in Dark Nest Trilogy.
  • From Episode 3 of Star Wars: Droids, C-3P0 tunes into a R2's favorite program, showing two R2 units, a white hat and black hat, throwing rocks at each other. Later, another character watches the same program, with the white hat astromech smoking a Peace Pipe with a "native" astromech.
  • Kinman Doriana's doublecrossing in Outbound Flight. Palpatine must have been having a lot of fun each time when that guy was making separate reports to both his personas!
  • The Infinities retelling of Empire Strikes Back has Lando Calrissian having Boba Fett knocked out. A few pages later, Lando is in his office at his own floating desk, when Vader personally calls him, asking for Fett. Lando tells him he has no idea where he is... and then we have a shot of the underside of said "desk": Boba Fett frozen in carbonite.
  • The Dark Empire Sourcebook mentions that amongst Darth Vader's many acts of vengeance is one he gave for being mistaken for a droid; to serve at a preschool for a year. Doubled since the "victim" was a droid named...C-3PO.

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